Senderos is like Marmite, but could he be the key?

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So we are getting Senderos back and the chavs, Liverpool and City are chasing Le Grove target Glen Johnson for £20 million, (where do they get there money from, I thought they were skint)

Now the chavs sold Johnson to Portsmouth for £4 million and a year or so on and they may well pay £20 million to get him back. So why is he now worth so much more?

I’ll tell you, age, he’s in his mid twenties, he’s no longer a young player, much the same as Vermaelen and dare I say it…Senderos, they are both the right age and with Senderos as the big stopper and Vermaelen with the pace and good on goal we may have the makings of a Bould/Adams partnership.

Before you think I should be committed, what are our options? Silvestre is not good enough, Kolo and Gallas may be on their way and with Song and Djourou as back up, the two big strong europeans might just click.

Adams used to get donkey taunts when he was young, rarely do centrebacks get spacial awareness when young, and Senderos can head a ball so with the faster, sharper Vermaelen to back him up when he cocks up, who knows!

Sacko for me can go swivel, I don’t like what his agent said and he reminds me of Gallas with his attitude, and we need another 19 year old like we need a hole in the head.

I read with interest yesterday that Dennis Bergkamp said we need a clear out and the addition of 5 world class players, he also said that it gave the changing room a massive lift when new faces arrived, so Dennis joins the ranks of great Arsenal old boys that says we need to buy, are they all wrong?

Finally Charlie Nicholas has come out and told Robin he has no right to hold out on signing a new contract with his injury record, I’m half in and half out on that one, he still has two years left so there’s no hurry, Ade on the other hand needs to go, we should use him in a swap deal to get someone, Flamini and Pato would suit me, or Flamini and a Brioni suit, or even Flamini and cash, but definitely Flamini, he’s what we’ve been missing.

Finally, I wasn’t saying Senderos is the answer, all I’m saying is the year off and a year on he may have learned something.

Have a great Domingo Grovers, here in Ingerland it’s going to be a scorcher!

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  1. ethangunner

    i never said IT WILL HAPPEN !

    its just what smart people would do !

    like me ! 🙂
    because i cant see nasri striking a great partnership with cesc this season .. and if barca want him for 50 mil .. for me it would solve most of the problems we have .. for the price of cesc we could get 4 players in there 22-23’s up and coming ..

    nasri style purchases ! .. 12.5 mil …