One down 3 to go, come on Arsenal!

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So Gareth ‘give me Champions league (or a shed load of cash)’ Barry signed yesterday for Manchester City, well so much for principles Gareth, and I thought your motivation was Champions league football!

I feel we have lost out here, firstly for the 2 bloggers that told me I was delusional if I thought we could get Barry for £12 million, I told you so! Secondly to have not landed a player that not only plays for England but has the premiership experience we need was a real shame especially as he said he wanted to come to Arsenal, and finally if the plan all along was to get Alonso, or even Cana then it won’t be so bad, but I have a feeling that maybe it wasn’t.

It seems Arsene has trust in his scouting network as we are apparently looking at Blaise Matuidi, 22, who plays for France in the kiddie section, they say he is powerful and quick but they are also looking at Rennes midfielder Stephane Mbia, who has 12 caps for Cameroon, now that’s not so smart, especially with the ACN coming up.

Now not wishing to cast aspersions on the Grimster and his scouting abilities as he did bring us Bacari Sagna out of nowhere, but he also brought us Bitchslap and we all know how useful that little deal proved to be this season, don’t we?

My fear is we seem to be recruiting a lot of French kids and that’s been the problem at Arsenal, a changing room that has French as it’s first language and another youngster.

We desperately need some experience, we have the money and if we don’t then moving was a shit idea in the first place. Also if we really have no money then we absolutely must sell some fringe players to finance the purchase of an Alonso or a Cana, here’s a list that I would sell Arsene, Randall, Simpson, Song, Denilson, Djourou, Silvestre, Traore, Diaby, Adebayor, Senderos now that lot should raise enough to buy Alonso, Hangeland and Villa not to mention how much it would save on wages. I don’t want to lose Traore but how many left backs do we need? Same with Djourou, I really like the kid, but he never gets games does he? So what’s the point. Then we have Diaby, Denilson and Song and frankly we have more than enough in those positions that have far more potential.

It’s time for a clear out Arsene!

Moving swiftly on to Tony Adams, he says that the boss is frustrated at having no money, pissed off with the board for saying we do and now to top it he says that Arsene has an enemy on the board, I wonder if the boss will come out and tell our Tone not to speak for him, silence on the other hand speaks much louder.

The thing is with project youth, is behind it, is project youth 2, so at what point do you stick with a team and say that’s it? When do you say I will play these kids now until they are 28? If you do that then you are stifling the young players behind them, if you replace them you’re not giving them a chance to show how good they would have got, so what is the date on it? If this current crop of youngsters was the real deal then what happens to the Merida’s, Wilshere’s, Coquelin’s and JET’s? That’s the bit I can’t figure out.

I can’t see him buying this young French kid because he then has to get shot of his current young French kid, or his young Cameroonian kid or his young Brazilian kid, me though, I would get shot of them all and buy a grown up, but you need to hurry boss, we will soon run out of decent players to buy and next season will be upon us before you know it and then what?

I’ll tell you what, you’ll have Man City, Everton, Spurs, Portsmouth and Villa breathing down your neck for that coveted 4th spot, that’s what.

Have a great day today Grovers and make the most of the sunshine, for tomorrow it starts to get cold again.

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  1. David

    Eduardo, Rosicky, Vela and Arshavin cannot play up top by themselves in a 4-5-1.

    Dont act like you dont know what im talking about.

    Sell Ade. Why not. But for a better player..not a shite one like Bendy.

  2. A

    David wenger had no choice with Hleb, if we didn’t sell him he was going to buy out his contract.

    When Henry was sold he hadn’t even played half the games that season because he had a serious back injury, and the first season at Barca likewise, he didn’t even play half the games because of the same injury, he was not integral because he wasn’t even available to play most of the time!

  3. LAzer

    we need money for the good of the squad and to fill the holes .. we can easily replace cesc , hell we could even do it internally with jack or jet within the squad , we had to do it this season for about 50 % of the time whilst he was injured and thats a fact ..

    If you believe JET and Jack can replace Cesc I guess there is no point in really arguing this at all. We did it without him for a while and yes had a good run with RVP carrying the team on his shoulders but would not have made it to the CL semi or 4th spot without him. Remember the run of draws we had?? I don’t think we have that with Cesc’s creativity in the middle of the park and finish a lot closer to 2nd, 3rd or even 1st.

  4. A

    I don’t know what you’re talking about though david! We don’t do 4-5-1, it’s 4-2-3-1, and it’s designed to be a carbon copy of Barca’s system.

    Ade is our only forward who can’t play in it!!

    The system relies on the centre forward swapping with the wide men, and also dropping deep into midfield all the time, Ade is incapable of doing that.

    Messi, Etoo, Bojan play that role for Barca, Arshavin, Vela, Eduardo can and will all play that role for us

  5. A

    Because eduardo broke his leg David, and Rosicky had an injury that they found the cause of and sorted it, with Henry noone had a clue when or even if he’d recover from the injury and be able to play for a sustained period of time again, or whether he’d be like Ledley King from then on in!

  6. LAzer

    David I don’t think we should be playing 4-5-1 at all. I think the best system for us with the current squad is a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-1-3-2. And in a 4-2-3-1 the fellow behind the striker is almost like a second striker being the link up man like being in the “hole.” I don’t think Ade is necessary for either of those systems. In fact even as a loan striker he is pretty shit imo. We’d be better of with a cunt like Davies if you want to play long ball 4-5-1.

  7. David

    The ultimate flip flopper

    Is everything you say just wrong or plainly dross?

    Ofcaorse we play in the 4-5-1

    We havent played 4-2-3-1 at all!

    Just tell me who were the 2 DM’s against pool? The chavs? Man U?

    Thats precisely what i thought.

  8. LAzer

    Besides lets not delude ourselves on Henry and say he did not WANT to leave. It wasn’t just simply a case of Wenger selling him, Henry did not have time on his side for a team that was developing with the stadium move and knew we would have limited funds for some time therefore asked to leave. And I think with the service he provided quite frankly he had the right. But would I have left if I was in his shoes, probably not but then again that’s mostly cause I am a saint.

  9. David


    I agree with all of that…but Wenger likes the tradtional 4-5-1…and to say that we dont play the tradtional 4-5-1…is telling absolute porkies…should we switch to a 4-2-3-1…we still need a striker that can hold the ball up top well…and someone whose got the pace to link up and switch up the flanks.

  10. LAzer

    What are you talking about? and no need to get all riled up for nothing. Do you even know what a 4-5-1 is?? Go look up Sunderland with Jones up front. Those are not 2 DMs back there in a 4-2-3-1. It is one CM and one DM. Song/Denilson, Cesc/Denilson, Cesc/Song, Nasri/Song etc. Learn your football first please.

  11. David

    Makes a lot of sense that he would want to leave for a club that keeps “beding” youngsters…he really didnt have time on his side….but to come up with some bullshit story about a back injury that he would never recover from.

    I guess after what was it 27 goals? Playing out of position? We see how great the “back injury” was.

  12. David


    A 4-2-3-1 is a different variation of a 4-5-1.

    What Jones does for Sunderland are you telling me that Ade cant do it for Arsenal?

    And youre telling me to “go and learn my football”

    I see we have clowns here tonite.

  13. LAzer

    No in a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-1-3-2 you do not need a striker to just hold the ball up front (which by the way Ade is not all that good at) since you have 3 up front midfielders in the final 3rd that exchange positions and use quick passing to find an opening. It is the job of the front man to be clinical and pull CBs of the line while quick exchanges to encourage finding a breakthrough.

  14. ethangunner

    ethan wenger has never sold a prized asset except for when he had no choice – who has he let go who was a prized asset?! Overmars is one certainly, other than that who?!
    TH14 – Veira (because iMO cesc still lacks leadership )
    – hleb – flamini- wiltord

    anelka .. man the list is endless of talent that he has sold prematurely for cash , sure you can say anelka was to big for his own boots , so was gallas and wenger solved it without him leaving .. (well maybe)

    cesc isnt captain material , and i only rate him a 50 % of still being with us and peaking , so what is the point really ?
    might as well get the biggest cash pool wenger has even got at the arsenal SELL ADE 20 mil – cesc stretch it to 45 ..
    plus sell some of the fringe and wenger could be looking at 75 mil in the pocket in a tough economy … and make the dollar stretch even further !

    i give cesc 1 or 2 more seasons max , then he’s out of here prior to even wenger leaving !

    so lets just build the team around AA and nasri
    and take stock !

    wenger with 75 mil in a time were belts are tightening could be a very powerful power play for the gunners ..

    we could end up with 5 or 6 sagna style transfers .. or even better ..

    ask yourself one thing was cesc effective this season ? i think he was average at best and looked a shattered boy for most of it .
    the loss of flamini and hleb exposed cesc i think … sorry i do rate him.. but i feel its worthless to drone on about how good he will become one day ,when in all probability it wont be for us when he does !!!!

    id prefer the cash and get some NOW players in ..if you can get past the personal attachments and see the experience it will bring in to the club it will more than cover us ..

    and we dont need to keep cesc to cover for jack growing up , thats crazy talk .. im sure someone like alonso would more than count as a substitute for players like jack and ramsey to learn from ..

    unless you like boys learning from boys ..

  15. LAzer

    You’re the only clown here who is convinced we cannot do better then Ade up front, he is good at holding the ball up, and we play in a similar formation to Sunderland.

  16. David

    Im sorry LAzer

    It was my impression that Song and Denilson were DM’s

    My mistake.

    I guess in the 4-2-3-1 that we have been playing all this while when SOng and Denilson were playing…

    One was a CM and the other was a DM.

    Makes alot of sense. ROFL. WOW!

  17. LAzer

    So one of yous wants to sell Cesc and the other wants to keep Ade because he is the ONLY one that can play in some concocted 4-5-1 you seem to think we play. Am sure glad Wenger is as stubborn as he is sometimes and does not listen to the fans.

  18. David

    LAzer Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 03:50
    you do not need a striker to just hold the ball up front (which by the way Ade is not all that good at)

    LAzer Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 03:52
    we cannot do better then Ade up front, he is good at holding the ball up,


    He is not good at holding the ball up. He is good at holding the ball up.

    You really are a confused man arent you? There there now…lets not talk formation again. That would be getting into it too much.

  19. LAzer

    Yes. Similar to what Alonso and Mash do for Pool in case you haven’t noticed David. They are both not DMs. Would love to bang my head against the wall while we talk bout this but I must go. As always the pleasure was all mine. Have fun fellas.

  20. David

    Ethan and I already had this conversation

    I am not against selling Ade…if we bring in quality.

    Sure sell him..lets make 20 million

    But to somehow suggest that we already have the players we need in the squad AFTER we sell Ade is Delusional.

    Some have stated Nikki B as his replacement…and i just thought it was Ironic that we as fans want the club to move forward with that kind of mentality.

  21. LAzer

    You dimwit learn how to read english. I was saying you’re the clown who believes Ade can hold the ball up

    LAzer Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 03:52

    You’re the only clown here who is convinced we cannot do better then Ade up front, he is good at holding the ball up, and we play in a similar formation to Sunderland.

    Clearly you are the clown no doubt. Please do not copy and paste till you have COMPREHENDED it. Alright peace.

  22. LAzer

    I never said sell him and not replace him. That is entirely a different debate. I just disagreed that he not the ONLY one who can play up there that’s all. Plus we do not play a 4-5-1 how you see it anyways so what’s the point.

  23. David

    LAzer Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 03:52

    You’re the only clown here who is convinced we cannot do better then Ade up front, he is good at holding the ball up, and we play in a similar formation to Sunderland.



    Ok so i said…

    1. We cant do better than Ade upfront

    2. He is good at holding the ball

    3. We play a similar formation to sunderland…………………………………

    WHAT??? WHEN DID I SAY pARt 3??


    Encore! Youre a smash hit!

  24. A

    The two DMs David?! Do you seriously not understand football at all?! In the first game against Utd it was a massive deal that Nasri was deployed in the deeper role, with Cesc further forward!!

    We’d played 4-2-3-1 the entire time some of the simpler minds have thought of it as 4-5-1. It doesn’t mean there are two DMs anyway, it’s 2 deeper lying players, one DM, and one ballplayer, just as Liverpool play – Alonso isn’t a DM for them, he’s the passer alongside the DM.

    David – seriously trying to claim other people are clowns, and illustrating yourself as having such an incredibly biased and simplistic view of football is really quite ridiculous, you’ve achieved nothing other than making yourself appear really quite silly!

    Barca play 4-2-3-1, Yaya is the DM, Xavi is deployed in a deeper role alongside him, though with freedom to get forward as well, and Iniesta is deployed as the central of the attacking 3 midfielders.

    With us it’s varied, Nasri was alonside the DM for a bit with Cesc further forward, but in general Cesc is more comfortable in the deeper role.

  25. A

    David, I’m trying to break it down for you – WE DON’T PLAY “4-5-1”!!

    We play the same system as Barca

    That system requires a central striker who can swap with the other attacking midfielders, and drop back to participate in the midfield build up.

    Playing the ball on the floor means that there is absolutely no need to have someone big holding the ball up (if ade was even capable of doing that)

    Barca play the system with Messi, Etoo, or Bojan central, they are no more central strikers than Arshavin, Eduardo, Vela, VP, Theo.

  26. iceman

    Ade will move to Meelan.
    Kaka to Real is almost a done deal.
    Let’s just milk them for whatever we can.
    Nik B will be better then Ade. Without a doubt.
    It’s a win win.

  27. David

    So tell me…who is the “ballhandler”…or sorry…”ball passer”…when Song and Denilson are on the pitch.

  28. A

    Denilson was then to an extent David – but that system was different to the main system, that’s a system with two DMs, not one DM, one passer, and was designed to make us more solid in the absence of Cesc, which it achieved.

    Again, like Barca have played at times with Keita and Busquets partnering Yaya!

  29. iceman

    The only reason I remeber us deploying 4-5-1 (and correct me if I’m wrong) was when DB10 wouldn’t travel….sort of like…





  30. David

    YOu make some very good points A,

    I appreciate the “footballing” lessons…as i am a “simpler mind”

    But the one good thing i always appreciate about you…is that you make a good point…and talk yourself into shite.

    A Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 04:11
    Playing the ball on the floor means that there is absolutely no need to have someone big holding the ball up (if ade was even capable of doing that)


    I guess we always “play the ball on the floor” and have never done long ball to Ade…or Van a traditional 4-5-1. We did the “4-2-3-1” and we “played the ball on the floor” against the spuds…against Villareal…and sure….we’ve been doing that all season!

    Is that view accurate…or is it still “incredibly biased and simplistic”


  31. David

    A Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 04:14

    Denilson was then to an extent David – but that system was different to the main system, that’s a system with two DMs, not one DM,

    REALLY? But i thought – ” WE DON’T PLAY “4-5-1″!! “

  32. David

    I really hope it isnt you A, that starts writing this blog over the weekends…id have a massive headache.

    Anyways…fun..its been fun as always!

    Lets hope we dont have to wait till deadline day another facking year before we see our brand new stars coming through!

  33. ethangunner


    its easier to say we have a 4-5-1 lets be honest .. pedro and geoff says it , i say it , we all know the set up , as we’ve seen it fail on numerous occasions .

    because it basically consists of 5 midfield players by text book analogy – 4 defenders TRUE defenders

    and 1 spear head striker .. COUGH … !

    the deepness on the pitch at which they sit can be relevant or not
    depending on every different place the opposition stands on the pitch…
    whilst i agree technically you are correct we copy barca’s formation . for us it simply doesnt work anyhow ..

    mainly because ade is a useless twat in that configuration ..

    and also because players like denilson and song for most of the season had not developed enough game ….

    however your avoiding the topic which is more relevant than definitions of formations,it is where the fuck are we going to get the money from if we dont sell any big names ?!
    i doubt we will get what we what for ade or we would already be hearing rumors .. BIG NOISES !

    then you got krankie and the russian on the board but none of them will commit funds obviously because neither really holds the reigns of the club, and wont commit any until they do ..

    its obvious the board being in debt to the tune of 400 mil dont have a penny to scrape together .. and the 12.9 mil we got for 4th spot is already gone into the arsenal black hole so…

    again, if you want things to change you need to sell players who will give you a transfer
    kitty of some relevance ,or we will achieve fuck all again this season ..

    use the same excuses and go thru another year of transition which the usual excuses of injuries and another year old will still apply .

  34. ethangunner

    Manchester City are also looking to sign Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez, Barcelona forward Samuel Eto’o, Everton defender Joleon Lescott and Arsenal centre-back Kolo Toure.

  35. Pat

    As part of the deal, Dutch pair Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder move to Milan, which
    takes the total package to around £70m.

  36. David

    What a facking waste of a season this was…just a terrible waste….We couldve really done without blooding the likes of Song, Denilson, Bendy….thats what going out on Loan is for.

    We really couldve won the FA cup, CC..and EPL…

    *heavy sigh*

  37. dennisdamenace

    Morning Grovers, welcome from “sunny Belgium”…..

    So, two questions for you all this morning, well apart from who’s the daddy(!)????

    Anyhoo, firstly, Fab4 for £50!! If, and i stress if, there is any truth in this, who would take it and why??

    Secondly, Carvalho is possibly outta the doot at the Chavs, any takers? He’s 31, but what a defender, you’d still get 2/3 good years outta him….

  38. dennisdamenace

    PS. I also believe that our long term target from last year, Mandingo Aloisus Dkembe Dkembe, is still available 😯

  39. LAzer

    Who would be Cesc’s best replacement for you ddm (keep in mind you would have 50 mill to spend) ?

  40. LAzer

    Although I don’t think anyone in their right mind would offer 50 mill for Cesc when they could probably get Ronaldo or pretty much anyone for that much imo.

  41. ethangunner

    jack !

    id replace cesc with jack !
    row britannia !!!!!!!!!!!!

    his passing is just as slick and he is further advance than cesc at the same age ..

    he needs to step up next season .. jack for PM !

    and yes id bite your hand off for 50 mil !
    its not like we dont need the cash to compete .

  42. ethangunner

    and at least you know jack will be around to see him come good ..

    its like growing an apple tree which takes years then cutting the fucker down when its in its 1st season of fruit ..

    even worse your all thinking we can bake APPLE pies until cesc is 35 years old ..

    he will be on his bike long before your 1st worm ridden bite 🙂

  43. iceman

    But what kind of message would it be sending out?
    Arshavin, RvP & co. will be thinking wtf?
    I doubt it’s true anyway.
    They not gonna pay 50m for one of their own.
    They’ll wait a couple years and get him to replace Xavi/Iniesta.

  44. gnarleygeorge9

    ….& I reckon the Captain of the English & Welsh cricket team job will be up for grabs as well in a couple of months, Chhhhhhhhhhhhamoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  45. dennisdamenace

    LAzer – You know i have no confidence in AW receiving the money, i would image it’s quite likely that the board would wet themselves over a £50m transfer, and as such i could see them keeping the money……

  46. dennisdamenace

    Iceman – Maybe if the board actually do give Arsene the full 50m, he could them promote JW to that role, but then spend 50m on David Villa and David Silva, that would cusion the blow……..

    But, to be honest, i have about as much trust in our board and their motives as i would in a mortgage offer from RBS!!!!

  47. gnarleygeorge9


    I don’t reckon you would be far wrong about the pricks keeping the money. Its obvious The Board don’t hurt enough after 4 years of non trophys

  48. Pat

    Aston Villa are in for Hleb, at 10 million.
    If that fucker comes back to the PL, I will hate him forever.

  49. gnarleygeorge9

    …..infact I class you as an asttute Arsenal blogger, apart from the fact that you don’t put an “e” on the end of chamone.

  50. gnarleygeorge9

    After a few weeks of speculation, this morning The Sun claim that “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was last night on the verge of sealing a £10million deal for Ajax star Thomas Vermaelen.”

    Arsenal officials are reportedly in talks with Ajax general manager Rik Van Der Boog and an “Ajax insider” told The Sun that “He’s a very good player and could certainly be a success at Arsenal.”

    Can some of the Euro watchers fill me in on how good he really is 😉

  51. dennisdamenace

    gg9 – I can just imagine them putting pressure on AW to “consider” letting Fab4 go for a bag full o’ money, but then keeping the lot and expecting Denilsong to be the answer, and then it’ll be Wenger who cops allthe flack…..

  52. dennisdamenace

    gg9 – I take exception to the ‘e’ in Chamon young man, especially coming from one of Her Majesty’s former colonials……… 😉

  53. gnarleygeorge9

    …..with emphasis on the “former”.

    Anyone see Aussie Sam Stouser fly into the French Open Semis. Unlike all those other grunting, barbie doll, former eastern block players, she actually is kitted out & looks like a tennis player 🙂

  54. LAzer

    Those fuckin board cunts again. Does anyone know where they live?? I reckon we should barricade them in till they decide to stop fattening there wallets and spend some cash for pete’s sake. Who the fuk is pete anyways? I think Adams said what he said mostly cause he knows the shitbags are the ones forcing Arsene by not providing any funds and feels bad for all the pressure on his old boss by the fans and media.

  55. LAzer

    How sad does that last clip read at 10 mill in comparison.

    “If Chelsea miss out on Kaka then they will go after his AC team-mate Alexandre Pato and will offer £38m for the 19-year-old.
    (Daily Express)

    Manchester City believe they are close to the £20m signing of Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o.
    (Daily Mail)

    City are also battling it out with rivals Manchester United for the signature of Argentine forward Carlos Tevez, who has been on a loan deal at Old Trafford.
    (Daily Express)

    Chelsea have made a last-ditch £70m offer for AC Milan forward Kaka.
    (Daily Star)

    The Blues are hopeful that Kaka’s personal demands may also price Real Madrid out of the market. (Daily Mirror)

    However, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has admitted that Madrid are favourites to land the Brazil star.
    (The Independent)

    The Blues are also targeting Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery and Valencia forward David Villa.
    (The Guardian)

    Arsenal are closing in on the £10m signing of Ajax centre-half Thomas Vermaelen.
    (The Sun)”

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    If chelsea get all these super stars, maybe they can loan Ribery, Kaka, etc out to the Arsenal. They can’t play all of them every week 😆

  57. iceman

    If we sell Ade and the board don’t interfere I hope AW spends that on a striker who guarantees a season and double goal figures….Villa Villa Villa!!!!!!

  58. Geoff

    Morning Gnarley, depressing isn’t it, both the players we are supposed to be looking at have no EPL experience and I know little about them, apart from seeing both their goals, ho, hum!

  59. LAzer

    Bloody Man Shitty, wtf did those bastards ever do to deserve all these players. I am still hoping for a Sparky firing mid-season when Eto gripes about something or the other and Robinho flies to Brazil unannounced.

  60. LAzer

    Hello Geoff. Yeah watch us get screwed on the Ade deal and get shafted for 15 mill. I want to bury my head in the sand this summer.

  61. Geoff

    Morning LAzer, we never seem to learn, all the big clubs bully us and make us look like a Charlton Athletic.

  62. ArsenalKenya

    If its true that Arsenal have signed Thomas from Ajax
    then reflecting on other teams who have had short defenders we know Carlos puyol as a very short guy….i know Cannavaro as a very short guy…but does that make them bad defenders? In fact they are one of the best in da world..Such judgements made Tony lose his job at Portsmouth.Judgements such as thinking Defoe was not good enough to play and hence selling him to tottenham…..Tony must be back on booze and Khat
    ( Miraa )

  63. Geoff

    Guys I’m not saying he won’t be great, they both might, but I would like to see us going for a Villa, someone world class like we did Arshavin, surely he can see what a difference that made.

  64. LAzer

    So Barca will be looking if Eto moves on, I suppose they will get Villa then instead of Shitty or the Chavs.

    Its a sad state of affairs when we’d rather talk about all those moneybag fuckers then us.

  65. stonroy

    Morning all. Lazer, there is no way Adebayor will go for 15 mill, AC milan have a bag full of money and they have to make a decent signing, they are a club under threat,Adebayor would be a good partner for Pato, I reckon we can get 25 million for him.

  66. iceman

    Villa would flourish in this team without a doubt.
    Surely AW must be thinking on similar lines. If we can see WTF is up with him?

  67. LAzer

    Yeah..”like an Arshavin, touched for the very first time” should be the motto for Wenger this summer. Wenger needs to offload some excess shit and use the entire figure to get us a world class player. He can then promote from the kids to replace the shit he sells and everyone will be happy.

  68. Geoff

    Spot on LAzer, in between my Song, Denilson and Diaby jibes, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, we have too many fringe players that are just not good enough, sell them, reduce the wage bill and get in some world class.

    The way City are going we’ll be lucky with 5th, make some decent signings and we really can win this thing.

  69. LAzer

    Come onnnnn Arsene, lets see some ruthlessness. Eboue- trash, Diaby-trash, Badey-trash, Senderos-not necessarily trash but not for us so trash, Silvestre- trash, Simpson-after a failed loan spell he can go as well, Traore-same story as Simpson, Bitchslap-trash.

    Give Jack, Ramsey, Coquelin, Merida, Lansbury some more playing time and buy 2 world class players.

  70. LAzer

    And please use DenilSong as squad players so that would mean you have to add a world class DM and a world class CB. I can see you are slowly but surely putting a side together Wenger but you must, I repeat must move some excess garbage on, promote the shining young’uns and buy Arshavin like quality.

    I like your buys over last season in Nasri and Arshavin, we are near complete in those areas but you must address the others now.

  71. gnarleygeorge9

    Just to buck the trend of down heartedness. If, & its a big IF, Rosicky can have a good preseason, & season in general, he will be like signing a world class winger wouldn’t you say.

  72. dennisdamenace

    I’d sell Adebayor for 15 bags o’ nuts and a fucking luncheon voucher, just to be shot of the fuckwit….

  73. gnarleygeorge9

    I definitely think that Arswaxin should be played just behind the striker(s). He could be the real deal as the “quarter back” with an abilty to go all the way to goal.

  74. gnarleygeorge9

    Now come on everyone, tell yourselves “Its not going to be as bad as last year” “Its not going to be as bad as last year” 😉

  75. Wardo

    morning all,

    we’re being linked with two players today. St Etienes Matouda (forgive my spelling) and AJAX’s Thomas Vermaelen (21 Belgium caps and 23 year of age).

    Both have substantial comments from players and club officials…..and both look to cost a combined £15mil.

    If signed, that is a DM and CB……..could be good imo (altho haven’t really seen any of them play.

    What your thoughts??

    Geoff, new post??

  76. iceman

    True…if we have all of our first team we def are a force to be reckoned with….for all the money City throw around…all these new players will take time to gel and learn to play together.

  77. Jay20h

    We wel get injuries and We still need experience – The premiership is a long old slog and the table doesnt lie.
    WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS. The club needs a lift, we cant go into a new season again regretting the summer, this is not healthy… We know it, the players must know it and need Arsene to act on it.