Who would you have tomorrow? 1 nil down 3-1 up.

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So one day to go, one day and ninety minutes away from the champions league final in Rome and it’s at home in front of 50 odd thousand Arsenal fans, me and Pedro included, we will never have a better chance than this, it really has 1989 written all over it doesn’t it? The anniversary, the playing the defending champions, the needing 2 goals, the drama, the fact that we are playing a team that no one gives us a chance against, it’s all there isn’t it???

So who will will play? I write this post today because it still gives the boss time to think about his selection, the only no-no’s are Eduardo, Rosicky, Gallas, fish head and Arshavin, so let’s pick our team shall we?

The team that beat Portsmouth almost got my vote, Pompey are no pushovers and that was an exciting side we had, but we will be playing the Mancs and they are better than them.

What stood out for me was the fact we looked strong at the back (mostly) and dominated the midfield. Eboue did look solid at the back, but he always does for me, but left back, that’s the first time I’ve seen him there and he was good and he made some good supportive runs as well.

Song partnered Djourou at the back and they both played well, Djourou has to be a shoe in there, maybe we should play Song just in front of them against the Mancs.

I thought Ramsey played a blinder, he really is going to be a Bryan Robson type player and I would take him over Denilson all day long, yes I know Arshavin said Denilson had a great game, but I am looking at a team to win on Tuesday and Denilson still gives the ball away too much for me.

Walcott played well and I think that Vela on the left is now a must, he gives us width and penetration and he’s not afraid to have a pop, he could be the ace in the pack.

Bendtner still has heart and can be a handful so he gets the nod for me up front and I would pick Robin, fit or not over Ade, Ade is a lazy arrogant bastard, but drop him, he may be better from the bench.

We need to win this by 2 clear or one and penalties, so we need 11 on the pitch that run their bollocks off, Ade only cares about Ade, yes he may play and score two goals, but on recent evidence he’ll be offside and do nothing, and in a match of this importance we cannot take that chance, Diaby should not get near the stadium, but apart from that, I would play the ones that want it most.


Sagna Kolo Djourou Gibbs/Eboue

Song/no one if 4-4-2

Walcott Cesc Nasri/Ramsey/Song Vela

Bendtner Robin the boy wonder

So the above depends on 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 but I would send them out to shut down every move, chase every ball, shoot on target, in short, overwhelm them, it doesn’t matter now, we have played our last game, injuries don’t count, the EPL doesn’t matter, the final is meaningless because if we don’t beat the Mancs, there won’t be one.

We can do this, we just need to send the keenest side out there, the team that beat Pompey were far better than the team that lost to the Mancs, individually they aren’t but who cares, I would sooner see us try and go out, than to play like we did with prima donna’s at Old Trafford.

Arsenal, this is it, this is our last chance for glory for another 1 year and 3 weeks.

make the most of it, do us proud.

Now Arsene, have at look at my selection and read some of the comments below, it may help!

Enjoy the holiday Grovers, tomorrow is our season in 90 minutes.

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  1. A

    however i’d much much rather someone top quality was brought in than senderos returned, and i think wenger will be doing everything in his power to make that happen – he realises how badly we need a world class centre back

  2. A

    ha cheers bbk, i’m only talking about centre back though, we’ve got top top quality players everywhere else!


    not once has lescott been raped by drogba or torres where as senderos shits himself at the thought of coming up against those two

  4. Stu

    Now your talking some bollocks A. No way do we need to buy inexperienced players just because one day they MIGHT be world beaters. And as defenders they will never be world beaters.

    Put the best defender in the world into a team that doesnt care much about defending and has no organisation and he will look shit. Get organised etc at the back and we would be fine. As it is Wenger doesnt respect the defensive aspect of football enough, hence why he doesnt buy good defenders. He buys footballers and puts them in defence.

  5. Paulinho

    My summer wishlist.

    Cissokho of Porto to replace Clichy
    Lucho Gonzales of Porto to play centrally.
    Yoann Gourcuff to play the playmaker role.
    Samuel Etoo


    a-we haven’t got a striker that can hit 30 goals plus a season at the club we need a worldy striker also. the midfield don’t score enough goals between themselves either.

  7. Stu

    Why Cissokho Paulinho?

    Clichy is an amazing athlete, like the vast majority of our players are, but when they lose their speed etc they will be pretty shite.

    Clichy is great because he is so fast and runs all day long. But he isnt the greatest footballer. We should have players that dont rely on their pace but that are very god footballers first and athletes second.

  8. Paulinho

    I was impressed with Cissokho against United Stu, more conviction in the final third than Clichy.

    For an attacking side, Clichy is a complete joke going forward.


    gibbs has come in and done ok he’s no where near ready for a full season yet maybe another year under his belt

  10. A

    dunno about that stu – sol, gallas were great defenders, cygan, senderos certainly weren’t footballers just put in defence! They’re defenders and nothing else!!

    I’m not sure how you’d class having promising youngsters with massive potential in reserve bollocks, seeing as it’s the mantra that the club has been build on since wenger arrived, and is the case with every position other than centre back!!

    because we played nice football we were always ignored when it came to defensive strength, the teams that won the championship, and the team that got to the champs league final was incredibly strong defensively as well, wenger doesn’t ignore the defence, the last couple of seasons he’s just fucked up when it’s come to it!

    lucho and gourcuff instead of who paulinho?!

  11. Paulinho

    Stu, I think he’s poor in every aspect bar the odd surge into midfield.

    When he’s feeling confident he is a good player but all to often he’s jittery and nervous, which undermines him.

    Wenger is aware of it as well. He usually doesn’t have reserve left backs. He only likes one. Clichy days are numbered.


    that spud game at home fucked clichy up this season in a big way i dont think he’s fully over that yet

  13. Paulinho

    It’s a hardline list, and Diaby and Clichy are the lesser evils, but I just feel they’ll never cut it.

    A, Lucho would replace Denilson and Gourcuff would allow Arshavin to play more as a forward. Nasri can sit on the bench.

    Hey, I can dream.

  14. Stu

    Thats a tad hypocritical there A.

    You say we have promosing youngsters with massive piotential in reerve yet you still want us to buy Sakho because he WILL be an amazing defender. What makes you thing our reserve defenders wont be just as good. After all Sakho has been playing first team football for a while now so obviously he would be better than most players his age because of it.

    Playing against better opposition makes you yourself better. Is it not true?

  15. Paulinho

    BBK, you could argue it began at Man City the previous week, when he let the City guy cross it for Gelson Fernandes.

  16. A

    nasri is gonna sit on the bench next season paulinho – but it’ll be rosicky not gourcuff putting him there!!

    i dunno re lucho – denilson is gonna be a reserve next season anyways, i’m not sure lucho would be happy with that!!

    i agree about clichy, but think the same about sagna to an extent, neither are real footballers, neither have the brain or technique to contribute in any way other than defensively

  17. Stu

    Diaby wont ever cut it.

    Paulinho. Gourcuff and AA would want to both play behind the striker(s) so buying Gourcuff wouldnt help AA in any way imo.

  18. Paulinho

    Stu, I think Gourcuff might have the physique to forge a career a bit deeper than Arshavin. He’s got the physical tools to do a shift on the left and also attack.

    Arshavin is short, stocky, explosive and designed for damaging bursts.

    We could have:

    Walcott/Nasri Fabregas Lucho Gourcuff



  19. A

    i don’t know that sakho is great stu – i’ve never seen him play, i just believe we need a very talented centre back with the potential to be a top top player, and sakho is very highly rated. I don’t rate any of our reserve defenders amazingly highly, our only young reserve defender really is jd, and he isn’t ever going to be a top top player.

    how’s it hypocritical in any way?! we have incredibly talented players in reserve in every position apart from centre back, so it makes sense that i’d want us to sign a centre back….


    now that is a player i would love to see join n the summer ade bye or plus gourcuff would be a good deal

  21. freduardo

    maybe we are a bit midfield heavy, apart from a box to box, aggressive player.

    I would like to see Gourcuff join us also, but, with Fab, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Song, Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey already there, I dont know if it’s realistic.

    I would be happy enough if Diaby left, but that’s all.

    I think it’s really CBs and a striker we should hope for. I think Nasri will be pivotal in the centre for us next year, and will become first choice.
    Basically re Gourcuff, nice player, but I cannot see it happening (though I’d be delighted if it did).

  22. A

    i’m very doubtful as to whether we can hope for a striker freduardo – unless both vp and ade go.

    i expect ade to go, but even then we’ve got alot of forwards.

    a hell of a lot is expected of vela, and ade going will just mean he’ll play more, along with bendtner starting more.

    forward wise (if ade goes) we’ve got vp, eduardo, bendtner, vela, theo, arshavin.

    i really don’t see how wenger would consider there to be room for another addition.

    vela didn’t play enough this season because of the number of people in front of him, and that was with eduardo not kicking a ball, and arshavin only arriving in january, even if ade goes there’s no way wenger would sign someone who would come straight into the squad and jump ahead in the pecking order of vela and bendtner

  23. ethangunner

    Oh A …

    not again …
    our strikers are either not ready or basically injury 75 % of the season …

    we need some fresh blood .. and ill eat my hat if we dont get a new striker ..
    i do concur ade will go .. he is crap and even the boss can see it now i think …

    on reflection he made a huge mistake buying diaby and ade … it was a double fuck up ..
    2 very poor acquisitions at the same time

  24. A

    it’s irrelevant what we “need”, with those forwards, vela waiting to come through, bendtner needing more games etc, there’s no way that wenger will bring someone in ahead of those two, so it’s not worth talking about! i’ll eat my hat if we do sign a new striker, there’s absolutely no chance of it in my eyes!!

  25. ethangunner

    one thing is for sure , i dont think we will get any more midfield players unless a cheap DM drops on the table ..

    and replace accordingly
    infact i think wenger will ‘replace accordingly’

    sell ade ….replace accordingly
    let gallas go ….replace accordingly

    i can only see wenger getting a backup goal keeper if the right one for the right price comes along . like a la poom ..

    and a DM if one becomes available at the right price (next to nothing)

  26. A

    neither were anything like poor acquisitions ethan either, both were for the price paid fantastic acquisitions!! diaby never fulfilled his potential, but has been a good squad player for a number of years, and cost very little.

    ade was bought as a plan b, but because of injuries because a plan a, and ended up as a monster than got completely out of control!! the thing that has made ade problematic now is that he did too well last season!! he’s still got the attributes to be a very good plan b, big leggy fucker to bring on and hoof balls up to, but because he scored so many goals last season, and his head and ego grew to the size it is now, he’s more trouble than he’s worth so we’ll flog him. Still, he could never be classed as a poor acquisition or a fuck up in the slightest!

  27. A

    ethan the thing is ade won’t be replaced

    vela is very very highly rated, he is ade’s replacement in terms of numbers.

    wenger just wouldn’t bring someone in which would result in vela playing even less than this season, because eduardo would be back as well, it just wouldn’t happen.

    the only way a forward would come in is if vp goes, and i really don’t expect him to.

  28. A

    i agree about midfield players, though i could maybe see wenger signing someone for a little bit of a price, like a 5/6 mil young french centre mid who shares flamini’s attributes, but then again he might be hoping that that’s what ramsey will become.

    it’ll be defenders and defenders only in terms of biggish signings, and ade will go to fund it

  29. ethangunner

    we need experience up front A , ade will have to be replaced and for the money they should get , it would be frowned upon if anything else transpired . well all know he’s paid either
    80-110k a week , and i think vela however promising is still a bit like theo , light weight when push comes to shove .. nik b too !
    plus i see vela on the left wing IMO …
    nasri in the center .. and AA moving up to support striker ..

    As for diaby , the prick was injured for like a year or 2 and then played out of position as wenger couldnt play him as an AM . there was no room for him .. it was a fuckin balls up if your honest ..

    and ade , well ! worse acquisition of the decade for wenger IMO .. it was close to 10 mil on ade !

    fuck i wouldnt take him for 10 p ..

  30. A

    ethan vela isn’t lightweight in the slightest?! he’s incredibly strong in terms of upper body strength, he’s bulked up massively this season. Didn’t you watch the pompey game – he was brushing sol and distin off the ball all game, it was incredible for someone of his size!

    close to ten million for ade ethan?! it was 7 million…. which is fuck all for a forward in today’s market, and an incredible steal. even with his weaknesses, ade is still worth twice as much as that, so it was a very very good buy at the time!! it’s the sort of money that gets you a dave kitson, and less than half the money that gets you darren bent!!

    neither are good enough to be regulars for us, but to say either was a bad acquisition let alone the worst in a decade is simply ludicrous! for the price we paid for both of them they were very good signings, and it’s pretty much impossible to argue otherwise with any sort of rationality!

    vela is a centre forward, only a winger in 4-3-3 sort of formation, and he’s ready to start much more.

    currently we have vp, eduardo, bendtner, vela, theo, arshavin. (that’s if ade goes)

    wenger keeps faith in his players, has massive expectations for bendtner, vela, and theo, and would not buy someone in above their heads, he just doesn’t work like that, and never has!!

  31. ethangunner

    yes one thing is for sure ramsey-vela-nikb will either play a lot more or be sold on ..

    and i say sold on in nik B’s case .
    because at the end of the day im not sure anyone will take ade ..

  32. A

    the only way we could end up with a forward signing come the start of next season is if vp leaves. i’m actually starting to wonder whether it could be a possibility, though depending on who and how much etc. He’s a fantastic player but I’m not sure he’s totally suited to our style of play, and if wenger could swap him for someone who’s equally talented, but would be a more efficient and suitable forward, there could be bargaining to be done, and i could see him making a move, though it’ll all depend on vp’s new contract

  33. A

    absolutely no way bendtner will go ethan, wenger rates him incredibly highly, as do i!! bendtner will stay and score a good 20 plus goals next year, as well as being fantastic for the team, he’s got a massive future at the club imo and he’ll be around for a good while longer

  34. A

    though again if bendtner or vela left we could get a forward, but i don’t see that happening in a million years so i don’t see us getting a forward!


    absolutely no way bendtner will go ethan, wenger rates him incredibly highly, as do i!! bendtner will stay and score a good 20 plus goals next year, as well as being fantastic for the team, he’s got a massive future at the club imo and he’ll be around for a good while longer…..i hope not


    i know he won’t be fantastic and score 20 goals.he hasn’t got that kinda form in him

  37. A

    wenger has been building this team for a good few years, vp and cesc are now the main men, and the likes of denilson, song, bendtner, theo all started from the bottom and have been working their way up, and now are at a level where they’re ready to play. There’s no way wenger would pull the rug from under them and bash them down another couple of notches, which is why we won’t be getting in a dm or a striker. It just isn’t the way Wenger works, he wouldn’t undermine his long terms plans and players he’s earmarked as future stars by bringing in people above their heads just as they’re looking ready for the first team.

  38. A

    well he’s had a very difficult season this year and been hugely off form and lacking confidence at times and still got 13 goals thus far bbk….

  39. Ja_Gunner

    HEy A I still say we try the Barca formation next year because we have so many forwards.

    Sell Ade..buy mahamadou Diarra and Sahko….Gallas stays

    So we have






    Song/Diarra/Den = Yaya/Busquets
    Cesc/Diaby = Xavi
    Nas/Rosick = Iniesta
    Theo/Vela = Messi
    RVP/Eddy = Etoo
    Arsh/Bent = Henry

  40. ethangunner

    i can see wenger keeping nik , but if ade stays im sure nik will realize his time on the pitch will be limited accordingly .

    as for diaby and ade , over all they have been poor for various reasons , ade because he is hopeless , and diaby because there is no room for him in an already stacked midfield plus of his injury prone nature.

    this makes them poor acquisitions as the money could be better spent in other areas IMO .

  41. A

    lol what on earth does that have to do with anything?!

    a header is just as much of a goal as anything else, otherwise shearer was really shite wasn’t he!!

    the only thing imo that takes away from a goal is a penalty, which i don’t really count. Though if it wasn’t for penalties i wouldn’t be top scorer of the team i play for, so for those purposes they do count!

  42. A

    dunno about diarra ja, and i’m certain gallas will go, i do think we’ll play that formation a lot though with how many forward players we’ve got. I don’t think it’ll be as simple as having 2 players for one position though, there’s a massive amount of flexibility in it.

    i think it’ll be kolo with someone like sakho in reserve, a new centre back with jd in reserve, agree about the rest of the defence and keeper






    sorry, that’s really confusing!! i just mean that all those players could and will be used in all those positions depending on fitness, form, injuries, and the nature of the oppositon!

    ethan how could the money have been better spent?!

    over the time they’ve been at the club, ade’s contributions has been worth well over 7 million and likewise diaby well over 2 million! likewise they’re worth much more money now than we paid for them if we were to sell them (which i think we will sooner rather than later)

    neither player is up to much, but 9 million for 2 players of their calibre is great business!

  43. A

    not the penalty no bbk, i wouldn’t count that as his goal as such, or think of it as great in his goal tally, he scored a header though as well, and generally put in a fantastic performance.

  44. ethangunner


    i think that is what you need from a plan b , a winner of headers ..

    ade certainly for a big man struggles to get them.
    considering ade is such a supposed BIG prescence in the box his conversion is still pretty crap .

    he would rather the ball at his feet instead of playing to his strengths .

    i do think nik B will be a good prospect for AFC , at least he can pass and play semi – intelligently for a big man ..


    well david james instead of catching it threw it into the goal i count that as an own goal lolllllllllllllllll

  46. A

    own goals work in that if the ball wasn’t already going in then a keeper/defender knocks it in then it’s an own goal. if the ball is already going in then it’s deemed a deflection otherwise the top scorers table in the premiership would consist primarily of keepers scoring OGs!! lampard would have 3/4 of his career tally chalked off as well!!


    well it wasn’t going in so i count that as an own goal he had it in his arms and then threw it in the goal so funny

  48. A

    ethan when ade first arrived he was an awesome plan b – attacked and won headers all over the park. it was as soon as he’d decided that he’d “made it” so he didn’t have to fight tooth and nail for everything that his use in that area completely disappeared.

    It’s really frustrating, he could still be a very good plan B, as he was always intended to be, but his freak over-achievement last term destroyed it!!

    Bendtner though isn’t just a plan B, he’s very good foil in a 2 man frontline for a nippy good forward, he compliments his strike partner very well and creates a lot of chances, which is why eduardo and vela love playing with him so much. I’m not sure how much he’d start with a fully fit side in the barca formation though

  49. A

    you sure about that bbk?! it was going in obviously, it was a header that james should save every time, but i didn’t think it was a funny howler?!

    tried to post the link on 101 great goals but it didn’t get through moderation!


    it ws funny in the sense of being so bad that i had to laugh and think you really are shit lol

  51. ethangunner


    to be the greatest i hope you agree we need to aim far higher ..

    when you think about us being always in the final 16 of the C.L it means we are one of the top teams in the world ..
    close but no cigar ..
    to take that final great step we need to see…

    our team roster that should consist of names like benzema – villa – torres – pato – bojan ..

    he should be getting these gems from LESSER teams ..(don’t take each name literal )

    And not banking on players that may or may not make it ,and continually using the EPL as a testing ground .. and when one finally does hit the big time ..he is hot property and has to have annual questions asked of his loyalty ..

    which hleb and flamini failed
    and so far cesc has passed ..

    but with each fleeting year cesc’s will must be growing weaker .

    when i can see teams like wigan and manshitty that have names that look like great players ..

    valencia – giovanni – elano – kompany – richards
    barry etc..

    it makes you wonder if they were not under wenger how much greater they would be !

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    Just as I thought, Le Prof resisted the temptation of playing RVP @ Old Cow Paddock. Well if this plan of his comes off, that being Arsenal knock manure out @ the semi final stage, Le Prof will have to thank The Spanish Waiter.

    Surely Le Gaffer isn’t going to out wit manures great big fuck wit Old Sweaty Sock in front of a world audience of 3 billion plus. There will be no place for The Jock to hide if it happens πŸ˜†

    I’m not predicting anything, but I’m suspicious that Wenger has kept his gunpowder dry, waiting till he can see the whites of Old Fergie’s eyes, to hit him with the ultimate sucker punch. It couldn’t happen could it πŸ˜‰ No it couldn’t, manure are unbeatable. Anyone outside of The Gooner family will tell u that πŸ˜†

  53. ethangunner


    I’m not predicting anything

    youve been saying all week we are going tear them a new one .

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    No I haven’t ethan. Just setting scenarios that could happen. My head says we are not going to progress. But somehow I don’t think that Le Gaffer has shown his full hand yet. & why would he. Normally @ this stage Mr Wenger is complaining about something, or giving the opo amo, but this time he has pretty much just shut up. So if we do progress, then truely Arsene Knows πŸ˜† what can I say.

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    ….one thing is for sure. Arsenal has not played well this tournament, well they did in Turkey, but if SAF reckonsthat all he has to do is counter attack to win through, he is underestimating The Club, &/or Le Gaffer.

  56. Jay

    Ur right GG9 – the sounds this time are very different – similar to 06 imo. I dont think i will sleep properly 2nite (i will pay for it 2morow at work)..
    But what a remarkable win we will need to go through 0 there will be drama!

  57. ethangunner


    i cannot imagine what wenger has under his hat that would be classified as a secret weapon ..

    RVP to start ?
    Rosicky to start ?

    well the best im hoping for is a RVP start with theo along side him in a 4-4-2 . vela in there somewhere with nasri and cesc ..

    rio is back and dudu is still out, so if anyone would win mind games currently it would be red nose being 1 up ..

    if i was wenger id keep a zip on it too !

  58. ethangunner

    thinking about the line up

    big Al
    the best back 4 ..
    nasri cesc song vela

    let nasri – vela and theo supply RVP and we have a chance .

  59. Mandanda

    re: Gourcuff & Ade

    Bordeaux have first option on him. As part of the terms to secure his loan, I think, if they want him he is theirs but they would have to pay Β£15m (not sure on this figure though)…In essence, AC Milan messed up there!

    I think Ade cost 6 million Euros (or less) if we sell him for more than Β£15 million that would be good investment considering he has scored more than 45 goals in 2 seasons!

    If we score within the first 20 mins then I think we’d go through

  60. kelsey

    Good Morning/evening all.

    I am sure the adrenilin is running high amongst all of us,as we wait for the countdown.On paper united are overwhelming favorites,yet I feel quite at ease that we can win tonight,but overall is another matter.Those attending have been given little flags and the vocal support is needed to urge the players on.I am sure the players will get the full backing of the paying customers.
    Will we as so often fail to come out of the traps,I sincerely hope not.Whatever the agenda of players like Adebayor are in the summer,i ask they all give 100%,motivation shouldn’t be an issue as this is our biggest game for many a year.Wenger knows who is available,and unlike him he has been very bullish all week.We are fortunate to be still in the tie,and maybe ladyluck will favour us tonight.I can never predict a team of Wenger’s as i still believe he cocked up big time by not including AA in the cup semi final,bad pitch or not.Let’s roar on the lads tonight and hopefully we will progress.My guess is that Eboue will play,and we should capitalize on the fact that 3 united players are already on a yellow card.

  61. ethangunner


    totally agree about gourcuff, and he’s french which makes it realistic to believe ..

    he is probably one of the last up and coming talents the french have .. we got nasri , if we got him and benzema i think the summer window wouldnt look a total shambles .

    i feel wengers biggest problem will be holding onto what he’s got again ..

  62. Mandanda

    I think the team for tonight would be,


    Sagna Toure JD Gibbs

    Theo Cesc Song Nasri



    Vela, Denilson and Ramsey to make sub appearances…

    Good morning all

  63. ethangunner

    Geoff kel

    DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THEO – RVP contract signing ?
    is it done ?
    is it not ?

    ANYONE ?

  64. Duke

    Morning all,
    Mandanda that team looks exactly what Wenger will play, but you never know he might put Den instead of RvP and Eboue for Theo, and FishFace for JD and then we are fucked.

    But I think that team is realistic, and i have a feeling like we are a certain Pacman and ManUre are a certain Manc, 2 rounds to 0, 2 goals to 0. Sounds good? πŸ˜€

  65. Geoff

    Ethan it’s not done yet as Wenger has said he’ll wait until the season is over, he also said he’ll buy no one, which is disappointing, I guess he’ll only buy if players leave.

    Hopefully Ade out and Benzema in but I still feel we need that centre back.

  66. ethangunner

    hey duke πŸ™‚
    you beat me to it πŸ™‚

    id like to take out ade and give vela a left wing birth ..

    i think we need a few fearless players into the mix tonight .. jack and vela never seem to fear anyone ..

  67. Mandanda


    It’ll be great if we could get Gourcuff, he’s got both the physic and technique to do well in the EPL and for wengerball…however, i fear we could be outbid if it became an auction as i suspect it would

    About the contract with Theo and RvP I think AW suspended all contract negotiations until the end of the season, stating that they had to focus on their energies to winning of the FA and ECL!

  68. PDT

    I would like to see Vela play today. If Nasri does not perform in the first half, let’s get Vela on.

  69. Lazer


    I am so nervous I don’t think I will be able to watch kickoff. The first leg the mancs played a blinder from the start and 20 mins in I felt the game was up. I don’t know how the players deal with it but if they pull through it will be some feat.

    Too be honest and not pessimistic I think us making it is a big stretch. But there is always a chance even when seemingly impossible, although on paper or experience we do not have much of one.I know the mancs are just as nervous as us, they might not admit to it but they always fear and respect us as much as us them (at least I do) more then anyone else in England really. But I also know if we don’t make it they will act like the arrogant self righteous we knew it all along bastards only they can.

    Are we ready to take the next step? Out of all of Wenger’s “rebuilding” seasons this seems the most unlikely for a final berth. We have had injuries to Cesc, Walcott, Ade, Eduardo, Rosicky, Gallas, Rvp, Clichy, Diaby. Couple that with the Gallas captain intrigue and losing Flamini and Helb and this season had disastrous (no top 4, out of QFs or worse of all cups) written all over it. So we turned it around with adding Arshavin, reinvigorating Gallas and Toure and keeping it tight at the back while the injured brigade came back. All credit to Wenger and the team for holding the fort when no one else really believed. I don’t care what anyone says, a 21 game PL streak is nothing to scoff at.

    When that whistle blows I hope we are ready for that next step..if not, its not the end of the world, just the end of the season.

  70. ethangunner


    gallas has been way to quiet , i think youll get your CD , at the loss of gallas …

  71. PDT

    Lazer, think back to 2006. It felt like a disastrous year on every other front. Yet we reached the CL finals!

    Rome awaits us!

  72. kelsey

    RVP has said it is not a money issue with him,but he hasn’t signed yet as hw wants to see if the present side can win trophies,which I read that he wants more experience brought into the side.A bit choice from him,when he has spent half his time with us injued,and is not performing as well as he has done before.I kbnow for a fact that RM are in negotiations with him(as I posted last week) but nothing more than that at the moment,as ramos is leaving.

    Theo’s contract is running down,though i personally don’t know about his option to extend.

  73. Mandanda

    oh Geoff beat me to that one πŸ˜‰

    AW might not need to hang to our player so much this season as we’ve had a very mediocre one, apart from say Theo whose ‘Englishness’ is a good marketing asset. Actually, it might be the reverse problem in getting rid of players like Rosicky, RvP or even Ade πŸ™‚
    I really hope Gallas stays

  74. ethangunner


    it sounds like theo and RVP could be off then ..
    maybe not theo so much .. as wenger needs him in the squad for C.L numbers .

    id be surprised if RVP – gallas and ade are still with us next season ..

    id also let go of a few others too ..
    wenger wont have any option but to buy IMO .

    but it will be the same old caper , sell them before you buy ..

  75. Geoff

    I will have money Robin and Theo stay if Gallas goes Arshavin will have his squad number and the balance will be restored.

  76. kelsey

    Geoff morning,
    can you shed some light on the shares Kroenke bought,sounds a bit like insider trading,and he bought the last lot on “credit”as i understand it.

  77. Lazer

    Gallas wants out for sure I think. He is a model professional or at least has been since he got stripped of the captaincy. I don’t think he fits in the dressing room anymore though. His body language betrays his intentions even though he performed nothing short of admirably.

  78. Mandanda

    Geoff i think Milan would bite our hands for that πŸ™‚

    Gourcuff would be ideal behind the striker or even deeper he’s the French Kaka

  79. kelsey

    Gallas is our biggest loss this season for the run in.Crap captain,but a leader on he field.if he goes who will replace him,Djorou ???

  80. ethangunner


    yes i think that means he will be on the hunt for a new club , wenger wont strengthen as such , more like replace the ones that leave .

    as much as i rate RVP ive said several times he’s too injured for my liking and providing wenger gets benzema , Klaas-Jan Huntelaar or someone of that magnitude i wont be too disappointed

  81. Lazer

    Why can’t Wenger leverage his frenchness and get Benzema and Gorcuff for us. Get rid of bit parts like Diaby, Bischoff, some others.

  82. Lazer

    Kelsey-I agree with you. Gallas was slated over and over again, but when we lost him that hurt us more then any other injury really. Who was it that crashed into him? Rossi? That ex-manc little twerp.

  83. PDT

    Guys, today’s the day to talk about all the wondrous goals this squad has scored; not a good time to discuss transfers.

    If we win the CL, and I bet all of us want to win it, Arsene will have a strong reason not to have to buy anyone.

  84. gooner para vida

    This from Arseblog…

    “This is probably the biggest ever game at the new stadium and there’s no question the fans have a part to play. There’ll be 60,000+ people there tonight. The club are providing red flags, urging everyone to wear read, and to make as much noise as possible. Every single Arsenal fan there tonight needs to shout and roar and sing the songs. Ultimately it’s down to the 11 players on the pitch but if they know the crowd are with them then it does make a difference. It can provide tired legs with that last surge of energy that might stop a goal or score a goal.

    We have to rock the Grove tonight, ladies and gentlemen. This is Arsenal, fighting for a place in the Champions League final, against Manchester United. If that’s not a reason to support the team as loudly as possible then I don’t know what is. You don’t need to have a voice like Pavarotti to sing, you just need to open your mouth and make noise. And if someone said to you ‘Arsenal will win if you sing the songs tonight’, wouldn’t it be an easy task to ensure our qualification?

    Remember, the guy or girl to your left or right is an Arsenal fan. The boys in red are your team. Our team. United are the enemy. United would kill your mum. They’d run over your puppy and then point and laugh. They would make you listen to Phil Collins. They would insist on putting cloves on everything. They would dip their pizza in ketchup. They would offer you a cup of coffee then serve you chicory. They would force you to watch Tom Hanks films. They would kidnap you then read to you from the novels of Dan Brown. They would drive really slowly in front of you when you’re in a hurry then speed up so they get through the amber light and leave you stuck at the red. They would chew gum loudly in your ear. They would come on our pitch and dance after getting one of our players sent off because of their theatrics. They would score a goal in the last few minutes of a semi-final then show everyone their hairy chest. They would dive to win a penalty to stop us going 50 games unbeaten. They would sing disgusting songs about our manager.

    Need I go on? They are not our rivals, not our competitors, not our competitors, not our peers: they are the enemy. Treat them as such.

    And in the face of such monstrous evil, such hideous, diving, tantrum throwing, ballerina, monster faced malevolence, make sure you let our lads know that they are fighting the good fight, on the side of truth and righteousness. For, after all, we are The Arsenal.”

  85. gnarleygeorge9

    We will find out just what Le Prof is made of after the final whistle. But in a situation like now, I’m not going to criticise anyone, or bag the team before the game starts. What the fuck for. Its un Autrslain to bag your team/representative pre match, But I spose thats why we’ve have so many World Champions over the years. We Believe.

    As for transfers, there will be 3 months to think about that. Thats like saying I wonder what will happen during retirement. Now is the only thing that matters. Now.

  86. Mandanda

    PDT, are you suggesting it might be better that we lost for our long term future?

    Lazer, I really wish Arsene leveraged his frenchness in getting Ribery last summer, was it Β£14m or Β£17m Baryern payed, i think we would have like the French party at the grove too! Benzema, on the other hand, was reported to have said he’d like to play in Spain (barca or real) and of course there’s the smaller matter of paying of Β£30m

    Duke, hey that lineup is close to what beat Villareal last round maybe Silvestre for JD but that scenario is frightening but possible considering the way our season has gone thus far

  87. Gunner8

    Less than half a day now… …Wenger if you’re listening, play Djourou and not Secret Agent Cat