Rumours, gossip and transfer snippets!

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I love the summer… especially when I know the best manager in the world has a mini war chest at his disposal.

Too many party poopers frequent the net lambasting any transfer rumour as idle tittle tattle, or the work of evil hacks.

Hacks apparently split their time between torturing small puppies and devising the next best way to anger Arsenal fans.

Simon NoTW: Gerry, I think what you’re doing there is pretty out of order…

Jon Daily Mail: What, you think the washing up liquid in the eyes is over kill?

Simon NoTW: No Gerry, I mean the rumour you just put on newsnow… getting Arsenal fans hopes up over a £20million transfer is quite frankly disgusting… but the evilness is unparalleled… mwhahaha!

Personally, I love the roller coaster ride of the summer when we know there is a good chance that some of the players touted could be heading our way. Who knew about Felipe Melo before the hacks announced him on the scene? Not many I bet… I wonder how many people subsequently tuned into the Confederations cup to perform an armchair scouting report after? A fair few I reckon! I’m sure that is what football is all about… Idle gossip never killed anyone… well, maybe Dr David Kelly… but in the footballing sense… all I see it doing is enhancing the global brand of football.

For 2 months, it diverts our inward looking selves away from the Premiership and gives us a chance to survey what’s going on elsewhere in the world, it gives crap websites the chance to up their hit ratings and it give the Grovers plenty to chew over!

Transfer speculation is part and parcel of the modern game; if the internet was about way back when, I’m sure people would have enjoyed it just as much. All the people who can’t stand to read a bit of idle speculation and try to suck the joy out of everyone else’s summer by constantly moaning about it need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. Enjoying a rumour isn’t a sin… you’ve not been fooled if you get excited about a player joining… no one is laughing at you, I promise. If you still want to bury your head in the sand and base your whole summer around what are saying… enjoy yourself, I know I was desperate to find out what Nasri’s moment of the season was… Zzzzz!

Long live speculation, long live the 40 goal a season sensation from Mozambique and long live warm summer days stuck in an office clicking refresh on the newsnow feed!

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Pat

    Didn’t Iniesta have some sort of condition? I thik I read something that explained why he was so white. Not sure though.

  2. Stu

    Thats interesting stuff. But if he has an albino type condition then why aint his hair white too? Anyway…nevermind….

  3. Stu

    It would be a tad bit greedy, even for Ade, to try get 2 pay increases in 2 years so im going to assume that his agent is telling the truth.

  4. irishgunner

    It might be a symptom of the albino condition as opposed to actually having the albino condition. It is very white but not ghostly white.

  5. Stu

    Im hoping its some shite team in the middle of nowhere tat has suddenly come into lots of money and see him as the solution to all their problems.

  6. Samir

    Great ball by fabregas there. Not so good diving by Xavi… Im sure he could have got that has he tried to get it…

  7. Paulinho

    Ramos is such an overrated player. He’s not even that good going forward. Completely incapable of playing a cute or subtle pass.

  8. Stu

    It seems that Spain are playing with Alonso as the defensive midfielder. He aint one, simple as that! The proof is in the pudding!

  9. rku

    ..damn…thick americuns..playin sockur with the big boys; reports are that Spain were “tired” from the long season…that the americuns were “in the midst of the MLS (yikes!) season”, so in better shape; that Spain was the better team; that the americuns are divers (this from a team in Europe?)…next everyone will attribute the victory to luck and call it a “one off” or some such nonsense..

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    By the way, has anyone noticed how the flow of top class players to Chelsea is drying up. No one seems to what to go there anymore. They are struggling to entice signings to fickled Russian experiment.

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    The future of Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has been thrown into fresh doubt after his agent claimed a ”very important team” has made contact about the Togo striker.

    I know this statement is a bit old now, but, ethan, this time he is going IMO.

  12. Stu

    Rotation PDT, rotation is the key.

    Keep the same players centrally, the spine, and rotate around them. Have Fabregas and Melo (if the dm is to be him) starting most games and just use Nasri, Rosicky, Theo as the other midfielders.

  13. ethangunner


    your kidding right ?
    i liked you better when you were sack wenger 🙂

    we have added 1 more 23 year old CD since the hideous season we’ve had since last year , everyone is on break playing internationally in another setup up , our good players are going to come back fatigued and our shit players have gotten fat with no football ..

    what exactly is going to change in the last 30 days ?… ???

    it takes years for a 1st class footballer to
    take the step from average to greatness , TH14 did it .. overmars .. and i cant think of a single one in our current squad who has …

    please FFS what are you looking forward too ?

  14. Stu

    Ethan, i think the prospect of having an actual defender back there and the possibility of an international class DM coming in has gotten everyone excited about next season. A few more transfers and i will be on that bandwagon too.

  15. ethangunner


    sell ade and replace him with an international class ‘proven striker’ and ill join you also on that band wagon .. i still dont think we can compete against certain teams in the EPL but id be far more happier than last season i can tell you that with assurance .

    but i think nasri will be our DM next season . ..
    the thing about arsenal . com is 99% of the time its BS reading… but it is also a vehicle for wenger to get his message across from time to time , thats why i dont 100% count out not reading it .

    and nasri coming out on the 2nd of june just shows me has already got his starting 11 for next season penciled out .

  16. ethangunner

    and why i feel so strongly about it is , firstly nasri point blank said he will take over DM next season … obvious ..

    but 2ndly we have denilson and song who dont appear to be going anywhere .. so now you have your 1st choice and backup …

    position filled IMO, im sure if someone jumps out at wenger for the right price it might change, it isnt cast in stone after all.

    but its not like wenger is going to cast a 20 million bid on Alonso as a preference .

  17. nishanth

    I can see cesc coming ou t and denying all this.There is a chance they would have asked him whether he would join madrid and shit like that

  18. gnarleygeorge9


    I have the utmost respect for ESPN Press pass, but in view of the happenings of recent times, involving Ronaldo leaving (Giggs & Scholes are old); Chelski are struggleing to attract anyone of note & Liverwurst now having to sell to buy, I place The Arsenal in the drivers seat. Now is the time, & don’t worry, AW will offload Ade & he will sign the necessary players to win the PL.

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    …….& as for freddie he is, IMO, one of those blokes who thinks that he was the reason The Club was so successful, & I’m sure he reckons that Sweden won’t be able to cope without him. Some blokes just can’t handle retirement properly.

  20. Geoff

    Gnarley I would agree with you had not Bergkamp, Wright, Vieira, Nicholas, Dixon, Winterburn and now Cesc have said the same thing.

    Liverpool were bust last week and then they spend £17 mil on Johnson, we still shop in Mothercare, it’s simply not good enough, Song and Denilson won’t suddenly be world class.

  21. ethangunner


    Ethan, I am just having a really good summer! Have developed an expansive attitude to life!

    sounds more like denial if you ask me .. 🙂

    it wont be long before you remember just how
    many baby steps this team has taken in the off season ..

  22. stonroy

    morning all, I’m greatly disappointed to read the article on Cesc, Arsenal need to change their policy on letting the players speak out. No other club is as lets it happen to the extent that we do. What the hell is going on with us? Can’t they see that if they don’t spend the money now we will be on a downward slide?

  23. stonroy

    Morning Geoff, It’s pretty sad to hear him talk like that, and I do believe he said this, I do believe that after spending time with the Spanish Team he is now angling for a move. We need to reclaim our pride and self belief, because what he said, as our fucking Captain is Unacceptable!

  24. Geoff

    I think it shows what a weak manager we have, every time he appoints a captain, they do this, he doesn’t run the dressing room, but he does run the board, weird that!

  25. dennisdamenace

    I’ve just heard something VERY bad indeed, but will save it for the new post……..

    Fuck, i’m fucking angry about this……..

  26. patthegooner

    I dont read too much into Cesc’s comments

    Firstly he talks about impotence and anger at not winning anything for a few years, but I think he is actually accepting blame in saying that. I dont think it is a we have won fuck all so I am off statement.

    Secondly the Real Madrid quote is an answer to the question, Cesc, How would your family feel if you went to play at Real Madrid.

    The Sun as ever have sensationalised his quotes and used his words to create the story they want to print and that is not necessarily the truth.

  27. gnarleygeorge9


    In a nutshell if Le Gaffer doesn’t sign the quality he has said he needs, he is a bullshit artist. Besides, RVP is about to re-sign so surely that tells us that the quality is coming, as to RVP’s request.

  28. Dan

    And unless he was saying it on video then I very much doubt it. I mean how many times has he said he’s staying and it’s all paper bull

  29. Geoff

    GnarleyI hope that’s true, Pat it doesn’t matter Cesc if the captain of Arsenal, he knows what the press do, he’s not that stupid.

    He should ignore any questions about joining any cunt he’s not contracted to.

  30. patthegooner

    I dont know geoff, I think what would your family think if you went to Real Madrid is a fairly harmless question. I think we would read even more into it if he said no comment,

  31. patthegooner

    I think the problem is that unless we put a blanket ban on any Arsenal player giving interviews, then the press who are incredibly anti-Arsenal will always twist a question and a reply to suit what they want to print, and even if they dont say what they want, they tend to print it anyway.

  32. patthegooner

    And hey, even if Madrid do want him and he wants to go, then it means 50m+ for us, so as long as Wenger gets the lot to re-invest then superb, especially if they throw Huntelaar, Sneijder and Van Der Vaart in.

  33. Steve

    The comments in the papers are qoutes by Cesc. If he hasn’t said them he could sue.

    Trust me, he has said it.