LE CHAMP OF THE YEAR DECIDED! And the players speak Arsene, are you listening?

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  1. Andre Arshavin 41%
  2. Robin Van Persie 16%
  3. Steve Bould 12%
  4. Vik Akers 8%
  5. Song 6%
  6. Kieron Gibbs 6%
  7. Almunia 4%
  8. Other 3%
  9. Eboue 2%
  10. Cesc Fabregas 2%

Votes cast: 3643

What was your reaction when Spurs asked you to sign?

What was your reaction when Spurs asked you to sign?

Ok so here it is and it’s no surprise that new signing and Russian superstar Andre Arshavin wins by a mile, what’s incredible is he only started playing for us in February, and before you start crowing and claiming the credit Arsene, think what could have happened if you had signed him last summer, well him and a few more, but I’ll come onto that.

Let me also say I was surprised no one voted for me as champ given I got 70 odd votes yesterday, so I guess our stalkers only vote on the chump issue, which explains a lot.

Onto Arsenal, as expected Francesc Fabregas denied saying what the Spanish News of The World ‘Mucka’ claimed he said, I get really pissed off when some fans get pissed off, with what Cesc supposedly said, he issues about 14,000 denials a season and yet he’s still questioned, this kid is as Arsenal as Tony Adams and will only leave when he’s not wanted, or when he gets fed up with his loyalty being questioned, so a word of warning to all who may not believe in our captain, I do.

Other great news is that Gael Clichy has said he’s going no-where which unfortunately means there’s no real room for Traore, except that is on the wing and that’s fine if he’s good enough, one thing is for sure, he’s a better left winger than Eboue, who now wants to go to a Spanish club, shame because I still think he is a quality right back, but if we have a youngster as cover, I will settle for that, I know the boss won’t sign my preferred choice which is Glen Johnson.

Jean Thissen, that well known Belgian manager of Togo has lobbed Adebayor out of his team as Adebayor started to tell him what he should be doing, really? that surprises me, Adebayor rates hmself. Arsene, take note, you were warned when he was at Monaco, he’s disruptive, he’s not that good so get rid of him.

Cesc, Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright all gave Denilson and Song the vote of confidence by suggesting we needed a ball winner in midfield, Cesc said in the mould of a Vieira, Gilberto or a Flamini, Berkamp went further and suggested YaYa and Ian Wright said that it must be really tough for Cesc to play alongside Denilson week in, week out, actually he said worse but I’ll leave it there. So, so much for stats eh?

If Arsene Wenger doesn’t act now, after Seaman, Smith, Dixon, Winterburn, Nicholas, DB10, Wrighty, Pires, Adams, big Frank and now his very own adopted son Cesc have all said, since the window has opened, that we need to buy a world class defensive midfielder, then I will truly despair, they surely can’t all be wrong, there has to come a time when Arsene can see it isn’t going to happen for certain players, well not now anyway, the thing is if he doesn’t act, our season will be over again by September like it’s been for 4 out of the last 5 seasons.

Enjoy today and basking in Andre Arshavin’s limelight, Andre you win a case of Peroni but you have to do an interview to claim it, it’s your call!

Have a great day Grovers, Keiran Gibbs had a good game last night and he’s next up against Spain on Thursday, tune in, he is one for the future.

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  1. Coadsi


    Cesc Fabregas limped out of training with the Spanish national team today after a strong tackle by Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso.

    It is the second time that Fabregas has been injured by Alonso this year following on from a tackle in the Premier League game between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates in December.

    AS reports that a hard tackle from Alonso damaged the left knee of Fabregas and that, with some annoyance, he left training.

    The session was the last before the game with Iraq tomorrow and also featured another tough tackle by Albert Riera on Santi Cazorla.

    It is not yet known how serious the injuries are to either Cazorla or Fabregas but it looks almost certain that the Arsenal man will miss the game tomorrow

  2. Stu

    Well Hitzelsperger left on a free as a good player for them and has since won the bundesliga and been made captain. He left at 23 and was obviously nowhere near his peak. IF we were to sign him it wouldnt be the same player that left Villa. Simples!
    And at just 5m i would welcome him.

  3. Stu

    That bastard Alonso should just fuck off.
    If we dont buy him then he should fuck off to another country as far away from Fabregas as possible. The twunt!

  4. Stu

    Dutchman, being sutch i assume you know the eridivise pretty well. Just wondering what you think of Marcus Berg. He scored a hattrick today for sweden u21s and they said he scored 26 or so in all comps last season. Is he good.

  5. ManGoonian

    Alonso is just trying to impress cesc with his hard tackling so he can get that dream move to AFC…

  6. Dutchman

    Stu, he is class for our division, his finish is incredible. He has two goals were he lobes the ball over the keeper from 20 meters. But he have had a time where he scores nothing. And he must learn a lot, so for now he must stay in Groningen.

  7. Stu

    Well in fairness the whle Serbian team look a fairly hard. And most of ’em are fucking huge aswell. None stick out tho but they are a good defensive unit. Only conceded 5 in qualifying.

  8. Stu

    Tell you what tho! Giovinco is facking useless. Broke the offside trap with about 15-20yards between him and the last defender. Tried to lob a stranded keeper and passed it right into his hands.

  9. Dutchman

    I mean that vela is one of the best talent we have. Agree? He has skills he dribbles like messi and he can finish. Every defender would scare him. He moves very much and we have the three like barca(eto henry messi)

  10. Stu

    Dutchman, i always prefer a DM in there to accomodate the flair players but i dont see why it couldnt work against a team that will sit back for 90min with 10men behind the ball.

    The defence would have to be solid as well for that front 6 to work imo.

    No VP anywhere i see. Whys that?

  11. Stu

    Serbia are looking good in the last few minites. Had a shot saved on the line and hit the post with a bicycle kick. Very unlucky not to be ahead.

  12. Pedro

    ManGoonian, I think Hitzlsperger left Villa because he was doing well… he scored some cracking goals.

    Not that I would like him… but he didn’t leave becuase he failed.

  13. ManGoonian

    Simply cant get excited about the prospect of Fritzle signin…. Although I imagine its paper talk….

  14. Pedro

    Dutchman, RvP isn’t lazy!

    His finishing could be a bit sharper… but if those shots that hit the woodwork dropped in… he’d have baged 20+ (Didn’t he hit the woodwork 6-7 times?)

  15. Dutchman

    I like VP but I prefer vela/eduardo and arshavin.
    If eduardo is injured than v persie in for him.
    But I think vela must give a chance. He is so class!!!

  16. Dutchman

    No pedro, but he is not that man who can make ferdinand and vidic like dogs. Vela can do that for sure, because he moved very much so as bendtner.
    I think that the partnership with vela\eduardo and arshavin better works.

  17. Pedro

    I’m watching a doco on the Green bank killer…

    The presenter asked someone if they did the killings…

    He paused for 5 seconds and said,

    ‘No, but I wish I did… I mean, I wish I knew who did’

    a bad Freudian slip on national tv!

  18. Stu

    At least VP doesnt just stand out on the wing waiting to get the ball so he can pass it backwards and creat the illusion that he is actually getting involved with play. Like certain other players at the club…… πŸ™„

  19. Pedro

    I think RvP is so unpredictable… he hasn’t been amazing this year, but still managed to grab the most assists in the league.

    If he gets his shooting boots on next year, he could be invaluable.

  20. Pedro

    So if Eboue goes… who replaces him as reserve right back?

    Kolo… or do we have some kid coming through? Tom Cruise is the youth cup right back?

  21. ManGoonian

    Not every player has to run around like a nutter! Ade has to coz thats his game, other players rely on small movements, getting into good positions or using their skills and brains to do damage to the opposition…. Shit, that almost sounds like I know what Im on about…

  22. Stu

    IMO our best partnership from last season was Bendtner and Arshavin towards the end of the season.
    And last season my fabourite one was Eduardo and Bendtner but it didnt get to develope because of Dudus injury unfortunately.

  23. Stu

    Our youth right back is Craig Eastmond and he is one of the few weak links there. We dont really have a great up and coming right full back. Unless you count Gilbery or Gavin Hoyte.

  24. Paulinho

    RVp always give the impression he plays like shite but when you look back he always manages to set someone up or get in good positions. Sign of a good player.

    Not top draw though IMO.

  25. Pedro

    Ahh… well, I can’t see us replacing him?

    What about Jet… Didn’t he play there for the first team last year?

  26. ManGoonian

    Coquelin or gav Hoyte really…. But can’t see either being ready…? Micah Richards it is then…

  27. Pedro

    That header Michah scored yesterday was good… maybe he’ll turn the corner this season… he looked pretty motivated yesterday…

  28. ManGoonian

    I think pre-season will be very interesting to see if Wenger feels vela is ready to start regularly… he has shown in flashes he has the talent, if he can do it more consistently, he will be a top player for us….

  29. Pat

    Playing for your the team you support should always be motivating, shouldn’t it. If Micah loves us, then why not.

  30. Pedro

    MG, it didn’t really make sense to omit him this season… I don’t think he ever let us down? He always caused problems when he came on… it seemed odd how few opps he got…

  31. Paulinho

    ManGoonian, I’m surprised how lowly rated Vela is amongst fans. He’s had barely any chances as forward in the first team, in league games, and people seem to be under the impression he missed the boat or something.

    Must have been a little dinghy in that case…

  32. ManGoonian

    Not sure about that Pedroni?

    I think he was very inconsistent and quite poor in certain games. Missed a few easy (for him) chances too.

    Towards the end of the season, particularly, the Pompey game, he began to show us what he could do… I think IF he doesnt get 20+ games next season, at least, that means he has broken his leg… ahem

  33. Wrighty7

    Evening all!

    Good shout on Micah Richards there Pedro.

    I’d like him to join.

    18 months ago prices of Β£20m were bandied about for him.

    He hasn’t become a bad player over night, maybe just a little demotivated.

    He’s a Gooner, what better way for him to get back on track than by joining us?

  34. Pedro

    … but you can draw parallels between him and Bendtner… and Bends had plenty of chances.

    I think it’ll be good news for Rambo if Eboue goes… I reckon he’ll get the nod as second choice right sided player next year.

    I think he’d do a good job as well!

  35. ManGoonian


    You think vela is under rated by Gooners?? I assumed most thought he was dead unlucky not to play more? Like Pedro really. I just think he has been brought along nicely and next season we will see a lot more of him, either up front or on the left of a 3 behind a lone striker kinda ting…

  36. Paulinho

    I just read quite a few a saying he was inconsistent and needed to take his chance next season. I think it was on Arsenal Mania. Couldn’t really fathom it.

    I don’t see any flaw in his game and I think Wenger handled him poorly this season.

  37. ManGoonian

    Well, we’ll see next season I guess. I can only think of a couple of times when I thought he could’ve started, but didnt. Unlike the season before when I hoped to buggery Theo would start in place of Eboue…

    Unless, you are saying that about vela playing instead of Diaby perhaps??? πŸ™„

  38. ManGoonian

    Well, tonite maybe, although its been out there for a while now!

    Β£5m is a bit of a steal, considering we been linked with some 16 year old Dutch kid for Β£4m…

  39. Paulinho

    Mango- replacing that twat Ade or even RVP at times.

    I think the way he left Vela hanging after his wonderful carling cup performances did more harm than good, and somewhat contributed to his snatching at chances during Feb/March.

    I think he’s a more mature player than Walcott.

  40. ManGoonian

    Perhaps Wenger, for all his talk about givin the yutes a chance, does keep em away from playing a tad too long, especially when it comes to playing instead of particular players… But, I think, generally, his track record in brining thru players is pretty effin good…

  41. Paulinho

    It’s sods law though that the one youngster that actually looks ripe and ready for first team action is the one who gets kept on a leash longest.

  42. Coadsi

    Juventus could add another rock-solid Malian to their midfield for next season.

    According to reports from Sky, sporting director Alessio Secco is in Madrid to negotiate the transfer of midfielder Mahamadou Diarra, who could form a partnership with countryman Mohamed Sissoko in the middle of the park.

    The pair would play in support of new arrival Diego, who’s likely to slot in behind the strikers in a 4-3-1-2 system. Undoubtedly the combination of Sissoko and Diarra in midfield would give the Bianconeri a great deal of physical strength in that area.

    Diarra has been at Real Madrid since 2006, when he was signed from Olympique Lyon. The 28-year-old plays for the Malian national team.

  43. ManGoonian

    I think they will both become top drawer. And, as I am the most intelligent person on this blog, not to ention the one who has an uncanny talent for knowing exactly what is about to happen in terms of anything football related, you lot should take notice….oh and bow down at my feet in awe…

  44. Lou

    When Alonso kicked straight and hard through the ball earlier in the season to put Cesc out for a couple of months I was somewhat surprised that most people saw little in it. I thought it had a whiff of recklessness at the time and there was no percentage in Alonso doing it except to guarantee that if anyone was going to come off worse in the 50/50, it wasn’t going to be him. I have seen him do it more recently than that too, in other Premiership games where players have been hurt. Well, now he has crocked Cesc again in a training game and apparently Cesc was pretty pissed off with him. I believe that Alonso is a spiteful player and I have done for some time. He is going to hurt someone else badly soon.

  45. Pedro

    Arsenal are preparing a renewed Β£15m bid for Fiorentina’s midfielder Felipe Melo.

    The fiery Brazilian has been tracked by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for the past three years, since he was playing in Spain with lowly Almeria. He moved to Fiorentina last summer, quickly earning a reputation as a robust midfielder with an eye for goal. In his first season he collected 17 yellow cards and three reds.

  46. Stu

    I was ever so slightly impressed with Melo in the opening game of the confed cup. Him and Gilberto in front of the defence did a mostly decent job….well, up until they shiped 2 goals in a minute. But other than that he was fairly good.

    But 17 yellows and 3 reds in one season? Thats really shit. And in italy too where they are all dirty fuckers where i assume the refs are a bit lenient.

  47. Franchise

    Alonso reads le grove he is trying to prove to u guys that he is a hard man…. all ye that have doubted his taclking abilities

  48. Stu

    Melo might be good tho. He would certainly nt get bullied as he is build like a tank. That fucker is massive and being brazilian im gonna blindly assume that he is a half decent footballer. But at 15m he is a tad pricey.
    Its a toughie…. πŸ˜•

  49. ethangunner


    Arsenal are preparing a renewed Β£15m bid for Fiorentina’s midfielder Felipe Melo.
    so does this mean the tomas hitzprezsil rumor is over as quick as it came ?!

    boy wenger gets around …
    if its not a free transfer and reduced wages on the cards he wont buy ?

  50. Ja_Gunner

    If Wenger really doesnt want to kill Denilson/Song..he should buy Mahamadou Diarra….he is 27/28 so he would be a stop gap who they can learn from in the nest 2 years or so then they can take over fully.

  51. iceman

    Melo is paper talk.
    Unless he gets 10-15m for Senderos and Eboue.
    Hitzelsperger is a realistic target.
    It could work..who knows…

  52. Mark C

    Hi Guys

    Are people happy with Melo?

    We will lose him when Brazil play mid week, for the weekend game, as he returns too late for Wenger.

    Personally I would just like to see some players come in, and the dross shipped out.

  53. Mark C

    If Arsenal are looking at a big star for CM, then I would go for De Rossi, as I think he is more of an Arsenal player.

  54. Mark C


    Apart from Arshavin, Arsenal do not sign ready made stars.

    When Vieira, Petit, Henry, Freddie, arrived at Arsenal, they were not seen as world stars.

    When they joined the team, they became world stars.

  55. dennisdamenace

    Why would an established ‘star’ really want to come to us?? To what, babysit toot like Denilson and to almost win things??

    Until the funds that are being generated by Ashburton Grove are directed to the first team manager, then yes the likelyhood is that we’ll continue to be a ‘star’ maker club, rather than a star purchaser….

  56. dennisdamenace

    The ‘Arsenal don’t sign stars’ argument doesn’t wash with me i’m afraid.

    Why not? Because of the very reason of moving to this fucking souless bowl called The Grove, so we could compete with the biggest clubs, when in reality it’s plainly obvious that virtually all money currently generated is being syphoned off to pay the debt sooner rather than later…..

    But, while at Highbury, we had purchases like Talbot, Mariner, Nicholas, DB10 etc etc……

    These cunts running the club are protecting their own fucking ineterests at the expense of the first team, they are reducing the debt on the club to maximise the profit when the club is finally sold……

  57. Mark C

    DDM – An estalished star would want to play with Fabgregas, and Arshavin.

    Plus he could work with Wenger, who has a great name.

    If an established star came, would Denilson be getting a game?

  58. Pedro

    DDM, I like that comment… 100% agree.

    All this Arsenal class stuff is a bit misguided… our board are the same as anyone else… out for number one.

  59. Mark C

    DDM – the players you mention were not world stars when they joined.

    Even DB10 was struggling in Italy.

    Nicholas, Talbot and so on, were good English players, nothing more.

    You could compare them to Bentley, or Defoe, or Barry.

    You cant have it both ways.

  60. Geoff

    Mark when DB10 went to Inter from Ajax in the first place it was for a world record Β£12 mil, I would say he was a star then.

    Morning all, Pedro I have written the post so over to you for posting duty!

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening all

    iceman, Italians don’t leave home 😯 There are 100,000’s of them down here in Oz. & I don’t mind their food either, plenty of olive oil sharkey πŸ˜›

  62. Geoff

    Mark, …Nicholas was wanted by ManU, Liverpool and the spuds, his 50 goals for Celtic made him the hottest property in football.

    How’s that Gnarley?

  63. Pedro

    I’d say Bobby P was a star to a certain extent… he was a French international and he had a choice between us and Madrid…

    We’d class Benzema as a star if we signed him, wouldn’t we?

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    Hey Hey fella’s I only mention that word after you all remind me of it. But I know its taboo now that England & Wales got the big heave Ho by the Windies.

    I guess pedro you were meaning Champaigne Charlie Nicholas on reflection .

  65. iceman

    Meant football wise.
    Kinda like the English.
    Apart from Owen/Beckham no one’s really gone overseas lately.
    The eye-ties too…only Cassano comes to mind…I think from the current Azzuri side…only Giuseppe Rossi plays abroad.

  66. gnarleygeorge9


    See England’s invention has officially put in for the World Cup 2018 or 2022. We’d have to get one of them you’d think πŸ˜‰

  67. Wardo

    anyone see Real Madrid vs Arsenal 2006 ECL on Arsenal TV last night.

    Was bit shocked that Song, Senderos and Diaby played in that match !!!!

    Also, Eboue was excellent at right back and Reyes was very mobile….

    Senderos look a good defender (but its a european match not the EPL)

  68. Geoff

    Perhaps Australia should get a football team, they may go further in the comps that their rounders team did in the 20/20!

    Gnarley, see my 8.40 comment.

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    Tonight we play the Rising Sun in a dead rubber in Melbourne, @ football. We have a team, we flogged England 1-3 last time we played you πŸ˜†