Will he stay or will he go? Wenger, Van Persie and Ade.

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The closing party is this Sunday!

The closing party is this Sunday!

When we began this blog 2 years ago we ran a story congratulating the boss on signing his new contract, I have no doubt he’ll honour this one and stay on, but as I said without exaggeration ten million times I am an Arsenal fan first. As Wenger himself said you can’t keep an unhappy player, touché boss, touché!

I hope he stays but if he chooses to move onto pastures new I’ll say thanks for the memories and good luck in the future, but my guess? He’ll stay.

Robin I think is hedging his bets to see if we sign some world class players and for that I don’t blame him, he needs to win some silverware and he is at that age where he’s still much in demand, I like Robin, it hasn’t been his best season, but the talent is there and he’s not done too badly with injuries this time round, so I think he’ll stay.

Adebayor, what do you do about a problem called Ade? Okay, so I may have borrowed that from the Sound of music but the same applies, a wonderfully gifted player that doesn’t understand the offside rule, a very well paid player who doesn’t understand the loyalty concept, and one that will miss 2 months of the coming season to the ACN. I think he will leave and he goes, with my blessing, he has scored some cracking goals notably against the spuds and most recently against Villarreal, thanks for those Ade and good luck.

We have the nucleus of a very good team that needs a little help in areas that we have ignored for years now, we need a solid back four with a solid back up, 2 centre backs for me with one that is world class, the other can be one of our kids or someone in the Hangeland mould.

We need a defensive midfielder that is world class, someone that has pace and a thunderous tackle, Song is an able back up so I would keep him.

Up front we aren’t doing too badly but if Ade goes and we don’t go for a Benzema or Villa and I suspect we wont, then we need to consider a winger in the mould of Pires or Ribery to play on the right.

Then and only then will we look more solid and capable of sustaining a challenge. I think this time though the boss can see that and hopefully he will act.

I would like to thank all of you grovers for making this more of a forum than a site that just exists to pay homage to Arsene Wenger and his teenage dream, I really like what you have done boss (nearly all) but I also like to debate and challenge, that is something I think this site is unique for, and it’s why I keep writing, if all we did was talk and bitch about other sites that by default would make this one pointless, so thanks for making my job such a pleasure, and in the main for leaving them alone.

We have to get through 3 months of no football soon, so speculating at least makes it all a bit of fun and helps the time fly.

We will make some additions to the blog in the summer months so if any of you have any ideas then email Pedro and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh, one final thing, Arsenal emailed me yesterday extending the deadline day for season ticket renewal to Tuesday the 26th of May, that will mean nothing to the blog stalkers as most of them have never been to Arsenal, but that tells me they’re not renewing at the rate they had thought, maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped and they’ll dust off the company cheque book.

Le Grove wouldn’t be the success it is without you, your opinions and your humour, keep it coming!

So have a great day Grovers, we only have Stoke left, for those of you like Pedro and I that go, lets make it a day to remember and sing our lungs out, let’s hope they put the flags on the seats again, that was a neat move, that the stewards leave us alone and we score 8 goals! Whooooh!

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  1. paul

    With all this going on and Hill-Wood moaning about the supporters daring to question Wenger.As a supporter all i want is some honesty from the club.Do we have money to spend or not?

  2. Pedro

    Timao, we were talking about whether there is money available for players.

    Annual reports don’t reveal the transfer budget.

  3. gooner786

    Cartman, do you live near any sugar cane refineries? I know this guy who’s got a cousin in Mauritius, he owns one. I’ll find out where and I’ll let you know.

  4. mark

    Geoff overall that’s a very balanced view … I think amnyway. But let me return to my main bugbear (and one where I know Pedro, yourself and many other grovers don’t agree with me). And that is the IMO the very average talents of Bendtner …. You say in your article that “Up front we aren’t doing too badly” unfortunately Wenger is seeing so much in Bendtner (that isn’t there) and grooming him to be our main centre forward,though you wouldn’t think it from his positioning on the wing (but he seems to think Bendtner has some of Henry’s magic … deluded as usual Wenger)My problem is as long as we keep faith with Bendtner we are not going to get the clas goalscorers we need. We need a radical overall of this whole system but as the old saying goes “The best line of defence is attack” unfortunately we have proved this season we don’t have that type of attack … we did once but those days are long gone and if we keep the faith in Bendnter then those days won’t return. I also don’t want Wenger to go but if he did a new manager would not put so much faith in players that are so average they don’t deserve to play for this team anyway.

  5. E4 Paul

    Sorry to change the subject, has anyone got their season ticket renewal pack throught the post yet?

  6. timao

    surely the annual reports set out the financial position of the company, its profit/loss, capital assets, share capital, director’s remuneration etc and this has been published every year since the club went public. i think the idea of it is that anyone thinking of buying shares can get a reasonable idea what they’re worth. i would have thought that whatever the transfer budget is, it would have to come from some source of funds mentioned in the report. unless someone is planning to get a loan to finance transfers.

  7. Stu

    I like Bendtner as many might know 😉 and i do see more potential in him than most. I tend not to criticise him unless its thoroughly deserved. He has improved substantially since christmas and if he continues like he has been then he will easily get 20 goals next season.
    In fact for someone considered as 4th choice striker at such a big club and at such a young age Bendtner has certainly held his own in terms of goals…even against the more experienced forwards in the prem.

    He is one behind Ade on all comps, 2 behind VP and Bendtner is actually the 11th top scorer from England in all comps.

  8. David

    I just would like to know why we keep going down the right most times….with sagna…when we have Arshy on the left who could do the most damage…and it is also shocking how we have NOBODY in the box but fail to shoot

  9. patthegooner

    Apparently that cunt Balague has some insider interesting information reference Wenger and Arsenal at 8:30pm on ManUresportsnews aka SSN

  10. Keyser

    Pedro – Read through the posts, links, articles, people forget this all too readily whenever they want to make a point, taking it into consideration just seems to be something thats done as an option.

    Like when Wenger doesn’t want to seem to spend the extra few million to buy a player.

    I didn’t know it’d been 4 years since the last Q&A but still wouldn’t give too much thought to it, heh, whats your opinion on why they chose to do it now ?!

    Failing miserably and finishing 4th still seems a bit dramatic and we faced many of the probalems that overlapped from last year, this coming season hopefully we’ll have a better place to start from.

  11. David

    Meaning wtf are we doing in the final third?

    Nobody in the box to pass it to and we arent shooting?

    What typically ends up happening is a Sagna cross.

  12. Keyser

    timao – It depends how we assign the money and where and what we need to spend on, this changes throughout the year, they’re not going to give a complete breakdown on what we intend to do with it, it’s why the quotes in the press are soo ambiguous.

  13. Stu

    We could solve noth those problems if we didnt have injuries to Eduardo and Rosicky. Eduardo is usually in the box or in the right place and when he arrived Rosicky loved a long shot….but that soon changed!

  14. David

    I’ve watched the Manc game over and over again…and im trying to figure out what Diaby is in this team for…what does Wenger see in him for God’s sake…he’s supposed to be the SS??

    But its Fab who was there the whole game…playing box to box…

  15. Stu

    Or we could buy Juninho in the twighlight of his career. He loves to have a shot and scores freekicks regularly.

  16. Stu

    David, i too pondered that when i saw his name on the teamsheet.

    Diaby doesnt score, doesnt usually assist, doesnt pass much, is tall but worse than shite in the air, never uses his left foot so doesnt bring balance and cant defend for shit. He really offers nothing to the team.

  17. leon

    i dont wenger is going sell anyone in midfield,i also thinkwenger will wont to keep to keep at least 3 of his defenders i feel wenger sell either dj or silvestor,i think wenger only get 1-2 defenders.

  18. Stu

    Gallas is a better defender but Kolo is probably the more popular defender within the squad. I dont like Silvestre at all but apparently he was bought to be a positive attitude in training whch is a load of shit!
    Senderos probably isnt rated by Wenger anymore and JD is too young to be a regular in such a vital position.

    Good luck to Wenger deciding who to keep and sell from those…because we NEED to bring in someone for the defence and he cant keep all of them.

  19. David

    Silvestre and Kolo need to go…Bring in an Experienced head…and youthful Potential at CB.

    Im willing to give Diaby another season to prove himself…provided he can stay fit that is.

  20. Keyser

    I think Senderos was shattered after the Semi-final against Liverpool and most probably considered if the Premiership was the place for him, crisis of confidence or whatever. Weneger obviously rates him, otherwise he wouldn’t have given him all the chances he did.

    Milan’s a great oppurunity for him, relatively little pressure, a different experience and a culture probably a lot closer to home, it’s not as if he was forced out, he most probably jumped at the chance.

  21. Stu

    Silvestre yes! Kolo less so. He should only stay if Gallas goes which is somewhat likely. But i would rather sell Kolo to city for 12m and bring in some beast to go next to Gallas or have Senderos there. Its a tough situation alright…. 😕

    As for Diaby, he started his career well with us but since then has been injured for about 2 of the last 3 seasons total. At best keep him til january but he would ideally be sold now because he only plays the big games and never does anything in them.

  22. mark

    Stu … yes as I say there are a lot of grovers who like Bendtner but for me he is not dynamic enough …too easy to read and too easy to contain. We need dynamic forwards who create things and are inspirational (arshavin is a good example) Bedntner just doesn’t fit this mould and you can’t make gold out of iron (bit cantonaish but you know what I mean).

  23. Keyser

    Kolo nees to go ? Eh, for one he’s easily better than anything Senderos could offer, and two he’s tried his best to cover while Gallas, Clichy and Sagna were out.

  24. Stu

    True Keyser, but i think when Gallas arrived Senderos’ confidence took a massive hit. Firstly because he probably thought Wenger didnt think he was good enough and secondly because he was displaced by Gallas for no apparent season other than he was french. He hadnt proven himself with us, only at chelsea.

    Also, Senderos compliments Gallas or Toure better than they compliment each other. If Senderos had played more consecutive games i dont think he would have made so many mistakes and thus he wouldnt have been loaned out.

    But shit happens and for Senderos it happened for the worst….

  25. Stu

    Kolo offers what Gallas has, just not as good. Hence why Gallas should stay if its just purely down to footballing reasons.

  26. David

    Maybe if our season didnt collapse with horrible humiliation defeats to Chelsea and United…and the fact that Kolo was the the “leader” at the back…It is clear as day that hes not good enough imo…if we had Gallas we wouldve definately had a chance…IF not for Arshavin saving our skirts against Pool…that wouldve been embarrassing as well

  27. Stu

    Odd how most kids come good here and fuck off but Diaby is almost the opposite. The talent is obviously in there somewhere but doesnt show nearly enough and so many people actually want this one to fuck off. 😆

  28. Keyser

    He’s displaced by Gallas, because Gallas is by far the better and more experienced defender, you always go on about the defence and how it should be improved and then have a complete blindspot for Senderos.

    Senderos gets caught out by pace and lapses of concentration, it’s his own problem, something hopefully at Milan he irons out. How many consecutive games would you give him when on every third one he makes a silly mistake.

  29. Stu

    People think our fans are harsh! Real Betis fans pelted the players with eggs during training for whatever reason. They must be figting relegation or whatever but still!!!

  30. David

    Gibbs has been more than fantastic…Eboue is more than able to cover for sagna….so i dont buy what your saying Keyser…

    Granted Silvestre is an empty space that passes the ball to the attacking forwards but if Kolo was any good he would deal with Aerial balls and wouldnt be found on his arse nutmegged on so many occasions.

  31. Stu

    Im just saying he is a better partner for Gallas and Toure than they are for eachother. Gallas and Senderos as a partnership would be good as it proved last season during the ACN but Toure came back and, as usual, the player deputising for whoever was out gets dropped.

  32. Keyser

    David – Eh ? the reason we lost is partly down to having the bare bones of a defence at the back against some of the top sides in Europe, whats good enough exactly ? If Vidic is up against Torres and gets raped thats one thing, if he’s up against Torres without Ferdinand, Evra or even Van De Sar behind him it’s completely another.

    We would’ve had a chance with Gallas, we would’ve had a far better chance with Gallas next to Toure, with Sagna and Clichy either side and Almunia behind.

  33. Stu

    Toure is an athlete forst and foremost and when he doesnt have someone next to him telling him what to do and taking control he looks poor most of the time. Sol and Senderos brought out the best in Kolo. Gallas doesnt like to take ontrol in the same way and along with the height issue, it means they arent a great partnership.

  34. Keyser

    David – What’s more than Fantastic ? Super Fantastic ?!

    We went 21 games without a losss because we played our best and most experienced defenders at the back, you can’t go into any semi-final having lost 5 of the 6 defenders the week before and expect the defence to cover seemlessly thats just beyond ridiculous, Super-ridiculous even.

  35. David

    The Gallas Toure Partnership lost to the likes of Stoke and Fulham….at set pieces…and i believe to Hull as well….Vidic played with a certain Johny Evans….when Ferdinand was out and he comfortably dealt with Van Persie all by himself…

    Speaking of which…Torres is such a class player that beat Vidic/Ferdinand every single time at Old Traff!

  36. Keyser

    Stu – Thats rubbish, Senderos I doubt will ever come close to what Sol offered, for all this aerial bollocks, when it came down to it, Senderos got made to look like a complete muppet, not because he didn’t have a seasoned and experienced defender next to him, but because he fucked up.

    I think Gallas and Toure brought out the best in Senderos because he didn’t have to worry about getting caught out all the time, but even they couldn’t cover for him all the time, how would he explain losing Hyppia at a corner ?!

  37. David

    5 or 6 Keyser?

    Eboue at RB got us to the CL finals…Gibbs played excellent…

    THe only soft stint in our defence was Silvestre and Fabilaughski….You tell me if we had a Vidic or a Ferdinand or even a J.Oshea in that defence we wouldve conceeded as much as we did to pool and chelsea at home?

    Not likely.

  38. Stu

    In fairness to them tho Almunia was partly to blame for the stoke loss aswell. Both their goals came from headers inside the 6yard box. He cant even control his own area.

  39. David

    Fair point Choy.

    But F.Torres is someone who i think loves playing up top and taking on defenders himself. He’s that talented.

    Almunia might have been to blame for many things…

    But people slag ade for not jumping at set pieces…have you seen Toure try??

  40. Keyser

    David – It was Toure and Silvestre against Stoke and look at the midfield in front of Eboue and the rest of the defence that got us to the Champions League finals, playing 4-5-1 and Henry up front.

    We’ve barely played the same 11 all season, you can blame all the players you want, but it’s too easy to single them out like that, what happened when we finally got the same back 5 playing regularly together we stopped conceding and for a couple of months.

    We couldn’t score, but once we got the same players and Arshavin into the team we started to win games and not concede at the same time.

    We then went into an FA Cup semi against Chelsea a very organised, experienced and disciplined side without Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Djourou or Clichy.

    Yeah Vidic or Feridnand might improve the defence, but then I’d rather like to see what happens when we have a first choice defence in the first place.

  41. Keyser

    Exactly Choy.

    David – Adebayor had a great season last year, he had a great team behind him, just because he doesn’t perform aswell without that same team doesn’t mean he’s shit does it, it’s not really fair to judge it like that, same with Toure and the rest of the squad.

  42. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys if both Gallas and Kolo stay.

    I would advocate going for the Roland Juhasz guy that was mentioned..along with maybe Sahko.

    The Juhasz guy is 6ft 3 and seems to good going up for setpieces and good in the air in general.

    So I would get him in and rotate him with Gallas and Kolo. Whenver we play Bolton home and away, Stoke home and away, Fulham etc..

    we could play Roland/Kolo or Roland Gallas

    If we play smaller technical teams then Kolo/Gallas would play, thats how I would do it.

    Then Djoru and Sahko(if we get him) would be the CC and FA cup early round centre backs.

  43. Stu

    Our first choice of Sag, Toure, Gallas and Clichy is a great defence is they dont have to get into a battle, and dont come up against some one that challenges for high balls. On the ground they are great at defending but anything near head height kills them. We badl need to sort that out, fully fit defence or not!

  44. David

    May 19, 2009 at 20:08

    Exactly Choy.

    David – Adebayor had a great season last year, he had a great team behind him, just because he doesn’t perform aswell without that same team doesn’t mean he’s shit does it, it’s not really fair to judge it like that, same with Toure and the rest of the squad.


    Ironically i have been saying this about Ade. Fair Enough.

    If people are calling to sell Ade. Then we should be calling to Sell Toure.

  45. Stu

    I thought he was 6’4′?

    He is huge alright but unless anyone has seen him play then its impossible to judge.

  46. Ja_Gunner

    Also remember Kolo will be off to the ACN again…so during that time the first choice pair would be Roland/Gallas…all Wenger has to do is not put Kolo staright back like last time.. He should atleast sit out 2-3 weeks after coming back so that his batteries are recharged.

    During that period it would be Roland/Gallas or
    Roland with Djuru/Sahko.

    I have a feeling Wenger will trust Song and Denilson for the DM role……so we might just get defenders only.

  47. Keyser

    Stu – If no-one challenges them ? You make it out like it’s completely impossible for them to do so, it’s like with Senderos, his qualities are supposed to be he’s strong, good in the air and is generally our aerial prescence, most of his worst mistakes have been either a lack of strength or completely forgetting he has to challenge someone in the air at a corner.

  48. Maciek

    Hi guys!
    Stu- I think that if we play someone like Bolton or Stoke we do need someone like Zapata/Hangeland and Cana and if we play against for example spuds, united we can roitate and play gallas with Toure. Just my humble opinion.

  49. Stu

    If we dont sign a DM then we better hope that either none of the africans countries qualify for the ACN or that we dont face any bruising teams while Song is away.

  50. Ja_Gunner

    Maciek..the Roland guy turns 26 this year..so he is the right age.

    Yeah Sahko woul dbe for the future..with Djuru…and the others like Bartley etc.

    So in 2 or so years when Gallas is done…it would be Roland with Kolo….with Sahko,Djuru and the other kids as back up.

    I dont know how good the Roland guy is..but so far he seems to tick the boxes that we are looking for.

    Height (6’3/6’4)
    Good in the air(from youtube)
    25-26 years old
    Wont be goin to ACN etc.

    But I have not seen him play…but we need someone like that.

  51. David

    Sadly youre right JA

    Wenger wont by a class midfielder…its sad. We need a box to box guy who can shoot from outside the box like flamini could….Im not sure Song can…And i sure as piss know Denilson cant.

  52. Keyser

    David – Thats why I said it, people defend one player by saying the same thing they contradict themselves later with, to slate another player. I don’t get it.

  53. Stu

    He lost out to Hyypia once. That is the only aerial mistake that comes to mind.

    And his strength only comes into question when up against Drogba.

  54. Maciek

    Ja-ok I respect Youur view and You have made many good points. But why don’t buy proven players? Marchena from Valencia, Hangeland from Fulham. Sakho would be good though.

  55. David


    Keyser I see it all the time…Its called Hypocrisy.

    It is a fact that Kolo is useless in the air…that much we know…and if we are going to keep Gallas…then one or the other cant play if we are going to play teams that rely heavily on set pieces.

  56. Ja_Gunner

    Oh yea..well maybe Wenger thinks that Denilson wil be good enough for the ACN period…who knows….but I think the only way he may sign another CM/DM is if we get rid of Diaby…because then the squad would be really too congested with CMs

    We would have

    and possibly Nasri

    So thats alot….so unless we get rid of one… I am not sure we will get another.

    If we get one I want one thats busy and can shoot.

    I think Matuidi is busy and left footed…dont know if he can shoot consistently though.

    I would advocate selling Diaby to Inter….he would proabably get more playing time so he can develop….because the Inter team is somewhat old and Mourinho said the only way they can win more trophies next year is to add some youth.

    I think this is the problem with the 3 big Italian teams, they need some youth lol…the italian teams are the opposite of us..their teams are too old to challenge for many trophies.

    So I think if Wenger really cares for Diaby’s career he should sell him to Inter.

    After that maybe we can buy one of

    Lucho Gonzales
    Blaise Matuidi

    something like that.

  57. Keyser

    David – Thats not a fact, thats just plain silly, it’s like saying Adebayor couldn’t shoot to save his life or any of the other bollocks people come out with to try and make their point sound good.

  58. georgian1gunner

    pedro, in that list must be Oğuzhan Özyakup he was best netherland player, number 10 and team capitain !

  59. Keyser

    Stu – Comes to mind, it’s lapese of concentration with him and if he hadn’t have had Toure bail him out you would’ve had many others, imagine him next to Silvestre.

  60. David

    It isnt Keyser?

    Then why as we so susceptible to set-pieces? I dont think it was a coincidence when JD came in and partnered gallas we conceded less goals in the air.

  61. Ja_Gunner

    I really think that Diaby would be perfect for Inter..because they play something like this.






    This is how they played their last match and I think Diaby could do well in Stankovic’s spot. He has Cambiasso and Muntaro to clean up.

  62. Keyser

    David – How far have you looked it into it ? How many goals have we conceded in the air ?! Our best form of the season in defensive terms has come when Gallas and Toure were paired together at the back, we’ve got bendtner or Adebayor, Diaby and Van Persie to come back and cover set-pieces you can’t single out one defender and deem it’s because he can’t jump.

    I bet half of it was down to organisation and once we got the same players playing together we cut out the silly mistakes not only at set-pieces but ones that lead to the actual set piece in the first place.

  63. Ja_Gunner

    Stepahne Mbia seems to fit the bill for DM in terms of height…6 ft 2.

    Buy unfortunately the ACN is coming up so makes no sense to sign him….

  64. Maciek

    Ja- Gunner. Dzeko is class but I don’t think that Wenger will like to spend 20 milion when Pogrebniak is almost for free. And I still think that we won’t buy any striker when Ade leave. Arshavin will be playad as a second striker and Theo will recive more central forward roles.

  65. Keyser

    He’s the same height as Flamini, if he has the same sort of energy and verve, and we can get Rosicky and Arshavin together, hold onto the ball aswell as we used to, it’ll all help.

  66. Stu

    Just sell Ade and VP (if he doesnt sign) and get Dzeko in. Move Theo into the middle some more and AA too. Simples!

  67. patthegooner

    The Prick Balague has just been on SSN.

    He says that talks between Wenger and Real Madrid have been ongoing for a week. He believes that Wenger has a deadline of Thursday to agree to become their new manager.

    The deal includes pre-contract agreements for Alonso, Ribery and David Villa and on top of that he has a big purse to spend.

    However he also believes that Wenger is now stalling and will probably stay at Arsenal.

  68. Stu

    I dont know Maciek. I avent even seen Theo up top himself so its hard to say. But if Dzeko and Theo have a good understanding then its defo possible. Same as any potential partnership. You wont know until you try.

  69. Stu

    The cunt is just covering his ass in case either happens. Whichever happens he will say he said it first and was right. Spanish fucker!

  70. Maciek

    It is probably a hoax. I mean, why he would decide to stay when Ribery, Alonso etc. are almost signed

  71. goonermichael

    Will perez be elected by thursday or has he already? I thought wenger was tied to the bid by perez to become real president. wenger isn’t stupid and it would be such a stupid move. He’d end up sacked for sure.

  72. patthegooner

    Again though, this is where Arsenal fail their fans.

    I know they should not have to come out and deny everything but I think we have the right to know either way.

    What a surprise though that the Season is not even finished and we are already faced with another summer of turmoil.

    Also very dissapointed if this is his way of dealing with the first hint of discontent. He has taken the praise over the years so I think he should grow a pair and fix the problem, not run away from it. After all he has to accept some responsibility for causing it. Hence I hope he stays as it will mean he has grown a pair, If he leaves, I will wish him all the best and be thankful for his time, but my estimation of him will be severly dented.

  73. patthegooner

    Perez is to be elected on the 28th although apparently the odds of him getting it are about 50-1 on or something stupid.

  74. goonermichael

    these real presidential candidates are like john major promise everything to get elected and don’t deliver.

  75. patthegooner

    No he didn’t. He just said that the feeling in Madrid was that in the last 24 hours that the mood had changed and Wenger was stalling and was probably going to say no.

  76. goonermichael

    Thanks pat
    that’s why the story makes no sense. Perez can’t sign him before he’s elected. so why a thursday deadline? journalists are, in general cunts

  77. patthegooner

    I reckon there have been talks Maciek, but I am not convinced by these stories of players on Pre-contract agreements.

    The last one promised Ronaldo, Kaka and Fabregas were coming and they got none of them.

    Villa and Alonso would not surprise me but I reckon Ribery is Barca bound.

    Oh he also said that no firm interest in David Silva however Etoo might be off to Chavski.

  78. patthegooner

    GM, I guess he cant sign him, but I think what they are after for the elections is a gentlemans agreement that they will come if elected hence why Perez needs the nod from Wenger by Thursday. If he then says no Perez has chance to tap up Benitez prior to the election next week.

  79. Stu

    Shold Wenger say Yes, which i hope he doesnt, then he will get a reality check over there.
    Schuster won the leageu with them last season and was gone within 10 games of this season because they werent top.
    Capello won them the league and was sacked in the summer.

    If Wenger goes there and doesnt win the league with pretty football then the fans will be calling for his head a thousand times worse than what we are. There will be white hankerchiefs everywhere!!!

  80. goonermichael

    how many weeks have we got of this shit?
    Are we going to amsterdam again?

    2 totally unrelated questions

  81. patthegooner

    I guess about 14 until deadline day GM.

    Not sure on the Amsterdam Tourney, don’t think the teams have been announced yet.

  82. patthegooner

    Stu, I think you are right…But

    GB reckoned that Madrid were going to offer Wenger pretty much full control. They are after the long game from him and wanted his concepts not just another manager to fill the gap.

    His words were a little different to that, but I think that sums it up

  83. goonermichael

    If wenger goes (and I too hope he doesn’t) the board won’t sign any of the names people talk about on here. They’ll probably promote pat rice or get brown from hull. does abyone trust the board to get it right? I don’t. I’m not apologising for wenger if we have another summer like the last he can go but I hope he’s decided to change his direction enough to get some experience (not the sylvestre type)

  84. Stu

    I cant think of anyone the board would go for. Realistically they are absolutely screwed if Wenger decides to leave. I doubt he will go tho…and hope to fuck he doesnt because only he can work with the bunch of players he has assembled.

  85. Maciek

    Michael+ I would like to see Keown replacing Wenger. Stu, he will be sacked but aside from us, Real is his love team. He is 60, he isnt looking good, I think that he has got some health problems so maybe it will be worth a try.

  86. Stu

    Health problems? What makes you think that? Apart from his slight frame but he has always been gaunt….more so now than ever tho.

  87. gooner786


    Rangers in pre-season tournament at Arsenal

    Arsenal will host the Emirates Cup for the third time this summer alongside Atletico Madrid, Paris St-Germain and Rangers.

    The competition lasts for two days and starts on August 1, with PSG meeting Rangers and then Arsenal taking on Atletico Madrid.

    The next day, Atletico will face PSG, before Arsenal draw the curtain on the event by playing against Rangers.

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis told BBC Sport that he expects the tournament to be a competitive start to the pre-season.
    “Rangers, Atletico Madrid and PSG will contribute to an exciting weekend of pre-season football,” he said.

    “The tournament will provide a very competitive level of preparation for all the teams ahead of the 2009-10 season.”

    Rangers boss Walter Smith agreed with Gazidis and declared that his team are looking forward to taking part.

    “The Emirates Cup will capture the imagination of our supporters and everyone at the club is looking forward to competing against Arsenal and PSG,” he mused.

    “Arsene Wenger’s side are one of the best in Europe and their young team will provide a stiff test for our players.

    “However, it is a challenge they will all relish and our fans will enjoy both matches at the state-of-the-art Emirates Stadium.”

    Email this page

  88. Maciek

    He isnąt looking to good. Sometimes in post match interviews he looks really bad. I just fear of his health. He is earning 5 million pounds per year, but still is a human and first of all he should take care of himself. I love him as a human being, his principles, etc. but he is past his best and his stubborness isnt helping him.

  89. choy

    wenger won’t last at RM.. the pressure will get to him…

    he is happy here.. just a bit frustated at the moment.
    PHW has already come out saying this and that.. now some “pundits” and ex players will show some love.. and we’re all fine again.

  90. gooner786

    Real Madrid fans will demand instant success from Wenger if he joined them. He would have to win the spanish league and the Champions League in his first season. Real have had a barren season so the pressure on Wenger’s shoulders would be huge.

  91. DMAN

    Don’t listen to InsideAlbania, he believes he has some sort greater knowledge of who Cana is just because he plays for Albania. He is a underrated player, who if given the right chance has the ability to become Arsenals destroyer, something that is much needed at the moment, it will make Ronaldo think twice before he begins his stepovers.

  92. Coadsi

    Graeme is a real piece of work. i think he was the worst manager in the prem and an even worse pundit. the punk said le boss allowed flamini to leave because he had song NASRI delison… (was nasri even at the club then? does nasri play the same position as flamini…………..the man is an top class ass

  93. bk

    choy you should watch the 1 about ronaldo,they say it like it is, fuck jamie rednapp and the rest of the media

  94. LAzer

    Wenger won’t go. I hope he doesn’t. I think he will see out his contract and depending on if things improve or we win something by then he will either retire from management or renew with us for another few years. I can see him moving upstairs as well and concentrate on player purchases and youth development.

  95. timao

    bk – that video is class! i loved souness under pressure going “where did you manage?”

    what a twat! if souness knew anything about management he’d have a job! mind you i liked that thing he did planting the galatasary flag at Fenerbahce – other than that, his career after playing is more or less anti-football

  96. timao

    LAzer – spot on. Like it or not, Wenger is integral to the continued success of the club. He needs to stay, win a raft of titles then oversee the next manager. I shall cheering him to the rafters on Sunday – I hope everyone else will be too

  97. goonermichael

    Did anyone watch the chavs match against blackburn when they were singing “we want you to stay” how fucking gay and vomit inducing was that?

  98. incesc

    im not sure about cana, is he skillful? Vieira wasnt particuarly hard, he was just extremely competitive with a great football brain and long legs. It does crack me up when people compare diaby to him

  99. Stu

    Kroenke would whoop him ass any time anyway. WWE is fake and sooooo fucking boring. It took me too long to realise that!

    Obviously its someone Stan employed that double booked it. They should be fired!

  100. Bradys right foot

    Thats what i call punditry volume 1 absolute class from RTE. Shows the punditry on ITV BBC Setanta and Sky to be what it is the inane mumblings of halfwits and fencesitters.

  101. gnarleygeorge9

    Woke up this morning to see that Arsene Wenger is apparently hurt by fans negativity. Oh please!! He is seriously considering a move to Real Madrid?

    Well, whatever the truth is, can it be sorted out, stay or go, immediately so that we don’t have another summer saga like the last. We have no time to waste.

    IMO, The Board are a bunch of lazy sods who don’t have to do anything while Le Prof is @ The Club, so obviously they don’t want him to go. All they ever have to do is turn up @ home games, sip expensive plong before, during & after a 5 course meal, and go Rah Rah when The Arsenal win.

    The problem is The Board, its time for a clean out of the stale, boring has beens.

    Oh, & P S Le Proffy, instead of getting hurt, why not take the attitude of “I’ll make you disrespectful fans shut it, by taking The Club back to the Top”. Its a man thing Arsene, which we know you are, you’ve just been surrounding yourself with the back room boys too long.

    Wenger STAY!!!!!!

  102. gnarleygeorge9

    Woke up this morning to see that Arsene Wenger is apparently hurt by fans negativity. Oh please!! He is seriously considering a move to Real Madrid?

    Well, whatever the truth is, can it be sorted out, stay or go, immediately so that we don’t have another summer saga like the last. We have no time to waste.

    IMO, The Board are a bunch of lazy sods who don’t have to do anything while Le Prof is @ The Club, so obviously they don’t want him to go. All they ever have to do is turn up @ home games, sip expensive plong before, during & after a 5 course meal, and go Rah Rah when The Arsenal win.

    The problem is The Board, its time for a clean out of the stale, boring has beens.

    Oh, & P S Le Proffy, instead of getting hurt, why not take the attitude of “I’ll make you disrespectful fans shut it, by taking The Club back to the Top”. Its a man thing Arsene, which we know you are, you’ve just been surrounding yourself with the back room boys too long.

    Wenger STAY!!!!!!

  103. Stu

    Brady’s rf, thats just a one off. Usually RTE get nothing right. They are normally a bunch of fuckwits who suck the mancs cheesetits! And the match commentry is awful..

  104. Bradys right foot

    Ja Gunner

    Lucho Gonzales is a decent shout mate never seen him have a bad game but i think he’s spent alot of the last two years in and out of injury, so i’d be suprised if he was on the radar even if he was availible, the physio rooms business enough at the moment.

  105. timao

    gnarley – glad to see you – despite being one of Wenger’s most virulent critics – you say Wenger Stay!!! – can you explain that a little for the hard of thinking please?

  106. Stu

    Exactly gg.
    Wenger always says his players are mentally strong enough to come back from adversity and show the fans who boo that they are good enough to come good. But at the first sign of discontent Wenger threatens to leave because we dont hang on every word he says anymore.