Rumours, gossip and transfer snippets!

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I love the summer… especially when I know the best manager in the world has a mini war chest at his disposal.

Too many party poopers frequent the net lambasting any transfer rumour as idle tittle tattle, or the work of evil hacks.

Hacks apparently split their time between torturing small puppies and devising the next best way to anger Arsenal fans.

Simon NoTW: Gerry, I think what you’re doing there is pretty out of order…

Jon Daily Mail: What, you think the washing up liquid in the eyes is over kill?

Simon NoTW: No Gerry, I mean the rumour you just put on newsnow… getting Arsenal fans hopes up over a £20million transfer is quite frankly disgusting… but the evilness is unparalleled… mwhahaha!

Personally, I love the roller coaster ride of the summer when we know there is a good chance that some of the players touted could be heading our way. Who knew about Felipe Melo before the hacks announced him on the scene? Not many I bet… I wonder how many people subsequently tuned into the Confederations cup to perform an armchair scouting report after? A fair few I reckon! I’m sure that is what football is all about… Idle gossip never killed anyone… well, maybe Dr David Kelly… but in the footballing sense… all I see it doing is enhancing the global brand of football.

For 2 months, it diverts our inward looking selves away from the Premiership and gives us a chance to survey what’s going on elsewhere in the world, it gives crap websites the chance to up their hit ratings and it give the Grovers plenty to chew over!

Transfer speculation is part and parcel of the modern game; if the internet was about way back when, I’m sure people would have enjoyed it just as much. All the people who can’t stand to read a bit of idle speculation and try to suck the joy out of everyone else’s summer by constantly moaning about it need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. Enjoying a rumour isn’t a sin… you’ve not been fooled if you get excited about a player joining… no one is laughing at you, I promise. If you still want to bury your head in the sand and base your whole summer around what are saying… enjoy yourself, I know I was desperate to find out what Nasri’s moment of the season was… Zzzzz!

Long live speculation, long live the 40 goal a season sensation from Mozambique and long live warm summer days stuck in an office clicking refresh on the newsnow feed!

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Chipo

    Agreed Pedro- nowt wrong with a bit of summer scandal and gossip! Looks like we offering Ade to clubs now. Not a good sign. If we sold him to Hull for £5m i’d still be happy!

    He’s a poisonous presence at the club. In fact, just free transfer him that’ll do.

  2. Duke

    hahah Pedro, you like your rumours. I would like to stay away from it, but then it makes me feel less educated. Because now people know everything, and say I wouldn’t be on the web looking at all this bullshit, when people would say Melo to me, I would think they saying mellow.
    Ah I miss the good all days when you got rumours when it was almost 80% sure you will get the player. Internet ruined it though. But there is no going back, the world is moving in a new direction, like it or not. I don’t, but I am not going to go live in a cave 😀

  3. Arindam@KOL

    And btw , Melo = a stronger Denilson. Thats how I would put it.
    Not a massive improvement , imo. He may have looked good in the Serie A ; but its not the PL !

  4. Franchise

    a shark is a shark it doesnt matter if he is in a fish tank or in the sea

    Arindam shitier defensive midfielders than Melo play in the Prem. Playing in Serie A dont make a player shit

  5. Jay

    Hey Guys! I’m back.. Ped/Geoff

    It’s been hard to even gain proper net access on my world tour… but i did read the posts every coupel of days, just at over a Euro a minute, i couldnt affoard to be on the net too long LOL (what a ripoff)
    So i spent my euros elsewhere, like on booze…

    I visited the Emirates. It was magical… If i loved Arsenal before, I dont know what i feel towards them now after expereincing abit of the history and the stadium in person.

    Geoff i ended up eating and drinking at a pub with a silver sign..arrgh 4got, but i took a picture of inside it…nice people, we were watchin the facup (damn Chavs, but im glad they won as my mate didnt travel around the globe to see them loose lol)

    I almost missed my stadium tour as i didnt know there was a different train system (under and overground arrgh)got off at highbury and Islington station… which gave me a chance to walk down a path many have before..and see all the sights on the way..past the lord nelson, and onto the Emirates. Just as FYI, i visited stamford bridge, and bernebeau, and none have anything over our stadium, it is truly beautiful (however RM have a fantastic museum…and tour wow)

    Apart from tanning eating and burning Aussie dollars its back to reality, and back to watching the transfers – CB Verm was a good signing, lets continue it!!

  6. Franchise

    as long as he can use his tentacles. if Melo is an octopus Denilson and Song are snail and squid respeectively

  7. Arindam@KOL

    Franchise , what I meant by the Serie A was it its a lot slower than the PL , and the quality has also declined massively !!

    But thats not to say that there aren’t quality players there :

    Pato , Pirlo , Buffon , Trezeguet , De Rossi , Balotelli , Julio Cesar , Zlatan are top drawer , imo.

  8. Mayank

    “Nicklas has made big improvements since the start of the season. He has become an important player for this club,” Wenger said. “When Nicklas is really switched on and focused, he is a handful for any defence in the world.

    “He has shown that in the second part of the season. People forget how young he is, but I am sure he has won many people over in the second half of the season.” – Wenger

    Copying and pasting if fun…

  9. Mark C

    Hi Pedro – you are spot on.

    Transfers get people talking.

    Everyone has their opinion on who is good and who is not.

    No one actually knows what is going on but it is fun guessing.

    One year at work, we had a guess the transfer competition. We all had to say who would move, and which club they went to. I dont think anyone got it right.

    At the start of the Summer I would have said we would have signed Hangerland, and Alonso (well we can all dream). No way would I have got Vermalen

  10. Arindam@KOL

    Franchise , I hear great things about Hernanes (apparently he’s a more defence-minded Zidane ! :P). And Milan are sniffing.

    Brazil have talent aplenty for sure ; but their selection of the first XI has been dodgy for a long while.

    Miniero , Gilberto (the LB) , Baptista (failed here) -have all represented them regularly in the past . So , the notion of a Brazilian starter being good enough is misplaced , imo.

  11. Chipo

    I remember when we signed Sagna there was no warning, just one day BANG there he was with his silly hair and an arsenal shirt on.

    The rumour mill definitely didnt see that one coming!

    Wouldn’t mind another one like that today.

  12. ethangunner


    wenger is really beginning to take the piss. no one has asked him to spend £100m

    you dont get it do you ? it means wenger understands what the fans want him to do , and he also is sort of saying the figure it would take to compete with the chevs ..
    SO MEANING ‘he is aware ‘
    and he is not on some ‘project Frankenstein’
    thru preferential choice !

    wenger got 12.9 mil in prize money this season
    (before tax obviously ) and he has spend 11 million of it .

    id say that is all the prize money spent already ..we are now doing what geoff said , waiting for someone to be sold before he can tinker more with the club !!!

    i dont know what your on about really ???..
    he is not manager – chief accountant and head bottle washer !

    im just thankful he has finally came out and
    said what needed to be said , and here i was thinking id have to wait until his auto biography before i knew the truth !!!

  13. KM in WALES

    Good Morning all – De rossi got slaughtered by kaka in the brazil match 🙂 so i wouldnt want him (flamini hit him for 6 in THAT champions league match against milan)

  14. Franchise

    Arindam Brazil are not like England

    they have 20 good players for every position

    its a tradition they have to give call ups to any emerging players only the great ones lock a position down

    if Brazil were like ngland they would have begged Romario to go to the world cup in 2002

  15. Big Dave

    Cant be bothered with all the speculation about our club anymore over the years it the same ol rubbish, when a new player is announced on the website, then i will believe it otherwise it’s all crap.
    No point in going thru all these shite sites looking for gossip of some sort, who ever arrives great and who ever leaves us then fine, im chil ax about the whole thing.

  16. choy

    morning all…

    Hull City manager Phil Brown will today appear before an FA panel to face a charge of improper conduct following City’s FA Cup quarter-final defeat at Arsenal last season.

    An enraged Brown was critical of the officials following City’s controversial 2-1 defeat at the Emirates.

    The Tigers fell to an offside winner from William Gallas after Robin Van Persie had cancelled out Nick Barmby’s opener.

    The match became known as ‘spitgate’ following Brown’s allegations that Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas had spat at Tigers assistant boss Brian Horton in the tunnel afterwards.

    However, the Arsenal man was found to have no case to answer.

  17. wardo

    Morning all……

    Loving the optimism Pedro. Great post !!! altho, think you may have scared off DDM as he’s always banging on about us not signing anyone. I remember him stating almost daily that we would not sign Arshavin…….

    Anyway, rumours today are that Arsenal have offered Ade to AC and Inter Meeeeelan and that Arsenal will not sell to EPL rival i.e. Chavski

  18. Steve

    Anyone seen that Martin Samual article about Cesc???

    I hate the fat walrus cunt but it makes interesting reading.

  19. KM in WALES

    Arindam – Hernanes is a classy player.Milan want him as Pirlo’s replacement – he’s like a Alonso/Carrick type of player.would do well in Italy & Spain imo.

  20. ethangunner

    i do agree its an achievement to remain competitive whilst spending sweet fuck all ..

    he has got a point !.. and now you know FOR REAL he has never , i repeat NEVER got a transfer kitty so from that standpoint he has done wonders ..

    but its not enough if you want to reflect back to the days of the invincibles .
    and thats what we are comparing it too !

    and again ill say it short term , and possibly long term this stadium has killed us …

  21. Dan

    chipo someones gotta put in a title challenge otherwise cartman will just keep running away with it. Im like arsenal if i really knuckle down the title will be mine 🙂 lol

  22. Franchise

    ethan he hasnt said anything different to what he has been saying for years now

    in the past he used to say

    ‘I cant compete with the others in spending’

    now he is saying

    ‘i’ve not got £100m to spend’

    untuil he says i only have £15m or less to spend a season and i have to sell to buy then its a different song

    saying i dont have £100m doesnt stop him from having £99.9m

    it was 100% his decision not to replace flamini and for buying silvestre.

  23. Robby

    Ade please go..u don’t even know offside rule..u can’t be compare to TH14, henry is the king, Ade is offside king

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Dan/chippo I think Rico1 holds the record for most continual 1st posts 😉 She had about 8 in a row there @ one stage.

  25. ethangunner

    lets see if the board come out and say wenger has plenty to spend now then EH !!???

    wenger hasnt spent anything since last they said it .. so by rights the money should be still there then Eh ?

    i wouldnt hold my fuckin breath ..

  26. KM in WALES

    gnarley – gilberto is what they experienced DM who will sit just in front of the defence while the other DM goes in for the nasty tackles etc.i think denilson is v.much like gilberto. Arindam – ??

  27. ethangunner


    he is saying he cannot believe people think ive got 100 million to spend and im not spending it !!

    id say that is 100% different compared to what people were saying of wenger prior to the Q& A !!!

    people were directly blaming him for not SPENDING!

  28. Chipo

    Yep Dan, and CArtman is like Man U- always winning and pissing off everyone else.

    Pedro’s articles are like West Ham- pleasing on the eye but never really going anywhere! hehe only kidding

    It could be worse though.. Geoff’s articles are like Hull- always moaning!! 🙂

  29. KM in WALES

    lol Dan 🙂 i dnt buy these Ade transfer rumours anymore. I’l only take notice when i see him wearing another teams jersey

  30. ethangunner,19528,11670_5398391,00.html


    “I’m fed up with people who think I have £100million in the bank yet don’t want to spend it,” he told the club’s official magazine.

    “How can people think that?

    100 million is what we estimate he has from all the boards 70 million hear say …

    i knew we were skint the whole time .
    and tried to break it down for lay-men to understand .

    judgment day ..

  31. Franchise

    yes keyser we were blaming him cos he refused to replace key players. As tight as u might believe the board are i doubt they would have prevented wenger from spending money on his targets who normally cost £15m or less.

    Would the board risk a top 4 position cos wenger asked for £16m for xabi alonso? its stupid and i doubt they are stupid

  32. Arsenal Tom

    Steve…all seemed like a lot of nothing to me mate…. although i did hear once that wenger planned to build his team around nasri as he rates him so highly.

    with ade going this summer i cant see cesc going as well… that would be awful for us a club claiming to be title contenders

  33. Big Raddy


    Note the dig about our questionable economic situation !!

  34. Arsenal Tom

    wenger saying about the 100m is him saying that board fucked him over when they talked about spending 30m on a player or having 70m cash in the bank cos it wasnt actually available to him

  35. Duke

    Verma – 10
    Cana – 15
    Inler – 10
    some kids – 5

    Ade out – 25

    Well Wenger mate 15 mil is not the same as 100, and that would fix our team. And I am not mentioning that you can sell Eboue, Toure, Song, Denilson, Diaby.

  36. Arindam@KOL

    The Chamakh guy will get on our nerves pretty soon. Outrageous turns ,scorching pace , good ball control but not calm infront of goal. He’s far worse than Ade as a finisher. Damn !

  37. Franchise

    Ethan who do u think does the internal valuation of targets?

    IMO its wenger. Wenger is the one that decides what the maximum bid for a target should be.

    HillWood doesnt have the nous to value players. Wenger refused to sign Alonso for £16m cos he valued him less. He chose to stick with Denilsong and make cheeky bids for 3 targets on deadline day?

    It all points to Wenger at the end of the day.

  38. Steve

    Tom, I must admit that I wouldn’t be entirely devastated as long as the money went on rebuilding the team. He is an excellent player of course, but he doesn’t have the same value to us as the likes of Gerard for Liverpool or Lumplard for Chelsea.

  39. Mayank

    Fab will not leave as:
    1.The team has been built around Fab
    2.Xavi and Iniesta are much better
    3.Wenger cannot afford a major sale after this season esp
    4.Fab has said it numerous times
    5.i’m telling you

  40. Mark C


    Wenger has said he is in the market to buy players.

    Why would he come out and say he has got loads of cash, the clubs he was dealing with would just ask for more for their players.

    If Wenger wanted cash, he would have gone to Madrid. They have spent over 120 mill, and there are probably a few more big names to join in the coming moths there.

    Wenger loves playing mind games.

    He also said he wants to keep the same squad together. Again this is a ploy. He wants to sell Adebayor, but why state this, let the buying club make the running, and put in a higher offer.

  41. gambon

    Ethan, why is Wenger only allowed to spend the prize money?? That money is irrelevant when the club are poised to announce football turnover of £230m for June-May2009.

    Anyone else think Man City coulod be dangerous in the next few seasons, bringing in a lot of players.

  42. Steve

    Duke, so you’d be happy to start the season with Bendtner leading the line with Eduardo who can’t guarantee his fitness.

    We need a target man and that lazy fucker is the only one we have that will score goals. I can’t stand the prick but if we do sell him we’d have to replace him with a big target man.

    There aren’t too many good ones about.

  43. Bergy

    Geesh can someone tells arsene we dont need 100m of new players.we just want 2 or 3 quality ones.and that wont cost 100m.think this season might be closer for 4th place

  44. Steve

    Mark, he has also said countless times before that he is in the market for new players and not actually bought anyone.

  45. Franchise

    gambon it might take sometime IMO a top manager is the missing bit of the puzzle. Its good for competition though. I hope we arent the ones to suffer as a result of ManCity’s emergence

  46. Arsenal Tom

    Steve, i had the same kinda thoughts… if he moved nasri CM permanently with a proper DM and spent the money on a winger or 2 or winger and a CF then it wouldn’t be the end of the world. i think cesc knows that he wouldn’t get in the barca team at the moment though so he isnt that fussed

  47. KM in WALES

    Arindam – i like everything u said abt CHAMAKH except the finishing 🙂 Anyone here seen Gokhan Inler play?what sort of DM is he? And how has he been this year?i heard we nearly had him last year – what exactly happened?

  48. Arsenal Tom

    and that samual fella managed to completely forget the fact that cesc said he had been misquoted the day after those first guardiola quotes came out

  49. Arindam@KOL

    Man City can actually boast of a collection of strikers next season :
    Robinho , Tevez , Santa Cruz , Eto’ – that wd be the best in the PL , imo.

  50. kirby

    agreed pedro i was scouting melo.
    I have been on a few blog sites but only a few. especially one has bloggers who would like us to not sign anyone and they believe we have the perfect squad already and that if you dont agree your a spud.

  51. ethangunner


    Wenger has said he is in the market to buy players.

    Why would he come out and say he has got loads of cash, the clubs he was dealing with would just ask for more for their players.
    if he says he is skint he is doing the club ( our club) no favors ..

    what he is saying is FANS dont be disappointed i didnt buy any big names …

    man Shitty will be in direct competition with us for any signings we make this season so why shoot yourself in the foot by pleading poverty .

    it doesnt do the club any favors !

    all it says to other clubs is come and hi-jack our transfers in the last 24 hours why dont you by bidding 1 or 2 million more !

  52. Mayank

    Umm i don’t get these continuous digs on dudu’s fitness… he’s not RvP he had a horrific injury and is lucky to be playing the niggles are a part of coming back after months w/o football… they’ll go away eventually during a full pre-season..

  53. Franchise

    Selling Cesc is just wrong. the guy is one of our most senior players.

    we are one of the few clubs in the world that makes good profit. Why should we have to sell our best players?

  54. Duke

    Steve, I don’t agree, I would be more than happy to have RvP, Eddy, Bendy, Theo, Vela, Arshavin as our strikers, attacking players. I hate that we turned to a big target man style. It was never Wenger’s style. The problem is everyone started asking for a plan B when we couldn’t break teams down. Ade stepped up, but soon our plan B became our plan A and I hate it.

  55. Franchise

    Ethan we dont want big names. Only a few players are truly worth their valuation in economic sense. on a footballing level too only a few are worth what u pay for? if a player has a resale value due to how young they are then they might be worth the risk

  56. Arindam@KOL

    Steve , 1 is almost on his way and the other is a money-grabbing twat (far worse than Ade , the fact that he is perhaps the best CF in the world also helps .

  57. Arsenal Tom


    “Ade stepped up, but soon our plan B became our plan A and I hate it.”

    well said mate, i agree 100%

  58. Mayank

    The article is baseless as it is based on misquotes by another baseless article… can’t remember the no. of times cesc has had to say this… I’m sure when he leaves it will be amicable…

  59. Big Raddy

    Agree Duke. MU don’t play with a target striker, and it has done them no harm. I much prefer the idea of having NB on the bench as a PLan B, and playing with pace … AA, RvP, Eduardo + Theo

  60. Steve

    Duke, I do agree to some extent but do you also want to be trying to play through the middle of teams that just want to defend again?

    That was some of the most frustrating football i’ve experienced. Ade gave us that option of getting the ball in early.

    Remember all those 0-0’s when he didn’t play last season? What a tiring and frustrating pile of shit that was.

  61. Mayank

    Duke, so you’d be happy to start the season with Bendtner leading the line with Eduardo who can’t guarantee his fitness.

    Who can guarantee their fitness for that matter… and if this was the case we shoulda sold him the day he got injured since he can never guarantee it…

  62. Arindam@KOL

    Raddy , thats a misconception , what was Ronaldo’s main/primary position ? Hope you didnt get fooled by the few times he appeared on the wings trying in vain to take on his man.

  63. gambon

    Wenger talks to us fans like we’re retarded kids.

    As has been said no-one wants us to spend 100m, i would like to see us sign Zapata, Vermaelen, Melo & Affelay for £50m whilst selling Adebayor, Toure, Silvestre, Senderos & Diaby for £40m

    A whopping £10m spent….Hull will likely spend as much as that this season.

  64. Franchise

    with the way teams set up against us in the prem im afraid we need a big(ish) target man. ManU are a counter attacking team that can also pass the ball around. their attacking moves are very quick and direct. Unless we change the way we play then we need a forward player stronger and quicker than eduardo

  65. dennisdamenace

    GG9 – Gilberto was moved on so we could all appreciate the talents that are Denilsong, happy fucking days!

  66. KM in WALES

    Arindam – agreed that would a gr8 strikeforce.Robhinio looks so good playing with the Brazil team & nxt season with a stronger team they’l do v.well.they should be challenging for 5th.

  67. Man

    WE PAID £8.4M FOR TV NOT £10 OR £11M
    WE PAID £8.4M FOR TV NOT £10 OR £11M
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    WE PAID £8.4M FOR TV NOT £10 OR £11M

    Its official…on the Ajax website!!!

  68. Arsenal Tom

    all wenger did by talking about the 100m is basically say…

    ‘forget what the board said, i could never spend 30m on 1 player and if i did that would be the only signing of the whole year, and forget the bullshit about having 70m in the bank that was never for transfers’

    and he’s trying to lower the price of all our remaining targets

  69. Mark C

    Steve, we bought Vermaelen.

    Ethan is always on about Arsenal being skint, or broke, or having no money, and it is all a sham.

    I dont get that one bit.

    We have money – Wenger wont go out there and spend it.

    He is too worried about spending over the odds.

    By what does that actually mean?

    Can you REALLY value a player?

    If you spend an extra few mill on a player and the team wins the league was it justified. If we bought second rate players, and finished fourth, was Silvestre worth the 1 or 2 mill we paid for him?

    Surely spending the extra 1 or 2 mill on Alosno last season would have been better value.

    What do I know !!!

  70. Duke

    Steve, but once again, Ade won’t like sitting on the bench being plan B and playing against the Bolton’s and Blackburn’s of this world. Benddy wouldn’t mind though, and he can be our plan B like Big Raddy mentioned 😀

  71. Steve

    Mayank, that’s hardly “countinuous digs on dudu’s fitness”. The fact is that when players have serious injury they will often get niggles afterwards for some time. Expecting these to disappear in close season is probably a bit of Osterich syndrome.

    Of course nobody can guarantee they are going to be fit all season but we are obviously going to have more doubts about the likes of Eddie due to the nature of his injury.

  72. Geoff

    Morning all, Jay I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!

    I am a little surprised that Wenger spent so much on Vermaelen though, I like the look of him mind, I’m just surprised thats all.

  73. Arindam@KOL

    KM , hope its not us challenging for 5th !
    We need to find a proper partner for Cesc .
    Flog off Ade to Milan and get Flamoney + 10.

    Great business , imo.

  74. Mayank

    Yes there are ways to value a player by knowing the values of player similar to him, his marketability, etc.
    There are many variables but both teams have many people to compute it.

  75. Big Raddy

    I have never seen Martin Samuels but he writes great articles.

    Steve, we hadn’t signed AA during those blank games, Dudu was out, and I seem to recall Theo was injured as well.

  76. KM in WALES

    gambon – wenger wnt sell Diaby….there’s something bordering on homosexual between these 2 🙂 however we wnt get affellay (although he’s v.good,wenger likes hazard) this summer.because we have nasri & walcott.

  77. gazzap

    Dont know if anyone has watched Sweden Under 21’s yet but Marcus Berg looks the next big thing. Ajax have offered £9m for him already.
    I reckon he will sell for at least twice that in 2 years time. very clinical finisher and can handle himself. While he is young, he is just the sort of player wenger would normally buy. But I dont think wenger will be interested this summer. I get the feeling something has shifted with wenger, and he is really looking for experienced players for next season. probably no bad thing, but Berg will be a top player in time.

  78. Steve

    So if we don’t sign anyone else and nobody goes what’ll be our starting XI for next season (assuming Rosicky is fit)???

  79. Mayank

    Steve i wasn’t talking about you specifically just that people bring this up a lot. Moreover the niggles are a result of not playing for a long time and not the injury itself. They normally don’t sustain for long once regular football is resumed. It was a horrific injury but not a complicated one, a broken bone can be fixed.

  80. Geoff

    KM he’ll wait until their value goes up, then say we can’t afford them, like always, he could’ve had Melo last season for €6.7mil

  81. Franchise

    Theo moving centrally is an option but i dont see being a threat against teams that dont give him roo ‘behind’

    wenger chose to play him wide to improve his dribbling and link up play. its still a work in progress. We should try score early goals to force teams to have a go at us: in such a scenario u can move theo more centrally

  82. Arindam@KOL

    Franchise , it is getting more obvious by the day that Ade wont stay (although , I wd have preferred it ).

    The Bordeaux chairman even said something like Adebayor’s money wont be enough to get Chamakh. Which was pretty telling. It seems that its a well known fact in the fottballing circles.

  83. Bergy

    Ade is a cunt.its doesnt matter what he brings 2 the team.nb can and wil be better.ade have shown a real lack of respect to the mates ,the club and us the fans.I realy dislike him.even togo are having problems with him.the sooner he leaves,the better for us all

  84. Steve

    Mayank, i broke my tib and fib in my early 20’s and still get problems now associated with it. Obviously I didn’t receive the kind of expertise in rehab as Dudu did but even so it can cause him problems for the rest of his days.