If you expect me to change project youth, you’re in for a long wait.

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Before I begin this post, it’s not a whinge, it’s a response to Arsene Wengers press conference and for all of you that hoped he would change his policy of recruitment. My question is, how long do you think some of our good players will want to wait?

So at his press conference (here, here and here) we got the predictable response to this season shortcomings and another trophy-less season, he said we got to the semi finals of two major competitions, we remained unbeaten in the English Premier league since November, and I spent big on Arshavin.

Well you could have read this blog yesterday and saved yourself a press conference because that’s what we all feared you would say.

You did however add the following, which I have to say I find puzzling. ‘Every player wants to play with big names because it’s re-assuring’ he also said they all want you to sign big name players. He then added, ‘If you then ask them what position, you will never get their position’

That’s like asking someone who out of all the girls out there, would you swap for your wife, and asking it when your wife in in the room at the time.

Robin Van Persie is hardly going to say, well boss, I think Diaby, Denilson and Song are complete shit and we should replace those three with Alonso, sling Fish head out and buy Chellieni or Lescott and replace that greedy bastard Adebayor with a clinical finisher like Karim Benzema or David Villa, is he???

However Arsene if you read Le Grove yesterday you would have some idea of who we and the thousands of people that commented on here would like, or don’t we count as we are just fare paying fans?

Or failing that, if you had tuned into Arsene TV last night, Stewart Robson even said we need a new centre back, a defensive midfielder and a goalscorer, so apart from your own TV station, every journalist and football pundit in the country, every living Arsenal legend an many blog sites including this one begging you to sign new players and giving you the positions that need strengthening, no one gives you names. OK.

So even getting beaten in 2 semi finals, nay hammered in one, you still don’t think you should change course, OK.

You did however leave a chink by saying you may bring in 2 experienced players in two positions, well boss that’s what we”ve been crying out for, well three actually, but two would do it if they were world class.

Tomorrow it’s the chavs and tomorrow this post will be about the game, and the task in hand of finishing 3rd and not having to pre-qualify, as this year we will probably have to face a top Italian or Spanish club and not a shit team from Holland. So third spot would be huge and it means the players get another month off.

Have a great day Grovers, the season is fast running out, let’s try and enjoy what we have left!

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  1. GoonerGod

    Anyway guys, I’m going bed to get ready for game tomorrow (well today). Just hope they’ve learnt a lesson from Tuesday and may be able to push on, and at least put up a fight for 3rd spot.

  2. David


    You have to understand the boy is only a kid…what is he like 21? or 20?

    Heh…He’s not yet mature…and he’s not yet a professional. I cant believe im defending Bendy…but it couldve been worse…we couldve had a complete muppet like Drogba…

  3. Stu

    GoonerGod, If David is willing to give Bendtner a chance then surely you should.

    He went out after a huge loss and drowned his sorrows. Those 50,000+ at the match probably did the same. Its better than him going home and getting depressed and crying about it. If players broke down crying after every match they wouldnt be able to deal with anything ffs!

    Footballers having all that money is a fucking disgrace but they get what they are given. It would be insane and idiotic of a player to refuse so much money because others werent getting it. They get paid so much because they have a talent that others dont. Its not their fault.

  4. Stu

    Good point David. Its better to have a player embarrass themselves on a night out than make a disgrace of themselves by swearing on live telivision with probably millions of children watching.

  5. Stu

    Arsenal are getting sanctioned by uefa/fifa because someone threw a bottle at Vidic.

    Well chelsea attacked the few, drogba did his thing and their crowd threw 2 bottles. In a fair world they would be banned from the comp for a while. But i bet they just get a shitty fine and drogba gets a short ban.

  6. David

    Cheers Stu


    I feel your pain…We do need quality players…but i think Ethan Made a good point that Wenger really needs to let go of his pride…We the fans need to let him know what we think!

  7. LeProf

    Ok folks, it’s all up to Le Boss to seriously look into fans’ suggestion which is a no-brainer really: just buy some players plus keep the squad minus Ade.

    Jokes aside, our season will turn for good when Nikki somehow resemble much what Ljungberg did…all about underwear. While Ljungberg did for CK ad model then Nikki should become Armani ad model for Armani undies. Delicious you gals out there yeah.

    My point it, replacement where is due to rebuild our Invincible XI side. Recruits like Lescott, Benzema, Veloso, Senna and some calls for Flamster to return will add more depth. What Manure did all was keep buying the rivals’ best players in each position while we did it just enough to hold 4th spot.

    While Project Youth is a total failure, chaps like Vela, Simpson, Wilshere, Ramsey, Randall, Lansbury must learn from experienced players which we lacked now and only Wenger can bring some in such as Arshavin-type.

    Ok folks, yeah…Nikki and Armani…Ljungberg what say you now Ohh La La!

  8. rico01

    Morning All

    Popped on yesterday and then had to go πŸ™

    Bright morning, sun is shining and we are going to beat the Chavs πŸ™‚

  9. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all!

    So Usmanov says we need to spend his millions because we are full of wimps and Tevez says he’ll leave Utd for one of their rivals! I say we snap him straight providing the price can be sorted and that Kia Joorabchian stays out of the deal!

    Also City say they wont Alonso for Β£18m as Liverpool are closer to signing Barry for Β£8m! Well lets get in for Alonso coz he’d rather join us than Man Shitty and because Alonso wont wan to fight yet another central midfielder for a spot we wont have to pay anywhere near Β£18m fo him! Either that or we get in Barry fo Β£9m!!

  10. tonyadamsisgod

    GG9 – Ha ha, I’d happily take that job and be confident I could improve the squad! Tevez would be a nice little signing hey! If anything could apitimise what this team is missing its the tenacity and work rate of Carlos Tevez!

    PLus Alonso would always be nice but I fear Wenger has missed the boat yet again with that one after he’s had such a good year! Mind you, If mega rich Man Shitty are offering Β£18m then I guess his real value is probably still down at about Β£14m!

  11. Mayank

    Do we have space for tavez(he’s not the most prolific scorer) and will alonso work w/o a senna or mascherano..

  12. tonyadamsisgod

    Mayank – I think they would both work well. Tevez is just so damn busy and I think he could make that perfect link between our midfield and forward line. Someone was on here the other day talking about the huge gaps between our different departments. As for Alonso, I dont think he needs a mAscherano by his side. Him and Cesc could form a really good partnership together and both would be capapble of looking out for the other.

  13. tonyadamsisgod

    GG9 – Yeah exactly! Thats what I would expect to get from him! He’s so busy that he’ll be filling our current gaps on the pitch!

  14. kelsey

    Good Morning all.

    So Wenger thinks Chelsea will be the more disapointed of the two of us,after both were defeated midweek.That may be true,but that statement could backfire on us.Eduardo is definitely out,and quite honestly the performance of our boys to me today will be of more importance than the result.

    Midweek,we generally felt before the game that we had an outside chance,and within 11 minutes our season was over.It was the manner in which we were completely outclassed,that many now realised what we thought before,that the gulf between the two sides is enormous.
    Wenger has limited options today,so why not try something different.Keep Gibbs in,give Vela and Ramsey a start and considering the boss sees the players on a daily basis,let’s see who has recovered and is motivated for the game,not blast off to the press with what is needed next season.Give us a showing Arsenal,the fans deserve at least that.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    People questioned the validity of Arswaxin to Arsenal, long before he arrived, & so far he has fitted in like Rangers into 1st place in Scotland πŸ™‚ Even if its not Alonso, sometimes analysing a potential players worth to The Club can be overkill.

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    In actual fact a double signing of Tevez & Alonso, plus a raw boned CB like Vidic was as he joined manure, would suffice IMO.

  17. tonyadamsisgod

    In all honesty we have nothing to lose today! Yes 3rd would be nice but with Chelsea’s 2 remaining fixtures being Blackburn and Sunderland I dont see it happening. So with that in mind this would be my team today:


    Eboue – Toure – Djourou – Gibbs

    Nasri – Febregas – Ramsey – Vela

    Walcott – van Persie

    Yes its a lightweight team but who cares. We are here to play OUR football, not Chelsea’s! Let them worry about lumping in the air, we have our back 4 and thats where the hight matters most! Lets get the ball on the floor, use the quality of the passers we have at Arsenal and try and enjor ourselves. Whats more we may actually learn something about the likes of Ramsey!

  18. tonyadamsisgod

    GG9 – That would be enough! The renewed enthusiasm of the crown woudl carry us through alone! Its about time the fans got some quality for their money!

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    Oh and I will probably turn the TV off before tha game has even started today if I see Wenger deploy a 4-5-1 formation!

  20. Mayank

    how much will tevez cost..i suspect somewhere around villa’s price tag..i’d rather have a clinical finisher in the team..nick can play link up man..so can arsh n nasri..as for alonso well i was hoping for someone…well feistier..i think song if he con work on his positioning and passsing is better..what we need is a RW like TAIG has been saying..

  21. Mayank

    i like your team..and you know what there’s a good chance we might play this team today..since the pressure is off..so arsh is definitely out?..

  22. tonyadamsisgod

    Mayank – I think you and me are the only two that see RW as a real issue! No one else seems to notice how unbalanced we are. I really cant believe we started the season without an actual RW but used a full back and a damn striker-to-be instead!

    If we get in a RW, it will gives some stability. We’ll have players playing in their own positions where they are comfortable and more importantly capable! I know Walcott can be athreat but when we dont have him any team can see that our danger lies down the left. It makes us far too predictable!

  23. tonyadamsisgod

    Mayank – It doesnt sound too good about Arshavin. Wenger says he doesnt play people if they are not 100% fir but I think he’d play him if he can coz he desperately needs to redeem himself with something!

  24. Mayank

    and what’s more a RW will be cheaper than a CF..we have what 6 CFs all good quality..its just a matter of picking the 2 who are in best form..there are some good RW floating around too..

  25. Geoff

    Morning all, I too like your team but I suspect it will comprise Denilson, Diaby, Song and Eboue.

    No Ramsey, no Theo up front and no Vela.

  26. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – I more than fear you will be right about that! And I definitely fear him going 4-fucking-5-fucking-1!!

  27. tonyadamsisgod

    Ashley Young played very well on the right for Villa yesterday even though they got thumped! I’d have him if we could get him but we cant.

  28. Mayank

    song yes..i doubt it will have the other 3..i think wenger has seen how well 4-5-1 works against chelsea..they are the masters of 4-5-1..we’ll be trting to play the ball on the ground so no need for ade either..

  29. tonyadamsisgod

    Fuck it, why dont we get Kaka! If Man Utd think they can get him and he nearly joined City then surely we have a chance! And we must have more money than Utd now that Usmanov given the green light to spend some of his Rubles! Combine that with Stan’s Dollars and we could be in!

  30. Arindam@KOL

    β€œAny club I join, whether it be Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool or Everton, will be a rival of Manchester United. I would like to thank the United fans for their support. They will always have a special place in my heart.”

    Interesting from Tevez.
    He will be a massive player for us , if at all.

  31. tonyadamsisgod

    The our team could be:

    Almunia (Englands No.1)

    Sagna – Alves – Gallas – Clichy

    Kaka – Fabregas – Alonso

    Walcott – Eduardo – Arshavin

    Thats only 3 signings! Admittedly two averagely priced and one world record priced but hey, we’ve got the cash!

  32. Mayank

    i don’t think we should be spending the russian’s money..we’d be in the same kind of debt man u n chelsea are in..they don’t really give out money they just lend it..i think esp in the current financial environment we should not spend like crazy(read man city)..

  33. Mayank


    to the tune of your favorite song..

  34. tonyadamsisgod

    Mayank – Bruno! yeah I’m only dreaming but you are righ about the spending of the Russain’s Rubles! Stan’s Dollars are fine though I think!

    Geoff – 100% Surely the door must be wide open for us to sign a Β£9m Barry or a Β£15m Alonso?????

  35. tonyadamsisgod

    I wouldnt have Daniel Alves if he was on a free and brought Messi, Eto’o and Even Thierry back to THOF!!!

    (I would really but you get my point)

  36. Mayank

    gourcuff and a eastern european mercenary for CB(the kind that kill people for money not the hleb kind)..

  37. The man who hate Wenger

    Men, well talks to all of you that made some comments regarding our Le-professor. Gooners are not going to win nothing with this man, who is to be blame, the managements of course. Listen guys, this arsenal managements doesn’t care if wenger win anything for the club, we fans are the only one that seems concerned about the situations of things arsenal football club.

    The major reason why managements are not feeling the pain like us fans is that, Wenger is making millions for them, that is why you see them buying shares day in day out, how would they spend millions when the hungry bastards are in the management.

    Come to Wenger, the most usuless entity i ever known. listen to what he said, that he would distanced himself from what players are saying, he knew these guys are saying the truth, but Wenger always feels that i am too big for some one to be telling me what to do, that is why is under acheiver, and great looser, he is a looser, and he has lost the plots.

    If we should keep saying something about this man, men we would hurt some people. To me, is a forgotten manager, i hate him, i just don’t want to see him, even when they are interviewing him on sky sports news, i tuned the chanel to another place, because, when you listen to him when talking, you will know is just talking jaggons and stuppid.

    I promise you, he is not going to do anything and he would not buy, he is just as stuppid as anything.

    Again, he said “How can he buy when he has players like Diaby and Bendtner” with that statements don’t you know something is wrong with him, that he doesn’t know what he was doing, everything is thinking always turn to failure. Ok, look at what happened at FA against Chealse, by resting our good players, those that suppose to win it for us, at the end of the day, now what happened “HE FAILD” WENGER IS A MASTER OF LOOSER, HE LIKES TO BE A LOOSER, BUT WE GOONER ARE NOT, this is why we should stand up against him and management, that enough is enough. Without we fans no wenger, no management and no arsenal foot club.

    Let sack loosers in our midst, when blind leads blind, both would falls into the pit. That is wenger and the managements