Arsenal are impotent and the lack of titles is what angers me the most.

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No it wasn’t me that said that, it was Cesc, well allegedly anyway, it’s going down as a direct quote on Sky TV, he also apparently said that although his family are Catalans they love him and would support him if he decided to go to Real Madrid.

Then he said Ronaldo was leaving the Mancs because he had nothing else to win, me he said, I’m the opposite.

Well before anyone gets bent out of shape and says what he did or what he didn’t say, indulge me, lets say that he did say it, I will write this post based on that, if he didn’t, forget I wrote this, if you can’t handle my post, please leave now and go immediately to as they will have nothing on the story on there. Can you handle the truth? Well can you?

Yes I know that was from a film but it sounded good, I hope you agree.

I have always defended Cesc and have often said, what more does he need to do to prove that he loves Arsenal and he’s going nowhere? I decided to comment this time, as this time it sounds to me that maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it.

First of all I have to say if he did say it, I agree with everything that he has said, he must be as frustrated as I am, watching us play knowing we’ll win nothing because the manager or the board or god or whoever refuses to spend any proper money, it must really piss him off, playing in a side with certain players that clearly aren’t good enough, boy it must be really irritating, he can’t name names obviously but if the powers that be take no notice of this outburst then more fool them.

Cesc, believe me my friend, I get more pissed off watching them, than you do playing with them, but sometimes I feel it’s only me that complains, so if you really said this, thank you, perhaps this time he’ll listen.

He is one of the worlds best players, if you don’t give him, Robin and Arshavin what they want, they will leave. And then what, do we think players like to play in a team that wins nothing, do you think they will sacrifice their careers to be part of project youth?

How can he leave you may ask, he has a 3000 year contract? Well Wenger lets anyone leave that asks, he says things like ‘When a player wants to leave, you have to respect that decision’ I give you Henry, Campbell, Hleb, Muamba, Bentley and Anelka as prime examples, and please don’t tell me that Bentley was a muppet and Muamba was shit, because that’s not my point.

He also says there is not the cameraderie in the Arsenal changing room as there is in the Spanish one, I’m not sure I believe that as Arshavin said this week it was great.

However the end game of the statement is spot on, we need to spend some serious money on a world class centre back and a defensive midfielder, Vermaelen looks good, but he’s not the Sol Campbell type we need, so Arsene, you have time, make Cesc happy, make us happy, all he’s saying is what we’ve been telling you all sason, we need a couple of world class players because the midfield enforcers we have are just not good enough and nor are the centre backs, listen to what we’re all saying, it’s not too late.

If we don’t have the money then sell Adebayor and use that, sell the fringe players, if Rosicky and Eduardo will be like new signings, then sell some others that we know will never make it, if Cesc still isn’t happy then sell him too, but replace him with quality not another kid with potential, we have all had enough, and so it seems has Cesc.

That’s it, if Cesc didn’t say it just take the appropriate bits out and leave the rest in. I meant it.

This is ARSENAL FC, not Arsene-al FC and not Cesc-en-al FC, this club will be around longer than all of us and for as long as I’m around I’ll be a fan, so please whoever makes those decisions, please spend some money and start acting like a club that is one of the worlds biggest, not one of the smallest.

Have a great day Grovers, let’s see who cracks first!

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  1. ReVELAtion

    2 out (of note) Toure and Adebayor

    + Senderos, Silvestre, Traore, Randall, Simspon, Barazite & Gilbert

    1 in : De Rossi (I Wish)

    + Clement Chantome, Cana or Inler otherwise…

  2. SUGA3

    sorry, Reggie, OM is pants – why would we cherrypick fringe players from other Top4 clubs? Peanuthead defo does it for me for about a decade…

    we need leaders, Vermaelen is a step in the right direction, Cana would be a great buy: like I said 2 captains in one go…

  3. Myy


  4. ReVELAtion

    I didn’t, but that really isn’t important! My Heart goe out to his family and children especially…

    On another note…

    The 02 Centre are fucked, those refunds..ouch.!

    And for those who shelled out thousands on ebay and whatnot… I feel for ya…

  5. Stu

    How does someone in his position just die from a heart attack. Surely he should have had medical attention if he was a all sick.

    Thats a massive shock. Totally unexpected.

  6. ReVELAtion

    it is still unconfirmed however…

    i bet those who bought tickets off of people on ebay etc and bricking it and at the same time smashing their house up!

  7. Paulinho

    I just can’t, I just can’t, I just can’t….find confirmation of this.

    If he had cardiac arrest, he’s pretty much guaranteed to have died, the vast majority do.

  8. Stu

    Nah Reggie, i’d rather Cana that Mikel. Mikel is too slow imo and aint great at a lot. Good passer but so what.
    Cana is a beast who would protect those around him.

  9. ReVELAtion

    sorry stu, a bit bad taste i know.. But best to get it in early before everyone else regurgitates it…

    In fact, that a ReVELAtion patent…

  10. SUGA3

    Cana may be untried in the prem but he is a proper hardman, he will manage here…

    Obi Mikel is a squad player at this level, nothing more, imo…

  11. ReVELAtion

    What a day… More Fabregas bullox, arsenal fans whinging/freaking out, working in the sun all day, followed by farrah fawcett and now mj deaths… … I need a lie down…

    night all…

  12. Stu

    No way Pat, its gotta be Cana all the way. He is better, older, more of a beast, more loyal, a nutter and plays for a lesser country so would be away less.

  13. SUGA3

    Pat, if you think about it: Melo plays in Serie A, which is slow paced and generally different to Prem…

    think about Players from both Serie A and Ligue 1 who were successful there and in England – I think players suited to Serie A can’t cut it here, Ligue 1 is more similar to Prem, IMO…

  14. Stu

    LOL As it turns out Melo is actually older than Cana by a month. I would have thought Cana was much older. Weird!

    I’d still rather Cana tho.

  15. ethangunner

    gee only last week i told my Micheal Jackson God joke .. 7 days later he’s dead …

    hmmmmmm do you know any good jokes about ade πŸ™‚ ?

  16. ethangunner

    thai tv is a classic … they talk 20 minutes about a panda in a zoo , 30 seconds about Micheal Jackson … and then another 10 minutes about an elephant ….

  17. ethangunner

    obi you must be american !

    devoid of any sense of humor what so ever ..
    every tragedy you guys blow out of proportion …

    he was mega rich and a kid molester !
    probably brought on by a drug induced heart attack !
    the only classless thing is you 4 admiring a kid rapist !

  18. Stu

    I dont really have an opinion on MJ simply because i never listened to his music or anything etc. But even i am shocked by his death, given his age. And he was a great “artist” or whatever they are called.

    But he did have his problems and such.

    But Ethan, what makes you s convinced he was erm…. into kids?

  19. ethangunner

    R.I.P my ass , the only people who can rest in peace NOW ! are the mothers and fathers of the kids he raped !

    obi , think about the big picture , your just a plastic fantastic ..

    he was as guilty as O.J , and was caught several times trying to bribe parents to keep things quiet …

    he had no long term women friends since brook sheilds in the 80’s , go figure !

    dont talk about me being classless !
    its like the pot calling the kettle black ..

    or white πŸ˜‰

  20. ethangunner

    the joke was , a kid goes up to his mom and asks if god is black or white ? the mom respnds by saying god is neither black nor white my child ..
    he is both …

    so the kid thinks a second and says is god a man or a woman .. and the mom says god is neither man or a woman my child ..
    he is both …

    so the kid says … oh is god micheal jackson ?

  21. ethangunner


    i used to like his music.. i bought thriller :), but i draw the line at child molesters …

    having 2 children of my own , it would be a parents worst nightmare .. how anyone can have pitty on a monster like that is as classless as the man himself ..

    more caught up and embroiled with his color and the tragedy than seeing him for the person he was ..

  22. Stu

    Well i can see your point for not liking him then.
    I wont say more than that because i dont really care about MJ in any way. Im sure he was a nice person (aside from the “rumours”).

  23. abdulhakim09

    Stu Says:
    June 25, 2009 at 23:46
    Bendtner will be distraught!


    Hope it will not become like Kurt Cobain when the fans attempt suicides to follow him to death which is pretty stupid imo. πŸ˜•

  24. ethangunner

    yes at least Kurt Cobain only hit pussy πŸ™‚
    and pussy that’s over 21 years old ..

    ive heard nothing official yet , but apparently he was kicking off a tour in London because he has a new album ? come back planned ?

    and had a fitness evaluation in march and he passed with flying colors ..prior to rehearsals

    it sounds like drug abuse if you ask me ..

    dont get me wrong its a shame from a musical standpoint , but its pretty hard to separate music from child sex offenders ..

    oh it wasnt rumors stu , he was a sicko ..
    he just had shite loads of money to cover it up .. even his family spoke out against him ..
    we was 50 and never had a lady friend …
    he never had a partner (other than bubbles )

    hmmmmmm nice name πŸ™‚

  25. David

    Sicko he was…Genius with his music.

    Which is why the world will forever Mourn his death

    I cant believe anyone doesnt know Mikes music…ROFL.

  26. Pat

    The team closest to Melo seem to be the Rossoneri, as yesterday it was reported that there was a meeting between the Milanese giants and the Viola.

    What happens with Flamini then?

  27. Dan

    Ethan unless you was there being shafted by him then how do you know? Was you close or is that just a judgement?

  28. patthegooner

    I know there was no conviction for Wacko, but I personally think there was some truth in it..

    Dont think he was a paedo in the Gary Glitter mode, but think he was a very troubled person that never really grew out of childhood so could not see what he was doing was wrong. Still Children were affected and that is the very sad part of it, and that is why I have no sympathy and will not mourn him despite liking some of his music.

    And there are still hundreds of tickets of Ebay, and unfortunately once again the touts are the winners. They will get their refund from the 02, yet the people that bought from them on Ebay are fucked….

  29. gazzap

    Michael Jackson did managed to whisper his final words to a paramedic before he died.

    ‘please… can you put me on the childrens ward?!’

    I hear his ashes are going to put into Etch-a-sketches

    So children can still play with him ……

  30. Faceman

    a lot of sick, the real sickos, are going to make millions from paper deals speaking bullshine about how jacko fiddled them now he is dead.

    they cannot get done for slander or libel.

    great money making venture…. we will truly never really know.

  31. stonroy

    Morning all. Jackson passing is sad, take him out of the picture for a second and just look at 3 of the most amazingly creative, groundbreaking albums ever. Yeah he’s a kiddie fucker, but I’m not concerned about him as much as what was some of my happiest days,my generations version of the Beatles

  32. Faceman

    how people can say good riddance is beyond me… the guy was a total living legend.

    the biggest living legend since elvis… thats a massive thing.

  33. Wonderboy

    I stole this…
    Apparently reports arnt true. He was found in a childrens ward this morning having a stroke!

  34. Wonderboy

    I stole this…
    Apparently reports arnt true. He was found in a childrens ward this morning having a stroke!

  35. redbearer

    Evening gents… does anyone know when this supposed board meeting is taking place this week to allegedly discuss the clubs financial status?