Never mind the speculation, here are some facts… What’s italian for schadenfreude?

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Okay so we constantly debate how much money we have to spend on players, how good or bad their stats are, why we don’t spend the money we do have and why we pass up the chances to buy world class players when they are available and when we all know we should.

I got fed up arguing the point yesterday so I decided to do a little digging.

So we didn’t win the EPL and we didn’t win the ECL, we also didn’t win the Carling cup and we didn’t win the FA cup, we did however win the FA Youth cup and the academy league, but that didn’t rake in much money, but well done the boys and in particular, Steve Bould, you were fantastic!

So we all thought it was a disaster and indeed some strange decisions were made since we lost Hleb, Lehmann, Gilberto, Hoyte and Flamini last summer, so I thought, why on earth did Hill-Wood and Gazidas say we didn’t need 4th place to balance the books, well here’s why Grovers. Here’s a little snippet I found on the state of out finances.

Fourth-placed Arsenal earned £73.4million compared to fifth-placed Everton’s £49.5million with the Gunners bringing in £23.4million from European football. The figures do not include ticket money and merchandise income where the big four also dominate.

How does that compare to ManU and their EPL, Carling cup, World club championship wins and ECL losing finalists prize money? I figured maybe £50 mil or so, no, it was £16.6 million, that’s all, and we spent nothing on players (more in than out) so is that showing that success on the pitch isn’t that important to our hierachy? You call.

So by the time you put on gate receipts etc, we probably earn more than the Mancs and for winning nothing, and given we won’t have to spend £63 million to service our debt like they will, it makes me wonder… I’m saying nothing, just assembling a few snippets, you decide!

Onto the famous Carling Opta stats that so many expert bloggers use to tell us we are all wrong about certain players, I hit Carling Opta stats in google, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, every man and his dog thinks they are shit and make no sense, so why is that?

Well according to the internet, a women, named Suzie Randall got the great Don Howe as her advissor and put the idea of player stats to Carling, they agreed and sent in some technical people and the stats were born.

Not as you may think from the greatest brains in world football and a mainframe computer the size of GCHQ, no, it’s Suzie and Don.

Again I’ll say no more but leave it to you people to debate.

Finally I read with glee that Milan maestro Benito Galliano said they would struggle to hold onto Kaka as Real and Chavski are circling, and it’s no longer a level playing field, as they have so much money.

Well forgive me for sniggering and chucking the odd bit of schadenfreude in, but when you got Kaka and all those stars like Sheva, Gullit, Van Basten, la de da de da for all those years, when no one else could afford them, that was okay was it? Not to mention stealing Flamini and screwing up Ade.

You, my pasta eating friend have been well and truly hoisted by your own petard, as you my son have been doing it for years, so as much as I hate the bully boys with their bent money from Fulham broadway and their best mates from Madrid, I think you are getting what you deserve, finally your star player is a man of god is he not? He wouldn’t leave the San Siro for a bucket of cash surely? That’s not very Christian is it?…

Finally on Milan, Leonardo, the Ninja turtle leader is said to be preparing a bid for Ade of £18 million, the same player we told last year they could have for £32 million. Well, given they will have gazillions from the sale of Kaka, we should say ‘go swivel’ also they unsettled him in the first place so they must pay.

Either that, or say Pato and Flamini in a swap deal or Flamini plus £15 mil, I think they would you know as Flamini cost them nothing, we’ll see, that’s what Gazidas should be doing though, not me.

Have a great day debating Grovers, maybe today we’ll buy someone!

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  1. LAzer

    In my mind fuck him and his sort, I’d rather have a honest player who respects the badge that gave him a chance and made him into the player he is today. These guys make more money then most of us combined yet have half the class of the worst amongst us, what gives.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Alonso to The Arse 5.28PM AEST now 25% chance 🙁 Tis a fickled world this transfer market 🙂

  3. LAzer

    Ade is in a similar mold, if the gaffer feels we can be ok up top without him holding us ransom I say sell the fucker as well. And even better, if Milan get the cash from Kaka no doubt they will be in the market as well. Its only a matter of time Ade starts pandering to the money men about a move, I hope a bidding ensues btw Milan, Chavs and Shitty and we land a sweet 25 mill for him. That would do me just right.

  4. ethangunner


    also the spuds will want to see some bang for their bucks , and redknaff if left UN-SACKED for a season he might get them close also …

    i think what has held the spuds back over the past 2 years is change of management ..
    harry is actually quite a good manager for an English one !

    he is probably close to the best ..

    throw into the mix everton and villa with 12 mil to send and wenger really has to measure twice and cut once this season !!!

  5. iceman

    Only if we turn that 25m into an enforcer and CB.
    TBH I’d prefer to sell even for the touted 18m

  6. LAzer

    So we’re linked with this Blaise fellow again. No one has seen him play, he has accumulated near 100 games in ligue 1, is still relatively young AND French. Sounds like our ideal signing I suppose. If that’s true then Song is moving back to CB and le boss will figure going in with Toure, Gallas, JD, Song and fuckin Silvestre as CBs next term with Denilson and Blaise as DMs with Song able to play there as well if necessary. Not sure how I feel about all that but seems logical I suppose. Unless of course Toure jumps ship to Shitty as well, then we would need to add a CB in the Sakho mold and maybe he promotes Song to regular 11. Not really what all of us were asking for but as usual we will be forced to find value in the 2nd, 3rd tier of available players.

  7. ethangunner


    you just know wenger needs to sell prior to launching a bid 4 any big money player 2 join our club .. ..
    if indeed we did have the 13 mil touted ( or 12.92 mil )
    for finishing 4th then no doubt barry would already be picking which number he wants off some of our lesser players by now ..

    its obvious the board haven’t even given wenger
    the 13 mil he got for finishing 4th this season!

    it will be very interesting if any rumors about barry surface from the wenger in the next 24 hours

  8. iceman

    Sounds very likely it’ll be him…Blaise that is…let’s just hope he’s more of a Sagna then a Bischoff.

  9. LAzer

    Bitchslap runs like a duck, he couldn’t even compete with some of our kids coming out of the academy currently I suppose. Blaise seems like a typical Wenger type signing, but reading that his club was fighting relegation this term worries me a bit. Plus is he the type of player that could even settle quickly? And what of Diaby? Unless he learns how to not lose a ball and perform in some other area of the pitch apart from the hole he will barely get a look in the team so why not just move him on.

  10. LAzer

    Geoff will have words I am guessing. Haven’t seen him yet. Maybe he tracked Gazidis and Wenger down personally by now. Headlines-

    Geoffry, famous blogster from le grove found punching Gazidis and Wenger in the nutsack repeatedly whilst making them say “BARRY” outside the Emirates.

  11. LAzer

    Gerrard believes Liverpool should be looking for players “of Gareth’s standard” and added: “He is English and you need English players at your club now.”

  12. LAzer

    What a desperate cunt Nani is.

    “My future is at Manchester United, of course,” he told the Portuguese press. “It is a privilege to be at a club like this.

    “I won one more title (last season) and I am very happy to have won it for these two consecutive years.

    “I was born to play football and I feel fine, although I did not play much. I will not leave Manchester United, nor will I be loaned out.

    “I will see out my contract.”

  13. LAzer

    Lets steal Zhirkov from under Roman’s nose then while he is obsessed with Ribery and Kaka. The chap showed a little class with this quote imo.

    “I honestly know as much about it as everyone else,” he told Sport Express ahead of Russia’s impending 2010 World Cup qualifier against Finland.

    “I read the papers, listen to the radio and I am genuinely surprised, given that no actual offer from Chelsea exists.”

    While distancing himself from a switch to Stamford Bridge at the present time, Zhirkov did admit he would be open to a move to West London should a suitable opportunity arise.

    “Clearly we are talking about one of the best clubs in the world, who regularly compete at the highest level,” he added.

    “It is very possible that I would say yes.

    “But before that I would have to weigh up the pros and cons.

    “To sit on the bench and only get on the pitch from time to time doesn’t interest me, not even at Chelsea.

    “Moreover, I have nothing to lose (by staying in Moscow), given that CSKA now have a very interesting team who will begin competing in the Champions League in the autumn.”

  14. LAzer

    Hello Geoff. Uh-ho, we are all hoping you did not blow a gasket with the Barry news. I have been having a right moan about it for a while on here now.

  15. Wonderboy

    FFS can we stop with the Barry stuff? He isn’t good enough for the Arsenal, never will be, we weren’t after him! All it takes is for someone to mention a name and half of blogworld decides that it’s official, then when he goes somewhere else suddenly Wengers a tight fisted cunt. Some people need to try reality once in a while, ttransfer windows are hard enough.