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“Chants and the Man from Lower Block 7………”

Actually that’s not me, I’m a woman (aka “bird” – cheers Pedro – it’s a few years since I’ve been called that) from Lower block 7…. more about the man later.

Now most football blogs, Le Grove included, appear to be written by men about men and for men so here’s one written by a genuine “cunt”. Ghastly word, never it use in real life, but so prevalent in the impoverished vocabulary of most of the football blogworld… so I will be a hypocrite, just this once mind, if that’s what it takes to grab attention and credibility.

“Only a woman”, so therefore rarely taken seriously on football matters (most readers have probably gone to a more manly site by now) but, hey, here’s my credentials – 3rd generation Gooner for over 50 years (“OMG an old woman to boot”), season ticket holder, travelling fan, drinker in the Rocket, scarf twiddler, (out of tune) singer, owner of AW tee-shirt, marcher with the faithful. So a passionate, long time fan who loves the Arsenal, would never never ever boo one of our own and has never (and will never) leave a game early – more of that later too. So I reckon I’m as entitled to express my opinion as any other Arsenal obsessive and far more so than any blogger who refers to the “EPL” and get their (often ill-informed) crass opinions from other blogs or watching highlights! Yes, I’m a critical bitch too…

Lots of blogs are currently reviewing the season “footballistically”, so here’s some thoughts about our fans at the Emirates this season…….. ( weary sigh).

At times, and you’ll know when I mean, I have been ashamed to be associated with our so-called “supporters” this season. Ground well covered here and elsewhere. We all love the club and know (surely?) that we need to create a more positive, supportive (louder, louder and louder) atmosphere where our players feel loved, encouraged and forgiven for the odd error. It can and has been done at the “big” matches so why not every match? The travelling fans manage it. I was at the (truly dreadful) Man City away match and we were singing loud and long to the end despite it all.

So, our chants……….. frankly, is it just me, or are some of them just a bit rubbish? The self-proclaimed Red Army, just around the corner from me, are very good on a good day (but rather inclined to go quiet on a bad one to be frank). In Block 7 most of us join in (although no credit ever given here – only Block 6 ever get a mention with occasional faint praise for Block 5). But we try our best to raise the volume and lift the team. So please, Red Army/Action could we have some new/better songs next season?

Comments recently from players (Clichy, Theo, Ade to mention two (sic)) suggest they really take notice and love their songs. Ade has even been moaning that we haven’t sung his song much this year – small wonder! I guess from his cheery demeanour on the end of season lap he didn’t hear the new version sung at the Stoke game – “give him his coat and show him the door” – nasty.

Here’s a few constructive suggestions……….

Firstly, we really need a good chant for every player that the rest of the stadium can pick up easily and sing with gusto. Look how quickly the aforementioned Ade chant was picked up after it was started by the travelling fans at Fulham last year. A good chant, easily understood, and great to sing… will even get the Upper Tiers going! The chant of “Eduuuaaaardo, Eduuuaaaardo ……” at the Cardiff game was deafening, and most certainly the most moving moment of the year, nevermind the long Eduardo song (ripped off from the Liverpool’s Torres chant!).

Several of our players do not get the encouragement they deserve as no-one has come up with a good song. Some “great” players, Flamini, Hleb to mention two, never really had much of a song. Is there a lesson there? If the fans had shown their respect and appreciation perhaps they would have been more loyal when the foreign cheque books were flashed. Who knows.

So what about Arshavin – much loved by all. When he was signed someone in the Rocket got on the mike and taught us all a great song – a real new one (not one ripped off from someone else) with a great Russian “HOY” in the middle. What happened to it? Never heard it again. There have been a few lame versions “……..we bought him in the snow and he’s better than Defoe”……..purlease!

And what about Keiron Gibbs – terrific, heroic performances when suddenly elevated from the reserves. We all loved him but where were the chants – particularly when he needed a boost after his catastrophic slip.

And then we have our fabulous captain. Not his greatest season, I know, but frankly (am I alone here?) “we’ve got Cesc Fabregas…..” is a bit lame don’t you think? And it hasn’t been sung much this year either! Why? Are we taking him for granted? The Eduardo/Torres song has been sung over and over almost every match, and in the Gunners pubs pre-match, despite him not being on the pitch (or even near it). OK, it’s a good song to sing but what message is that sending out to the players who are actually playing?

So, Red Army/Action, if you are reading, please could you do some pre-season training with your ipods and come up with some new, truly original songs/anthems to turn into great chants for our boys. Ones that we can all recognise, are simple to learn and great to sing (and aren’t just copied from other teams).

And now back to the “man in Block 7” ………. you know who you are…… sit in the middle, always arrive late (both halves), go out at least once a half, and always leave early …….. please, please do not renew or just sod off somewhere else will you!

And don’t get me started on the young men a few rows in front who think it is ok to boo and give wanker signs to OUR OWN players…………… what great supporters you are. Just. Piss. Off.

Thanks for reading this old bird’s rant.

P.S. If you haven’t joined our facebook groups, I’d like to know why… (Group: Le Grove Profile: Pedro LeGrove… get joining… check our twitter as well –>).

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  1. Stu

    Samir, dont believe Wiki. Anyone can change that themselves without any proof. He used to be a striker. But so did Cashley, Gallas etc etc. Doesnt make them versatile.

  2. leon

    i feel in midfield we need experience that was the one thing that was missing this sakho am sure is very good for the future but 19 no dought lacks experience but i think would a goos addition to squad but a top class defender still needed,as far as matuidi i dont see anything he has got that we dont already have in song and delinson plus we have huge amount attacking options,plus we still have couquin as well forthe future i just think we need an a more experienced tough tackling midfielder 23 or older

  3. Samir

    Veloso seems the best DM for us in my mind. He’s a DM but can be used at CB if desperate. 23 years old. I would say he’s quite similar to Gareth Barry but less experience. Didn’t he have a row with his manager or players? For that reason I think he will leave for a cut price.
    Lorik Cana is another option BUT I don’t think he’s right for us. Sloppy passer…

  4. Samir

    1. Capable of doing many things competently.
    2. Having varied uses or serving many functions: “The most versatile of vegetables is the tomato” Craig Claiborne.
    3. Variable or inconstant; changeable: a versatile temperament.

  5. Stu

    Thats a bit mean on Veloso, comparing him to Barry.

    And we should steer clear of players that get into fight/arguments with their piers/Managers etc. Attitude problems arent welcome.

  6. leon


    i have never sean veloso play and wenger has never gone for him there must be a reason for that,but there are somany top midfielder in europe i am sure wenger can find someone

  7. Stu

    But capable of playing at left back doesnt mean he can play well there.

    Eboue can play anywhere but because he is mostly wank, he isnt actually versatile. Just not good enough to make 1 spot his own.

    Sakho aint versatile no matter what Wiki implies.

  8. Stu

    Veloso is nothing compared to Moutinho tho. And Veloso has a lot of attitide problems and such. I’d much rather someone else.

  9. Stu

    Tell you who aint bad. Maduro, the Valencia defender. Well, when i saw defender he is a defensive player who can play CB and DM. And being dutch he must be a decent footballer. 😉

  10. leon

    wenger must have his reasons for not foing for veleso and if he is that good i suprised a team like barc or real madrid and other big clubs have not gone for him

  11. Stu

    I have been asked who arsenals worst ever signing was and i feel ill-equiped to answer given my tender years. So anyone wanna tell me the answer. Lovedup? Go for it.

  12. Lovedup Loner


    They have all been brilliant, IMO. Cant make a case for any dud signings….

    Erm….. Perhaps Glenn Helder?

  13. A

    absolutely no way is it glen helder!! frannie jeffers must be up there, stepanovs? though it depends on how you decide how to work out the worst, whether needs to have spent loads of money etc

  14. Lovedup Loner


    FFS! What do you do? Hide until you wanna contradict everyone’s points??? 🙄

    I just remember Glenn Helder balooning crosses all over the place. Im sure theres a few more outstanding candidates tho…

    Gus ceaser was always a bit of a scapegoat, before the tinternet…

  15. Stu

    Just the worst A, no criteria, no points system. Just the worst. You dont have to always complicate everything.

  16. Ja_Gunner

    Well I know grovers have spoken about this many times but I feel someone should suggest to Wenger to with the Barca 4-3-3..not the Liverpool type.

    Reason being…we should build the team around Arshavin..he is 28 so we cant waste him..Cesc is still young….Arshavin has said he does not play on the wing in 4-4-2…he plays as support striker..he said he plays on the left side of a I think Wenger should listen to him…he is our best player so we should build around him…I favour 4-3-3 because the players we have fit that system better….in 4-4-2..Arshavin would be support striker so that means Ade,RVP,Bend,Eddy, Vela and soon Theo would be fighting for one spot…..I dont think thats feasible.

    SO cmon Arsene try the Barca style 4-3-3 so that Arshavin can wreak havoc in the final third.

  17. A

    Yes loner, that’s exactly what i do! Helder wasn’t amazing, but he wasn’t THAT bad, he was like eboue as a winger, worse than everyone wanted but not as bad as he could.

    Not trying to complicate things, just that criteria can vary! The worst signing as such would be someone who cost lots of money but was shit, like jeffers, but if you just talk about the worst player you could say bischoff or stepanovs, even though they didn’t cost much….

    Considering where they ended up what about Chris Wreh?! went from winning the title with us to playing non league football!

  18. A

    Ja that’s the system that wenger has been trying to create for the last 6 months…. It’s been the team not playing with confidence and dominating games that’s made people mistake it for 4-5-1, not the system itself….

  19. A

    gp – watching the toulon tournament yesterday he seemed a lot bigger than i thought he was, he looked like an absolute beast!

  20. Ja_Gunner

    Barca style 4-3-3…1st team

    I dont think the boss is selling Ade so therefore the 1st team is



    …………….New DM………………..



    RVP plays in this position for Holland so I dont know Arsene tries him on the left…doesnt he watch his player’s in internationals???

    2nd team






    3rd team






  21. goonerpress

    A, Sakho is massive! He one of those Fabregas type players. Really mature for his age. Top top player. We have to get him soon before the top clubs step up their chase.

    I reckon both Kolo and Gallas could go this year. I don’t want them to but I reckon it may happen. That will leave us with Senderos, Vermaelen, Djourou and Sakho as options at CB.

  22. A

    ja ade can’t play in the barca system, he won’t start centrally

    i think your first team wouldn’t be far off, but it’d be vp, or maybe eduardo centrally, arshavin left, theo right. Also nasri might rotate with rosicky

  23. Stu

    Yeah, he isnt good enough to play in a free flowing football team.

    Also, i would much orefer VP out right than Theo. VP – Eduardo – Arshavin should be the front 3.

  24. Ja_Gunner

    What do guys think of those 3 teams?…I think that formation along with defending as a unit will enable us to win trophies….

    I like the formation because the 2 wide forwards .have more freedom..they should pressure from the front…..the fullbacks dont need their support as much because of the midfielders in front of the full backs……

    in 4-4-2..the two wide players must track back to help their full backs….in the 4-3-3 the two attacking midfielders can give their full backs support if needed.

  25. A

    i doubt it’ll happen though stu – when vp has played that system he’s played centrally. When he’s out wide he takes too long on the ball. Theo even if his final ball isn’t great is very good at getting behind the defence from that position, and it scares the life out of the defenders. Wenger wants the wide men to be nippy rather than someone like vp, gotta play one twos and run in behind.

    Next season will be really interesting, can’t wait for pre season!

  26. Samir

    Sell Ade buy Benzema.


  27. Ja_Gunner

    Well the reason I put Ade there is because it does not seem like the boss will sell him and its obvious that Wenger rates him.

    I dont think VP can play in the centre either because the centre backs rough him up. So thats why I put Ade there..if he comes back to his 07-08 self he will work hard and will create space for the wide forwards.

    If Wenger keeps Ade ….believe me he will start.
    If he can re-capture the 07-08 industry and stay in the box then I dont mind having him…..the forwards and midfielders need to learn how to time their runs to get on the end of low, hard squares just like Gerard lampard etc..if we can learn that we will be fine because that is what Arshavin specialises in for Zenit and Russia..low hard craosses into the box..not those high floaty crap crosses that Sagna and Clichy put in.

  28. A

    Ja wenger has played vp in the centre in that system recently, and he’s done well. I reckon Eduardo would ultimately be the best player there though.

    In that system the central forward has to drop deep into midfield, and swap with the wide men, and ade just can’t do that – it’s why i really don’t think he’ll start many games if he doesn’t go.

  29. Lovedup Loner

    Arsenal are unlikely to resist a £12m bid given the progress last season of Kieran Gibbs and Clichy’s injury record.
    Yeah right you are then….

    I cant wait for pre-season either… Hopefully Eduardo, Rosicky will be raring to go, as well as Yaya, Essien, Buffon, Hangeland and lescott too….

  30. Ja_Gunner

    Well the other issue that I highlighted was why dont our midfielders know how to time their runs to get unto those low hard crosses or fumbles at the top of the box?

    This is Gerrards and Lampards it that they are not physically equipped to get up and down the the field?

    How many times have we put in crosses aerial or not and not one man is at the penalty spot of top of the box to finish it off.

    If Rosicky returns fitness he could do this and also Nasri..especially if he is liberated from the 4-4-2 Nasri is wasted on the wing….this is also another reason why I hope the boss switches permanently because I think Nasri would be superb playing the role that Iniesta does for Barca….he would be more central..thus could do more damage.

  31. A

    bollocks 12 mil, heard 20 mil from some sources, that’d be ok, but we’d never let him go for just 12! Come on madrid, you know you wanna spend silly money….

  32. Ja_Gunner

    Why do you say that’ve seen Vermaelen play?

    And again the goal that Lampard scored against Andorra setup by Theo..I feel we should be scoring goals of that type more often…

    Theo gets to the byline and puts in a low hard centre right at the penalty spot and a midfielder trailing the play comes and slots it into the goal…we should practice those kinda things.

    Too many times we centre the ball and nobody is even near the penaly box to finish it off.

  33. leon


    there is no way there is no way gibbs is anywere near experienced enough play in big games yet he is very gifted but i dont think he is ready yet,

  34. A

    I dunno loner – not supporting the selling of him, but if the £20 mil could be spent well elsewhere then I wouldn’t be devastated by it happening….

    I was thinking it could be a genuine possibility though, what with Vermaelen being able to play left back too that would make sense.

  35. Samir

    WTF wats the point of selling clichy… Gibbs is not ready yet. If Clichy was playing in that game V man ure we would have won. Whilst were selling clichy why not sell the rest of the squad aswell.

  36. A

    I was thinking about Gibbs too – He’s miles away from the finished article, and i’d much prefer clichy playing there, but I was also thinking back to when we sold Cole, and imo Gibbs is ahead of where Clichy was when Cole was offloaded, which is why I don’t totally reject the idea.

  37. Paulinho

    Only against us Ja Gunner but it seems as if he’s an organiser, can challenge for a high ball, and is an astute reader of the game.

    Wenger has always been a tight arse when it comes to central defenders so I’m pretty sure he’s convinced this guy is the goods.

  38. Paulinho

    I said it a few months ago, Wenger doesn’t do reserve full backs, so don’t be surprised if Clichy goes and Vermaelen fills in along with Gibbs.

  39. Samir

    We might as well keep both Kieron and Geal. It’s better to have a good back up. If we can rotate well this season as Barca have done we have a real chance.

  40. Stu

    Samir, its a bit harsh to say if we had Clichy against united we would have won. Gibbs didnt lose us that match alone. It was down to so many things and so many other players failing us on the night.

    Gibbs will be great and defo become better than both Cole and Clichy imo. Its just a matter of time but i would still rather keep Gael for another few seasons.

  41. Stu

    LL, Vermaelen played left back for the end of the season but i havent a clue as to why because he is apparently right footed and a much better central defender. They had actual left backs available but didnt play them. 😕

  42. Samir

    I know its a bit harsh like but the second he slipped and that chink put the ball in the back of the net our team gave up. The only player trying was Nasri…

  43. Stu

    Hey hey hey hey hey hate Park all you want. But keep the racism to your self.

    And to blame Gibbs completely is wrong imo. The whole build up was shite defensively on our behalf. The ball should never have even gotten as far it did and a slip can happen to anyone. A kid no less, and the last thing he needs is people getting on his bacl because of it.

  44. leon

    well gallas is alot better than either of themin that position.clichy is a good defender but he is alot better going forward and his pace is greatest assett,but defensivly he is prone to mistakes

  45. Samir

    Didn’t Clichy used to be right footed? I read somewhere he was. His dad was ref or something and didn’t allow goals he score with his right??

  46. Stu

    Well that must be a load of bollocks because he never uses his right foot. Ever! And when he does he is fucking shite with it so…….

  47. Lovedup Loner

    I dont see any logic or positivity in selling Clichy, the squad should be left as in tact as possible. IF players want to leave, or are surplus to requirements then thats different. But I dont see either applying to Gael…

  48. Samir

    From his dad:

    “What a lot of people don’t know, is that Gael is a natural right footer and he never used to use his left foot. But I was a referee for some of his matches when he was a kid and I told him: ‘if you score with your right foot, I won’t award a goal’. And he did it, he worked on his left foot and it became a better one. He now thanks me a lot!”

  49. Stu

    I still dont believe it. You dont just change your prefered foot. Maybe inprove your bad one, good enough to have both just as good, like Maldini or Arshavin, but you dont just change foot in such a miraclous way. Like Clichy being right footed then just changing to his left and never using his right.
    Its very farfetched.

  50. Stu

    Well i guess he is right footed then. Why does he never use it tho?

    And is a bit odd that his father made him use his left foot. It makes absolutely no sense. None what so ever.

  51. Paulinho

    Agree Stu. Baffled with that one. Might explain why he always stabs at the ball instead of following through like Gibbs.

  52. Stu

    I mean, it would be one thing if he was great with both feet. But he aint. He aint even special with his left foot which he always uses. Not does he even use his right foot- supposedly his good foot.

  53. Lovedup Loner

    If I must…

    Charlie Nick says;

    After netting 30 goals in 2007-08, Adebayor managed just 16 last season – an awful return, according to Nicholas, given Arsenal’s attacking style of play.

    The former Celtic man said: “Arsenal create more chances than any other side.

    “If you’ve not got a striker scoring 25 goals a season with the number of chances they create, then there’s something wrong. He’s not fitting in.

    “The players who should be sold are Adebayor, Eboue, Djourou and they should let Gallas go too if he’s not up for it.

    “There are a lot of changes needed – probably the most ever.

  54. A

    I’d have to disagree with Charlie Nick a wee bit. I don’t think it’s a necessity to have your forwards scoring 25 goals, but with ade it’s a case of goals being the only thing he offers to the team, so he has to score shitloads of goals to justify his inclusion.

    Whereas I’d say vp had a very good season, but only scored 18 goals still.

    Also think we need changes, but not lots of changes, and certainly not the most ever, that’s just getting a bit silly and over the top!

    Daily Mail really is a great newspaper isn’t it, so insightful and educational on both sport and everything else, I’d certainly never know half the things I should be outraged about if I didn’t read it.


    A-the only way you are going to be right in your conclusion to us not needing major changes,is by us not losing a load of games before we get to x-mas.If by x-mas we have lost as many games as we did last season then i reckon charlie will be right.

  56. Lovedup Loner

    It was even more high brow than that most august organ, the mail. It was indeed, the daily Star…

  57. Lovedup Loner

    We lost the majority of games early doors due to a complete lack of application, and a piss poor attitude IMO. Not a lack of players.

    But, Im just super happy BBK is still with us and hasnt jumped off of Beachy head! 😀

  58. Lovedup Loner

    “Defensively, we’re not good enough. We need a keeper, at least one central defender and after that you’re looking for a top-class midfielder – and another striker.
    More Charlie Nick schtick

  59. A

    He is a little bit of a clown isn’t he, though that’s pretty much a pre-requisite to be a sky sports pundit so not overly surprising

  60. A

    Did anyone else fail to realise the confederations cup starts tomorrow?! Look forward to seeing spain piss all over everyone

  61. A

    tomorrow evening at 730 bbk, against New Zealand. First game of the tournament is South Africa Iraq at 3pm, not overly exciting!

  62. Lovedup Loner

    What a complete waste of time thats gonna be… FIFA, Blatter, Platini must be sooo proud of themselves for bringin us this unneeded non-event…

  63. A

    Nowt to do with Blatter or Platini loner! I do agreeit’s a bit of a waste of time though, players are already overloaded and fatigued etc, what’s the point of it?! I know it was invented by the rich Saudis to make themselves feel important, and I can kinda get the logic in having the champions of every continent against each other but surely that’s taken care of in the world cup anyways?! I don’t get why Fifa took it over from the Saudis, or is it just to text out potential hosts to see if they’d be up to hosting the world cup?!

  64. Lovedup Loner

    Erm, its a FIFA tourny, so Blatter is to blame, and Platini is Blatters mate, so he’s ripe for blamin too….

  65. A

    Who do people think Johnson will go to?? He’d be crazy to go back to Chelsea imo, and will Liverpool be willing to pay the silly money for a right back?! Surely City would be the best bet, though I think he’d be awesome at Liverpool. Wish we could snap him up, swap with ade!!

  66. A

    Ha i dunno loner – I’m not sure we could blame them for just not cancelling a tournament that was scheduled before Blatter was Fifa top man, and it has nothing to do with Platini!!

  67. Lovedup Loner

    Glen Johnson is average, IMO. Decent enough goin forward, very poor defensively. He’s stock has risen enormously simply coz there are no toerh English RBs.

    Am shocked you dig him A!

  68. A

    Nah loner, I’ve been a big fan for a long while, I really liked the look of him at Chelsea, but they just fucked him by not playing him, same as with swp. Johnson was always weak defensively, but he’s come on leaps and bounds this season in that area, and is one of the best in the prem defensively imo, and THE best in the prem going forward, I can see him being considered one of the best in Europe in a couple of years, it’s just a bugger that Chelsea stole a few years of his career.

    I love an attacking full back though, which is why I’m not overawed by sagna and clichy

  69. Lovedup Loner

    Really cannot agree there A, He’s average and will prove it when he moves, IMO.

    Oh well, time to hit the hay, laters taters

  70. A

    As do i Loner, been a pleasure as always! We will see about Johnson, I think he’ll surprise a few people and exceed expectations somewhat, become England and whichever club he signs for’s Dani Alves!

    Nite peeps

  71. gnarleygeorge9

    Old Bird, This is my song for big Johan20

    “He’s BIG, he’s black, he crashes through the pack”

    Big Yo Yo!! Big Yo Yo!! 🙂

  72. gnarleygeorge9

    ARSENE Wenger must get rid of Arsenal rebel Emmanuel Adebayor – and order Robin van Persie to shut up about his new contract.

    The blunt message for Wenger to sort out his trouble-making strikers comes from former Gunners hitman, Charlie Nicholas.

    The fed-up Sky Sports pundit reckons the unsettled Adebayor should be sold to the highest bidder – along with William Gallas, Emmanuel Eboue and Johan Djourou – as part of a huge summer clear-out at the Emirates.

    He believes that will allow the Arsenal board to fund an essential spending spree, with a world-class goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker on the Frenchman’s shopping list.

    Nicholas, a Highbury & Geoff now of le Grove favourite in the 1980s, said: “Arsene is no fool, he knows where the problem lies and he’s already identified what he needs.

    “Defensively, we’re not good enough. We need a keeper, at least one central defender and after that you’re looking for a top-class midfielder – and another striker.

    “I think Adebayor will be sold if the right money comes in. They were very close to doing a deal with AC Milan last summer and I know Chelsea were also sniffing around.”

    After netting 30 goals in 2007-08, Adebayor managed just 16 last season – an awful return, according to Nicholas, given Arsenal’s attacking style of play.

    The former Celtic man said: “Arsenal create more chances than any other side.

    “If you’ve not got a striker scoring 25 goals a season with the number of chances they create, then there’s something wrong. He’s not fitting in.

    “The players who should be sold are Adebayor, Eboue, Djourou and they should let Gallas go too if he’s not up for it.

    “There are a lot of changes needed – probably the most ever.

    “I am 100 percent behind the manager because there’s nobody out there any better. But while I believe his team have potential and his philosophy is correct, Arsene needs to get more out of some players.

    “The team have a mental weakness. Cesc Fabregas and the rest are fantastic players but in big-match situations they can’t work out how to win. They just fold.”

    Nicholas’ stinging attack on the underachievers, who have not won any silverware since the FA Cup in 2005, did not stop there.

    He also laid into Dutch striker Van Persie over his refusal to agree a new deal until the club prove they match his ambition to win trophies.

    Slamming that attitude, Nicholas argues the former Feyenoord forward has no right to make such a demand after spending much of his career at Arsenal battling injury.

    He said: “Van Persie’s playing a daft game saying he wants to know what the future holds for him.

    “Who the hell is he to ask Wenger or Arsenal that?

    “To be fair he’s different to Adebayor because he’s more of a link player and he put in a good shift last season.

    “But that doesn’t mean he should start throwing this stuff at the manager’s door – wanting to know who’s going to be coming in before signing a contract.

    “He’s had plenty of chances, just like the rest of them, to do something about it – and, at the end of the day, it just hasn’t been good enough.”

  73. gnarleygeorge9

    …….Van Persie is not just looking at the financial aspects of the deal, especially with his wife pregnant with their second child.

    He wants to be certain staying at Arsenal is the best decision for his career.

    Being in the medico’s room all the time certainly isn’t in the best interest of The Arsenal fans, or don’t we count 😉

  74. gnarleygeorge9

    Manchester United’s transfer policy will not be affected by their debt mountain. With a £650m debt to service, there were some fears that the Glazer family might use some of the £80m Real Madrid have pledged to pay for Cristiano Ronaldo against the interest at least.

    The Glazer family have saddled Manchester United with a heavy debt.

    However, manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been assured that will not be the case, allowing the Scot to pursue the likes of Antonio Valencia and Franck Ribery without worrying too much about the cost.

  75. michael 'master' P

    Yes geoff! How goes it sir? Any news on the transfer front? I’ve purposely kept my head in the sand…

  76. Geoff

    Morning Peaches and Kelsey, I spent all day travelling back from Spain yesterday so I’m now back in Blighty, but I’ve written the post and will be airing it shortly.

  77. Gooner

    ‘We’ve got Cesc Fabregas’
    He’s got a a deadly right foot pass
    He’s a genius, he is class
    Woooo woooo Cesc Fabregas

    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas
    He’s got a deadly left foot pass’
    His girlfriend is the hottest lass’
    Wooo wooo Cesc Fabregass