This is it, the moment we have been waiting for, TONIGHT WE WILL BE MAGNIFICENT!

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Arsene has rallied the troops, he has made his speech, he has said we will be magnificent tonight and I for one believe him. He has said this Arsenal team will play to it’s strengths, keep the ball and attack, he also hinted he feels we play better 4-4-2, fantastic, at last, I hope he leaves Ade out not because I think he’s a bad player, but because I think he is better coming off the bench hungry and also because Bendtner deserves it after a great performance against Pompey.

I also think he (Bendtner) has a hatful in him and after all the seasons misses, it’s payback time, I believe his time has come to be a superstar, Robin the boy wonder is back in and he has a great chance to show us all he is the new numero uno at Arsenal.

Theo has been talking it up as has Cesc and on the way Cesc has said his future lies at Arsenal and I fancy him for a big game as well, I thought about not going as the tenseness of the game could kill me, but to not to be there and be a part of Arsenal’s history tonight would be like not being there when we beat Liverpool against all the odds at Anfield exactly 20 years ago. And if I have to die anywhere, it may as well be at the Arsenal.

Tonight we get our reward for refusing to play Wimbledon the Tuesday after the Hillsborough tragedy, that was when the FA threatened to dock us 2 points, this is the night God gives us our reward, tonight we have God on our side and everyone knows that no one likes the Mancs.

Tonight we should play like it’s the last game of the season, because if we don’t win, it will be, so every last ounce and every sinew needs to go into this game.

Tonight is the night our youngsters show the world why Arsene Wenger has unbending faith in them, tonight is the night they come of age, tonight is the night we overcome the odds and put a shed load past the cocky northern monkeys, tonight will be the greatest night in our history, tonight we put rednose and his expensive team of drug addicts and old lady shaggers to the sword.

I hope we get in their faces from the off and get 2 quick goals, that will throw them, tonight is not about caution and biding our time, tonight is about aggression and great finishing, shoot from everywhere and anywhere but boss, please don’t play Diaby. I think he will come good, I really do, but not tonight, tonight you need to have Vela in that spot, Vela has no fear, Nasri in the middle with Cesc and Song behind them should we play 4-5-1.

Eboue played well against Portsmouth, but I think I would play Gibbs, but if Gibbs is not 100% then Eboue without hesitation, I thought he gave us something on Saturday, I thought the whole team showed the attitude that we needed at Old Trafford last week.

We have nothing to lose, as far as the world is concerned, we have already lost so Arsenal, at em from the start!

In 1812 the brash new American army decided that wanted Canada, so they invaded Canada, we had two choices, let them have it and think about next season, or smash them and march all the way to Washington and burn it to the ground, we smashed them and tonight we will burn Washington to the ground, tonight will be the greatest night in Arsenal football clubs history, tonight will be Arsene’s finest hour, tonight we fix our date to march on Rome!

No offence to our Americans friends but it was a long time ago, you were the favourites, you did re-build it and didn’t do to badly as a result.

They can’t do it alone Grovers, so tonight you must be as noisy as you’ve ever been, wherever you are sing and sing loud, we’ll hear you, your spirit will be with us.

No predictions but I wouldn’t be surprised if we score 3 more than they do, go Arsenal, go!!!

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  1. incesc


    i wouldnt sell vp

    Ade is clearly gonna leave and we all know wenger wont sign a replacement so we will need him.

    he aint no henry and he aint no bergkamp tho.

    wenger is so stubborn he wont sign anyone now cos he will be desperate to prove everyone wrong, again.

    basically we are fucked and better pray some of those wankers get better

  2. PDT

    The quality on the field is up to the manager – he decides who to buy and who to play. In the case of Arshavin, when to buy, as well.

    But the players on the field today gave their all. (Well, most of them.) It was reassuring to watch two of our much maligned kids – Nasri and Song run their hearts out.

    The fact of the matter is that whichever team plays and whoever the manager is, we will always cheer the Arsenal. So, tonight, as fans, our job is to commiserate with the players who tried and mourn the opportunity.








  4. Ja_Gunner

    Gooner Michael….that is why I stress team defense.

    Barca plays team defense…all players press and harass for the ball.

    And as I said their left side is more stable….I think you can afford to have one attacking flank….but not two at the same time.

    All I am saying is the defense does not matter….if the team does not help them out.

    This is what we saw from manure.

    And I think 4-3-3 can accomodate our attacking players better.

  5. PDT

    goonermichael, read my post. I did qualify my statement and yes, Ade is one of the players who did squat.

  6. Ja_Gunner

    Also Dani Alves is more than capable..because he is like and energizer Bunny..he never stops running and has good recovery pace.

    He is like Clichy but with skill and end product.

  7. PDT

    Incesc, I am pissed that we lost and looking for a fight. You called me something, which I couldn’t see because Pedro edited it out. You want to stand by your comment – would really love to hear what you had to say.

  8. goonermichael

    I agree clichy and Sagna are quite poor going forward. Gibbs looks better but needs to be an understudy for a while.

  9. PDT

    I hope the team has the backbone and the motivation to seek revenge when we go to OT in the league. We cannot go into the summer with this defeat haunting us.

  10. Ja_Gunner

    What do gusy think of this formation next year.

    This plus learning some team pressing/defense could do the trick.

    I mean we get rid of Ade and play like this.


    Sagna…….Kolo/Gallas….New CB…….Clichy

    ………………Song/Den/New DM…………..



    This way Arsh gets to play far up the pitch….two creative players behind him in Cesc and Nasri/Rosiky

    and DM cleaning up as well.

    RVP and BENT are not that fast…so let them stay in the centre.

    Theo/Vela have speed up front and Arshy and Eddy.

    They can switch flanks accodingly…like tonight I would switched Walcott to the left to test O Shea……and he could have had a shot from the left instead of passing all the time.


  11. goonermichael

    This is definitely the most depressed I’ve been for a long time. I hate the mancs more than anything else in this life

  12. Ja_Gunner

    Well I dont know who to get..but we just need someone to teach them how to press a team.

    I also like the idea of trying 4-3-3.

  13. goonermichael

    Read every website saying we were outclassed or we were put to the sword and all that shit. We gifted them 2 goals and basically gave up. They didn’t need to play that well.

  14. Stu

    True Gooner786, but maybe thats because the big important games happen to be on tv and we just arent god enough to win those ones.
    Just a coincidence.

  15. Jay

    I know one thing – the defensive unit lost us the game 2nite – the team gets kicked in the gut after those goals.. no denying it. a striker needing one goal thinks differently, then a striker needing 5.

  16. Stu

    Jay, it was a matter of players not doing their jobs. Or what should be their jobs.

    The first, if i remember correctly, Vidic was under pressure and kicked the ball long to someone who headed it to a free Anderson. Anderson was under absolutely no pressure from our midfielders. He layed a ball into Ronaldo who pulled back into an empty box. Gibbs slipped and they scored.

    What i want to know is where the fuck was Toure and Song while all this was happening? Nowhere to be seen.
    Gibbs messed up because there was noone else about and he was the only one there.

  17. A

    toure was tracking back through the middle in the place he should have been stu, song behind him. The person who failed to track back which is why anderson had so much space is theo – anderson was on the left hand side, our right, and theo just let him run. The bloke i was watching it with was shouting at theo at the time as well, he just didn’t bother chasing back at all.

    However the goal only came from gibbs slipping, which was just very unfortunate

  18. David

    On the possibility of adding to his squad in the summer…
    “It’s a difficult question to answer tonight because I am too disappointed. I need to take some distance with this season. We are on a consistent run of 21 games unbeaten but recently in the games that have mattered, like Chelsea and tonight, we couldn’t win. That of course needs thinking.

    “It’s easy to say that we needa bit of experience but I am convinced that we have the quality and we’ll continue to develop. If you look at the average age of the team it is still very young. To reach that level deserves a lot of credit but tonight we were caught by a tem who has the art to kill and take advantage of mistakes. I believe Cristiano Ronaldo today gave us a tough tim

  19. A

    Yeah i saw t that david – it’s good news for all the “buy buy buy” type people, I thought that wenger would have decided already that ade was on his way out along with gallas, and two centre backs were coming in

  20. David

    We need 2 new CB’s A,

    We really do…Kolo i love him to death…but he’s only a good back-up CB imo…

    Gallas has bout 1 or 2 years left at the club.

    I dont have any problems sticking with Song…but this club will go places with a lethal efficient striker…i mean Ronaldo and Rooney havent been injured much ffs!

  21. A

    yeah i agree about 2 CBs david – but i think one in reserve, one to partner kolo. Kolo isn’t as good as gallas, but gallas is going in the summer because of personal issues, though he’s still more than good enough to be quality for us. Kolo is playing alongside someone like sol is certainly good enough for us, one top player alongside him and i’m happy.

    Song if he keeps improving could really sure up our central midfield. Other than that i think we’re good with arshavin here all next season, eduardo and rosicky back etc.

  22. David

    Edaurdo and Rosicky back is still a big “if”…we should buy as many young talent as we can…and play them in reserves as you suggested…but we also need a prolific forward….we need a Henry replacement.

  23. ethangunner

    the team when AA is in the team is a different team to when he is not present . that tells your something .

    that also tells you we need more like him , been saying it for months , finally a lot are seeing it ..

    i never wanted it to go this far , i cant understand why wenger cannot see it either .

    if some Arsenal fan based in thailand can see it why cant wenger …

    i think once you get over the pain of last night you will wake up put the blinkers back on and bat for the boss again !

    we CANNOT !
    we must fight .. for our right .. to party 🙂
    opps i mean fight for our right for better players ..

  24. A

    nah it’s not david – rosicky’s long term injury is old news, over and done with, and by pre season he will have re-conditioned his body so that the niggles shouldn’t be happening, exactly the same for eduardo

  25. David

    Our real tests we’ve failed them all…

    Chelsea, Liverpool and the Mancs…

    Bigger and Better next season? Only if we sign top quality players.

    Agreed 10000% ethan

  26. David

    What would you say if they got injured again A?

    Would that surprise anyone?

    Like did it really surprise anyone when Cesc got injured?

  27. ethangunner

    and to be straight im not reveling in this !
    im more pissed off than any mother fucking one of you !

    im frustrated as fuck that most are blinkered to mr wenger and his youth workshop ..

    ive been saying for months it takes to long for players to manifest into 1st teamers with this sort of production of potential . He disrespects the fans and the league by using the EPL as his hydroponics lab of youth ..

    he manufactures players well to a certain level
    and once they leave this club you find out how average they are , yes it proves he can work wonders with players ..

    but my point is he turns average players into good players ..

    he needs to be getting excellent players in and turning them into world class players ..

    and if he cant do that drop this project as it takes the piss out of the EPL ..

    get more Arshavin’s and sell the rotting core
    .. starting with ade ..

    but who would buy him ?
    its not like any prospective club havent been watching his fall from grace also ..

    wenger you missed the boat on making 30 mil last season !

    and getting david villa in at cut price ..
    i said it was a mistake then ..

    and its hi-lighted now !

  28. A

    i dunno why you include eduardo david?? he hasn’t had a history of injury problems, and you can’t call the broken leg being injury prone?! it always takes someone after a leg injury a while to re-condition because one leg always has vastly different sized muscles to the other! it takes time to balance out and get yourself normal again.

    why didn’t it surprise you when cesc got injured?! when else has he been injured?!

  29. David

    It didnt surprise me because he played way too many games coming off the Euro’s…he was over played…just like Sagna and Denilson were overplayed.

    Its not that Denilson is utter shite…(he can be) he is an okay player…but he was over played this season…and that brings injuries.

  30. David


    Who will buy Ade?


    He’s going to be an Arsenal player next season. Believe that.

  31. ethangunner

    I think we really need to be rid of the injury excuse card next season.

    and that’s why i would sell RVP .and have been bantering on about it already a couple of weeks .
    ade is never injured ,probably because he does fuck all, but over all he is quite resilient , and that’s a shame .. because he is a crap player and never gets injured .

    players that seriously need to go ..
    the money wage wise, really needs to be freed up for wenger to get in fresh faces ..

    others that can go are senderos – randall – bitchslap – and probably some other youth ..

    traore might go to pompey ..if we have gibbs i think traore might leave ..

    the way i see it from 8 to 10 players could be let go and get in vela-jack-ramsey-merida-bazerite-nordveit-colquin (spelling 🙂 ) as internal replacements

    but you get the drift ..
    i expect no less than 4 NEW world class players that are needed for this team to flourish in the off season …

    i will only agree to giving wenger another shot if he snaps out of his psychedelic wenger world
    fantasy , and start buying in some decent world beaters ..

  32. ethangunner


    yes thats what i was eluding too .
    no fucker would want ade …

    however if anyone is foolish enough to want him the gaffer should bite there fucking arms off to sell him ..

    also if gallas leaves we need 5 .. 2x cds
    and 2x strikers to compesate for selling RVP and ade . plus a long awaited DM ..

    we should of never let bert go , and gave diarra more games..

    double stupidity from the boss and it just goes to show you how long he has been making poor choices .. because i said we would be DM – less this season .. and we where ..

    you can ask pat the goon if im being truthful 🙂
    he still owes me a beer !

    speak of which pedro 🙂

  33. ethangunner

    And Wenger admitted: ‘It is the most disappointing of nights.

    ‘I felt the fans were really up for a big night and to disappoint the people who stand behind the team so much hurts really.’

    Goals from Ji-Sung Park and Cristiano Ronaldo killed the tie off inside the first 15 minutes and Wenger added: ‘The game was over before it started, that is most difficult to swallow.

    ‘We do not feel like we have played the semi-final of the Champions League because we were out of it after ten minutes.

    ‘We can only look at ourselves I must say, but it’s very, very disappointing to fight such a long way to get where we have been but to give the game away like we did.’

    Wenger added: ‘We were ready for a fight, ready for a game, but after ten minutes it was impossible.

    ‘We kept going and we did as much as we could, played with pride and desire, but of course some part of the belief had gone.’

    Wenger, though, maintains all is not lost and is convinced his team’s time will come.

    ‘It’s easy to say that it is a bit of experience [we lack], but I am convinced that we have the quality and we will continue to develop,’ he said.

    ‘If you look at the average age of the team, it is still very young.

    ‘To reach that level deserves a lot of credit, but we were caught by a team who has the art to kill and take advantage of mistakes.’

  34. ethangunner

    well at last some good news ..
    even thou its from the sun ill take it 🙂

    Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has dropped hints he may leave the club, saying he speaks to AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani regularly and describes the club as “sexy as Beyonce” says The Sun.