Robin is still waiting, and so might I add are we.

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There is a lot of talk on this blog that Robin has told Gazidas that he will not sign a contract extension until he is assured we will be signing top quality players that can bring in some silverware, opinion is split as he has an appalling injury record and some say he is part of the problem, I support the boss on this issue, but does the boss practice what he preaches? Read on.

Robin is now in his mid twenties, Cesc is approaching them as was the Flamster, Rosicky and Hleb were just past them as is Arshavin, what we can see here is all the big boys get interested in our players when they get to this magical landmark, what does that say? It says that top managers realise that players are only really worth buying when the are closing in on there best years, when they have learned their trade.

That makes sense, ManU and Chelsea have won their titles with a healthy mix of youth and experience, Liverpool now have that.

What we seem to do is bring in kids, let them learn, suffer their inconsistancies only to watch them get sold when they are actually going to contribute, we then take the money and pay of the stadium debt or a new training facility or such.

The only reason we don’t slip down the table is because we have a great manager, a great manager that understands football but seems to struggle with understanding that the big boys use us as their shopping centre.

We could have won the league for the last 2 seasons had we made the investment, we put young boys in and watch them suffer injuries, why? Because they are young and their bodies are still forming, then they suddenly have the body, have the game and we do what? We sell them and bring in another crop of talented prospects that are all young, then the cycle continues, we are back to square one, Henry couldn’t wait, he left for Barca and then what? He won a Champions league medal.

Robin didn’t get injured on purpose, he got injured because he was playing at the highest level with a kids body, unable to take the crunching tackles of the big boys.

West Ham used to do this, in the days of Harry at West Ham they sold a team that together would have won the league, with names like Ferdinand, Lampard, Defoe and Carrick, so what’s the difference between what they did and what we do? The admission money! If Arsenal continue this trend, so be it, but please don’t charge us for the pleasure, our lowest season price is almost ManU’s highest, now that can’t be right.

All that Robin is saying is buy 2 or 3 top players and we can win the lot, we really can, it’s that close, don’t and we will have another season of frustration and lose yet more talented players that we have watched with frustration growing up.

Arshavin proved the difference between world class and world class potential, I agree that Song has come on, that Diaby on his day is unstoppable and that Denilson has potential, but if you are being honest would they be in your fantasy team had you a choice? I doubt it, they wouldn’t be in mine.

Arsenal, it’s time to repay the fans, it’s time to repay the players, it’s time to buy the quality players that Cesc and Robin are telling you they need.

Wether it’s a Cana or an Alonso a Chiellini or a Zapata a Benzema or a Villa, we need that quality, for me whatever that trio would cost we’d get back in prize money, TV rights and happiness, so please Arsenal, make us happy!

Finally the boss said he has made us small shareholders a lot of money as the price has rocketed since he has been here, what he fails to realise is those same shareholders have their shares to own a piece of Arsenal, to get the annual report, to feel like they belong, they would never sell them, those shares are only valuable is you have the amount that David Dein had, I would never sell my shares, they will go to my kids when I go to that great football ground in the sky, and that my friends is where the manager and this board are out of touch, it’s not about money to us, it’s about the support, the love of our great club and ultimately winning trophies. Yes even the Worthington Cup!

Have a great day today Grovers England are playing tonight, a win against Spain and a few signings would make today one to remember.

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