Arsenal are impotent and the lack of titles is what angers me the most.

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No it wasn’t me that said that, it was Cesc, well allegedly anyway, it’s going down as a direct quote on Sky TV, he also apparently said that although his family are Catalans they love him and would support him if he decided to go to Real Madrid.

Then he said Ronaldo was leaving the Mancs because he had nothing else to win, me he said, I’m the opposite.

Well before anyone gets bent out of shape and says what he did or what he didn’t say, indulge me, lets say that he did say it, I will write this post based on that, if he didn’t, forget I wrote this, if you can’t handle my post, please leave now and go immediately to as they will have nothing on the story on there. Can you handle the truth? Well can you?

Yes I know that was from a film but it sounded good, I hope you agree.

I have always defended Cesc and have often said, what more does he need to do to prove that he loves Arsenal and he’s going nowhere? I decided to comment this time, as this time it sounds to me that maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it.

First of all I have to say if he did say it, I agree with everything that he has said, he must be as frustrated as I am, watching us play knowing we’ll win nothing because the manager or the board or god or whoever refuses to spend any proper money, it must really piss him off, playing in a side with certain players that clearly aren’t good enough, boy it must be really irritating, he can’t name names obviously but if the powers that be take no notice of this outburst then more fool them.

Cesc, believe me my friend, I get more pissed off watching them, than you do playing with them, but sometimes I feel it’s only me that complains, so if you really said this, thank you, perhaps this time he’ll listen.

He is one of the worlds best players, if you don’t give him, Robin and Arshavin what they want, they will leave. And then what, do we think players like to play in a team that wins nothing, do you think they will sacrifice their careers to be part of project youth?

How can he leave you may ask, he has a 3000 year contract? Well Wenger lets anyone leave that asks, he says things like ‘When a player wants to leave, you have to respect that decision’ I give you Henry, Campbell, Hleb, Muamba, Bentley and Anelka as prime examples, and please don’t tell me that Bentley was a muppet and Muamba was shit, because that’s not my point.

He also says there is not the cameraderie in the Arsenal changing room as there is in the Spanish one, I’m not sure I believe that as Arshavin said this week it was great.

However the end game of the statement is spot on, we need to spend some serious money on a world class centre back and a defensive midfielder, Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need, so Arsene, you have time, make Cesc happy, make us happy, all he’s saying is what we’ve been telling you all sason, we need a couple of world class players because the midfield enforcers we have are just not good enough and nor are the centre backs, listen to what we’re all saying, it’s not too late.

If we don’t have the money then sell Adebayor and use that, sell the fringe players, if Rosicky and Eduardo will be like new signings, then sell some others that we know will never make it, if Cesc still isn’t happy then sell him too, but replace him with quality not another kid with potential, we have all had enough, and so it seems has Cesc.

That’s it, if Cesc didn’t say it just take the appropriate bits out and leave the rest in. I meant it.

This is ARSENAL FC, not Arsene-al FC and not Cesc-en-al FC, this club will be around longer than all of us and for as long as I’m around I’ll be a fan, so please whoever makes those decisions, please spend some money and start acting like a club that is one of the worlds biggest, not one of the smallest.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s see who cracks first!

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  1. Pat

    Geoff, Cana cost 20 million euros last summer, so I’m not sure what your on about. Melo cost Fiorentina 12 million-14 million euros

  2. Geoff

    No he didn’t Pat last season he was a Marseille player, has been for years and Melo signed for Fiorentina for €6.7 mil just last season, before that he was playing for Almeria in Spain.

  3. Paulinho

    On SSN’s one of the reporters said that Veloso has spoken to Arsenal, Bolton and City and he will be definately playing the premier league next season.

    How many players are City gonna buy? Barry and Veloso are quite similar.

  4. Honest Bill

    Nick, because Ade knows, that no matter what he says, the fans won’t believe it anyway. So even if it isn’t true he won’t bother. Wenger will have told him not to speak to the press and just get on with football

  5. Nick

    why would you go there for anything other then money?…and if any player ever choose boltan over us, well their welcome to em

  6. leon

    i just want to see the back ade wants and for all yes he has talnent but he is far from great player,i just which we could get henri back but just imagtion it aa,henri,risicky,nasri,rvp we would kill teams but that will never happen.i dont think any club has come up with good enough bid otherwise wenger would have sold him i get the feeling he getting tired of the never ending soap opra himself

  7. Nick

    HB dont think so aint stopped all the negative shit so why should it stop anything positive i think your being less then honest with yourself bill 😉

  8. Honest Bill

    Sorry Nick, i don’t quite see what you’re saying.

    But i’m just saying that Ade will be told to shut up, because anything he says now is jumped on instantly as a sign of disrespect to the club, or arrogance on his part.

  9. Nick

    the press is full of ade wants to play for the chavs milan any fucker but us,you with me still? why have the club or him not come out and said ades not for sale so ignore it.Knowing if his staying this will be held against him,because its true his gone and will be sold.howd we do 🙂

  10. Honest Bill

    Nick, because even if Ade did come out and say, I don’t wanna go to Milan, I am flattered by Milan’s interest but I love Arsenal.
    Arsenal fans would be all over him saying how dare he be flattered, how disrespectful he is to Arsenal, how much of a cunt he is, and how he’s a shit striker (which is patently untrue)

    On the other hand it might be true, maybe he is going, who’d blame him?

    But i’m just saying that his silence is not necessarily a definitive indicator either way

  11. zorr0

    So, once again, Fab4 comes out and refutes any issues with staying at AFC.

    If I was him, I would be disappointed at how many Gooners believe those shit stirring tossers in the press over having faith in his loyalty.

  12. nishanth

    How about a poll to see how many want to see the back of ade?I really don’t want to see him in an arsenal shirt again.He said he couldn’t play well because fans didn’t support him.I don’t remember eboue or bendtner complaining?

  13. Stu

    Bill, i think people still give out about Ade even when he denies stories is because of last season when he gave those 2 contradictory interviews. They, in a way, showed that what he said cant always be trusted.

    Personally i dont care if he denies it because, its the same with every player. If they deny the rumours the media just ignore then for a week and then run a different lie.

  14. Pat

    Speaking of silence, I havn’t heard a peep from Gallas for a long time. No rumors, no interviews, nothing.

  15. goonermichael

    I just read Cesc’s retort to the scum’s misquotes. What a fucking waste of time. Why take it seriously?

  16. Stu

    True that Nishanth. Both of them were booed because of poor performances and they both took it as constructive criticism and were better for it/

  17. nishanth

    That was just after the match bill.Any1 would have complained.To have played terribly all season and then to come out and say that is not acceptable.

  18. Stu

    You’d wonder why players talk to the press when they know whatever they say will be misinterpreted and a whole rumour saga will insue.

  19. SharkeySure

    Re your 71 Cup Final question

    I think you’ve alluded to being quite young..but thats still a yellow card in my book.

    Charlie George…??

  20. Pat

    Apparently Everton are in talks with Reyes(4 million he’d cost).

    I liked him actually. Scored in his first 4-5 games and played well afterwards, although he didn’t score that often

  21. Honest Bill

    True Stu, but even after those interviews. Even after speaking to Milan, He still stayed at Arsenal for a lower salary than he would have erned there. And yet he still got jeered and booed.

    Yet everyone pines over Flamini like a long lost love, when he’s the one who actually did leave. People for whatever reason (i do accept that Ade’s apparent arrogance is a big part) have taken a disliking to him, to the point where they refuse to accept that he’s a good player.

  22. Stu

    Bill, i see your point but its not like he took a pay cut. He got his wages doubled or trebled or whatever and then blamed the fans for his poor performances.
    And then he had the cheek to basically call us stupid for believing whats written in the paper, when in fact it was a live interview that he put his foot in his mouth without any misinterpretation by any media outlets.

  23. Stu

    Nish, i do nothing. Im a lazy student who sits around all day. No job but that aint my fault….believe it or not i want one. I guess i’ll just have to sit around some more.

  24. Geoff

    Pat saying he would cost 20 million euros is like Milan told City Kaka would cost them 100 million euros, all bollocks.

    As for the other quote, the Earth times, I must remember to subscribe to that site.

    All shit IMO, we wouldn’t be sniffing around any one at that price.

  25. Nick

    ade is a lazy prick he is trouble, monaco togo all troubles with him and his big head.He could be really good but without effort he aint nothing. he scored some goals last year missed more,six were against derby who are shit beyond anything seen in the league before.I cant see what you see in him.
    Eboue good rb but shit rw dives looks like he is wired on speed all the time head down running not content with fucking up play down the right strays all over the pitch to do the same let him fuck off as well.
    Diaby you have an argument with he shows flashes of a great player but them two your fighting a losing battle with many lie me glad to see the back of the sods

  26. Honest Bill

    Agreed, Stu. He should take more responsibility for his shortcomings last season. But you can kinda see his point. It must be deflating to have your own fans booing you when you have chosen to stay loyal to the club.

    And when Ade is rumoured to be leaving all of a sudden he is shit, a flash in the pan. I mean for god’s sake people have been saying that about Cesc all day, and he didn’t even hint at wanting to leave. But because people have rose tinted glasses for some players such as Fabregas and RVP (who by the way has every reason to have his loyalty questioned at the moment)

  27. Stu

    Wenger is reluctant to spend 17m on an attacking player (arshavin). So i seriously doubt that he would even think about a 20m defensiove player. Wenger spending 10m or whatever on Vermaelen was a massive shock.

  28. Geoff

    Stu that’s why Ade is such a fucking dimwit, he told Sky Sports he was an Arsenal player and thats that and 2 minutes later he said he would listen to Milan because any serious offer for him he would interest him, then as you said blamed the press dumb cunt he is.,

  29. Arsenal Tom

    ade’s bad attitude and laziness far outweigh the benefit of his ability…. thats all there is too it

  30. Pat

    Almeria got 13 million for Melo. What makes you think we’d get him for less?

    Cana was a quality CDM for the past few seasons. I’ve watched Ligue 1 and there is no way L’OM would sell him for less. Some of you classified him as an “unknown” when he was, in fact, a very well known player to the all-around football fan.

  31. Geoff

    Bill this is what I said in todays post.

    I have always defended Cesc and have often said, what more does he need to do to prove that he loves Arsenal and he’s going nowhere? I decided to comment this time, as this time it sounds to me that maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it.

    As for Ade he didn’t stay loyal, the cunt had 3 years left on his contract and we trebled his wages, then what, he played like shit, no wonder he got booed.

  32. Honest Bill

    Arsenal Tom, I disagree. He can walk around wearing a Man City shirt if he scores 30 goals for us next season.

  33. patthegooner

    Well Done Cesc,

    I drove home and he had rubbished the rumours by the time I got home.

    As I thought earlier, this was a nothing story that had been sensationalised by rubbish journo’s to feed their anti-Arsenal hunger. Bunch of cunts the lot of them

    Honest Bill, Ade missed out on Milan as they chose Ronaldinho instead, I dont think it was through choice. Ade was rightly booed for mugging us off publically, He is the worst fucking kind of footballer there is and I really really cant wait till he fucks the fuck off. And hey I know Ade is a good player, but only when his heart is in it, and since last summer, his heart is not at Arsenal.

  34. nishanth

    If at all if ade leaves i wonder whether wenger would buy a new striker.I would be glad it he gets another defender and a DM.How does this marcus berg play

  35. Stu

    In fairness tho Bill, those who have been saying Ade is shit have been saying it all season because he has been playing shit (compared to the season before). We arent suddenly saying he is shit. It has been consistent.
    And Ethan has been saying it for about 2 years now…or is it longer?

  36. Geoff

    Right Stu, but he didn’t mind spending £13mil on Wiltord and £16mil on Reyes years ago.

    He won’t give up on his experiment, but it isn’t working and we all know it.

  37. Honest Bill

    Geoff. Nobody knows exactly how much he’s earning so you are merely speculating as to his pay rise. But given Arsenal wage structure. I’m willing to speculate that he could have earned more at Milan. And let’s not pretend like he wasn’t getting booed from the very start. He hadn’t had a chance to play shit or otherwise

  38. Stu

    Nish, he plays brillaintly but he is still young. Not the time for him to join us. Quality goalscorer tho.

    About Ade being booed. I dont really remember him being booed all season. In the WBA game i do but during the season he was jeered if he was playing like shit. Not booed all season beause of the summer antics tho..imo.

  39. Arsenal Tom

    bill, he missed his chance to do thta though, if he’d have done it this year then maybe people would have thought

    ‘we’ve just gotta put up with him being a prick cos he scores goals’

    but now he’s been awful and not contributed a huge amount, scoring 30 goals with the midfield he had behind him and the chances he was was’nt that huge achievement. let not forget 6 of them were against derby

  40. Nick

    reyes for 4mil think i would go in for him should have been a great player if it dont work out sell him to birmingham next season for 5mil ….its good yes

  41. Samir

    Seeing Udinese say they are looking to sell zapata I think we should get in there.
    8.5M bid should do it. He could cover RB if Eboue leaves and also CB if one of Gallas/Toure leaves. He’d be a great squad player.

    To anyone who has not seen how much of a monster he is:

    And that Akinveev rumour is a load of crap. We have Almunia who is good enough. Also Fabianski coming through, and for his age he’s a very good GK.

  42. Geoff

    Bill it was because he was whoring he arse to Milan when he had 3 years left on his contract and had you seen his Sky interview, you would have given him the same shit we are.

    He got booed from the pre season and rightly so.

    A contract is a contract, he got a huge salary increase because Wenger said he did, he did fuck all, so should we break his contract like he did and pay him less next season? Course we won’t.

  43. Stu

    Akinfeev is better than Almunia imo.
    But it would be pointless buying him unless we sell Fabianski because they are the same age.

  44. SharkeySure

    Bill, you have a bit of a point, but since AdeNuff’s goottten bigheaded he’s lost the attributes that made him a decent (sometimes very good) player.

    His ‘efforts’ last season were laughable….

    Fair play to you for defending him….but you might wanna do a quick analysis and see how far you’re getting with it, then think about letting it go.

    Debating’s only good if you’re getting somewhere… surely..??

    Written in peace.

    Ps.Only around for another ten mins if you’re responding.

  45. Honest Bill

    I agree he shouldn’t have been such a twat last season, and just ignored it and played his best. But as you rightly mentioned, he was not getting the service he was previously, and missed a large chunk of the season injured.

    And so by that rationale, Henry was overrated because he had a brilliant midfield behind him? He missed quite a lot of chances too you know?

    Quality service or not, you still have to be good to get 30 goals a season. I don’t care what anyone says. Fine you think the guy’s a twat, I accept that, but don’t go pretending that he is not a talented striker, because it just sounds like sour grapes.

  46. Arsenal Tom

    exactly nick! i actually really liked the bloke cos i appreciate a player who works hard like he used to… thats what fucked me off most about last season the fact he couldnt even be bothered to play, fuck him, he’ll be back warming the bench at a club like monaco in a year or 2

  47. Stu

    I dont believe that Ade was injured that whole time. He tweeked his hamstring and was out for 2 months (or was it more). He was dropped because of poor performances. Its that simple imo. A hamstring doesnt take 2months to heal/heel.whichever.

  48. Nick

    ZAPATA IS A MONSTER but am i the only one that rates richards now His the English version and if liverfool are right buying johnson coz this rule is immanent would make more sense know

  49. SharkeySure

    Reyes was quality for us. In his last season he was the unluckiest so and so that ever pulled on an Arse shirt. He just couldn’t buy a goal could he…still played well though.

    If any one starts talking about the Neville sistyers doing for him …I’ll fuckin scream.

    No way was he scared of them two muppets…he even gave the ‘gorgeous one'(!!!!) a right whack when he turned up at Highbury in the blue short of Everton.

  50. Samir

    If Ade leaves I expect us to get someone like PAVEL POGREBNYAK. His contract is up this year so he will be going cheap. Maybe he’s the player Arshavin said Arsne was interested in…

    “Wenger was interested in some Russian players.

    “He asked my opinion. But I won’t mention names to the press”

  51. SharkeySure

    Geoff – even his abilities are limited.

    On his good days, he made the best of them, and I won’t talk about his bad days before the watershed, thats 9pm BST to all you dodgy foreigners !!

  52. Nick

    the injuries were sus imo as well out for two weeks turned into two months could this be again part of his shit attitude..i think so

  53. Stu

    Lets hope so Samir. Pogrebnyak is great. Sell Ade and is we cant cope without him (which will will) then get Pog on a free. He liinks very well with Arshavin.

  54. Pat

    If CHamakh is to be Ade’s replacement, then I’d double Ade’s wages again just to avoid watching Chamakh. He is one of the worst strikers in Ligue 1, and no I’m not exaggerating.

  55. Honest Bill

    Geoff. Well actually lots of people are doubting his ability, or at least saying they do.

    But i do agree with you, he did not have the right attitude. But i’m not so sure he didn’t give a shit. So much as lacked the mental strength to deal with the situation.

    In any case. Even if you hate the bloke. It does the club no good to rip our players apart. Just like they did to Eboue And Bendtner. Fortunately both of them have had the mental strength to deal with it

  56. SharkeySure


    I look at Richards and see a kid that got thru the City youth teams just cos he was bigger and stronger than the others. He was prob that size since he was 12 or 13.

    Now clever players just use his ‘bull in a china shop’ approach against him, you know like Kung Fu masters do.

    Seriously, check out Dempsey’s goal agisnt City at Maine Rd (whatever!)towards the close of last season.

    He looks like he’s running thru quicksand…when he actually realises that he needs to run that is….

  57. Pat

    I’d be fine with Pogrebnyak, but I’ll support Ade if he stays. We know he has quality. He just needs to get his head of of his ass and start working hard again

  58. Nick

    ade mental strength bill his a cunt see monaco togo
    Bendtner Put his head down and worked, ade nutting him is another sign of what a prick he is

  59. Stu

    Sharkey, 2 problems wit that comment.

    1: Bull in a china shop. Mythbusters 😉 disporved that saying by creating a fake chop and letting a bull lose. He didnt touch or knock over a thing.
    2: Clint Dempsey is brilliant. He would make shit of anyone, especially Richards.

  60. Nick

    sharky see that, but when he first came through he looked the part got lost a bit since hughs arrived for England his done well in my book

  61. Honest Bill

    Nick, Bendtner was working hard prior to getting booed as well. Just lacked the experience. Didn’t stop the crowd from tearing him apart for missing some sitters.

    That kind of thing can destroy a young players confidence. Which is fucking stupid, when you take in to account that he’s our player.

    People underestimate what a massive part, confidence plays in a player’s performances

  62. Nick

    at a corner bendy wanted to attack the ball and ade told him he was brought on to do this coz he was shit bendy told him bollocks so he nutted him CUNT

  63. Stu

    I remember before a game kicked off and the announcer fella was calling out the names Bendtner got booed, and he wasnt even fucking starting! He just laughed it off.

    Great how he handled it but it would have been better if he just told then to fuck off.

  64. nishanth

    I expect a lot from bendtner next season.I know STU will agree with me.Pogrebnyak will be a good signing

  65. Nick

    na feck it dont do links laters stu and wild bill and anyone else out there qos maybe.. you know ades a cunt we know too 🙂

  66. Honest Bill

    Stu. This is exactly what i mean. Not just him Denilson, Song, are torn apart sometimes. As a consequence they are not confident enough when they play, they become desperate not to fuck up.

    As any of you have ever played football before, or any sport for that matter, will know. That is detrimental to a player’s performance. Especially a young player. Some fans need to get some sense.

    I’m not saying it’s disgraceful that they behave this way. Sure they pay their money and have a right to voice their opinions. I’m just saying they’re fucking stupid

  67. nishanth

    Bendtner used to be a prolific goalscorer at youth level right?So surely something can be done about that.The other aspects of his game is pretty solid

  68. Geoff

    I’ve been to every home game and never have I seen Bendtner get booed, that’s a myth cooked up by that dogging, cocksucking, woman beater Collymore.

    Song got jeered coming on when we were beating Spurs 4-2 so that was the selection not the player (and look what happened) and Wenger got Eboue booed by subbing the sub, it was cynical and had he not done it, Wenger would have been the one getting the boos.

    The reason people have no time and get pissed off is because people like Song etc get paid so much and people get fucked off when they play like cunts.

    I don’t blame people to be honest, they should give 100% every game, like Parlour did, and we all loved him.

  69. nishanth

    There is also this myth that bendtner doesn’t get along well with his team mates.Arshavin came out and said bendtner is one of his friends at arsenal.Every mistake by bendtner is greeted by moans though

  70. nishanth

    I live in india geoff.I hear it on tv.Did reduce a lot during the end of the season though.I thought that blackburn match where he missed loads of chances and yet got cheered by the supporters made a small difference.He started playing really well after that

  71. Honest Bill

    When Song came on to a cacophony of boos, do you think he thought “Oh they must be booing Wenger’s selection”? And what would be the difference. It still destroys his confidence. And as you said, look what happened. Because i’ve seen Song putt on some great performances. So he isn’t short of talent, he, like everyone needs confidence. Especially young players.

    Either way the booing does not help. I agree though, players should get booed if they don’t give 100%.

    Just funny how it never happens to Fabregas. Because i saw him give quite a few lackadaisical performances early last season….. But they were all Denilson’s fault of course

  72. Pat

    Not sure about the rest of you, but I want Brazil to lose today so the Melo deal(if there is one) can get sorted out quickly.

  73. Geoff

    Well said Bill, I agree with you, it was Denilson’s fault and if it wasn’t, because he wasn’t playing then it was Song’s. Good call mate!

  74. Geoff

    I make you right there Pat.

    Bill when you say what do I think Song thinks when he comes onto a cacophony of boos, he probably thinks fuck you, I earn £30k a week and I have a 5 year contract.

  75. Honest Bill

    Geoff, Haha precisely. You see my point. Some players are surrounded by apologist and forgiven immediately for their poor performances. While others are lambasted for the slightest little indiscretions. It does them no good, it only hurts the team

  76. Honest Bill

    No Geoff, I very much doubt he thinks that. Players want to be supported by their fans. They want to come on and impress and do well. When he comes on and gets booed he starts to think he’s a lesser player than he really is, and this comes out in his performance

  77. Geoff

    Bill what hurts the team are inept, shit players that wouldn’t be out of place in the Rymans league, we have two of them and we shouldn’t.

  78. Honest Bill

    They are not half as bad as you make out, and even if they were, your misplaced anger is not helping the situation and is hindering the player’s progression. (Not Your’s specifically but you get my point). Even if they are the worst players in the world, they are still playing for Arsenal, so your objectives and theirs are exactly the same. Because I bet you were cheering with everyone else when Song scored no?

  79. Geoff

    Pat I’m going to give you 4 names, you pick the two, SONG, Diaby, DENILSON and Eboue. Any 2, you won’t go far wrong.

    If not ask Cesc, Arshavin or Robin Van Persie, they’ve been trying to tell Wenger for the last 6 weeks!

  80. Samir

    I hope the Dzeko deal breaks up for Milan. We could then get the 20-25M for ADE as they have plenty of cash after the Kaka sale.

    That cash could do quite alot.

    All of the above would only cost 38M. Minus the Ade money we would only have lost around 18M. Some of that 18M could also be made back by selling Toure for 15M to Citeh.

  81. Pat

    My 2 would be Diaby and Denilson. Although I’ll give Diaby another season since he’s really trying to improve, even over his summer break.

    Song is a better CB than Djourou, I think. He’s a good understudy to the CDM that we sign as well.

  82. Honest Bill

    Precisely Geoff, Because he played for Arsenal, the club you love. So you would be wise to hope that Song comes good

  83. Geoff

    Plus the £13mil we started with Bill, I don’t know Pogrebnyak but I rate Jerk-off and why not Dzeko?

  84. Pat

    I’d go into the season full of confidence if we were to sign Zapata and Melo and keep everyone else unless we replace Ade with someone better than Chamakh.

  85. Stu

    Song has so far scored against liverpool (by accident imo). fenerbache volley because of awful defending by both parties on the night and a cracker against Wigwam.

  86. Honest Bill

    Yeah but you’re overlooking the fact that Song was primarily a CB, so it is not as bad as you are making out. But even if it was, it is not relevant to the point i’m making.

    I have heard great things about Dzeko and Zhirkov, but i don’t recall ever seeing either one of them play

  87. Geoff

    And in 2 of those games Stu the game was already won, the Liverpool goal bounced off his thigh and he didn’t know he’d scored.

    Now add up all the sitters he’s missed.

    I’m off now, have a good ‘un all!

  88. Stu

    Song was a DM when we bought him but Wenger (as he does) decided to make him a defender long term. If thats the case then we are 1 short in midfield now so we HAVE to buy a DM.