Arsenal are impotent and the lack of titles is what angers me the most.

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No it wasn’t me that said that, it was Cesc, well allegedly anyway, it’s going down as a direct quote on Sky TV, he also apparently said that although his family are Catalans they love him and would support him if he decided to go to Real Madrid.

Then he said Ronaldo was leaving the Mancs because he had nothing else to win, me he said, I’m the opposite.

Well before anyone gets bent out of shape and says what he did or what he didn’t say, indulge me, lets say that he did say it, I will write this post based on that, if he didn’t, forget I wrote this, if you can’t handle my post, please leave now and go immediately to as they will have nothing on the story on there. Can you handle the truth? Well can you?

Yes I know that was from a film but it sounded good, I hope you agree.

I have always defended Cesc and have often said, what more does he need to do to prove that he loves Arsenal and he’s going nowhere? I decided to comment this time, as this time it sounds to me that maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it.

First of all I have to say if he did say it, I agree with everything that he has said, he must be as frustrated as I am, watching us play knowing we’ll win nothing because the manager or the board or god or whoever refuses to spend any proper money, it must really piss him off, playing in a side with certain players that clearly aren’t good enough, boy it must be really irritating, he can’t name names obviously but if the powers that be take no notice of this outburst then more fool them.

Cesc, believe me my friend, I get more pissed off watching them, than you do playing with them, but sometimes I feel it’s only me that complains, so if you really said this, thank you, perhaps this time he’ll listen.

He is one of the worlds best players, if you don’t give him, Robin and Arshavin what they want, they will leave. And then what, do we think players like to play in a team that wins nothing, do you think they will sacrifice their careers to be part of project youth?

How can he leave you may ask, he has a 3000 year contract? Well Wenger lets anyone leave that asks, he says things like ‘When a player wants to leave, you have to respect that decision’ I give you Henry, Campbell, Hleb, Muamba, Bentley and Anelka as prime examples, and please don’t tell me that Bentley was a muppet and Muamba was shit, because that’s not my point.

He also says there is not the cameraderie in the Arsenal changing room as there is in the Spanish one, I’m not sure I believe that as Arshavin said this week it was great.

However the end game of the statement is spot on, we need to spend some serious money on a world class centre back and a defensive midfielder, Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need, so Arsene, you have time, make Cesc happy, make us happy, all he’s saying is what we’ve been telling you all sason, we need a couple of world class players because the midfield enforcers we have are just not good enough and nor are the centre backs, listen to what we’re all saying, it’s not too late.

If we don’t have the money then sell Adebayor and use that, sell the fringe players, if Rosicky and Eduardo will be like new signings, then sell some others that we know will never make it, if Cesc still isn’t happy then sell him too, but replace him with quality not another kid with potential, we have all had enough, and so it seems has Cesc.

That’s it, if Cesc didn’t say it just take the appropriate bits out and leave the rest in. I meant it.

This is ARSENAL FC, not Arsene-al FC and not Cesc-en-al FC, this club will be around longer than all of us and for as long as I’m around I’ll be a fan, so please whoever makes those decisions, please spend some money and start acting like a club that is one of the worlds biggest, not one of the smallest.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s see who cracks first!

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  1. Pat

    At this point, I’d really want Melo over Cana. Cheaper and offers more going forward.

    French clubs always overprice players since they’re all feeder clubs for the most part.

  2. Stu

    But Pat, we dont need someone good going forward. A DMs job i to break up play, not initiate it.
    But any DM coming in does need to be decent on the ball. Not spectacular but good enough that they can join in and get the ball to the playmakers.

  3. Samir

    Stu I think Pogrebnyak’s contract runs out in October/November, so wouldn’t his value go down that’s all?

    Something he said before:
    “It is the first time I have heard of Arsenal as an option,” Pogrebnyak told Sport Express.

    “But of course I am pleased that the club is interested in me.

    “I think for any player to have the opportunity to work with Arsene Wenger would be a big step forward.”

  4. Stu

    Samir, re:pogrebnyaks contract. I really dont see the point of buying a player 2 months before he is free. Its a waste of money imo. The only way he would be bought is if he was free.

  5. Stu

    You sure about that Nish? Buying someone from a riva that isnt wanted? If we were to buy one of the chavs defenders i would sooner have Alex or even Ivanovic. Carvalho is almost 32 after all.

  6. nishanth

    Don’t think they will sell alex or ivanovic stu thats why.Just read that madrid and inter are trying to sign him.He has got atleast 2 more years in him

  7. redbearer

    my vote is to get shot of the african players ahead of january’s tournament… the suggested swap of toure for richards would make sense because new faces in the dressing room will do wonders / inspire confidence in pre-season.. but there’s not a lot of time to go until then and i don’t see us making any moves hence it’s all gone way too quiet for my liking!!

  8. Confidentgoner

    just watched Eduardo’s beautiful goal in the Cup game! What a player. Took it so calmly. I hope he is fit for the coming season

  9. SUGA3

    Richards was always on my wishlist before the window was open 🙂

    I would be heartbroken to see Kolo go, though – he is one of the good spirits of this club, imo…

    btw, I got blasted here for wanting to sign likes of Babel and Jones, now we are after Chamakh, ffs…

  10. Stu

    Redbearer, right idea there but swaping a somewhat irratic Toure for an english younger version of him would be stupid imo.

    I’d rather keep Toure than have richards. Someone better than him and more experienced and you have a deal but if nothing else Toure offers us experience and he is a very honest and hardworking player. Richards, although english and talented, has been awful all season and lost motivation.

    I know he is a gooner but we need experience at the back not another young’un un Richards. And he aint even a proper CB.

  11. Stu

    SUGA3, thats because they are cack, as is Chamakh. one of the 3 are good enough imo. Decent but not good enough be improve us where we need.

  12. nishanth

    We do need one more central defender though.Like geoff said if wenger doesn’t intend to play djourou he should loan him.Silvestre should def be sold and we should get another exp defender who has some quality

  13. SUGA3

    I think that Richards would do just fine with a quality DCM in front of him, Stu…

    If the motivation is the issue here, can you think of anything better than playing for club you supported as a kid?

  14. Stu

    Yeah fair point. Gallas, Vermaelen and one other (be that Toure or whoever). JD should go on loan until the acn then come back as cover.

  15. nishanth

    I wonder what would have happened had babel joined us.I see riera play for spain and he looks like a much better player.Same goes for kuyt when he plays for holland.When these guys play for pool they look really ordinary

  16. SUGA3

    at least Babel and Jones have enough size & strength to bully their way through most defences, while Chamakh is just a skinny trick pony who would get slaughtered by the likes of Fat Sam’s teams, imo…

    you have to agree that we have more than enough flair, now we need some good old fashioned violence, eh?

  17. Stu

    Maybe its because Rafa has them doing so much work off the ball and defending, whereas their respective countries are all about attack attack attack.

  18. leon


    i dought wenger will releasing any of his top players and i have my dought that gallas and toure aregoing anywere and the only players he will release is most likely silvestor,senderos and put troae on loan and without dought dm player song will be out for africannations games,and only if a good offer ade will he sell him

  19. Stu

    Leon, im not saying he will release anyone but its likely that omeone at the back will go. Im hoping its Silvestre and if he is the only one then i will be happy enough with that.

  20. redbearer

    V true Stu he has been a good servant but maybe it’s time for a change.. if he does stay then i would like to see us at least ditch ade & eboue… because obviously adebayor’s been lookin for a move for some time so let’s get in Huntelaar, he would be at the very top of my wishlist but as rumours continue to unfold we have been told that the mancs have entered into the race for the player today! Another DM is also a priority however Melo although he looks to be a good package is reported settled and i can’t see him leaving unless we negotiate an exceptional deal for him… and unfortunately I can’t see AW parting with £15-20 mil for him!

  21. Stu

    I would be satisfied with Toure being sold if we got someone better in. And Richards is not better so i would rather keep Toure.

    As for the others, i dont think Eboue would be much of a loss to the ACN simply because he isnt first choice anywhere with everyone fit. He is more or less a utility player now so him leaving shouldnt disrupt anything.

    And yes, i hope Ade is sold too because the money we get could finance other players coming in.

  22. redbearer

    Papertalk says that Zapata has been bid for by a Prem club… and to me it smells like City are fishing around our targets all too often atm! Sakho now appears to have gone off the radar after what appears to be another greedy agent bigging up his client well before the player is proven in a proper league! The options for quality CB’s & DM’s appear to be limited when our funds are limited unless AW pulls an unexpected one outta the bag.. so let’s hope that they are working hard behind the scene’s and haven’t fooked of on their hols!!

  23. Mayank

    He told the club’s official website:”I’m not sure how many times I need to talk directly about my commitment to Arsenal as I continue to say the same thing over and over again.
    “But it appears that every time I have spoken to the Spanish media recently, my words have bounced back to England, leaving question marks about my future.
    “So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal clear. I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great club.
    “It is a fact that we have not won a trophy for four years and yes, I am angry about that, but that anger stems from the deep, deep desire I have to win things with Arsenal.
    “I care about this club and believe in this team. I am proud to captain this team and proud to wear the shirt. It really upsets me when people express my thoughts otherwise.
    “The spirit in this squad is fantastic and we have the ability and mentality to compete on all fronts for silverware.

    “Make no mistake, we are focussed and determined to show that we are capable of achieving great things together.”
    Or did everyone already know that

  24. Stu

    Yeah redbearer, thats probably the case. Whoever we look at other clubs think “well if arsenal rate him then we do too”. And anyone with more money than us (which is a few clubs” enters the race we lose out.

    IF we buy a DM and its not one of the big’uns like Cana or Melo, then im expecting an Eduardo/Sagna type signing from an unfashionable country like Croatia, Ukrain, Russia or somewhere like that.

  25. reggie57

    Why just for once dosnt AW push the boat out and sign a 20 mill player someone who would lift the fans and players. Im getting well cheesed off with these sub standard players,think back when DB10 signed couldnt fuckin believe, it even platt was a result then as well, well what now? who knows i think this coming season will tell us where AW vision is going to take us,me iv a funny feeling next season will see major changes.

  26. redbearer

    The media is a complete poisoned chalice too Stu… so these days I think that we’re kickin ourselves in the foot when we suggest that a certain player would look good in Gooner colours or he is linked with a move to us and then various competitors pump up the retail value and before we know it we’re well outta the loop!
    Btw Cesc will stay when the player quotes that he wants to win things with this great club etc.. he’s well loyal and a top fella… it’s just that again the mucky media types have nothing better to print or misquote.. their duty is to sell papers and obviously there are some simpletons that can actually be mislead by this garbage!!

  27. patthegooner

    So there is a 3rd/4th place playoff in the confederations cup….

    You have got to be fucking kidding me. So not only is it a completely over the top pointless cup that is going to devalue league competitions due to players being knackered before they even begin, but now they uneccesarily knacker the Spain and Brazil/SA players in a completely pointless match. Cesc could and should be on a beach now.

  28. redbearer

    We have a really good chance to compete with the Chavs & the Mancs next season… but yes we must sign some quality players even if we have to stump up 20 odd mil another 2 or 3 need to come in with 2 or 3 on their way too!

  29. Stu

    I think our squad is more than big enough, its just a matter of it not being string enough. We certainly have enough players but so many of them either arent ready or arent good enough. The deadweight as they are known.

    Get rid of them and get in quality players that are ready now. Then we will start winning things.

  30. SUGA3

    if I was to judge by this game alone, Melo is shit – if you look at the size of this fella, he looks ridiculously lightweight something in the mould of Denilson’s big dumb brother…

    I would have Song rather than him any day 😉

  31. ReVELAtion

    whoever asked earlier, albiol is going to madid for £12.8 mill.. We could have payed that but we’d get blown out the water with the wages madrid would probably offer…

    And with the negative denilson vibe today? He did alright last season and did put in some solid performances. He’s still young and that season would have done him the world of good. I understand he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and he certainly isn’t my favourite player, but he certainly isn’t 2 of the worst players in the squad and ryman league quality..

    The frustration of not spending and therefore, not winning trophies cannot keep being used as an excuse by the arsenal community from the fans, the players etc..

    We do like a whinge don’t we, but given 2-3 additions and some minor trimming of fringe players means we actually are blessed with an array of talent and a squad we should thoroughly get behind..

    Because, as again made apparent today, we’ve become a bunch of whingers whether it be about lack of trophies, shit players, players leaving or the youth experiment..

    Let’s just back what we’ve got (minus adebayor – every1 and his son wants him out, it’s inevitable) and see how far this quality emerging side can go.. yes, we’ve become impatient, but jesus christ, imagine what it’d be like if you supported newcastle, leeds, southampton, charlton or tottenham etc…

    It isn’t arsenal like to do business early in the market as we all know.. I am actually still reeling from the vermaelen deal.. We might get some top quality in, but again, it is again very early days.. The transfer window hasn’t even opened yet ffs!

    If you cannot be proud of a squad consisting of:



    ???/Song/JE Thomas/Conquelin

    Van Persie/Bendtner/Watt

    There is something wrong with you..

  32. redbearer

    Yep it sounds like the dire blur of hooting which the kiddie section at an England Schoolboy match might make… disjoint airhorns which kinda proves that African football is still in it’s infancy!

  33. Stu

    Its quite embarrassing seeing players yearing Polonecks isnt it. Its one thing for a keeper because they are still for most of the match but outfield players are supposed to run and get warm that way imo. Bunch of babies.

  34. ReVELAtion

    could be worse reggie57, a whole lot worse.. Let’s just say although i’m frustrated at our recent lack of silverware, as every arsenal fan is, BUT i think that squad is alot better than we all think.. We’re just 1 or 2 short only in terms of first 11 quality after the capture of vermaelen, (because you don’t pay over 10m for someone of 23 to sit on the bench)…

    Someone in the middle next to cesc, a world class keeper between the sticks (sorry Al) and possibly a striker capable of 25 goals a season on a consistent basis (and that could well be adebayor, ed or nikki bends)

  35. Stu

    Rev, i agree about the keeping situation. Al is fine but wont win us anything imo. He isnt a bad keeper but isnt a great one either and imo we need great.

  36. redbearer

    Hitzelsperger is rumoured to be in talks so that’s a possibility… but isn’t he another CM and if so we’ve already got too many of those.. so that one doesn’t really add up!!

  37. ReVELAtion

    don’t want hitzlesperger… These pipe dream signings don’t really make sense to me..

    Why baulk up the numbers?

    Melo, Cana & Hitzlsperger are no better then Diaby or Denilson to be honest.. Unless we’re going to sign a de rossi, senna, alonso etc just what is the point?

  38. ReVELAtion

    about big al..

    “could be worse reggie57, a whole lot worse.. Let’s just say although i’m frustrated at our recent lack of silverware, as every arsenal fan is, BUT i think that squad is alot better than we all think.. We’re just 1 or 2 short only in terms of first 11 quality after the capture of vermaelen, (because you don’t pay over 10m for someone of 23 to sit on the bench)…

    Someone in the middle next to cesc, a world class keeper between the sticks (sorry Al) and possibly a striker capable of 25 goals a season on a consistent basis (and that could well be adebayor, ed or nikki bends)”

  39. redbearer

    Harsh but Brasil did it to us too once… remember Seaman’s flapping hands grasping thin air after Ronaldino’s cross cum shot!! Can’t give them the opportunities really!

  40. ReVELAtion

    this dm thing has really got to stop! A DM only comes into it when you play a 4-5-1.. We play 4-4-2.. Anyone who thinks the flamster, vieira, petit or bert are DM’s are having a laugh..

  41. SUGA3

    Cana is lightyears ahead of Denilson, Diaby is not a DM and never will be…

    don’t want Hitzlsperger – we need a proper midfield minder, some good ol’ evil…

  42. ReVELAtion

    2 centre midfielder can compliment each other with attacking and defensive responsibilities… One doesn’t always have to sit whilst the other bombs forward..

  43. SUGA3

    maybe it is not as much about using DM as such, as having defensively minded player to partner Cesc in the middle?

    one that could work in the middle of 4-3-3 like Yaya does for Barca as well…

  44. Honest Bill

    They both occupy the same role. But i agree that you can play with two CMs, but at least one of them needs to be a tough tackler, to break up opposition play

  45. Maciek

    Hi guys. Stu, did You hear that we are after Akinfjejev?One of Russian newspapers claims that our bid have been accepted.We will see. If Arshavin is right and Wenger is after few Russian players, can I suggest Denisov and Kolodin? And Zhirkov but he will be off to chelski.

  46. Stu

    I think Cana would be the best option. We know he can be mean. He is physically dominating and a proper nutcase leader. He gets my vote.

  47. SUGA3

    Cana is the one for me – he would scare the shit out of anyone having funny ideas about hacking down Cesc et al…

    just look at this guy – he is mental, a real fighter, would suit in perfectly…

    it was rumoured that Spuds wanted him and the price was in the region of £10M – I say he is worth up to £18M and AW should bid about this much…

    snapping up 2 club captains in one window would be a good catch…

    anyway, I’m off, lataz 😉

  48. Stu

    Flamini was the next Keane but that ended as soon as it started. Now apparently those at the club say Ramsey is gonna be the new Keane.

    Maciek, yes i saw the rumour but i didn know we actually bid for him. Odd imo considering we have Fabianski who is the same age.

    And yes, would have Denisov or any quality Russian player.

  49. Maciek

    Yes Stu, Cana would be great. And do You remember, which person on this blog was the first one to recommend his name? 🙂
    P.S. Not that I ever wanted to be unmodest.LOL

  50. ReVELAtion

    yes well cesc isn’t exactly going to go crunching into tackles is he? But saying that, he doesn’t need a minder neither..

    Our current team make up bests suits a 4-5-1 because we aren’t overbearing enough to physically impose our game in a 4-4-2.. We’ve had to change our style a bit because the title winning teams of previous wenger years have been big lumps!

    What we have never done though in wenger’s time is go with a big lump up top.. Bendtner is a much better player than being a lone target man, Adebayor, however, is nothing but a target man!

    Who used to remember the time we never used to cross and score headers? We played better football (because those who still think we play fantastic football are on crack!) and we did use to win things then..

    —————–Big Al

    Bak — Verminator — Bill — Gael

    Walcott — Cesc — Nasri — Arshavin
    —————Van Persie

    Bench From: Fab, Gibbo, Yoyo, Song, Ebo, Den Boy, Abou, Rocky, LJW, Rambo, Carlo, Pink Boots..

    Is nice….

    Bad Boy Team!


  51. ReVELAtion

    I still can’t see why people think we need to purchase a front man if we sell adebayor… The money would be better spent elsewhere…

    Van persie, eduardo, arshavin, bendtner, walcott.. That’s an embarrasment of richs up front..

  52. ReVELAtion

    stu, you’re not the first, but why does everyone think that rocky is just going to waltz back into first team action after 18mths on the sideline… He’ll need a good pre-season and 8-12 games in the stiffs and c.cup before assessing anything else…

  53. Stu

    Who needs ace when you’ve got a footballing brain and amazing feet?

    Thei is really fast, you saying we should start him always? No. Exactly!

    You can mark pace, not movement. Simples!

  54. ReVELAtion

    If we’re going to go like barca (urgh!) It’d have to be:




    ——Ed/Pink Boots————

    Now, that’s a very, very good team!

  55. ReVELAtion

    well as you can see from above stu, i wouldn’t start him either.. I still think theo is best utilised off the bench as an impact sub.. He needs to be abit more savvy at when and where to run at defenders and make better final ball decisions… He’s only 19 though, it’ll come…

  56. Jimbo

    Arsenal won’t sign a central midfielder.

    We have too many already, and they’re all Wenger’s favourites. He would rather Arsenal never win anything again than drop his bum-boys Denilson and Diaby.

  57. redbearer

    Arshavin plays in the hole behind the front 2 strikers otherwise he’s wasted… he’s the creator supreme / an AM who can scored 20 odd goals in a season.. now Ronaldo’s gone AA could be the next big mega-player in the Prem!

  58. ReVELAtion

    yes, stu but would you agree with a so called “DM” that that is a mouth watering 1st 11…





    Van Persie——————Arshavin


    If Wenger got in a decent dm with the adebayor money..oh my… I would be in dreamland if that team ran out 1st day of the season away at everton….

  59. ManGoonian

    I will write this post based on that, if he didn’t, forget I wrote this, if you can’t handle my post, please leave now and go immediately to as they will have nothing on the story on there. Can you handle the truth? Well can you?

    Taxi for geoff!!!!!!!!!!

  60. ManGoonian


    Jimbo still chatting shit like he has a clue!!!

    Brilliant! I love the close season…. Full of loons!

  61. ReVELAtion

    redbearer i disagre about the bit arshavin is wasted if he plays anywhere other than in the hole…

  62. Jimbo


    No, I don’t know you… But does the name suggest that you’re a manc? Daft northern monkey…

  63. ManGoonian

    No one is leaving…. They are all staying till they effin die of old age… Wenger has locked the doors, no fucker is getting away…. Not even Eboue…

  64. ReVELAtion

    there are no guarentees in life stu, but i’d back us to be right up there if that 11 can stay fit….. Plus there’s rocky, pink boots, vela, walcott as alternative attacking options.. I’m going to stick my neck out and say (provided i see that team play) we’ll be collecting winners medals in some competiton other than the emirates cup..

  65. ManGoonian

    Northern monkey???

    Oh dear, that is soooo lame and old… and untrue…. WWrong again, bit of a habit

  66. Jimbo

    No? You just chose a name that rhymes with ‘mancunian’ because….

    It’s witty and insightful?

    Oh, silly me…

    Once again, ad hominem seems to trump proper discussion – nice one.

  67. ReVELAtion





    Van Persie——————Arshavin


    Bench from: Fabianski, Gibbs, Eboue, Djourou, Song, Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby, Wilshire, Walcott, Vela, Bendtner..

    Sorry, i like the vibe…

    Sorry, i like the look of it….

  68. ManGoonian

    Proper discussion???

    All you ever do is bitch and whine, so where, prey tell, is the effin discussion with having to scan over your ultra negative bullshite?

  69. Jimbo

    Oh, so because it’s negative it doesn’t count?

    Or, in other words, because you don’t agree with it because you ignore it?

    Wenger won’t replace Denilshite this season – not a chance. It will be him and Song next year, because he’s invested so much in that pair of clowns.

  70. ManGoonian

    He would rather Arsenal never win anything again than drop his bum-boys Denilson and Diaby.

    Where the fuck do we start with that likkle gem of pure bile then?

  71. redbearer

    Ok… AA is not as effective unless he is played in a central position.. none of this wing nonsense where Theo is currently doing his apprenticeship and obviously the boys confidence is being tested because he wants to play upfront alongside another striker!! Theo’s England hat-trick came when he play alongside 2 target man namely Heskey & Rooney hence this is where his game benefits!

  72. ManGoonian

    Nah Jimbo;

    It has absolutely NOTHING to do with me not agreeing with it. Shit, I disagree with quite a few on here, but have plenty of discussions about those differences.

    But, lets leave it there…. You carry on with your thang, and I’ll just ignore it…

  73. redbearer

    Yes correct but he was played in by the 2 target men creating space for him to attack the Croatian defence… Pearce should give him a go upfront tomo alongside Frazier Campbell vs the Swedish U21s and then he could really start to excel.. that is once the lad scores because confidence as always is the key!

  74. Jimbo

    “Where the fuck do we start with that likkle gem of pure bile then?”

    Because, only an idiot would have started last season with the midfield that Wenger did. And why did he do it?

    Well, we know he’s a good judge of talent, so what could have caused him to ignore the blindingly obvious and put so much on the shoulders of those two? Almost certainly the fact that he’s obsessed with being proven right. Shite players, and stupid decision to have them even in the first team frame.

  75. ManGoonian


    Maybe you are right about Wenger there. maybe he is too stubborn. But I still think Song has improved greatly this season. Obviously that was due to him being over played (like Denilson) coz of the lack of a Flam replacement. I still maintain we should sign THAT replacement this close season, but i also think both Denilson and Song have shown they are good enough to come in for certain games next season and Song has also done well in defence too.

    Song, for me, had NO FUTURE at the club this time last year. I thought he was shite. But his development has been rapid and his improvement great.

    But you dont rate em, so, fair enough… Time will tell whether AW signs a midfielder. I would be effin amazed if he didnt…

  76. Honest Bill

    I think he is looking for someone, but he won’t bid at above the player’s value. So i can see us getting nobody. Hope we do get someone else though

  77. ReVELAtion

    jimbo, in all honesty he see’s these players everyday in training.. He took a gamble (in my eyes that is) and it didn’t pay off…

    But to call him stupid etc is just a bit ott… He (Arsene) isn’t above critism by any means and his shit strop after the shareholder’s meeting screamed a little bit seige mentality.. But after all he has done, for some mug to say “do you not practice defending” is shocking!

    If it’s that bad, can you please tell me if arsene left tomorrow leaving the current crop of players and debt from the stadium, who would you like to manage arsenal? It isn’t arsene fc at all, but could you please tell me because i’d be ****** if i know….

  78. Myy

    cana is the one!!!! go get him boss….i cant wait to see him hacking the shit out of the other team….the other team would be shitting themselves seeing him in the line up….