Cesc has spoken, morning has broken, but has the boss woken?

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On the day it was announced that American pop idol Michael Jackson had died, King Cesc announces he is staying, Michael Jackson made some fantastic records of that there is no doubt, he was a very odd man and we could debate him all day, suffice to say we shouldn’t as so many people are divided on him, much like our defensive midfield options, so I say let’s leave it there and spend today talking about our beloved Arsenal.

Cesc has said – ‘So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal, ‘I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great club’

As we suspected yesterday his words were twisted so let’s now hope he stops giving those interviews to the third world press, stick to the real papers Cesc, only talk to the Sun, the Star or Sky Sports, the media that the people can believe, … oh and by the way Cesc, I really was being wholeheartedly sarfuckingcastic!

I said yesterday he has no doubt been miss-quoted, however… I think he was sending out a message to his boss, he was saying yes of course we have immense talent coming through but we need some ready mades, now, like the Spanish team, they mix the young’uns with the experienced players and that is what we need to do, I hope you took it on board Arsene.

I watched the Newcastle game last night on Arsenal TV, and had forgotten just how talented Vela is, why we don’t use him more is beyond me, you know what? Le grove didn’t sign him, Arsene did, so why does he prefer to put the likes of Eboue, Nasri and Diaby there, it’s a mistery, I was also impressed with Nasri, who linked up in the middle with Cesc so well and the football was breathtaking, we have the players if we play them, with Rosicky and Eduardo coming back we do look like we could be awesome next year but if we signed, say Zapata and Cana or Melo to add strength, we would be unstoppable.

Clichy and Gibbs for me are already better at left back than Cole, the option of Vela, Traore and Gibbs on the left wing are in place, start using Diaby, Nasri and Rosicky in the middle with Cesc and we are strong in the middle, add the two I mentioned and we have no weak point in the team when we get injuries.

Then start blooding Wilshere, JET and Ramsey when we need to and get rid of the rest.

I was even impressed with Ade, he does give us the big gangly centre forward option as does Nikki B, but when he’s not playing well we may as well play with 10 men.

I would have a clear out, I would seriously consider selling Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre and Ade, with that done we could bring in some strength where we need it, if Wenger rated Senderos he wouldn’t have tried to sell him to Milan, so why persevere? Eboue is dissaffected so sell him, if we can’t get Zapata then swap him plus cash for Sackho. Don’t buy Bassong, he’s not good enough.

I really believe that the solutions would cost this club nothing, and it would send a message out to the team, the fans and the world of football, that this season Arsenal are coming to play.

So well done Cesc, unlucky Michael and good luck Eboue, enjoy Paris.

I hope you all agree that today smells a little better than it did this time yesterday when Sky sports and the Sun were having a we hate Arsenal fest, screw you, you Manc lovers, Arsene will learn from this and next season, we will clean up.

Have a great day Grovers, I feel something in my water today

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  1. KM frm WALES

    so wots been the topic of the day guys? michael jackson is dead – quite shocked abt that….well not really but he was there since i was abt 8!!

    wots these rumours abt Chamakh abt? any truth in em?

  2. redbearer

    De Netherlands maybe!

    Mark my words the silly season will begin again next week and we may be smiling or simply pissed with the way things proceed over the next fortnight… that’s when we will either see AW’s hard work pay off or not!!

  3. KM frm WALES

    redbearer – do u think Melo will stay in Italy? i’m not sure if this guy thinks whether Inter would be a better bet for him – viera is leaving Inter as well & mourhinio doesnt mind stocking up on experienced players

  4. redbearer

    KM yes Melo will stay because he is settled unless we put in a substantial bid of say £20 mil but can’t say Wenger parting with all that wonga! Cana to Spuds.. well there goes another one hey Stu! That just leaves Veloso but not sure that he is good enuff for our team!

    The question is where is the board’s reported ambition gone to? At the AGM they said that they would invest in the team during this summer and not much has happened thus far!

  5. gazzap

    stu, apologies I was unaware Gronigen were dutch – never really came across them before TBH, just sounded swedish to me. probably makes the point even stronger because better than 1 in 2 in Holland is a damn good rate.

  6. KM frm WALES

    i read an earlier comment that Melo is poor and is only hyped as he is brazilian and that cana is like flamini….hmmmm. i wonder who wengers real target is?

  7. KM frm WALES

    i’d laugh if Wenger buys someone piss poor and on their last legs as a ‘role model’ for denilson 🙂

  8. gazzap

    on the bright side, the transfer window hasn’t actually opened yet. I guess Vermaelen can only be registered on 1 July.

  9. redbearer

    Imo offensively we need a finisher too and a right sided winger… we need to be able to take the initiate and score first to kill these big games off next season otherwise all the possession in the world won’t win us a cent or dime!!

  10. KM frm WALES

    mike – mbia?? wasnt he linked with everton b4??

    stu – toulalan sounds more like a alonso player – is Denisov a DM – those russians are hard bargainers..

  11. redbearer

    Denisov greatly interests me… Eastern block players will strengthen our resolve in the future.. ditch the African Airheads and sign up the hardcore Eastern Blockheads!!

  12. gazzap

    bloody hell those articles are so confusing. so many teams around the world have named themselves after us.

    we need rid of Ade so wenger can be free to buy another striker. I am sure wenger will buy a DM but I have no idea who it might be. None of the names we have been linked with seem that likely to me.

  13. redbearer

    Chamaka plays for Morocco who will be playing with the African Nations cup in Jan… and allegedly doesn’t score that many either.. let the papers think that we are interested while we go after a better prospect!

  14. KM frm WALES

    w/salam gooner786

    i’m 27 & i’m involved in property development & i’v got two designerwear stores in s.wales.

  15. gooner786

    Yaya Toures just signed a 1 year extention news just in on SSN.

    KM can you sort me out with some discount? HAHA

  16. gooner786

    KM do you know anyone in Preston or Blackburn? Im studying at UCLAN and have a lot of Pakistani friends.

  17. KM frm WALES


    i know some guys in preston. have u heard of a Denim co. called Police883?? basically we deal with them and i know the guys there.

  18. gooner786

    KM I dont know them bro, but I know that Preston used to be the jeans capital of Europe before the manufacturing moved to Turkey.(cheap labour)

  19. KM frm WALES

    nope…..true the northern towns were a manufacturing hub back in the days but then we all know what happened..

  20. AA23

    Stu’s talking about Professor Hoffmann, who wrote “Modern Magic” in 1876.
    It’s an easy one to miss in light of todays tragedy.

  21. AA23

    my mate just phoned me and told me that Ed Mcmahon has died too. Why does this keep happening to me?
    I’m going to let Farrah know, she will be devastated.

  22. Stu

    Who the fack is Ed McMahon?

    Vince Mcmahon or Shane McMahon and i know who you’re talking about but Who the fack is ED?

    Ethan, whats your guest post going to be about? Give me a taster?

  23. Stu

    So…..in this transfer window im gonna hope for Juhasz and Denisov in plus Ade and Silvestre out. After that i will be happy.

  24. ethangunner

    geoff – pedro

    with my post just edit it how you see fit , i didnt want to make it too inflammatory on ade , more just outlining his career & with arsenal ..

    and my perspective on it ..

  25. ethangunner

    hahaha i prefer david hasslehoff myself 🙂

    not sexually obviously but he co- produced baywatch .. so without him there would be a lot more sexually frustrated teenagers in the 80’s !

  26. AA23

    Stu mate, google “Ed McMahon” he was Jonny Carsons sidekick on “The tonight show”.
    his catchphrase was “Eyyy ohhhh!”.
    They ripped it for “The Larry Sanders Show” with “heyyy nowww!”.
    Howard Stern even took that one under his wing.
    You know Who Howard Stern is, right?
    the freakishly tall left back at Bayern Leverkusen, tasty right peg? king of all media? closely monitored by inter and valencia?
    need i say more?

  27. goonermichael

    Morning geoff
    I’m off to work. Just saw Gibbs’ penalty on the news. He was very cool. I think he’s going to be a star for us
    Catch you later

  28. ethangunner

    the heat is consistent until about November ..
    then it just turns from unbearable to hot 🙂
    December is cold …

    well cold by my standards .. about mid – lat 20’s


  29. Geoff

    You poor bastard Ethan, it must be horrible to see the sun every day and not to have to wear a bobble hat and gloves to watch the Arsenal on a cold wet night in North London.