Will he stay or will he go? Wenger, Van Persie and Ade.

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The closing party is this Sunday!

The closing party is this Sunday!

When we began this blog 2 years ago we ran a story congratulating the boss on signing his new contract, I have no doubt he’ll honour this one and stay on, but as I said without exaggeration ten million times I am an Arsenal fan first. As Wenger himself said you can’t keep an unhappy player, touché boss, touché!

I hope he stays but if he chooses to move onto pastures new I’ll say thanks for the memories and good luck in the future, but my guess? He’ll stay.

Robin I think is hedging his bets to see if we sign some world class players and for that I don’t blame him, he needs to win some silverware and he is at that age where he’s still much in demand, I like Robin, it hasn’t been his best season, but the talent is there and he’s not done too badly with injuries this time round, so I think he’ll stay.

Adebayor, what do you do about a problem called Ade? Okay, so I may have borrowed that from the Sound of music but the same applies, a wonderfully gifted player that doesn’t understand the offside rule, a very well paid player who doesn’t understand the loyalty concept, and one that will miss 2 months of the coming season to the ACN. I think he will leave and he goes, with my blessing, he has scored some cracking goals notably against the spuds and most recently against Villarreal, thanks for those Ade and good luck.

We have the nucleus of a very good team that needs a little help in areas that we have ignored for years now, we need a solid back four with a solid back up, 2 centre backs for me with one that is world class, the other can be one of our kids or someone in the Hangeland mould.

We need a defensive midfielder that is world class, someone that has pace and a thunderous tackle, Song is an able back up so I would keep him.

Up front we aren’t doing too badly but if Ade goes and we don’t go for a Benzema or Villa and I suspect we wont, then we need to consider a winger in the mould of Pires or Ribery to play on the right.

Then and only then will we look more solid and capable of sustaining a challenge. I think this time though the boss can see that and hopefully he will act.

I would like to thank all of you grovers for making this more of a forum than a site that just exists to pay homage to Arsene Wenger and his teenage dream, I really like what you have done boss (nearly all) but I also like to debate and challenge, that is something I think this site is unique for, and it’s why I keep writing, if all we did was talk and bitch about other sites that by default would make this one pointless, so thanks for making my job such a pleasure, and in the main for leaving them alone.

We have to get through 3 months of no football soon, so speculating at least makes it all a bit of fun and helps the time fly.

We will make some additions to the blog in the summer months so if any of you have any ideas then email Pedro and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh, one final thing, Arsenal emailed me yesterday extending the deadline day for season ticket renewal to Tuesday the 26th of May, that will mean nothing to the blog stalkers as most of them have never been to Arsenal, but that tells me they’re not renewing at the rate they had thought, maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped and they’ll dust off the company cheque book.

Le Grove wouldn’t be the success it is without you, your opinions and your humour, keep it coming!

So have a great day Grovers, we only have Stoke left, for those of you like Pedro and I that go, lets make it a day to remember and sing our lungs out, let’s hope they put the flags on the seats again, that was a neat move, that the stewards leave us alone and we score 8 goals! Whooooh!

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  1. ThaatArsenalGuy

    anybody know what time the fa youth final kicks off on friday? im thining of heading down for it

  2. ThaatArsenalGuy

    hey good post by the way , well thought out and well delivered … sums up things quite well i thought

  3. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Great post Geoff!

    I don’t want to read any people talking about the militants from other sites today… it’s far too boring and it only encourages them…

    I’m a bit gutted to hear Ade is going… but he brought it on himself. I’ve defended him most of the year, but his lacksidasical approach to the game irked…

    Robin… well, I’d be upset if he left after his first full season…

    Wenger… well, life goes on doesn’t it? If he can’t accept fan expectation brought on by himself, can’t see the error of his ways… or can’t be honest enough to own up to constraints… then I’m sure he’ll have a great time in the calm of Madrid.

    Easy going over there aren’t they?

    The club will keep all it’s players, we’ll get an equally excellent coach in… and we’ll continue to advance as a club.

    Oh, and I second what Geoff wrote… you guys really do make this all worth while and we appreciate the support of the site… and the rules. When I see how other sites commenter’s conduct themselves, I truly appreciate the bunch we’ve got over here!


    P.S. —> One day left to vote… and there are season tickets available on the low —>

  4. Cartman

    I agree with u Geoff about Ade! If he really goes, then I wish him all the best but hopefully in Milan!

  5. Geoff

    Ade hasn’t gone yet it’s just a feeling, Pedro Peaches said she was getting the tickets to me here in London and I’ll give them to Franchise on Sunday.

  6. Big Raddy

    Morning All.

    My preference would be for ADE to go to the Chavs in a swap for Alex. He is a great player.

  7. Franchise

    Pedro hi she is meant to give hers to me. i’m not sure how much of a problem there is. i think its more of an issue with meeting up to collect the ticket.

  8. Dan

    I see ade feels let down by the fans for booing him, well ade that’s proberbly because you mugged us about last summer, loyalty is not in ade’s dictionary. Great post

  9. kelsey

    Summed up perfectly Geoff and Pedro as well.I don’t care who goes or who stays but please not another year of “if only” or “maybe”.

    I f i hear another “mental strength,young squad(not true) and belief ” i will go mad.

  10. Franchise

    we need to get everyone possible for the great pre and post match fest.

    Geoff nice post. this untouchable mentality reigning in our club is quite scary. our target has been 4th or so it seems over the last 4 years i bet even moyes can help us achieve that.

  11. ThaatArsenalGuy

    dont get me started on that BBC interview he did with bug eyed crookes. If you watch the interview back there are several points where it has been heavily edited, I thinkwe only got the toned down versions of his answers

  12. Geoff

    Thanks guys, he seems to think he is above question, quite bizarre really.

    Stalin, Mao I’ll stop there…

  13. tonyadamsisgod

    Top post again Geoff! Agree with everything in there.

    I have to say that this time round a move away for Wenger looks more likely than ever before and if he does decide to leave then I cant say a bad word about him with his pro’s out numbering his cons by a million-to-one!

    I think RvP would definitely stay if Wenger left….any new player is excited at the prospect of being the new ‘teachers pet’ and he would probably feel the chance of star signings is a lot more possible.

    BUT, that could also mean the retention of Adebayor which I’m not to keen on as his equity is of greater value than his general ability and attitude. But you never know, a new manager may find the key to Adebayor becoming the world class striker that he thinks he can be.

    The ACN is a big worry for me. We really should under-estimate the impact it could have on our squad. We should be looking to bring cover soley based on that, let alone to improve the sqaud.

    I still think the priority needs to be 2 centre backs as I dont see Kolo being happy to play alongisde Gallas or as 3rd choice. My vote goes to Hangeland of Fulham and Taylor of Newcastle.

    Then we need that monster in the middle, my choice being Cana or Barry. They still represent big value. If Bentitez bags Barry then we really should heap the pressure on Alonso to join up with his compatriate Cesc Fabregas. After all, it would be good for their international prospects with Senna on the verge of old age and playing together week in, week out couldnt be anything other than perfect!

    Next up is that elusive wide right man that we have lacked for far too long. Banish the days of playing full backs and strikers in that position. Ribery would be class but can we afford him? Villa would put up a huge fight – and price tag for Ashley Young – but he, for me, is a great player with many sudeful attributes like free kicks and his pace.

    We’ll definitely need that extra striker if we sell Ade AND RvP. But forget Villa. We couldnt get him ahead of Barca, Real, Liverpool and Chelsea. Maybe Eto’o is an option or even better could be Gourcouff??

    Do all this and I guarantee we will win the EPL!!

  14. Pedro

    Franchise, Moyes has put in another stunning performance this season… he seems to go fairly unnoticed considering the constraints he works under.

  15. tom

    It’s beginning to seem clear that the financial constraints on Arsenal’s transfer activity in recent years has been down pretty much exclusively to the board. They were immensely fortunate to have appointed a manager who could work within their constraints and would take the heat for it, while they squirmed in the background counting their money. The board were silent during the criticism of Wenger during the recent meeting with shareholders, and you can’t blame him for becoming increasingly paranoid when the fans and the board seem unwilling to defend him. You can’t really blame the supporters. We’ve been completely misinformed through media speculation and comments from the club that “Arsene always has money” and the board have “never turned Arsene down”, and it’s led some of us (this website included) to berate Wenger for not spending. But it would have only taken a short official statement of the truth from Hill Wood, Fiszman or Gazidis to clear it up. Of course, it would merely lead to the supporters attacking the board, and they certainly don’t want that. I wouldn’t be too upset to see any players leaving, but if Arsene quit, it would be devastating for the club. We’d have lost the greatest manager in our history, the only man proven capable of competing at the top while balancing the books, and the greateset football ever played in this country.

  16. Rasputin

    A dignified and measured post Geoff,

    Thanks to you and Pedro for all your hard work and dedication. It is posible to hold strong opinions and still be gentlemen about it.

    We all love Arsenal….and we’re all going to go gaga over the summer 😉

  17. Geoff

    Tom, is there a problem with the truth? Well is there? That’s all we’ve ever asked and between them we’ve never had it.

  18. rob green

    Very conservative blog today Geoff

    Surprised peter hillwoods comments were not mentioned. I thinks it’s disgusting that the club are blaming the share holders and the fans!!

    What are the blog stalkers?

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    Rasputin – I’d like to have a go on Gaga! Oh, no, wait…..thats not what you meant is it! 🙂

  20. Pedro

    Tom, why would Wenger keep quiet if he had no money?

    What benefit does he gain from doing that?

    He wont lose his job…

    He will lose the respect of the fans though…

    That is why I don’t buy into it… and if we do find out he had no money, then for me… whatever happens will be his fault becuase he didn’t communicate it.

    Rafa always does… Fergie does… Mourinho used to.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  21. KM in WALES

    hi guys.cartman i’m shocked u weren’t 1st 🙂 i dnt think wenger is leaving.also if we do get a right winger i hope we get Zhirkov (finished product) or Elia who will rotate with Rosicky.Ribery is out of our price range & he’s not gona come to us. We might have a chance with Zhirkov due to the Arshavin factor but CSKA aren’t exactly a poor club.which means Elia would be the easiest to get out of the 3 & he’d be cheap

  22. Geoff

    Rob these are 4 or 5 people that read our blog, read all the comments then talk about us all day on other blogs.


  23. ThaatArsenalGuy

    tom , wenger does seem to be hinting at that but in his round about way of speaking you never quite know what he means

  24. kelsey

    I must say The Postameter if there is such a thing,has shot up since early this morning.The quality of posts and the gentlemanly conduct should be envied by all other forums.Well done everybody.Geoff and Pedro take a bow.

  25. Cartman

    Inter want Ade for 24m! Which inter players cud make it at Arsenal???

    KM, i’ve done a hattrick, that’s enough 4 me!

  26. Cartman

    What’s the proble with Arsenal fans??? Why are we so divided between AKB’s and non-AKB’s???

  27. KM in WALES

    taig-we’r not after Georcuff because he is a AM & we’v got enough of them.I agree though we might need a deadly striker mainly i’m not convinced on Eduardo’s fitness-he’s ruled out of croatia’s qualifying games so i dnt think we should gamble again like we did last year.if Dzeko is as good as every1 is saying then we should go 4 him & sell Ade & that will persude RvP that we mean business.

  28. tonyadamsisgod

    My Squad for next season would be (in dream land):



    CB’s (Kolo wont stay, Senderos most likely to be sold?)

    Ribery or Young
    Nasri (can go inside to)

    Barry, Cana or Alonso

    Possibly Gourcouff or Eto’o

  29. gunner8

    Geoff, looking forward to the last game… …I haven’t sent in my renewal yet either! I will though just needed some time to mull it over as it’s easy to get tickets for any game now, but I guess it’s not the same as when you are with your friends.

  30. Rohan

    you know if we could play this team next season it would be an absolute phenomenon.
    sagna gallas/toure XXX clichy/gibbs

    rosicky/walcott YYY(nasri??) fabregas arshavin


  31. ArsenalKenya




    Frankly, some of the questions were disgraceful. There you have the most successful manager in our history and two or three of the shareholders made the most negative and somewhat hostile and sarcastic comments, which I think were completely out of order.

    I was very upset by the questions, I have to say. We, and he, kindly agreed to have this meeting and whether we have another one is a moot point. Arsène was very diplomatic and honest in his answers and deserves great credit for that. But I wouldn’t have been anything like as polite if they had asked me.

  32. KM in WALES

    cartman do inter have any good DM’s or CB’s?Ade is in demand i think he can play well under a stricter manager like mourinhio/fergie-any1 agree?

  33. tonyadamsisgod

    KM – I thought he could play anywhere going forwards. I agree though, a real finisher is what we could lack. I think Bendtner will have an even better season next year, Walcott could be something very, very special but still wont do that by next season and Eduardo’s injuries are a concern. Arshavin, for me should be deployed as a striker, game after game, first choice. Then we need an Eto’o type character to back up Eduardo. In essance I see it like this:

    Arshavin & Eduardo as first choice strikers.
    RvP to back up Arshavin and Bendtner to back up Eduardo. The Walcott and Vela fight for places too.

    One thing is for sure…cmpetition for places at the top end of the field will be fiercer than ever before!

  34. Bergy

    So everything thing that goes wrong,is the fans fault?utter nonsense.without us there can be no arsenal.since when do clubs and players blame the fans?i do hope ade leave,he can take diaby and silvester with.we should have signed ribery the time henry was stil here.no chance of any big names coming in.

  35. tonyadamsisgod

    Gunner8 – Ha ha, I was just about to say you are dreaming about Essien! That guy should be one of the most expensive players in world football! There is not a single club or international team he would not get into!

  36. ethangunner


    Tom, why would Wenger keep quiet if he had no money?

    What benefit does he gain from doing that?
    He is getting paid 4 million a term to be quiet about it ???
    i mean wenger can get out of his contract end of next season . next season krankie can officially take over . next season highbury re development finishes !

    a coincidence ?
    i think not ..

    and like i said if we are in ‘reduce the deficit on the club ‘ mode for selling then the board arent going to want to spend are they ?

  37. tonyadamsisgod

    Cartman- I think Gallas will stay and those 2 will not want to work together any longer. Gallas is better so the choice on who goes is a simple one.

  38. gunner8

    Speaking of the Ade interview, you know a peron thinks too much of themselves when they speak about themselves in the third person;

    If Porto want Adebayor, then it is not Adebayor’s fault???

    No but likening Meeelan to Beyonce is you twunt!

    Fook off, we don’t want you, because you are a farkin ingreat

  39. stonroy

    Morning all. 2 years huh? My how it’s grown in that time, but you both deserve the success. This is, as you say the best ‘forum’ for Arsenal fans around. If it wasn’t for Le Grove with the year we have had, I think a lot of us gooners would have had to be bailed out of some pretty nifty situations. So on behalf of the lot who wear their heart on their sleeve, many, many thanks.

  40. Rohan

    i want hangeland dzeko and a winger ( if not someone like ribery/young the atleast elia/affelay.)
    oh and a beast of a DCM( alonso imo is too slow but who else?? barry is unlikely..)
    i was talking to a friend of mine last night who is well versed with the bundesliga and he said that dzeko in many ways is akin to RvN re his knowledge of the rebound and his propensity for the scrambled and scrappy goal. dunno how quick he is though.

    is gourcuff a center forward?/ i always thought he played in the no10 role just off the striker.( or atleast in a linking role) i would only cosider him if rvp leaves.

  41. North Bank Lew

    Good blog Geoff.

    I might not post very often, but I DO read the blogs (and most of the comments) every day, so your work is appreciated.

    Don’t always agree, but that’s what civilised debate is all about. As you say, we all love Arsenal and we all know that no one individual is bigger than the club.

    One thing I will say. Watched ‘Fever Pitch’ the other day with my young daughter, to commemorate the ’89 anniversary and to give her a taste of what those days were like. It was the first time I’d watched it in ages and bloody hell – are we spoilt today! Can you remember what it was like to go without a title for 18 years !!

    Life isn’t too bad these days guys. Just need some of the team to play for the shirt.

  42. timao

    I cannot believe the relaxed attitude about the possibility that Wenger might leave!? It would be an absolute, total disaster for Arsenal. What I’d like to see is a petition of support for the man.

  43. KM in WALES

    guys i dnt think Villa will sell us Young esp.as O’neill wants to try for 4th again nxt year. Their owner Randy is rich so dnt think Villa need the cash. But they might be willing if they get an offer around £30m which we won’t pay but Chelsea will.he shouldnt go to the chavs he’s still learning look what happened to SWPhillips-he’d be better under Fergie/Wenger

  44. Cartman

    i’d really want to see Fellaini in the team but as sum1 said yesterday, he might cost 20m!!! but cana wud also be a great signing i think!

  45. tom

    Rob and Pedro – you could both be right. I was pissed off with Wenger’s transfer policies too but this season I’ve been starting to think differently. I think Wenger’s recent comments have been quite revealing, as has the board’s silence. Also, has anyone noticed how quickly the media have changed their stance on Arsenal’s finances? Before it was all Wenger’s principles, now they all agree it’s the boards stinginess. None of us really know the truth, so we shouldn’t be crucifying Arsene four our lack of success recently.

  46. tonyadamsisgod

    Rohan – I like Cana, he is fucking brutal in that position! Our red card rate might get back to the goold old days but we would definitely see an end to the likes of Essien, Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney trying to bully us! Cana would just kick em in the haed and be done with it. I dont think Alonso is slow though. His game dictates that he places at a fairly calm pace. Its the same with Cesc and other great passers of the ball. They use the ball to do the work.

  47. rob green

    Timao I wouldn’t sign it!! Wenger needs to learn to take criticism!! He has been praised and worshipped for year and now things are getting tough and he is near enough threatening to leave and the fans and shareholders are to blame!! i think its wrong mate!!

  48. tonyadamsisgod

    timao – Why would it be disaster? And why do you think Wenger is bigger than Arsenal? You know we won things before Wenger arrived right? I dont want him to leave either but what I want even less is a manager that a) doesn’t want to be there and b) a manager who is unable to change the game plan to achieve success.

  49. Big Dave

    Fiszman/PHW OUT

    Ade if true those iti (mugs) want to pay £24 mill we all should drive him to the fucking airport.

  50. Pedro

    Timao… a petition of support?

    Why would it be a disaster?

    Dependency is a very bad thing… it makes the man bigger than the club, which isn’t true.

    He is a great manager, but if he left… there is always someone younger and hungrier.

  51. timao

    sorry Gunner* i don’t know why i just called you Tony! my only excuse is my bloody filling dropped out last night – the slag of a dentist only just put it in on friday – now she wants to charge me for replacing it! I know that’s not terribly relevant…

  52. KM in WALES

    TIAG-i’d go with those striking duo’s but do Rvp & Bendtner gel?does anyone gel with RvP? Didnt Samuel flop at Madrid?How old is Chivu?

  53. chiku

    but seriously guys that bosnian goal machine would very much gel into our style of play…..oh oh and yes i kno that the african players that come and dnt cut it in our team are tiring (iam not rascit coz i am an african aswell)bt ther is 1 good player on youtube name TEKO MODISE africas Christiano… and a fellow malawian in Jozef Kamwendo gave Eboue problems in our world cup q (yes i kno we got hammered) bt his vision range is very good

  54. rob green

    Tom – The peter hillwood should keep his mouth shut!! Either come out and tell us if there is money or not but don’t come out and have a pop at the fans and shareholders!!

    Its weird how all the attention is being taken way of the poor season we have had!! very clever arsenal very clever!! two fingers up at the fans!!

  55. Franchise

    well someone if definitely not saying the truth.


    Are there really financial constraints? the board say there arent and are mostly consistent with their stance.

    Arsene pushes the post to suit his argument. Sometimes there are and sometimes they arent but he doesnt want to kill the careers of the young players he has.

    I myself i dont believe that Arsene is paid £4-5 mill/year to keep lying for the board. Well. if he is then he is rightly receiving the flak he gets.

  56. Pedro

    Timao… they are supposed to have a month guarantee at least!

    My dentist tried to pull that old chestnut.

  57. charybdis1966

    Morning all,
    It is curious that Wenger hasn’t come out to deny the claims from General Franco’s team (aka Real Madrid) like he expects most of his players do. I suspect he’s merely trying to make us squirm a bit with the delay to show he doesn’t want to be taken or granted – which I find a bit girly, but there you go.
    Anyhoo I’ll be there on Sunday and with any luck the club will lay on something a bit special, both on pitch and off the pitch, to mark the end of a fairly traumatic season.
    I look forward to sharing some pre match beers with the Grove stalwarts, Pedro, Geoff, Franchise and Steve.

  58. gunner8

    does anyone remember that song….

    …so you’re a philosopher, yes I think very deeply?

    not relevant either, but was an 80’s klassic

  59. rob green

    If wenger and the board say ther is money and they dont spend it and we are sh*t then its wengers fault in my eyes!!

  60. timao

    It would be a disaster because I don’t believe the theory that Wenger has loads of money to spend but perversely chooses not to spend it. because i don’t see any high class coaches out there who can step in and do a better job (look at the fuck up chelsea have had to deal with) and in addition I do believe this team is actually on the verge of being pretty decent – but if wenger leaves it will fall apart in his wake.

  61. gunner8

    not sure Chivu must be 25 now, should have brought him when he was at Roma, Mexes is another cat i like

  62. tonyadamsisgod

    Franchise – Do we honestly believe that this year (forgetting the past) we will have no money to spend. We have two new majority shareholders that are biliionaires – one has publicly said he will give money if Wenger wants it and the other a sports fan who cant be happy with what he see’s week in, week out. This is why I’ll give Wenger until the end of the transfer window to prove he can change his ways. If he doesn then he will only be getting my support because he is the Arsenal manager and not because he is the ‘legendary’ Arsene Wenger.

  63. Bergy

    Just no more damn african players.acn every 2 years.and no exp players like sylvester.that failed badly.3 good signing cb,dm,striker.When last did we have some italian defender?

  64. tonyadamsisgod

    gunner8 – I dont think Mexes would cut it at all in the EPL. He gets caught out enough as it is in a slow Serie A.

  65. charybdis1966

    Looking back on the shareholders meeting last Thursday it seems Wenger is a bit peeved that none of the rest of panel stood up to support him when he was getting flak from the floor – just goes to show the suits were either enjoying watching Wenger flounder or they were just spineless.

  66. Pedro

    Why will it fall apart Timao?

    If Wenger has no money… why doesn’t he tell us the truth?

    Who is he defending?

    David Moyes has done a fantastic job on a budget at Everton.

  67. KM in WALES

    gunner8-Arteta is a beautiful player but he would demand a starting place & He’d be at least £20m.Wenger would rather rotate Ramsey & nasri but i think Nasri was good on the right wing against the mancs-he brings skill & intelligence on the wing whereas walcott is all pace at the moment.

  68. ethangunner

    rob the board (fizman) only said there was money when we had a shot at the EPL title last term ,
    where was he this season ?

    when we are failing ?
    he made claims we had money when the team was obviously doing everything right and hence no need to spend the cash ..

    this season all is quiet ..

  69. ethangunner

    rob green
    Wenger needs to come and make a statement!!

    he wont whilst still under the arsenal umbrella,
    you MIGHT only find out the truth once he is at madrid , or when his auto biography comes out ..

    until then speculate away ..

  70. tonyadamsisgod

    timao – we can only speculate about the money so lets move onto what we do know. No other high class coaches? Hiddink? van Basten? Rijkaard? How can you think our current crop of players is good enough, let alonme the squad being big enough? There is no denying that Wengers failure this year was releasing too many first team players without bringing in replacements. That is a fact. We binned Lehmann, Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto and brought in Nasri. Our squad was not big enough last year, let alone losing 3 players this year. A 5 point gap turning into a 20 point gap is all the proof you need.

  71. rob green

    I think the noises that are coming out of the club are all wrong and they are putting two fingers up at us!!!

  72. Lou

    Do I detect a slight shift in the stance of posters now that “Wenger Out!” looks like it might bear fruit?

  73. tonyadamsisgod

    Ethan – Fizman came out at least twice this year and said we have money. One was at one of the CL draw meetings. Cant remember where the other was.

  74. rob green

    Ethan they made a statment about pat rice so why can’t they do that about wenger. wenger should come out and say i am staying the stories are rubbish my futire is with the club i love the fans and i will try and bring them success

    Like i have said we have gone backwards this season and they expect the fans to be happy!!

  75. tonyadamsisgod

    Gunner8 – Thats another reason not to get him. Apparently the frecnh clique in the dressing room is a bit of a problem.

  76. gooner4life

    Anyone who doesn’t have the heart or loyalty for the club can go! We the fans will be there long after they are gone. I support THE ARSENAL, not Arsene Fc. If he wants to go because he can’t take criticism, then he is not the man i thought he was.

  77. tonyadamsisgod

    Lou – I’m not sure but what is apparent is that it is more likely than ever before. No smoke and all of that……

  78. KM in WALES

    guys i think Wenger is a gent unlike Rafa/Mourinhio who are clowns.Does Fergie come out & tell the media what the board are doing?its a matter of principle.however when Wenger leaves only then will we know what is really happening.

  79. Pedro

    Lou, he doesn’t break contracts.

    So I doubt anything will come of it.

    I’m not fussed either way… I’d never beg someone to stay…

    I see right through all this… we’re not talking about how crap this year has been, we’re talking about how crap the fans are.

    Just like bird flu was a healthy deflector of the financial crisis…

  80. Pires02

    Morning all, long time no post.
    I personally hope RvP goes too. I just don’t see what he adds to the flow of the play and he’s not prolific. I know Pedro you said it’s really his first full season playing and to me that’s another problem – always injured and not to mention a rash moment away from being sent off. Take the money from him and Ade and buy one good forward.
    You’re right about the winger Geoff and certainly what I would like to see (plus one CB and keep Gallas). A winger, wide man, whatever you want to call it, gives us options to play Arshavin or Walcott up top and also provides options centrally with Nasri and Rosicky (touch wood) so we’re not so reliant on everything coming through Cesc. Top quality DM nice but not first port of call for me. How many times have United played Carrick there? What they do have are probably the best centre back pairing in the world and we need someone to play alongside Gallas.
    Well, there’s my rant

  81. Franchise

    Nasri is gonna be a great player next season. he might be the goals scoring midfield legend we require. Cesc has to step up big time in the physical aspects and with the goals cos IMO himself and Nasri should be vying for the same position.

    with over 50 games a season i dont see why they cant be rotated. if rosicky returns to anything as close to what he was b4 his injury we are covered for starting positions on both wings. unless we really want to start playing arshavin as a SS and nasri in the middle in a 451 could work hmmmm i would like a buy as a bee DM.

    Song could step up if we sign a vidic like no nonsense CB and if the full backs attacked less and if we defended as a unit. the prospect hmmmmmm

  82. Lou

    TAIG. Yes, possibly. Unrequited love is a painful thing to endure, even on £4million a year apparently.

  83. Franchise

    there is definitely room for flexibility with formations if we work things out in pre-season not 2 days b4 a CL semis

  84. Arsenal Tom

    wenger’s playing the game, he’ll say he’s staying long term in his friday press conference probably he’s just letting all the people who shouted for him to go stew… he’s just saying ‘if you dont want me, theres plenty of people who do’

  85. incesc

    i think this last couple of weeks wenger has been giving us pretty big hints that he is not to blame for the money spent. He is working with what he has.

    fair does he couldnt come out and say it outright, but hillwood is feeling the strain now and reacting badly.

  86. tonyadamsisgod

    incesc – as I was telling someone earlier, thatsi shy I give Wenger the summer to sort it out. There is surely money to be spent now we have Usmanov and Kroenke. I cant see how we wouldnt and why they would invest so heavily without wanting to help the club progress. So this summer could be the first time we actually have a decent kitty. I’ll wait unitl the transfer deadline before I pass my final judgement on Wenger.

  87. reggie57

    Who cares if he leaves after our season of great promise turned into the biggest let down since the spuds were gonna get top 4, lest not we forget we are arsenal not some frankinstein experiment!!

  88. ethangunner

    i think wenger has gone to hill-wood and said ive lost the fans trust and i think its time to call it a day on the youth campaign or my time here .

    if hillwood was really disgusted with the Q & A on the 14th ! then why has it taken 5 days to make this statement ???? unless something has taken place which jeopardizes wengers future ?

    i agree there are some very odd noises luminating from the Arsenal upper management
    time will tell ..

    sorry dont remember fiz talking about any money being available this term …
    i think i would have remembered it ..
    it might have given me some hope …

  89. rob green

    Someone tell me why the board or wenger would not admit they dont have any more!! The emirates would still sell out, the fans would know the score and respect the club and the manager, Wenger would get nore praise as the fans/press would realise he doesnt have any money!!

  90. Franchise

    Pedro/Geoff re my mail. just thought as a privacy thing that it wasnt nice. remember what happened to Wrighty7 😉

  91. Lou

    But, if he is so unhappy at the limited funds why didn’t he leave several years ago? All the world’s big clubs have wanted him. Let’s not forget that the Emirates was his project and it will be his legacy. He must have known the financial realities involved. Yes, the credit crunch has hit us I am sure, but it has also affected other clubs too, apart from Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea who are prolific spenders. Suddenly the Usmanov model seems perhaps to be more relevant.

  92. KM in WALES

    Also we cross so many balls into the box which go to waste.i think Dzeko would take those chances-we need some1 to score scrappy goals The RvP contract situation is going to be interesting….

  93. Mayank

    good post but don’t dis all the fans that can’t go to the matches..and don’t generalise..

  94. Pedro

    Franchise, if he is silly enough to post abuse, he can deal with the people he abused off the site.

  95. Franchise

    Taig i would take him. his youtube clips couldnt have been staged. thats the kind of player we need. and i doubt if he would struggle making those denilsonesque low risk 10 yard passes. no offense to denilson but his time would come

  96. gooner4life

    Cheers Geoff…to be honest Wenger’s behaviour is a surprise. Its like the PV4 and TH14 sagas again. Will he won’t he? Also the board are spineless and gutless. We want the truth about our finances. If we haven’t got much money then at least we know where we stand. Sick of the politics in the club!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. ethangunner

    G4 life

    maybe wenger is tired of taking the brunt of the criticism, have you ever thought of that ?

    i would . but how would it look if he condemns gallas and RVP for speaking out about arsenal internal affairs then he does the same only 12 months later ..

    it doesnt set a good example

  98. incesc


    i dont think usmanov or kroenke will directly invest in the team.

    i think it will be another dry summer. just because the fans have voiced concerns, it doesnt suddenly mean our debts are cleared and we can go mental.

    the board will use this as an wenger madrid excuse to keep us quiet. they already are…