Who would you have tomorrow? 1 nil down 3-1 up.

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So one day to go, one day and ninety minutes away from the champions league final in Rome and it’s at home in front of 50 odd thousand Arsenal fans, me and Pedro included, we will never have a better chance than this, it really has 1989 written all over it doesn’t it? The anniversary, the playing the defending champions, the needing 2 goals, the drama, the fact that we are playing a team that no one gives us a chance against, it’s all there isn’t it???

So who will will play? I write this post today because it still gives the boss time to think about his selection, the only no-no’s are Eduardo, Rosicky, Gallas, fish head and Arshavin, so let’s pick our team shall we?

The team that beat Portsmouth almost got my vote, Pompey are no pushovers and that was an exciting side we had, but we will be playing the Mancs and they are better than them.

What stood out for me was the fact we looked strong at the back (mostly) and dominated the midfield. Eboue did look solid at the back, but he always does for me, but left back, that’s the first time I’ve seen him there and he was good and he made some good supportive runs as well.

Song partnered Djourou at the back and they both played well, Djourou has to be a shoe in there, maybe we should play Song just in front of them against the Mancs.

I thought Ramsey played a blinder, he really is going to be a Bryan Robson type player and I would take him over Denilson all day long, yes I know Arshavin said Denilson had a great game, but I am looking at a team to win on Tuesday and Denilson still gives the ball away too much for me.

Walcott played well and I think that Vela on the left is now a must, he gives us width and penetration and he’s not afraid to have a pop, he could be the ace in the pack.

Bendtner still has heart and can be a handful so he gets the nod for me up front and I would pick Robin, fit or not over Ade, Ade is a lazy arrogant bastard, but drop him, he may be better from the bench.

We need to win this by 2 clear or one and penalties, so we need 11 on the pitch that run their bollocks off, Ade only cares about Ade, yes he may play and score two goals, but on recent evidence he’ll be offside and do nothing, and in a match of this importance we cannot take that chance, Diaby should not get near the stadium, but apart from that, I would play the ones that want it most.


Sagna Kolo Djourou Gibbs/Eboue

Song/no one if 4-4-2

Walcott Cesc Nasri/Ramsey/Song Vela

Bendtner Robin the boy wonder

So the above depends on 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 but I would send them out to shut down every move, chase every ball, shoot on target, in short, overwhelm them, it doesn’t matter now, we have played our last game, injuries don’t count, the EPL doesn’t matter, the final is meaningless because if we don’t beat the Mancs, there won’t be one.

We can do this, we just need to send the keenest side out there, the team that beat Pompey were far better than the team that lost to the Mancs, individually they aren’t but who cares, I would sooner see us try and go out, than to play like we did with prima donna’s at Old Trafford.

Arsenal, this is it, this is our last chance for glory for another 1 year and 3 weeks.

make the most of it, do us proud.

Now Arsene, have at look at my selection and read some of the comments below, it may help!

Enjoy the holiday Grovers, tomorrow is our season in 90 minutes.

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  1. The Goon

    if the players give their 100 %..play their hearts out..i dont care about the result(kidding :D)

  2. Jay

    The team pretty much picks itself methinks..

    ————-AL———— Fabianski
    Wal—-Cesc—-Song—-Nasri Vela/Ramsey
    ——Bendy—–VP———- Ade/Vela Subs

    🙂 this team to come out and play till their tired as. Bring in Vela to use speed if things arent working after 55 mins…

  3. Gunnar

    “Now Arsene, have at look at my selection and read some of the comments below, it may help!”

    Yep, forget that glittering career, 25 years of experience, all that innovation, all the trophies…and listen to some guy with a blog.

    Smart move.

  4. cdjones

    “Yep, forget that glittering career, 25 years of experience, all that innovation, all the trophies…and listen to some guy with a blog.”

    Because Arsene’s team selection has always been spot on *cough*

  5. big johan

    Geoff, agree 100% with your team selection – does this mean you now rate Song?! Is Sylvestre still injured? He mustn’t play anyway…

  6. Gunnar

    Innovation requires a bit of trial and error; all the great ones made mistakes. It’s what separates them from the followers who only ever take the beaten track.

    Innovation wouldn’t exist without people who are brave enough to try something different – and make mistakes.

    Who’da thunk it, eh? The youngest midfield of any elite European team, a fraction of the spending of our competitors and we’re within touching distance of a CL final after an injury-ravaged season. What a story!

    Now isn’t the time to make petty snipes, now’s the time to give it everything we’ve got!

  7. Ezra

    I said it before the first leg CL that fans and now Arsené don’t realise how much we need Denilson than Song, i watched on as we couldn’t even string 5 passes because of Song not being able to know when to come for the ball off of our back four or even Diaby when he was in trouble which fans tend not to see Denilson doing and passing to someone in free space side ways or backwards which fans hate but effectively gives us a chance to make a composed attack. All of think that Song makes more tackles but do you know how many times Song has left the back 4 strand with opposition dribbling successfully through the midfield COME ON PEOPLE DENILSON is the best Defensive midfielder we have around and by far better than Song to leave him on the bench even fergie laugh at us for being fooled.

  8. irishgunner

    I’m one of the first :mrgreen:

    I’ve an idea and I may be well off BUT perhaps Wenger played Eboue at left back on Saturday for a reason:

    He did well by all accounts, can defend and overlaps well to set up chances. However, he is useless at LM so PERHAPS Wenger will play Eboue at LB and move Gibbs who is LM anyway up to LM and drop Diaby who is crap out there.


  9. gooner-pak

    mornign all
    geoff 3-1 was the score line tht struck my mind after first leg….2-1 till 80min or 85 for tht matter but it was late 3rd one in my mind ….(to ruin the joy of mancs)

  10. LAzer

    Here is my team 4-4-2

    Sagna Kolo JD Gibbs
    Eboue Song Cesc Nasri
    Ade RVP (Bendtner if RVP not available)


    Sagna Kolo JD Gibbs
    Song Cesc
    Walcott Nasri Vela

    I personally prefer the second one. What do you all think?

  11. Pedro

    Fuck me… innovation and bravery?

    He’s a football coach, not a war hero…

    Jeez… some people eulogise about football managers like they are actually cut from the same cloth as real geniuses…

  12. Gunnar

    “Gunnar, the term ‘tongue in cheek’ obviously passed you by?”

    I don’t see any trace of irony in the post but if there is then please accept my apologies.

    After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that AW’s attention has been besought on an Arsenal blog.

  13. cartmanknowsbetter

    ok i’m in the mood 2day especially after my girlfriend left and that i was told that i would represent my country in a surfing competition in Maldives, wow that’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me since i last played in an international tennis tournament!
    back to arsenal, well i said the gunners won’t be in the finals, FUCK ME! i was frustrated, we’ll book our place to rome tomorrow.
    I request the all the fans who’ll be there to please make as much noise possible for those who won’t have the chance to be at the emirates, pleassssssssssssssse!

  14. Gunnar

    “Fuck me… innovation and bravery?”

    We’re talking about football here.

    AW tries new things (innovation).

    He holds his hands out and takes the rap if they don’t work out (bravery).

  15. LAzer

    Gibbs or Vela at LM would be good. If Wenger is willing to try Cesc in the hole and Nasri and DM he might as well make the obvious choice for once.

  16. irishgunner

    Pedro – Someone mentioned Vela and Reyes in the same breath. I think Vela is tougher though

  17. cdjones

    Gunnar you are right. We are in an enviable postiion in a lot of ways, and obviously to reach a CL semi-final with such a young team is a mouth watering prospect, particularly with young talents like Vela, Ramsey, Wilshire etc. just getting their beaks wet. But for me, Arshavin and Song, arguably our two in-form players, should have started the FA cup semi-final against Chelsea.

    I think the point I’m trying to make is, for whatever reason it may be, is simply that often the gaffer does things we don’t understand. Of course he is highly experienced and achieved great things in the game. He has been manager for the most fruitful period of this club’s long history. This is another thing anyone reasonable person can see in hindsight. I think criticisms levelled against him are a reconciliation of sorts, an attempt to understand his reasoning. When he says to buy an experienced player would “kill Song, Diaby and
    Denilson” it is an acknowledgment that he has chosen his path, for better or worse. It’s just easier to shout when its worse

  18. Pedro

    Gunnar, holding your hands up when you get things wrong counts as bravery? I think that is called living in the real world.

    He is paid £5million a year to be innovative and thus far, he hasn’t been particularly successful in the last 4 years.

  19. Pedro

    Irish, I’ve heard people say that… it’s a load of rubbish… it’s just because they look similar!

    Vela doesn’t go down easily, he can score goals and he is far more creative than Reyes ever was.

  20. cartmanknowsbetter

    Geoff i also do think that bendtner needs to play ahead of ade. he might not score but at least his work rate wud be appreciated

  21. irishgunner

    FYI – The Ladies FA Cup between Arsenal and Sunderland is on at 1 o clock today on ITV1/UTV

  22. iceman

    We need Vela to start.
    Walcott/Vela down the flanks will be sick!!
    We need to attack them from the start. Get the scores level and then keep the ball.

  23. Franchise

    yeah he was with his several goals against the chavs and his role in our CL run in 2006. i know he didnt live up to expectation but vela hasnt done anything yet to be compared with reyes. henry subdued reyes IMO cos he wanted to be the star

  24. Pedro

    That’s the spirit Cartman!

    If you surf at a good level, I’m sure there are plenty of bikini clad women there for the taking!

    Franchise, I just checked Jose’s stats… better than I remember!

  25. Confidentgoner



    Sagna Toure djorou Gibbs/Eboue

    Theo Cesc Song Nasri

    Ade Bentner

    If Theo could interchange with Nasri and Bentner, we will slaughter the Mancs

  26. Franchise

    reyes had an okish first 11 months with us until the mancs kicked the fuck out of him. irish u r right zilch mental stregth

  27. Pedro

    He is illiterate I think?

    I don’t understand being scared from being duffed up a bit on the pitch?

    He wasn’t actually assaulted was he?

  28. Convert

    Reyes was good had promise but after that semi against utd were he was kicked in to the stands throughout the game he was never the same player again

  29. Duke

    Morning all,
    I agree with irish, Reyes had the talent, he is just a cry baby, he joined to play with Henry and then when Henry shouted at him, he didn’t like the weather. He could have been a star, just bottled it. I love Vela, but you can’t compare a player who didn’t do anything yet with someone who played much more games for us.

  30. arsenalised

    I desperately wanted reyes to succeed but hell he couldnt make it and i didnt buy that england weather bullshit either.

  31. skandibird

    Geoff, GOOD POST!!! you know what, I really do hope Arsene reads this blog, not that we’re the experts(…) but, we do have opinions as fans are allowed to have, and sometimes it is good to see/hear other opinions, take a step back, mull/think over and maybe, just maybe, a ‘moment’ happens in your brain and you take decisions that will change the whole outcome (works in ‘business too)and who knows it could be that decisive change that achieves exactly what you had hoped for. So, Go Arsenal, get through to the Final and I will enjoy being smug all day in the office with the doubters (Scouser, ManUre and Chelski supporters).

    Talk about moments; I only spotted Eduardo on Saturday afternoon in Kings Road, popping into a sports (fashion) shoe shop (with his wife) a I followed in to make sure and then ‘chickened out’ to ask for a photo together, so there you are, proof, don’t loose the opportunity to grab the ‘moment’.

  32. Franchise

    the reason why i said the comparison was unfair was cos reyes like arshavin gave our team a lift when he arrived in january and he played well in so many big ties.

    mancs, chelsea, madrid,juve etc

  33. cartmanknowsbetter

    i know reyes wud have succeeded at arsenal but why talking about him when he’s long gone?

  34. finestcuts

    We’ll win tomorrow…….because we have the quality!
    And the mental strength!

    Arsene will have been sitting up till the early hours doing his analysis and I’m confident of one thing. That we’ll get some balls into their box and have a go. We tried to absorb too much pressure at Old Trafford and at the Emirates we’ll be playing our game.

    Whoever Arsene picks tomorrow, and however he’ll tell them how to play….I have no doubt they’ll give it their best shot.

    My preferred selection.





    or if playing 4-2-3-1






    Although Ade will probably get included, if he does I hope he’ll have an intensive training session of holding the line pre-Manyoo and that he does some defending if and when necessary…as well as running off the ball, he’ll have to serve the team as much as they serve him.

  35. irishgunner

    I saw a piece in the Financial Times yesterday where some regulator is to look into the sale of Fizman’s shares to Kroenke a while back.

    Apparently they are checking to see if they are in cohoots to keep Usmanov out and if they are they may be seen as working together and as one investor so may have to launch a takeover.

    Anyone know about that?

  36. Franchise

    yeah cartman there is only so much u can say about the team for tomorrow, etc we still have 34hours to talk about if bendtner starts ahead of ade etc. one topic leads to the next thats how all converstaions in life pan out

  37. OJ

    Ya’ll r jst crapin’.1st,Reyes was the bomb.2nd,Vela can’t start ahead of song, diaby or Denilson in MD.3rd,i dreamt the match, it’s gonna be 2-1 at 85 mins to Arsenal and a late goal taking the young gunners through by Theo walcott or a guy on the left flank! It’s gonna be dramatic! Hold on to your hearts Gunnerss! This won’t be for the weak Hearted! Trust me!

  38. dennisdamenace

    Regarding my recent piece of information regarding Ade’s future, i wouldn’t pick him as a starter for the rest of the season, it is painfully obvious that he’s just going through the motions now. I’d have him on the bench as the manager had originally intended to use him, as a so-called Plan B…..besides, his recent ‘performance’ was enough to convince me he deserved to be benched just for that alone!

  39. Franchise

    the last time someone had inside information and revealed it on here it was bollox. DDM ur source better be spot on

  40. cartmanknowsbetter

    franchise i’m happy u have 34 hours to talk about the semi but not me, i have an intense training session and i’ll not be here!

  41. irishgunner

    Anyone see the Birmingham player in his jacket and jeans celebrate on the pitch yesterday after they got promoted??

    I wonder should I e-mail a video to the FA and ask them why he isn’t being banned for “encroaching on the pitch” or does that rule only apply to Cesc.

  42. Jay

    Irish your team can work, Eboue LB and Gibbs to shut out cr7.

    sorry i meant toure—JD, i was at work whilst putting that team..

    i just think hed have to go with nasri out wide…let him roam in and help gibbs out..then swap with vela nasri move central if we need to go all out attack.. or even vela upfront..

  43. Franchise

    cartman…. then tune in when u can. my point is that its kinda of rude when u try to end debate cos u not interested in input.

  44. LAzer

    If Ade doesn’t start he is definitely going this summer. I won’t say whether I will be happy or not but what are your top replacements? For me its Villa. Experienced technical and clinical, I have heard he is a bit of a crick though and we have plenty of those around already.

  45. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all…..

    I cant believe Wenger has come out and said that he thinks ‘we may need to go 4-4-2 for this game’ and ‘a lone striker looked a bit isolated’!!!! Well I never Arsene, do you want the Arsenal fans to do your job full time or part time? What are we paying this guy so much money for if it isn’t to create a strong team.

    Onto the game, I think we’ll be going through on pens! God knows how as Almunia was horrific against Roma and van der Sar is pretty good at saving spot kicks. But hey, thats all about to change…….

  46. kelsey

    Reyes comes from a gypsy family.Remember he was the new boy wonder with his brace against Chelsea.He and Henry didn’t get on,but deep down he wasn’t good enough on a continuous basis and basically was homesick.how much did we pay for him ? he is one of a long list of players in the PL who didn’t adjust to the pace,which is far slower in La Liga.

  47. shotJIM

    My team,

    Eboue Toure JD Gibbs
    Ramsey Cesc
    Nasri Vela


    Must have subs: walcott, ade, song but this will be after we are already kicking ass at 3 nil

  48. dennisdamenace

    Pedro/Franchise – I can only pass on what i’ve been told, and in all honesty i believe the fella, i’ve no reason not to believe him. The fella told me that Arsene told Adebayor’s agent FOUR weeks ago to find him a new club! The guy who told me was Pat Rice’s son….

  49. sanjeev

    i`ll love to see arenal play in 4-2-3-1 formation
    wwith vela coming as impact sub

    common arsenal …we are all with you ….
    lets conquer the world

  50. Franchise

    reyes was ok IMO until he got disinterested. wenger should have gotten more background on the lad. too weak mentally. madrid was his dream club and like hleb etc arsenal was just a stepping stone

  51. cartmanknowsbetter

    LAzer, we;ve been linked to a certain melven ___. i know its only a rumour but he’s free so we can expect it happens

  52. Pedro

    Kelsey, he adjusted to the pace… he just didn’t like being booted up in the air.

    Ronaldo struggled… then Fergie built him up like beast… not it doesn’t really affect him.

    I wish Arsene would say that to some of our players…

  53. LAzer

    Not a chance on 30 mill. I don’t think we were getting that for him last term either. AW would have sold him for that much. I think there was a bit of inflation going on on our side so we get a shitload for him.

  54. dennisdamenace

    I thought Reyes was a superb signing, even when he was struggling he gave 110%, he always chased down lost causes, never gave up. I was truly saddened when he was kicked outta English football (literally by that Manc thugs) and Henry’s obvious dislike of the fella….

  55. Tristan L.

    Somebody please show this to Wenger:

    Van Persie——————————Nasri—-

    The above 4-2-2 formation is what we need against Manchester Utd. It is a very balanced formation for both attack and defense to counter Man Utd’s formation. It also fully exploits our best talents. (On a sidenote, it is very similar to the 1998 winning side’s formation.)

    Man Utd’s formation:
    Attacking wise, Man Utd will play 4-3-3, with Anderson, Carrick and Fletcher in midfield to provide a rock wall against Arsenal’s attack. Although they are really not world class yet, this is the most worrying aspect of the formation for Arsenal. They completely paralysed Arsenal’s attack in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Man Utd’s attacking prowess in 4-3-3 is obvious.

    Defensive wise, Man Utd will play 4-5-1, much like 4-3-3, with two attackers dropping back to fill the flanks. I believe they will start with this formation on Tuesday. They will defend with their lives. Park a bus in front of the goal. And play opportunistic direct long balls to nick a goal. Like Chelsea against Barcelona’s 1st leg, the plan is to wind the opposition down.

    But if we score a goal, Man Utd’s attacking 4-3-3 will return. And this will expose their flanks.

    The gameplan here is to play a high tempo pressing game higher up the pitch to nick a goal. One goal is all it takes to open up the floodgates.

    How the formation can change:
    We will switch between a defensive 4-4-2, and an attacking 4-2-4.

    Formation analysis:
    To counter their initial 4-5-1, we play 4-4-2 defensive, whether or not we have possesion of the ball, so our midfield can neutralize theirs, while having more attacking threat with 2 stikers.

    To counter 4-3-3, we will play 4-4-2 defensive when we lose possesion of the ball, and 4-2-4 attacking when we regain possesion. This will provide good solid defense, and provide us width to exploit the narrow width of their midfield, when we attack. Our left and right midfielders will have to be very disciplined.

    First 11 Players:
    The back 6 picks themselves. Van Persie and Nasri will provide the width and penetration, while providing good defensive cover for the full backs. Both has honed their defensive abilities over the years. Walcott and Adebayor will be arguably the fastest strike force in the world. Due to Walcott’s lack of defensive strengths, and the fact that we can only really play him as winger/striker at this stage of this physical development, it will be best to play him where Wenger wants to play him eventually – as a striker. Both Walcott and Adebayor running at full pace towards Man Utd’s defence will definitely scare the hell out of them. The strikers will be played between Carrick-Fletcher-Anderson wall and Man Utd’s defence wall, and will run at their defence at every opportunity.

    Provided we maintain strict formation discipline, and play with patience and aggression, WE CAN BEAT THEM BY 5 GOALS.

    5 GOALS! With faith, we’ll do better than the fianl game against Liverpool in 1989.

    One game at the time. With our feet on the ground, we can win the Champions League.

    Exciting stuff!! =)

    An Arsenal Fan from Australia/Singapore

  56. LAzer

    Yeah I read that one CKB…any background on him? I hope we aren’t just adding players cause they are on a free.

  57. dennisdamenace

    The full conversation is not gonna please some people, but any replacement for Ade will come from within. However, any money gained from moving Ade on will be spent on defensive cover, as according to the fella, after the 4-4 game against the Bindippers Arsene openly admitted that we need two more Centre backs, hallelujah!!

  58. insidealbania

    Morning Grovers,
    the key to winning tomorrow is keeping the clean sheet, if we can do that then I can see us winning 1-0 and then on penalties.
    What I want to see if 100% commitment from the players, if we harass the mancs from the whistle then we will upset their game and over 90 minutes can surely produce 2 or 3 goal scoring opportunities.

  59. Franchise

    Pobregnyak of Zenit (dont know much about him apart from youtube) contract ends in November. what do u guys think???

  60. Arsene Wenger

    Geoff – I have read your article and seen your team selection. I think, on this occasion, I will go with age and experience. Eboue will play left back, Nasri will play rather than Ramsey and Song will be our DM. Vela and Gibbs (astonishing performance in Manchester) are inexperienced for a game of this magnitude.

    Bendtner rather than the egotistical Ade for sure. I’ll flog him for Villa. The fans don’t like him and neither do I.

  61. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – There’s no way we’d get £30m for that slug, and besides no official interest was shown last year for him, it was all agent/paper talk, but it worked coz he got the deal he wanted.

  62. Pedro

    DDM, that makes sense…

    Nik B can cover for Ade… Eduardo will pair up with RvP next year… with Vela and Walcott possibly as back ups.

    Then we’ve got more than enough in midfield…

    All that needs adding to is the back line. We need an experienced centre back and an up and coming star… Sakho please!

    I hate to say it, but I really don’t think Kolo has been good enough this year… we need two defenders who can cope without one another… not a passenger.

  63. Franchise

    IMO no striker would leave especially if we win zilch this season. would arsene risk selling his top scoring/most coveted striker in the last 2 seasons and go into 09/10 season without replacing him? i dont think so

  64. choy

    morning all..

    if ade goes and we get two defensive players we are good to go… we have enough attacking options…

  65. irishgunner

    DDM – If as you said the replacement comes from within – do you think Van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela and Simpson is enough?

  66. cartmanknowsbetter

    ha got his name Mevlüt Erdinç. i’ve seen a vid of him, from which he seems to be good but can’t really judge a player like this

  67. Pedro

    DDM, Milan definitely showed and interest… their management faxed Arsenal.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we received a huge bid for him… he is African, massive and only 24 years old… £30million would be a shrewd investment if you could get 20 goals a season out of him for the next 5 years.

  68. irishgunner

    Awww Franchise is getting upset again about rumours that AW is selling his favourite 😉

  69. LAzer

    Pedro-Sakho and Hangeland? That would be ideal. Or Chiellini maybe? Italian defenders never want to move to PL though it seems.

  70. Pedro

    Franchise, if you could get £30million for him and replace him with a genuine clinical finisher… you’d sell him.

    Nik can do the Ade job… is younger, more technically gifted.

    Ade is a good player, but he isn’t a natural striker… you couldn’t rely on him to score from 3 chances in a game.

    Eduardo and RvP will be the chosen ones next year.

  71. LAzer

    Maybe Vela plays more on the left next season along with Traore (if we keep him) and Arshavin up front where he likes.

  72. Franchise

    lol Irish. even with his antics irish i wouldnt sell him without a better replacement. 😀

  73. Goonerman

    There aren’t many Strikers around with Ade’s physique and style, I’m sure he will be in demand by other top clubs.

  74. dennisdamenace

    Franchise – I wouldn’t normally name names, but he seems ok with telling me, and after what has been happening recently i think it needed to passed on….

  75. LAzer

    Agree with your point about Bendtner being able to do the job Pedro. (Its not cause we just saw him score)

  76. choy

    arshavin to play up top behind the main striker… we’re good to go i think in the attacking dept..

    we never did win anything with a lump on top.

  77. irishgunner

    ————– Almunia ——————-

    Sagna —– Hangeland — Gallas ——- Clichy

    Rosicky —- Cesc —– Song?? ——— Arshavin

    ———— Van Persie —— Eduardo ——–

    Subs: Fabianski, Sakho, Djourou, Gibbs, Eboue, Denilson, Walcott, Nasri, Bendtner, Vela


  78. Avendesorax






  79. Franchise

    Pedro Nik cant IMO. u and i know whats going on. his still a fairy tale player to u cos he’s on the fringe by the time u see him weekly his honeymoon period would be over and the truth would finally be out. a lot of ppl dont rate him for a reason u know.

    teams that create better chances than us like mancs, barca have better fire power than us and these are the teams we would be competeing for honours against. nikb cant cut it against the likes of etoo, ronaldo, rooney etc

  80. Gooner

    Ade is still a better player than Bendtner. But Bendtner will eventually be a much more complete player.

    Having said that I would love to see Bendtner hit the winner. All Man U (and many Arsenal supporters) think he’s useless so for him to send them packing would be magical, whether 2-1 or 3-1

  81. dennisdamenace

    Irish, it’s not what i think that counts, it’s what AW thinks, he obviously thinks that the remaining forwards are good enough. But, it would appear that it’s not only Ade’s on-pitch performances that are the result of these recent developments!

  82. LAzer

    Goonerman-the way we play physique is not important as long as the player can stay on the ball, has quick movement on and off the ball, and is technically gifted.

  83. finestcuts

    Yes Eduardo is back, Vela gets promoted….sale of Ade = profit + less wages

    With Arshavin also availble to play the second striker Bergkamp role (4-4-1), we only NEED 1 forward when Arsghavin is available, we have RVP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela, Adebayor….and we have a few in the pipeline at the Academy. 70k a week is a lot to ask for, especially if you’re offside on a regular basis and can’t maintain a rhythm of 1 in 2.

  84. irishgunner

    Eto’o seems to be on his way from Barca – great goal scorer but did someone say before that he has bad knees?

  85. OJ


  86. Franchise

    strikers that dont have pace normally rely on their striking instincts to survive in da game. the pace gives them the extra millisecs required to get composure, think, adjust and slot. guess what nikib doesnt have either.

  87. Arindam@KOL

    My team :







    If Ade is shit in the 1st 45 , sub him directly with
    And Vela would be a great option from the left in the last 30 , if we need a goal or two.

    PS : Arsene must be quick and decisive with his subs.Not dither around like he does till the 75th.

  88. Goonerman

    lazer – you are right about physique not being important but he will be in demand by other clubs because of his physique etc.