Will he stay or will he go? Wenger, Van Persie and Ade.

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The closing party is this Sunday!

The closing party is this Sunday!

When we began this blog 2 years ago we ran a story congratulating the boss on signing his new contract, I have no doubt he’ll honour this one and stay on, but as I said without exaggeration ten million times I am an Arsenal fan first. As Wenger himself said you can’t keep an unhappy player, touché boss, touché!

I hope he stays but if he chooses to move onto pastures new I’ll say thanks for the memories and good luck in the future, but my guess? He’ll stay.

Robin I think is hedging his bets to see if we sign some world class players and for that I don’t blame him, he needs to win some silverware and he is at that age where he’s still much in demand, I like Robin, it hasn’t been his best season, but the talent is there and he’s not done too badly with injuries this time round, so I think he’ll stay.

Adebayor, what do you do about a problem called Ade? Okay, so I may have borrowed that from the Sound of music but the same applies, a wonderfully gifted player that doesn’t understand the offside rule, a very well paid player who doesn’t understand the loyalty concept, and one that will miss 2 months of the coming season to the ACN. I think he will leave and he goes, with my blessing, he has scored some cracking goals notably against the spuds and most recently against Villarreal, thanks for those Ade and good luck.

We have the nucleus of a very good team that needs a little help in areas that we have ignored for years now, we need a solid back four with a solid back up, 2 centre backs for me with one that is world class, the other can be one of our kids or someone in the Hangeland mould.

We need a defensive midfielder that is world class, someone that has pace and a thunderous tackle, Song is an able back up so I would keep him.

Up front we aren’t doing too badly but if Ade goes and we don’t go for a Benzema or Villa and I suspect we wont, then we need to consider a winger in the mould of Pires or Ribery to play on the right.

Then and only then will we look more solid and capable of sustaining a challenge. I think this time though the boss can see that and hopefully he will act.

I would like to thank all of you grovers for making this more of a forum than a site that just exists to pay homage to Arsene Wenger and his teenage dream, I really like what you have done boss (nearly all) but I also like to debate and challenge, that is something I think this site is unique for, and it’s why I keep writing, if all we did was talk and bitch about other sites that by default would make this one pointless, so thanks for making my job such a pleasure, and in the main for leaving them alone.

We have to get through 3 months of no football soon, so speculating at least makes it all a bit of fun and helps the time fly.

We will make some additions to the blog in the summer months so if any of you have any ideas then email Pedro and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh, one final thing, Arsenal emailed me yesterday extending the deadline day for season ticket renewal to Tuesday the 26th of May, that will mean nothing to the blog stalkers as most of them have never been to Arsenal, but that tells me they’re not renewing at the rate they had thought, maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped and they’ll dust off the company cheque book.

Le Grove wouldn’t be the success it is without you, your opinions and your humour, keep it coming!

So have a great day Grovers, we only have Stoke left, for those of you like Pedro and I that go, lets make it a day to remember and sing our lungs out, let’s hope they put the flags on the seats again, that was a neat move, that the stewards leave us alone and we score 8 goals! Whooooh!

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  1. PDT

    Sharkey 15:04 – I am told that it was because TH14 refused to talk to Reyes that Aragones used that particular phrase to “motivate” Reyes.

    I got beaten up yesterday for this, but I really wish Reyes and Baptista were still around.

  2. insidealbania


    Robin is good but when was the last time he scored, we just need variation every now and again. AA can provide that. And PLZ no more Toure going for shots.

    If you see how many corners we have and how many we score from, then we might as well just not have the corner.

    As for crosses from full backs we should just not bother, it no surprise no one goes into the box to anticipate the cross

  3. incesc

    Reyes going to Madrid was a good lesson for fabregas i reckon. Where is he now??

    I did like reyes, especially the gypsy stories about him using a tincan with holes in it as a shower

  4. PDT

    Excellent analogy, Keyser. I went through that transition – played with a woodie in my youth, stopped playing for 20 years and then went back to playing with a graphite oversized head. Pinged the ball into the next court for a week before I learnt how to play top spin and control it. It was a huge Aha! moment – now I really understood why Borg had that run at Wimbledon!

  5. incesc

    Season before last RVP scored a free kick twice. He was made to take it again for some reason and bam. So the talent is there.

    Compared to ronaldo tho…

  6. incesc


    “played with my woodie in my youth”

    “stopped playing for 20 years and then went back to playing with my oversized head.”

    have i missed something?

  7. Stu

    Van Persie is useless from free kicks. There is no denying it. The only change he has of scoring one is when its a free kick right on the edge of the box and he can try power it past the keper like againat WHU and for Holland against the Ivorians.

    His best free kick to date?:
    Either Fulham when we lost 2-1 or against Wigwam in the CC semi.

  8. Coadsi

    Spurs were hoping the 24-year-old would return to England to add strength to the centre of midfield but Muntari insists such a switch would be insane.
    He said: ‘I’m not moving from Inter – I would be crazy to – I’m very, very happy here. I’m in a winning team, at a great club and I want to keep winning at Inter.’

    well said son, how can you go from a team where you win to play for a man and a team that will never ???

  9. SharkeySure

    Wonderboy…you’re a funny fucker.

    Get yourself another medal son.

    Here all week again I hope…

  10. Pedro

    haha, nice one incesc.

    PDT, you’re a sick puppy…

    20 years without playing with it… no wonder it was oversized!

  11. Pedro

    You said they were the last great team…

    Indicating you didn’t rate the squad… I thought the squad was pretty good as well.

    1. Seaman
    3. Cole
    4. Vieira
    5. Keown
    7. Pires
    8. Ljungberg
    9. Reyes
    10. Bergkamp
    11. Wiltord
    12. Lauren
    13. Taylor
    14. Henry
    15. Parlour
    17. Edu
    18. Cygan
    19. Silva
    20. Senderos
    21. Pennant
    22. Clichy
    23. Campbell
    25. Kanu
    28. Toure
    30. Aliadere
    33. Stack

  12. Coadsi

    now here is a player that can kiss his crest / badge. he signed even tho the club was unable to pay the players at times.

    Responding to questions at a promotional event, Villa relayed his current state of mind:

    “I am under contract until 2014 and my buy-out clause is set at €150 million (£132 million). How could you imagine that I will move on from Valencia?

    “I have no agreement with anyone and my agent understands that during the season, he can call to ask about my fitness but not to speak about that kind of stuff.

    “Look, if I was to move on it would be for Valencia’s good, because they reckon it is suitable. Nobody pulled a gun against my head when I was signing my current contract, I am totally satisfied.”

  13. incesc

    Pedro that squad is awesome

    Midfield options on the bench of parlour and edu, SICK!

    Add 3 of that squad in their prime to the 2008 2009 squad, henry, vieira, Keown.

    and we’d win the league

  14. incesc


    Wonder if Valencia are now pooing themselves. they need the cash soo bad.

    But yeah thats how a classy player acts, theres only one thing to do arsene, unsettle him with fabregas then sign him up. lol

  15. SharkeySure

    Incesc….just one of Vieira or Keown. Great player TH14 was, he didn’t make those around him play any better.

    Both Paddy and The Monkey were great leaders not just great players…

  16. Stu

    That reminds me. Why do so many spanish team have buy out clauses in their players contracts for ridiculas amounts yet noone outside spain seems to have them that high?
    Do we even have anything like that in our players contracts. Instead of losing someone on the cheap because they want to go they would have a buy out clause and surely that would push up their price and the amount we get for them.

  17. Stu

    Forget Keown as a players, just get him back as coach. He would sort the defence out and hopefully some of his aggression would rub off on the players.

  18. SharkeySure

    Has anyone ever paid the full buy out clause of a Spanish contract..?? Whats the point of them…??

  19. Coadsi

    its up to the the club to change this incesc so they can sell him for much less than that if forced to. his agent on the other hand cant do a thing about it so can only ask about his fitness etc. to keep the communication going.

  20. Keyser

    Pedro – The squad was good, the team was GREAT, but it took Wenger 6-7 years to piece it together, with several players at their peak or nearing the end of their careers.

    Look at the turnaround teams have taken in the last few years and the money it took to get them there, we blood Cole or Clichy over numerous seasons and wait for them to come good, Chelsea just bought a ready made Cole, or a ready made Bridge as replacement.

  21. SharkeySure

    Pedro…yep agree re Figo, but not sure that Zidane had one at Juve.

    Figo’s transfer was unbeleivable…he’d been an absolute God at Barca..and then just fucked them over. He really earnt himself that pigshead and all the stick

  22. David

    Can someone explain this financial bollocks at the Emirates to me?

    The likes of Madrid and Barca have been buying stars for ridiculous amounts for decades and they didnt melt down financially?

  23. incesc

    im sure madrid are backed by some pretty big people in spain

    they both have absolutley huge stadiums sithout the debts we do and massive fanbases

  24. Coadsi

    wenger said sometime ago he would not allow his players to have buy out clauses and he would not have one for himself either. AC milan apparantly placed a 13 mil buy out clause in gourcuff contract with bordeaux having first option to sign him. looks like they cant come up with the funds tho, otherwise i think it would have been a done deal.

  25. Wardo

    Hi All,

    Been a while since I blogged altho, have read every blog (almost)

    Good post geoff / pedro. I agree that this site is defo one of the good ones. I have agreed and disagreed with loads you have said.

    I honestly think Wenger has done a good job at Arsenal over the last 2/3 years cause I really do not think the funds were there. I am not fond of our board at all. If I am wrong then Wenger should have spent at least 10/20mil more than what he has……if I am right and funds were not there, then he has done a bloody good job keeping us up there and if this is the case, I cant think of another manager that could do that……that is proof that wenger has good ability.

    Also, I do sometimes think that when wenger arrived it was a perfect time for him as he knew the french market and was able to get the players he knew would be great. The best players are now not only coming from france so, his knowledge has taken a few steps back……

  26. leon

    i dought wenger will want leave arsenal as failier,if he goes he goes,i think maybe the team needs somone with abit more hunger to win things,wenger is good manager but he is not omity god that board make him out to be.

    as far as rvp and ade goes.whenit comes rvp goes i think he will wait to see if new signings come in because as it stands now the squad is very gifted with alot potential but will not winn anything and i cant realy blame him at 25-26 he wants to win things. when it comes to ade he very fortunate wenger is not very rufeless manager beacuse he would have gone by now,i think he an extremly gifted player but his body language gives the impresion he simply does not care and his work rate is complete contrast to nikki b who may not best finisher at times but works alot harder and is improving,

    at think at point the team are carrying to may passengers wenger at right now needs to be alot more rufeless there certain players that are not cutting it like diaby,delinson now these players may or may not become top class players,but may is big word and wenger must start bring in top class proven players and players who will put there shift for the team something ade is not doing at the moment

  27. gooner786

    Bonjour Grovers,

    Does anybody know how much prize money is awarded to the EPL and Champs League winners?

  28. Coadsi

    can anyone tell if the ACN qualification for the 2010 event has been completed? if no when will they be? if the summer would it mean that those players come back to us fit or knackered?

  29. Pedro

    Keyser… with increased money in the game, there is less loyalty.

    Buying ready made players at around 26 isn’t neccessarily good from a depreciation point of view…but if you get a 26 year old who is nearly world class and played for a couple of clubs… they are less likely to leave you.

    We’ll wait 3 years for a player to come good… get 2 years of service, then they leave.

    I think the most you can expect from a player is 5 years of service these days.

    Nik B will leave as soon as he’s world class and I bet a number of others would as well.

    Who’d want to stay at the same company their whole life?

  30. David


    Usually the big stars dont do the qualifying for the ACN…they use home grown players.

    I think they are still in the middle of World Cup qualifying like everybody else…

  31. Wardo

    also, in the sun the other day it said Ade is 29 year old!! I thought he was younger……..is this another case of “we dont know his true age”

  32. SharkeySure

    Incesc – covertly supported by the Madrid City council. There was some dodgy deal which involved the council buying Madrids training ground for some extortionate amount, then leasing them a new complex on the ege of town for peanuts.

    Thats Franco’s legacy…

    I’d say more but Pedro’s banned politics today. Ask me early tomorrow…cos thats a new day, a new dawn….la la la – ‘member that tune..??

  33. Franchise

    oh arsene pls oh please oh please dont go please please please please dont go…. 8)

    ppl should stop over reacting. the only thing i fear if wenger goes to real is the manner in which he would be sacked :mrgreen:

  34. Pedro

    Sharkey, you can elaborate on that…!

    Just don’t share your views if they have anything to do with not punishing paedophiles…

    That’s always a messy subject…

  35. Coadsi

    Thanx David, i was just wondering if those guys play over the summer for ACN qualification, then WC qualification( with ACN and WC in the same year), they will be tired at the start of the 2010 season. its kinna far from now i know but still something i hope le boss and his advisors considers.

  36. Keyser

    Pedro – We were talking about the difference since we won the league in 2004 and whats changed and why it happened soo quickly and the short answer is money, we just couldn’t match the turnaround of the teams around us.

    We built that squad over years, Chelsea had not just a World Class team, but a World Class squad over a season or two.

    You asked last night why there was no exodus at Chelsea when the manager left, the difference is that players like Terry, Lampard, Drogba and so on already had far better deals at their present club then they were going to get elsewhere. Lampard held Chelsea to ransom over a possible move to Inter and got 140,000 a week until he’s 35, Bergkamp took a paycut to 20,000 in his last year at Arsenal.

  37. Pedro

    Ahh… I see.

    Regardless of their deals… they still could have earned well elsewhere… and they still all said they’d leave when Ranieri was sacked, then when Mourinho was sacked…

    Arsenal players are paid well… maybe not in basic wages, but bonuses certainly take care of them.

  38. Franchise

    according to wikipedia

    UEFA awards €3 million to each team that qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, plus €2.4 million for participating in the Group stage. A Group stage win is worth €600,000 and a draw is worth €300,000.

    In addition, UEFA pays each quarter finalist €2.5 million, €3 million for each semi-finalist, €4 million for the runners-up and €7 million for the winners.


  39. Geoff

    Sums it up for me too Bernie, what is he a pussy? Whining like a girl, people are nasty to me for winning fuck all for 4 years so I’m leaving my big fuck off salary for a better one, what a fucking baby.

    Read John Hartson’s column in the London free paper tonight, I think someone who has played under Wenger knows a bit more.

    I’ll have money he goes no-where and shame on him for allowing this to happen during the season.

  40. Pedro

    I tell you what I find funny… if the times published an article about how rubbish the manager was, or how inept some of the kids are… people would fob it off.

    Now Stan Collymore and co are calling us the worst fans in the country, everyone is citing them as fact!

    I tell you what I believe to be fact. Arsenal have the biggest online presence out of all the clubs… news firms get money for hits… so posting anti Arsenal stories earns them more money.

    Calling Arsenal fans rubbish is a pretty good way to guarantee a few thousand hits, isn’t it?

    All these people debating about how bad the fan base is… we’ve got one of the largest turnovers in the world, based on that fanbase. We’re always sold out, always sell our allocation of away tickets and rarely suffer from empty seats.

    Oh, and we pay the most out of any fan base for the pleasure.

    Not many clubs can count on that type of support.

    If the atmosphere is stale in the stadium… blame the club for not doing enough to improve it… not the fans.

  41. Pedro

    Geoff, we were here last year…

    ‘Poor fucking Ade… he only earns £35k a week… can you believe that?’

    People need to get a grip… what he does for the club costs £5million a year… he’s working for a living… it’s not for charity… he’s not doing it on the cheap is he?

  42. Geoff

    I get sick of the cynical way Arsene some players and the board act like it’s our fault they fucked up and amazed at the few fans that support that behaviour.

  43. David

    It makes sense…not sure if that fully explains why the media is so anti-arsenal…surely the Mancs fan base is as large if not larger than ours? They would stand to make as much money if not more by printing negative reports about them? But you dont really see that……

  44. gazzap

    Coadsi I think we know the ANC qualifiers by October. Not sure how they fit it in with World cup. Maybe other players play in ANC qualifying?

  45. Geoff

    That’s because they spend money, buy good players and say fuck off pretty quick when speculation goes there way, Wenger is milking this and that is wrong.

    If he really was leaving, the time to do that is when he’s in his last year, that would be honourable and proper, doing neither stinks.

  46. Keyser

    Pedro – Exactly, they could’ve earn’t well elsewhere, but the extra money they earned at Chelsea was what attracted them in the first place, so when a manager leaves or is sacked and they half heartedly voice murmurs of disproval Chelsea just trot out the same line which got them their in the first place “name your price”

    The kids things kind of proves my point, we knew we wouldn’t be able to compete in the stakes for top proven players, so instead we opted for potential.

  47. David

    O sry Geoff…My mistake…I didnt read up that far!

    We do need CB’s…we do need a DM…but for the likes of Van P and Cesc we need a Frank Ribery signing…one high profile player signing…

  48. Keyser

    Exactly, well said Pedro, people need to get a grip, it’s just like with Hill Woods comments, he criticise the people that just turned up to the meeting to line up cheap shots and get a cheap laugh and you get people going all over the top pulling out crap like Arsenal, the board and Wenger don’t want anyone to criticise them.

    How fucking stupid is that, they set the meeting up for fucks sake, like they did it just soo they could slam the fans.

    Then you get people who care soo much about Arsenal, or the money they’ve put in to the club, the years they’ve spent supporting it only to come along not with constructiveor well thought questions because they genuinely care about the direction the clubs taking, but with sarcastic or just plain silly comments taking the piss, so they can slam their mate upside the head and act like little kids.

  49. timao

    i think we agree that the club did not have money to spend on transfers for about two years either side of the move to the emirates – so instead of walking away (like most managers would have) wenger agreed to invest in developing the young players from the academy etc – the only problem was that these players were maybe four years away from being the finished article.

    so maybe now the club has some money to spend – but does that mean the development programme should be abandoned just when it is due to bear fruit? it’s sheer folly to believe that another manager could come in this summer and improve the situation at Arsenal. There’s Only One Arsene Wenger!

  50. Keyser


    The only thing worse is the shitty little blogs and newspaper articles on newsnow that throw it completely out of proportion.

    Same with Wengers comments, any other time it’d just be him answering a question, how many full interviews or scripts have popped up with the questions he was asked ?!

    Just smacks of lazy journalism and slow news days.

  51. patthegooner

    Collymore is a fucking wanker.

    The problem with pundits that are not fans of the club, is that they only get snippets of arsenal news. They blank out the promises and statements about having loads to spend, moving to pay the best wages and attract the best players, dominating english football for ten years, and of course the annual belief in the squad statement in August even though pretty much every fan knows we are in for 4th place.

    They just jump on the bandwagon that for the first time in 4 years Wenger has been questioned as to whether or not the project is working as if we have been doing it for 4 years. Questions based on the fact that the PR relationship between the fans and the club is almost non-existent so all we get to go on is hearsay and rumours.

    What is worse is that the cunt has been banging on with the same concerns that we do on his fucking radio show. Mind you we are talking about a player that has run away from bad times all his career.

  52. Geoff

    Just as well there’s only one then Timao, at least we won’t have to wait 5 years for the next trophy then.

  53. Cartman

    timao, most clubs have a youth academy! i think we all agree with the youth project but wenger shud add some experience and he shud also be aware that not all of our youths will make it at the club!

  54. timao

    Yes Geoff, we will be celebrating next year, if he stays. But if not we could be waiting a lot longer. Rijkard (what’s he done lately) Hiddink (never going to happen) (van Basten – who he?) where is the replacement?

  55. patthegooner


    The problem is, is that the Club have not exactly said that though.

    If the club and manager were honest about the financial situation of the club (If it is bad) then Wenger would be a legend at the moment for once again securing CL football and getting to two semi’s.

    But they are not. Maybe it is because they want to ensure maximum revenue for membership and tickets, after all it would be hard to justify those prices if 4th place was a target not the bare minimum. All we hear is that this team will challenge for all major honours, that they are good enough to do so and that there is money in the bank for signings

  56. timao

    Nasri, Arshavin – is adding experience, so is Eduardo, Little Mozart and Bacary Sagna, also Gallas

  57. kirby

    good point ptg the fact now remains that we are taking the blame for things and i think its a fucking disgrace twisting it on the fans cunts

    colleymore is just a dogger anyway the prick

  58. kirby

    especially them akbs we are not even able to judge why wenger left out arshavin in the semi

    i got called a moron because i said it was the wrong decision…

  59. Cartman

    i dont think nasri added experience and besides it was his first year in england but i’m sure he be good next season. rosicky and edu have been injured for most of the season so…

  60. Geoff

    Look Wenger has gone nowhere yet, he’s now doing a great job deflecting the blame for another potless season onto the Q&A and the fans, shame on him, sorry, he’s has to answer what is thrown his way, he’s not god, he’s paid to manage this club.

    It’s like he cannot ever be criticised, like Maureen said, he has the best job in football, he’s above reproach.

  61. timao

    Pat – no club is honest about it’s finances, surely that’s giving away too much info to the competition and agents out there seeking to bleed us dry. To me, Wenger is a legend at this moment for all those reasons. I wouldn’t expect any “real’ club to come clean about transfer budgets. The only people who can do that are the “financially doped” clubs who can afford to piss money away spending £30m on Shevchenko etc

  62. patthegooner

    Nasri is 21 Timao, Eduardo and Rosicky are long term injuries and Arshavin only came in Jan.

    The problem is a very very young and inexperienced midfield which is seriously lacking in leadership. I love Cesc, but he is no leader and you need someone in there that will pick up the players when things are not going so well.

    We just need a bit of balance and even now when everyone is fit, the spine of our team is still quite weak. It is only a couple of players aged around 26-30 needed preferably CM and CB. And a potent Striker if/when togotwat leaves.

    We are not far off and I think it is the reluctance to take that final step that is so frustrating.

  63. kirby

    everyone keeps saying that cartman i was getting taking the piss out of on ACLF because of the name and then some would say i like your name but your poison to arsenal

  64. patthegooner

    Timao of course they won’t be honest about finances, but there is hiding the truth and then blatently talking porkies (I still think we have cash)

    It is the Comical-ali type statements of conquering football that fucks me off when it is blatently obvious that a midfield stripped of Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto and not replaced wont be as strong as the year before.

  65. Pedro

    Bernard, nice pic… was that somesort of symbolic answer to a question?

    Keyser… I still question the idea behind holding a Q&A before the end of the season?

    Was it necessary?

    I also don’t believe the board… who see Wenger as their biggest asset… would allow him to take the flak for not having any money?

    Surely that is illogical?

    Piss off your biggest asset?

    Also, why would Wenger keep quiet? It’s not in his interest is it?

    He’d be able to get on with his youth project without criticism if the fans knew the score… right?

  66. timao

    Those are all fair comments Pat – but here we are at the beginning of summer. Wenger has already said he wants to add some experienced players to the squad. The final step is just ahead of us.

  67. kirby

    exactly pat how exciting it would be to take that final step and get in a new spine because thats the main thing we dont doubt all thier potential but potential dont win you trophys…

  68. Pedro

    Keyser, Geoff would have asked why the beer is often warm… it would have been a waste of a question.

  69. Keyser

    Geoff – See Geoff, a reasoned question and something that has some relevance to the direction the club has taken. From someone that genuinely seems to care about the club.

    Not some cheap little joke because you want to look big and clever in front of a few people and some cameras, says it all really and I can understand why Wenger and Hill Wodd might be vexed at some of the fuckwits.

  70. patthegooner

    Timao but it is cry wolf scenario

    Last year he said that we would see signings in 2-3 weeks that would reassure the players and he mentioned that he had identified that defending the aerial threat was an issue…..It never happened

    And the season before it was the Super Super class player chestnut.

    I hope and pray he sticks to his word.

  71. Cartman

    a must see clip, guys


  72. kirby

    yeah remember when we was promised last year and we was pulling our hair out all pre season who is to say he will buy this summer.

  73. timao

    kirby – i admit silvestre looks weak – but i bet he has some defensive coaching role. could be coincidence but we did get a lot more solid at the back after he arrived – (when he wasn’t played!)

  74. kirby

    i dont know about that timao but i know we had injuries but there was a reason united didnt want him no more and our big games just gone he was at fault for at least 2 goals if he was bought in for that then he shouldnt be playing but who knows..

  75. patthegooner

    Having said that though, I do think he will sign the players required this year.

    I know the blame is at our feet now, but ultimately they know we pay the wages, and if they think things are out of order now, imagine what they will be like on September the 1st if nothing has changed.

    Personally if that was the case, I would not give a fuck if he went to Madrid. Again though I think this is the year that the player promise statements will bear fruit.

  76. timao

    he tried to sign Arshavin in the summer – had an agreement in principle with Zenit – then AA blew Holland off the pitch and Zenit welched on us and went looking for a better deal. wenger was made to look bad but it wasn’t his fault.

  77. Geoff

    Because he was always injured and adding another French speaker was stupid, if it’s already a problem why buy more?

  78. David


    Arsenal have not finished in the top 2 for 4 years…which says that we are not even close to challenging for the tittle. And yet Wenger says we are “not that far” from United.

    We finished this season..about 20 points away…and as i said…not even in the top 2 while united have won it for 3 straight…

    Financial contraits are 1 thing..but to totally neglect signings in areas where we have been glaringly laking….defence and defensive midfield….is totally down to our manager

  79. Keyser

    Pedro – I don’t think it’s too big of a deal, you might want to diffsuse tensions at their supposed height rather than let them fester.

    I don’t get why it has to be that clearcut, it’s not about whether Wenger has money or not, people seem to think challenging for the title is either we win it or anything less is not challenging at all.

    It’s the same with the money, I bet we do have money, but it’s not huge sums, it’s something we have to be careful with and it’s what I’ve said all season.

    It’s not about Wenger keeping quiet, he knows what he has to work with and he says it everytime that he can only work with the resources he’s been given, the board are the ones that have to keep the best interests of the club at heart, they are ultimately responsible.

  80. patthegooner

    I am still baffled by the Silvestre signing nearly a year on.

    What we needed was a commanding CB not a fucking reject that always looked shit at Man Ure, and one that had said some pretty shitty things about Arsenal during his time there.

    Not to mention the overused statement of killing players by bringing in older ones. Although I think that is complete toss, surely the best example of that would be to bring in a shit footballer like Silvestre and release Senderos on loan. Almost as baffling as that wanky excuse for not playing Arshavin in the semi-final and probably robbing us of an FA Cup final in two weeks time.

  81. choy

    yeah david… no will to fight.. they are freakin smiling when they are 2-0 down!

    would keown be smiling if he was 2-0 down in 11 minutes?!

  82. David


    The team have the personality of their manager….this is true.

    If the team play like pussies then……..

  83. timao

    Fair point Geoff – I know a lot of people here were campaigning for Arshavin and Nasri too for that matter (instead of that other guy we nearly got – gone off the radar now). But I’m pretty sure AW got him as soon as it was possible to get him. I mean he does have an international scouting network and people working full time on this stuff

  84. David

    CAnt believe we have to wait another 3 months only to get Arsene FC’s shite again. He said give the team 2 more years…

    This time next year he prob be saying 1 more year…and how we are “not that far”

    I guess by then Robbin will be gone and so will Cesc.

  85. Pedro

    Keyser, stating he has to be careful with the money is stating the obvious.

    Most people aren’t asking for reckless spending… we’d like to see it spent how we know Wenger can spend money… well.

    4 years without a Q&A… I don’t think another 2 weeks was going to make a difference, was it?

    People accepted last year as challenging… they don’t accept this year as challenging.

    That is clear cut. Last year we had a real go at it… this year we failed miserable.

  86. Pedro

    Patrick ter Mate (Netherlands) – Vitesse/AGOVV

    Janick Kamber (Switzerland) – Basel

    Marc Muniesa (Spain) – Barcelona

    Dennis Appiah (France) – Monaco

    Marco Fossati (Italy) – Inter Milan

    Deniz Herber (Turkey) – St. Pauli

    Christopher Buchtmann (Germany) – Liverpool

    Jack Wilshere (England) – Arsenal

    Lennart Thy (Germany) – Werder Bremen

    Luc Castaignos (Netherlands) – Feyenoord

    Remember those names…

  87. timao

    Keyser, why do you say you bet we do have the money? Isn’t that supposed to be revealed in the annual reports and stuff… it shouldn’t be a matter of conjecture. The money is either there or not – or am I just misunderstanding this whole public company thing?