Ade is gone… will Arsene be next? Player ratings and review.

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It’s hard to know what to make of todays game…

1) Man United didn’t come to play. Their only objective was not to lose… so they didn’t really come at us. I can’t remember how many shots they had, but it wasn’t many… and they hardly hit the target all game.

2) Arsenal didn’t have a vested interest in the outcome of the league. We wanted to win… but I don’t think any of them will lose sleep over ManU lifting the trophy.

So overall, I think we’ve got to be pleased with the result. We kept a clean sheet against one of the most potent attacking forces in world football with a pretty make shift defence. We’ve also have to congratulate the team for the football they played. We dominated possession and knocked it around in pretty triangles all game.

I thought there were some pretty good performances out there today. Song was moved in at centre back, although he was caught out a few times early on, I felt he grew with the game… he nearly managed to make an assist for the winner. The thing Song has which our other defenders don’t is the ability to attack headers.

Denilson was another player that impressed. People point to him being wasteful, but if you watch him closely he is a very tidy player. Sometimes he picks the wrong passes… but overall, he makes the right decision. Today he played with much more confidence than he has been and I felt he dealt with the dangers in the middle of the park very well.

Up front was  a bit disastrous. Robin proved what I’ve been saying for a while… playing up front on your own is ridiculously hard. There are very few strikers in the world who are capable of it. People were giving him a lot of grief in the comments, which I felt was unfair. Ok, I agree he made a mistake in forgetting to put his football boots on… but overall, I was happy with his second half contribution. Next season Wenger has to start with 2 strikers… I think one striker is grossly unfair on whoever has to play the role and hugely ineffiencent.

Something I did like today was the rotational kicking of Evra…

Diaby —> Cesc —> Robin —> Nasri

No one likes to see a professional footballer getting kicked about… unless of course, they are a Manc. 

Just a quick mention on Wenger. Seeing him in the press conference earlier today, combined with reading his outbursts at the press conference really humanised the whole situation for me.

I liken it to a turbulent relationship. If you’ve ever been with someone who constantly seeks assurances, you will know that you have to keep reminding them you care and that everything is ok. If you don’t give them the reaction they are looking for; maybe ignoring them… they will push and push and push until it all blows up… somtimes the love can tear the whole relationship apart… 

I feel that’s where we’ve been with Arsenal this year. Most of us believed something was wrong at the start of the year, the coach didn’t react. He’s been giving us the same line all season… and last week it culminated in some ugly scenes at a badly timed Q&A. We wanted to know he cared, wanted to know he saw the same things as us… the club appeared to be falling apart and no one was listening.

I’ve read the reports, and I saw him before the game today… It’s apparent he still cares… he looked a broken man. I didn’t like seeing that, but I think he needed the reality check none the less.

I don’t think the coach quite realised how much we all love our club… I don’t think he realised how awful it is to wake up to a text message like, ‘Ebay’s website suddenly crashed last night due to sudden auction of 57,000 arsenal flags… each 1 waves for just 7 minutes’. My flag didn’t sell, but I was still charged the fee’s… is Wenger going to reimburse me that £1.46? 

I don’t know how football fans react to each other in other parts of the world… but in the UK, if your team is hammered by United and you meekly retort by telling them you believe in the squad… you get laughed out the room … it’s not nice… and it’s not nice to think the coach is going to keep doing the same things for the next 2 years… it’s not nice to think the only person who can’t see the team isn’t good enough is the man running the show.

I hope the whole Q&A thing works out beneficially for both parties. I’m hoping the coach will now act appropriately and understand another 2 years of experimentation is unacceptable and I hope the fans will let him get on with his job this summer. He knows what to do, he said he has the money to buy…  bar Adebayor… I don’t see anyone else leaving.

I’m excited about this close season already… I think all the business will be done early to ease ticket sales and the new players integration into the squad. It will also show the rest of the players our ambitions for the next season… hopefully convincing them to pen new deals.

Onwards and upwards Grovers… despite finishing 4th and without any silverware, there are definitely a lot of positives we can take into next year.

  • Song and Denilson have looked much better. They’re not world beaters yet, but they are more than capable when playing in front of a decent defence.
  • Robin Van Persie has stayed injury free for the best part of a year.
  • Rambo, Wilshere and Vela will feature more next year.
  • We’ll have the most exciting player in the premiership from the off.
  • Robin (Contrary to NoTW today), Cesc and Walcott will all stay.
  • We WONT have a repeat of last summer.

So… the season is over. The fans have had their rant, the manager has had his… We all know that it’s not been good enough. The coach, the board and the fans… we’re all united on that front and we’re all desperate to improve.

Now it’s time to put our trust in the club and see what is delivered.

The one thing we know already is that Adebayor is off… I think his sale will be interesting because I think we’ll only sell him to Chelsea if there is a part exchange involved. Would Mikel or Alex ease the worry of offloading Ade to a rival? It would me… If Milan want him, lets have Flamini or Pato in exchange. Or alternatively… why not use the Ade money to buy Tevez?

Plenty of options eh! Plenty to get excited about! Though it must be said, I am sad to see Ade leave… his career at Arsenal really has been like watching the slowest car crash since the MP’s expenses scandal. I refuse to accept the fans forced him out of the club, I know that is something people have already begun to trot out… the facts are, he put an end to his own career. He disrupted the start of our season, unsettled the squad… then failed to deliver on a supposed £110k a week contract. Not to mention his 2009 flirtations with Milan, his proclamations of greatness and the cherry on the cake… telling Arsene he needs to sign some decent players. Don’t fool yourself into believing the fans pushed him out if that is the story some outlets go with today. When has Arsene ever pushed out a player based on fan opinion?


We’ve got one game left of the season, I’m hoping for a carnival day out… the sun will be shining, we’ll spank Stoke, then head into the summer optimistic as usual! This year has sucked the joy out of football for a lot of people… but lets not forget… Wenger is a good manager, he knows how to spend money… and if his hand is forced, I’m sure he’ll come up with the goods. Lets do the faith thing one more year… because if we don’t… I’ll have  crap summer… and with all the crap going on in the world… that is something I could do without!

We’re all Gooners, we all share the same love and this summer could be very special!

Player Ratings:

Fabianski: He commanded his box well today, his distribution was pretty solid and he was decisive when putting Tevez off for the main United chance of the day. 7

Gibbs: I can’t help but be impressed with him. He is 19 years old and taking care of Ronaldo like he was a Championship player. He had one hairy moment when he let Fletcher get insided of him, but bar that, a top game. Even more impressive when you consider his cock up in the last game. 8

Toure: A calmer performance from our eldest defender. He put in a few big tackles and made a couple of important interceptions. Geoff reckons he could play in midfield… providing the stamina issues were over exageratted, you have to wonder why he doesn’t get a chance? 7

Song: Started off pretty badly, giving the ball away and allowing his man to get goal side of him… but as the game went on, he improved and grew in confidence. Is this a long term option or an exercise in versatility? Who knows! 7.5

Sagna: It always comes back to the same thing with Sags… he can’t cross to save his life. His defending was average today, but he was part of a clean sheet unit. 6.5

Nasri: A good game from our dimunitive Frenchman. He was probably the busiest out of our midfield today, linking play, taking players on… firing crosses into the box. He is a quiet type of player, unspectacular…kind of how Hleb was. I think he’ll be valuable to us next year. I like the the cut of his jib… and the fact he seems to have lost a bit of that Christmas weight. 7.5

Diaby: Not his worst performance… his distribution was a lot less laboured today, he got the ball out of his feet quickly and linked in quite well with the others. The trouble with our midfield is they all seem to be very similar. Cesc, Nasri and Diaby all play the same type of balls and all fear shooting… that is why our 4-5-1 generally lacks punch… everyone has the same idea. 7

Arshavin: Bar one very exciting run where he took on 4 defenders at once, I thought it was a quiet day for the Russian. Maybe he wasn’t fully fit, maybe he isn’t superman and can’t play well every game? 6.5

Cesc:  I didn’t think he had a great game today, his passing was off and the fact he only had one striker to feed added to his poor performance. I still feel he loves the club though… he never complains and he always gives it 110%. He is even starting to look a little bit nasty… who likes his tattoo? Super cool… or a bit try hard? 6

Robin: I’ve already given my opinion on him up the top. He needs a partner up front and he needs some decent boots. He’s remained injury free this year and he’s been pretty productive if you consider him in the second striker roll like I do. His stats match up nicely to what Bergkamp used to do for us year in year out. The only trouble is, whoever he’s played with hasn’t given the 30 goals Wright or Henry would. 6


Theo: 6

Bendtner: 6

Eboue: Loving the beard. 8.7

Have an amazing Sunday Grovers… make sure you vote in the poll I’ve whacked up in the side bar! —->

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  1. Keyser

    Suga3 – It was just an example, just because Denilson hasn’t suddenly stepped up to some World Class standard, doesn’t mean he’s shit, we’ve barely had a chance all year to see how far this team can go.

    This pre-season hopefully works out like it did two seasons ago, where everything just clicked from the off.

  2. Keyser

    Stu – We’ve barely played it once with the same starting 11 and come up against United, Chelsea and Liverpool with fuck all injuries and almost their first team squad to choose from. That doesn’t mean it’s failed, two of those teams made the Semi’s of the Champions League and one’s in the final.

  3. SUGA3

    well, he may just be not ready, so it looks like he is shit? that is not a wise asset management by Wenger, is it?

    other 2 players who are poorly managed here are Vela & Rambo – I reckon Vela would do great job as LW, but for some reason AW doesn’t play him – why the fuck did he pull him back from the loan where he was immense and was getting experience? I watched a game recentlym saw him on the bench and trust me, he was not a happy bunny…

    Rambo played a game recently – great passing, vision, etc.

    why the fuck is he on the bench all the time (if he makes the bench), whilst CF4 is feeling the fatigue and does not seem bothered against lesser opposition?

  4. Keyser

    Suga3 – I don’t get what you mean ? It’s hard to judge because we havent played a consistent midfield/ team all season, because of injuries, so it isn’t just about Densilson stepping up it’s 3 or 4 players at the same time learning their trade.

    They’re only going to get better when we have everyone fit together and playing consistently, you’ll be able to make a far more reasoned judgement then.

    How has Vela been poorly managed he looked fine to me ? and why wouldn’t he be, he played 33 times for Osasuna, a club facing relegation, scored 3 goals, he’s played 28 times for us, scored 6 goals, in a league that’s massively different from La Liga, is much harder and he’s got Champions League experience aswell now.

    Playing another season in La Ligas wouldn’t have helped much, same with Ramsey, he might not get the games now, but he’s got to make the adjustment sooner or later and at 17 he’s started early enough as it is.

  5. SUGA3

    Keyser, Vela was reduced to mainly substitute appearances, and AW does not sub the players early in the game…

    28 apps, OK, but how many starts? how many minutes do these apps add up to? how many games did he play against shit teams for the last 10-15 minutes without having any time to get into the game?

    I was at the Sheffield United game and he was something else, then got dropped…

    I can’t imagine what kind of torture it must have been for him to watch useless Diaby playing LW and thinking what did he do wrong…

    fair point about Rambo’s age, but then again he should be playing or he won’t fulfill his potential, IMO – if he cannot get a game here, maybe he should be loaned out? again, it appears that he played 21 games for us this season – how many minutes does it add up to?

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Can someone please confirm that Adebayor has gone, or is going to leave The Arsenal? Or is it just speculation?

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    There is a certain kind of feeling that goes with seeing fans expressions when they are being tortured by a result or pending result that can have a dire effect on their teams overall outcome. Its been a while, too long infact, since I’ve seen manure supporters squirm as they gaze down the jaws of losing the Premier League Title. I remember the vision & sounds that were beemed back here from a reporter @ Old Cow Paddock after Wiltord sealed the Title in 2002 (I think 😉 ) The manure fans were foul mouthed as they yelled abuse in the background, like “Fuck you Arsenal” etc. & that gave me so much pleasure coz it was my team that directly made them feel that way 😆

    Well last night, AEST, I had the pleasure of watching Celtic fans squirm against Hibs, as each minute ticked away on their reign as champions of Scotland, & I loved it, coz Rangers are my team. It gave me great satisfaction.

    So, speaking as a fan of The Arsenal, all I want is to feel that glee every now & then. The feeling of knowing we stuck a metophically long sharp dagger into those manure turds’ hearts. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. I don’t want money, all I want is a big silver cup to be carried on a double decker bus down to the Islington Town Hall. Jesus I might even jump on a big silver canary & fly over there just for that. That is what it means.

    So please Le Gaffer/Le Prof/ Mr Wenger/ Arsene me old Frenchie, can we have no more of this:-

    But more of this:-

  8. gnarleygeorge9


    That shot of Shite Fart Lame, are you in the background somewhere after your big binge on the beers that day 🙂 I can’t see anyone that actually resembles Kurt Angle with a Rolex I must admit.

  9. David

    Oh and Time for my first Ever David beats Cartman at Telling Jokes

    Question: Do you know why you should never buy a woman a watch?

    Answer: Because The Stove has a timer on it


  10. David

    If SAF can let go of Ruud Van Nistershite and J. Stam..Wenger can certainly let go of Kolo if he’s not cutting it.

    Kolo has been more shocking this year than any other Arsenal player imo…Watch the liverpool game again.

  11. cartmanknowsbetter

    I’d like Kolo as cover for our new CB tho. He’s Arsenal at heart and I wud like him to end his career here!

  12. David

    true Cartman…but he wouldnt like to sit on the bench…Earlier in the season when we had a good partnership with Gallas and JD….we kept clean sheets and dealt with aerial threats…Kolo wanted to leave during the Jan Window…what ended up happning? Le Prof put an on-form JD on the Bench and brought in an off form Kolo..and more importantly an out of sync Gallas-Toure Partnership….its not a coincidence our season went tits up when Gallas got injured

  13. David

    Sadly i did not. Pained me that i missed it. Wouldve been nice to watch the boys lift the trophy against shite heart lame

  14. cartmanknowsbetter

    So our ladies won the league, our kids won the league. Shame on u the “men”, u cant win silverware!

  15. David

    I hope so gnarley

    Would hate to see him go…if we sell him to chelsea..he will bite us in the Arse worse than Aliadiare on crack.

    1. Wenger needs to figure out how to use him. 4-5-1 is a big ask for anybody

    2. The service to him has been utter shite.

    3. 1 more chance. Id give him 1 more chance..he doesnt clean up his act…ship him out!

    Yep…the Men are gross underachievers.

  16. Cartman_got_punched_by_a_Chick

    Time for David can never beat Cartman:

    There are four kinds of sex :

    HOUSE SEX – When you are newly married and have sex all over the house in every room.

    BEDROOM SEX – After you have been married for a while, you only have sex in the bedroom.

    HALL SEX – After you’ve been married for many, many years you just pass each other in the hall and say “FUCK YOU”

    COURTROOM SEX – When your wife and her lawyer fuck you in the divorce court in front of many people for every penny you’ve got.

  17. David

    You have a link Cartman?

    A man is driving along in his car when he suddenly gets pulled over by the police, the man pokes his head out of the window and says “what seems to be the problem officer?” the cop looks bluntly at him and says “are you aware that a woman fell out of your car about 2 minutes ago?” the man let out a sigh “thank fuck for that i thought i had gone deaf!”

  18. cartmanknowsbetter

    I changed my name and my comment’s awaiting moderation!

    Anyway Time for David can never ever beat Cartman:

    There are four kinds of sex :

    HOUSE SEX – When you are newly married and have sex all over the house in every room.

    BEDROOM SEX – After you have been married for a while, you only have sex in the bedroom.

    HALL SEX – After you’ve been married for many, many years you just pass each other in the hall and say “FUCK YOU”

    COURTROOM SEX – When your wife and her lawyer fuck you in the divorce court in front of many people for every penny you’ve got.

  19. cartmanknowsbetter

    David, if we see the Ade of last season, then yes I wud like him to stay but he shud sort out this offsides! As for Robin i think he may well be on his way!

  20. David

    haha Good one Cartman

    But Cartman Does NOT know Best!

    Confucious say: Woman worth weight in gold probably costs as much. What’s the difference between a blonde and a mosquito?

    A mosquito quits sucking when you smack it.

  21. cartmanknowsbetter

    I changed my name to Cartman_got_punched_by_a_Chick but my comments are awiting moderation so…
    Have u ever got punched by a chick?

    On their first night together, a newlywed couple go to change. The new bride comes out of the bathroom showered and wearing a beautiful robe. The proud husband says, “My dear, we are married now, you can open your robe.” The beautiful young woman opens her robe, and he is astonished.”Oh, oh, aaaahhh,” he exclaims, “My God you are so beautiful, let me take your picture. Puzzled she asks, “My picture?” He answers, “Yes my dear, so I can carry your beauty next to my heart forever”.

    She smiles and he takes her picture, and then he heads into the bathroom to shower. He comes out wearing his robe and the new wife asks, “Why do you wear a robe? We are married now.” At that the man opens his robe and she exclaims, “oh, OH, OH MY, let me get a picture”. He beams and asks why and she answers, “So I can get it enlarged!”

  22. cartmanknowsbetter

    Coquelin and Frimpong, I want to see more of these two! And I hope Lansbury and J.E.T get promoted!

  23. David

    LOL 😀

    What is it when a man talks nasty to a woman?

    Sexual Harassment.

    What is it when a woman talks nasty to a man?

    $3.99 a minute

  24. David

    I think they need to play Reserve football regularly now…get ride of the shite weight…the Mark Randalls of this world…

    We need to make a decision as to which striker we are going to keep, Rhy’s Murphy, Jay Simpson, Sunu Watt, Bazarite…not sure who will make it. I fancy Bazarite since he’s a two footed striker…and Jay Simpson strong and quick…Murphy is a natural born scorer…so it should be interesting.

  25. David

    Cant really see his talent there Cartman…except if your talking Talent for losing the ball…then yes.


    Stan Collymore’s column on

    Arsenal’s home support must be the worst in the Premier League.

    I have long believed the Gunners’ ultra-critical supporters have been doing their team no favours.

    And it was interesting to hear boss Arsene Wenger complain about similar problems during a recent shareholders’ meeting.

    Emmanuel Adebayor, Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Eboue have all been booed by their own fans this term. It is no wonder Arsenal have not won any silverware recently.

    Some of their so-called fans should go to Anfield or Celtic to understand what the concept of a 12th man is all about

  27. cartmanknowsbetter

    So we can forget Alonso, never saw it happen tho! From the vids I saw of him, he really seemed talented but I guess his development has not been as expected!

  28. David

    I dont buy into this home support nonsense becaue i feel sorry for the home fans….the kind of football they were treated to at home for what they pay especially at the start of the league was nothing short of high way robbery.

  29. cartmanknowsbetter

    Emmanuel Adebayor, Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Eboue have all been booed by their own fans this term. That’s true but did he watch the games when they were booed? Ronaldo also booed but yet he says nothing!

  30. David

    what you call a woman who is always caught in 2 minds…cant decide what she wants…its like she has 2 brain cells?


  31. cartmanknowsbetter

    One day an at home wife is alone and the doorbell rings.

    She opens it to a guy, “Hi, is Tony home?”

    The wife replies, “No, he went to the store, but you can wait here if you want.”

    So they sit down and after a while of silence the friend says “You know Sara, you have the greatest breasts I have ever seen. I’d give you a hundred buck just to see one.”

    Sara thinks about it for a second and figures, what the hell – a hundred bucks! She opens her robe and shows one to him for a few seconds. He promptly thanks her and throws a hundred bucks on the table. They sit there a while longer and guy then says “That was so amazing I’ve got to see both of them. I’ll give you another 100 dollars if I could just see the both of them together.”

    Sara amazed by the offer sits and thinks a bit about it and thinks, heck, why not? So she opens her robe and gives Chris a nice long chance to cop a look.

    A while later Tony arrives back home from the store. The wife goes up to him, “You know, your friend Chris came over.”

    Tony thinks about it for a second and says, “Well did he drop off the 200 bucks he owes me?”

  32. Pedro

    GM, Stan probably doesn’t even write those articles himself. What a pissy website the Daily Mirror is… no wonder it’s lost the highest percentage of readers out of the Daily’s…

  33. gnarleygeorge9


    I watched Celtic’s 12th man last night. Didn’t do them much good 😆

    Stan Collymore, wasn’t he the bloke who would score a wonder goal one week, then be transfered the next week 😆 He was never around long enough to get to know the 12th man.

    Stan’s old man used to be in a 3 ringed circus, him & 2 other arseholes 😀

  34. tonyadamsisgod

    So Wenger has made sounds about Madrid, hey? I believe he probably did. I also believe the papers have probably spun it more than usual, I believe Wenger is a man who will alwyas see out his contract, I believe he has more brains and too bigger ego to walk away from a failure he has created and most of all I believe Wenger has only said this too see how the fans will react and as a show of petulance. This story should not be given anymore credence.

    Oh, morning all.

  35. Big Raddy

    Morning Pedro.

    The mere fact that the Mirror employ someone of Collymore’s highly dubious character is a testament to the rag.

    They were the very paper so up-in-arms about his woman beating, and the ‘dogging’. They were the ones questioning his right to liberty after his misdemeanour’s.

  36. Big Raddy


    AW didn’t say ‘it’. If nothing else, he is a man of his word.

    Let me put it like this…..

    I am asked “Would I like to screw Beyonce?” I say “Sure”. The papers say ” Raddy to leave his wife for Beyonce” (which I would in an instant!!)

  37. cartmanknowsbetter

    Collymore was the one who predicted that Villa would finish 4th but when they imploded, he said Arsenal were always going to finish 4th, real cunt!

  38. cartmanknowsbetter

    Yeah Wenger said the Real project was interesting but he did affirm that he is committed to his contract!

  39. tonyadamsisgod

    Big Raddy – They say he said ‘it would be interesting to work with Perez’. I believe he did say that but I 100% agree with you that it doesn’t mean anything. Like I said, he is someone that will always see out his contract.

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    I think if anything, its just another way for Wenger to try and flex his muscles. He’s trying to be clever. Its an empty comment but he knows it will get the fans attention and he expects (and they probably will) come out in their droves to beg that he stays.

  41. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – When do we get to see the results of the poll? Also, can the next poll be on Arsenal player of the year please? I guess there are limited contenders but they would be Gallas, RvP, Nasri, Bendtner?????

  42. Big Raddy

    I believe we disagree about AW, TAIG

    I am in no doubt that he is the best manager for AFC. I believe in his youth programme , and am proud that it is The Arsenal who are trying to escape from the modern trend of buying the League. That said, I am desperate for a couple of big signings.

    He makes mistakes but who doesn’t.

  43. Geoff

    There used to be a time when the focus was on the Arsenal, not whether or not the manager stayed or went. Morning all.

  44. tonyadamsisgod

    Gallas will get the nod for me. Even after all of his moaning. Since that point he was our rock. AA is a close runner but has only been here for a few months. I’d rather concentrate on those that have put in good efforts for the best part of the season.

  45. ikon

    well the focus should be on whether one of the greatest manager of the world stays with your club, and yes it should be a big concern.

    I have no doubt no one except Murinho maybe would gurantee us any trophies next season. And I hate Murinho’s style of play.

  46. jondarsenal

    Just tell Silvestre to FUCK OFF. He has played the big games and we have lost. Compare that to Song at the back and Toure, Gibbs and Sagna all of a sudden relaxed.

    Silvestre is the reincarnation of Cygan