What about a little bit of swapping? Makes sense and costs nothing.

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First of all a big thank you to Gunner8 for taking us down memory lane with his guest post yesterday, Gunner8 I expected you to be on more, it was your post!

Onto today, so now we have Vermaelen on board there goes the supposed budget, I don’t believe it for one minute, but for the sake of this post, let’s say it’s true, so is that the end of it then? How about this for a great way around the problems.

Eboue wants out and PSG are interested, so why not swap him plus a little cash for Sakho?

Toure wants out and Man City want him so what about a straight swap with Richards, he hasn’t spoken to Hughes for 3 months, they hate each other, we need a centre back and he’s an Arsenal fan, happy days.

Adebayor has Chelsea after him, why not swap him for John Obi Mikel and Alex?

Senderos wants to play in Italy and we want Melo, so why not swap him plus cash? That would work.

Gallas is wanted by Marseille and we want Cana, same deal.

We could then sell the fringe players like Randall, Simpson and a few others and pick up the shortfall, we still have £3 million left from the Vermaelen purchase. Now in that little lot we have at least two of our problem positions taken care of and no real money would change hands so why wouldn’t we consider it? That’s just the sort of thing that Gazidas could do and the mentioned players we could out would all get their wishes, there’s no point in keeping players that want to go and we would have the squad we have been dreaming about.

I’m not saying buy them all, but two from that lot would be easy peasy. Or am I doing the wishful thinking bit?

We would also be saving a bunch off the wage bill as three of those players are well paid, no one loses faith and we keep players like Robin and Cesc happy, hey who knows, we may even win the league with that line up!

Finally Jose Antonio Reyes is being dumped by Benfica, Athletico don’t want him back and he’s going for €6.5mil, perhaps we should have him back, he was a classy winger and he did get on well with Cesc, any takers???

Have a great day Grovers, we need to move fast now as there are only a couple of weeks left until we re assemble our squad for pre-season and we know how important it is to integrate them early.

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  1. ManGoonian

    If this blog practiced what some peoplem preached and ditched the rubbish on here….

    Then me and Stu wouldn’t have many people to chat to on here…

  2. Paulinho

    Hleb was a superstar in waiting at 22, the top assist king in Germany, being compared to Maradonna by the likes of Krasamir Balakov.

  3. Stu

    I read a while back that Moyes sees him as a future CB in the Rio mould. I think he would be somewhat wasted there because, as you say, he has a read drive about him. He wants to get the ball forward and gets the team going.

  4. ManGoonian


    Coz if he was a Gooner, he’d have been written off and scape goated to fuckery by now! But am I being too cynical?

  5. Stu

    Speaking of Hleb, remember how he scored minutes into his debut in a pre season game. Odd how he didnt continue scoring…or even shooting the rest of his time here.

  6. Pedro

    ManGoonian… you’re being cynical.

    He’s English… we’d be loving him regardless of how shit he was.

  7. Honest Bill

    Hleb was seriously bad for my blood pressure. The amount of golden scoring opportunities that he would turn in to cheeky little passes was beyond ridiculous. He could have been a prolific scorer if only he had the cojones

  8. ManGoonian


    Haha! True dat! He could fuck up all day long and we’d still rally round him like a fluffy comfort blanket!

  9. ManGoonian

    Hleb was an artist tho… he didnt wanna besmerch (check THAT word out!) a gorgeous attackin move with a scuffed shot, when he could add yet another cutesy likkle pass…

  10. Pedro

    I always said Hleb was the purists footballer…

    If Denilson got a little better… he’d be in that category.

  11. Paulinho

    Pedro – Can’t compare Denilson to Hleb. Hleb was a risk taker, a zig-zagging dribbler extraordinaire, while Denilson is a plodding, side-winder passer.

  12. Paulinho

    Theo never ceases to amaze with his lack of footballing brain.

    He hasn’t got the strikers instincts or touch to play up front, and he hasn’t got the stamina or vision to play on the wing.

    Hopefully he’s a bench option next season. Nothing more.

  13. Honest Bill

    These are all things which can be developed. Raw pace is always dangerous, providing one can work on the rest

  14. Paulinho

    Honest Bill, I’ve noticed Theo needs to ration his pacy bursts though, he hasn’t got the physique to constantly test his full back. Only one out of every five opportunities will he actually really go for it.

    He needs to do more when he has his resting periods and passes it off. He can’t just simply pass it back to the full back all the time. He needs to come inside and try and make hay in a more subtle way.

  15. ManGoonian

    Theo’s a bright lad, he can learn a trick or 2 and move forward as a striker….

    He thinks too much, which for a footballer, is a very rare thing…

  16. Honest Bill

    Yes you’re absolutely right. He does need to figure out when to run and when to slow things down. He does tend to be very ‘one dimensional’

    I do believe that sort of thing improves with time and experience. Games like this one, where he is on his own up front, with people just punting speculative balls up to him, aren’t the most flattering. Nor are they the best time to analyse a players repertoire.

    I think if you cast your mind back to 07/08, and look at him now, you would see a noticable improvement in his decision making

  17. David

    Was just listening to Talksport now, and that Gabriele Marcotti was on talking about transfers that he reckoned would happen.

    He said that Arsenal and Fiorentina have reached an agreement over the transfer of Felipe Melo. Arsenal have to wait for Brazil to finish the Confederatios Cup before they can speak to Melo. He believes that Melo’s agent has spoke to Arsenal and is happy with their proposal.

    He went on to say that once Melo starts to speak with Arsenal, Fiorentina will then speak to Senderos to take him to Florence. He understands that Senderos has enjoyed his time in Italy, and would jump at the chance of a move.

  18. Stu

    David, thats great news re Melo. But is it a swap deal plus money or are they 2 seperate transfers?
    Either way Melo will be a welcome addition.

  19. Honest Bill

    That would be a great thing if we signed a good DM. But as usual, i’ll believe it when i see him holding the shirt with an awkward grin

  20. Pedro

    I think he looks the part… and has the disciplinary record the be the part we’re all looking for!

    Hey, anyone seen Keyser lately?

    He was looking for violence in the team…

  21. Pedro

    I’d agree on the Theo thing… he needs to take more risks and go on instinct…

    Senderos over thinks as well…

  22. Paulinho

    Pedro, if we bring in Melo then no one will have anything to complain about….so Keyser’s role will be rendered reduntant to an extent.

  23. Pedro

    I think I’d accept summer as done if we signed Melo…

    We’d have enough at the back, over kill in midfield… and enough strikers, even without Ade.

    So if Melo comes in, what happens to Denilson? Does he just become back up?

  24. ReVELAtion

    yes “Eboue”,

    Are you considering leaving the mighty arsenal just because you feel you haven’t played enough 1st team matches?

    If so, explain to me what 41 1st team appearances last season means then?

  25. eboue

    no i am not leaving arsenal due to a lack of first team games i am actually staying on to fight for my place in the team and no my good friend ade is not leaving the club he loves the club

  26. eboue

    also ade is very dissapointed how he has lost the support of the arsenal fans due to what they read on the papers

  27. Man

    eboue, would you continue continue with the dance moves?

    please keep the dancing going ‘cos its what you are best at and def worth the ticket prices!

  28. ReVELAtion

    well tell him to learn the offside rule and start giving us goals and a better attitude.. In return for his loyalty and goals against the mancunians and scummy spurs we in turn will give him our love.. Maybe…

  29. eboue

    dont worry i can assure all arsenal fans that he will be scoring many goals next season with players like fabregas nasri arshavin in the midfield and players like myself and theo we will score many goals next season

  30. eboue

    “Adebayor has done fantastically well for the club,” “All the big clubs wanted him last summer and it will be the same again this summer. Some players have bad periods. If they don’t do well it is because they have lost confidence. But the only way to help a guy who has lost confidence is to support him. Slaughtering him it does not help him.

  31. Stu

    Im not even engish, or english based, and i know talkshite are useless mans loving, arsenal hating scumbags.
    I hope they are right on this one tho.

    Eboue, if you’re still around, Q:last season we say some amazing backheels from you, will there be more or those or will you add a new skill for the coming season? And whats the meaning of life? 🙄

  32. Pat

    “Gabriele Marcotti has reported on TALKsport that we have been allowed to talk to Melo after the Confederations cup, with Senderos going the other way apparently. :p

    Gabriele Marcotti usually is a very relaible source, Lets hope this is true, this could be the best summer transfer Arsenal has had in so long”


  33. Pat

    oops, David already told you guys. I got that comment from a different site.

    Hopefully Talksport is a good source!

  34. Lou

    Talk Sport are one of those things in life that you just cannot bear at any cost. Like Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone and Lenny Henry, to name but 3 complete a’holes. I don’t say they are wrong on this although Marcotti is really just another rumour monger, a kind of portly half American, half Italian guy version of Ballague who makes a living from judging people with the benefit of hindsight. I remember only too vividly TalkSport’s attitude to the Eduardo injury. By the end of the day they had basically decided that it was his fault anyway and were reciting Arsenal’s role of shame etc. I have not listened to them since that day and refuse to get into a car unless the station is turned off. Yes, I know it’s petty and a little stupid, but some hatreds are like that so indulge me on this one.

  35. Pedro

    Lou, very true what you’re saying.

    However, when there is a rumour I like… I choose to ignore all the things I dislike! haha!

  36. Pedro

    Agreed Pat… he is brilliant.

    I don’t know why everyone gets so up tight about rumours… I love it!

    I think my knowledge base of players swells ten fold in the summer… it gets me tuning into football games I’d never normally watch… surely that’s good for the game?

  37. Stu

    Balague knows a lot about the transfer dealings of spanish clubs. Nothing outside spain tho. So when he starts talking about Arsenal its pretty annoying.

    Especially when him and Mark Bolton go on and on about it on Revista. I remember their smug fucking faces when Henry was on his way. Bastards.

  38. Man

    I’d have Livingstone over Boris anytime any day!

    Lenny Henry like French & Saunders should have been banned 10 years ago!!!

  39. Pat

    Balague usually gets it right when it comes to Spanish and English clubs though. At least his website, which is the only way I get to see what he says.

    Its not his fault that the Xabi-Arsenal deal fell apart when he was the 1st to report about it.

    His rumors have truth in them, unlike others.

  40. Dan

    One of Boris’s promises was to Prevent Tube disruption by negotiating a no-strike deal, hmmm england at wembley. That went well boris

  41. ethangunner

    The London Mayor, a bit of a plonker, but his heart is in the right place.

    the left side of his chest cavity ?

    all politicians are plonkers, dont trust a single MF that has been elected , chances are he had to step on many to get there !

    remember those facts and you wont go wrong .

    you only have to look at Iran to see that !

  42. dennisdamenace

    iceman – it may have something to do with one of their septic tank owners, who just sold his 80% share in the Montreal Canadiens, worth approximately £340m!!

  43. Dan

    Rafa obviously pin pointed that a RB is what they need to win the premier league. Not a class striker to play alongside and cover the injured torres

  44. Dan

    Id rather players stayed than have some elder players leave and upset the likes of vp and fab thinking that were just going backwards

  45. ikon

    Freaking madness Johnson is good, maybe 10 million but 18 million = Arshavin or Henry or Anelka
    What is one club’s (real) madness is another club’s misery.

  46. Steve

    Looks like this Melo business is hotting up then chaps??

    Wenger is almost admitting that the fans were right at the beginning of last season when we all said we needed a centre half and a tough tackling midfielder.

  47. iceman



    Do you really blame AW for not going “English”? 🙂

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal will come out of the blocks full speed, lead the PL @ Xmas & new year, but Old Fergie won’t be able to win the mind games this time. Prepare for number 14, & GG9 hitting the streets of Islington in May 2010.

  49. iceman

    Manure lose the winker and Tevez and can’t even get Valencia on board.
    Make the right moves Wenger and we are on the way.
    Happy days indeed.
    Chamone!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  50. leon

    i think wenger has learnt from his mistakes from last season and i think wenger letting any of his topplayers go at all which some of the fringe players will go like silvestor and senderos,maybe diaby posiibly but rest wenger has no intention of selling for any price