Clichy and Sagna say no, Eboue says yes and Melo? Who the **** is Melo?

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Ok so to start the day with some positivity our full backs who have been the target of new spoiled brats Madrid have come out and said they are going nowhere, well done those men, that’s good news indeed, especially as Clichy was one of Wengers project youth boys.

Sagna has said the stories about him wanting to leave are Daily Mail ‘We hate Arsenal’ lies, par for the course, but Eboue has said he doesn’t want another season where he is a bit player, funny as he played in over 40 games last season but I respect that, he is no longer first choice right back and he hasn’t proved his worth in midfield, shame because I would like to see him as back up, however fair play to the player, he has ruled out playing in the EPL out of respect to the fans, for that he deserves our best wishes, and as I have said many times before, he is still a great right back and better than some we will be keeping.

Note though, the players we will keep are not being sought by anyone else. Funny that eh!

Now we do have a youngster coming through in the reserves by the name of Gavin Hoyte, could he step up? Who knows, time and Mr Wenger alone will tell.

So the latest rumour on the block is Felipé Melo, a Brazilian who is also wanted by Inter Milan, but sources say he would prefer Arsenal, well that makes a change, and he’s 25, the perfect age, we desperately need a tough tackling ball winner as what we have is not ready, well not yet regardless of the Magical stats.

We need to move before the pre season begins and that is in July, so time is of the essence, Vermaelen is still on the cards if he is the one, but I’m still puzzled as to why he haven’t gone after some of the monster type centre backs, still he must know what he’s doing given the trouble we had last season defending, he couldn’t get it wrong again, could he???

Many of you have suggested Djourou as that tough tackling big ball winner in midfield, after all, that was what he joined us as, and that was the reason we let Fabrice Muamba go, but outside of a spud game at Highbury, I can’t remember seeing him in that position, and he does seem a little injury prone, still, so was Clichy, so maybe he has that in mind.

Either way I just wish he would say something, Liverpool the ‘tits up’ team in the top 4 have just splashed out £17 mil on Johnson, good player, but did they need another right back? And how on earth can they keep spending? Makes a bit of a mockery of why we can’t, don’t you think?

Maybe Wenger is waiting for the chavs and Mancs to have spent out before he goes in, also maybe he wants to see which of our players Barcelona want first before deciding who he needs, it would be nice however if he got what he needed now, remember like the days when we competed with Chelsea and Liverpool for Theo, if it was about money we would never have got him, that’s why I don’t believe money is the biggest issue, with all the other teams around us strengthening, we had better watch it.

Come on Arsenal!

Have a great day Grovers, you never know what today may bring!

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  1. skandibird

    Geoff; good post, something to mull over and something to digest. I am still waiting though, on something good to-day. Do you recall last summer???? There we were on the last day of the transfer window; hoping/ fingers crossed/ legs crossed, hearts beating and,Wenger, well he was off watching some Reserve game and we lost out on Alonso by £2m!!!! Surely surely, we will not go through another summer like that with a possible 1 purchase (Vermeelen – or whichever way you spell it) similar to last year with just Nasri (and some minions)whereas the other top 3 (if we’re still considered in that group of 4?)more than likely to top up with players that we all know the names of etc etc; can’t bear the thought/ give me something positive, make me smile and glow; buy a brute for centre back or two, a strong defensive midfielder, sell Ade and Eboue and I suspect most AFC fans would be fairly happy??

  2. Franchise

    for all u know pedro they might both be fake but hey…

    DDM what do u think about the top seeded games sharing so far?

  3. Ja_Gunner

    I really hope we get Melo……he could be the final piece of the puzzle…..

    And I like the fixtures as well….all our big league games will be over by february 9….so if we are close to the top we should be able to put a run together down the stretch…..also we should keep all players because the January to Liverpool period is within the ACN therefore we need to keep all our players so that we are deep enough to deal with that stretch plus injuries.

    Senderos+ 10-12mil for Melo Sendy wants to stay in italy..we want Melo, it is said that Melo prefers Arsenal…gilberto must have advised him lol….its an offer they can refuse…I am very excited about the season…if we just sign Vermy/big CB and Melo plus keep the rest of the players we will be fine.

    And if we are still in the champions league ateast we will have “big” mathces in the players can be rotated to prevent burn out.

  4. Ja_Gunner

    We will no big matches in the league after February 9..thats good for the CL run if we are still in it.

  5. Nightman

    Ive been watching MELO for Brazil…he is quality.

    In the interest of full disclosure i said and still say the same thing about SONG as a DM.

  6. Samir






    Quite an exciting line up don’t you think.
    Was’nt sure who to put up front. Ade or Dudu with RVP changing with Arshavin now and then.

  7. Nightman

    Just throwing this out there because I think more people need to know:

    Marcelo from Real Madrid is an absolute GEM of a player…so unbelievebaly underrated its not funny.

    He never loses the ball….can provide an inch perfect final pass…has loads of pace and power….can tackle….and has enough technique to blast home from 20-25 yards out…

    That post was irrelevant…but spread the word if you can maybe it will fall into the right hands.

  8. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys any idea why Henry was not awarded world player of the year for the 2003-2004 season?

    What an injustice.

    Look at these highlights plus the stats for that year.

    Henry 39 goals 14 assists (which is better than Ronaldo’s 42 goals and 8 assists for 07/08)

    Compare with Ronaldinho that same year
    22 goals for Ronnie..there are no assist stats on Wiki..

    and Barca never won anything that year…

    What an injustice!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stu

    Ja, the world player of the year usually goes to the star of the CL winning team. We didnt win the CL that season so Henry didnt win the world player of the year.


    Also Nightman, Marcleo is a decent player but neither a winger nor a full back. Wing back is his best position imo. Ramos played him left mid because he went for defensive stability rather than atacking power. Marcelo and Heinze on the left, making use of Marcelos pace for a counter attack.
    He is good not great.

  10. Mark C

    Been out for the day, has anyone noticed that our crap period Villa – Chelsea, is the same time as the ANC?

    So if we have Song, Eboue, Adebayor and Toure in the squad, we wont have them for our key period.

    However, Eboue, Toure and Adebayor are all being spoken about as players who could leave.

    If they do, then we may not have a problem, and could benefit from the ANC.

  11. Stu

    But obviously as you say they won nothing that season so i can only assume he won for something else. His football contribution perhaps? Or because he won the WC? I really dont know why he won it ahead of Henry.

  12. Stu

    Yeah Mark. If we still have them all then we will have a big problem because at least 2 of them will probably be regulars and the other 2 will be back ups in case of injuries and we always have them.

    Hopefully Ade is going so thats 1 sorted. If Melo or any non african DM is bought then Songs absense wont be that bad because Denilson will be there as back up.
    Eboue wouldnt start unless we have injuries either. And thats only if he doesnt leave.
    And then Toure. If he isn sold then i think we should be fine anyway. Gallas will hopefully stay and Vermaelen should be here anyway.

    And like last time there is always a chance that one of them dont qualify. But its unlikely becuase Ivory Coast and Cameroon are 2 of the bigger nations in africa.

  13. Coadsi

    Stu i agree with ja on that one, that was pure injustice. the year ronaldinho won i dont even recall if barca was in the CL that year. he was robbed simples, and because of that he cannot claim that he has won everything.

  14. Pat

    Apparently we’re close to signing Chmakh and I’d be pissed off if it were true. He is truly shit, miles behind Adebayor.

  15. Stu

    Yeah i agree too Coadsi. For Henry to have never won that award is a disgrace. Especially when you see cunts like Ronaldo winning it twice!
    There is no justice in this world(of football).

  16. Stu

    Pat, me too. I saw Chamakh playing towards the end of the season for Bordeaux. He was fucking useless. Shit at shooting, couldnt pass, horrible decisiveness and was just all round below average. And at 25 he aint gona get much better, especially in such a short time. Hope im wrong tho if he does sign.

  17. Ja_Gunner

    Hey Stu was a real injustice because Barca won 0(zero) trohpies that year…also the world cup was in 2002 so that has absolutely no bearing.

    The funny thing is Ronaldinho won the award again in for the 04-05 campaign but he only scored 13 goals…thats very odd…I know stats arent everything but….it would have made more sense in if he won for 05-06 because they won La liga and Cl that year and he scored 26 goals….

    Its really wierd..its complete and utter crap.

    I mean henry had 39 goals 14 assists…..Ronaldo has 42 goals 8 asissts so Henry contributed directly to 3 more goals that Ronaldo..and he took less penalties and free kicks.

    Only Messi with 38 goals 16 assists this season has produced similar numbers.

    I really dont care who wins world player of the year because its not a true refection in my least not every year.

  18. Pat

    “And then we move onto an incredible run of fixtures. In the space of a fortnight we face Villa away midweek, United at home, Chelsea away and three days after that Liverpool at home under the lights. Blimey.

    In a horrible world we will be recently out of the cups and come final whistle against Liverpool way out of the league running.

    In a much nicer one we will be still in the hunt with 11 games to go and none against last year’s top three or Villa or Everton.

    Interesting how last season we played the top three three times in our first 32 odd games and this season six times in our first 27.”

  19. Stu

    True Ja. When Giggs wins prem player of the year and the other awards go the way you just said then something aint right. Who does the voting is what i want to know. Ronaldinho won without doing anything special. Henry was defo the best player in the world during that period but finished second twice. Something must have been going on with the voting.

  20. Stu

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Fifa have been getting complaints about the horns during the confederation cup matches. Brilliant! I fucking hate the sound of those bastard horns!

  21. Stu

    Mangoonian, we have been linked with him for weeks. This one aint as simple as the Hitzelsperger rumour, unfortunately there is some substance behind this one. I’d much rather the german.

  22. ManGoonian

    Well, the Chammy dude looks a pile of gack and I for one, pray to Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Jesus and Simon Cowell that it just aint so….

  23. Samir

    Well seeing my mums from Morocco I watch most of the Morocco games. In the games that Marouane has started for them he was truly shite. No technique whatsoever. Adebayor and Bendtner are 10X the player.
    If Wenger does waste the 7M reported. I shall be absolutely clueless. Maybe he has finally lost it…?

  24. Stu

    Bendtner is fecking class anyway. Noone is better than him (outside the best strikers in the world…obviously!) 😆

  25. Stu

    Maybe the 😆 was confusing there. Im being totally serial about Bendtner being class. So serial im going to make this face 😐

  26. gazzap

    I’d be willing to take him sell Ade and call Bendtner our number one big sriker. Give Chamakh a support role from the bench and let him settle in and see how he goes. basically I would rather that than keep Ade another season. he looks very good with his head.

  27. Stu

    Seriously tho….nothings up. Im bored out of my mind with no football. And this confederations cup is shite!


  28. Stu

    No need Gazzap. Bendtner is arguably our best headerer so really theres no need to bring in a big striker.
    But i do like the idea of buying an old head to play up front. Like United did with Larsson a few seasons ago, or Fulham with Montella to a lesser extent. It would do the young strikers no end of good.

  29. Dutchman

    About Melo, He is exactly what we need!!
    He is the hard man we miss.
    Aw sees that he must strengthen in DM. Now with this fixtures on january and februar we need someone who goes for every ball. And he is that man!!
    This rumour likes it is serious. I hope so.

  30. Stu

    Good point Dutchman.
    Now that Wenger has seen the tough fixture list we have during the acn there is surely no way he can take the risk of not buying. Because Denilson isnt capable of playing so many massive games on his own in such a short space of time.

  31. ManGoonian

    Well, if we’re in the market for old heads, then fuck it! Michael Owen on a free transfer on a pay (us) as you play deal… There you have it, in a nutshell, all wrapped up with a nice bow on top for good measure….Sorted.

  32. gazzap

    you cant get through a whole season with one big striker. If Nik gets injured then you have no big man option.
    Chamakh’s conversion rate is not as good as Ade’s. one goal every 3.5 games for Bordeaux. Ade’s for us is 1 in every 2.2. thats in an easier league for a team that just won the league. Chamakh scored 13 goals in the league last season and 1 in europe. not totally convincng stats by any means.
    This is why if he is bought, its clearly as a back up player.

  33. ManGoonian

    I thought Eboue still had time left on his deal? His agent is saying he could leave for free THIS SUMMER!

  34. gazzap

    it is but clearly you only buy him if Ade is sold for decent money. you dont buy him if Ade is still here.
    I just saw in the previous season he only scored 4 goals even though he made the same number of appearances as last season. oh dear.

  35. gazzap

    I thought Eboue’s agent was talking about doing a Webster – that is buying out the final year of the contract. but I also thought Eboue had more than one year to run anyway, so not sure what thats all about.

  36. Samir

    That rumour that we only have 13M is shite tho isn’t it…. I think we might have around 20M to 25M max budget.

    10M for Vermaelen
    10M+Senderos for Melo (Bargain)
    6M for Sakho/ Some unknown youngsters. (Luc Castagnos etc)
    ???A Striker..???

    Eboue for 5-6M
    Ade for 20-25M
    Silvestre Deal with Sakho(Exchange)
    Sederos (Exchange with Melo)

  37. Stu

    Didnt Eboue sign a new contract recently? Remember his agent made up a story that Atletico were asking about him so on they announced that Eboue was being offered a new contract.
    Its all so confusing!

  38. gazzap

    i’d more happy if we sold some deadweight than if we bought someone like Chamakh. getting rid of ade, eboue, senderos, diaby and Denilson would make me happy!

  39. Dutchman

    Chamakh is a very good player and stu arsenal haven’t a low budget. And if it is, than this could be the answer.

    In: chamakh 7m
    melo 18m
    vermealen 10m
    out: adebayor 17m
    senderos 6m
    You totally have 12m of your own budget.
    I can see AW this do.Agree???

  40. ManGoonian

    Well, Stu, in the current crackers transfer climate, £25m is the goin rate for ego-maniacal strikers and £5m is fair do’s for Eboue…. No, seriously!

  41. Stu

    My preference:


    Melo(or any class DM)
    A striker MAYBE! Pogrebnyak on a free
    And a versatile defensive/midfield player.


  42. Stu

    Fine MG. But 25 is still a lot unless its Milan or Real bidding.

    Gazzap, i agree. I hate the deadwood. Get rid of it all! Streamline the squad!!

    And Dutchman, maybe our budget isnt as low as 15m. But do you seriously foresee Wenger going out and spending 30-40m? ’cause i dont!

  43. Samir

    We would all like to see Diaby go BUT we all know deep inside that Wenger will not sell him(This season anyways). You never know he might one day turn good. He has shown some glimpses of class.

  44. Stu

    Yeah Samir. But IF he does come good one day then Wenger will sell him and say that he has to sell him best players to balance the books.

    I’d much rather he fuck off now that waste more of arsenals time learning how to become a footballer!

  45. gazzap

    Denilson is deadwood because he blocks better players like Ramsey from getting games. I dont dislike the man but he is an average players, we need quality players. also having been an ever present he wont go back to being a squad player, so best to sell.
    I predict wenger will buy a good DM, Den wont play that much anymore and eventually he will be sold next summer.

  46. Stu

    It took almost 3 minutes to show 4 goals or was it 5?
    He isnt good enough (for long enough) Get rid of him!

  47. gazzap

    if diaby goes, then at least wenger cannot be tempted to play him on the wing. the number of games that has lost us probably runs into double figures!

  48. Stu

    Gazzap, i dont want Denilson starting ahead of better players either but he is still only 20. A bit early to sell him imo. I’d rather keep him as a back up.

  49. Ja_Gunner

    I see no reason to buy Chamakh, I think we should keep the players we have.

    The only ones I would sell are Silvestre…and possibly Diaby and also use Senderos to sweeten the deal for Fiorentina…

    Get Vermaelen and Melo..possibly Sahko and we should be fine.

    Oh and use 4-3-3 formation with high pressure.





    Championship winning team….with Ramsey, Wilshere and company in the squad.

  50. ManGoonian


    You really aint tellin it likemit is IMO. Denilson aint blocking anyone at the moment, coz Ransey wasnt ready last season, the inept display at cardiff showed us that, but he was forgiven (let off) coz he was all emotional! Sheeesh, the effin pathetic scape goating of players by fans makes me laugh… Denilson put in some top performances, but i would have rathered he had a more experienced head in there, but that didnt happen…

    To say he is blocking Ramsey is hilarious, considering how the team is perceived as too effin young!!!

  51. Ja_Gunner





    Championship winning team….with Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, JET, Merida and company in the squad.

  52. Samir

    I say give Diaby+Denilson+Maybe (Ade if no bid larger than 17M)one more season. If they disappoint once again Kick em out.

  53. ManGoonian

    Apart from selling players who seem keen to want out; Ade, Senderos and Eboue, it would be extremely dangerous to our chances to get rid of more players, IMO.

    We need additions, FFS!

  54. Stu

    And Silvestre MG because clearly he aint helping us in any way.

    Samir, 17m would be good enough considering the season he just had.

  55. gazzap

    I didn’t think den was really blocking RAmbo last season, but I think he would next season. rambo is ready now to overtake Den.
    point is, this is all assuming wenger buys a top DM. no way can we afford to lose den unless we buy a topo DM. Rambo would not get in front of that new player. But no way would I like rambo to be behind Song, new player AND Den AND Diaby. to much mediocrity. fans are beginning to settle for mediocre players
    because they put in one good performance in every 4. This is why we were 20 points behind Man U – please try and remember how good Vieira was then think again about Denilson.

  56. ManGoonian

    Oh here we go again, coz i dont think we should cull half the bleedin squad Im settling for mediocrity… Jeeez, some argumewnt that is… The argument of the tabloid reader…

    Who says Ramsey will not suffer the same shit you are handin out to Song and Denilson in a year or 2??? Coz you wont even remember saying shite like this IF ramsey were to be perceived to be shite.

    FFS! Tellin me to remember how good Vieira was, condescending twat! I remember Vieira all too well and in his early games he probably wouldve been written off the smae fans calling for us to get rid of Denilson and Song…

    We are talkin about 20 year old players. Getting rid of them serves what purpose? Oh I see, then even younger players can be slated, scape goated and written off by clueless supporters…

    Coz, lets face it, the home supprt is doin its best to ruin our young players..

  57. Ja_Gunner

    Yea Samir, use Sylvest to get Sahko
    ………..use Senderos to get Melo

    I say keep everyone else because next season is ram packed….in fact there is a weekend where we play Saturday and then Monday..meaning only one day rest so we need as much bodies as possible to get thru next season because we dont want to blame injuries all over for that reason I would keep Diaby..just incase Rosicky and/or Cesc are that case we would need him to atleast rotate with Nasri and Den.

    Melo and Song can chare the DM role…I think Denilson will do better without that huge defensive burden on his shoulders….he is a good interceptor but he is not yet strong enough to deal with the prem players week in week I think he should be used more a Cesc back up.

    again I say..this team/formation will win titles.





  58. ManGoonian

    Oh and Song came on a shit load last season, but the fact twats wanted him gone before a ball was kicked is immaterial now, innit? And likelwise, Denilson, you can be as churlish and condescending as you want, fella, but Denu=ilson was quality for many games, I think he and Song played too many as they were the only options we had, Wenger fucked up big style, nit signing a Top DM, but thats gone now…

    To suggest that ramsey is ready NOW, regardless of any evidence to prove that, just shows you are scapegoating 2 players you have decided are shite…

    Sad really.

    But, theres no point continuing this, we aint gonna agree

  59. gazzap

    jeez mate you sound tired. you better go to bed. school in the morning (thats what you get for calling people names, really hard)

  60. ManGoonian

    Well, sorry for callin you a condescendin twat, that was out of order.

    BUT, the bit about settling for mediocrity amd, ooh we used to have Vieira yadda yadda, and the general looking back in misty eyed nostalgia is bull shit IMO.

    Oh and yes, you are right, I do have school in the morning, teachin those twats from class 5c tomorrow.

  61. Stu

    Nice Blog fart MG. Scared everyone off. And im gonna follow them….

    Im off to wach UFC and have a cuppa! Bye bye……..

  62. ManGoonian

    Oh you just had to go and spoil the moment Stu… Nice one… I like to have the last word, you know that! Shhhhh

  63. Paulinho

    Mango, Vieira’s early games were pretty impressive. He looked a dead set star the moment he came on against Sheffield Wednesday with the tache!

  64. ethangunner

    well villa scored the only goal for Spain when playing next to Torres , so it shows you who is
    king dick of Spain ! …

    well it appears he has made his decision and now wants his agent to make it happen ..
    its also funny that 3 teams in the EPL want him

    man U – pool and the chev’s ….

    hmmmmm as EVER there is a name missing there …

  65. ethangunner


    Manchester United will complete the £16million capture of Antonio Valencia by the weekend – thwarting hopes of exploiting a delay in the deal.

    Barcelona are poised to hand Mark Hughes the solution to his biggest Manchester City problem by tabling a £35million bid for Robinho.

    Liverpool are confident they can complete the £18million capture of Glen Johnson by the weekend.

    * Manchester City are close to completing their second major deal of the summer – in a £17million swoop for long-time target Roque Santa Cruz.

    New Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti is weighing up a £30million swoop for Inter Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    David Villa says he will only come to the Premier League if it is to play for Liverpool.

    * Manchester United and Chelsea have made official bids to sign Franck Ribery but Real Madrid are favourites to land the Frenchman with a £70 million bid.

    * Michael Owen’s Premier League commitment was last night called into question by Wigan chief Dave Whelan.

    Tottenham can finally land Middlesbrough’s Stewart Downing for £12million.

    * Manchester City were last night closing in on a deal for Blackburn striker Roque Santa Cruz.

    * Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue could be on his way out of the Emirates after revealing he is unhappy at the club.

    * Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard is considering quitting football at the end of his existing contract in 2013.

    * Tottenham chief Daniel Levy has been in talks with Real Madrid over the potential signings of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Arjen Robben and Gabriel Heinze for a combined £30million.

    * Arsenal are preparing a renewed £15million bid for Fiorentina’s midfielder Felipe Melo.

    * Chelsea were last night preparing to join the hunt for £30million-rated Inter Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

  66. ethangunner

    so it looks like all my favorites are going to join rival teams ..

    valencia (who i hoped arsene would realize is sheer talent) villa ,Huntelaar,ribery,Ibrahimovic.

    and who are we linked with ?
    a guy named melo ??

    Melo , MELO who the fuck is melo ?

    fuck me its rant time ..
    is it just me or is this team showing the passion of a 2 – bit hooker ?
    you got teams that clearly whiped us last season , fuck SEVERAL SEASONS ..
    and we are trying to get aston villa rejects and no-bodies from .. you guessed it ANOTHER FRENCH team !

    sorry this nightmare is never going to end !
    we need a clear out alright …

    it starts with the board , and if wenger cant toe the line and think out of the box he needs to go also !

    i dont give a fuck what anyone says ..
    all i can see is TOP clubs with there heads screwed ,& are now going around hunting for BIG named targets and securing them prior to pre – season, whilst arsene is running around like a pensioner at a flea-market getting linked with more silvestre style purchases !

    all ive read about arsenal so far is things like our captain getting chatted up for the 3rd season on the trot and people like eboue , gallas,toure stating they are not happy and wanting to leave , our wing backs where rumored to wanting to move on also ….

    true or not .. thats all we have to look forward too

    ade -eboue- toure-gallas & cesc,sanga, clichy ..rvp even …. less than stable …

    even spurs are interested in Huntelaar, Robben and Gabriel Heinze …

    then i see how positive people are here , even at le grove , i thought most on here had more brains .. this looks dire !

    wake up youve been lied to since day one ..

    and day 1500 your still being lied too !

    (aprx 5 years 🙂 )

  67. iceman

    Ethan it’s been said over and over.
    There’s not much of an option the fans have.
    At the end of the day, they’re still buying into the hype.
    All you have said is bang on but there are people who are willing to be blinded so the board don’t really care about what people like you think.
    It’s kind of a if you can’t win them, just keep buying into thier bullshit and hope we get lucky 🙂

  68. gnarleygeorge9

    Yeah ethan, I understand your frustration, coz this cautious approach in signing players has become, well, frustrating 🙂 especially with the big names doing the rounds & we aren’t mentioned as possible suitors.

    But, on the otherhand Le Gaffer has said he will buy, & no news could just mean he has got the media parasites off his trail.

  69. ethangunner

    GG – ice

    im over it now 🙂

    i just woke up this morning to read my morning rumors from sporting life and its all doom and gloom of cesc denying moving to spain & eboue wanting to depart , toure considering man shitty . not bad for keeping a team together ..
    or arent we really trying that hard

    🙂 ?

    and what have we got to look forward too ?

    melo from ANOTHER …wait for it … french liga 1 side football player ..

    disappointingly predictable ..
    annoyingly predictable !!!


    i actually thought when wenger was getting chatted up by real, the board realized they may need to splash the cash or lose wenger and risk employing someone who needs a kitty annually to be successful ..
    i thought this year might be different ?
    only the bigger fool is me for thinking so ..

    nothing has changed .. we create talent, not buy it .. and we accept all the down time that goes along with it .. you pay the biggest ticket in the EPL to admire it also !

    which is the same admission as we will always be in the top 6 but we will never win fuck all !

  70. ethangunner

    it just shits me when you see all these quality names being spread about and we are looking for diamonds in the rough …

    i could understand if we had a top squad already and won back to back titles ..

    we need those names that are floating around for
    our own team !!!, whilst we still have A TEAM that vaguely resembles a top flight club to command them comming to us to begin with!!…

  71. caidenxceaser

    Glad to see imbecile ref Howard Webb haunts football fans world over,that Brazil penalty was dodgy,Egypt deserved the win. Anyway,Supported the boys win against N.Z last night now to support Cesc demolish them saturday 😀

  72. gnarleygeorge9

    What I saw of Egypt against Brasil, they moved the ball/linked up well about the field. Only set pieces that stuffed them up 😉

  73. kelsey

    Morning Lads,

    I am no guru but what I said about RVP will not go away.I reportd last week that United were looking at him, and a number of tabloids are escalating the rumour today.

    RVP was meant to get assurance from Gazidis that we were buying quality players,BEFORE he renegotiated his contract,apparently wages not being the main issue.

    Dear Robin,
    in the 4 years you have been with us, you have been injured for approx. half the time,the club stood by you and i believe AW pulled you out of mediocrity.Either sign or leave,and it should be the club dictating the terms not you.

    No one is ireplacable, I think you are a great asset to our team,but make your up son.

  74. kelsey

    I don’t agee,nothing to do with his agent,he is leaving his options open.Why has he had talks with RM, why is Mourinho interested in him and now United. It can’t all be speculation.

    i read some three months ago excatly what i am reading now, in other words no progress from either party.

  75. dennisdamenace

    Oi Oi Savaloi!!

    Great post last night Ethan, very heartfelt, i’m with you 100% on that.

    Eeeee-Ooooop Kelsey, yep the club should tell RvP to sign or fuck off, especially after having to put up with his constant injuries and his @incident@ in Holland a while back……

  76. ArsenalKenya





  77. iceman

    Melo’s from Fiorentina.
    Apparently he’s the next big thing.
    Def worth looking into. Rather him than Matuidi (who’s just another next Vieira type)
    I think AW’s been quite coz he hasn’t managed to flog barndoor yet.
    Had we moved him on, AW would have probably moved for his target(s).

  78. dennisdamenace

    It does hurt when we (as a club) generate such a turnover, and you hear Gazidis reiterate DF’s comments about the playing side of things NOT being affected by the property side, only to not go out and make a statement of intent by buying a couple of big money players to enhance what we already NOT replace it…..

  79. iceman

    Yeah but RvP and Ade are world’s apart.
    If RvP could remain fit for a campaign we have some player on our hands.
    I don’t believe all the stuff going around right now. I am sure he will commit if we do bring in the right players…

  80. iceman

    No he’s not!!
    Morning Geoff.
    AW told us before the season was out that getting RvP to sign was a priority.
    He must keep him!!

  81. dennisdamenace

    Hey Geoff – RvP off? Why not? Ol’ Arsene has a way of offloading at least one high profile player each season and replacing him with a school kid…..