Arsenal are impotent and the lack of titles is what angers me the most.

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No it wasn’t me that said that, it was Cesc, well allegedly anyway, it’s going down as a direct quote on Sky TV, he also apparently said that although his family are Catalans they love him and would support him if he decided to go to Real Madrid.

Then he said Ronaldo was leaving the Mancs because he had nothing else to win, me he said, I’m the opposite.

Well before anyone gets bent out of shape and says what he did or what he didn’t say, indulge me, lets say that he did say it, I will write this post based on that, if he didn’t, forget I wrote this, if you can’t handle my post, please leave now and go immediately to as they will have nothing on the story on there. Can you handle the truth? Well can you?

Yes I know that was from a film but it sounded good, I hope you agree.

I have always defended Cesc and have often said, what more does he need to do to prove that he loves Arsenal and he’s going nowhere? I decided to comment this time, as this time it sounds to me that maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it.

First of all I have to say if he did say it, I agree with everything that he has said, he must be as frustrated as I am, watching us play knowing we’ll win nothing because the manager or the board or god or whoever refuses to spend any proper money, it must really piss him off, playing in a side with certain players that clearly aren’t good enough, boy it must be really irritating, he can’t name names obviously but if the powers that be take no notice of this outburst then more fool them.

Cesc, believe me my friend, I get more pissed off watching them, than you do playing with them, but sometimes I feel it’s only me that complains, so if you really said this, thank you, perhaps this time he’ll listen.

He is one of the worlds best players, if you don’t give him, Robin and Arshavin what they want, they will leave. And then what, do we think players like to play in a team that wins nothing, do you think they will sacrifice their careers to be part of project youth?

How can he leave you may ask, he has a 3000 year contract? Well Wenger lets anyone leave that asks, he says things like ‘When a player wants to leave, you have to respect that decision’ I give you Henry, Campbell, Hleb, Muamba, Bentley and Anelka as prime examples, and please don’t tell me that Bentley was a muppet and Muamba was shit, because that’s not my point.

He also says there is not the cameraderie in the Arsenal changing room as there is in the Spanish one, I’m not sure I believe that as Arshavin said this week it was great.

However the end game of the statement is spot on, we need to spend some serious money on a world class centre back and a defensive midfielder, Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need, so Arsene, you have time, make Cesc happy, make us happy, all he’s saying is what we’ve been telling you all sason, we need a couple of world class players because the midfield enforcers we have are just not good enough and nor are the centre backs, listen to what we’re all saying, it’s not too late.

If we don’t have the money then sell Adebayor and use that, sell the fringe players, if Rosicky and Eduardo will be like new signings, then sell some others that we know will never make it, if Cesc still isn’t happy then sell him too, but replace him with quality not another kid with potential, we have all had enough, and so it seems has Cesc.

That’s it, if Cesc didn’t say it just take the appropriate bits out and leave the rest in. I meant it.

This is ARSENAL FC, not Arsene-al FC and not Cesc-en-al FC, this club will be around longer than all of us and for as long as I’m around I’ll be a fan, so please whoever makes those decisions, please spend some money and start acting like a club that is one of the worlds biggest, not one of the smallest.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s see who cracks first!

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  1. patthegooner

    Carrying on from the last post Geoff,

    Even if Madrid do want him and he wants to go, then it means 50m+ for us, so as long as Wenger gets the lot to re-invest then superb, especially if they throw Huntelaar, Sneijder and Van Der Vaart in.

    I said at the end of the Season that I actually thought Cesc might go this Summer. I still expect Barcelona to enter the race, Although they are currently top dog they will be concerned about the recruitment at Real, and I think if Real bid for Cesc then so would Barca.

    Still sceptical about Cesc’s comments though. I think there is some unscrupulous spin from the media in them.

  2. Lewyd24

    Before I read this post I have to say this. CEsc Fabregas can leave if he feels Arsenal are not good enough for him. The club , the fans everyone who has anything to do with Arsenal has treated him like a God & in return all he says are negative things about Arsenal. So please CEsc if you want to leave gone get out. We will replace you with the 50million we get for you. You are not irreplacable. You are not a Ronaldo or a MEssi.

  3. patthegooner

    Did not realise that Geoff, thought it was a Sun report. So have you seen them yourself? if so are they in the mood of accepting partial blame for the lack of silverware or of an individual that has simply had enough.

  4. Steve

    He fucking said it no doubt.

    Geoff, you have to say something slanderous for me to sue.

    Great post mate, you have pretty much hit the fucking nail on the fucking head. Well fucking done.

    I’m just hoping Cesc has said this as a kick in the bollocks to the board.

  5. KM in WALES

    sad what cesc said :/ does that mean he’s leaving?as he seems to be getting restless his outburst reveals that Real Madrid have been in touch with Fabregas…imo wenger should tell him stay for another season & then he can leave.nasri can then take over fabregas.

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Bang on Geoff, we are certainly @ the fork in the road, but I think/hope that AW will sign the players. Cesc is on a hiding to nothing with this Real/barca thing. Even when The Arsenal win the double this year, the press will be on Cesc about him leaving coz he has achieved all he can @ THOF, or something. But the way Setanta is going, the way things are with the recession in Europe & USA, the most endangered species on earth today is the reporter. Ha Ha Ha to that.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    I have never bigged Cesc up ever, to be honest, I thing he is too small to be in the pivot. But small is good in spain tho 😆

  8. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, hopefully the board and wenger will listen… its fucking wound me up reading that shit so something better be done, and the reason there’s no camaraderie is that no one speaks the same fucking language, get that cunt ade out pronto to

  9. stonroy

    If he wants to go then go, we’ve seen what happens when a player plays another season and their heart is just not in it.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    ….the trouble is, like some say, if The Club sold cesc, they would pocket the money & not re-invest it in players 😉

  11. patthegooner

    KM, personally if he was to go in the next two seasons, I would like it to happen now, we cant have another season where a player knows he is probably off next summer, and at the moment there is a precedent set on transfer fees by Real Madrid. This year we could get 50 for him, next year might be a different story, especially if you gave him a stay one more year and then we will let you go.

  12. tonyadamsisgod

    Top post Geoff!!

    I don’t care if it Arsene Wenger or the board that are fucking this club up but its happening at boardroom level and its killing the team. If the fucking idiots who sit at the office table cant understand that losing our star players will not help them line their pocket then they are fucking morons! Football is a risk taking business. You have to speculate to accumulate and these are reasons why you bring in a manager like Arsene Wenger – To reduce these risks as he can pin point talent. That doesn’t mean unearthing gems only, it means find quality that will help the current squad in then current season as well!

    This whole move to the Emirates has fucked us and fucked us big time! We did it so we can survive going up against Chelsea and Man Utd……well what are we going to do to survive the 17 years it will take to get there!

    People panic that we would crumble without Wenger! Well, that will still happen as I don’t think he has plans for another 15 years with us!

    Stan, give us some money, you have enough and why did you invest in Arsenal if it wasn’t to see us succeed?? You of all people should know how success on the field brings success off the field! I wonder how many Arshavin shirts will have been sold by the time the new season starts……….

  13. KM in WALES

    wenger must be gutted….but £40m+ is awesome for cesc. We can bolster the u guys think wenger knew this was coming?&is he planning to sell him?

  14. Geoff

    Cheers Steve!

    Pat I didn’t catch it, just the end, but it’s now high time Wenger stopped being a jerk.

    It’s time he listened to us the fans and then the old legends, and now his fucking captain, he can’t be that far up himself he still thinks he’s right!!!

  15. dennisdamenace

    Stonroy – The news i have is from the same source who told me about Adebayor etc etc, so i trust it implicitly, and that’s why i’m sooo fucked off. Couple this with what Fab4 has said, it all makes perfect sense, and it just sums up the direction of our club at the moment……

  16. wardo

    good post Geoff….no doubt in my mind that he said that. Altho, it does seem that he was responding to some questions also….especially when he said his family would not care if he were to join Real M as they love him. Obviously the press asked him if they would mind.

    Altho, I just hope that either his comments are to kick the board up the ass or the board take note themselves, build a decent team for next season so we can draw Real M in the ECL and knock them out…….that would be a good statement to cesc to say he’s at the right club.

  17. Big Raddy

    Morning All,

    The stupidity of footballers amazes me. WTF was Cesc giving an interview for?

    If he goes, well I wish him well.

    As Geoff says so well, I am an Arsenal fan ,not a Cesc-en-al fan

  18. Arsenal Tom

    i dont think we’ll sell him, i think he’s telling wenger again to go spend. he probably had the hump because spain got knocked out as well

  19. insidealbania

    Smashing Post !!!!!!

    This is THE ARSENAL and you are spot on, no one is bigger then the club. Even selling Cesc is not unthinkable, what is however, is replacing him with a kid or building another training ground. (please dont interpret this as me wanting Cesc out, I love the guy)

  20. E-man

    Good post. I don’t think we have to worry, though, because all this talk about Cesc leaving is coming from UK tabloids. Perez has hardly made any comments about Cesc, neither have the Barca camp. Just ignore this crap about Cesc leaving until he actually asks for a transfer!
    We do need that midfield enforcer and a centerback, why not swap Kolo for Richards, as you have often suggested?

  21. wardo

    inside….why would we build another training ground. We did that once and there seem to be a lot of comments bout building more training grounds……its obvious we wont build another one !!

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    The British tabloids are the biggest load of shit out. I mean to have to have a shiela with big tits on page 3 to get it to sell is fucking sad. obviously no one gives a rats arse about the stories that accompnay those tits, so why write anything in the 1st place.

  23. KM in WALES

    STONROY i agree with u i’d rather he went now otherwise we’l have a unmotivated player. Also in our system Nasri can be the true midfield no.10 whereas fabregas was a v.deep playmaker. PATTHEGOONER – agree with u Madrid are on a rampage & wenger should realise this,but Fabregas is such a gr8 player he will be missed imo like flamini….

  24. dennisdamenace

    The news I have is that the reason we have had very little investment in the first team is, surprise surprise, that virtually all the revenue is being siphoned off. I think we all probably took that as a given. However, if like me you thought the board were using that money to pay off the mortgage for The Emirates early, think again. This money is being used to actually pay for the Highbury Square development!!

    That’s right, we’re still saddled with a 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 year fucking mortgage on the stadium. Gazidis’ shareholder’s statement wasn’t worth wiping your arse on! Ring fenced my fucking arse! That development is bleeding the club dry, to the point that the manager doesn’t get any real money, and the development is using virtually every penny generated by the playing side of the “organisation”……..

  25. insidealbania

    Wardo I thought it was obvious the ‘training ground’ comments are sarcastic, and probably a metaphor for the black hole our transfer funds seem to get lost in.

  26. Big Raddy

    And I hate the fucking media. They love stirring the shit with us, and it is so easy. Identify our prize asset and then tell us he wants out.

    I give as much credence to Cesc’s leaving for Real, as I do to Torres going to the Chavs.

  27. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – People say Wenger’s hands are tied because he has no money! That’s just plain fucking dumb! If you a
    or me took his job for a day we could raise millions by selling players we really don’t need! Senderos £6m, Adebayor £15m, Diaby £5m, Silvestre £2m, Traore £5m, Simpson £4m, Eboue £5m……….that’s forty fucking two million pounds!!!!!!!

  28. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – That’s is surely way off being legal? There must be something someone like the OFT could do to stop that! We are giving them money and they are investing it in something that we can not possibly see any benefit from??

  29. Steve

    Raddy, he is qouted as making those comments. No amount of spin can alter that. If he didn’t make them he’d sue every news source to qoute him.

  30. Big Raddy

    Not sure I understand the financial position.

    What I do know is that we have spent almost £30m since January and sold no-one.

  31. dennisdamenace

    The problem is chaps that we could sell Fab4 for £40m+, but do you really think this board will hand over those funds to Wenger??

  32. wardo

    yes its was obvious but misplaced Inside. Why be sarcastic about a training ground that took the club forward….

    Let me tell you something that is fucking gospel ! I go to a gym near where I live in Chigwell. Its the Virgin Active gym….the reason why I chose this gym is that its price is mid range but has everything you need……….the reason I say this is that I see Gareth Bale, O’Hara, Lenon and a few other crap spurs players on a very regular basis. Know why??? This is gospel….their training ground does not have a swimming pool or any real facilities.

    In fact, their training ground is down a lane called “Luxborough Lane” and is oposite the dump/tip where I dump all my shit unwanted waste.

    So, our training ground should be applauded as it gives me the chance to say in the changing room at the gym that that is the difference between a top club like Arsenal and a crap team like spurs…..

    just a point on the training ground

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    I bet the comraderie in the Spain dressing room ain’t too good @ the moment. USA wiped them like a dirty arse.

  34. Rohan

    all i cna say is if cesc is not fully committed to the arse then he can leave for all i care…he was slighted overrated anyway(not taking anything away for him though) buut i daresay if we can somehow get sneijder and van der vaart included in the deal then i would not mind it at all.

  35. Big Raddy

    Fairplay Steve.

    Let him go … no-one is bigger than the club. Perhaps he had one Cerveza too many !

  36. Geoff

    Dennis I just don’t believe that, apart from Gazidas’s statement would be illegal, there is no way Kroenke and the Uzbek would have bought so many shares.

    Highbury square will make them a fortune, trust me.

  37. goonermichael

    With that dodgy skunk mohican he’s brought enough shame on Arsenal already. I say he can fuck off.

  38. Dan

    I just read his comments and part of it sounds like he’s leaving and other parts seem like he just wants investment like the rest of us. I suppose the dressing room wouldn’t have the same feel as a all spainish changing room. But barca and real don’t have a all spainish changing room

  39. PDT

    I don’t think we can get away from the facts :

    1. We have won nothing for longer than I can remember.
    2. We still don’t have a 6 foot 3 bull of a defender.
    3. We don’t have a world class ball winner in the middle of the park.
    4. We don’t have anyone who can play as the lone striker and understands the offside rule.

    Given this state, and the near certainty that opponents will come out to kick us (so we should expect more than our fair share of injuries), I don’t expect very much to change in the new season.

    Ethan, I hop you are happy.

    And Geoff, I don’t think you can mention RvP in the same sentence as Arshavin and Cesc. Yet, anyway.

  40. dennisdamenace

    ATom/TAIG – The truth is in there somewhere fella, it all makes perfect sense now. The third largest turnover in world footie, and still we sign a relative nobody in Vermin, good signing that he might be, however we’re still two maybe three top quality signings away from a title winning team. Why? Because the money that is being generated is not being made available, and one day (hopefully soon) the true facts will surface….

  41. Geoff

    Raddy we earned over £30 mil last summer in transfers and add ons and bought no one, Helb and Nasri were a swap.

    Not to mention the EPL, ECL and TV money, we bought the stadium for £400 mil not £4 billion.

    We got £150mil up front from Emirates for shirts and stadium rights and the balance comes from Highbury square.

    We don’t have any money problems, it’s all bollocks.

  42. insidealbania

    Wardo point taken, but what is the point of a state of the art training ground that nurtures players and turns them into top athletes only for them to fuck off somewhere else to show off the benefits of that facility.

  43. Geoff

    Dennis there are too many hostiles around to keep our finances secret, Dein, Usmanov, Kroenke, not to mention the disaffected’s like Nina and Edelman.

    It’s all bollocks I tell ya.

  44. dennisdamenace

    AKOL – There are still bills to pay fella, because a high proportion of the apartments still haven’t been sold, so for a start you’ve got the developer’s bills to pay, contrsuction costs to pay etc etc……

  45. Rohan

    maybe there is some truth in cesc’s comments about the cameraderie_even cashley mentioned it with the french cliques and the usage of french as the first language.
    however cesc is captain and he should be doing his best to make it better as he is responsible for that instead of criticizing it……..
    if eh does leave who would you replace him with- my pick is sneijder or vdv.

  46. Arsenal Tom

    DDM when we next become sucessful the board will explain what they did saying ‘we wouldn’t be here now if we hadn’t’ and they’ll fucking lap up the praise the club.

    cesc is right in what said but maybe a little harsh, he was probably asked clever questions to get the answers they wanted the madrid one

  47. gambon


    How is Cesc being negative, if anything its positive criticism, he is saying he wants to win things, who doesnt!

    Im fed up with AKBs and supporters of ‘project youth’ jumping on any player or fan who has any criticism of the policy.

    If a fan is critical he gets told to ‘go support chelsea’ if a player says it the inevitable posts of ‘well he can get out of the club’ appear.

    The last 4-5 years are a clear faliure, the 8 years where Wenger was given money to spend we won numerous trophies, if you cant see which policy is better for the club then youre a true retard.

  48. Arsenal Tom

    DDM when we next become sucessful the board will explain what they did saying ‘we wouldn’t be here now if we hadn’t’ and they’ll fucking lap up the praise the club.

    cesc is right in what said but maybe a little harsh, he was probably asked clever questions to get the answers they wanted like the madrid one…

    ‘would your family disown you if you signed for madrid’?

    and he answered what he did

  49. Rohan

    i still think there is something fishy going on with the finances and the board is responsible for it and is unwilling to divulge the information.imo it is going to become worse before it gets better

  50. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – I wanna truly believe that we do have money, but i believe this fella, it’s all very dodgy. But, all i know is what i see, and we spend fuck all in relative terms compared to what we generate.

  51. TaeluvTW14

    I want to copy Geoff today too. I want to take a cue from his today’s post. If indeed the Impotent club captain did said what is being circulated in the paper today, here is my own take, but if it is not, just count it that I didnt say this.
    If he wants to go to Madrid, let him go, Arsenal can do without him, we can always buy another youngster to fill his slot. The fact that he said “Ronaldo was leaving the Mancs because he had nothing else to win, me he said, I’m the opposite” clearly shows that he wants to join Ronaldo in Madrid this season, so every arsenal fans should not be surprise if he eventually leaves. Remember Verm said he wants his captain band, I guess VErm must have heard this news when he said that. If he is ready to go, we could sell him for another 90 million pounds like ronaldo, and we can use that to offset part of our Stadium debt.
    I never like him before, because once he is not in his best, arsenal doesnt play very well. At least we now have Arshavin who is a true gooners, and we have a fantastic manager who can do a makeshift on any player on his position, for all I care, he can even convert Theo as an attacking midfielder. Enuff said.
    Remember, if actually Cesc our Impotent club captain did not said all that, just take the appropriate bits out and leave the rest in. I meant it.

  52. Nick

    the press are a bunch of cunts trying to sell papers,so as a player why put yourself in a position like this…. if it aint arranged dont talk simples.

  53. choy

    morning all..

    fack we really need to win something…just to shut up all these players…

    fackin the captain of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB needs to shut up as well, why can’t he facking call a meeting within the club and tell what he wants.. does he have to fackin talk to the press all the time? unsettle all the players at the club?

  54. Steve

    I’m with you Rohan, if he wants to go fuck him off. Nasri can play there and Wenger can use the funds on a proper left winger or play Vela.

    What is it with our captains becoming cunts as soon as they get the armband. Vieira, Henry, Gallas and now Fab have all courted moves or upset the applecart by talking to the press.

  55. tonyadamsisgod

    I think you are fooling yourself if you think Cesc didn’t make those comments……after all, he is completely right in everything he has said!!

    BUT….I don’t think he will be going anywhere this year. Barca don’t have the room for him in their midfield and I think another £50m or so would be step too far even for Madrid who have trumped his price up by their own actions!

  56. Davi

    I dont believe he did say it. But if cesc Did leave, I wouldnt be devasted.
    Great player of course, but I think somthing has to change in this arsenal side. We either need to bring in someone as good as essien to play with cesc, or bring in wide midfielders who will defend better, or we need to let cesc go play 2 CMs who have some physical presence.
    OR Wenger could change tactics and play 3 in the middle… but he’s reluctant to do that it seems

  57. Steve

    gambon, who is it helping making comments like that to the press??? It isn’t going to help Cesc’s relationship with the fans, it isn’t suddenly going to change Wenger’s transfer policies, it isn’t going to make other players like RVP want to sign new contracts. All it does is create a nasty feeling within the club.

  58. KM in WALES

    GM – LOL ‘fabregas has already shamed us with that mohican’ – thats a classic. there is so much anger on the blog today hmmm….. GNARLEYGEORGE- i was shocked when the yanks scored the 1st goal,it seemed to happen in slow motion. Awful defending by Pique – the striker was lucky,he shot straight at casillas & it went in off him. The US were taking the game to SPAIN,the yanks were actually playing neat football.they’r a v.changed side frm the last worldcup where they were v.dour. Donovan was v.impressive, a poor man’s Iniesta. Spain could not get past the well marshalled US defence even with their firepower!

  59. charybdis1966

    Morning all, this doesn’t sound like Cesc said this to me, but if they are direct quotes then we take them at face value or we wait for his denial on like we have done the last twenty-something times we’ve seen this sort of quote appear.
    If, and that’s a big if, Cesc said this then we must wait till the end of the transfer window if we can see if it has had the desired effect on Wenger’s transfer policy.

    I’m not going to start getting hysterical about it (and I’m certainly not going to start insulting Wenger) till we’ve actually given Wenger the chance to assemble his squad.
    Any bets on when the Cesc denial will appear on 11.30am., 2pm, or 4pm?

  60. Arindam@KOL

    Or it was something like : ” We have to win something this year” in Spanish , which was spiced up for the English speaking folks.

  61. Geoff

    Boys he’s right, I’m glad he said it, Wenger’s the problem.

    If he sold Ade, Eboue, Kolo, Song and Fish head. He would get in at least £45 million.

    We don’t need any of those players and in that figure I included Song and fishhead on a free.

    If we added to that all the fringe players that will never get in we could double it, we don’t need so many average players, Chelsea don’t.

  62. spanner

    has any of his “comments” appeared in any of the spanish sporting rags.?
    maybe then we could give them a little more credence.
    but if you don’t want to play for the Arsenal…..bye!
    if you do…then generate enthusiasm, motivate the players, the fans with positive views of the coming season.having seen his best mates at the club leave probably hasn’t helped him but if he has spoken then yes, we have a couple of shareholders only too keen to buy shares, so if you are reading this STAN and ALISHER,

  63. el tel

    Did anyone see the Spain game yesterday ? For me there were some clues to why Cesc, Alonso and possibly very soon Torres are unhappy. The players seem to play the ball to their favoured mates even when Fabregas was running around in loads of space waving his arms for the pass. IMO the English based Spaniards didn’t fit in with the others even though they were playing better. Villa was made to look better than Torres by getting set up time after time by Xabi and Co.

    Maybe Fab and alonso want to join the gang. I also think the fame is going to cescs head, I mean what the fuck are the Tats and the poxy hair do’s all about and the Brown faced wanker had a point when he ran around in that Hoodie.

    Sadly we could lose one of the best players the Club has ever had but strangly I for one wouldn’t miss so much as we have an abundane of Players who can play his role.

    If Cesc goes I wish him well if he stays I hope he gets the same treatment as Ade got for being two faced. We could get a couple of decent Dutch players in return as part of the deal too. Maybe Wenger was in for Huntelaar and Sneider and real told him to throw Cesc in the mix, maybe Wenger saw this and talked to Cesc about the possibility. Maybe Cesc is stunting the growth of Willshere and Ramsey and Merida and stopping Arshavin playing in his prefered role.

    Last of all can’t almunia go with him as part of the deal. How come nobody wants him?

  64. rob green

    The pundits, the press Arsenal fans, other fans, Ex players, Arasenal players all say the same thing!! Wenger needs to buy, he needs to spend 20 mil on a player here and a player there. He refuses to do so!! This time next year we will be having the same conversation!! Arsenal need a major change. Board level or the manager!!

  65. Dan

    Time will tell what he really meant. It’s no coinciedence that samuels made a article about him leaving and then he comes out and says this.

    I’ve changed my mind from not knowing either way, he’s off!!

    Well that’s my opinion

  66. kiwigooner

    Great post.
    All those who should hear must hear. This club is going down and very fast for that matter. David Dean told us that and the way to arrest it but he was frustrated out.Any good investment that does not start from the playing field by way of purchasing world quality players will fail. You can tell me that there are clubs who have invested heavily in players but have no rsults to show. Well, on the other hand all those clubs who are investing heavy in world class players are the successful ones these days. They know the winning or success formula, ie, wait for the likes of Arsenal to train kids and porche them when they mature. And what happens to Arsenal? They will buy some 16, 17 etc year old and will be inviting us fans to keep the faith in a team of the future. We all lose our heads when Mancs say it is a game of babies against men.

  67. Big Dave

    It’s not good what our captain has said, however no player is bigger then the club, we all know that 1 day he will leave us, wenger said the other day that he does not have £100 mill to spend, so we have to accept that, most of us are frustrated but i would say to him give us one more year, Madrid or barca will still be their or one the other hand take a look at your mate Hleb !

  68. brian

    I am so fed up yet again with the Summer rumours that we have had to put up with re Viera,Henry etc over the years.
    Fabregas is forever making these sort of comments and I say that if we could get anything approaching 30/40 million for him we should sell him.He was certainly initially a boy wonder and oozed class but he has not progressed that much in the past season or so and when watching Spain he is good but not in the same class as Iniesta or Zavi.Let him go to the Barcelona bench or tell him to shut up.

  69. choy

    geoff.. its not that cesc is scoring 20 goals a season and we are still not winning anything….!?

    he should look at his own performances this season.

  70. Arindam@KOL

    KM , I was watching closely when the US counter for the 1st goal happened.

    Ramos was up on the overlap and Alonso tried his best to cover up for him ; but his pace let him down. Infact , the Spanish defending for the 1st US goal reminded me so much of our defence last season. We conceded quite a few in a similar manner.

    And Alonso’s lack of pace/burst reinforced my belief that we need a quick runner like Flamini next to Cesc to thwart such counters.

  71. rob green

    these comments are worrying. I can see with my own eyes things are not tight in the dressing room

    “I am now at Arsenal, where there isn’t this social group which is so human, so friendly, a group of normal people like my friends and we don’t talk about things too much.”

  72. Steve

    Spot on choy. As i said yesterday, he doesn’t have the same value to Arsenal as the likes of Gerard to Liverpool who often wins games by himself if the rest of the team are struggling.

  73. Helsinki Gooner

    Alright lads, calm down a little, i just read what SS has on their website on the Cesc interview…and it doesn’t look bad. all he says is the team has not won anything and that Ronaldo is leaving b/c he has won everything, but he is the opposite. So, you could say the ‘opposite’ is that he has won next to nothing and is staying. or you could read it as he has won nothing but is leaving…there’s a fair amt of interpretation there.

    Also, the bit about Madrid is that his family “would understand” if he signed for them…never says he wants to.

  74. zorr0

    Morning all!

    Arseblog has a good take on the interview, which was in Spanish! How good at Spanish do we think our slimy English journos are then! Nah, me neither!

  75. Helsinki Gooner

    SSN: (quoting the sun, i might add)

    Cesc Fabregas has stunned Arsenal after blasting the Gunners’ ‘impotence’ following four seasons without a trophy.

    The Spain midfielder has revealed his anger at the lack of silverware in recent times for the North London outfit, throwing his future at Emirates Stadium into doubt.

    And Fabregas, part of the Spain side stunned by the USA in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup in South Africa, admitted Arsenal’s shortage of success was affecting team spirit.

    “The absence of titles at Arsenal is what angers me the most,” he is quoted in The Sun.

    “Cristiano (Ronaldo) said he’s leaving Manchester United because he had nothing else to win. For me right now it is the exact opposite, seeing the impotence.

    “This year we wanted it, we were giving everything – but we couldn’t reach the level that everyone expected of Arsenal.

    “When you win, you’re well. But when you don’t, everyone is in a bad mood. For four years now, we’ve needed a title to regain our belief in ourselves.”

    Fabregas stopped short of saying he wanted to leave Emirates Stadium but insisted he needs to be ‘happy’ during his career.


    He said: “If I have to say I want to leave I will do it face to face. If one day I’m not happy, I am the first who will tell the manager.

    “I admire Arsene Wenger but each of us has his own life and looks after his own interests.

    “My seventh season is about to start. It’s a lot when you’re just 22. When you stop to think, you see that time flies.

    “In football, you have to learn fast and take the best decisions for yourself and try to be happy.”


    The talented playmaker moved to Arsenal as a teenager from Barcelona but has admitted that his family, who are all Camp Nou supporters, would not prevent any possible future move to Real Madrid.

    He added: “Of course my family would understand if I signed for Real Madrid because they love me, they want me to be happy and what is best for me.

    “They’d support me – whichever club I joined. My family will always be there for me – whatever decision I make.

    “They’re the ones who are always by my side.”

  76. rob green

    choy and geoff,

    When fabregas played with flamini he was happy he had a friend and a decent regular partner thats why he played well. Do you not think that not having a decent regular partner in the middle and seeing that we are not good enough to win trophies is the main reason he hasn’t had a great season. We also forget he is only 22. We cant expect him to be as good as Gerard week in week out juts yet

  77. tonyadamsisgod

    Cesc is completely right to be saying these things! How long should he sit there and stay quiet while the club that has made him starts to implode????

    For all we know Fabregas cares about this football club more than Wenger!! Perhaps he just wants the success that we all want and that he knows new signings are the key to it!?

    He was just being honest in his feelings. I cant imagine our dressing room has been much fun since Edu broke his leg and Gallas had his mental breakdown so I dont think this will make things any worse. Hopefully it will shake things up a bit within the boardroom!

  78. wardo

    inside….09:36. There is no point and I can agree with the point you make there. We should not be a selling club……I think the sarcasm could correctly be pointed as we do have two training ground…..the second one is The Grove where our kids practice one a week…..

  79. Helsinki Gooner

    Also, keep in mind he’s based these words after the disapointment of losing another semi.

    But this time with world-class players – of course he’d compare the Spanish dressing room with Arsenal one, the Spanish team with the Arsenal one…I mean, if you played with denilson/song/diaby week in, week out, and then you got a chance to play with Alsonso, Iniesta, Xavi et al., then obviously you’d be a little pissed the mgr doesn’t sign needed replacements.

  80. choy

    yes rob.. he was happy.. we still didn’t anything…

    wtf.. it is a profession.. !!!

    if my best friend at work was fired.. does my performance level need to drop?.. i will get fired!!

  81. el tel

    Whoever Wenger names as Captain seems to be a clue to the unhappy player. Wenger has to get tough with these want away players as they will continually see us as an Ajax (finising school) for so called bigger Teams.

  82. Steve

    Helsinki, you are missing the point.

    If I played for Arsenal and I was asked the question of whether my parents would support me if I went to Madrid i’d say “I have no idea, it’s nit relevent”

    No need for interpretation there. He is an intelligent boy, if he didn’t want comments misinterpreted he’d word them differently.

  83. Geoff

    Rob playing alongside Song or Denilson must kill him, you’re right, you can see it in his face when he plays, it’s like ‘Oh fuck, not him again’

  84. KM in WALES

    arsenaltom – Agree Nasri will take over frm Cesc. I also agree we need some proper wingers however we’v got too many playmakers so they’r moved to the flanks.i think we’l get wingers in after nxt year so we can get them settled in slowly as walcott will be a striker by then & rosicky will probably still be on the comeback trail 🙂

  85. rob green

    Choy, I juts think Fabregas needs to play along side a quality holding midfielder. You will then see him shine. I also think the armband is doing him no favours

  86. leon

    i feel there is some truth in this because there is no dought cesc if forstrated that the club has won anything but i have nodought that he is 100% behind the manger and loves the club,at this point i feel wenger only needs to buy,i do feel that central defence will be alot more solid and i also have no dought thay wenger will beable to fing solid midfielder for good price there huge amount players wenger get in europe. so far no club has made decent bid ade if they did i feel; there is no dought wenger would take it,ade has talnent but it tand if get takes alot more than to be great player players giggs and svcholes but him to shame,i just wenger had enough of ade and if a club comes with good bid he is gone, i hope he leaves had enough of him

  87. Gunnershabz

    at the moment, i just think fabregas interview has been taken out of context here

    simone perotta of roma is available, he is experienced cheap and a wenger signing

  88. Lewyd24


    CEsc is the captain of our beloved Arsenal. To come out & make the comments he did is going to change nothing. All it creates is doubt in supporters mind that he wants to leave & Arsenal is an unhappy place to be. Obvoiusly Im upset Arsenal have not won anything for 5 years but there is no guarantee that the next club he goes to will win aything either.

    Oh and as for your comment ‘RETARD”, thats classy.

  89. Steve

    rob, Farbegas rarely looks that good when he plays for Spain and he is playing alongside the best midfield in the world. He had 1 very good game at the euro’s.

  90. Helsinki Gooner

    Steve- the thing is, no-one really knows what the question was, except possibly some sun hack, but then i just read it was all a translation by a spanish paper…but i get ur pt.

    Choy – can’t believe the usa beat them(esp being a cdn, and always seeing the yanks win things)…but i have to say they were full merit for the victory.

  91. Arsenal Tom

    KM, thing with proper wingers is they are limited… stewart downing is a ‘proper’ winger in his style and he’s useless!

    we need a mix of winger/playmaker… basically we need another freddy and another pires!

  92. rob green

    He is 22 and needs to play along side experienced players. He will leave if this carries on then Denison will be his replacement!! You will be moaning then!! 😀

    We all loved him last season

  93. Dan

    I’m off! I’m going to fall into depression if I keep on with this. Hope you all have a good day. Somehow doubt it though

  94. el tel

    Your right Geoff, nobody outside the first division will want Song.

    I won’t be two faced and say bad things about Cesc because he would be in my all time greats but we are ARSENAL. Cescs position can be covered without a replacement and the money/swap could be an advantage in areas where we are weak.

    I don’t get so angry about the players leaving in the Wenger years as even though they are technically superior players I don’t warm to them as much as I did in the old days with the Charlies, Frankies,Chippys and Rockys etc of old.

  95. Geoff

    I have said for two seasons that Cesc has no one remotely decent to play alongside him and that has been since Flamini and Gilberto went.

    All the Arsene lovers that frequent this site give me shit all the time and say I’m a **** or a ******** hater, I’m not, I just say they aren’t good enough, now it appears Cesc is saying it, Wenger you need to listen.

    And where are all the AKB’s today conspicuous by their absence!

  96. Davi

    Cesc gets Wayy too much support. Why is everyone making excuses for him?
    Song looked great playing with denilson or cesc, who was clearly very off-form.
    If he needs to be playing with flamini because theyr mates or something, doesnt that suggest something about his attitude?

    What with hleb leaving as well as flamini, it is my opinion now that we’d need someone of essien’s quality to make our team look completely solid again, largely because of fabregas’ weaknesses. I dont know about you but I dont know of anyone in world football as good as essien in the role he plays. Maybe mascherano, either way theyr unattainable players.
    It’s just the way the team has evolved. Before there were hleb and rosicky, now there’s theo and arshavin. Therefore the CM needs to be A LOT stronger defensively – one of these things has to change.

    To take over, I was hoping ramsey would step in, but hes not ready yet. Theres nasri, (diaby) and merida who have amazing quality as well, but it would probably be song and denilson in the middle for a while at least, unless someone is signed. I’d be quite happy with that personally

  97. Rohan

    if we give someone else the armband then he’ll most definitely leave but imo cesc is a player who will never be at his best in the premier league..the fact that we need a purely defens minded player next to him takes a lot form our options..imo we should have 2 CM’s who equally shoulder the responsibility much like vieira and petit

  98. kenny smith

    well the spirit in spains dressing room that fabregas was talking about was certainly evident last night when they were pumped by USA wasnt it?

    If cesc did say all those things he has just totally contradicted himself in his last denyal that he was off to madrid…. anyone remember him saying oh you have to be careful what you say to the media so you dont fall into the trap???

    This whole Cesc business is getting out of control now with the media… there has been a fresh rumour with fresh qoutes from him nearly every single week from the start of the year. He is talked about more than Ronaldo was!!!

    Someone needs to do something!

  99. KM in WALES

    EL TEL – agree with u.xavi hardly ever passes to cesc. Also xavi was always passing to Villa.every corner xavi & villa were involved.the missing ingredient y’day was Iniesta – he can open defenses with his magic. However u cant diss the US. ARINDAM – true Alonso ain’t the answer & i fear that Melo aint the answer either because he is slow as well. We need a flamini/essien type of DM and at present i cannot spot one bar Owen Hargreaves(who is a no-no)or….Scott Parker(injury prone)

  100. rob green

    I cant believe a lot of people are having a pop at fagregas. Some people are fans are so fickle. The guy is 22, been made captain, playing along side a lot of crap

  101. goonermichael

    Everyone including all of us on this blog intepret his words to suit our own agenda. whether it’s arsenal bashing (the press) because song is shit (most of this blog) Arsene doesn’t spend money, the stadium, dien etc etc.