Cesc has spoken, morning has broken, but has the boss woken?

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On the day it was announced that American pop idol Michael Jackson had died, King Cesc announces he is staying, Michael Jackson made some fantastic records of that there is no doubt, he was a very odd man and we could debate him all day, suffice to say we shouldn’t as so many people are divided on him, much like our defensive midfield options, so I say let’s leave it there and spend today talking about our beloved Arsenal.

Cesc has said – ‘So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal, ‘I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great club’

As we suspected yesterday his words were twisted so let’s now hope he stops giving those interviews to the third world press, stick to the real papers Cesc, only talk to the Sun, the Star or Sky Sports, the media that the people can believe, … oh and by the way Cesc, I really was being wholeheartedly sarfuckingcastic!

I said yesterday he has no doubt been miss-quoted, however… I think he was sending out a message to his boss, he was saying yes of course we have immense talent coming through but we need some ready mades, now, like the Spanish team, they mix the young’uns with the experienced players and that is what we need to do, I hope you took it on board Arsene.

I watched the Newcastle game last night on Arsenal TV, and had forgotten just how talented Vela is, why we don’t use him more is beyond me, you know what? Le grove didn’t sign him, Arsene did, so why does he prefer to put the likes of Eboue, Nasri and Diaby there, it’s a mistery, I was also impressed with Nasri, who linked up in the middle with Cesc so well and the football was breathtaking, we have the players if we play them, with Rosicky and Eduardo coming back we do look like we could be awesome next year but if we signed, say Zapata and Cana or Melo to add strength, we would be unstoppable.

Clichy and Gibbs for me are already better at left back than Cole, the option of Vela, Traore and Gibbs on the left wing are in place, start using Diaby, Nasri and Rosicky in the middle with Cesc and we are strong in the middle, add the two I mentioned and we have no weak point in the team when we get injuries.

Then start blooding Wilshere, JET and Ramsey when we need to and get rid of the rest.

I was even impressed with Ade, he does give us the big gangly centre forward option as does Nikki B, but when he’s not playing well we may as well play with 10 men.

I would have a clear out, I would seriously consider selling Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre and Ade, with that done we could bring in some strength where we need it, if Wenger rated Senderos he wouldn’t have tried to sell him to Milan, so why persevere? Eboue is dissaffected so sell him, if we can’t get Zapata then swap him plus cash for Sackho. Don’t buy Bassong, he’s not good enough.

I really believe that the solutions would cost this club nothing, and it would send a message out to the team, the fans and the world of football, that this season Arsenal are coming to play.

So well done Cesc, unlucky Michael and good luck Eboue, enjoy Paris.

I hope you all agree that today smells a little better than it did this time yesterday when Sky sports and the Sun were having a we hate Arsenal fest, screw you, you Manc lovers, Arsene will learn from this and next season, we will clean up.

Have a great day Grovers, I feel something in my water today

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    I’ll say it once and then move on. Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson was a fucking musical genius and the world wont see another talent like him!!


  2. arsenalised

    Taig:have you seen melo play? I think he is good 4 us bt cant judge btwn him and cana coz i havent seen cana’s game yet.apart from youtube clips.

  3. Arindam@KOL

    Melo isnt good enough for us. Not as Cesc’s partner anyways. Why dont you guys get it ?

    CANA is the man as Cesc’s partner.

  4. Dan

    definately could do with a clear out. To much average experienced talent getting in over exciting and possibly world class youth that really are not getting the chances that they need to grow

  5. SharkeySure

    Denis Kolodin !!!!!

    Russian CM

    He’s the real McKoy.

    Its Maciek’s shout from last night !!!

    187cm, 26 or 27 yrs old

  6. Sparrow

    Farrah Fawcett arrived in heaven and was granted one wish. She asked that all the children on earth would be safe…..

  7. tonyadamsisgod

    Everyone seems to be of the opinion that Melo is too much of a calamity. Steven Howard in The Sun says that Wenger must have sense of humour if he is interested in Melo. He says he can tackle. Badly.

    I haven’t seen much of either but going on reports and the such Cana seems to be a little more refined and I get the impression he can play forwards a lot more than Melo. I doubt Cana’s disciplinary record is spotless but it might not be 17 yellows and 3 reds!!!!! Thats at least 6 games, probably more that he was banned for!! We could do without that during early 2010 and the ACN!!

  8. Geoff

    How tall is that then Sharkey, in English!

    Sparrow, she got some of her wish then. I used to fancy her in the 70’s she was crumpet.

  9. charybdis1966

    Morning all – I never had any doubt the mank loving SSN/british rags were up to their usual job of undermining the Arsenal; they can’t help themselves.
    It seems to be the raison d’etre of the red tops to victimise and try to drive our captains out – starting back with TA06, and every skipper since. All we can do as gooners is to not bleive their filth/crap and stick up 2 fingers at them while saying “fuck you, you cunts – we love Arsenal and we don’t give a shit how much you want to pretend we’re in meltdown”.
    But “It’s a mistery” ? Do what ?
    Fingers crossed for another Friday signing.

  10. Sparrow

    yeah Geoff Farrah was a fox!

    okay one more more jacko joke, would have been funnier yesterday…

    News reports that Michael Jackson is in A&E having a heart attack are
    false. He is in the childrens ward having a stroke..

  11. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – I get the impression he isn’t interested in either too. Oh and Farrah Fawcett was a little hotty but she is nothing next to Raquel Welch!!

  12. tonyadamsisgod

    Who’s gonna be the first to come up with a little Jade/Jacko combo?? That would be a dream……

  13. Steve

    Apparently the heart attack was triggered by somebody telling him that Boyz2men were a group and not a delivery service.

  14. charybdis1966

    Jacko – I never liked as I hated his music way before the kiddy fiddler stuff started.
    Farah – one of my first boyhood crushes but never took seriously as she seemed the kind of girl that would be waaa–aay out of my league. RIP, gorgeous.

  15. Chipo

    One of my favourite ever death jokes:

    When Mother Teresa passed away, 5 months after Princess Diana, Elton John was inspired to write another tribute song:

    Sandals In The Bin


  16. Steve

    Police have raided his LA mansion and found class A drugs in the bathroom, class B drugs in the kitchen and Class 4c in the bedroom.

  17. Steve

    Given that Michael Jackson was recently reported to be suffering from skin cancer, the coroner is not sure yet if the real cause of death should be blamed on the sunshine…..or the moonlight, the good times or the boogie .

    At this time he suspects it was the boogie.

  18. Steve

    When Farrah Fawcett arrived at the Pearly Gates, God granted her one wish.

    She wished for all the children in the world to be safe.

    So God killed Michael Jackson

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    Steve – The man had some problems and no doubt crossed some lines but if he was a full blown peado then there is no way all of those cases would have been thrown out. A sick puppy, yes. Putting him on the same level as some of the worlds worst, not so much. Although the Boyz2Men joke is a good one! πŸ™‚

  20. Steve

    Apparently he has requested that he be recycled into plastic cups so kids could still put their lips around his rim.

  21. Arindam@KOL

    Chipo (having lived about 15 kms from where MOther Teresa lived) , that ‘joke’ was tasteless and utter shite.

  22. patthegooner

    Melo had a really poor game last night, he reminded me of an early season Song, out of position and poor passing and tackling. I will have to watch him again, hopefully it was a one off.

    The Daily Mail are back on the Anti-Arsenal trail not more than 15 hours after Cesc pledged his allegience to the cause, they now reckon AC Milan are in for him……For wait for it…….30m. Β£30 Million would not buy his left leg in current climate, If Cesc were to go, surely it would take something above 50m to even get Gazidis on the phone.

    In that article, they do mention that Chavski might be offloading Essien. Firstly have they gone mad, and secondly fuck melo if that is true (and I doubt it is), I want us to break the bank for him, talk about the finishing piece to our midfield, and ok he might be off to the ANC but in a player in Essien’s league, I can forgive that.

  23. wardo

    Morening all….good post geoff !!

    Arindam – I haven’t seen Melo or Cana enough to make my mind up. LEts hope we get one of them and lets hope Wenger uses his better judgement to pick the right one for the EPL.

    Stevo – Not sure he was a .pdf file……hope not anyway!! I thought he was the most talented musician even better than Elvis…… chamone mate !! you wanna be startin something?? Its not all black and white !! just Beat It !

  24. browny

    Maybe he is trying to get Inler in under the radar. What do gooners think of Inler. Is he better than Melo or Cana?

    I fancy Wenger to line up with a 4-3-3 next year. If we buy a new DM the deeper trio could be any combination from the new guy, Fab, Nasri, Rosicky, Song, Denilson, Diaby and maybe even Gibbs or Traore. With Ramsay, Wilshere and JET to get some playing time too that is plenty for these positions. The 2 support strikers/wing forwards could be any from Arshavin, RVP, Walcott, Vela. Spearheading the attck could be any from Bendtner, Eduardo and Ade if he stays. Maybe some playing time for Simpson in this role as well and maybe even push Walcott up there at times. If anything we have to be careful we don’t end up with too many options, trying to give them all playing time.

  25. Rohan

    essien will solve all our problems in one go..he also speaks french so it is an added incentive..cmon 30 mill should see it through.

  26. tonyadamsisgod

    These jokes are definitely started by people employed by mobile phone networks!!!! I have sent so many fucking joke texts this morning! They must love it when a celebrity dies!

  27. Steve

    taig, it’s big business. I’m with chary on this though. The only tragic death yesterday was Farah Fawcett.

  28. tonyadamsisgod

    Browny – I’d still take Cana out of the three but any of those would be better than Song, Denilson or Diaby making the starting line up!

  29. Duke

    Ari, I see you are getting upset, I suggest you close Le Grove for today, or have a reply of “That was in bad taste, poor ‘joke'” ready to be pasted.

  30. tonyadamsisgod

    Steve – She certainly picked a bad day to die…..although she was only one page behind wacko in The Sun!

  31. charybdis1966

    Blimey, I’m out voted here, it’s all Jacko fans.
    I’ll repeat I always thought Jacko’s music summed up alll that was bad about 80’s poseurs and phoneys. I hated his music and suffered years of plonkers walkinhg aorund with trousers too short to show white socks and yelping “oww” for no apparent reason.
    My musical hero when I was a kid?
    Michael Schenker, the DB10 lookalike.

  32. browny

    Patthegooner. Firstly I think Cesc has put it straight and I believe him and don’t want him to leave for any money. I think last season he was unlucky with injuries, was having to get used to new midfield partners around him and was played in the wrong role when Wenger plays him behind the front man. Fab is best like Iniesta and particularly Xavi from deep where he can pick out his defense splitting passes and make forward bursts less often but at the right time when he will not be picked up. If for arguments sake he was to go I believe the only deal would be with Madrid as they have something more than just pure cash to offer. Namely one of Snjeider or Van Der Vaart + cash. However for me Cesc to stay at all costs.

  33. Nick

    its been announced in memory of the dead star they’re putting out a Michael Jackson stamp,
    Fans get to vote for the white or black Michael Jackson.

  34. patthegooner

    I agree with you Brownie, that is why I think it is absolutely ludicrous that they start the bidding at 30m

    I think we should keep him at all costs, but I am not on the board and I think that if they got an offer in excess of 50m then they would sell him.

    I also agree with you on Madrid, but i would take it further and go for Sneijder, Van der Vaart and Huntelaar + 10m for Cesc.

  35. Steve

    I wonder what odds you’d have got on a win treble with Bruce Forsyth at the start of the week. He looked fucking awful on telly the other day.

  36. patthegooner

    Manchester City boss Mark Hughes is expected to step up his transfer plans next week.

    The Times says Hughes is set to lodge a Β£12 million offer for Arsenal defender Kolo Toure.

    The City manager will be back from his summer break next week.

    Why wait till next week, his holiday did not stop him signing Santa Cruz this week. Fucking Bullshit Story

  37. tonyadamsisgod

    Steve – as a bookie I wouldn’t be laying much on old Brucey Boy! He’s looked gone at the game for a long time now, hey!

  38. Arindam@KOL

    pat , also with Villa heading to Barca , Eto will be whored off to the highest bidder ( Citeh , me thinks )

  39. patthegooner

    City are starting to worry me Arindam

    They are one decent manager short of being a real contender for 4th place or maybe even higher.

    Thank fuck they kept faith with that muppet Hughes.

  40. Jimbo

    Ed McMahon died this week…

    Melo is overrated, and we’re not even linked to Cana.

    We aren’t going to be signing a central midfielder.

  41. tonyadamsisgod

    Steve – Well on the one hand Farrah could have been any day now but no one could have seen Jacko kicking the bucket! Would have been a tricky one!

  42. Steve

    A young man starts his new job at the zoo and is given three tasks… First
    is to clear the exotic fish pool of weeds.

    As he does this a huge fish jumps out and bites
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    disposes of the fish by feeding it to the lions, as lions will eat

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  43. Arindam@KOL

    pat , even the Sheikhs wont persist with him for that long . He’s set for the chop during winter.

    Citeh have quite an assembly of talent. If a guy like Capello,Hiddink comes in , this current squad is good enough for a top 4 finish.

    And if they add Kolo/Lescott , Eto’o and Tevez – well , it would be competitive as hell.

  44. charybdis1966

    Jimbo, I haven’t seen you since we signed Arshavin – something which you assured me wouldn’t be happening.

    But I think we will get a midfielder – shall we bet Ethan’s house on it ?

  45. Steve

    Whats the difference between Janet Jackson and the English cricket team?

    Janet Jackson will get her hands on the ashes this summer.

  46. Steve

    You wanna be starting something Nick, Just Beat it. You need to take a look at the man in the mirror. These jokes are really BAD.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    Andrei Arshavin has ditched his agent Dennis Lachter.

    “This is in no way connected with the drawing up of my contract with Arsenal,” Arshavin told Sport Express. “In fact, I would like to express my immense gratitude to Lachter for helping me make the move.”

    “However, Dennis, who has a newborn son, is living in Israel and can not be close by all the time. It’s simpler for me to solve things myself,” he said.

  48. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – Everton bet sounds nice. I’m usually quite good at finding some relegation value. I’ll let yo know!

  49. Duke

    Atom, I really don’t know if I am happy or not. I want us to change ownership, but can’t and English person buy the club? Why can’t Dein be fucking crazy rich.
    Geoff, you got enough money to buy us up mate?

  50. Nick

    Its being reported that his guests wouldn’t give him CPR, the guests said “he had tried that trick previously but it turned out he was faking it”
    Also reports say he can’t be cremated due to green house gases, as he’s 80% plastic he will have to be recycled instead.

  51. Steve

    Was glad you didn’t jump on the fucking mourning bandwagon about the old paedo. Although I didn’t expect you to in fairness.

  52. patthegooner

    The Kroenke/Usmanov situation is not helping the club at all.

    It is strange that I still see polls where Gooner’s say they would prefer the club to stay as it is and not take foreign ownership…

    But we are foreign owned, it has happened through stealth over the last two years, between them they now own close to 60% of the club.

    The problem is whilst they play tit for tat on a share here and there, we will not get the investment that we need. Neither of them talk to each other and neither of them would be willing or allowed to pump some funds in to buy the remaining two pieces of the jigsaw.

    Someone said earlier (Think it was Jimbo) that he did not think we would buy anyone else. Can’t agree with that myself. Wenger and Gazidis now know the importance of getting the fans back on board 100% going into next season and without that additional player (DM) at least, then the fans wont really believe in Arsenal’s ability to win anything and that will transfer to the mood at the Emirates. It is not buying for buying sake, it is the Realisation that Vermaelen alone will not make up 18 points.

  53. Dan

    Mj’s ghost has been spotted roaming the corridors of the childrens ward… Looks like he’ll still be putting the willies up young children

  54. dennisdamenace

    A hillbilly farmer who wanted to get a divorce paid a visit to a lawyer. The lawyer said, ‘How can I help you?’

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  55. Duke

    Kolodin is the shit πŸ˜€ I would also love to get Dzagoev before he becomes worth 50 mil.
    But as I said before, would love to raid Russia for talent.
    Geoff, shame, shame. I fucking hate those people with recession proof jobs. And they still moan, fuck, it must be hard to have a 20 grand a week profit after tax. Anyway off to Tesco for a 99p microwave burger.

  56. Jimbo

    Chary, I’ve been about, but busy, must have missed me.

    The Arshavin deal was a close run thing, which we all know, and I thought it was fairly well established that it looked like Arsenal would not stump up the cash until the death of the window. We turned it around in the end, and I turned out to be wrong, but it was a close run thing and for a long time it looked like we wouldn’t be signing him.

    I don’t think Wenger will sign the midfielder we need, because I think Wenger values Denilshit a bit too much. I just hope that Song can continue to keep him out of the team, but neither of those guys belong in a top team rigt now.

  57. Breton

    Nothing to do with football but it is a visit to Wembley! I’ve two spare tickets to the ACDC concert tonight at Wembley tonight as two friends have dropped all of a sudden, probably distraut over Michel Jackson. Could these be of use to any one.

  58. Sparrow

    Early reports are that the Hospital does not know what to do with
    the body as plastic recycling is not collected until next Thursday.

  59. gazzap

    we wont finish 18 points behind the winners next season even without new players. vermelen will make a bit of a difference, Arshavin will make a big difference and I think Song will too, if you consider that he did not really figure as an important player for us until the winter. whats more several other players can play better than they did last season. we need a bit of beleif and squad unity to bring it all together. a new signing in midfield would help massively with that.

    we cant win the league with this team but we will get much closer to the top. we DO need at least one animal of a player in midfield to win the title BUT I dont rate Melo – wenger would not buy a player with that disciplinary history. I think thats a smokescreen for the real deal that wenger will do next week. could be a surprise.

  60. Geoff

    I kind of believe in reincarnation and am convinced you end up in a new borns body, if you started in life with fuck all and worked your nuts off Karma says maybe you’ll come back as a rich kid.

    If Jackson had realised that all this money wouldn’t be there in the next life, he may have lived wiser, made the most of it and life, I know I am.

  61. Steve

    I find it rather ironic that the only body part he had left which was original was the one that packed up.

  62. dennisdamenace

    Chary – i won’t be far behind him fella, i had a rather powerful Mongolian curry last night 😯