The real new away kit, Nick Bendtner’s Nick name, a reply to an AKB and a trophy in sight.

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So is this the real new away kit of the 2009/10 season?


Or is it the shyster who mocks up fake kits to throw us off the scent for Nike! Thanks to whoever the chap was for letting me take a picture of him outside the Arsenal tavern, it didn’t look as bad as I feared!

In other news, Pedro has been doing some sluething off duty. He met a guy in Camden over the weekend who works for the hospitality people at Arsenal. I don’t want to name names, and he was a Manc… but he did share some interesting titbits.

1. The burgers you saw Cesc and co wolfing down at the youth cup final first leg were in fact purchased from the burger bars in the normal seats. I think we call that keeping it real in the business… however, they did not part with any cash. Maybe it’s a company perk? A good one if you eat enough… £5 a burger is extortionate! I wonder if that went down on their P11D’s as a benefit in kind?

2. Nik Bendtner has a nickname amongst the Arsenal players… ‘Barbie’. I’m going to hazard a guess that this nickname has more to do with his pink boots than any physical similarity… pretty damn funny if you ask me!

He also told me the Arsenal season ending do was pretty amazing. I can vaguely remember him telling me some celebrity names that were there, he mentioned a female singer who is going to be big next year sang (Name if anyone has it!), Matt Lucas was there, he said the Who were there (and played I think)… he also said all the players were there and in good spirits and that word on the street is that Ade is a goner this summer, note goner, not gooner!

Mystery Manc, we salute you!

The following question was sent from an AKB, who even calls himself an AKB, these people occasionally post to ask us how we feel about certain Arsene Wenger issues, and if we believe we were wrong in our assumptions during the season, I decided to post this today and to answer his deluded question.

The glorious sunshine on the last day of the season.

The glorious sunshine on the last day of the season.

Author : AKB and proud
 A quick question…

Earlier in the season I kept reading on here that Arsene has loads of cash and does not want to spend it. Many kept assuming they knew how much we had to spend. The board kept saying that Wenger could spend as much as he wanted but was apparently too tight fisted.

My view was always that, that view was pure bollocks. I am intrigued to know if most still feel that its the case.

Geoff’s Response:

Ok , let me put you out of your misery AKB and proud. I have said on many occasions that Arsene has had the money to spend, he has chosen not to, why else would he have bid for Alonso? He decided to go with project youth and told us to judge him in May, well we did, and so it appears did he, and that my friend is why he is now saying he will strengthen his squad, because we weren’t good enough, and don’t forget he also said earlier in the season that if he had £100 million to spend, he wouldn’t spend it, now he may now be saying if he did have £100 million he would be stupid not to spend it, but he obviously forgot his earlier statement, I hope that answers your question.

The time for apportioning blame is now at an end, we won nothing and the season is over, so let’s all look forward to see what he’ll do in the summer, we’ll get behind him because we are all Arsenal fans, you Mr AKB posted your comment at 3.30 just before the 4 o’clock kick off, so if you were so proud to be an AKB, then why were you not there paying your money to support your manager? Why? because you are not a real fan, you sir are a plastic.

Now although I did say we have won nothing this year, I didn’t mention that we are playing the second leg of the FA Youth cup tonight against Liverpool, so at least we stand to win something this year and that will go some way to proving we do at least have the best young kids in football coming through under the expert guidance of Stevie Bould, let’s hope some of them go on to forge a successful career at the Arsenal, boys we wish you luck, go and do what the big boys couldn’t, win us a trophy!

And a huge well done to Mr Bould who has been quietly instilling some of that old spirit of 89 resilience in the kids that has appeared to be lacking in some of the first team, maybe Arsene, it’s time to promote Steve to the first team bench.

P.S. There are people who want to do deals with their season tickets this summer due to work commitments etc… mail in if you’re interested because you’ll have to move quick, today is deadline day!

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  1. Faceman

    stu – you silly nob

    every fucker knows rottys are mentally damaged when they grow up… there cunting head spits and it either goes well or it trips out.

    my unlce has one and its a vicous fucking hood of a mutt.


    the only reason i say that stu is because my dog had a fight with a rotweiler the other day and i was to close to it for my liking trying to break it up

  3. Stu

    Yeah A, i agree but Rotweilers arent the baby attackers that they are made out to be. They are pretty loyal and quiet dogs if they are controlled.


    my dog is a retriever but he’s game as fuck the boy has no fear luckily there was no winner otherwise my dog would of been brow bread

  5. Stu

    BBK, i sympathise. If a dog attacked mine i wouldnt think twice about tearing him off. I hate vicious dogs. Gives all dogs a bad name!

  6. A

    yeah stu, likewise, i was fucking furious. The slow-mo looked like the final scene from a rocky film!

    Yeah about the dogs too, obviously in daily mail world rotweilers diet consists of human meat and only human meat.

  7. Stu

    Exactly A, again its the media making things worse than they are. If you believed everything you read in the paper then Rottweilers would be like the anti christ attacking babies on a weekly basis.

    Its owner neglegence that causes the trouble.

  8. Stu

    lollll BBK!

    Faceman, you just dont apreciate those looks. If you ever saw my dog you would fall in love with him…seriously. I just hope you dont get frisky with him…that would be too far. 😯

  9. Stu

    They use german shepards in police everywhere else. Doesnt make them vicious dogs tho. In fact they can be opposite with training. Simples!

  10. goonermichael

    people used to think dobermans were bad til rottweilers came along. a bit like herpes and aids

  11. Stu

    I dunno A. I heard he was doing well but from what i;ve seen he plays on the right wing. Not his best position imo. Again he is an SS but we have arguably better players for that position.

  12. Faceman

    barazite is the forgotten man of arsenal.

    this time lat year he was the star of the youths/reserves

    reminds me too much of paolo vernazza.

  13. A

    Yeah i think so gm, he was a bit of a fans favourite there and started the vast majority of games when he was fit, i really don’t see where he’d fit in though, maybe another loan season?

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Re Evra

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the fool to be wanting to fight Barca than Cesc. But then again, Evra is just a passenger in that team, Ronaldo does all the winning things. Evra is just a bi product that ponses about opening his trap. SAF could put a 2 toed sloth in Evras position & still get the desired result.

  15. A

    I dunno stu – i liked him out wide for the reserves, best position probably is centrally as an attacking mid or support striker, similar to hleb in that respect, but i like him as a playmaker out wide drifting in.

    I actually thought we should have kept him around this season, would’ve been decent cover out wide. Next season though with arshavin, nasri, rosicky as wide playmakers, theo and vela as quick dribbly wingers, i don’t see where he’ll fit in, and i’m not sure he’d be ahead of the likes of wilshere and merida?

    Maybe a loan to a prem side?

  16. A

    I was thinking – maybe if milan are as skint as they are, and really want senderos, and ade, they could say sendy and ade for gourcuff plus paying us 5 mil?!

    Obviously wouldn’t solve any of our problems, but we’d have one hell of a player!

  17. Faceman

    more nails in the badey coffin

    But despite coming close to quitting the club last summer before signing a lucrative new deal, Adebayor said: ‘I have always said that I feel good here.

    ‘I have no idea of what Wenger has in mind. He is the one who takes decisions and for sure if he tells me that he does not count on me anymore, then I will search for a new team, but if he wants me to stay I will stay.’

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal has its Q & A

    & Le Grove has its night shift Stu & A. Both forums are informative 🙂

  19. Stu

    Tell you what annoys me- the numbers at the club. No not the money numbers….but the squad numbers.
    I hate lack of organisation. Diaby no.2, Gallas no.10, no no.6. Its all very annoying seeing such good numbers in such odd places.

    Just thought i would say that. 😐

  20. ethangunner

    Ohhh dear ..
    dont tell me the end of season has only just finished 5 minutes ago and already the tabloids are making up rumors on transfer leads ?

    i thought they would be more interested in newcastle and boro going down …

    i mean this season the press will have a field day on all the supposed top class players being relegated to the championship,and where will they all go ? ! i was rather hoping only real leads will end up on the rag RE: Arsenal /wenger…

  21. ethangunner

    A – what ?????????

    I was thinking – maybe if milan are as skint as they are, and really want senderos, and ade, they could say sendy and ade for gourcuff plus paying us 5 mil?!

    you got as much chance as that happening as swapping Robbie Fowler and savage for Lionel Messi and 5 million cash !

    ade is crap and senderos is almost in the same category ..

    you know you are truly shit when even wenger wont give you 1/2 a season to come good !

  22. Stu

    Ethan, Milan wanted Ade last summer…apparently. And this summer they want Senderos and he wants to stay. He has been a regular for them in the second half of the season.

    We given them what they want and we get what we want. It fits.

  23. A

    Yeah stu – i don’t actually hold any hope in gourcuff coming, was just thinking with their apparent monetary problems, and wanting both ade and senderos, along with gourcuff likely to leave, it could be a nice solution! Though i’d expect us to demand the cash for both of them, and spend it on defensive targets.

    Though if wenger and nasri both consider his best position to be as a deep lying centre mid maybe that would clear up some space for a more attacking midfielder like gourcuff!

    I’d absolutely love it if City do actually want ade, so we can get something like £25 mil for him, would make me very happy!

  24. Stu

    And Wenger gave Senderos more than half a season. He was good for us with a run in the team and when Gallas arrived Phil was pushed aside despite Gallas being injured for most of his first season.

    Senderos could have become great for us had Wenger not bought Gallas imo.

  25. A

    I agree stu – I think Wenger will ultimately regret that decision. Cole threw his toys out of the pram, and with his wanting to go to chelsea we needed cover at left back too, and gallas provided that as well as being a top class centre back. It certainly was a big fuck up from senderos’ point of view though!

    Senderos was loaned out to milan for a number of reasons, and none of them were because wenger thinks he’s shit.

  26. A

    I swear wenger said something about senderos and silvestre in the Q & A, i can’t find it anywhere though. Or was it somewhere else he made comments recently??

  27. ethangunner

    ade : im ready to commit to Arsenal …
    (so what were you doing prior then ? )

    fuck so would i at 110k a week !
    the bum is a Klingon !
    he has never been man enough to say he has played really shit since 2008 , if he was honest i might respect what he says more …

    time to go you fucking faker !
    dont go kicking and screaming
    youve burdened my club for too long !!!
    got rich , richer than you deserved ..

    all i can say is i hope when you sent all that money to togo you saved some for yourself ..
    your gonna need it !

  28. A

    I’d still love senderos to return, but it seems that milan have taken to him of late, and even though he doesn’t play every single game, it seems they want to conclude the deal, and he wants to stay there too. Will just depend on whether they’re willing to pay the set price!

  29. A

    ethan i don’t believe ade is paid near to what the rumours suggest, but i agree – he’s a disease and needs to be gone asap, and i expect it to happen!

  30. Stu

    Even if it isnt the rumoured 110k, 80k is still too much fro someone of his “talent”. The sooner he is off the wagebill the better.

  31. A

    Because he’d cost about 35 mil gnarley, so would never happen!!

    Gourcuff is just about realistic, but anyways, the likelihood of us making any offensive signings is more or less nothing, so it’s not that worth talking about!

  32. A

    Gotta say, if barca were to get ribery and villa to replace henry and etoo as the new generations they would be so so scarily good! They could sell us yaya though to bring through busquets at the same time 🙂

  33. ethangunner


    but gourcuff is like french player of the year of something like that , he is hot property ..

    you know yourself when you have a player who is good ,too good .. LIKE AA , no amount of money is deemed enough to lose the service of a caliber player like that.. he’s is un-replaceable

    and the problem we are in now is similar , we let go of 2 many players of that mold to quickly …

  34. A

    what’s the relevance of gourcuff being french footballer of the year ethan? Everyone knows he’s good he’s far from a secret, but isn’t THAT good yet to command a fee that we couldn’t afford, he’s not done anything outside of france, and milan would be willing to sell him, because they have kaka and gourcuff isn’t willing to be his reserve, and milan aren’t willing to get rid of kaka.

  35. ethangunner

    nite stu

    personally id like to see senderos given another chance also .. i think going away and coming back MIGHT have made him a different player ..
    -& for old money bags wenger i also thought it was precisely what he would do this summer ! – go with the cheaper option …

    yes from ade’s own mouth he earns 110k a week
    from last pre season he was on at least 80 k,quoted by the press …
    its far to bigger chunk of cash to pay a player who has played a bit – part role this season ..

    his goal tally is no better than nik b’s and what he does on the pitch surely makes him of less value than nik … nik doesn’t often give the ball away until his final strike . and isnt offside – EVER ..

    i cant see ade with his ego taking a pay cut, so there really is only 1 option in my mind ..

    CASH IN !

  36. A

    Yeah I agree ethan, I’d love it if senderos returned having had a season away to clear his head after the capitulation against liverpool last season….

    Although obviously it’s not up to us, if Milan pay the agreed fee then there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, and he’s a milan player! If they aren’t willing to part with the reported £8mil then i’d be delighted for him to return, though I’d still like someone top notch to come in if gallas is gone.

    agree about ade ethan, though i’m still dubious about the 80k, the supposed 110k talk was probably bollocks, i can’t believe it would be true.

    We actually NEED ade to go, because we’ve got too many forwards now with eduardo back and arshavin at the club from the start of the season!

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Big Phil has that dour look in his eyes combined with the number 1 hair cut, I like him. He got The Arsenal to the CL Final, all be it under the watchfull eye of the Great PDT 😳 Martin Keown apparently, so I would welcome him back.

  38. A

    This season, our wide men and forwards, vp, bendy, ade, nasri, theo, vela made 180 starts between them

    nasri 40
    vp 36
    ade 29
    bendy 26
    theo 25
    arshavin 14
    vela 10

    next season we’ve currently got all those players, plus arshavin from the start, eduardo, and rosicky.
    on top of that bendy will want to start more games, theo to start more games as he’s over his injuries, and vela will have to start more games.
    We really HAVE to offload ade to make things work.

    Even if People say Rosicky and Eduardo won’t be able to play a full season, I can’t see a way they’re not gonna manager 15 appearances each over the course of the whole season, and that’s already covered the games that ade played

  39. A

    It varies where he plays for us David, pretty much all out players are very adaptable to different systems and positions.

    Next season we’re gonna be playing 4-2-3-1/4-1-2-3 depending on how you look at it more and more, and all of our forwards apart from ade can fill any of the front three positions, and our attacking mids/wingers can fill either of the wide roles

  40. David

    A Says:
    May 27, 2009 at 02:58

    ……depending on how you look at it more and more,



  41. A

    precisely david?! I’m confused?

    Maybe I didn’t phrase it correctly, we’re going to be playing 4-2-3-1 (or you could call it 4-1-2-3 depending on how you look at it, and whether we’re attacking or defending) more and more next season.

    What is the precise relevance of that?

  42. David


    I didnt even finish reading what you wrote.

    Who plays the lone-striker role better than Ade at the club?


    Thank you.

  43. A

    It’s simple maths, there are 180 games for the wide men and forwards to play, next season we’ll need more games for bendy, vela, arshavin, eduardo, and rosicky, and those games have to come from somewhere, someone has to be offloaded, and ade is the obvious choice for various reasons,

  44. A

    It depends David, in that formation there isn’t a loan forward role, it’s a front three. It isn’t the traditional lone forward situation where you need a big man to hold up the ball.

    It’s the same system as Barca, and Etoo or even messi operate in the central forward role for them. VP has done it recently for us and he’s very good there at bringing the midfielders into play, Bendy is very good at holding the ball up and winning flick ons, as well as slipping the ball in behind for theo to run on to, and linking up with arshavin, both eduardo and vela would be very good at running in behind and sniffing out chances.

    Different forwards bring different attributes to the role.

  45. David

    Im pretty sure Bendy and Vela can get the games they need in the Carling Cup and if/when people get injured….Sell Ade off to blood Bendy at the lone striker role is daft and clearly stupid.

    Like we havent learnt anything from Denilson and Song.

  46. A

    Havn’t learnt anything from Den and Song?! What we’ve learnt from Denilson and Song this season is that when young players play regularly they improve at an incredible rate.

    Bendy and Vela already played in the Carling Cup games and Bendy played when others were injured. Both of them NEED to play more or risk stunting their development.

    In that system you need the front three to rotate and fill in in each others positions, as Barca’s forwards do, it makes them near impossible to mark. Ade is the only forward who is incapable of playing in other roles, therefore I’d say he’s the only striker who can’t play in that system in that role….

  47. David

    A Says:
    May 27, 2009 at 03:07
    VP has done it recently for us and he’s very good there at bringing the midfielders into play


    Against Stoke City Yes. Against Chelsea….NO!

    We dont NEED to sell Ade.

  48. A

    It varies David, 4-2-3-1 is the way in which it’s commonly stated, but in reality the system is fluid and varies greatly. Sometimes it’s 4-2-3-1, sometimes 4-2-1-3, sometimes 4-1-2-3, sometimes 4-1-4-1.

    It’s impossible really to categorise the system that simply and put it down on paper, maybe it should just be referred to as “the barca formation”

  49. A

    against chelsea he was very good there imo david, how many times did theo get behind ashley cole or behind terry, especially in the first half?! VP did very well at bringing others into play against chelsea.

    We NEED to sell someone to make space as we need to find games, unless we offload someone else, and that’s much less likely than offloading ade.

  50. David

    A Says:
    May 27, 2009 at 03:10

    Havn’t learnt anything from Den and Song?! What we’ve learnt from Denilson and Song this season is that when young players play regularly they improve at an incredible rate.


    Improve yes. At an “incredible rate” No.

    And what it proves is more years without silverware…why exactly does Arsene NEED to buy if they are “improving at an incredible rate”…jee wheeez….I wonder what position he’s going to Strengthen with Experience…hmmmmmm….Could it be the Song/Denilson position????

    You sure youre not an AKB A?

  51. David

    A Says:
    May 27, 2009 at 03:15

    against chelsea he was very good there imo david, how many times did theo get behind ashley cole or behind terry,


    LOL. You are a very curious person A, I’d give you that.

    The general concensus is that Van P had a very shite game….infact…Vidic/Alex..has had Robbin in their pocket every time he plays the lone striker role.

    It was so sad the man couldnt even stay on his feet. Heck…Pedro wrote a blog about how he brough his skate boots instead of his soccer boots and youre sayin he had a good game?

    Youre the same fella that was saying Bendy was “fantastic” when the whole world…and just recently inlcuding the player himself….ADMITTED HE WAS SHITE.

    While calling people who have actually stepped to the plate and performed admirably like JD clueless and garbage…you know…..human’s are so interesting sometimes.

  52. A

    Sorry David but the extent to which Song has improved this season is the most incredible rate I’ve ever seen. At the start of the season he was said by some to be the worst player ever to play in an arsenal shirt, and now even his biggest critics consider him a decent player. He’s the most improved player I’ve ever seen!

    Who said wenger is going to strengthen a position with experience?! I think you’ve misinterpretted quotes by Wenger.

    David again I don’t think you understand the concept of an AKB, (although it’s a ridiculous term, and those who use it are summed up by the grammatical idiocy of calling someone an AKB) which is people who are incapable of thinking for themselves. I’m presenting you with arguments based on logic and rationality David, I’m not just saying I don’t know anything but Wenger does am I….

  53. A

    Football is certainly a funny game David, opinions can vary from one extreme to the other with two people sitting watching exactly the same match.

    I never said Bendy was fantastic when he was playing shit, but he always showed glimpses of an amazing talent, and did the odd fantastic thing, which I felt was more significant than the appalling open goal misses.

    I don’t rate JD, and havn’t had a single game where I’ve thought he’s shown he could make it at the top level, granted some people do rate him

  54. A

    I actually saw things I liked in VPs performance against Chelsea, he did bring theo into the game a few times.

    I can see him playing in one of the wider roles though in the future, I think it could be really interesting what happens with future roles, whether Cesc plays deeper or further up the pitch, and likewise nasri, and what happens with arshavin, and when rosicky and eduardo are back what happens with them. Pre season could be one massive experiment

  55. David

    YOu didnt say Bendy was fantastic but you certainly implied it.

    At a time when he was absolute gutter shite…you were saying he would be

    1. Top Top Quality.

    At a Time when Denilson was so useless…

    you said he “brought composure to the midfield”

    You also said…”ade at his worst is half the player Bnedy is at his worst”….(that implies fantastic)

    Ade was worse than Bendy has ever been in one game…Are you serious?

    And the fact that you said Eduardo and Bendy are the two best partnerships we have???

    Im not calling you an AKB A…what i will say is that you’ve bought into this Wenger philosophy of selling our Star players and blooding the youth at the expense of the teams progress…

  56. David

    A Says:
    May 27, 2009 at 03:27

    I actually saw things I liked in VPs performance against Chelsea, he did bring theo into the game a few times.


    If you can see Bendy as a top top quality player at a time when the boy admitted he was playing like shite…then it is no surprise…you see things obviously other people dont see out of an utter terribly garbage performance….

    Not that im saying VP had a terribly garbage performance…Im saying he’s not good enough.

    The Fact is Ade is our best striker up top in the 4-5-1..I am NOT against sellin Ade…IF WE BUY QUALITY IN HIS PLACE….

    I agree with you VP needs to play out wide…he plays that position for his country…why not for us?

    He can cut in an deliever a wicked shot like the way overmars used to do for us.

    I agree…preseason will be a sexy time.

  57. LAzer

    Just wanted to put out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the young guns on there brilliance this season!! They have done all of us proud and I for one will be hoping many of them can take the next steps in their careers to reach the 1st team squad. And even if they do not, I would always wish them the best of luck and thanks for bringing glory to Arsenal (even at this level). Well done boys!!

  58. gnarleygeorge9

    Its good alright pak me old mate, coz when the boys do step up they will already have tasted success, & will not be over awed by any occasion :)Just hope its within the next 5 years 😉

  59. gooner-pak

    Barnetta in need of new challenge
    Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta has revealed he is contemplating leaving Germany this summer after four years in the Bundesliga.

    The Swiss international – who has made 37 appearances for his country, scoring six times – has previously been linked with a move to Arsenal with the former St. Gallen star’s playing style likened to Freddie Ljungberg.

    And the 24-year-old could now be set for a summer switch to the Emirates Stadium, after revealing he needs a new challenge having made more than 100 league outings for Leverkusen, netting 16 goals.

    “The chance that I’ll leave Bayer Leverkusen this summer is quite big,” he told Blick.

    “I’ve been playing here for a long time already and I feel like I need a new challenge.

    “However, I’m not leaving the club for just any team. I want to make the next step in my career and join a bigger team. I’m full of confidence though that I’ll find an interesting club.”

  60. gooner-pak

    i dont know, here some have expressed tht even JW might not end up at the top level at arsenal…tht is totally circumtatial….but i love this lad…for me he is the next arsenal man….caz since i’ve started following arsenal there aint was a tony adam sort guy…..i mean local boys like steve gerrrard for scousers… ihope he stays and stays for life and may he be sucessful for us in years to come… my reason for his affection is simple as tht

  61. ikon

    great win last night. Proud of the boys not just for the trophies but for the oozing class and quality. Future is mega bright!

    I would really like to see JET , Wilshere, Merida, Sanchez develop at this pace. Sanchez watt is fearsomely pacy and awesomely cool at finishing.

    Wislhere is a different class altogether. Imagine this lineup



    I hope seniors take lessons and bring trophies which is the only thing missing, the fans as always will be behind them.

    I was impressed with the crowd at Emirates, just goes to show the superb lot of fan base we are a part of. We wanna enjoy good football, trophies or no trophies, seniors/juniors or ladies.

    Fans deserve a lot for the class they have shown this season, except for some visible and understandably difficult times.

    Bring on next season. I fucking love this club.

  62. kelsey

    Good Morning all.

    Just to clear up a few pointers from yesterday.The transfer window officially opens on 1st.june and closes at midnight on the 31st.August.

    Well played the kids last night,the hunger and desire by the whole team was a delight to watch over the 2 legs.Jack had an outstanding game,and hopefully 3 or 4 will become first team regulars,but that is something for the future.

    On to the CL Final, I have no hesitation in wanting Barcelona to win,for no other reason than to break the daily monopoly by the British press that United are the b all and end all of everything in English football.Sure they are a great side with an astute manager,but it is nearing a monopoly,which can’t be good for the game.

    For those interested in our finances,listening to the BBC from a professor of sports economics,it has been proved that the winners tonight will receive near on 1 million pounds, and that Arsenal with gate receipts, and various sponsership bonuses and TV rights, will have made between 50 to 55 million by getting to the semi final.

  63. nishanth

    transfer windown opens on june 1st and inter have already signed 2 players juve 2 players bayern munich 2 players.

  64. LAzer

    50-55 million!!! Bloody hell are you kidding me. And the cheap bastards can’t even give more then 30% (15 mill) to Wenger to spend.

  65. kelsey


    don’t believe a word about the so called made up fiqure in the press of 13 million.If yo firstly cut the wage bill to players who are surplus to requirements like Bischof, Silvestre and get rid of one or two others who are just average players,you are already saving 25k upwards a wek on each player.
    then the over 30 rule has special consideartion if you are french,but not if you are not.

    We tie down theo on 60k a week before he has proved himself,and in any case his contract as all contracts today are worthless.
    We give ade a reported 80 to 110k a week based on one good season.

    RVP wants the going wage at the club,i believe 90K a week,and they call that a business.Payments and bonuses before you win anything.The whole club finances need really looking into,and we will only keep the good players if equally other good players are brought in,and abandon this youth policy is obviously not working,unless you are prepared to wait at least 5 years and that is questionable.

  66. kelsey

    ask Geoff,i am just a supporter but someone is not telling the truth.The fiqures just don’t add up.

  67. LAzer

    I want Barca to win, and solely for Henry that is.

    Otherwise I could care less and would simply hope for a good game with a fair result sans the referee impacting the outcome.

    In all honesty though I think it will be tough for the Catalans as they are missing quite a few key players whilst the Mancs are fully healthy and in terrific form. Also the Mancs seem to possess a much better defense along with an attack nearly comparable to that of Barca. Sorry to play devil’s advocate fellas but those are my two cents worth of analysis.

  68. ikon

    1 million pounds is a bit too low and 100 is a bit too high imho.

    IF Manu continue like this and pay off their debt by winning things at this rate, this would be the greatest getaways in the history of football.

    I guess they deserve to win it, but I hope they dont.

  69. LAzer

    Someone is having there pockets lined on the back of us having to suffer less competitiveness then it seems. I hope we spend on some old school Wenger quality buys comparable to Bobby, Viera and the rest. Players comparable to the impact Arshavin had in the few months that he played with us. And I hope we are able to salvage an entire year out of Rosicky and Eduardo (even if there are minor injuries along the way, just a term of some good solid contribution would be very helpful). And I hope Walcott is slowly converted to that striker role I think him and Wenger have planned all along in his development so that near the end of next season he is viewed as an out and out striker for the club and not a winger.

  70. gooner-pak

    yes lazer…..barca struggled against chavs
    i think its the quality of PL…if u see two best teams of la liga (real being the other and having quite a good run prior to wel classico) and when they meet it barca ripping the other apart 6-2 but same barca fails to put a convincing performance against chavs….
    it will b hard for ctalan giants but i wish and hope they win only for HENRY

  71. iceman

    Manure will keep it tight at the back as usual.
    It’s upto Barca to unlock them.
    Henry should be fired up.
    His first CL title within reach and against the enemy.
    Writing’s on the wall.
    Come on son, every single gooner in the world is behind you.
    Motivation enough?

  72. Geoff

    Morning all, I called for clarity a few weeks back, I’m not saying to tell the world we have £55.3 million to spend on players, just to say we have enough and not that we only have £13 mil, that is clearly a paper story and someone needs to come out and tell the truth.

    Clarity and transparency, it’s not hard is it.

  73. LAzer

    later GP. Morning Geoff. Yeah am hoping to iceman!! Geoff did you watch the youth cup home and away? What were your thoughts on Sunu and Watt if you did?

  74. Geoff

    I did LAzer and I like them both, but Watt was the better player over the two legs for me, he has bulked up this year.

  75. ikon

    13 million was just a cooked up story to keep the price of summer targets to what they really are.

    I have read somewhere that Gilles Sunu is off this summer. Benik Afobe is a far more versatile and successful player than Sunu.

    This team is much more cohesive than the seniors. They understand each other very very well. Seniors have to adjust all the time.

  76. Buy More Fb Fans

    After reading all the comments i miss the old squad and hate the old blue kit with a passion just hope this season we come on top then manchester united if liverpool can beat them 1-0 it makes us wonder what’s in store.