Arsenal are impotent and the lack of titles is what angers me the most.

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No it wasn’t me that said that, it was Cesc, well allegedly anyway, it’s going down as a direct quote on Sky TV, he also apparently said that although his family are Catalans they love him and would support him if he decided to go to Real Madrid.

Then he said Ronaldo was leaving the Mancs because he had nothing else to win, me he said, I’m the opposite.

Well before anyone gets bent out of shape and says what he did or what he didn’t say, indulge me, lets say that he did say it, I will write this post based on that, if he didn’t, forget I wrote this, if you can’t handle my post, please leave now and go immediately to as they will have nothing on the story on there. Can you handle the truth? Well can you?

Yes I know that was from a film but it sounded good, I hope you agree.

I have always defended Cesc and have often said, what more does he need to do to prove that he loves Arsenal and he’s going nowhere? I decided to comment this time, as this time it sounds to me that maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it.

First of all I have to say if he did say it, I agree with everything that he has said, he must be as frustrated as I am, watching us play knowing we’ll win nothing because the manager or the board or god or whoever refuses to spend any proper money, it must really piss him off, playing in a side with certain players that clearly aren’t good enough, boy it must be really irritating, he can’t name names obviously but if the powers that be take no notice of this outburst then more fool them.

Cesc, believe me my friend, I get more pissed off watching them, than you do playing with them, but sometimes I feel it’s only me that complains, so if you really said this, thank you, perhaps this time he’ll listen.

He is one of the worlds best players, if you don’t give him, Robin and Arshavin what they want, they will leave. And then what, do we think players like to play in a team that wins nothing, do you think they will sacrifice their careers to be part of project youth?

How can he leave you may ask, he has a 3000 year contract? Well Wenger lets anyone leave that asks, he says things like ‘When a player wants to leave, you have to respect that decision’ I give you Henry, Campbell, Hleb, Muamba, Bentley and Anelka as prime examples, and please don’t tell me that Bentley was a muppet and Muamba was shit, because that’s not my point.

He also says there is not the cameraderie in the Arsenal changing room as there is in the Spanish one, I’m not sure I believe that as Arshavin said this week it was great.

However the end game of the statement is spot on, we need to spend some serious money on a world class centre back and a defensive midfielder, Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need, so Arsene, you have time, make Cesc happy, make us happy, all he’s saying is what we’ve been telling you all sason, we need a couple of world class players because the midfield enforcers we have are just not good enough and nor are the centre backs, listen to what we’re all saying, it’s not too late.

If we don’t have the money then sell Adebayor and use that, sell the fringe players, if Rosicky and Eduardo will be like new signings, then sell some others that we know will never make it, if Cesc still isn’t happy then sell him too, but replace him with quality not another kid with potential, we have all had enough, and so it seems has Cesc.

That’s it, if Cesc didn’t say it just take the appropriate bits out and leave the rest in. I meant it.

This is ARSENAL FC, not Arsene-al FC and not Cesc-en-al FC, this club will be around longer than all of us and for as long as I’m around I’ll be a fan, so please whoever makes those decisions, please spend some money and start acting like a club that is one of the worlds biggest, not one of the smallest.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s see who cracks first!

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  1. Stu

    If Cesc goes they we will either replace him short term or just promote either Merida, Ramsey or move Nasri into the middle.

    But obviously i hope it doesnt happen and Cesc stays.

  2. Nick

    Dutchy lous been a fan for years and goes to all the games mate his a top fan with a right to be sickened by the greed in the game

  3. goonerpress

    No Nick, not just that mate. I’ve been following Fran for a long time and there is so many similarities between him and Cesc. Not just the background but playing wise too. Merida is also a very mature lad and has a good footballing brain. The difference between him and Cesc is that Fran is probably quicker than Cesc. Another difference is that he is left footed, and a very good one too.

  4. Dutchman

    Merida has incredible passes. He likes a new fabregas.
    Ramsey you have seen him play in the CC,incredible talent. And nasri is the future numer 10. Than that 50 million and you can buy what you want. And we are back on track. Come on guys the future looks bright, isn´t it=

  5. KM in WALES

    GP-i’m not convinced on RVP playing the right sided attacker.whenever i see him for Holland he’s always in the middle looking for the ball. STU – i love Aquilani,beautiful player,the nxt pirlo for defo. I also like Cassano but not as much as i like Giovinco who i think is made for Arsenal. Dnt know much abt Aquafresca but isnt he moving to Juve? Irish i agree he’s better for Juve but he plays for a crap italian side so…..

  6. goonerpress

    I don’t think Cesc will leave anyway. But if he does, I don’t want it to be a transfer involving money. Well just recieve the money and find that all players values have been highly inflated and we can only probably afford one class player. I would rather have players in exchange for him. Huntelaar, Sneijder and Van Der Vaart would be brill.

  7. lee

    We played our best football with out cesc last season the big games he just did not show up. Im not saying sell him but i think we have all noticed a change in his attitude this year.

  8. Ras_Def

    Hey grovers,
    Cesc is the heart of the team right now.. If anything look at ManCity they got BARRY FOR 12 MILL! Rather cheap IMO and we could have got him!

  9. Stallion

    I can imagine the relentless volley of insults,hatred and abuse that would have been hurled at Adebayor if he’d been the one making such comments. Yet most here are making excuses for Fabregas. It just goes to show what i’ve always believed that no matter what certain arsenal players (ie Fabregas,Walcott and Van Persie) do…the arse kissers will always try to justify it.
    Yet anytime Adebayor or Eboue speaks they are attacked ferociously ..
    It’s nothing but double standards on the part of the so called fans..
    Truth is Fabregas is not worth £40 million best he is worth £20 million..or even less.
    Do not kid yourself..he is no Messi,Kaka,Ronaldo,Gerrard,Torres,Ribery or Villa…
    Fabreags has no pace,scores little,, can’t tackle or hold people off well enough when closely marked…What he’s got is a the ability to deliver a killer pass..The team will adapt without him..He would not get in the starting line up of the Spanish team if Iniesta and Senna were fit..
    Well guess what would not be that huge a loss if he fucked off…

  10. Man

    1240 BST – AC Milan have confirmed they would be interested in Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor if they fail to sign their number one target, Wolfsburg’s Edin Dzeko. (Press Association)

  11. goonerpress

    KM, Persie always plays for Holland on the right in a 4-3-3 formation. He always plays well there. If he is caught in the centre, he will have a striker infront of him to feed or just use the maestro Arshy on the left.

  12. irishgunner

    KM – Yep the Italy side is the worst in a long time but the errors Chiellini made in the Confederations Cup were basic.

  13. Lou

    Dutchman. Thank you so much for calling me a “useless supporter. It is so very kind of you. A bit of history. I have been to every Arsenal home game since I was about 10 when my Dad took me. I am in my 50’s now. I have been a season ticket holder for many years and support the club. But I do it in my own way. Many, many players have come and gone and I have always supported the club. So I take PERSONAL offence at you for calling me a “useless supporter”.I understand that your English is very poor so let me say it again. I support the club whoever plays. I am fed up with players like Hleb, Flamini and Adebayor’s attitude. This is my business and my feelings. Just because you can’t write in English I don’t come on here and have a go at you do I? Kindly allow me my own feelings.

  14. Dutchman

    Cesc isn´t the heart for our team. This season he was shit, that is the truth but he can give beautiful passes and we score from that pass. But merida can do that,ramsey is a better total/footballer and wilshere is incredible. So we have the future!!!!

  15. KM in WALES

    i haven’t seen much of Merida but the problem is we have too YOUNG many players who want to play in central midfield cesc,nasri,denilson,ramsey,lansbury,merida,wilshere as the no.10.unless we play the barca formation 4-3-3 we’r going to have a lot disgruntled players.

  16. Stu

    Cesc is the heart of the team. He controls the tempo etc. He was bad last season because of burnout and having to gel with a completely new midfield around him imo.

    He is still a class act.

  17. Lou

    Stu. I would need to sit down with a fixture list and a calculator to answer that one. But it’s a lot. I can even remember a frail looking Stanley Mathews, who must have been about 50 at the time running down the wing when I was in the schoolboy’s enclosure. To the others who supported me I say thanks. I like this Blog but I don’t like it when people get too personal. That’s all!

  18. Nick

    VP and cesc come across as close, so surly he would know what cesc thinking. so if its the case cesc is off why would vp sign a new deal?????

  19. gooner786

    Hello Grovers,

    If that cunt Fabregas wants to leave then I say fuck him off.

    If Ronaldo is worth 80M then Fabregas is not far off.


    What do you think Grovers?

  20. Ras_Def

    Yeah it wasnt his best year but at 22 lol the kids got to stay! If we bought someone that can really take care of the midfeild and not force Cesc to be so bloody defensive then Cesc can focus on the offensive. Thats what is initially missing. Give me a Gerrard, which i find in Cesc A MATCH WINNER!

  21. Stu

    Cesc Rosicky

    Ramsey Nasri

    Thats 2 midfields. Sell Diaby, get in a top DM and make Song a back up DM and CB.

    Problems sorted.

  22. Lou

    Dutchman. I am sorry I can’t write in Dutch because I would like to let you know how I feel in your mother tongue. As for the rest of your post, I am sure I would agree if i understood it. Let it drop. I think you have said enough about me.

  23. irishgunner

    See this is what I don’t like.

    Fabregas has made some comments that may (most probably) or may not have been taken out of context by the English newspapers and suddenly he’s a “cunt” and “overrated”, that’s just pathetic in my own little opinion.

  24. Lou

    Irish. I agree. The press twist things. It’s a mixture of resentment and laziness. Cesc is his own man and can do what he likes.

  25. LA Gooner

    Eh! I don’t know if everyone has had the opportunity to read the source of the Cesc interview. Having read it myself, I do not beleive the sensationalism that the dim-wits at the Sun et al are printing. Here is a (albeit very poor)translation of it. Better if you can do your own translation.

    Does anyone see anything that Cesc says to harm Arsenal in this interview?

    If I were Wenger, I would just ban all players and my staff from granting any press interview to forestall any flagrant misQuotation.

  26. Stu

    Cesc is one of the few top class players we actually have at the club so it would be idiotic to sell him, especially at his age.

  27. Stu

    Eduardo….the almost world class players.

    Arshavin…standing alone as the only world class player at the club.

  28. Ras_Def

    the guys 22, i dont mind that he had a bad season it showed all the other weaknesses of the other players in the squad!!!

  29. KM in WALES

    well said Lou.i just think we shouldn’t insult fellow bloggers its bad manners. Irish – tbh i cant remember his errors.i have a memory like a fish 🙂 Ras Def – yes & no because Reo Coker was the other DM who ran around like a madman & let Barry attack more.i just think he’s a nice lad but would get found out against the big teams.

  30. irishgunner

    Gooner 786 – As Lou said the media have twisted it. Cesc has said time and again he wants to stay. If you read Arseblog (sorry Geoff and Pedro) I think you will get a different perspective on what he said. The questions were all leading and the Sun just took what they needed to make it look juicy.

  31. goonermichael

    The sun has given this blog a lot to talk about. If you took all the posts related to cesc out there wouldn’t be much left. It’s even the lead on republik of mankuntia. ssn is running it. It’s fucking pathetic.

  32. leon


    you are well of base i dont blame cesc for those comments at all he only 22 and clearly fustrated by lack of silverwere he has extremly loyal to this team and i have no dought of his commitment he just very fustrated.

  33. Ras_Def

    KN -True, but IMO AV mucked up because the lack of striking abilty, Barry can play the defensive role and had a good season.. I also mainly wanted to say that Barry at 12 mill is a bargan and we should have jumped to it..

  34. Arsenal Tom

    to think i used to spend over a £1 a week on the sun… im ashamed of myself!

    cesc isnt going anywhere and never was, once we get in our DM we can really start to speculate on who we’ll get without feeling too let down when they dont come!

  35. SharkeySure

    Inside 13.57. In my post I question/criticise him myself. So I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.

    I could say that Arsene walks on water, but still criticise him for walking too slowly !!

  36. michael 'master' P

    Spot on irish, too many plastics ready to switch on a player over what is so far, and very likely to turn out a completely unfounded rumour. Twunts

  37. SharkeySure

    Wardo. 13.22. Great summary.

    It kills me when people forget Gilberto’s last season with us, then watch him do well alongside Melo in a massive game against an Italian vets team, or against whoever else they played.

    Gilberto was also in midfield when Egypt scored 3. Worryingly, so was Melo !!!

  38. Ras_Def

    Sharkey i watch that match and Gilberto was on fire!! It was a great game to watch and both Gilberto and Melo we fantastic..

  39. irishgunner

    MP – 😉

    You are right too. The Adebayor stuff I can understand to a degree because he really has been talking too much and not coming out to reject what is said in the media but Cesc must be blue in the face from telling people how happy he is at Arsenal.

  40. LA Gooner

    Lou, please do not take offence with Dutchman. Dutchman, do not be upset with lou. Let the Arsenal spirit take hold.

    Back to Cesc: We all know that Cesc did not say any bad stuff to those journo c**ts. He isn’t going anywhere. Quote me on that. Case closed.

  41. KM in WALES

    gooner786-salam bro.i prefer yaya over melo so would prefer £50m+yaya.however i wouldnt want to sell Cesc he would be what Xavi has been to Barca all these years. Dutchman its a luxury but its better when u have one player at his peak and one young talented prospect learning off him,so when the older player leaves,the younger player enters his peak & another talent learns off him & so on.This has been the problem with such a young team there have been v.few role models at their peak for the young players to learn from.however Arshavin’s arrival will help young kids like Wilshire learn off the best.

  42. Steve

    My sex life was going downhill a bit so I bought the missus a massive dildo. She said it looks like a giant carrot, which is ironic really because her fanny looks like a donkey yawning.

  43. Man

    I can’t understand people who take what is said in the (tabloid) media that seriously, even hate a player based on these stories, whoever the player might be…

  44. Steve

    Irish, he answered questions that he was asked in an honest manner. Fabregas is nobody’s fool, trust me. He knows how the media work and his answers are not what you’d expect from the captain of Arsenal.

    No matter how strong your rosey tinted specs are what Cesc has said is wrong.

    If he hasn’t said these things then his lawyers should be drawring up a writ as we speak.

  45. KM in WALES

    Ras_Def-agree with u there £12m for a experienced english player is a bargain. Gilberto in his last season was on his last legs.the EPL is tougher than other leagues (v.high intensity,rough as fukk) Also at arsenal he was the sole midfielder enforcer while Cesc was given license to attack,whereas for Brazil he shares the burden with Melo who is more aggressive & energetic and – BOX TO BOX which is what we need imo. Every team has a bad game, in the 2nd half the egyptians had the momentum & Aboutrika was amazing,he outfoxed the brazilian midfield a number of times, but overall Melo has had a good tournament.

  46. SharkeySure

    Ras. Faior play he did well…but how well fdid he do in his final season with us.

    Ok he didn’t play much and was rusty, but he seriosly had me very nervous every time he came on the field.

    If a guy doesn’t make ten starts in a season, why would you be desperate to keep him at the end of that season if he asks to leave cos he’s had a better offer – ie a 2yr deal

    Ps You;re talknigbaout the Italy match roght, not the Egypt one. How old and slow is Italy’s midfield, neither Pirlo or Gattuso can run anymore !

  47. irishgunner

    Steve – I’m not at all denying what he said. It was a bit like Wenger at the Q&A session. Some of what he said may have been silly but with a few edits and a bit of fluffy language around quotes it can be made out as far worse.

    I am guessing that if we could read the whole thing from start to finish it wouldn’t be as bad.

  48. ethangunner

    THE POINT IS , its not a question of is cesc loyal now or not ,if you think oh its ok he’s loyal now … well… he obviously thinks the arsenal dressing room is a sterile atmosphere which he can take or leave … the question is how long can we go on without winning silverware and all the while have these young players 100% committed to the flag.
    the clubs ambitions are sadly lacking and the players can feel it ..

    Wenger has already stated we wont be getting
    much in the way of new people thru the doors due to restricted funds..
    so we can say that judging by the past 4 years we are in for much of the same in the near future .. especially since most clubs are still spending like no tomorrow .

    That was my very reason for wanting to sell ade and cesc , 4 get wenger a sizable kitty to re-vamp our team ..

    and before you ask will the money dissipate in to highbury/debt repayments , well if wenger has got as much pull as half of you say then yes he should be able to re- direct the proceeds of cesc/ade sales into new recruits ..
    NO PROBLEMS Eh ???

    its funny how people think wenger is in charge of the money , yet somehow all this money disappears into the club never to be seen again.
    Which obviously only benefits the Board of directors / club coffers …

    it makes you think with all this money privacy
    and black holes about where the money goes ..then why would wenger do this .??
    it seems a pretty weird way to prove a point …

    in fact i cant think of a single point that it proves other than our club has turned into a 2nd rate outfit by not having the funds to compete …

    also i fail to see how wenger can get a rebate for not spending his transfer kitty when ive never heard anything public since wenger’s reign that he even is issued with one each year.

  49. Man

    For me, you either take all these quotes on the face of it and call anyone who says the wrong things, CUNTS or you don’t take it that seriously and ignore it all, wait for the season to start see who plays for the Arse and give your support…i am for the latter.

    Since most on here call Ade twunt based on what is said in the media, even after saying categorically how much he loves the club, then it is only fair that the same ‘love’ is extended to Cesc even after he has said how much he loves the club…simple?

    As for loyalty, sounds nice as long as it’s both ways…but it isn’t…I appreciate players who give their all whilst wearing the Arsenal shirt, that’s all I ask from an Arsenal player, that’s all the supporter is entitled to and what he is paid for…simple?

  50. KM in WALES

    my arsenal team for nxt year would be…. 4-4-2 Eduardo-Arshavin. Rosicky-Cesc-Melo-Nasri Bendtner as eddy’s sub. RvP as Arshavin’s sub.Walcott as Nasri’s sub.Traore as Rosicky’s sub.Denilson as Melo’s sub.Ramsey/Diaby as Cesc’s sub.i think that is a good side.

  51. SharkeySure

    Steve. Go to Arseblog and read it from a Gooner who lived in Barca for quite some time, and is a fluent Spanish speaker who read the FULL story YESTERDAY in AS the spanish newspaper.

    He tranlsates the FULL QUESTIONS and the FULL ANSWERS.

    Excuse the caps…not shouting, just stressing a point, cos this is all dragging on a bit now…imho.

  52. Nick

    steve do tell 🙂

    man ade was on telly saying it and his shown all season what a lazy cunt he is,effort on his part would have seen him forgiven by most imo

  53. leon


    if evon i believe chapter and verse what the papers which i dont,i think 20% of is true the rest was very exagerated,and cesc has just saying what most fans having saying for a team agreat team like arsenal have such long title drout is realy good enough he is extremly fustrated by that if he was not he be very concerned about his ambition,were takling ade now talking about very humble young man but he young and wants to win things and if you want keep top players like cesc you have start winning things sorry dont think he was out of line wenger has atmitted that it not accepteble him self i am in total agreement with cesc

  54. Steve

    Man, could you be more patronising??

    I have had a season ticket for longer than Cesc has been on this earth and I can assure you he doesn’t deserve the kind of adulation he receives.

    Yes, he is a very good player. Yes, he commands respect for being the captain.

    What he cannot do is undermine the authority of the manager and the loyalty of the fans. Let’s face it, if Eboue had made those comments would there be any debate about whether he should go or stay??

    The quality of the player is absolutely irrelevant. He can’t expect to undermine the manager and remain at the club.


  55. SharkeySure

    Man – Ade’s video interview to the BBC was in English, and all season we have read more and more from him and his agents, very little (if any) of which he denies.

    Cesc’s intervoew is in Spanish, and we have a didgy translation from tossers with an agenda to create a storm.

    For wayhts it worth I’m with you in taking the latter of your two options.

    Someone please paste Arseblogs breakdown..I can’t access it from work, but read it earlier via my mobile

  56. Steve

    Tom, you asked for it.

    My new girlfriend is a right dirty little minx;
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  57. gooner786

    An old man and woman go to stay at their sons house during the Christmas holidays. At night the old man who is sharing a bed with his grandson says..son,son I have got the biggest hard on i’ve had in years I’m going to the other bedroom to give your grandma a good seeing to. The grandson replies thats my dick you’ve got hold of.

  58. wardo

    arindam….13:25…soz been away working!

    I’m not sure of the facts around the Alonso bid however, wenger does not need to be at liverpool to complete the signing. My guess is that the player would be down here if he was gonna sign.

    I aslo do not know the facts enough on that case to blame Wenger and would think you are in the same position as myself.

  59. Steve

    Man, just read back at your comment and you are bang on.

    I’d apologise if I wasn’t a bloke and had the capacity to apologise when I was wrong.

  60. leon


    i dont understand what youre saying what do expect he is young ambition player who wants win things,wenger has already said that it not good enough for this team go for long without winning things and if eboue had made the same comments i would be in complete agreement,if you want to keep top players like rvp.cesc,aa, and other top players you cant expect them to be happy going year after year without anything and be happy about it

  61. wardo

    Geoff…..are you there?????

    What we were saying earlier !! “lets see how long it takes Fab to comment on today’s press!!!

    Just like the Phil CNUT brown situation…….hours is the answer. See below from

    “I’m not sure how many times I need to talk directly about my commitment to Arsenal as I continue to say the same thing over and over again, but it appears that every time I have spoken to the Spanish media recently, my words have bounced back to England, leaving question marks about my future.

    “So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal clear. I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great Club.

    “It is a fact that we have not won a trophy for four years and yes, I am angry about that, but that anger stems from the deep deep desire I have to win things with Arsenal. I care about this Club and believe in this team. I
    am proud to captain this team and proud to wear the shirt. It really upsets me when people express my thoughts otherwise. The spirit in this squad is fantastic and we have the ability and mentality to compete on all fronts for silverware. Make no mistake, we are focussed and determined to show that we are capable of achieving great things together.”

  62. wardo

    Sharkey……have you seen this.

    There are a few bloggers that can say we never doubted Cesc for a moment today.

    How many times does this lad need to repeat himself??

    He was a great player before today and still is. NOTHING has changed

  63. Man

    SS – what did you think of Ade’s BBC interview? For that’s the one I give any credence, remember English is his second/third language.

    Nick, on Ade appearing to be ‘lazier’ than 07/08 season I can agree with you on that one, you are judging him on football there, although his ‘stats’ are the best/second best amongst our forwards.

    We cool Steve, cyber handshake there mate just like men should 🙂

  64. irishgunner

    There we have it, rumours quashed lets move on.

    I’m sure AW has been on the phone to him to clear any misgivings.

  65. wardo

    yeah I was thinking that Irish…..

    AW: Cesc, what did you say last night. Press in England have it in bold on the back pages!!

    CF: Not much really boss. Just compared international to club atmos and bigged up a few players.

    AW: ok well you’d better make a statement on the official club website. LG bloggers will be giong mad.

    CF: ok boss! will do……..oh and boss ?

    AW: yes?

    CF: get your cheque book out you tight cnut !!

  66. Wonderboy

    I get the feeling that people will still be arguing about these quotes tomorrow. Loyalty should ideally go both ways, there are a lot of squealing crybabies on today.

  67. nishanth

    That is really nice from cesc’s part.Now onwards he should just stop talking to the spanish media.

  68. charybdis1966

    So who had 4pm in the “time of denial” question I raised earlier? Collect your winnings at the usual place.

    So is Fab still a cunt then ?

  69. Honest Bill

    Wait …. so Cesc said he’s wholeheartedly commited? But he didn’t say anything about the rest of his body.


  70. Man

    Well done Cesc, shame we got nothing to talk about now!

    I think AW said a few weeks ago that everyone within the club should keep quiet…if only they listened we’d not be having this debate…for all its worth we’ve had some debate today, passed time…that can’t be too bad

    Anyway off now, laters grovers

  71. SharkeySure

    Man. Ade’s interview was shiocking, absolutely shocking. No language issues there for me, Plus he talked about himself in the third person..always a bad sign that.

    Seriosuly though, if he’d put some effort in he could have won people over in the way that the PassMaster Goal Machine Eboue did, likewise Nik B.

    But to see him strolling around the way he did. I keep saying it but, the 1st leg at OT was poor beyond comparison.

    All week he’d been banging on about what a Clash of the Titans it was gonna be when he met Rio and Vidic.

  72. leon


    everyone is entitled to here own opinion i have tay problem with cesc at all,i am glad to see that he hungry to win things with this team and no matter what you say will never change my mind on that. i just hope the never ending soap opra with ade ends and wenger can get some many for the fool

  73. SharkeySure

    Wardo. Have I seen what…??

    It was never Rocjket Science or Nuclera Physics for me (nor you I guess).

    It was in the fucking Sun …on a Thursday. Thursday has ALWAYS been shit news day hasn’t it.

  74. nishanth

    Friday is supposed to be the day arsenal usually announce theeir signings.Any chance wenger will surprise us tomorrow?(I hope it won’t be anything like the silvestre surprise)

  75. Franchise

    wenger doing the migraine skank would be a surprise

    ‘let me see u bend down lown with the heads, shoulder, knees and toes’

  76. SharkeySure

    Leon 16.19. Well said mate.

    I’m also liking your use of full stops these days. Any chance we’ll get some capital letetrs anytime soon.


  77. SharkeySure

    Migraine skank…LMAO !!

    Kids with too much time on their hands eh…

    I’d pay good money to see Le Boss do that though.

  78. irishgunner

    Chary – your comments rarely seem to come right up. Its like its stuck in a black hole or something. When I refreshed it just popped up although you posted it about 10 mins ago 😕

  79. Honest Bill

    I have it on good authority, that Arshavin has not stated categorically that he doesn’t want to go to Real Madrid.

    SELL THE CUNT! he obviously has no respect for Arsenal

  80. gooner786

    AbdulHakim09, I was going to get one but I changed my mine because:-

    1)Speakers are rubbish, I watch a lot of films.
    2)Dell customer service is shite.

  81. Geoff

    Wardo I did say that in my post, was this true? However Cesc is not stupid, he knew what he said and I make him right, we do need world class players in and if Wenger doesn’t we will go another season with nothing, Wenger has been saying the same things for 4 years, enough is enough.

    Time to buy.

  82. Honest Bill

    Geoff. He has already bought one, and we have been linked with various transfers. Not to mention that Wenger himself said that he has a couple of targets. But don’t go thinking they will be 20M plus players. They won’t

  83. charybdis1966

    Maire, cos I’m on a proxy server during the day my pearls of wisdom get held up in moderation. That makes it look like I’m not paying attention – or I’m incredibly slow.
    Neither of which, I hope, are the case. 😉

  84. Geoff

    Bill he bought one that is unproven, we have loads of them, I think he’ll be good but it’s a gamble, we don’t need £20mil players, but we do need £15 mil ones, had he bought Cana or Melo last season we could have had them for £6mil.

    It’s his fault, not mine.

  85. Nick

    maybe the ade situation last summer has proved useful neither the player or club want the same thing to happen again,so as soon as bollocks is in the press it gets squashed quicker now.If you here some shit and its not denied that day you know theres some truth to it,everything being said about ade and no denial 😕