Arsenal are now officially foreign owned. Kroenke owns 28% and Usmanov 25% so why?

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So the Carr family have sold their shares to Stan the man for between £8,500 and £10,500, boy those shares have come a long way since I paid £900 a pop for mine.

Ok with 53% owned by a Russian and an American we are definitely a foreign owned club now and as I’m not sure whether Nina is English or Indian, there’s another 15% that could be overseas as well.

Well done Peter and the board, I expect your dad Dennis is rolling uncomfortably in his grave right now, thanks for selling us out, perhaps by having Stan’s kind at Arsenal then we get rid of your kind, as your kind doesn’t seem to care about our kind, the supporters.

So what have these overseas shareholders contributed to Arsenal? Have they paid off our debt? No. Have they made funds available to buy new players like Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Man United have? No, so what was the point in selling them our shares then? Are they Arsenal fans? No.

So apart from saying they own Arsenal football club and apart from buying all their shares at the top end, what have the done it for? Even if they sold the club back to themselves and plunged us into debt I don’t see the point, financially there were easier ways for them to make money, it’s been a long and torturous journey for them, why did they bother?

One thing is for sure, they aren’t going to put their own money in like Abramovich did are they? I love the bit that the Arsenal supporters trust back the move and already have a great relationship with Gazidas, oh great then, now they think it’s alright we must be in safe hands. A bit like Alistair Darling saying the recession will end this year.

I would just like the Arsenal supporters trust to explain to me why having our club owned by foreign investors is such a good thing, we are now like all the other clubs that have whored themselves to the highest bidder, except we haven’t bought any players in. Great.

Onto today, Arsene Wenger said he has never fielded a weakened side, he obviously forgot about the drubbing we got at Old Trafford last season in the FA cup, but then he did say deliberately, what does that mean? A weakened side is a weakened side, it has to be deliberate otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

I don’t believe it will be a Carling cup side but I would like to see Ramsey, Vela and Wilshere start today and with Arshavin up top with Walcott, Bendtner or Adebayor, we might actually look good today.

I think he needs to make Ade play and if he has another stinker, drop him for the ManU game, maybe it’s time to stick Theo up front with Vela or Bendtner, but having said that Theo always combines well with Ade, until last week anyway.

It should be a good game with both teams wanting to win and I don’t expect to lose, it does have score draw written all over it though.

If anyone has a live link for today please let us know early doors.

I expect the summer will answer a few of my questions regarding what’s next for Arsenal, one thing is for sure as you all saw on Wednesday, this team needs a few quality replacements and additions, when we go to Old Trafford as favourites, that’s when you know we have a decent squad, until then we’ll just be a top 4 team.

Let’s at least hope all these share dealings lead to something positive and that Gazidas has joined Arsenal for a reason and not just a season.

I tell you what I would do, I would get rid of Hill-Wood, for me he adds nothing and now that Edelman, Carr and Lady Nina have all gone he’s the only remaining one from the old school, and then bring back David Dein as Chairman.

Having Hill-Wood on the board reminds me of that fat bloke in Brideshead revisited with his teddy bear, what does he do? He looks down his nose at everyone and none more so than us, the ticket paying customer and keeps embarrassing Arsenal football club with his little pearlers.

At least Dein knows we need to buy decent players in order to compete and the last time we won anything, he was at Arsenal, think about that one.

Have a great Day Grovers, today we secure 4th!

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  1. Confidentgoner

    Why do the English press hate us this much? ITV news, no mention of the Arsenal match.

  2. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah guysI am in Jamaica and I heard a report on Setanta that said Arshavin went down very easily for the penalty…that was absolute garbage!!!!!!!!!

    Its a good thing I watched the game my self.

  3. Stu

    Nice edit Pedro 😀

    So in summary: Good win and performance but a bit dodgey and lucky defending for the clean sheet.
    It has once agains been established that the media cunts hate Arsenal.
    And we need to go 4-4-2 to have a better chance on tuesday.

    So im off now. Night……..

  4. ethangunner

    Ethan, i know you hate Ade the most of everyone and i dont disagree with you. But a few weeks ago Man Shitty played Hamburg i think and Caecido or whatever his name is was offside about 12 times.

    stu i dont hate everyone ..
    just diaby , ade and formerly song .and wenger. eboue is good as a squad player and if eboue is happy with that role then stay, if not fuck off .

    people i like are theo – cesc-nasri-the god arshavin .. RVP – dudu – gibbs – toure – gallas – jd – sagna .. clichy .. jack – vela – ramsey
    i even like denilson and think in time he will be a good prospect . but not now .. like nik b .

    So i dont hate most everybody and i have good reasons for disliking the players i do ..

    as for Caecido being off side 12 times it aint my team and i dont really care .. hamburg is stupid for playing him .. like wise us for playing ade ..

    any striker who can get off side that much is not doing themselves any favors the idea is to be a goal scorer , ade takes A LOT of possession away from himself .. and looks bad in the process . im not having a go at you but
    i think my ade dislike is justified . and for 110 k a week we could very well be paying someone with some class , and who suits our style of play like david villa or benzema ..

    if ade can be sold for 20 mil or even less the change over would we well worth the extra we would have to put in ..

    We are arsenal not hamburg , we should be settling for a top class of player , not making excuses for average players every week and thats when you have to blame the manager for his foul choices .

  5. Lovedup Loner


    Been a bit arsey on here I see, and i wasnt anywhere to be seen either! Cool!

    Randall aint a cunt, he’s a young player who may or may not make it at Arsenal, IMO. He was quality this season in the Carling Cup, but seems to have drifted down the gurgler…ah well…


    wenger signing a new contract hey Hmmmm interesting ade BYE or going Hmmmmmm interesting i wonder what will happen in the summer…….

  7. ethangunner

    Lovedup wenger

    good game last night huh ?
    vela looked good and me banging on about him getting more game time seems justified .

    just imagine if vela had the same game time song got this season on the pitch?!

    i mean vela played pretty regular in spain .
    so i cant understand why wenger would choose names like eboue and denilson over him ..

    vela imo should have been played every time theo couldnt .

    i can see that the C.L games are the only thing to play for now for wenger , so i expect when we play the chev’s and man U wenger will field a youth side and then cannot be blamed for going down the toilet to them !

  8. ethangunner

    let the excuses start hailing down !

    the wenger smug-o-meter will be cranking into overdrive and he will go into his justification program that this team is the bomb and we dont need any more signings ..

    let the bullshit commence 🙂

  9. Lovedup Loner

    No bullshit mor smugness, unless we beat the Mancs, anything else will be a disapointment IMO.

    Vela did well today, but also has looked out of his depth at times too, just like ramsey has at times.

    Nasri has shit loads of experience yet aint always looked the part, sooo vela not getting over exposed aint a real surprise to me… But hey, Im a Wenger apologist!

  10. Lovedup Loner


    We are 1 goal, a clean sheet and a penalty shootout win from getting to the CL final fella!


    if the defence was better id say we have a chance but there not so we’re fucked……

  12. Pat

    If Gallas was fit, we’d have a great chance.

    Fuck that ex-manc italian cunt Rossi. Injured Clichy and Gallas

  13. ethangunner

    the manc’s rested players and they looked just as depleted as we did yesterday . make no bones about it ..

    red nose is coming for blood ..

    we look good with arshavin in the team , but without him , the youngsters look like lost sheep in the wolves paddock .

  14. ethangunner

    in all honesty im hoping for periods of domination by arsenal , but you just know the manc’s are good for at least 1 goal ..
    i think so are we , providing wenger gets the selection correct ..

    diaby as a striker with ade 🙂 ?

    hmmmmm what will wenger do …

  15. ethangunner

    my bet is a draw and they win on away goals .
    thats how cruel it will be i think …

    close but no cigar …

  16. CruEL

    What are you on about Ade should play? Ade should sod off Arsenal. His first touch takes the ball 10yards away from him. His passing decision and execution is like watching the under 9s play. He’s a luxury PLUS requires tons of luck to get his goals.

    Walcott plays well with Ade? Since when? I can’t find an Arsenal player who plays well with Ade. the only thing if you want to admire Ade is his headless running around chicken, but that has gone missing too. So what are you on about?

    After making good points about how we’ve been sold to foreigners you go on to destroy it by fielding Ade??

  17. CruEL

    Oh we won 3-0 WITHOUT ade who would have lost the ball and would have missed the header which Bendtner scored.

    Ade slows down the counter attack making counters absolutely useless. The front 5 yesterday were playing 1 touch football. Great technical skills. If Ade was on, i dread to think what might happen if Ade was on, holding his hands up, shaking his head, berating our players for not passing to him when HE IS OFFSIDE.

    Ade is the WORSE signing after Pascal Cygan. And here you are wanting him to be played. SHEESH. get a better pair of glasses ffs if you don’t wear glasses, its high time you DID.

  18. ethangunner

    gee thats the 1st time ive ever been accused of being an ade lover ..

    its a new experience for me 🙂

    oh the irony of it 🙂

    cruel your going to make all the regulars laugh 🙂

  19. ethangunner


    ade is a king in the air !
    he is our 2nd top goal scorer this season and
    was our top goal scorer last season ..

    he doesnt get much service up there i dont blame him 🙂
    i blame cesc and AA for not giving him the ball 🙂

    ade is a player wanted by every major club in europe . cruel he is the pants ..

    im not sure why you hate him so 🙂

  20. ethangunner


    yes i read that , and wenger was asked does he know anyone who was as unlucky as dudu ?

    wenger said NO ! ffs !

    RVP 2.5 years sidelined
    rosicky 1.5 years side lined

    dudu 1.5 years side lined .

    hmmm more like ARSENAL the unluckiest side ever

  21. Favre

    lol your right ethan.

    I thought rosicky must be the unluckiest player in the world but rvp for 2.5 years?!

  22. JJ

    arshavin praised denilson display in his post match interview. he said neves has gobbled all pompey players, he intercepted and tackled all balls and outplayed everybody running past him.