Gallas to go to Juve, now that’s a bad idea, but what about Taylor?

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Well if reports are correct that Billy boy is going to Juve then I would be disappointed as I think he is our best defender by a country mile. Also I read that Senderos is returning, which again makes little sense, but as say nothing I guess we have to anaylse the gossip that we all read.

I say gossip because some of it is just that, but sometimes they have it right, like when we signed Samir Nasri or when Real signed Kaka.

I got into a long debate last night with a chum that thought we should be grateful for finishing 4th and losing two semi finals, I told him that had we made the signings we are still debating now, we maybe would have won those semis and finished 1st, he didn’t agree, but he also bet me £1,000 that Biafra was east of India! And no, I didn’t see the money!

I thought the Shareholders newsletter sent out by Gazidas was a little patronising, can you imagine Chelsea or ManU bragging about winning nothing?

YaYa turned us down again, if it’s to be believed I wish we’d stop asking him, if he’s that good then why would Barca let him go? I just wish that we would sign Cana or someone like Cana, I assume our network of scouts started looking in August, so if we are to sign quality players then why don’t we just get them now. Waiting for all the big boys to get fed first is like being pushed around in the school playground, or like being a girl lion and watching the big boys eat first.

Finally I would like someone to tell me how Real Madrid can continually spend the huge sums they do, they are a third world country for Christ’s sake, they must be hugely in debt and they had an average attendance this season of 73,157 which is not much more than us and given that they probably charge fans 4 pesos to get in, their income is nowhere near ours either so how can they keep spending what they do?

At least we’re not looking at Michael Owen though! Still I would have a look at the centre back Steven Taylor, he would be cheap, he is EPL proven and he miles better than fish head.

Have another hopeful day Grovers, you never know…

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  1. Stu

    Samir, i dont doubt he is a scary fucker but doesnt mean he is gonna be great.

    I do however agree that we need bigger, meaner players to scare the oppo in the tunnel.

    Pre kick off seeing the tiny team lining up is somewhat embarrassing when compared to seeing Vieira, Henry, Adams, Campbell etc etc towering above everyone with a look “ready to do battle” on their faces.
    Not Cesc etc smiling, and having a laugh when coming out for the game.

  2. Coadsi

    On the other hand Zapata was out b4 this season with a back injury, someone mentioned de la red earlier, he was out with heart problems………….perfect fit for us

  3. Stu

    Damn it Mayank. My deepest apologies. Im just off my game today. All i see is the M and K and move on from there. It always used to happen with Keyser and Kelsey too.

  4. Nick

    size of zapata probably had a bird nest in his back, he is one big fucker.playing in Italy ac need defenders so bad they took senders so why they not in for him 😐

  5. Stu

    LOL Franchise. The first one is like him staring at the person who made his eyebrow sort. “im gonna bust you up fucka!”

  6. Mayank

    Its okay Stu 🙂 but don’t EVER do it again… I don’t think size really matters if you want to scare, the right kind of look from Nasri could be just as effective.

  7. Stu

    No Nick, im just sitting in an awkward position in relation to the keys. 😕

    Mayank, that better be a suggestion and not a threat 😡

  8. Stu

    He had better not be Nick. Because if he is then he is a great Hidder and im a pretty shite seeker so…… 😯

  9. Coadsi

    since we have been linked to most defenders it seems, have we been linked with Adil Rami also?
    he partly fit the type : french, young, french

  10. Mayank

    Hey i heard Rosicky was supposed to be back in training some time ago and he’d be there for all of the summer anyone know anything about this?

  11. Samir

    “My groin is healed and I am not even tired, so everything is on track. Of course it will take a few days before I feel normal”.

    Tomas also revealed the details of his first training session with the rest of his team mates and that he felt useless!.

    “It was actually the normal training session which lasted about 80 minutes but for me it felt as though I was in paradise”!

    “I had a full training session along with the rest of the team. We had a warm-up, some training and then we played a game. I felt useless there” he said.

    This is understandable of course as he has been out of touch with the ball for so long. He will not be able to make it for the remaining two games of the season.

    “This weekend Arsenal play against Manchester United. I will stay at Colney and train with an assistant

  12. Stu

    Well Mayank, it matters not. Because i believe that Rosicky is actually allergic to one of our players that the staff are yet to identify and whenever they come into contact or are close to eachother Rosicky sustains another “niggle”.

    Expect him to be great all summer until they all return for pre season and he will get injured once again. MARK MY WORDS!

  13. Mayank

    Well if we go accoring to RvP’s thinking Rosicky should have all his teeth removed and he’ll be set.

  14. Stu

    Fack that! Just go to the training ground and smash all the players in the face. Knock all their teeth out…..except all the bad players obviously.

  15. Mayank

    Yes i’m sure they’ll recover from the smashed faces in about one season then we’re set. Die DOOMERS!

  16. Stu

    Smudge thinks Jack Rodwell is the next big thing. We should snap him up before Fergie gets him for 30m. 😯

  17. incesc

    lol stu

    yeah i saw your comment yesterday but didnt rise to the bait.

    it was a fucking huge bee!!! 8)

    I know bear is fake but i still love him


  18. Pat

    Gallas-Chilieni swap?

    SAF wouldn’t accomplish as much at Arsenal. He depends on star power and the board wouldn’t give him the money. If he did become Arsenal manager at that time and had the same start he had for United, he’d be sacked, surely.

    Say what you want, but he is tactically inept. United always struggle against Arsenal’s play, even if we don’t win.

    Barca played the same football we did at OT, but they have quality that can actually score.

  19. zorr0

    LOL, quality, was just watching the England game and they ahve that stupid thing where each player says his namd and announces his position and just after ‘Glen Johnson……Defender’ comes ‘Ashley Cole….’ and both the missus and I went ‘Wanker!’

  20. zorr0

    Interesting that swap if it happens, as Barca don’t really play with a bigger man up front, even though Ibra is not exactly a target man!

  21. Stu

    Incesc, Survivor man is actualy pretty boring but at least he doesnt cheat. And he is actually a film maker. He isnt actually a survivalist (if thats even a word). He is a documentarian (is that even a word either?).

    Bear knows his stuff but does it all the easy way and isnt real. Stroud is boring as fuck but at least his is real.

  22. Stu

    And it was offside aswell.
    Rooney is apparently the top scorer in WC qualifiers. Im actually very suprised.

  23. Stu

    And why the fack is Beckham starting centre midfield? And Gerrard on the left wing is a disgrace too, he is totally wasted out there and is defo better than ‘long shot lamps’.
    Capello makes some odd choices.

  24. zorr0

    Thing is Stur, the England manager is all about results and he seems to be getting them. Even if it is like watching chelsea play!

  25. Pedro


    I’ve just written a post… it’s tough going in the summer!

    So… one assist for Theo… I’m sure he’ll be asking for another 5k on his contract!

  26. Pedro

    Right guys… I’m hitting the hay!

    Have a spiffing night and remember to tune into my post tomorrow!


  27. ThaatArsenalGuy

    night pedro…
    Guys i really do think that walcott just needs confidence and composure. I watched him closely all night and it seems as though he has lost his creativity and spark. That being said he looks very very solid.He does the right thing at the right time (most of the time) but he just seems to look a little bit lost when hes off the ball and when he has time to think on the ball…

    The only reason he got his assist was because he is so fast physically, he didnt make the run to prompt the pass, the pass was made then he saw it and caught up with it.

    He just needs to think quicker and be a bit more crafty to keep the opposition guessing.

    Last point: at several points tonight he had 3 players crowding him out. cappello was right to say that hes important to the england team, even when hes off form he makes space for other players by having so many opposition players on him.

  28. Man

    good man Stu u got back to the footy…

    i quite like the montero guy playing for ecuardo, although haven’t seen much of him in the second half

    segundo castillo has done well in the DM position, surprised he doesn’t get much playing time at everton

  29. Stu

    While there is noone around i just wanna say how refreshing it it to see different countries at the top of groups. Portugal are third in their group begind Denmark and Hungarian. Its nice to see. Bendtners country doing well and Ronaldos/Mourinhos doing shite.

    Also Roland Juhasz, a giant defender we are linked with, plays at the heart of the hungarian defence. Vidic mkII?

  30. Stu

    Maradonna is a bit thick isnt he.

    Odd formations, chopping and changing from game to game and bringing in young players that are in no way ready or good enough.

  31. Ja_Gunner

    I hope Portugal dont make it…..I dont think they will anyway cuz they are on 9 points..while Hungary is on 14 and Denmark 16.

    Argentina will make it..they are in 4th spot..but even if they come fifth they will play off against a CONCACAF they will make it…

    Wenger should have gone for the 6ft 4 hungarian defender(Juhasz)..he looks good on his youtube clips….some of them are clips of one or two matches….not a compilation of many matches…so he looked good….he wins everything in the air and he is taller than Vermi..oh well we seem to be getting Vermi so I doubt Wenger will buy Juhasz..unless Gallas or Kolo leaves.

  32. Stu

    Yes Ja_G, i know the clips you are talking about. One is against Bayern Munich and im not sure about the others. He wins everything in the air, at set pieces and intercepts so many through balls. He is like a faster Hangeland. IMO if Ajax werent asking for so much then both Vermaelen and Juhasz would be possible. Neither should cost more than 7m imo.


    please,please,please can we just sign one player who we can all get excited about,is that to much to ask…eto to arsenal

  34. Jeff

    Finally I would like someone to tell me how Real Madrid can continually spend the huge sums they do,

    Seems to me the basis is that Real and Barca command something over half all the TV revenue in Spain.

  35. iceman

    This week it’s Pandev & Bassong.
    Last week was Dzeko & Vermaelen.
    Before that it was Santa Cruz & Hangeland.

    August couldn’t come sooner.

  36. kelsey

    June 11, 2009 at 8:07 am

    “What did we learn from England’s 6-0 demolition of Andorra? Andorra’s continued presence at this level is a joke and FIFA and UEFA really need to sort out a pre-qualifying tournament for the bottom-tier nations.” The above quote is taken from a headline i read this morning,,and really sums up everything.Absolutely nothing was learned last night,except we are three points nearer to qualification for The World Cup.Andorra has a population of 70000 and apparently not one national attended.Why not bring The Vatican City into the competition,just to raise more money.Having said that for over 50000 England supporters to attend,with major disruption to the London Underground system,against one of the minnows in world football, shows regardless of the economic climate their is still a huge passion for our national team.I wonder how many other European countries could have matched that attendance,against such opposition and traffic chaos.

    Oh Good morning everyone.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    I noticed on Setanta that the press asked the question to Capello, can England win the World Cup? & his reply, with the rolling of the eyes of contempt for such a stupid question, was more about getting to South Africa yet. Capello looks like the sort of bloke who will not allow the press to derail his mission. But beware all who are English & who may just be thinking Is the day finally coming? The press will dig up some sort of scandal about Capello or one of the players, they won’t be able to help themselves.

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff, in that case why don’t jump on board the Wattle Gold & Green Army, like your sister has 🙂

  39. iceman

    They go missing anytime they play a decent side.
    But when they thump Kazhakstan & Andorra the world cup is all of a sudden a possibility?
    It’s a joke really.

  40. rob green

    I have to disagree Geoff. I don’t agree with just playing beckham for last 2 minutes of a game just to for him to get a cap. But he doesn’t look out of place, he still looks good and does a job, best crosser of the ball, gives 100% (more than what some other England players do)

  41. Geoff

    Gnarley, it’s a thought and it was exciting watching you beat Bharain but I won’t let that prick chase me off, I’ll wait until someone finally realises he’s had it.

  42. Geoff

    Rob he’s a selfish cunt and lost us 2 world cups and a Euro with his antics.

    And getting caps for getting caps sake is just a joke.

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    A bloke like Beckham getting a game keeps younger types like Theo out. I’m with Geoff, Beckham is a self centred has been who just doesn’t know when to go away.

  44. Big Raddy


    I find your animosity towards Becks very amusing.

    Do you recall when MU came to THOF after the WC and thee was a hanging Becks effigy in the Clock End? Was that you?