Will he stay or will he go? Wenger, Van Persie and Ade.

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The closing party is this Sunday!

The closing party is this Sunday!

When we began this blog 2 years ago we ran a story congratulating the boss on signing his new contract, I have no doubt he’ll honour this one and stay on, but as I said without exaggeration ten million times I am an Arsenal fan first. As Wenger himself said you can’t keep an unhappy player, touché boss, touché!

I hope he stays but if he chooses to move onto pastures new I’ll say thanks for the memories and good luck in the future, but my guess? He’ll stay.

Robin I think is hedging his bets to see if we sign some world class players and for that I don’t blame him, he needs to win some silverware and he is at that age where he’s still much in demand, I like Robin, it hasn’t been his best season, but the talent is there and he’s not done too badly with injuries this time round, so I think he’ll stay.

Adebayor, what do you do about a problem called Ade? Okay, so I may have borrowed that from the Sound of music but the same applies, a wonderfully gifted player that doesn’t understand the offside rule, a very well paid player who doesn’t understand the loyalty concept, and one that will miss 2 months of the coming season to the ACN. I think he will leave and he goes, with my blessing, he has scored some cracking goals notably against the spuds and most recently against Villarreal, thanks for those Ade and good luck.

We have the nucleus of a very good team that needs a little help in areas that we have ignored for years now, we need a solid back four with a solid back up, 2 centre backs for me with one that is world class, the other can be one of our kids or someone in the Hangeland mould.

We need a defensive midfielder that is world class, someone that has pace and a thunderous tackle, Song is an able back up so I would keep him.

Up front we aren’t doing too badly but if Ade goes and we don’t go for a Benzema or Villa and I suspect we wont, then we need to consider a winger in the mould of Pires or Ribery to play on the right.

Then and only then will we look more solid and capable of sustaining a challenge. I think this time though the boss can see that and hopefully he will act.

I would like to thank all of you grovers for making this more of a forum than a site that just exists to pay homage to Arsene Wenger and his teenage dream, I really like what you have done boss (nearly all) but I also like to debate and challenge, that is something I think this site is unique for, and it’s why I keep writing, if all we did was talk and bitch about other sites that by default would make this one pointless, so thanks for making my job such a pleasure, and in the main for leaving them alone.

We have to get through 3 months of no football soon, so speculating at least makes it all a bit of fun and helps the time fly.

We will make some additions to the blog in the summer months so if any of you have any ideas then email Pedro and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh, one final thing, Arsenal emailed me yesterday extending the deadline day for season ticket renewal to Tuesday the 26th of May, that will mean nothing to the blog stalkers as most of them have never been to Arsenal, but that tells me they’re not renewing at the rate they had thought, maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped and they’ll dust off the company cheque book.

Le Grove wouldn’t be the success it is without you, your opinions and your humour, keep it coming!

So have a great day Grovers, we only have Stoke left, for those of you like Pedro and I that go, lets make it a day to remember and sing our lungs out, let’s hope they put the flags on the seats again, that was a neat move, that the stewards leave us alone and we score 8 goals! Whooooh!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    This transfer season, Le Gaffer should make the Theme song to The Sopranos his tune:-

    “Woke up this morning, got myself a gunner”

    Thats all we want a couple of really good signings. Is that too much to ask 😉

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Well, Timao, I’ve been thinking, as I’ve just said, I reckon its time The Board had a big clean out. They sit back like dozey cows, where is the hunger anymore. They don’t need to lift a finger while Wenger does everything.

  3. bk

    have to disagree stu about the punditry,it is always spot on.Not always presented nice and sweet by richard “i fuckin love when when utd win” keys.Comentry is prety shit all the same

  4. goonermichael

    Wenger hasn’t threatened to leave. He said “the perez deal was interesting”. It’s like your wife saying “he’s good looking” to wind you up.

  5. Stu

    Well i have to suffer through RTEs dumbasses everytime they show a match. Whether it be us, Barca or any european team. They just infuriate me with their naivity(sp).

  6. choy

    yeah gm.. its just wenger flirting as you would call it.. no harm.. but it does make the board sit up and notice.

    he knows he won’t last there.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    The penny has finally dropped with me, the smoke has been lifted. The Q & A was the best thing to happen to this Club in ages. People getting angry, getting things off their chest (even Jordan has been doing that lately 😯 ) sparks have flown. Le Gaffer has obviously been controlling himself, because he already knew the fans were getting restless. The Q & A gave his a chance to hit back, he’s only human afterall.

    But after all that, there are still memebers of The Board who are carrying on as if its wrong to express yourself. How the fuck did they get on The Board in the 1st place, by being nice to a former Board member they stabbed in the back to get the numbers to be voted on. They have lost their edge some of them. & if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space. Oh yes its all crystal now to me.

  8. goonermichael

    I hope the board sit up and take notice. If we lose Wenger we’ll go backwards I think.

  9. timao

    gnarley – that’s about right I think. but getting saying let’s get the board out at this time, when there’s actually a power struggle going on at board level, I think the board members are on their toes right now aren’t they?

  10. timao

    my point is, basically – Wenger is fucking brilliant and we’re way better off with him than otherwise, and if he needs a bit of support from fans, I for one am prepared to give it

  11. choy

    i am sure they will.. if arsene goes… it affects them a lot too..

    this Q&A just woke everybody facking up didn’t it!!

  12. timao

    ok, lets look at it like this – as fans we are 4-0 down with 90 mins to save the tie, what do we do?

  13. Pedro

    Timao, I don’t think support for Wenger has wained… support for his project this season has.

    Most fans would rather him stay… but not doing what he is doing.

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Morning Pedro

    Do you reckon the paper hype will mean that Le Gaffer will finally pull stumps @ THOF 😉

  15. bk

    i would like to know were fizzzz and hillwood at the q&a answering all the hard questions(truthfully).There is 1 thing worse than getting grief, its getting grief when its not your fault! it would make a fella wanna fuck off

  16. Stu

    Turner caught my eye earlier in the season. But like the rest of his team he went to shit in the second half of it. He is probably good but Wenger doesnt buy from within the prem unless they are free or dirt cheap. Also I’d rather us not buy defenders from relegation teams…whether they go down or not. Same goes for Bassong.

  17. bk

    its easy for one of a shit teams defenders to look good same reason shay given used to always get man of the match

  18. A

    Turner is a championship standard defender, borderline botto, of the league english bruiser, obviously nowhere near good enough for us, he’s a poor mans dawson from spuds!

    Has anyone found a transcript from the Q & A yet?! Or are people not interested in it anymore??

  19. LAzer

    Wenger cannot be allowed to run every facet at the club anymore. He must take a hard objective look at his squad with some advice from those that see the potential and those that see the laziness. He also needs to take his scouts seriously and not insist on playing overexposed youngsters for the entire season and hope for something fucking brilliant from them.

  20. A

    Stu I’d actually have JD over Turner every time. In fact I could name off the top of my head 30 defenders better than turner in the prem very easily!!

    Anyone know re the Q & A?? A transcript surfaced anywhere

  21. A

    Ah ok stu, maybe. But we can’t have a 4th choice to deal with high balls, we need a first choice who’s got those attributes!

    Still – noone know about Q & A?????????

  22. bk

    Stu i have to disagree with you about rte.At least its a true oppion not all dressed up and nice. And as a gunner they are the fairest to us.not jumping on the band wagon like every other #### on english tv.s##t they even have ex players lining up to slate us.Wouldnt be surprised if every word out their mouth is scripted.Yes that is you robbie earl,andy townsend
    ,rednapp etc…C##TS

  23. gnarleygeorge9


    Newspapers are a dying thing. No one wants to invest in them anymore coz sales are dropping. That is not breaking news either. Poor old journos need something to write about to get people to keep them employed.

  24. Pedro

    Especially the mirror GG… I dying paper… worst loss of readership out of all of them.

    Is it a surprise?

  25. A

    As do i david

    Ah ok pedro – i was wondering whether there was an official one sent to shareholders who didn’t attend.

    In that case i’ll carry on what i’m currently doing for my own benefit, writing one myself from the recording of it from arsenal TV!! Taking me bloody ages, and only got through the first 12 minutes thus far, but should be very useful in ridiculing the bollocks the press come out with twisting little bits of it!

    Pedro if you want I could send you the word document afterwards if you wanted to make it available to other gooners, were a few asking for it before the weekend?

  26. Pedro

    A, if you do that, I will post it up in a separate page or stick it up as it’s own post.

    The e-mail is in the side bar!


  27. A

    OK pedro i’ll get that to you when it’s done, gonna be a long night though, 13 minutes in and over 1500 words!

  28. Stu

    I dont like Bassong at all. No newcastle defender is good. But thats just opinion…not FACT!!!!!

    A, whats your view on ROland Juhasz. Hungarian international, big, and likely to be strong.

  29. A

    Also – it’s difficult to know whether to correct the grammatical errors on account of english not being his first language, some bits look a bit silly when written down, figured best to leave it as much as possible though people can make up their own minds what he meant!

  30. A

    Yeah i’ve heard about him stu, never seen him so no opinion on him though!

    I actually really like bassong, very big, powerful, and athletic as well so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice speed for the aerial power as we would with Senderos or Hangeland. Still not sure if he’s ready to start for us though I wouldn’t mind him as back up.

  31. Stu

    Not that i’ve watched much of Bassong but when i have seen I personally havent been impressed.

    And against Fulham the defending was awful for the Kamara goal. Highline and Bassong couldnt even catch Nevland. How embarrassing! 😳


    how the fuck are we going to make that 18 point defcit with only 13 million to spend that is bollocks

  33. A

    Ade is gonna supplement that massively!

    18 points behind utd

    We’ll already be 3 players stronger at the start of next season than this, with Eduardo, Rosicky, and Arshavin!

    13 mil plus 15 from selling ade, 2 more players in, easily catch and overtake utd with 5 top quality players more than we had at the start of last season!


    that is bollocks,sell to buy we are never going to get anywhere like that i am predicting another trophyless season

  35. bk

    Bbk,we gotta spend some money.every mother fuck.r keeps saying it but wer not tht far off.Wenger thinks its 2 i think its 3 players.Even if their not quite aa quality at least let them be his age expirence


    nope its not gonna happen a rosicky and eddy are going to be constantly injured yet again we will have to start all over again,if wenger does stay he better know what he’s letting himself in for after next season is done

  37. A

    of course you are bbk, and i’m gonna be delighted when you’re completely wrong in predicting that!

    i predict a quadruple and unbeaten season in all competitions

  38. A

    ha gm very true

    yeah i’m good cheers, yourself??

    really gonna be shitty when this season is over, just looking forward to next season with arshavin from the start, and new defender, and eduardo and rosicky back playing week in week out, not to mention bendtner playing more!


    rosicky has been out for what a year and a half,if you think he will have a full season,u are truly mistaken same goes for eddy he will not last a full season either


    exactly stu IF we all know we are not going to have a fully fit squad we never do the players who come in are just not up to it our strength in depth is bollocks that’s why yet again we will fail

  41. A

    2-3 players and we won’t be up there, we’ll be ahead of the rest imo. Our strength in depth going forward is fantastic now, Arshavin, Theo, VP, Rosicky, Bendtner, Vela, Cesc, Nasri, Eduardo all have bagloads of goals in them, and I wouldn’t swap them for the players in any other team in the prem.

    Defensively kolo, gallas, sagna, clichy are all still very good defenders individually, and if they’re supplemented with another top defender, and a good DM, then they’re more than good enough to bring alot of success.

  42. Stu

    Thats all fine and good having strength in depth but you can only play 11 at once and we dont have as strong an 11 as others do.

  43. A

    I disagree stu, our 11 players would stand up against any in the league.


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Arshavin Cesc Song Rosicky

    VP Eduardo

    I’d bet on that team to beat any other team in the prem any day, or certainly hold it’s own


    of course you can only play 11 apart from manu that is,Im saying when we get hit by the african cup tounament and our yearly injury’s we are basically fucked and we only have 13 mill to spend to try and bolster it, no way


    song and toure will be missing for how ever long gallas is off,you better come up with something better a

  46. A

    BBK we’re only losing players to the african nations in defensive positions, and that’s where we’re gonna strengthen. We’ll be fine. I’m more confident about next season than i’ve been in a long long time, though if we lose players in the summer or don’t sign a centre back i won’t be!

    Currently though I genuinly believe we’ll be the team to beat next season

  47. bk

    who said we have to buy african.This squad is good…not the best but dosnt need too much not imo, fact.will the board give the money?

  48. A

    how’s vp and eduardo weak bbk?! apart from torres i wouldn’t have any other forward over vp, and eduardo given the chances our midfield with arshavin etc in it will create could outdo ade’s goal tally from last year easily


    a there are 3 teams above us with a better strike force then us,this is why we have finished 4th.


    the 3 teams above us will all have plenty of money to strengthen not fucking have to sell to buy and not have a budget of 13 million either

  51. Stu

    I dunno A, VP isnt that great in terms of goals. This season is his best in terms of goals and fitness and he has been injured a bit and hasnt broken the 20goals mark. I know its not his main job but he isnt consistent enough for me.
    I like him but wouldnt be devestated to see him replaced.

  52. Stu

    Didnt Liverpool outscore us too? And they had their 2 best players out for large parts of the season.


    van persie will never have an injury free season its just something that will not ever happen

  54. A

    The 3 teams are above use because they had a MUCH better defence than us this season bbk, they’ve only had a slightly better strike force than us this season.

    The only reason they’ve had slightly better strike forces is because we didn’t have arshavin for the first 2/3 of this season, cesc and theo for a long time, and havn’t had eduardo or rosicky all season.

    Next season with all these players we won’t just be as good as the others going forward, we’ll be a fair bit better than them, it’s just defensively we need to sort out

  55. A

    Stu VP has had 34 starts this season and contributed 30 goals with 18 goals and 12 assists, that’s incredibly impressive imo.

    Yeah Liverpool outscored us, but Gerrard only missed 5/6 games, and granted Torres was out, but that’s one player out for just under half the season, rather than two players out for an entire season, and arshavin only getting signed at the very end! That’s three players at the start of next season that we basically didn’t or barely had all season rather than one player missing half a season

  56. bk

    bbk,fair nuff…we need wingers,proper wingers and then we can start playing players in thier proper positions!

  57. A

    disagree completely bk – no technical pass and move team has “proper wingers”, and this team has less players not playing in their proper positions than the invincibles, i really don’t get that out of position criticism, doesn’t make sense to me at all it’s not a weakness in the slightest.

  58. Stu

    Whatever about wingers, we just need players that can beat a man and put in a good cross. How hard is that ffs!

  59. A

    We don’t want crossers! We want to keep the ball on the floor and recycle it, rather than put in hopeful crosses, just as the invincibles did time and time again. The problem now, especially because of ade getting into the team, is that we resort to just putting in hopeful crosses especially when sagna or clichy are on the ball, rather than turning round and just passing the ball back, keeping possession, which would be much more beneficial to the team


    having crossers of the ball is a plan b this team are not good enough playing open football because are defensive quality’s are shit all teams do to us know is put men behind the ball and that’s it we are fucked

  61. ethangunner

    i really don’t get that out of position criticism,
    how can you tell if its NOT detrimental .
    we keep changing our formations , and our player positions ..

    might as well play clichy as a striker if you adopt that attitude ..

    i think a lot to do with our failure this season
    was the switching and chopping around of players , nasri in the center , then left wing

    diaby central then wing eboue everywhere .

    i know for a fact that a team will settle and realize there responsibilities if given time in the same location ..

    whilst i cant contribute all our short comings to consistent players played out of position ,
    i think it goes a long way to unsettle the unity
    of the squad .. you want to know who’s next to you and who is in front of you , the touch on a pass , knowing your defense is behind you .. etc.

    how can a team settle if no one really knows their roles ?!

  62. A

    theo has been growing more and more into that role bbk, and he’s been doing very well there recently.

    he’s learning how to move and get inside the fullback, which he’s doing time and time again in every game he plays. His final ball still needs work but he certainly kicks the ball much better than he used to, and he’s getting more and more goalscoring opportunities there every game, and doing well with them.

    He’s a winger like overmars or freddie were, using their pace to get behind the defence and making runs through the middle from out wide so easy to lose their markers, I expect him to score 10-15 goals next season, the potential is there

  63. bk

    diaby,denilson,euboe,walcott,nasri,van persie all played on the wing none of which is their prefer position.some more than ohers.even AA but hes gifted

  64. A

    ethan we’ve never had set roles since wenger arrived, that’s the trademark of his teams, forwards, and wide men wandering around all over the pitch swapping positions and confusing markers.

    I do agree with the formation changes though, that hasn’t settled perfectly, and is certainly something that will need to be worked on extensively over pre season and in training

  65. ethangunner

    how many times was denilson – diaby- song -cesc – theo – eboue used ..

    it has to unsettle the midfield ..
    it was polar opposite to the effect it had on us the season prior .. with the constant week to week reliability of hleb-flamini-cesc-theo/eboue

    if you cant tell the dif , well …..


  66. A

    bk it’s no less nasri’s than it was pires’ when he arrived at the club, but he became the best in the world there!

    vp it is his preferred position, though in a front 3, he plays there for holland!

    eboue, denilson, diaby i’d agree though


    having crossers of the ball is a plan b this team are not good enough playing open football because are defensive quality’s are shit all teams do to us know is put men behind the ball and that’s it we are fucked

  68. Stu

    Theo isnt good enough against a decent fullback as we say when he came up against Evra. Totally bottled it.

    And we do need crossers because we cant play on the ground in every single game and hope that the oppos defence eventually cracks under the pressure. With the front 5 and 2 fullbacks all coming forward, plus the DM and maybe one of the 2 CBs adding a man to the attack, thats 9 of our players all trying to play a ball through te middle. Predicibility is usually our downfall.

    Plan B is crosses which is the key when nothing else works.

  69. bk

    A thats bollocks theo and diaby were the most disapointing players in both legs against mu.you are talking through your hole

  70. ethangunner


    come on !
    pires – left wing
    freddie – right wing
    viera – CM
    bert – DM
    bergie – SS
    The great TH14 – STRIKER

    wit sol – toure-lauren and cole at the back

    EVERY week !

    come on .. have you forgotten !?

    its a recipe for success !
    its no co incidence since we have rotated positions like a game of musical chairs , so has gone our success …

  71. A

    ethan week to week reliability?!

    There was no continuity last season, it varied between 4-4-2 or hleb behind ade up front by himself, vp rarely played, eduardo only came in for the middle, rosicky was lost halfway through, eboue had to play, theo only started sparingly.

  72. Stu

    A, whats VPs prefered position for Holland? Surely your not saying its left wing because he usually plays rght for them.

  73. Stu

    The only reason VP would play on the left would be so he could cross the ball using his left leg. But seeing as we never cross and there is never anyone in the box then there is no legitimate excuse for Wenger to play him there.

  74. A


    pires arrived as an attacking midfielder centre

    freddie arrived as an attacking midfield centre or forward

    lauren arrived as a midfielder

    Bergkamp was played at right mid at times when we played with one up front.

    The team was mostly settled, but pires/fred/lauren playing out of position is no different to nasri/arshavin/theo

    just as rosicky and hleb are both attacking mids who play central, but played out wide in our system


    see now that is where a player like ashley young would come into play at arsenal ade wouldn’t always come out on the wing if he knew 9 times out of ten he would have a delivery coming in at him,that is where we lack an out an out winger


    if adebayor knew he would be getting a quality delivery every time he wouldn’t come out wide so much

  77. A

    Yeah stu i was saying on the wing, it doesn’t matter which side.

    bbk ashley young wouldn’t come to arsenal because he isn’t good enough to come to arsenal.

  78. bk

    but A they were good at it the lads are obviously shite out of position or worse just shite in general

  79. freduardo

    theo’s final ball and finishing have been really bad. consistently bad. he has not made the improvement i would have hoped for this year in this department, and is hugely frustrating (if crowd lifting and exciting when he sprints) to watch.

  80. A

    how has noone picked up on the fact that it’s very very obvious from the Q & A that the stadium has fucked us money wise since we moved?!

    “We maintained this club, having built a massive new stadium, at the top level in Europe, and let me tell you something I’m very proud of that, because when we built a new stadium, I was thinking now, the difficulty starts. To maintain the team at the top level when you move stadiums, when you go into expense as we did, and what we managed to do for me is fantastic”

  81. freduardo

    although judging his final ball, which was often towards a disinterested, isolated adebayor, may be harsh.


    the majority of fans want trophy’s tho arsene it’s only the odd few that don’t want the silverware…..

  83. ethangunner


    regardless of what you persevered them to be , once they were at arsenal they got roles and adhered to them ..

    we are not debating that TH14 started on the right wing and then became a striker ..

    we are debating that it is detrimental to keep rotating player positions every week ..

    this season i dont think we had the same formation or the same bodies in the same position for more than 2 games in a row .

    that is why people are upset with wenger …
    its because the squad isnt deep enough we have to play song as a cd or eboue 1 week as a DM or the next at RB or RM ..

    diaby on the wing or RVP on the wing , nik on the WING !



    people sticking up for this current plight we are in must like losing to newly promoted sides and getting battered by the mancs and chelsea

  85. Stu

    A, Lauren was more or less a defender when he came. He played in midfield but was anything but prolific even for a right-mid. Him moving into defence is like Gibbs being a left back. hey arent playing out of position. Its their new position so therefore they arent out of position anymore. Thats how i look at it.
    Its not like when Eboue plays left mid or anything like that,

  86. A

    Pires was crap at it in his first season bk, lauren wasn’t great when he first arrived.

    The problem this season has been too many players developing and settling into roles at the same time, namely an entire new midfield, without having other players around them already settled

    that fucked us this season, but won’t be an issue next

  87. A

    Reading from the Q & A too, with recent rumours, I’m surprised the press havn’t used wenger saying

    “I believe there are a lot of positive energies in this team, and there is a lot of positive, with me or without me, the future of this club is great.”

    to say he’s off, that quote worries me a bit

  88. Stu

    The only new part of the midfield was Nasri. Denilson was already a DM as you proclaim. Theo was already here and Theo was here too. Obviously they were still developing and all that but it shouldnt take so long for players to get used to playing with eachother. Even Eboue had 2 seasons at right midfield so he should have already been familiar with the position.

  89. ethangunner

    im all for a player learning a new role , as long as he has some sustained time in that position .and dont keep chopping and changing .

    like flamini at left back .. he kept the same position and wasnt swapped to the midfield ,

    but the issue people have with playing out of position .. THE QUOTE .. is the fact that one RVP isnt a winger
    and the next week he is a striker and then he’s a winger again ..there’s no stability for the player and its not allowing players to settle into there roles at the club .

    if the players knew from week to week they had a set position you would have seen some improvement ..


    if he does stay i only think it’ll be for one more season, i really can’t see him turning it around in the new campaign, having to break up the team to buy while only having 13 million to spend it’s not going to happen he if thinks this is abd wait untill the end of next season

  91. Stu

    I HATE Bendtner on the wing. He doesnt have the ability to beat anyone over a distance. A smart turn maybe but he should be in the middle….especially as he is arguably our best headerer.

  92. A

    Stu the midfield last season was Hleb-Cesc-Flamini-Rosicky

    The entire midfield from the first choice midfield was changed apart from cesc, and even he was injured for a large part of the season! It’s to do with the understanding of the players playing together more than anything else

  93. Stu

    Eboue was there for a large part instead of Rosicky. Cesc and Flamini clicked from the off last season. Why didnt the midfield of this season click similarly?