Will he stay or will he go? Wenger, Van Persie and Ade.

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The closing party is this Sunday!

The closing party is this Sunday!

When we began this blog 2 years ago we ran a story congratulating the boss on signing his new contract, I have no doubt he’ll honour this one and stay on, but as I said without exaggeration ten million times I am an Arsenal fan first. As Wenger himself said you can’t keep an unhappy player, touché boss, touché!

I hope he stays but if he chooses to move onto pastures new I’ll say thanks for the memories and good luck in the future, but my guess? He’ll stay.

Robin I think is hedging his bets to see if we sign some world class players and for that I don’t blame him, he needs to win some silverware and he is at that age where he’s still much in demand, I like Robin, it hasn’t been his best season, but the talent is there and he’s not done too badly with injuries this time round, so I think he’ll stay.

Adebayor, what do you do about a problem called Ade? Okay, so I may have borrowed that from the Sound of music but the same applies, a wonderfully gifted player that doesn’t understand the offside rule, a very well paid player who doesn’t understand the loyalty concept, and one that will miss 2 months of the coming season to the ACN. I think he will leave and he goes, with my blessing, he has scored some cracking goals notably against the spuds and most recently against Villarreal, thanks for those Ade and good luck.

We have the nucleus of a very good team that needs a little help in areas that we have ignored for years now, we need a solid back four with a solid back up, 2 centre backs for me with one that is world class, the other can be one of our kids or someone in the Hangeland mould.

We need a defensive midfielder that is world class, someone that has pace and a thunderous tackle, Song is an able back up so I would keep him.

Up front we aren’t doing too badly but if Ade goes and we don’t go for a Benzema or Villa and I suspect we wont, then we need to consider a winger in the mould of Pires or Ribery to play on the right.

Then and only then will we look more solid and capable of sustaining a challenge. I think this time though the boss can see that and hopefully he will act.

I would like to thank all of you grovers for making this more of a forum than a site that just exists to pay homage to Arsene Wenger and his teenage dream, I really like what you have done boss (nearly all) but I also like to debate and challenge, that is something I think this site is unique for, and it’s why I keep writing, if all we did was talk and bitch about other sites that by default would make this one pointless, so thanks for making my job such a pleasure, and in the main for leaving them alone.

We have to get through 3 months of no football soon, so speculating at least makes it all a bit of fun and helps the time fly.

We will make some additions to the blog in the summer months so if any of you have any ideas then email Pedro and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh, one final thing, Arsenal emailed me yesterday extending the deadline day for season ticket renewal to Tuesday the 26th of May, that will mean nothing to the blog stalkers as most of them have never been to Arsenal, but that tells me they’re not renewing at the rate they had thought, maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped and they’ll dust off the company cheque book.

Le Grove wouldn’t be the success it is without you, your opinions and your humour, keep it coming!

So have a great day Grovers, we only have Stoke left, for those of you like Pedro and I that go, lets make it a day to remember and sing our lungs out, let’s hope they put the flags on the seats again, that was a neat move, that the stewards leave us alone and we score 8 goals! Whooooh!

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  1. A

    Because last season everything depended on and centred around Hleb, and to a lesser extent Rosicky, and there is no way Nasri could come straight in and replicate what Hleb did last season, not to mention rosicky didn’t play all year!

    That’s it in a nutshell….

  2. A

    I’d best stop posting on here for the time being, i’m only just over half way in transcribing the Q & A, and it’s taking forever!

  3. A

    No david – i’ve got it taped on the tv, and i’m typing it out myself, and it’s taken a good couple of hours plus to get half way, might have to finish it tomorrow but i’m trying to get it done tonight!

  4. Stu

    I think Rosicky is more important than Hleb. But hey…thats just my opinion. Nothing to back it up or anything.

  5. A

    I dunno stu – hleb’s ball retention was second to none.

    I think the most important thing is that was have at least one top class settled playmaker to play with cesc and bring him into the game. When we had two it was amazing, but we could still function very well with one last season after rosicky got injured. Having that link man drifting in from out wide is imperative to our game. If it had been hleb who had gotten injured and rosicky had played all season maybe it would have still worked

    this season though nasri wasn’t capable of coming straight into the team and doing it with any effectiveness or consistency at all, and that’s what fucked us completely especially early on in the season

  6. David

    Rosisky? Whose to say he’s going to come back and make an impact after he’s been out almost 1.5 years?

  7. David

    Exactly A,

    There is no doubt Nasri will get better…I think we should switch to 4-3-3

    Robbin on the right…Nasri/Arshavin on the left Dzeko/Walcott in the middle.

  8. Stu

    I dunno A, our season falling apart kinde of cincided with Rosickys absence. Obviously there were other factors but i think his injury was a major one.

  9. A

    Yeah I agree Stu, we were exceptional with cesc and two playmakers, we could cope with cesc and one playmaker, with an exceptional finisher in eduardo, we couldn’t cope with cesc and one playmaker with only adebayor up front playing like a donkey

    I agree david, and that’s what we’re been starting to do! it’s just been the lack of confidence and weak defence that has turned our attempts of 4-3-3 into 4-5-1 with the wide forwards having to drop back into midfield

  10. Stu

    So IF we can get Rosicky and Eduardo back playing 90% of the games next season then we are guarenteed a title. But only if the defence gets fixed.

  11. David

    Sagna/Johnson—— ?——Gallas——-Clichy



  12. Stu

    I like your one David. Apart from the lack of a DM. We shouldnt start all our playmakers at once. Fatigue would take its tole and rotation would suffer.

  13. A

    Stu i’m in agreement with your team, got this Q & A is taking ages!

    Not seen people get at wenger as people claimed apart from one silly red faced man interrupting in the middle of wenger saying that the players care when they lose saying bendtner doesn’t care because he went to to club drinking champagne. Silly red faced man doesn’t understand the concept of drowning ones sorrows!

  14. ethangunner

    A what are you doing ?

    the Q & A was in english wasnt it ?
    unless the shareholders now speak Swahili?

  15. A

    Yeah ethan, i was just typing out all the questions and answers from it from the programme that was shown on arsenal tv, so it’s easier to look at on paper, and for the benefit of those who don’t have arsenal tv, finally finished it!

  16. ethangunner

    well done a mammoth effort ..

    you wont find something so incriminating done thru official means .. im sure the club would rather put the day that was the Q & A share holders meeting behind them ..

  17. A

    I dunno ethan – i’ve not seen any shareholder who’s written that it was even 1 hundredth as bad as the media have made out. There were a couple of nobbers who asked silly questions, but wenger answered all the questions honestly, and most shareholders asked critical or interesting but certainly not over the top questions, and wenger allayed people’s fears well enough.

  18. ethangunner


    im sure it was .. anything that goes thru ATV or the official website is G rated at best ,
    and very devoid of any personal club criticism .

    shame they have this communistic view about keeping even a public forum censored !

    its bullshit really , and shows you that
    there are plenty of home truths that they would rather avoid talking about .. or covering up more like .

  19. A

    The things that I took from the ATV coverage was –

    Absolutely no way wenger has more money than he’s spent

    Doubts as to whether the stadium has sucked all our funds away should be completely gone, it’s the reason we’ve had no money, pure and simple.

    Wenger will spend all the money available to him in the summer.

    The madrid rumours coming from wenger being told he had fuck all to spend are bollocks.

  20. ethangunner

    id rather read the stuff they censored out ..
    that might give more of a direct account on the future of the club .

    i mean if they are going to vet the Q & A god knows what else they are keeping under their hats!

    frightening really .

  21. A

    i would be interested to see some of it ethan, but i’m not sure how relevant it would be, certainly nothing on the future of the club.

    i think the stuff that was cut out was stuff like the bloke calling silvestre a geriatric and wenger taking offence, or bloke calling ade shit, and wenger defending him.

    lol what’s frightening ethan, what you said makes no sense whatsoever. If the Arsenal TV channel have decided to edit a Q and A in a certain way it means literally nothing relative to the future of the club. That’s like saying the behaviour of someone in the club shop has a direct bearing to what the management are thinking, i don’t find it particularly frightening!

  22. ethangunner

    like i said all along , we are in massive debt .

    its not just a continual string of freak events that have hi-lighted to most that show a consensus that we are ‘skint’.

    the lack of funds spent in the past have been proof enough . and that leads me to think that i was right all along in saying the board are directly responsible for having no funds available to remain competitive .

    its like highbury , someone put that structure
    on the site .. someone is paying for it ..
    how some plonkers can come on and say we are paying off nothing until its sold is just pure stupidity .

    the second you put the 1st brick down on any site , in any place in the world you start paying incremental payments , either thru a mortgage or directly out of your own pocket !

    its ludicris to think that the building company will spot you all the labour and materials until you sell the 1st one !

    they could go broke on that sort of commitment ..
    and one thing ive learned in the building industry is no one ever takes the blame ..
    the builders blame the engineers , the engineers blame the trades ..
    no one is going to spot you a project of that size and you pay nothing until youve sold it ..

  23. ethangunner


    censorship , is frightening!
    i would want to see wengers reaction to such questions A !

    its an obvious mistake to purchase him and to see
    his responses to ade’s form this season ..

    iuts very very relevant how the boss handles questions that are obviously touchy subjects

  24. ethangunner

    to avoid these issues and not show the comments on them is like suppressing the truth and administering your own propaganda campaign…

    every question was from a shareholder/fan ..

    and the fans should hear the TRUTH! not have it edited !

  25. ethangunner

    just because ‘murder’ or ‘swine flu deaths’ is bad doesnt mean you dont have a right to know about it !

    does it ?

  26. ikon

    i think the amount that wenger gets to spend will heavily depend on either we are able to strike out a new sponsorship deal. Given how we have performed this season (someone should tell wenger to tell them that we went 21 games unbeaten and stuff), it will be very very hard to get any deal watsoever. It will be more down to Ivan’s relations and talent to make some sort of deal through.

    The unsold flats at highbury will be unsold for a long long time to come. Not untill the credit companies start lending out money again, and that happens if they survive the fall with the government bailouts, and pay the bailout themselves by loaning money.

  27. Wonderboy

    Someone should close this site after 11 o’clock, it fills up with fuckin’ depressed loonies.

  28. LAzer

    AND I could catch Monsieur Wenger strolling in to work in the morning and perhaps give him a print out of this blog everyday.

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsene “Big Balls” Wenger, good one. Now sell Ade & get a cache of cash & get in some quality.

    Some of The Board members better start smartening up their act. Get hungry for trophys, etc.

  30. LAzer

    “An edited review of the controversial question and answer session with shareholders was aired on Arsenal TV last night and Wenger certainly did not sound like a man planning a future elsewhere.

    “My enthusiasm is just as it was,” he said. “We are here to win trophies. Arsenal is as well about values. This club is something special. Everyone is convinced we are doing the right thing. If we do not get there next year or the year after I will be responsible and stand up for it.

    “At the moment, what this team has done, with the average age we have now, no team has done that. The most important moment in the life of this club is to be strong now and support this team. At the moment, what this team needs is the support of people who are the fans of the club. That we have no trophies to present today, I’m very sorry.”

    Club directors have contributed to the perception in recent years that Arsenal’s move to the Emirates has created huge transfer funds, but Wenger stressed that

    his strategy was underpinned by the available budget. “My target is to use the money available in the best way – if it’s £10 million, £20 million or if its £100 million,” he said. “I do as well as I can with resources that are available.”

    Wenger was given an indication of this summer’s transfer budget at a board meeting last Thursday and it is understood that he will have around £20 million to invest in the team.

    With the team having played five extra home games this season following their progress to the semi-finals of both the FA Cup and Champions League, it is also forecast that a further £15 million will be added to the club’s turnover next year.

    It is believed that the renegotiation of player contracts must come from the transfer budget, with Wenger likely to consider whether to generate additional funds by selling striker Emmanuel Adebayor, who thinks the fans are losing faith in him.”

    from the article


  31. gnarleygeorge9

    Le Prof’s J curve has just shot up IMO. Showing some backbone, by staying to finish the job. If there flack flying about @ shareholders meetings/Q & A time, it means that people care. Better to tell it how it is to AW’s face than backstab.

    We are all in it together. Now I will be watching more how The Board go. Its time to get out of the Club luncheons & start barracking hard & fast. Lead by example.

    BRING BACK THE NOISE 😆 as it has been said

  32. ethangunner

    also when the club is in a better state im sure we can all plant kisses on each others asses and wengers also ,saying how he’s doing such a fucking great job !

    until that time , go to bed !
    you wont like what you read …


  33. LAzer

    I can see a lot of success with 4-2-3-1 if played with

    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy
    Song Cesc
    Nasri/Walcott Arshavin/RVP Rosicky/Vela

  34. LAzer

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis held talks with Wenger on Tuesday to discuss plans for the coming season and the former Monaco boss later confirmed his intention to remain in his current role.

    He told the Daily Mail: “There’s nothing to worry about, it’s not an issue for me.

    “I’m staying here.

    “If that changes I will let you know, but don’t worry about that. It’s not an issue.”

  35. LAzer

    DAILY MAIL: Arsene Wenger is to stay with Arsenal after a dramatic day of developments at the Emirates Stadium convinced him his future is in London.

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer – I read that. Its good news. But it is definitely not good news that we only have £13m to spend pre-sales! The more I see that figure and the longer Arsenal do not say otherwise, the more I am convinced next season will be another wash out and will finally put an end to the Arsenal careers of Fabregas, RvP, Gallas and even Arshavin.

    Did you read Martin Samuel’s column on Arsenal? Its pretty spot on.

  37. LAzer

    Yeah sure did…”What needs to be dispelled is the misconception that Wenger is an arrogant fool who would rather see his team finish fourth than compromise his principles.

    If he is making mistakes in his assessments of certain players – standing by individuals who are patently not up to the job – it is probably because he knows he has no option but to keep faith and be supportive.

    In reality, this is the case for followers of Arsenal, too. The board can play their part by facing up publicly to the limitations on Wenger’s spending power. Only then will a clear picture of his achievements emerge. Let’s face it, if a man like Wenger gets no respect, what chance the rest of the schmucks?”

    I thought it was pretty spot on as well. But I still think they will not clarify the money issue as they believe revealing the true condition will harm the buying power when you are going up against the likes of the Chelskis, ManUs, Citys etc of the world.

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    If Spurs sign Barry ahead of us I will officially give up football and start watching rugby!!

  39. kelsey

    Morning all,

    don’t believe a word in the press.it’s all spin and more spin.We have been lied to for nearly 4 years,why should things change.
    I watched for the first time the Q & A with AW. He got lots of acolades but really didn’t answer one question outright,no one had the balls to question his answers.Everyone was in awe of him,except i chap who spoke out of turn.His answer as to why he left AA out of the Cup game was farsical.
    Wenger is a good honest man,but i know tend to think is he covering up for the board or visa versa as the youth policy has failed.

    the only change this season,is that the top 4 has become the top three.

    Read all the quotes from the board,the manager and some of the players.They all contradict each other.It is not a happy ship.

  40. LAzer

    Also that 13 mill probably translates to a lot as less as a transfer kitty if you think about all the signing on costs having to to be paid from that as well. I suppose Ade will go then, hopefully we will be able to start a bidding war btw the top clubs and get somewhere in the 25 mill range. All we need is some experience in the park in certain areas. Plus if Rosicky/Eduardo contribute and include Traore and maybe Senderos playing bit parts we may be able to push on for that vital first trophy next season.

  41. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer – I agree. It seems that they genuinely believe that if we say we have no money then we must have no money. I dont think its the borad lying and I dont think its Wenger refusing to buy. I think Wenger has told the board his philosophy on buying players is to always keep your cards close to your chest, say we dont have money, maintain that stance and that way clubs will no they cannot play too much hard ball over transfer fees with us. BUT! I dont think it works! I cant see how a club like Arsenal who have the best record of champions league qualification and therfore prize money added to Wengers superior selling talent can have NO money. If I know this then managers certainly know this. Benitez knew e had money when we were chasing Alonso, we tried calling his bluff but fair play to him, he didn’t budge. Benitez was then proved right when we went out and spent £17m on Arshavin.

    Everyone has been asking for a unified message from both Wenger and the board. But after re-evaluating the situation I think that is exactly what we are getting. Wenger and the board are trying to keep everyone guessing. That way we can try and steal a few bargains. Like I said, I dont think it works but then again people say Arshavin was a cut price bargain and he looks to be exactly that.

  42. LAzer

    How are they contradicting each other Kelsey? Is Wenger just not willing to admit he is wrong? I read he said he is sorry for there not being any trophies.

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer – we could make money easily!

    £25m for Adebayor as AC Milan dont mind splashing the cash and Chelsea always give their new manager a large transfer kitty. Not to mention that if you sell to a direct rival you should be seeling the player in question for 125%-150% of his actual value. £25m is the minimum.

    We dont need both Senderos and Djourou. I would sell Senderos as Djourou, in my opinion, is the better player and he has now had more gelling time with the current squad. So Senderos for £5m.

    Diaby is not needed. We should sign a quality DCM and we only need Song and Denilson as back up. We have enough quality going forward too. Diaby for £6m

    With all of that you are already on your way to £40m for transfers. And if needs must then sell the strikers you can. I hate to say it but I think RvP would represent the best player to sell when you think about the money you could get against what you would lose.

  44. kelsey

    Adebayor is currently worth 10 million.

    Lazer i could give you endless quuotes which i am sure you have read this season.
    e.g. “we are 2% away from being world beaters” “Why should I replace Song,denilson,Diaby etc,with more experienced players,as it will stump their growth.

    Many players are getting fed up with a lack of quality signings bar AA which should have been sewn up last summer.
    Wenger said if the board gave him 100 million he wouldn’t spend it.
    he may be sorry but where has he admitted he was wrong ?
    Why has RVP left his options open and not signed yet,shall i go on.

  45. LAzer

    TAIG-Well said. I feel it is a bit of a catch22 with this whole “how much money we have” question. If the board and Wenger have severely limited funds they cannot admit that openly as it makes it nearly impossible to generate excitement amongst fans every year along with attract interest from genuine talent from around the world. If they admit funding is not an issue and open the doors to a 25 mill transfer they can no longer back track to the original “we are not a billionaire owned club and are self-sufficient” argument and therefore may get the Chelski/Man U price on players. Which is probably their worst fear which only leads me to conclude that currently funds are fairly limited at the Emirates.

  46. ikon

    frankly RVP has not had his best season yet and he is acting a little like Ade did at the end of last season.

    Way to pay back!

  47. tonyadamsisgod

    Kelsey – To you, me and most other fans, yes he is worth £10m but mainly because we get to see all of the bad attitudes and him blaming the fans. On the football pitch people know he is capable of scoring great goals at important times. If we didnt need the money I would keep him. If Milan were offering £30m last year then he is worth at least £20m this year and we should be getting more like £25m if Chelsea and AC Milan both want him.

  48. timao

    TAIG – i made this point last night, have a look at the annual reports and you can see exactly where all the money is and where it goes. man u and other clubs fund their transfer spending by borrowing money, simple as that. our board don’t want to do that, probably having borrowed to build the new stadium is the reason. usmanov saying he will pitch in a lot of money is another form of borrowing and we don’t know the terms of his offer – but would imagine he wants to control the club – and that will not be in the long term interest of fans. wenger is not insane FFS! if he had the opportunity to buy big money players, he would take it! he is managing the club on an incredibly tight budget – the background to which is subject to public accounting procedures.

  49. tonyadamsisgod

    £13m (transfer budget) + £25m (Ade sale) + £5m (Senderos sale) + £6m (Diaby sale) = £49m!!!!

    Hangeland – £10m
    Taylor – £7m (only if Gallas or more likely Kolo leaves)
    Cana – £10m or Barry £10m
    Young – £15m

    A massively improved squad with change in your pocket!

  50. LAzer

    Yeah I get your point Kelsey. I firmly believe all this team mindset psychological babble we get from Wenger in the press is more about assuring his youngsters they actually stand a chance against the big boys then clarifying anything for us in the press. When every assessment is littered with the same adjectives of attitude and mentality and a keen sense of myopia it only leads me to conclude the team is in a need of constant reassurance of its might. If that is the case then Wenger really needs to see the light and cut the cords with some of these players. I feel as if he has gone soft though, as if he feels the players would have no self belief if he genuinely sold some to buy some. When a manager is in that situation, someone (maybe even the shareholders) need to tell the man to let it go with some of his “projects” and see the light. Or at least consider looking in a different direction and you may then see the light.

  51. tonyadamsisgod

    Timoa – Like Lazer said, shouting out to the whole world that you have money will only do you harm. I dont think we have bundles but I do think they will give Wenger what he needs. I’m a little more positive today for some reason.

  52. LAzer

    I hope you have good reason. At least Wenger came out with the usual rebuttal of I am not going anywhere today.

  53. timao

    Me too TAIG – if you look at the way other managers have come and gone in the premiership – the frankly embarrassing stuff they’ve come out with – i’m talking people like mourinho, keegan, allardyce, sounnes etc the list goes on and add in the ones who just couldn’t handle it like roy keane, and (sadly) your namesake – you realise that Wenger has survived and thrived at the top for a reason. he has a strategy for dealing with players, the fans and the media. we may not always like it but it works.

  54. kelsey

    good point hope we get at least 20 if he goes.
    By the way are you the bookie, if you are I have a question about Victor chandler.

  55. Howard


    I like your propositions on who should come and who should go. The fact is, it won’t happen.

    Arsene Wenger regards Denilson, Song, Djourou, Senderos as his great players for the future so he won’t dispose of them, not even Eboue. Even though these players are not good enough.

    He might offload Ade but he will hold on to the rest and may be buy a defender and we’ll end up empty-handed once more.

    I expect he will buy a defender and a striker if either Ade or RvP leaves.

    Next year around this time a new spin will spring up. We’ve been where we are before.