This is it, the moment we have been waiting for, TONIGHT WE WILL BE MAGNIFICENT!

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Arsene has rallied the troops, he has made his speech, he has said we will be magnificent tonight and I for one believe him. He has said this Arsenal team will play to it’s strengths, keep the ball and attack, he also hinted he feels we play better 4-4-2, fantastic, at last, I hope he leaves Ade out not because I think he’s a bad player, but because I think he is better coming off the bench hungry and also because Bendtner deserves it after a great performance against Pompey.

I also think he (Bendtner) has a hatful in him and after all the seasons misses, it’s payback time, I believe his time has come to be a superstar, Robin the boy wonder is back in and he has a great chance to show us all he is the new numero uno at Arsenal.

Theo has been talking it up as has Cesc and on the way Cesc has said his future lies at Arsenal and I fancy him for a big game as well, I thought about not going as the tenseness of the game could kill me, but to not to be there and be a part of Arsenal’s history tonight would be like not being there when we beat Liverpool against all the odds at Anfield exactly 20 years ago. And if I have to die anywhere, it may as well be at the Arsenal.

Tonight we get our reward for refusing to play Wimbledon the Tuesday after the Hillsborough tragedy, that was when the FA threatened to dock us 2 points, this is the night God gives us our reward, tonight we have God on our side and everyone knows that no one likes the Mancs.

Tonight we should play like it’s the last game of the season, because if we don’t win, it will be, so every last ounce and every sinew needs to go into this game.

Tonight is the night our youngsters show the world why Arsene Wenger has unbending faith in them, tonight is the night they come of age, tonight is the night we overcome the odds and put a shed load past the cocky northern monkeys, tonight will be the greatest night in our history, tonight we put rednose and his expensive team of drug addicts and old lady shaggers to the sword.

I hope we get in their faces from the off and get 2 quick goals, that will throw them, tonight is not about caution and biding our time, tonight is about aggression and great finishing, shoot from everywhere and anywhere but boss, please don’t play Diaby. I think he will come good, I really do, but not tonight, tonight you need to have Vela in that spot, Vela has no fear, Nasri in the middle with Cesc and Song behind them should we play 4-5-1.

Eboue played well against Portsmouth, but I think I would play Gibbs, but if Gibbs is not 100% then Eboue without hesitation, I thought he gave us something on Saturday, I thought the whole team showed the attitude that we needed at Old Trafford last week.

We have nothing to lose, as far as the world is concerned, we have already lost so Arsenal, at em from the start!

In 1812 the brash new American army decided that wanted Canada, so they invaded Canada, we had two choices, let them have it and think about next season, or smash them and march all the way to Washington and burn it to the ground, we smashed them and tonight we will burn Washington to the ground, tonight will be the greatest night in Arsenal football clubs history, tonight will be Arsene’s finest hour, tonight we fix our date to march on Rome!

No offence to our Americans friends but it was a long time ago, you were the favourites, you did re-build it and didn’t do to badly as a result.

They can’t do it alone Grovers, so tonight you must be as noisy as you’ve ever been, wherever you are sing and sing loud, we’ll hear you, your spirit will be with us.

No predictions but I wouldn’t be surprised if we score 3 more than they do, go Arsenal, go!!!

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  1. d

    I m still proud to be a gooner but I m not proud of this team or this manager tonight!!!!! we were completly FUCKIN hopelesss in 2 games vs manure and to think that thas built up to be our greatest game!!!! by the players AND the manager!! but then they failed us BIG TIME!!! they should be ashamed to consider themselves as part of Arsenal after this. we had to score 4 goals and yet they continued to play the same fuckin hopeless way. I would have thought that to score 4 goals you would need to change something and ATTACK but NOTHING changed after we were 2 goals down. Someone has to start taking responsability for the team’s actions !!!

  2. David


    We were very lucky with the draw…dont this isnt really the best time to flatter ourselves by making it to the semi-finals

  3. irishgunner

    Ethan – you were talking about spending millions upon millions like Rafa on shite – don’t talk down to me as impossible, go find a different soapbox eh?

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    d – Unfortunately we have only one way to play and that is Wengers way….pass and move, pass and move. That’s fine, we have had huge success with that but for fucks sake we need some players that can do that! I feel like you and totally agree!

  5. kenny smith

    irish im glad we think alike πŸ™‚

    wenger should be told we are the board and everyone here shud do whats best for the club and its fans not whats best for young players career’s. Wenger shud be sat down and told no one is bigger than the clubs fans. i dont want wenger to go but this hurts too much for it to carry on the way it is. I hope he does whats right cause he is a great manager and it wud be a shame to see his quality go to waste like it is now and overshadow the success he has brought in the past

  6. Adebayor-Sean

    Real Madrid have spent lots of money.

    They didn’t make the quarter finals of the CL.

    Inter Milan have spent lots of money.

    They didn’t make the semi finals of the CL.

    Bayern Munich have spent lots of money.

    They didn’t make the quarter finals of the CL

    Liverpool have spent lots of money.

    They didn’t make the semi finals of the CL.

    AC Milan have spent lots of money.

    They didn’t even make the CL.

    Juventus have spent lots of money.

    They didn’t make the quarter finals of the CL.

  7. David

    Irish…but Wenger already said he wasnt spending though…and it was the board that pushed for Arshavin.

  8. ethangunner


    we needed as many attacking options on the pitch as you can !

    thats why a goalie goes up and joins in on a corner when things are desperate !

    take off song , he was useless this game ..
    even nasri .. at least theo won us a free kick or 2 ..
    and he tried to get around players !

    you need to give theo HEAPS more credit !

  9. Jay20h

    I cant se wenger investing majorly. Dont get me wrong, i think we need to move a few players on and replace them, but we all know the project will be ready to go in full swing come August.

  10. BB

    adebayor-sean .. we would have gone out to either of those 5 sides you mention

    we were lucky against Roma and also at Villareal

  11. choy

    only world class player is arshavin.. the others are lucky to play in the champs league semi final

  12. taeluvTW14

    Two things to cheer you up mates
    1. The good news is that – suppose Arsene give us this day and resigns!!!
    2. The Darren Fletcher Red card means Man Utd lost the cup in Emirates!!! Mark my words.

  13. reggie57

    Dont worry mate when all our players are fit we are a match for anyone, take it anyway you want?

  14. irishgunner

    David – we’ll see in the summer if I’m wrong I’m wrong but trying to turn me against Wenger won’t happen. I have my own mind thanks.

  15. Mandanda

    I wouldn’t blame formations or tactical nous (or lack of) for this defeat, AW tried all he could with the squad he had available. I couldn’t have done any better. Nonetheless, whether AW enjoyed it or not is irrelevant at this point. What matters is that the board and AW come up with a better plan that allows Arsenal compete with clubs of similar ilk as the level of expectation amongst its fan base is higher than what they might perceive. We are amongst the top 10 clubs in the world in terms of profitability and certainly amongst the top 5 in the UK for our our fan base…our trophy cabinet should reflect that with or without Wenger

  16. ethangunner


    Ethan – you were talking about spending millions upon millions

    no i fucking wasnt ! i was talking about selling ade and getting in SMART players .. today players. selling diaby – senderos
    i know the way the boss works !

    i didnt mention any figures .. your talking out your …..

  17. goonermichael

    I think he’ll spend in the summer. Kroenke and Gazidis will demand it. It’s going to be an American owned club soon. If Gazidis or Kroenke pushed for Arshavin then they will do it again. Please get rid of Ade I think he is shit for us.

  18. irishgunner

    I love this – what Wenger and Arsenal has achieved over the years is luck or as I have read before of the back of Graham’s work but when it goes wrong he’s a cunt.

    I’m in a school yard.


    so what lessons have we learned,well we have learned that if we come across another english side in the champs league we are out,we have also learned that if we fail to meet an english team we have a better chance of progressing.

  20. Keyser

    One thing I’ll say is, I don’t care who we play or how bad, I’ve never left a game till the end and I’ll never switch the TV off until the end, till the last I was thinking miracle Heh

  21. Stu

    United spend load of money and are in the final. Barca and Chelski soend loads of money and are in the semi, 1 of whom will be in the final.

    Only 2 teams get to the final. Spending money, not necessarily 100s or millions, will certainly help a whole fucking lot. Spending next to nothing will get you next to nothing.

  22. Barry

    TAG,totally agree.Look what 1 expirenced player has done(garantued cl football)gimme a couple more please.I know andre woulnt of stoped gibbs sliping but would have made a difference

  23. choy

    guys.. let it be.. we have had enough grief already.. we are all feeling bad.. no need to take it out on fellow gooners…

    so did geoff get to waive the frikkin flag????

  24. ethangunner


    Everything you say is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Like what you twat ?
    like i said we would lose !?
    or like i said we wont get any players in or win any silverware this season ?

    or that ade is a crap player for years ..

    yes … im wrong …

  25. kenny smith

    reggie, but all our players are never going to be fit all at once… we have seen that over the past 2 seasons. only place i wud strengthen is the back!.. and id sell ade and buy Villa.

    irish is doing well to keep the faith… i bet she doesnt feel any better right now than any of the rest of us and to be honest i think she is keeping a clearer head than most of us.

  26. kelsey

    I don’t expect anything from ade,so tonight was no surprise,but is fabregas’s heart really with the club ? is he a true captain in the sense of the word ? Where was the leadership on the field ? i hoped we would win,but didn’t expect to,but that performance underlines how far we are behind the top 3.

  27. Paulinho

    I wonder if they still let you download their post match analysis on the RTE website. Always good for a laugh.

  28. Adebayor-Sean

    Why do you resort to insults Ethangunner ? You call me a twat, but you don’t know anything about me, and I haven’t insulted you.

  29. Stu

    A-sean, what does the length of time being a fan have to do with anything? Thats an indirect insult imo.

  30. irishgunner

    Kenny – I feel like shit, in fact I cried but just because I won’t turn my back on the manager people tell me to go support another club… I don’t take that crap from no-one

  31. BB

    Cesc looks lost in this team .. no quality next to him and he is just 21/22 years old .. he cant be the leader we need .. he is still learning the game

  32. ethangunner


    your name alone makes me want to head nut you !

    back up what you say then ! why am i wrong .. pray tell indulge my insignificant footballing brain then

  33. Mandanda

    Inter Milan – on their way to winning their 3rd straight league title

    Bayern – won the league last year

    Real madrid – won the league twice in a row

    Barca – would win teh league this year

    etc etc etc

    We don’t have to spend as much as these cvlubs neither do we have to spend big we just nees an ‘Arshavin-like’ Β£10 – Β£15 million player a season counter-balanced by the sale or loaning out of certain players.

  34. Franchise

    the whole team is shite. not good enough end of story. wengers coaching/managerial team are clueless.

    we underrate the trophy we should really be fighting for the carling cup.

    its not our class that wins the league, CL

    the draw was kind

  35. finestcuts

    Wenger will no longer be able to say “We’ll come back next year and win trophies”, we’re fourth best in the Premier League….not good enough to win the League or the Champions league but 4th best…..but we’re sold expectations of winning….and…we don’t have the firepower…Everton are sold lower expectations…….maybe we need to rely on luck for the next few years until this youth project is in full bloom.
    We’re going to promote from within and the truth is, it could well take up to 10 years to get back to where we were…..look at how long it took for Drogba and Berbatov….and many other top class players to reach their peak.
    I feel sorry for the fans that were in the stadium and all the lady gooners that cried….and even Arsene, now he knows that it’s not enough to believe you can fly… what are you gonna do Arsene, get us winning or keep promoting from within because it’s cheaper and do a long term transition? Big decisions to be made by Wenger…..we can’t handle the big teams in the trophy race, accept we’re a good 4th rate team who’s better than everyone 5th and below or are we really going to aim for trophy success?

  36. Kevin

    Thats what i like to see irish. Back this team. I will always, and wenger. I know what they are capable off. Tonight was a freak game. Ronaldo diving for the free kick. The first goal was wierd. And the thrild was world class.

  37. Arindam@KOL

    I am stuck in office in my Theo Tee with people having a good laugh at my expense. Didnt imagine this when I left for work . Why o’ why ?

  38. kenny smith

    i dont necessarily agree with all the leadership statements…. we were 2 down from two mistakes and we were pretty unlucky… how many teams and their captains cud you say cud have scored 4 goals in 80 minutes against the european, english and world champions??? thats like playing phil taylor at darts and being 7-0 down in sets and coming back to win 8-7!

  39. Davoody

    Ethan…. “your name alone makes me want to head nut you”

    On a really misrable night, that comment brought a long overdue smile to my face…

  40. ethangunner


    the only person ive heard on here tonight say go and support spurs then is you !!!

    and its not turning on the manager , its realizing he has taken us as far as he can go .. and if he cannot adapt to the change in the EPL climate ,so let someone else have a crack at it ..

    don’t be afraid of change because wenger is 61 and not getting any younger .. it will happen
    sooner or later anyhow ..

    feel for the fans that pay top dollar for the privilege of seeing there team perform ..

  41. Stu

    Arindam, make sure the next person to laugh near you gets a stapler in the face. They will shut up after that! 😑

  42. Keyser

    David – Thats Myles Palmer b*llocks, erm if it was the board why didn’t we just spend 20 million on him at the beginning of the transfer window ? Instead of waiting it out until the last day.

  43. Mandanda

    we were not unlucky we were outplayed, outclassed call it what you want…if you did not see that then take off the tinted glasses

  44. irishgunner

    “the only person ive heard on here tonight say go and support spurs then is you !!!” – I never said that? Where did I say that??

    Piss off

  45. Keyser

    Kelsey – I know you’ve always been a bit of a pessimist, but wouldn’t you say the 6 points we are behind Chelsea in the league show the gulf in class ?!

  46. kenny smith

    irish i dont want u to go support another club. i hope that is some comfort πŸ™‚

    its words irish and if people actually tell u to go support another club for expressing your views then their opinion shouldnt matter that much to u. U believe whatever u want to believe.

  47. Franchise

    kenny smith its the feeble that rely on luck. why werent united unlucky?

    we sign players with injury backgrounds and expect them to be fit for crunch time in da season

    the goalkeeper has been caught out near post for the umpteenth time

    pat rice once again just sits there with le prof.

    when would wenger learn that we need a bigger squad?

    when would he learn not to play player’s out of position?

    he needs to get in touch with the times we have been in decline since 2005 fa cup final

  48. Adbeadhair

    What about our plastic, pathethic supporters who left the ground at 60 mins. more upset about them than the game. I seems that we only have about 25,000 real supporters who go to the games. How sad..

  49. Kevin


    Agreed but this as i previously stated is not our first team. Moreover Wenger’s almost incessive use of 4-5-1 aginast united has been the problem. I prefer 4-4-2.

  50. David


    Then what was the point of Wenger “admitting he was wrong” then????

    He basically admitted he doesnt sign anyone because he’s a “prisoner to his policies”

    Apparently Arsenal are a prisoner to Wenger’s policies as well.

  51. goonermichael

    mandana we weren’t unlucky or outclassed we were just shit, The mancs weren’t that good from what I saw from the 30th minute Hull could’ve done us.

  52. d

    i half agree kevin its ok to start 4 5 1 imo agaibst a team that is dangerous but if we’re 2 0 down i would have expected a change huh?

  53. The goon

    The attitude of the manager is the attitude of the team..SAF is an arrogant and has the desire to does the UTD players..Wenger i doubt it.Henry Viera were true nut cases so the passion

  54. David

    What gets me is that the only thing we did was to cross the fucking ball all throughout the first half.

  55. irishgunner

    Kenny – I’m just upset and I really don’t need idiots to tell me support another club.

  56. Mandanda

    I find any talk of formations at the moment quite silly and missing the point…AW did the best of the squad available! The problem lies in not having a good enough squad. We have a good foundation all the way down to the under 9s but we simply cannot compete at the moment ‘cos they are not mature enough!!!!
    get a grip people

  57. Keyser

    David – What ? He also said he’d only sign someone of equal or better quality than what we already had, unless you’re saying Arshavin isn’t quality ?!

  58. Franchise

    really for what we charge our fans for tickets that squad was too poor. IMO arshavin wouldnt have been able to redeem us today. maybe a bit

    look at the way liverpool and chelsea outplayed us and mancs over two legs. we are not heading in the right direction

    isnt arsenal tired of being the nearly man? isnt alex ferguson bringing kids thru the ranks? has berbatov killed wellbeck???

  59. kenny smith


    i didnt say we relied on luck i said we got some bad luck. i didnt say united ever got nay bad luck either.

    How many players have we signed with ijury backgrounds??? hmmmmm 1 maybe rosicky

    I dont know how u can expect a keeper to save everything thats ever thrown at him. he kept us in it in the first leg and saved us from total embarresment tonight. yes he made a mistake but have u never made a mistake? i think his pro’s massively outweigh his cons. look at chelsea keeper… everyone saying he is best in the world and he has been dodgy recently.

    you dont know a single word that pat rice says to wenger. all u ever see is what u want to see.

  60. Mandanda

    if not mature enough don’t possess the required quaity to win trophies. this is quite simple

  61. ethangunner


    Thank you Manchester United for exposing the gulf in class

    We are very grateful

    shit franchise ive been telling you that for months πŸ™‚

    where was the silvestre header ? 1-0
    or the theo goal ???

    the defense holds tight and let only 3/4 goals in πŸ™‚ ?

    did i miss it πŸ™‚

    franchise hope we are on the same page again .
    at least for a day until you get your daily delusional intake of multi-vitamins .

    do you still love ade ?

  62. finestcuts

    I’m gonna get Derren Brown to go and visit Pep Guardiola and convince him to swap Henry for Bendtner.

  63. kenny smith

    i know your upset irish and i am too πŸ™

    just hope you dont get too worked up about it cause its not worth the emotion.

  64. Kevin

    Atleast gibbs did’t look at his goalkeeper for upwards to ten seconds whilst in possesion with the ball…………………….

  65. Keyser

    Franchise – What should the club charge ? If we’d had Clichy, Gallas, Rosicky, Arshavin and Eduardo all available would the price go up ? I don’t get you.

    You’re right about Ferguson though he’s easily doing a better job with the same resources as everyone else.

  66. David

    Keyser Says:
    May 5, 2009 at 22:43

    David – What ? He also said he’d only sign someone of equal or better quality than what we already had, unless you’re saying Arshavin isn’t quality ?!


    Arshavin is quality. So is Ribery…So is Xabi Alonso…So is every other player that we were linked to this summer! AND NOBODY CAME!

  67. rahul

    the problem is no one listened to Gallas when he told the team they were a bunch of sopping pussies. Gallas maybe fucked in the head but he comes to play. he’s fucking inspired. arshavin is inspired. i don’t see it anywhere else on the team, not consistently.

    we need people who need to win.

  68. Franchise

    ethan forget the class for a bit. we dont train properly. why couldnt we close united the same way they closed us down. where are our parks, fletchers etc? no desire, no leadership nothing.

    where is the logic in playing a CF on the LW and u expect him to support a young LB? he was always going to make a strikers tackle.

    why couldnt theo try his luck on oshea?

  69. SFOGunner

    This is what Evra had to say

    “We are 11 men, they are 11 children, this is the difference. We are much more mature and have more confidence.”

  70. Paulinho

    No matter what happens over the summer, Wenger will make sure some of his pet projects will be included in his immediate first team plans for next season.

    Gibbs, Ramsay, Denilson, Diaby will all be forced to the front line as a propaganda tool to propagate his youth bullshit.

    He’ll also continue to pander to the divas in the squad such as RVP and Ade and bottle out of choosing players on form and compatibily, due to not ruffling feathers and some mis-guided sense of loyalty to the top earners.

    And it will be the reason he wins f-all next season as well.

  71. choy

    we need some engine.. some hard working players…

    we have only nasri doing some running and chasing down.

  72. Keyser

    David – So what’s your point now ? Heh why didn’t the board push through those transfers ? Why didn’t they force Wenger to buy then ?

  73. Kevin

    SFO if that is what he said that is insulting. We will show them whats what at old trafford, the guy is a prick.

    To call ronaldo a man…………….

  74. Franchise

    keyser fans like u that are making us go backward. IF, IF, IF

    we had a better team last seson and we fell short. 4 experienced heads in lehmann, gilberto, flamini, hleb leave (not adding diarra) where are the replacements?

    we all need to let the board understand that this is not acceptable

  75. ethangunner


    and in the tin write a note saying …

    we thought after that C.L game you would appreciate seeing some QUALITY !…..

    now go out and buy some you cheap cunt πŸ™‚

  76. BB

    mandanda .. the squad is Arsene Wenger’s
    he buys the players so its his baby that doesnt want to grow and always falls short
    he does the best with what he has available is not the way to put it

  77. Keyser

    David – You haven’t made a point, you tried to, failed, and then tried to distort it into something else. Keep going.

  78. Mandanda

    SFO, did he really say that?

    i did compare fletcher to flamini a few days back, we had him but let him go…i think he or even diarra would have offered us more fight or variety today…mind u we got smashed by manure last season as well…shit its become seasonal

  79. SFOGunner


    In some ways evra is speaking the truth.

    With his upper body strength, he had walcott in his pocket all day. Vidic/Ferdinand knocked Ade/RVP out on set pieces and so on ..

  80. Franchise

    ethan when ur best striker is adebayor then u have to play him and it also means u have a big problem. thats the way i see it. i dont think any of our strikers is currently better than him

  81. David

    Well if you dont understand plain English…i cant be at fault for that…

    Perhaps you should try reading over again…it helps.

  82. Keyser

    Franchise – fans like me ? heh so it’s my fault now.

    Oh shit, after a pretty depressing night thats just topped BBK’s Lennon love in.

  83. ethangunner


    you cannot manufacture talent the same way you can hand pick top shelf readi-made players ..
    besides the obvious down time that kills us ..

    i think players like song -denilson – and others
    are punching above there weight already .

    wenger is a good COACH ! … he can make an average player GOOD …

    theres nothing wrong with his training , only the personnel he trains ..

    and thats brought about by his unwillingness to spend !

  84. Kevin


    I’m not having that, no way. He may be speaking the truth but it’s dismissive of our team. If i called the whole united squad sissy’s but i was only talking about ronaldo what would they say. Evil must be punished…………….and arshavin will slay them at old toilet.

  85. goonermichael

    Did you see that cunt beckham? I hope they don’t let the dirty fucking piece of dogshit near our training ground again fuckin CUNT. Hope he breaks his fucking neck

  86. trindle

    Fuck, for many years we have had a habit of going out of competitions in quick succession. Here we go again. I blame Wenger, and only Wenger.
    But wait, is Ivan Gazidis (or whatever his name is) our Knight on a White Charger? Anyone with half a brain (sorry Spuds fans) can work out the difference that a quality player like Arshavin has brought to the Gooner party? Surely, when his feet are well and truly under the desk, the masses of purely mediocre and [even worse] inconsistently mediocre squad players (that’s mainly first-team “squad” players) will be shipped out and HONESTY will prevail; and they’ll confirm we’re in another transition period. Who knows, perhaps we’ll buy some new players. The only VILLA is likely to be a three bedroom place on the Algarve.

  87. Franchise

    ethan that is player development. we still training 5 as sides thats our main problem. United are pressured more by lower league sides we gave them too much room

  88. finestcuts

    Tonight I think Arsene lost an even bigger battle than
    a football game, he lost the hearts and minds of gooners who believed in his project, Arsene put some green bananas out there instead of going for the sun ripened variety….and that is going to be the most difficult thing to deal with…..that we’re more concerned with not “killing” the youth than winning.

  89. ethangunner


    i agree , i wanted ade to play tonight and prove me wrong !!!

    read prior to the game if you think im joshing you because i said it !

  90. Paulinho

    Yeah I was quite surprised that tosser Beckham was being so open about his feelings in the game.

    We gave the fucker a place to train for a month.

  91. tomstoned

    Fellow Gooners..

    at times of hardship lets all stand firm together…looking back there’s no dishonor in loosing for a better team,and that was just what the mancs was over these two games..fotball is a slippery slope some times..from being heaven on earth to be like hell in a matter of seconds…but tonite Wenger you earned my respect again..for doing what we all wanted…go out firing on all cylinders…then a bizarr goal against..and as we tried to regain composure..another one…game over ..still with this strange season soon over we have done quite well..if one tries to be honest..injuries made it difficult…and as all Gooners agree on..we should have bought a couple of players in the summer..Arshavin Wenger would have bought,but i know that it was the russians just wanted to get as much cash as they could…so Wnegers not to blame for not bringing Arshavin in the summer..we should instead be happy for gettin him at all…

    so i ask of You All fellow Gooners..dont be like any other shitty fan complaining about everything..critizism is due..but to suggest that everything is shite..?? we’re Gooners at heart …proud and standin tall Our time will come..

    and with this i bid you all a good night…and Irish..we’ll keep both Wenger and Champers soon we will need them both πŸ™‚


  92. Hitman

    Individual mistakes have cost us all season. Why do our players make mistakes? Cos they are not that good. There’s a reason why our team cost a fraction of Utd’s.
    The difference showed tonight. The difference shows in the League table and it shows in the trophys amassed in last 5 years.
    I’ve been saying all season that we lack pace pace pace in all areas. United our ran us over the two legs. Slow tippy tappy football gets you nowhere in EPL or in UCL when you play english teams.
    We need stronger, faster, bigger players. Wenger needs to change his philosophy. Otherwise he is living in the past (late nineties). Football has moved on. Is he yesterdays man?

  93. Franchise

    Support is a great thing u know. I actually thought we could do it tonight. If i werent an Arsenal fan i wouldnt have been that delusional. this fucking team was outclassed by Villareal away what did we really expect from the champions of England, Europe and the World? 😯

  94. Mandanda


    the point I was making is that the board and Wenger need to sort it out…no one truly knows how much he is allowed to spend or if he is in total control of finance, much of what we know is conjecture to be frank…believe me le grove has had its fair of this debate…whatever the case may be they are both aware of what the situation is and they have to sort it out. i just don’t see the point in blaming this formation or that formation…i mean i correctly predicted the line up for today as i’m sure a million others did so don’t see much wrong in that department. the choice we have to make is whether we are patient enough to watch this project blossom or whether the take a slightly different approach? Personally, I’d prefer the latter.

  95. ethangunner


    If you want to be the best you have to beat the best ..

    you cant keep side stepping man U and the chev’s each season hoping for the percentages ..

    the paying fan at the game deserves more bang for there buck !

    and its not like its a small hiccup ..
    its a big bloody 5 year hiccup that wont go away until wengers youth policy and strict spending does …

    this stadium was the worst thing that could happen to our football ..

  96. goonermichael

    Have you seen Barca? Did you see a lightweight Barca destroy a big Real Madrid? Did you see a lightweight Spain win the Euros? We don’t need to be big we need to be better. Ade isn’t lightweight he’s just rubbish.

  97. Coadsi

    to put it mildly, we are all dissapointed. if cursing the board, manager etc is a way of venting then go for it. However gooners having a go at fellow gooners is sad. we cannot change the events and its none of us fault. i dont care what superstitious ritual you may or may not have followed its not your fault neither is it the fault of the other fan so please stop going at each other.

  98. trindle

    Quick poll: Does anyone expect this squad to show their “qualitee” next season and win all before them? As was promised this season …

  99. Keyser

    Exactly BBK , it’s why he’s playing the Champions League final in a couple of weeks, well at least if he and Barcelona can get past Chelsea, no, no, wait that’s Lionel Messi.

  100. mark

    The problem with waiting for our youngsters to come good is that by the time they have matured the big clubs would have moved on and bought the then world class players and we still won’t be able to buy biog if we seriously want to win trophies … is Wenger serious ?????

  101. BB

    we are going backwards
    at least last season we played good football
    this year we played a host of 0-0s that were worthy of Chelsea’s worst games
    no need to fool ourselves
    we can only play good football with good players
    that we dont have anymore