What a closing party!

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Morning everyone!

Just a quick post from me today! I’ve predicted that my hangover is going to be pretty horrific… so this is being written at 0400. Dedication to the job my friends…

I thought the game was pretty standard stuff… we knew we were going to beat Stoke… Stoke knew we were going to beat them.

We beat them.

Robin proved his value to the team once again with and assist and two goals… his productivity this year has been impressive, and I would suspect with a player like Arshavin in the team from the off, he’ll do even more next year.

Vito Manonne played pretty well. I was quite surprised how big he is! What a beast!

Other than that… there’s not too much to report on!

I’d like to thank all the Grovers who turned out in force today! We had the usual crowd, some new people and even some people who just read the site but don’t comment! There really are some great characters who read this blog and meeting you all really does make it all worth it! Thanks for another great year from a non-footballing perspective… make sure you stay tuned over the summer… we’ve got plenty of new ideas to keep you interested!

Player ratings:

Entire team: 10

Enjoy your hangover… remember, you deserve it.

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  1. David


    Once again…that was the same relationship we had with Eboue…every last soul turned on him…I havent even fully recovered from how much i hated him…but if the rummor is true that Ade will be back next season…what will we do?

  2. David


    41 apperances in 04/05 when we won our last trophies

    38 appearances in 05/06

    31 appearances in 06/07

    35 appearances this season..

    Only time he didnt have that many appearances was when he was crocked last year…still..that would be 14 assists in 4 years….

  3. Franchise

    im comparing him to henry cos he is an explosive striker with unbelievable finishing. i put better in my comment so dont try to fli my script on me.

    do u know how painful it is attimes to watch the likes of bendtner and ade after watching the magic of henry?

  4. patthegooner

    Not at all david,

    I dont think the fans relationship with Eboue is anywhere near what it is on Adebayor.

    In fact I am not even sure Arsenal fans hated Eboue, they hated the fact he was being moulded into playing RM and LW and it was not working. It was the frustrations at that call, not hatred for the player.

    If anything Eboue is a bit of a cult figure at the club for the effort he puts in and his personality in the dressing room.

    My view of him is that as a backup/competitor for the RB slot he is a very worthwhile squad player. If his new role is RM then I feel that he is not good enough for that role apart from in desperate times.

  5. Keyser

    Franchise – There you go with your sarcasm again and then you get upset when people return it.

    3-4 years ? he’s 30 ffs, he couldn’t hack it here when he was youn ger and fitter and he’s prolific because he’s managed to score more than 30 goals in a season once in his whole career.

  6. goonermichael

    Robin van Persie
    With his brace against Stoke, Van Persie became a twenty-goal-a-season striker for the first time in his career. And with his free-kick setting up the third of Arsenal’s four goals, Van Persie finished the campaign at the top of the charts for goalscoring assists during the league season.

  7. patthegooner

    Franchise, I think you must feel similar to me.

    I dont think I would lose sleep if any of our Strikers left the club. I certainly would not feel the emptyness when Henry left. I just sat silent watching SSN when that happened.

    We dont have that figure head striker to wow us on regular occaisions.

  8. David


    There is no doubt Van Persie is a 20+ goal a season striker…No doubt. Just cuz its his first time doesnt mean he isnt one..or that he doesnt have the potential.

    He shouldve bagged 7 or 8 more…if he had burried a couple of freekicks as you said but they kept hitting the fecking bar or “going inches wide”

    That should change next season.

  9. David


    16 goals isnt counter productive…some of them match winners…Should he leave? Yes..probably…but for who??

    Pls dont tell me promotion from within the team because that will be a massive stupid argument.

  10. Keyser

    Franchise – Know whats painful ? Having another Arsenal fan tell me how good Henry was and then biggin up Forlan as an alternative, thats fucking painful.

    Yeah Franchise, he’s 30 years, for the first time in his career he’s scored 30 goals and you think he’s going to come to the Premiership and score 30 goals a season for the next 3-4 years ?!

  11. Stu

    Ade is as productive as as out 21 year old striker, who is on less movey and has arguable much more talent.

    VP getting 20goals doesnt make him a 20goals a season striker, just like Ade isnt a 30goals a season striker either. To get such a label one needs to do it consistently.

  12. goonermichael

    Actually it’s our defence that really needs attention. We could sign Torres and we’d still come third

  13. David

    Stu Says:
    May 26, 2009 at 00:57

    Ade is as productive as as out 21 year old striker, who is on less movey and has arguable much more talent


    Jay Simpson? Are you taking the piss?

  14. Franchise

    u r the one bringing up 30 goals keyser im more focused on his style of play and technique. he is a striker that bring in experience and a different dynamic to the team.

  15. Franchise

    our top scorer in the league this year was VP 11 league goals and like 4 of them were penalties.

  16. David


    Dear oh dear…lets not go there…if Bendy Scores the same number of goals having scored a good significant amount of those goals against championship teams in the FA cup and CC cup or League is seriously being deluded.

    I mean how can you compare their productivity when he has goals from the CC?

  17. Franchise

    im off keyser two things u should be prepared for

    1. for definite is the depature of badey
    2. is the likely arrival of diego forlan…. sooo good they named him after the ‘great’


  18. patthegooner


    Of course you would want to bring someone in if/WHEN ade leaves but promoting from within might not be far off what will happen.

    I could see Theo finally moving up top and dependant on Eduardo I think Wenger might go for RVP, Eduardo, Nic, Vela and Theo. Remember we have Arshavin as well who can play up top.

    Not what I would like but I think it might happen.

    I think personally we need the Henry replacement we never actually got. Super Super Quality.

  19. David

    “I think personally we need the Henry replacement we never actually got. Super Super Quality.”


    That is exactly what i’ve been saying. The chelsea game shows us that Theo doesnt finish..YET.

    Lets not talk about Nikk and finishing.

    Eddy Yes!…but we dont know how he will sustain the whole seaosn with that horrible injury mentally..hopefully he’d be ok.

    Vela is he ready?

    Van P…ofcoarse!


    Rosiscky…Oh dear…

    Nasri…When he can beat his man on the wing i will get excited about him.

    Demilson? O God.

    Song…Bless me father…

    Once again…We are saying the same thing…I just dont thing we should do the rash thing and let Ade go if we are not going to get a…” Henry replacement we never actually got. Super Super Quality.

  20. Stu

    David, they have a similar amount of goals in the prem and there is 1 goals seperating them in all comps. And you say Ade scores a lot of winners but i would bet that they have a similar amount of winners too.

    Night Frannie!

  21. patthegooner

    Its not ideal David,

    But given the Internal promotion option and keeping Ade.

    I would rather he left and promote from within.

    I honestly think he causes us that much damage.

    If he went we would use Eduardo more and maybe Theo upfront and I think that would be more succesful.

  22. patthegooner

    Right I am off, See you in the morning guys

    Youth Cup tomorrow night. Something fun to talk about.

  23. David

    You know to be honest Im tired of proving you wrong Stu…so no need to go there.

    I admit Bendy has had an impressive season…but to say that he can fill Ade’s shoes is beyond ridiculous.

  24. Stu

    LOL You are yet to prove me wrong! But anyway…lets drop it because im sick of trying to reason with you.

    So whats next?

    Nighty night ptg.

  25. David

    FA youth cup i guess.

    Should be a thriller.

    Going to be a long summer….Arsene buy someone already!

  26. Stu

    Yeah, the cup……

    Cant wait fo the second leg. I just hope the scouse kids cant turn a result on its head like their flukey senior team can.
    But our kids showed them in the first leg that they are no match for us. In terms of quality or fight. We scored every tyoe of goal. All thats missing for us is a long ranger…..hopefully we get one early on to kill off the tie.

  27. LAzer

    Which of the kids can you all see coming in to the first team in the future?

    Mine are Jack, Ramsey, Coquelin, Nordveit If we’re lucky Lansbury, Frimpong, JET and maybe one of Sunu, Watt or Murphy. That is a lot of potential first team squad from the youngsters imo, more so then any other big club really.

  28. Stu

    I want Murphy to make it because he is a typical poacher. Always in the right place, making very smart runs and pretty good in and around the area. Always likely to score from nothing. We dont have anyone else in his mould.

    Other than him i like Lansbury, Bartley, Ayling, Coquelin, Wilshere obviously and…….from the reserves- Merida, Ramsey even tho he doesnt play at any level for us. Am i forgetting anyone?

  29. LAzer

    I suppose that’s my point Stu. Seems to me we have a lot more prospects then any other team really. The only one that comes close are the mancs with Gibson, Wellbeck, Macheda, Da Silva twins and maybe some I missed. Although with them I see a very large sized problem on the horizon with the decline and eventual departure of Scholes and Giggs coming as well as Hargreves not coming on as much as they expected. I supposed they will drop 30-50 mill and rectify that problem meanwhile we will be forced to promote and cajole the youngsters and hope Wenger finds unpolished gems at a bargain.

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    So questions are being asked, if manure win this seasons CL Final, will they be the best manure team ever? This is a question that can be debated for ever by their fans, but one thing is for sure. There has never been a football club in as much debt as manure 2009, so they can add that to their list of Titles 😆

    So, if Le Gaffer can sign some quality, & why not, we can win the League, & sow the first seeds of doubt into all their “happy” fans that, not only could they be becoming yesterdays news, but they have a debt burden of £1 billion. They won’t be up top forever,fergie won’t manage forever & the debt has to be paid.

  31. David


    If the “restructure” the loan they could be paying 1 million over 100 years….i do however hope they do go down…the arrogance is un-called for.

  32. Stu

    Vince McMahon took the piss out of Stan Kroenke on wwe Raw. Shame wrestling is so shit and childish….

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    manure don’t have a monopoly on The Premier League, & we all know how gut wrenching it is for all their supporters when they don’t win it. Combine that with a fucking monster debt & they will be in agony. Ha Ha Ha to the poxy turds.

    manure, ferguson know we are coming, its inevitable. Arsenal is too big a Club to stay down for much longer. The smart arse jibes they have handed out have been logged into the memory bank. Evra opened his big north & south, & the boys, one by one hacked the shit down.

    Yes, we will all remember the Q & A. It could be written in Arsenal folk law, as the moment we “all” came together and said enough is enough……..to the top 😀

  34. gooner-pak

    Daily Mail
    We can’t stop Hangeland joining Arsenal, admits Fulham boss Hodgson

    Fulham boss Roy Hodgson is determined to persuade Brede Hangeland to stay at Craven Cottage but concedes he will not be able to stop him leaving for the likes of Arsenal next summer.
    The Norway international defender has been one of the successes of Fulham’s record-breaking season which saw them clinch their highest ever top-flight finish of seventh.
    It is only the second time in their history that Fulham have qualified to play in Europe and Hodgson is hoping that Hangeland will remain part of their plans for next season despite being consistently linked with a move to Arsenal.
    ‘We’ll do everything in our power to keep Brede,’ said Hodgson. ‘Everyone knows he’s a player that we love. He’s still contracted to us and we want to keep him.
    ‘We’re doing everything in our power – but our power sometimes can’t be compared to the power of other clubs.’

  35. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all….just a quick hey! I’m sitting in a private hospital room waiting for my double hernia op. Awesome! So who are we being linked with today?

  36. LAzer

    good luck with that TAIG!! Hope it goes well. No news yet. I am playing the amateur scout and watching Yuri Zhirkov videos online. Its going to be a long summer..

  37. LAzer

    How do you all rate Valencia? What would be his valuation without Mancs coming in for him. Although I can see them finally realizing Nani is pants and replacing him with Valencia.

  38. gooner-pak

    just read in few comments above abt benzema (his interview) and cana (nasri mentioning him some where) so what are the possibilities….it will be great but i dont think we’ll land benzema

  39. tonyadamsisgod

    Cheers guys!

    I really think we’ll sign Hangeland and I think if anyone leaves it will be Kolo. Would be good if he could be our first choice replacement but I think he wants first team football which is fair enough. Gallas is the better player though!

  40. kelsey

    Morning Geoff,

    That demo by The Only one Arsene Wenger crowd was just a few hundred at the most having seen various clips, not thousands as reported on other blogs.I have learnt generally people usually write the opposite of what they actually mean,in case it’s offensive,as everything has to be diplomatically correct.

    I really feel this is Wenger’s last chance this summer to get a stabilised squad that respect the manager,and for him to hold his hands up and say he got it wrong.He will buy one or two and only perhaps another striker if ade leaves.

    Wenger can’t help the perpetual groin strains players get,but surely he should investigate it,and brush up on his use of subs,which are to say the least sometimes quite weird.

  41. Geoff

    LAzer I think Nasri will become a great player, don’t forget he’s played most of the season out of position, he’s only 21 and it was his first season with no pre-season, next term he’ll flourish.

  42. LAzer

    Hangeland Gallas should make quite a pairing imo. I know several on here have been saying Hangeland is too slow, ffs we can’t hope to create a player now can we. Maybe if we land Hangeland as the big CB signing and add in a Sakho and ditch Silvestre we are settled there. Wenger is a sneaky Frenchman, he may have even played Song at CB the last two games to bargain with teams saying he doesn’t really need a CB so take it or leave it.

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    I can’t stress how much I think we need Loric Cana in our team and how much he would improve our entire game! A weight would be lifted from Cesc for a start!

  44. LAzer

    So what do you feel is Nasri’s best position Geoff. Not where he will or has to play for us but naturally what’s his best position?

  45. LAzer

    Loric Cana, Sakho and Hangeland by the end of June. Then we need clear out the cobwebs at the grove’s trophy closet.

  46. Geoff

    LAzer I think he operates best floating across the midfield or playing in the middle, the problem is all our midfield players are central midfield, Diaby, Nasri Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky and Denilson.

    We should get a couple of wingers in there.

  47. Duke

    Morning all,
    taig, do you think if we keep saying Cana, Cana, Cana we will get him? Women always tell me about this Secret shit, so we can get Cana IF we really want. 😀

  48. ethangunner


    if wenger gets only 1 or 2 .. he will still be just as screwed as this season , other than the manc’s i bet your bottom dollar pool and the chev’s will buy 1 or 2 AT LEAST !

    this team apples for apples wasnt goo enough this season , laws of averages says it wont again ..

    unless 3 or 4 class players are brought in !

  49. ikon

    Song is a decent center back imho. Hangeland has great positioning sense, and one of Gallas/Toure has the pace to burn. On the other side, I think toure is well past his prime. His positioning is aweful at times , and its only his fading pace that keeps him toe to toe with the strikers.

    My wishlist
    Hangeland, chiellini, Dzeko, Sakho