Who would you have tomorrow? 1 nil down 3-1 up.

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So one day to go, one day and ninety minutes away from the champions league final in Rome and it’s at home in front of 50 odd thousand Arsenal fans, me and Pedro included, we will never have a better chance than this, it really has 1989 written all over it doesn’t it? The anniversary, the playing the defending champions, the needing 2 goals, the drama, the fact that we are playing a team that no one gives us a chance against, it’s all there isn’t it???

So who will will play? I write this post today because it still gives the boss time to think about his selection, the only no-no’s are Eduardo, Rosicky, Gallas, fish head and Arshavin, so let’s pick our team shall we?

The team that beat Portsmouth almost got my vote, Pompey are no pushovers and that was an exciting side we had, but we will be playing the Mancs and they are better than them.

What stood out for me was the fact we looked strong at the back (mostly) and dominated the midfield. Eboue did look solid at the back, but he always does for me, but left back, that’s the first time I’ve seen him there and he was good and he made some good supportive runs as well.

Song partnered Djourou at the back and they both played well, Djourou has to be a shoe in there, maybe we should play Song just in front of them against the Mancs.

I thought Ramsey played a blinder, he really is going to be a Bryan Robson type player and I would take him over Denilson all day long, yes I know Arshavin said Denilson had a great game, but I am looking at a team to win on Tuesday and Denilson still gives the ball away too much for me.

Walcott played well and I think that Vela on the left is now a must, he gives us width and penetration and he’s not afraid to have a pop, he could be the ace in the pack.

Bendtner still has heart and can be a handful so he gets the nod for me up front and I would pick Robin, fit or not over Ade, Ade is a lazy arrogant bastard, but drop him, he may be better from the bench.

We need to win this by 2 clear or one and penalties, so we need 11 on the pitch that run their bollocks off, Ade only cares about Ade, yes he may play and score two goals, but on recent evidence he’ll be offside and do nothing, and in a match of this importance we cannot take that chance, Diaby should not get near the stadium, but apart from that, I would play the ones that want it most.


Sagna Kolo Djourou Gibbs/Eboue

Song/no one if 4-4-2

Walcott Cesc Nasri/Ramsey/Song Vela

Bendtner Robin the boy wonder

So the above depends on 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 but I would send them out to shut down every move, chase every ball, shoot on target, in short, overwhelm them, it doesn’t matter now, we have played our last game, injuries don’t count, the EPL doesn’t matter, the final is meaningless because if we don’t beat the Mancs, there won’t be one.

We can do this, we just need to send the keenest side out there, the team that beat Pompey were far better than the team that lost to the Mancs, individually they aren’t but who cares, I would sooner see us try and go out, than to play like we did with prima donna’s at Old Trafford.

Arsenal, this is it, this is our last chance for glory for another 1 year and 3 weeks.

make the most of it, do us proud.

Now Arsene, have at look at my selection and read some of the comments below, it may help!

Enjoy the holiday Grovers, tomorrow is our season in 90 minutes.

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  1. GoonerGod

    Not looking forward to tomorrow. Have this really sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. It may just be nerves. If you’re like me, I think the worst possible time to be eliminated from any tournament is the semi’s. I bet everyone here would rather be knocked out in group stages, last 16, last 8 and even the final. But the thought of going out to those plastic Mancs tomorrow night sickens me.
    My team would be:
    Sagna JD Kolo Eboue
    Walcott Cesc Nasri Vela
    Bendtner Adebayor

    Notice no Song or Denilson, but I really think we’re going to need 3 goals tomorrow, so there’s no need for the crab that is Denilson. And Song can be kept on bench in case we do go 2-0 up with 15mins to go to sure things up.
    Up the Gunners…
    We’re off to Roma, we’re on our way, how will we get there we don’t know, how will we get there we don’t care, I’ll probably use Ryanair.

  2. Phobia

    Adebayor-Van Persie
    Arsenal 3 – Man United 1
    Barcelona & Arsenal Finals

  3. Paulinho

    I think Wenger fears Bendtner will never fulfill his true potential with Ade cramping his style.

    It’s been commented on how Bendtner seems alot more confident and assertive playing with the younger players and I think if Ade leaves Bendtner will step up a level.

    Vela is already a better player than Ade anyway and should be first choice with Eduardo next season.

  4. Mayank

    so who’ll be our 2 strikers..there will be 2 since wenger has conceded it works..walcott upfront with nick right may do the trick..i think he defends more that theo anyway..crosses i don’t think so//

  5. Confidentgoner


    With so much Arsenal pressure you’d think we should be 3-0 this hal time.

    Back to tuesday.

    The best form of defense is attack. We need to attack Man U, while not allowing them to hit long balls over our back line. ManU are very good defensively see Barca last year. We also need players TO SHOOT OUTSIDE THE 18YD BOX. Van der sar will definitely spill some and provide opportunities for tap ins. Am more comfotable with Toure Djorou partnership because, they both are pacy.

  6. lc


    Sagna- Kolo- Djourou- Gibbs.

    Eboue- Cesc- Song- Nasri.

    Walcott- Bentner. 4-4-2.



    Sagna- Toure- Djourou- Eboue.

    Cesc- Song.

    Walcott- Nasri- Vela.

    Bentner. 4-2-3-1.

  7. irishgunner

    Confident – Its a bit like watching the men play. Lots of nice play and creating great chances but not taking them. Grant should have had two. Still, Sunderland might tire so might get a few more.

    Tomorrow – RvP will start, its too big a game.

  8. Mayank

    i think we’ll lose if we try to go all out attack..first priority should be to not concede..its not practical to plan for 3 goals..didnt we play with 3 cb at anfield ’89..even if we dont have a goal at HT..ITS UP FOR GRABS NOW!!

  9. Confidentgoner

    I will play

    Wacott can link up with Ade and run at Vidic. We will see fouls on the young man due to his pace. Do not be surprised to see a 10 man ManU after 90mins. Ade or Bendt can start depending on who’s more confident. I will still go with Ade and Bendter to come in later for him

  10. Pedro

    If you’re interested:


    Report from last week’s meeting:

    • If Arsenal reach the Champions League Final, there will be 17,000 tickets available to Arsenal fans. 19,000 tickets allocated to each competing club; Arsenal have 2,000 people who are contractually guaranteed tickets (e.g. box holders).
    • The Club believe their policies regarding allocation of tickets for cup finals, semi finals, etc, are working successfully

    Atmosphere & Support
    • 60,000 red flags have been ordered, to give to fans at the Manchester United home Champions League game.
    • The Club plan to create a Fans Forum place for REDaction, from next season.

    Family Enclosure & Cannon Club
    • An additional Family Enclosure area, with a capacity of 1,000, will be created in the Upper Tier next season, and concession tickets will be made available there.
    • Also from next season, Cannon Club members will be able to buy tickets at concession prices, outside the Family Enclosure.

    Season Ticket Renewals
    • Season Ticket renewals are scheduled to go out next week. Club Level renewals went out last week.
    • The club confirmed that the Villarreal and Manchester United Champions League games will appear on season ticket renewals as “Category A” games and that season ticket holders will receive a small discount on the “game by game” Category A price.
    • The “maths” of how season ticket renewal prices have been calculated (based on extra games, opt outs, and the original seat price), will appear in renewal packs.

    • The Club are in advanced stages of developing designs for the lower concourses in the stadium. The Fans Forum gave feedback on these designs, and it is anticipated that the Forum will meet again to give further feedback on revised designs.
    • The “Highbury Shrine” plans, presented at the last meeting, are on track to go ahead this summer.
    • There will be a large white cannon created in the lower tier seats opposite the dugouts. As part of this, Nike and Emirates have waived their contractual rights to have their logos in the seats. We will be the only major ground in the country with seat designs, but no sponsor logo.

  11. Mayank

    I think if rvp is really interested in becoming a great he should force the boss to start him even if he has a “niggle”…just go out and give it your all..and not be bothered about getting injured of anything..cl semi doesn’t get much bigger..

  12. Paulinho

    If we win tomorrow I think it will rank up alongside Anfield as the greatest result in our history.

    United are vastly superior to us at the moment whereas in 89 we were pretty much at the same level as Liverpool.

    I will be absolutely dumb-struck if this group of players pull it off.

  13. Confidentgoner


    Attack gives the confidence to the team and then they can get the early goal. If we score, we know they will naturally come at us and will leave spaces for our attackers to exploit.

    Would you want an early goal or a late nerve wrenching draw?

  14. Confidentgoner

    Irish, think she is really exhausted, think they should be analysing distances covered in women’s games? No disrespect, just safety!

    “Small seizure”, is what we are told!

  15. irishgunner

    Confident – I think it might be the way she fell. She was ok up till then. These women are fit and it was only 50 odd minutes in so I don’t think it has anything to do with that. She seems ok though, not that her team-mates seem too bothered…

    As for Yankey, yeah she likes been on the right and cutting in on her left foot doesn’t she?

  16. Mayank

    its obvious id like to cruise this game but i dont think that we would be able to soak the pressure of the inevitable onslaught if we’re too attacking in our formation…we could’ve been more adventurous in the away game..

  17. irishgunner

    Super keeper – Byrne must be bored out of her tree had nothing to do so I think she was showing off there

  18. benno

    Tough decision on what line-up and formation to go. But i think we have to play to our strengths and attack from the off, therefore 4-3-3 for me.


    Possibly having Ramsey in for Nasri and Vela in for Theo.

  19. Jay

    2 more sleeps for me! Interesting to read all ur thoughts – but le boss has suprised me so many times this year with who he plays – i cant be ferrcked guessing anymore…lol

  20. LeProf

    Ade for GBP20-25m to Inter or AC would be fine, but Wenger must buy Benzema to replace Ade before Manure snap him up. Wenger also must catch Lescott (Everton) and Veloso (sporting) plus combo buy Joe Hart-Micah Richards from Citeh for a solid defence back-up. Vela and Ramsey as backup for Theo and Nasri. Yeap, only Ade can go but keep the rest with those new recruits then we all can talk about Invincibles, again. Sp*rs will be relegated next season for sure.

    Tomorrow’s match, 4-4-2:

    Sagna Kolo Djourou Eboue(Gibbs)

    Walcott(Ramsey) Cesc Song Nasri(Vela)

    Bendtner(Ade) RVP

    2-0 (agg 3-1). Good luck guys!

  21. LeProf

    Ade for GBP20-25m to Inter or AC would be fine, but Wenger must buy Benzema to replace Ade before Manure snap him up. Wenger also must catch Lescott (Everton) and Veloso (sporting) plus combo buy Joe Hart-Micah Richards from Citeh for a solid defence back-up. Vela and Ramsey as backup for Theo and Nasri. Yeap, only Ade can go but keep the rest with those new recruits then we all can talk about Invincibles, again. Sp*rs will be relegated next season for sure.

    Tomorrow’s match, 4-4-2:

    Sagna Kolo Djourou Eboue(Gibbs)

    Walcott(Ramsey) Cesc Song Nasri(Vela)

    Bendtner(Ade) RVP

    2-0 (agg 2-1). Good luck guys!

  22. Supergunner07

    We must raise the roof 2moro,stand up all thru out the game if u can [may bribe the stewards], to all fans going to the game 2moro, lets make it hell for Man Ure players.

    We can create an fantastic atmosphere like in Schalke and Hamburg’s all seater stadium if only the club can give a blind eye to all seating rules for this one game

    Also with RVP hopefully fit we can go 4-4-2, and mess up Man Ure’s tactics of doubling up on all our attackers with better positional rotation, forward passes and forward movement unlike the last match when we just playing in front of them.

    Come on u gunnnnerrs

  23. Stu

    Or like Dortmunds stadium. Something like 80+k fans all chanting and singing all through the game. Amazing atmospheres in germany.

  24. Mayank

    germany has some of the lowest prices in europe..hence the atmosphere..i might be worng but even bayern is like 25 euro..

  25. Stu

    I know Mayank. The clubs are more concerned about the fans that making a profit at all costs. Must be nice for the fans, especially in a recession ffs.

  26. A

    to be honest stu i’d rather have the best league in the world than a second rate league with cheaper tickets though….

    the atmospheres certainly are far superior to in england though

  27. Mayank

    But i don’t think arsenal will be reducing gate fees..the clubs financial future has been planned accordingly..i suppose a disadvantage of being a north london club is the fans are expected to be well off..

  28. Stu

    Do you blame me Irish. Its almost perfect over there. If only the oeople werent so dull (or so i’ve heard) 😳

  29. irishgunner

    United are the only club to put up ticket prices, everyone else has frozen or knocked money off

  30. Mayank

    well most of the fans that’ll go when they have a 2 year trophy drought are from china etc…the london ones will probably stick around for one more year imo.. 🙂

  31. Mayank

    just saw a jack wilshire video..where is he?..i think we should surprise man u and play our carling cup squad..though if they win there’ll be a mass exodus at arsenal..

  32. A

    got fatigued and had an ankle injury for a while Mayank, he only recovered from it just in time for the second leg of the youth cup semi final. i was surprised he wasn’t on the bench

  33. Mayank

    yeah forgot he’s 16..but you should see how happy wenger was after one of his wonder goals not excited just happy..if i had kids playing football of this level as a manager wouldn’t be too keen to invest either..but i do think at least 4-5 of the current youth could well retire at the club..

  34. gooner786

    I think that Adebayor’s heart is still set on a move to AC Milan. I think we should sell him and buy Sakho from PSG and Edin Dzeko.

  35. Mayank

    he’s been at the club for what 6 years now..Irish he might be old but he’s ageing like wine..

  36. simon mcmahon

    MEANT TO WRITE , i WILL sing UNTIL I MY THROAT IS GONE AND i hope the gestapo in orange Jackets Let us Really stand up and get behind the Lads

  37. irishgunner

    Simon – I honestly doesn’t see the stewards been any trouble tomorrow evening. Arsenal.com have an article up looking for support so I’m sure it’ll be a lot more lax.

    To those going make sure ye boo the Manc Scum from the off.

  38. Stu

    Just heard hat Leverkusen signed Hypia. Thats means any decent available CB that we are after Liverpool will be after too. Cunts!
    I do like Leverkusen tho. Rolfes, Adler, etc etc

  39. A

    nah stu i don’t think so – not with agger signing a new deal.

    Clubs that have 3 good centre backs have trouble because how good a defence is has alot to do with partnerships, so usually there isn’t much rotation, so one player is left out and gets pissed off. That’s what happened with agger though obviously they’ve appeased him and he’s now starting ahead of skrtel. There’s no way they’ll be looking at signing another good defender, they’ll want someone who’s just gonna be happy with 4th choice, whereas we’re gonna be after someone who’s gonna be first choice.

    I was a bit worried about madrid, seeing as cannavaro is off and pepe could follow him, so they’re gonna be after 2 or maybe 3 defenders, but they’ll be going for people for 20 mil or so, whereas we’re gonna be after players worth half that.

    I think we’ll do ok in the summer, sakho and one other!

  40. Stu

    But he was their back up if one of the others was injured or against a physical attack.

    Now they only have Agger, Skrtel and Carra. 3 good defenders but you know they will go after another. Probably Albiol who we should be after.

  41. Stu

    I dont see why people are so hung up about Sakho. Sure he is very highly rated but nearly everyone that wants him knows nothing about him. NOTHING!
    And he is another young defender way off his peak. We need accomplished, experienced, peak aged defenders. Or someone just off their peak. Sakho is only about 18. He is ages off his peak, just like Nordviet, etc etc

  42. irishgunner

    Stu – half the players that people want on here don’t know anything about them. Who in the Hell watches the French League yet you get people saying we should buy x, y and z and Wenger is a plum for not getting them.

    I saw Diarra at the weekend against Barca and he was crap, rubbish, kept giving the balls and fouls away, yet people still whine that we sold him.

  43. Stu

    Irish, thats why i disagree with people that say we should have kept him. At least i watch a player in a few games before i start raving about them.

  44. irishgunner

    youtube is the bane – all you get is “watch this youtube” clips … Eboue could look like Pele on youtube clips.

  45. Keyser

    Stu – How many times have you watched someone like Rolfes play ?!

    I think people should apply my reasoning to all new acquisitions, based solely on how a players name sounds.

    Like Ever Banega or Axel Witsel, we could do like a Beverley Hills Cop style chant for the latter.

  46. A

    oh yeah i agree stu – i just think we need a young talented defender coming through, behind whoever we bring in to be first choice. The first choice player is the most important signing, but if sakho is gonna become a wonder player then he should be snapped up too for a couple of years time, to peak at the same time as the rest of the kids! Of that generation the only positions we’re lacking are central defence.

    we could pretty much have a whole team in a few years of more or less the same age

  47. A

    though i guess if ayling and bartley come through they could be good, but i doubt amongst the best in the world, though you never know!

  48. Stu

    A, ask yourself this, of all the young talent at the club why are there no defensive talent coming through from our youth set up that is supposed to be amazing.

    Keyser, thats a great way to build a team. Seriously. Add Hazard, Makinwa, Camacho, Skjiebred(sp) to that list.

  49. Keyser

    Irish – Was just wondering what football you lot get aired in Ireland ? I thought it was channels like Setanta, but do you get Premiership games live there ?!

  50. irishgunner

    Stu – The youth set up is only really baring fruit now to be honest and left back is always covered Cole – Clichy (ok bought but still) – Gibbs/Traore

  51. Stu

    Keyser, we get premiership, some Ligue 1, Eridivise and Bundesliga on setanta. And prem and La Liga on sky…if you have it. 😉
    No Serie A anywhere tho…

  52. A

    because we’ve not found any defensive talent stu! nordveit certainly has something about him, bartley and ayling are home grown and good but just not of the level of the rest. The position we’ve got the least teenage talent coming through actually is keeper, been very underwhelmed with shea!!





    Was thinking out of our teenagers that’s probably the best side?!

  53. Stu

    I know its only baring fruit now Irish but even still….we have some great attacking talent coming through but much less so with defenders. Cruise, Pedro, Eastmond nt exacty mouted (if thats even a word) as future amazing defensive linchpins (if that fits there) 😕

  54. Keyser

    Edin Dzeko, Blaise Matuidi, a few turkish players, De la Red. I’ve been promoting this for ages, it’s not catching on though sadly.

  55. irishgunner

    A – There is a young keeper coming from Norway (although he has declared for Ireland) in the summer who big things are expected of.

  56. Stu

    Lansbury right back? Yuk!

    Im a firm believer that defenders dont have to be individually great as long as the defence is organised. Defending is simple if the defenders know their respective jobs and/or responsibilities.

  57. Keyser

    Yeah, but there’s only a couple of Bundesliga games a week, heh no matter how much football we watch it isn’t going to be close to what the scouts go through when they assess and follow a player.

    They block Setanta Ireland here and that usually has a few more games live ? I thought the license covering Premiership games only extended to the UK because everywhere else streams the games live.

  58. A

    just because there’s noone else stu, and lansbury wouldn’t get in the team otherwise!!

    actually maybe coquelin right back lansbury centre mid. Or lansbury right mid merida centre

  59. BH1


    Sagna / Kolo / JD / Gibbs


    Theo / Cesc / Nasri



    Vela, Bendtner and Diaby will all be introduced.

  60. Stu

    A, that team is only assuming we dont buy anyone for the next 5-10 years and we are forced to promote players.
    THere is also Gilbert and Hoyte that could eventually play right back.

  61. irishgunner

    Keyser – I don’t have Sky anymore (moved house) so watch all games on line. I do think they show some games on Setanta Ireland only though, Stu might know?

  62. Stu

    I dont know Iris. I just watch games if i see them. Dont look out for games on certain chanells per say.

  63. A

    nah gilbert is gone in the summer stu, he’s not gonna get near the first team, and hoyte would only make it as a centre back, imo he’s a worse right back than his brother. I reckon he could be off in the summer too, championship club might come calling.

    i wasn’t saying that would ever be the team, it wont be, but just out of our current kids all the same age, we could make a decent side and they could all develop and play a part in the first team as time goes by.

  64. irishgunner

    Stu – Fair enough. Sometimes though you see ads for games on Setanta Ireland. The channel is probably going to go bust anyway so its all the one.

  65. Stu

    I know A, im just saying.

    As for Gilbert and Hoyte, people shouldn be so quick to write players off just because they dont have amazing talent. They can be great if given the time. But not at the expence of trophies obviously.

  66. irishgunner

    Stu – a dig in the ribs might sort him, after all it was him that injured Eduardo so a little dig in the first few minutes will do

  67. Stu

    Or a kick in the face. That aught to do the trick just as nicely. Not as subtle but looks better.

  68. paul

    How the fuck am i going to get some of those corporate morons around me to make some noise tomorrow.Am i allowed to use violence?


    This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog! … Now read without the word dog.

  70. Ja_Gunner

    If Ade is sold….then for next season . It will have to RVP/Eddy….RVP/Nick…..Nick/Eddy

    With Vela and Walcott as back up. Also Asrh as bask up second striker…that might be enough.

    The only striker I see thats worth going after is Karim Benzema. I have not seen Dzeko or the rest.

  71. Stu

    When Ade is sold, unless we buy a replacement, then we will probably play either Eduardo and Arshavin up front or Eduardo and Bendtner.
    Either way i think Eduardo will be first choice.

    Nasri Cesc Rosicky
    Eduardo……………All the fromt 5 attackers interchanging positions with eachother with the ball and reverting to their original positions when defending.

  72. Trinidad_G

    I might be one of the few people here who don’t want to see Ade sold if he’s not being replaced by a ready made striker.

    What happens when RVP or Eduardo get injured? Which is very likely. We’re hoping that Arshavin will stay fit all year so all we need is one forward.

    We complain about it but Arsenal will ALWAYS be ‘blighted’ by injury if we don’t have a deep enough squad. Every year we’re left wondering … “where would we be if _____ didn’t get injured”

    Vela and Bendtner need to play in Carling and FA cups until they are ready.

  73. Coadsi

    good day all, hope all is well. went on a tour of the emirates last week. apparantly alot of things were done to le boss specification (from dressing room to spa to players entrance, therefore i dont see him leaving anytime soon.

  74. Stu

    Ja, RVP aint there because Kelsey has a reliable source that says VP is off to Madrid in the summer. Be it true or not I believe Kelsey. He isnt usually one to lie.

  75. Ja_Gunner

    Well if Ade and RVP go.then I would advcate for buying Benzema……

    We cant afford to lose both of them, I can see us losing Ade …but not both, that would shooting ourselves in the foot all over again.

    We would starting over again.

  76. Trinidad_G

    Would RVP go to Madrid to join his buddies Sneijder, Van Der Vaart, Huntelaar, and Drenthe on the bench?
    Ruud might be warming the bench too when he recovers.

    They like playing Higuain and Raul.

    Real Madrid can have an all-Dutch bench

  77. Coadsi

    i am fed up with these players who dont give all for the club. Ade dont give a damn, he cant be bothered. If kelsey is right and RvP swap arsenal for Real, he is dumber than i thought he was. I wish we get two more players with the attitude that AA23 has shown so far.

  78. Stu

    I dont know the truth of it but if it is true then we will certainly have to buy another forward. Someone that doesnt get injured, can score without having to need 5 chances. And who always gives their all.

    Shouldnt be hard to find someone like that right?

  79. David

    After watching Madrid against Barca that attack is very slow…with the exception of Robben and Drenthe…We were linked to Higuain one time…and although he is fantastic…he’s slow like V.D. Vart.

  80. Stu

    I doubt RVP would join Real with Sneijder there. They have well documented problems, especially with Holland. So he wont go unless Sneijder leaves.
    Its still possible tho because rumour has it that Sneijder is very hated by the fans and his lack of fitness and professionalism has made the staff think twice about his future too.
    Anythings possible.

  81. A

    it’s cool coadsi, seen it now, just seen the bendtner interview and was trying to find the actual transcript, but seemed there was only a video which obviously a website can’t translate!

    it’s annoying, he’ll get alot of stick for saying he could be one of the best in the world

  82. Ja_Gunner

    Higuain is not that slow…he is average..but he is very skillful though.

    Stu the only striker out there that is relatively wel known that fits your description is Karim Benzema.\

    I guess Villa is good too…but I think we already have players like him….Eduardo and Vela.

    Right now we seem to have either big(Ade & Nik) or small strikers(Eddy, Vela, Walcott)……

    We have one in between which is RVP(he has great technique..but he is not fast or Powerful really.

    The one man who is 6ft, fast, powerful and clinical that I see around is Benzema.

    I think he is closest thing the world has now to the original Ronaldo.

    He is just like him, the only thing he does not have are the silky skills. But he has everything else
    Speed, Power, killer shot..very accurate shooting.

  83. Ja_Gunner

    Well Etoo is another good striker..but I doubt he would want to leave Barca..plus he is 28 so he will going down hill soon.

    So in terms of talent nearing their peak ..it has to be Benzema.

  84. A

    i wonder if benzema will leave should lyon not get champs league. he promised to stay for one more season, but if they don’t get champs league what’s the point?! though obviously we wouldn’t be in for him as he’d cost double what we’d be willing to pay, hope he doesn’t go to utd or chelsea though!!

    villa would be amazing for us, though he still misses a fair few chances, but again – we wouldn’t be in the same market!

  85. Stu

    Right A, Benzema and Villa are unthinkable options based purely on their prices.
    Why wouldnt Lyon make the CL tho? Where are they in the league.

  86. Faceman

    west brom and boro are down

    think hull will go down on goal diff against newcastle.

    thats why i hope villa spank em tongiht and fuck up the GD

  87. Stu

    Unfortunately i think Hull will stay up. I think it will be WBA(obviously), Boro and Newcastle.

    I cant see Newcastle getting any points. They will lose to Fulham and thats a game they badly need to win.
    Boro cant buy a win as it is and WBA are already down.

  88. Coadsi

    Of these players from RM, if they were available which two would you choose?
    Cannavaro, Jerzy Dudek, Michel Salgado, Gabriel Heinze, Javi García, Royston Drenthe, Mahamadou Diarra, Javier Saviola and Julien Faubert, Guti, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael van der Vaart and Arjen Robben

  89. Lovedup Loner

    RvP AND Ade to leave???

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, interesring…. Bullshit, butm interesting bullshit all the same…

  90. Stu

    I would have Diarra and………..VDV?
    But if Huntelaar, Gago and Metzelder were there i would like 1 of them too. Would be nice players to have.

  91. Lovedup Loner

    Metzelder is pretty shite IMO, Stu… Hunty is a poacher, but is soooo slow too, not sure he’d do well with us?