This is it, the moment we have been waiting for, TONIGHT WE WILL BE MAGNIFICENT!

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Arsene has rallied the troops, he has made his speech, he has said we will be magnificent tonight and I for one believe him. He has said this Arsenal team will play to it’s strengths, keep the ball and attack, he also hinted he feels we play better 4-4-2, fantastic, at last, I hope he leaves Ade out not because I think he’s a bad player, but because I think he is better coming off the bench hungry and also because Bendtner deserves it after a great performance against Pompey.

I also think he (Bendtner) has a hatful in him and after all the seasons misses, it’s payback time, I believe his time has come to be a superstar, Robin the boy wonder is back in and he has a great chance to show us all he is the new numero uno at Arsenal.

Theo has been talking it up as has Cesc and on the way Cesc has said his future lies at Arsenal and I fancy him for a big game as well, I thought about not going as the tenseness of the game could kill me, but to not to be there and be a part of Arsenal’s history tonight would be like not being there when we beat Liverpool against all the odds at Anfield exactly 20 years ago. And if I have to die anywhere, it may as well be at the Arsenal.

Tonight we get our reward for refusing to play Wimbledon the Tuesday after the Hillsborough tragedy, that was when the FA threatened to dock us 2 points, this is the night God gives us our reward, tonight we have God on our side and everyone knows that no one likes the Mancs.

Tonight we should play like it’s the last game of the season, because if we don’t win, it will be, so every last ounce and every sinew needs to go into this game.

Tonight is the night our youngsters show the world why Arsene Wenger has unbending faith in them, tonight is the night they come of age, tonight is the night we overcome the odds and put a shed load past the cocky northern monkeys, tonight will be the greatest night in our history, tonight we put rednose and his expensive team of drug addicts and old lady shaggers to the sword.

I hope we get in their faces from the off and get 2 quick goals, that will throw them, tonight is not about caution and biding our time, tonight is about aggression and great finishing, shoot from everywhere and anywhere but boss, please don’t play Diaby. I think he will come good, I really do, but not tonight, tonight you need to have Vela in that spot, Vela has no fear, Nasri in the middle with Cesc and Song behind them should we play 4-5-1.

Eboue played well against Portsmouth, but I think I would play Gibbs, but if Gibbs is not 100% then Eboue without hesitation, I thought he gave us something on Saturday, I thought the whole team showed the attitude that we needed at Old Trafford last week.

We have nothing to lose, as far as the world is concerned, we have already lost so Arsenal, at em from the start!

In 1812 the brash new American army decided that wanted Canada, so they invaded Canada, we had two choices, let them have it and think about next season, or smash them and march all the way to Washington and burn it to the ground, we smashed them and tonight we will burn Washington to the ground, tonight will be the greatest night in Arsenal football clubs history, tonight will be Arsene’s finest hour, tonight we fix our date to march on Rome!

No offence to our Americans friends but it was a long time ago, you were the favourites, you did re-build it and didn’t do to badly as a result.

They can’t do it alone Grovers, so tonight you must be as noisy as you’ve ever been, wherever you are sing and sing loud, we’ll hear you, your spirit will be with us.

No predictions but I wouldn’t be surprised if we score 3 more than they do, go Arsenal, go!!!

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  1. Helsinki Gooner

    Great post – it’s just wound me up even worse than i was already!! can’t wait for kickoff!

  2. Clacko the gooner

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great post Geoff. Cannot wait for the game tonight. Tonight could well be one of our finest 90 mins ๐Ÿ™‚

    Morning all.

  3. Goonerman

    Promulgate this article to the Arsenal manager and squad. BRILLIANTLY written.


    Its done the trick for me.

  4. AngeAusArsenal

    Great post once again Geoff, lets hope the team has the same feeling of a sense of history in the making,cometh the hour cometh the man.
    Come on Arsenal!!

  5. Goonerman

    Pedro – Its good to see the Villa fixture has been removed, should have gone 3 weeks ago.

  6. charybdis1966

    Morning all, and Geoff, Iโ€™m nervous and nauseous but that rallying call has put any doubt that we are the side of good against the self proclaimed Devils to bed.
    This time, more so than any other in the past, good must prevail. Whether we feel we are battling am army of Orks or Oinks(in the case of pig boy shrek) this is one batch of swines invading our territory we have to put to the sword.

  7. Duke

    Once again morning.
    Great post Geoff. Is it just me or is it impossible to get any work done today? Anytime i start doing something, i just stop as I am shaking from the pressure. PMS at it’s finest.

  8. Clacko the gooner

    My team tonight would be:

    Sagna Toure JD Gibbs/Eboue
    Theo Cesc Song Nasri

    i would use RVP and ADE as subs for Bendy and Vela. i have a feeling that he will start with Ade though and Vela will prob be on the bench.

  9. rico01

    Morning All

    Geoff, many times I have thought it, but never written, but some of both yours and Pedro’s posts should be pinned up in the Arsenal dressing room and all the squad should be made to read them. Nights like tonight especially.

    Your post’s raise the emotions of us bloggers to anothe level on match days like today – and all we can pray for is Arsene has the ability to do the same withe the boys tonight..

    Any one player who goes on to that fine suface tonight can’t find it in them to play their haert out and run themselves into the ground for the club, is not ever worthy of playing for us again.

    For most, it will be the biggest night yet of their footballing careers – that in itself should be enough for them…

    I truly believe tonight my usual boring prediction of 3-1 may just come true ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Bergy

    Morning.what the chance that we can keep a cleansheet?and when last did we have one against manu?

  11. Gunner8


    are what I woud go for… …the most important for me is Toure and Djourou as Sylvestre is working for the mancs, he was never a gooner and will never be a gooner!
    Gibbs if fit has to be LB he is invaluable on the line like twunthole used to be.
    Sagna for defensive strength or Eboue if we want more presence down the flank… …anyway the rest is simples, yes?

  12. GMR

    I’m afraid I am going to be totally gutless with this game. I just cannot set myself up for another major disappointment so I’ll be delighted with a fantastic performance & a victory on the night even if ultimately its not enough to get us through.

    We are playing the all round best team in the world, with a dodgy defence even at the best of times. To ask that we don’t concede a goal is stretching it for anyone’s imagination.

    I just ask they make us proud with the performance & after that is anyone’s guess!!


    i read this from a post earlier today, classic

    โ€œThis is probably the biggest ever game at the new stadium and thereโ€™s no question the fans have a part to play. Thereโ€™ll be 60,000+ people there tonight. The club are providing red flags, urging everyone to wear read, and to make as much noise as possible. Every single Arsenal fan there tonight needs to shout and roar and sing the songs. Ultimately itโ€™s down to the 11 players on the pitch but if they know the crowd are with them then it does make a difference. It can provide tired legs with that last surge of energy that might stop a goal or score a goal.

    We have to rock the Grove tonight, ladies and gentlemen. This is Arsenal, fighting for a place in the Champions League final, against Manchester United. If thatโ€™s not a reason to support the team as loudly as possible then I donโ€™t know what is. You donโ€™t need to have a voice like Pavarotti to sing, you just need to open your mouth and make noise. And if someone said to you โ€˜Arsenal will win if you sing the songs tonightโ€™, wouldnโ€™t it be an easy task to ensure our qualification?

    Remember, the guy or girl to your left or right is an Arsenal fan. The boys in red are your team. Our team. United are the enemy. United would kill your mum. Theyโ€™d run over your puppy and then point and laugh. They would make you listen to Phil Collins. They would insist on putting cloves on everything. They would dip their pizza in ketchup. They would offer you a cup of coffee then serve you chicory. They would force you to watch Tom Hanks films. They would kidnap you then read to you from the novels of Dan Brown. They would drive really slowly in front of you when youโ€™re in a hurry then speed up so they get through the amber light and leave you stuck at the red. They would chew gum loudly in your ear. They would come on our pitch and dance after getting one of our players sent off because of their theatrics. They would score a goal in the last few minutes of a semi-final then show everyone their hairy chest. They would dive to win a penalty to stop us going 50 games unbeaten. They would sing disgusting songs about our manager.

    Need I go on? They are not our rivals, not our competitors, not our competitors, not our peers: they are the enemy. Treat them as such.

    And in the face of such monstrous evil, such hideous, diving, tantrum throwing, ballerina, monster faced malevolence, make sure you let our lads know that they are fighting the good fight, on the side of truth and righteousness. For, after all, we are The Arsenal.โ€

  14. Mandanda

    Lazer, in that case its understandable frenchness lost to the colour of money. still ยฃ25m for the second best player is a bargain

    brilliant post Geoff

    i think they’ll try to counter attack today if we get that early goal in the first 20mins then we’d make it

    we must impose ourselves today


    manc cunts

    lets have em

    all together now


  16. peachesgooner

    Morning all

    What to do to pass the hours?

    Great heart-warming rallying post Geoff, rico is right – get that up on the dressing room wall ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Gunner8

    Well said GMR, I am with you… …if I see Ade wandering around and being offside I might loose it though. Tonight is all about support though!

  18. Duke

    Mark, i hate the Mancs as much as the next Gooner, but that is in bad taste, sorry, i don’t believe that should be on the blog.

  19. Lazer

    Yeah I agree Mandanda. Since Wenger is an economist why doesn’t he understand that taking debt on for transfers that lead to glory is not bad business at all if managed in the right way.

  20. Gus J.


    There have been many times where you and Pedro have been critisized for not actually supporting Arsenal, as you actually had opinions that were not exactly aligned with Wenger. But this has to show that you are Arsenal through and through. And that you not only believe in this team but are willing to cut them plenty of slack.

    I am, however, incapable of sharing your belief in this particular Arsenal team and have probably picked up plenty of cynisism in the past three years. It is not the lack of trophies, but the lies and incoherencies coming out of the entire Arsenal organisation…but that for another time.

    Tonight we have a chance to erase plenty of previous shortcomings and re-enter the stage as a true footballing powerhouse.

    And if it happens at the expense of Rooney and co., then we may just have to break out that second bottle champagne.

    And if we come up short, then at least let it be because we played our game. If Wenger lines up in the dreaded 4-5-1, I might as well shoot my self. When have we won anything worth mentioning playing that…

    3-1 the Ars. (if 4-4-2) and 1-1 (if 4-5-1)


  21. Bergy

    Does anyone know what the biggest win over manu is?in the arsene time?i remember we lost 6 1 to them at old trafford.stil get nightmares frm that

  22. didee

    hi all

    Big Al
    Sagna, toure, JD, Gibbs/Eboue
    Theo, Cesc, Song, Nasri
    Boy wonder, Adebayor

    Subs: Vela, if we need to attack more
    Rambo & Denilson t shut things down when needed

  23. charybdis1966

    Hi Rico โ€“ did you notice the Sunday post was directed at you ?

    Hope you liked it ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. GMR

    Gunner8 – totally agreed, Arsenal will have my total support tonight as they always do, but if we do go out then it certainly shouldn’t be because of tonights performance, rather that we didn’t do enough in the first leg.

  25. Lazer

    gunner8-I hate to say it but before the first leg I predicted the line up and that’s precisely what it was. Wish I am wrong as I was then.

  26. Geoff

    Morning all, thank you for liking this post, I always say what I feel inside, good or bad and today I feel like qualifying!

  27. persigas

    first comment.
    wanna say to everyone on this blog who is going to the game tonight.
    please.. please really sing as loud as possible.
    I wish I could be there and cheer for the team!

    today we will be magnificent!
    yeah i trust it!

    ps GREAT GREAT POST!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. rico01

    peaches – i pray for that, but AW wont do it yet ๐Ÿ™

    Chary – good morning, i did have a chuckle ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Rasputin

    Fantastic Geoff – I reckon if you’d had a word in Ricky Hatton’s ear before the fight he’d have won easily ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nothing less than 100% faith from gooners everywhere and 100% effort and belief from the team. Let’s wipe that complacent smile off the face of old rednose……

  30. charybdis1966

    Yeah, I thought you might Rico, my poppet.
    Weirdly an earlier comment of mine isnโ€™t out of moderation yet, but basically Iโ€™m saying Iโ€™m nauseous with tension and the mancs are scummy, in bred northern shizerkoffs.

  31. Lazer

    If we don’t play 4-5-1 it seems there is no place for Walcott since AW does not think he is a RM.

  32. gunnerfever

    awesome write up geoff, take a bow……after reading it i feel charged up and id die in a battle fighting for arsenal fc.

    this is it, this is what we dreamt of all season long, beat the fuckin mancs in a tournament they won last season, leave a fuckin mark that there is something called arsenal fc that plays football with pure heart and soul…….no matter the age,colour or race…….we fight united and we shall be victorious.

    this is it men, tonight we dine in hell.

    give them nothing but take from them EVERYTHING.

  33. Danish Gooner

    I have been sold so many false dawns that i find it very hard to get up too.If we are 2-0 up in 20 minutes i will start to believe.

  34. Rasputin

    Morning Rico and Peaches,

    I didn’t used to believe in reincarnation, but I’m beginning to suspect that Winston Churchill has returned and is inhabiting Geoffs body ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. charybdis1966

    And great, rip-roaring post Geoff, it was truly magnificent, as our performance tonight will be. That and the Arseblog thing posted up earlier have me set up for tonight, albeit still nauseous (could it be morning sickness?).

  36. insidealbania

    Geoff, I am with you, I think we are all with you, tonight should be special. And the nerves are beginning to get to me……..

  37. gazzap

    Its down to wenger now. If he hamstrings the team with a dodgy selection and formation then I am afriad he will give the players no chance to win. Pick the right team and greatness awaits. I honestly beleive if he gets it right, we will win tonight. Come on Wenger, dont bottle it.

  38. Geoff

    Winston eh? I like it! Tonight can’t come quick enough, I feel like a beer now and it’s still 10 hours to go!

  39. Big Dave

    No Denilson no Daiby

    Denilson is better without Cesc, and Cesc is better without Denilson.

    Walcott/Nasri to play and back to 4-4-2

    Ade better pull his finger out tonight

  40. ArsenalKenya

    Great post…

    I am down with a cold but keep on updating myself as the day progresses. Today i predict a 2-0 win….AC Milan style…Once tempers rise as the game progresses since Man U will be losing i see One vidic being red carded and we get a penalty to end up with 3-1. We will qualify on a goal aggregate of 3 -2… to meet Chelsea in the final and lift the cup.

  41. Duke

    I need a 2 litre Strongbow for 2.80, because if I will be drinking quality beer that will be a month salary.

  42. Geoff

    Wenger is saying that the reason Ade was poor at Old Trafford was due to an injury, so why was he playing then???

    He loves his stats and that’s a worry, look at the game not the stats, they will tell you what you need to know.

  43. benno

    Top posy Geoff! I think AW needs to create a position in his backroom staff for you as a player motivator.

    4-3-3, we need to pressurize, hassle and get in the mancs faces from the off,


    Theo to rip Neville or O’Shea a new one cutting inside on his right foot, and RVP likewise to Evra.

  44. Jay

    Geoff – uve pumped me up for the gym ! gonna knock my self out then get sum shut eye b4 the game…

    This is our destiny. Arsenal FC 2009 Finalists.

  45. Rasputin

    I can hear the rocky music in my ears, I’m running up and down those stairs. I shall kick every ball with the boys tonight. Just imagine how they will feel when they come out of the tunnel into the bright lights to the roar of 60,000 expectant gooners…. Its time for heroes…. we can make history….

  46. PDT

    Mandanda, all I am saying is forget transfers, let’s talk about how great this team can be tonight!!

  47. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – That is one of Wenger’s favourite hypocritical things. So many times does he say he wont play anyone who isn’t 100% fit but so many times he does exactly that!

    Oh and great post!

  48. PDT

    I envy all of you who can be at the Emirates tonight! You can bet we will be roaring with you in front of the telly!

  49. Gooner J

    Gazzap…..a totally agree with you..if wenger selects the right starting formation then our football will flow freely and i can honestly see us getting an early goal which will set up the evening for an explosive game….

  50. tonyadamsisgod

    My team would be:

    Sagna – Toure – Djourou – Eboue
    Walcott – Song – Fabregas – Nasri
    van Persie – Bendtner

    Ade needs to be bombed and I think Eboue had a great game against Pompey and looked pretty secure in that slot.

  51. PDT

    The Boss has told the team to go and enjoy themselves. I hope they take that advice to heart, because when they play their natural game, they are awesome!

  52. rico01

    Geoff, stats tell many lies, eyes see what stats dont reveal, please Arsene no Ade, Denilson or Diaby tonight to begin!

  53. Lazer

    Geoff-Here is AWs quote:

    “I know and I can understand the criticism.

    “But I watched carefully that game against United and he put a lot of effort in, more than people think.

    “He was really isolated and we didn’t give him enough support on the night.

    “I believe the fans questioned his commitment because he was injured and he hadn’t scored as many goals as normal.

    “But look at his efficiency in the Champions League and it’s impressive.

    “He has scored six goals in eight games this season.”

    I think he meant injured in the past, not in the first leg. It’s one of the few times I have seen AW say he can understand the criticism at least. Sounds like Ade is on a short leash.

  54. Gooner J

    Liking that formation benno…maybe a bit too vunerable in midfield…but exactly the kind of attacking instinct we will need tonight

  55. Geoff

    I thought Vela did too Tony and Fergy doesn’t know him. I would put Nasri and Cesc in, we need to be attacking.

  56. PDT

    Today’s winning team :


    Bench of Fabski, Silvestre, Eboue, Denilson, Nik B, Vela, Diaby

  57. lesterthemolester

    great post geoff. i wasnt psyched for the game but i gatta say i’m now truly and absolutely psyched. i guess i myt hit the pub 5 hours before the game just to ensure am in an even better frame of mind for the game. all gooners in the stadium need to scream till their lungs collapse. u dont need a good voice just shout ARSENAL!!! ARSENAL!!! and all of us will do the same around the world. maybe… just maybe the players will hear all of us and hit 3past the mancs

  58. Lazer

    PDT-Didn’t AW say Walcott can’t play in a 4-4-2. I hate to say this but I think Wenger will start with Eboue on the RM in a 4-4-2.

  59. PDT

    Lazer, today’s the day Wenger makes us all proud by playing his best team without fear! He will play Theo and he will play 4-4 with maybe a 1-1- or a 2.

  60. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – I certainly think Vela could cause them a problem. I guess I might have said Nasri coz thats what Le Boss will probably do. But Vela up against O’Shea would be a battle an Arsenal fan should be confident about!

  61. Geoff

    Funny, I felt this way for the other semi, this one though will be played with no fear of injuries!

  62. Kev

    The one thing Arsenal probably don’t need is to be 2.0 up in twenty minutes. Remember Spurs v Manure only the other week? What we want is what happened in 89. 0.0 at half time will lull the Mancers into a false sense of control then after half time when Alex Ferguson has not got a chance to talk to his troops…Wham. Also we are still in it at 1.0. What we cannot afford to do is go gun-ho and find its 2.2 Liverpool style in thirty minutes, or worse Man utd leading. So yes be strong but be patient. That is our best chance. Can your nerves take it? They should be able to as we all support Arsenal, and we never like winning without shredding a few nerve ends. So go Gunners! and 2.0 to us after the final whistle blows please.

  63. PDT

    Geoff, there will be many more nights like this! This is merely the first! (Maybe the second – I don’t remember if the Villareal 2nd leg in 2006 was home or away).

  64. PDT

    TAIG, Le Boss will throw on Vela instead of Nasri after 60 minutes. He will not leave it till late like the FA Cup.

  65. benno

    Gooner J, possibly a bit light in the midfield, but with 3 upfront 1 of the mancs midfielders will have to play deeper to help the defence out, and Song recently has been very solid, and i’ve been impressed with Nasri’s workrate and effort to the defensive side of his game recently, and it allows us to play Cesc back in his more natural position aswell.

  66. gazzap

    I really like Vela, but I dont see him starting tonight. Neither do I see Nik B or Silvestre starting.

    the only question will be does he do something stupid IF RVP is not fit. does he pick Eboue or Diaby?
    Eboue could move onto right wing and Walcott up front. I bet wenger would pick Diaby and play him left wing. that decision would kill us stone dead.

  67. Geoff

    Tony Song has played well of late but I feel we need trickery and mobility for this one, go 3 up and then bring Song on maybe.

  68. Lazer

    I can’t wait to see the lineup. Hell I can’t wait to know the result (as long as its a good one). I don’t know if I can watch the whole game. And I hope to god you’re spot on PDT.

  69. Duke

    We should play our best team with experience, that is why i think the team PDT just posted is what we should go with.

  70. Jay

    Geoff – go early as possible !!!!!!

    i know i would..
    i can’t wait to savour this game forever… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  71. Mandanda

    Has Theo completed 90mins since his latest return from injury? If he doesn’t today then I’d expect Eboue to get some game time as a sub

  72. gazzap

    I hear that he has, but I am a pessimist. I wont beleive it til I see it. But if RVP is fit, then surely the team picks itself. Nasri has to move back to the left wing.

  73. arsenalised

    That shit blog republik of manc bastards is gonna get it from me when we fuck their stupid team.the way they talk shit is unreal fucking wankerz.

  74. gooner-pak

    i have a dream that on may 27, 2009, we, the arsenal fan will celeberate in the road of rome…..;
    i have a dream tht on tht day, barca fans suffer the same pain as we did in 2006……;
    i have a dream tht we’ll be the first london club to win CL, and that will be this year

  75. gazzap

    I read he is in the squad and back in training. thats not necessarily the same thing as deemed fit to start the match by Wenger. lets hope he is fit to start otherwise wenger will use the 4-5-1.

  76. Duke

    I always see you guys complaining about the republik or manc blog, why do you bother reading it? I mean it truly pisses me off when a Spud or a Manc or a Chav come on here, i mean it is obvious nobody will take it seriously as you understand they are here to just cause trouble and get banned straight away. Fuck what the Mancs think, I don’t even want to know about their dirty thoughts.

  77. Lazer

    Ignore the manc bastards. I had one telling me today they are getting Ribery for 63 mill next year.

  78. Geoff

    I wouldn’t want him Lazer, I don’t think he’s that good, Arshavin though is awesome, if only he was playing tonight eh?

  79. Duke

    Geoff, I agree, Arsh is different class to Ribery, but he is young and would fit our style. I think he is a class act. Wouldn’t pay more that 15 for him though and neither would Wenger. So we can forget him. Van der Vaart on the other hand is a possibility.

  80. Arindam@KOL

    Lets shout our lungs out today .
    Lets start singing from the warm ups.
    Lets boo the hell outta the Manc bastards whenever they touch the ball. Lets show them what real fans are like. Lets show them why we are The Arsenal.

  81. Duke

    arsenalised, that is exactly why you should only stick to Le Grove. I used to read some other Arsenal sites, and they proper used to piss me off. Can’t imagine what I would do if i started reading Manc or Yido blogs.

  82. BH1

    Spot on with your team PDT, and Vela to score the winner – why not !

    We have to bring an intensity to our game tonight like nothing we have done this season, and right from the first whistle.

    If we play at our usual space, we have no chance.

  83. rico01

    arsenalised – let them, we will have the last laugh, and when vela fires his couple of goals in the back of the net, i hope he sneezes all over the manure fans ๐Ÿ˜‰

  84. Lazer

    We need to knock the ball about like a pinball so there midfield can’t get amongst us and disrupt play. Leave them chasing shadows and we will open up space and make them tired.

  85. Convert

    Tonight may the Grove come of age and history will be made, cant remember a more important HOME game… Come on the Arsenal

  86. arsenalised

    Duke:i dont normally read other teams blogs but their headline made me click the link,such bastards.

  87. kelsey

    Forgot to mention that hopefully Hull will now be relegated.A good start to the day,let’s hope it continues.
    3 United players are on a yellow,I think they are Rooney,Scholes and tevez,(correct me if i am wrong).they need to be targeted.

  88. Mandanda

    judging by his goal celebration last weekend, i don’t think Vela would be ‘boverred’ by those swine flu jibes…i mean it sounds pretty lame

  89. Duke

    arsenalised, you i stoped using newsnow also, people come on here and give the news anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  90. Gunner8

    Big Dave, whenever Sylvester plays we conceed an obscene amount of goals! Coincidence I think not, if he plays tonight then the mancs will call him back for his testamonial

  91. Geoff

    Got to hope that Boro beat Newcastle by 3 clear, then Hull and Newcastle will be beneath them, those cunts going down would be awesome.

  92. Geoff

    Gunner8 fishhead gave them the assist and said it was like coming home, for that the cunt should never put on an Arsenal shirt again.

  93. rico01

    Joey Barton has been suspended by his club following the red card yesterday…. ha ha ha ha , shearer has got a set then ๐Ÿ˜‰