Rumours, gossip and transfer snippets!

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I love the summer… especially when I know the best manager in the world has a mini war chest at his disposal.

Too many party poopers frequent the net lambasting any transfer rumour as idle tittle tattle, or the work of evil hacks.

Hacks apparently split their time between torturing small puppies and devising the next best way to anger Arsenal fans.

Simon NoTW: Gerry, I think what you’re doing there is pretty out of order…

Jon Daily Mail: What, you think the washing up liquid in the eyes is over kill?

Simon NoTW: No Gerry, I mean the rumour you just put on newsnow… getting Arsenal fans hopes up over a Β£20million transfer is quite frankly disgusting… but the evilness is unparalleled… mwhahaha!

Personally, I love the roller coaster ride of the summer when we know there is a good chance that some of the players touted could be heading our way. Who knew about Felipe Melo before the hacks announced him on the scene? Not many I bet… I wonder how many people subsequently tuned into the Confederations cup to perform an armchair scouting report after? A fair few I reckon! I’m sure that is what football is all about… Idle gossip never killed anyone… well, maybe Dr David Kelly… but in the footballing sense… all I see it doing is enhancing the global brand of football.

For 2 months, it diverts our inward looking selves away from the Premiership and gives us a chance to survey what’s going on elsewhere in the world, it gives crap websites the chance to up their hit ratings and it give the Grovers plenty to chew over!

Transfer speculation is part and parcel of the modern game; if the internet was about way back when, I’m sure people would have enjoyed it just as much. All the people who can’t stand to read a bit of idle speculation and try to suck the joy out of everyone else’s summer by constantly moaning about it need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. Enjoying a rumour isn’t a sin… you’ve not been fooled if you get excited about a player joining… no one is laughing at you, I promise. If you still want to bury your head in the sand and base your whole summer around what are saying… enjoy yourself, I know I was desperate to find out what Nasri’s moment of the season was… Zzzzz!

Long live speculation, long live the 40 goal a season sensation from Mozambique and long live warm summer days stuck in an office clicking refresh on the newsnow feed!

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Duke

    I watched this cracking porno earlier, “Lesbian heat”. There were these 2 gorgeous lezzas in it, dripping wet and playing with each other under the hot sun, letting out loud orgasmic screams as they pounded against each other…

    … or “Wimbledon” as the BBC prefers to call it.

  2. Duke

    I met up with my internet friend yesterday.
    We were both disappointed when we realised we were both middle aged men, and not 10-year-old girls.

  3. Duke

    Teaching an English lesson, the teacher wrote on the board, fully aware of the grammar errors:

    “I ain’t had no fun in months”

    “Now, how should I correct this sentence.”

    “Get a new boyfriend,” said Little Johnny.

  4. Duke

    One for the road since you into jokes today:

    Was walking down the street yesterday and I saw a Newcastle United season ticket nailed to a tree. I couldn’t believe my luck and thought “I’m having that”
    You never know when you will need a nail.

  5. charybdis1966

    Talking of hypocritical, lying, classless cnuts I see the Chavs are going to appeal against Dogbreath-the-divers euro ban.! The slimey cheat said he would accept his punishment – obviously a use of the word β€œaccept” I was previously unaware of.

  6. SharkeySure

    Duke 14.22 (late I know, bin working !!)

    I’m not convincedthat the Alonso deal did break down over the supposed Β£2m. Pyles Malmer had a series of articlesthat suggested that Benitez blocked the deak at the last minute.

    Re transfer fees in or out…I’m not sure why anyone cares too much. Disclosed or not we know roughly what might have been paid.

    Apparetolyu we got Henry for nearer Β£8m than the accepted Β£11m, likewise I believe that AdeNuff was around Β£3m (he’d scored 1 in his last 25 when we signed him).

  7. Steve

    Cheers Stu.

    I’m going to Turkey in a couple of weeks. Fucking hate the Turks though which could be a problem.

  8. Steve

    Fucking missus’ fault. I made the mistake of telling her they aren’t in the eur so it’s a good time to go there if you don’t want to be fleeced and she booked it up the next day. She know I fucking hate them too.

  9. Nick

    she bad steve sack her…to be fair most like it out there just so fucking hot, northen cyprus was option. but 1st option was mexico thank fuck it was so dear or i would have booked and lost me doe fucking pigs

  10. North Bank Lew

    Le Chump Brown has been fined by the FA for bringing the game into disrepute…not before time.

  11. Arsenal Tom

    brown is such a fuck face cunt, cant believe they are going after owen, id rather than retire than play for them if i was him.

  12. Steve

    You have just reminded me of an old fave Tom…

    The dodo is dead
    Dodi is dead
    Di is dead and Dando is dead

    I bet dido is fucking shitting herself.

  13. Chipo

    I was meant to be going on holiday for 3weeks, but they have just extended my contract and now i only get 5 days! The bastards!

  14. Steve

    You’re better off being in employment in the current circumstances mate. Although, it is nice to have both I grant you πŸ™‚

  15. ethangunner


    wenger IMO currently (may be until the Q&A session) is/was more powerful than the board cos the board adored him to the point that he became a stronger figure than them. there is no way they would play him around with funds if he wanted them
    so thats why straight after the q&a,after being visibly pissed off , he went off to flirt with real madrid , because he has so much pull he is prepared to leave it all behind and start somewhere else ?.

    or that TA came out and said someone on the board hates him … or now he is coming out and saying we cannot match the buying power of the chev’s man U , or man shitty for that matter ..
    and never had 100 mil in the bank to spend yet didnt spend it …

    & what does being a strong figure have to do with club spending FFS ?(or lack of it)
    Th14 was one of the most renowned footballer’s
    in the world , but it doesnt make him our talent scout ?

    PHW came out several seasons ago and said wenger is a dream manager as he stays competitive , yet costs the management nothing each season in transfer kittys, often making a profit from the window..

    I dont know what more proof you really need ?
    -have we balanced the books each season ? YES
    -has wenger ever had a transfer kittty ? NO
    -has the board came out recently and said
    that 70 million is ‘still’ available to wenger ?NO

    wenger is the master of the smart buy , sure
    sagna -hleb eventually , nasri , rosicky if he wasnt injured .. Th14- Pv04 – Anelka etc ..

    but we never had money to buy a young messi – ronaldo – robinho . etc .. AA / wiltord is like the highest we have ever spent on a player under the wenger reign ..

    wenger isnt writing the cheques now is he ?we spent more on players back at highbury than he is now , what does that tell you ?

    we are 412 mil in debt what does that tell you?

    all roads lead to Rome my friend ..

    we are skint and the club (board ) choose to
    put the club debt repayments ahead of player acquisitions . NOT WENGER ..

  16. Franchise

    ethan repayments are Β£20m a year. we havent renegotiated anything yet. believe waht u want to believe.

    wenger flirting with madrid? ha ha

    did u fall for that one?

  17. Franchise

    ethan we are that much in debt because of a good investment called a stadium. the stadium added value to the club

    other clubs are in debt cos of worse reasons. valencia are about €300 – 400m in debt cos of player purchases over the years

    we are in very good financial standing even with our debt

    im off for now guys


  18. leon

    personaly i love the summer tranfer speculation and see how players are linked of course most players there are suited to for the club and and there price tag is far to high,i know wenger would never commout and admitt it i think he prefer to sell ade if he could he just cant keep his mouth shut,i know wenger said he wants keep all of his best players but deep down he must feel let down by ade he put alot faith in this player.but he is no position to hold the club to ransome at all we have somany players that can score.i like were the team is which is in great finicial position not like teams like manu who have tons of debt who had to sell rinando this team just needs amore established dm player and that all and with wenger he get one for decent price

  19. KM in WALES

    i’v been prowling man utd blogs and republik of mancunia is v.popular,however the avg.manc blogger is so daft its unbelievable.a Grovers football knowledge is 100 times better than a manc blogger.

  20. KM in WALES

    the manc blogs at present are based on potential targets like : benzema & aguerro and they’r consumed by their kit for nxt season (which is the same as last year hehe)also they believe l’pool are their most serious challengers nxt year…

  21. Nick

    think man poo could well be in trouble man shitty are looking more worrying then them no one wants to be ronaldo’s replacement so nani it could be πŸ˜†

  22. KM in WALES

    nick i read this mad story in a paper once abt this guy in IRAN frm a tribal belt was caught shagging a goat & was forced to marry the poor goat & pay the owners compensation!!!haha

  23. Pat

    “The really annoying thing about Adebayor is that he is a decent player and when he is fully focused, is an absolute handful and arguably one of the best strikers in the game. The problem is he knows it as well and subsequently his arrogance has seen his game go off the boil and Arsenal suffers as a consequence.”

    A bit random but true

  24. Pat

    I was wondering, how exactly are Manchester United gonna replace CR?haha

    Benzema and Ribery both want to go to Madrid and Madrid wants them, especially since Villa deal is off.

  25. SharkeySure

    Pat 17.20.

    You’re so right, and its a crying shame that AdeNuff is such a knobhead.

    I guess he’s just not smart enough to know his own limitations and stick to what he’s good at.

  26. Nick

    i really think manu could be the 1st big club to suffer with the spending they have committed over the last few years and the American take over.Couple that with Manchester as a place its hard to convince top players to go there with ronaldo not there rooney is the only star left.hahahahahahaha

  27. irishgunner

    I’d like Chelsea to fall apart first, then Manchester United, that’d be nice. Liverpool don’t count as long as raving Rafa is manager cos they aren’t going to win the league anyways with him.

  28. Pat

    If Ade does stay, we all have to get behind him though. None of that booing nonsense. Lets hope that he becomes the hard-working Ade he was before this season. He needs to stay in the middle, not on the wings. Notice most his goals 2 seasons ago were when he staying central.

  29. patthegooner

    Anyone listening to TalkShite this evening.

    The subject is can Arsenal win the League this season. Got to say Micky Quinn is a fucking penis. He could not be any more anti-Arsenal if he tried,

    Personally on that. If we buy Melo or an equivalent, and get rid of Ade and buy another Striker then yes I think we can at least challenge to win the league.

    Wenger is close again now, I hope he sorts those last two bits of business out and for the first time in a few, I will go into the season full of confidence.

  30. nishanth

    United will still be strong next season.Fergie will surely go out and buy some quality players.If they buy only valenica they will be fucked

  31. nishanth

    PTG if we get melo and get another quality striker and have a lil bit of luck with injuries i can see us winning the league by some 10 points

  32. patthegooner


    You are right, we will have to get behind him, however if he shows the same levels of laziness and attitude then likewise you cant blame gooners for booing him.

    I hope and pray he is not at the club, and the only reason that he will be will be that no one wants him, and sadly that will have been his own fault. And I do think that in the unfortunate event that he does stay, that he will have a blinding season. He will realise that he is not numero uno, that the fans dont like him, and that neither does anyone else in World Football, and he will want to rebuild that reputation.

    Despite that, I really cant stand the prick and would rather he left on a free transfer than see his lanky lazy arse in a red and white shirt again.

  33. ethangunner

    we are in that much debt ? 413 million
    because we bought a 300 million stadium ?

    we are the 3rd highest EPL club in debt with banks , yet we haevnt got the trophies or the success recently to show for it ..

    fran , say it any way you want it but this club
    is about money 1st and football 2nd …

  34. patthegooner

    This time last year, I worshipped Ade, thought he was an excellent player, who if he could sort out his tendancy to be offside would be truly World Class. He was saying all the right things, including coming out regularly on refuting the latest rumour in the Daily Mail.

    But then he mugged us off on SSN. That Press Conference that in itself showed the pure arrogance of the man. That mixed with demands to be paid on the same level as Henry and Etoo made my blood boil.

    I think Wenger underestimated the ill-feeling towards him, and that showed early season when he called it dissapointed love and that Ade was never close to leaving the club and never wanted to. Strange as he backtracked on those comments and admitted that what we saw with our own eyes was true. I still think now that in a world without fans, that Wenger would want to keep Ade at the club, but in the real world, he realises that it is bad juju to keep him. Ade has lost the fans, and I still cant ever see him winning them back, and at a time where the World was in financial meltdown, he rubbed our noses in 110k’s worth of unacceptable performances and attitude both on and off the field. He is a disgrace to himself and to Arsenal and there will be legends turning in their graves at his continued presence at the club we all love.

  35. Stu

    Those 2 contradictory interviews Ade gave last summer- i remember when they happened and everyone was talking about it and such. But i never actually say those interviews. I think i might have seen a clip on a link from here but i dont think i actually saw it…from the horses mouth ….as they say,

  36. Stu

    So…..whats the sca in the world of arsenal today. Any news? Good news i mean? Or even something interesting?

  37. Samir

    Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino has categorically denied saying that his team-mate and reported Arsenal target Felipe Melo will probably be ’sold’ this summer.

    British tabloid The Daily Mail latched onto quotes from the Italian press earlier this evening, but they were denied just an hour ago after Gilardino insisted that his comments were completely fabricated by Corriere dello Sport.

    β€œI didn’t issue any statement about Felipe [Melo]. From my part, this is totally wrong.”

  38. LAGooner1

    What do you guys think about playing Theo on the left rather than the right? Everytime I see him there, he seem to glide easily and seem to be in his elements. But on the right, snipets of him, yeah; bundles, nah!

  39. thaatarsenalguy

    i really think Theo needs a little bit of technical coaching on the dribbling side of things. he really does seem like a solid player, but too solid in my opinion almost robotic, this is stifling his ability.

    the good news is, this can be fixed . If he didnt have the ability then I’d be worried.

    I think the main thing he’s missing is arrogance

  40. Samir

    That means Ade won’t leave until after the Confed cup then.
    If we sell him now ou targets prices will go up.

  41. LAGooner1

    Most of his best goals have come from the left. 1 of them even featured in the 50 GGGs. I beleive that he can emulate Henry if allowed to operate from the left.

  42. Stu

    Are you facking serious? Manu Ade emulate the great Henry. Dont make me laugh!

    Especially on the left. Ade is absolutely shite on the wing. Unless he is in the very middle he is completely wasted.

  43. SharkeySure

    Pat – great video that.

    PatTG 17.57. Great post. Brought me back down to erath after getting all misty eyed watching his vid. Spot on with every point!!!

  44. Stu

    I wholeheartedly agree with you then. Not that Theo can be as good as Henry but that they can play the same role. Both on the left using their amazing pace etc. Theo isnt as physically dominant tho but thats not his fault.

    I always felt that Theo was unlucky to be joining the club when Wenger was moving away from counter attacking football to Wengerball.

    Theo would be great in a counterattacking system.

  45. Rosey

    Apologies for playing championship manager here, and maybe I’m putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5, but is it a coincidence that Adebarndoor is having an Ancelotti love-in at exactly the same time that Essien’s agent is saying that he could be tempted away from Chelski. If 2+2 = 5 then I for one am delighted to be poor at maths. This move would not be unprecedented, remember when we swapped Willy for a Cun*?
    Ade for Essien straight swap. Even if it’s not true, lets start the rumour here and hope it gathers pace.

  46. nishanth

    I don’t there is a more annoying rule in sports.How can a player get booked for celebrating?Fucking awful

  47. Stu

    Exactly nish, its like the powers that be ie uefa/fifa are saying “its fine to be happy, but you cant be too happy”.

  48. irishgunner

    USA 1-0

    Altidore scored – took it well, held off his man and smashed it, Casillas only got a hand to it and in it went.

    USA have been the better team

  49. Stu

    Of all the players that spain have i cant believe they dont have a better left back. I dont rate Capdevilla at all.

  50. Stu

    Yeah Nish, Albiol is quality too. Him and Pique for the WC next summer. I cant think of anyone else they could have in there. Maybe Marchena but he will be 30/31 by then. Too old for the national side?

  51. Stu

    Actually…come to think of it, USA have some quakity CBs too. Booth who is huge, Onyewyu(excuse the spelling), Bocenagra and DeMerit. All decent defenders.