Tonight is all about belief, 12 years hard work and throwing caution to the wind.

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All season, and in fact since the Invincibles, Wenger has been telling us he has belief in his young squad, tonight we will see if he was right, I believe we should have signed 2 more players plus Arshavin in the summer, does that mean we can’t win this thing? Does it hell! The players that have come in and stepped up have finally come of age, tactics lost the FA cup, I think he has learned from that, tactics and caution equals bollocks, tonight we should show them no respect, tonight they are at home and should show us respect.

I think the Gibbs injury is a smoke screen, the big question for me is who will partner Kolo at the back, some would say Silvestre because he’s going back to the theatre of day dreams, me , I would shove Djourou in there, he is one of Wengers kids and he won’t let us down.

Midfield is the area we need to dominate and that should be an attacking one with some steel in there, for this reason I would play Theo out wide with Cesc and Diaby in the middle, Nasri out wide and Song in the hole between them and the defence, Ade alone up top where Diaby can drop in the hole and play as a second striker, why him? Because I think we need some big boys against Ferdinand and Vidic, that would then pave the way for Eduardo and Bentner to come out in the second half and go 4-4-2 when they get tired.

My team yesterday was to start with Eduardo and Benndtner and use Ade as an impact sub, but he likes playing the Mancs and maybe 4-5-1 will contain their initial onslaught, if in fact there is one, if we keep the ball for the first 20 minutes they will start to leave gaps and then we can hurt them, but we must play like we know we are better than them and not like the preverbial rabbit in front of their horrible headlights.

Go at them like we did when we played Madrid, Milan and Juventus away and we will put them on the back foot, tell Diaby to release the ball or shoot and we take away his problem, tell Song to shut everything down and we will stop them playing, do all that and we’ll win, and win well.

No history today Grovers, this is the biggest match of our season and tonight we will write our own history, tonight we show the world that Arsene Wenger’s red and white experiment is working.

This game reminds me of 1989 when we were given two chances to beat Liverpool, slim and none, we beat the reigning champions Milan last year, we can top that and beat the reigning champions this year, destiny awaits and it’s ours to lose, we always said to be the best, we need to beat the best, tonight we have that chance, take it Arsenal and we can go on and win this thing and remember ‘Concordia something Crescit’ beat the living shit out of the Mancs.

Go forth and multiply, go and win us the European cup, you are the Arsenal and we love you, we do!

Have a great night Grovers, I have a feeling this is one we will remember our whole lives, tonight we come of age, tonight we go into the lions den and tonight we will re-write the history books.

2 nil the Arsenal, yes I mean it, 2 nil!

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  1. A

    though i agree that we didn’t do much when we did have the ball, we still didn’t have it enough, and as a result we tensed up and ran out of ideas up top, there was no fluidity. though it also had alot to do with the ineptitude of ade and diaby

  2. Paulinho

    A, our offensive game was crap, which meant we couldn’t keep the ball in their half and get them defending. We’ve always been like that, when we’re not being pro-active and looking to create we give up chances.

    We got completely overrun and overpowered by Chelsea in the second half. Wenger said it himself. Lampard was dispossessing Denilson outside the box etc.

    However that was also partly down to our offensive players not being influential so it’s all linked.

    Considering how crap we were offensively I thought defensively we did okay. Most of their chances after that initial spell were semi-counter attacks from our sloppy passing.

  3. goonermichael

    At home in all competitions we’ve conceded 2 goals this year. We still haven’t conceded at home in the cl this season and we haven’t conceded in the prem this year. both goals a against were in the fa cup when we fielded weaker teams. Why is it a given that they will score? Nasri is a different player at the Emirates (annoyingly).

  4. gooner4ever

    I just got back from OT- fuckign shithole- must say our fans were great but there’s were good as well- I think Wenger lost it when he didn’t switch walcott-i also want to 100% confrim that Adebayor is the most hated arsenal player since ashley cole! Furthermore- and this is really sickening- not one..literally not one arsenal player came to clap the fans at the end of the game- THEY WERE A FUCKIGN DISGRACE ALL NIGHT (apart from the aforementioned few) and the least we fans deserve for our money spent and hearts sung is a clap from those overpaid cunts- fuckign disgrace- i miss the tony adams days xx

  5. A

    yeah that’s true goonermichael – but we’ve not played a game against anyone half decent at home since our defence was decimated….

    with gallas and kolo we were very very solid against especially at home, now with gallas done and clichy out we look incredibly fragile in every match, even against an attrocious middlesbrough team at the weekend we should have conceded at least one

    though it does reassure me a tiny bit that stat, but i’m still pretty worried.

    that is very surprising re the not clapping the fans gooner4ever, pretty shocking

  6. goonermichael

    Your dick might fall off with mongolian vd bbk. But it’s not inevitable. The mancs aren’t really prolific and they missed a few they should have buried tonight. The o’shit gaol was down to sloppy defending not thier great football.

  7. goonermichael

    Everyone thinks we’re out and although ferguson is too experienced to take us lightly it might play to our advantage. we’re going to have to go for it and that wil suit us.

  8. A

    i just can’t remember the last time we kept a clean sheet in a game against a bit team gm

    we’ve played utd, liverpool, and chelsea twice each this season, and conceded in every match, and half of those were without having lost our best defender

  9. A

    well there obviously is a chance bbk, to say otherwise is frankly pretty silly. the likelihood is open to debate though

  10. goonermichael

    I know A I was trying to be positive. It’s going to be really hard and probably unlikey but definitely not impossible otherwise we might as well give the youth team a run out


    Ferdinand with cracked rib cracks are starting to show…

    who do they play this weekend>?its not been confirmed yet anyway i bet its bruising nothing else.g.m i have successfully predicted what was going to happen in the bigger games the ones that matter ie fa cup and tonight i get the ones that matter most spot on……

  12. The Turk

    goonermichael you are out of line mate. I know it didnt go our way tonight but saying BBK has ever been wrong is just stupid. Are you a spud?

  13. A

    yeah i agree gm, it’s definitely possible, though improbable in my eyes.

    we need nasri, cesc, and vp to be playing and on form. if not vp then bendtner has to play, someone who actually has the ability to bring others into play. even if he’s not currently amazing, he’d be much better for cesc, nasri, and theo than ade and diaby

  14. goonermichael

    We were supposed to be out last round and the one before bbk. I’ve never heard you say we’re going to win unless I’ve missed something

  15. A

    the ferdinand thing would be amazing but we won’t know until tuesday, even if they x-ray now and find a break they’ll say he could be back for the game to keep us guessing. though if they come out and say it’s a break i’d be scared he’d have a miracle recovery!

  16. The Turk

    BBK you predicted a right spanking for us tonight. and your boys only managed a 1 nil , at home, with a full strength side.
    so you were wrong.
    Goonermichael told me to say that.

  17. Stu

    Well….what a shite match that was to watch. We deserved what we got! Nothing. If anything we were fortunate not to lose by more. Almunia lept us in the tie with amazing saves.

    Shame about the defence and its lack of cover tho.
    The back 4 did well to only let 1 in but the midfield ahead of them, with the suprising exception of Song, were awful. Noone could keep possession and when we did have the ball we didnt really use it.

    Diaby was fucking useless, provided no cover to Gibbs and offered nothing going forward either. Disgrace. He should be sold and tere is no argueing that! fact!

    Basically everyone except Almunia, Gibbs on his own all night and Song were absolutely shit.
    Not to mention Wenger and completely fucking his tactics and selection up. Diaby should have never started, it shouldnt have been 1 up front alone(especially not the lazy fucker Ade) and Cesc in the hole doesnt work. Everyone except Wenger can see that.

  18. Jay

    BBK – i know ur full of negatives, thats cool.
    I’m not some1 who is saying we’ve got this in the bag – we are not the favourites rite now –

    but i believe we do have the personnel to push them, and have a win. If you were WBA, you’d not think u could do it..
    But we are the Arsenal. We are playing at home. We HAVE to attack – no choice…

    Some personnel will be fitter and back …

    these are things in our favour – It’s not all bad. Although every1 knows a win/scoring draw would’ve been better…

  19. goonermichael

    I hope tt fucks off in the summer to beyonce. On arsenal tv he was asked who inspires you the most? he could have said anyone or his father like cesc and sagna. He said halle berry. sums him up really

  20. A

    the only part of the team that isn’t good is the defence, when that’s sorted it could be the best team in europe….


    we are arsenal who have got the weakest squad under wenger era it is no coincidence why the trophy’s are not following

  22. Stu

    GM, surely you cant be serious.

    He must be a right thick fucker to say something like that. Halle Fucking Berry. What the fuck is so inspirational about her ffs!

  23. Keyser

    Boy Better Know – You haven’t made up for anything. We’ve faced Liverpool, United and Chelsea in recent weeks were you expecting easy games ? Have we ever been completely dominant in games against them ?!


    g.m the mancs overrated there on course for another prem title they are on course for another c.league final id love for us to be that overrated g.m

  25. Jay

    BBK – tell me who is good enough to put in our 11?

    this will be intersting. and put the price tag next to them.

    I am aware we need strengthening in certain parts every team can use extra depth/talent.

    But this i gotta see. Lets see you make it feasable as well.

  26. A

    we’ve scored pretty much as many as anyone in the league this season, despite having ridiculous injuries, our most prolific striker having not played a game, our captain and most creative midfielder out for a long period, a fantastic attacking midfielder having been injured all season, not to mention all the other injuries to our other offensive players, theo, ade etc

    oh and our best forward player only signed in january.

    if we didn’t have ten times more problems than anyone else then we’d be scoring goals like barca have this year imo, and we will next year!!

  27. goonermichael

    I nearly pissed myself but it on gods life it’s the truth Halle fucking berry. Fuck mandela or obama or pele or boris johnson or whoever halle berry’s tits were alright in swordfish maybe that inspires him to have a wank


    jay there is no point in me doing that the personell we need in this team won’t be brought so it pointless

  29. Keyser

    Boy Better Know – So you’re just taking the piss here ? Just winding people up, because you’re talking rubbish.

  30. A

    so we’re complete and utter shit, utd are absolutely amazing, but they’ve only scored 3 more goals than us all season, and only cos they got 4 at the weekend?!

    and we’ve had shitloads of problems and they’ve had fuck all problems….

  31. goonermichael

    Go over the mancs results in the league and you’ll see why they are going to be champions. The’ve learned how to beat stoke, blackburn etc. Check their results against the 5 teams below them and they’re not so good. I didn’t say they were shit but they aren’t that special either.

  32. A

    lescott?! though he’d be better than jd and silvestre as a reserve we need someone to come into the first team and he’s nowhere near good enough for that!

    wouldn’t mind adding messi to that list as well


    as gallas is leaving lescott is more then good enough to partner toure providing toure doesn’t leave either.

  34. Keyser

    Boy better Know – We lost 1-0 yesterday, lost 2-1 to Chelsea who just lobbed balls over the top to Drogba and Malouda and drew 4-4 with Liverpool and could have won, wtf are you on about.

    If United had played without Evra, Ferdinand and the rest, you’d be on here telling us all about it and how they were the greatest players ever and we couldn’t deal with them players out.

  35. The Turk

    London Jay
    I worked with Halle Berry a few years back. She’s the thickest human I’ve ever met, but she’s actually aware of it and quite amusing. And so hot she makes you dopey.
    only person I’ve ever met who was better looking was Samantha Janus. I never rated her on tv but in real life she makes your heart stop.
    I’d put either of them in the side ahead of Diaby all day long.


    if your telling me that arsenal were not out played in all of them games then i don’t know what you were watching.lost 1-0 today could of been how ever many,scored against chelsea could still be playing and we still would not of scored a second,the liverpool game was just madness they should of won the game,not in all of them games have they looked like winning.

  37. A

    he’s good enough in that if gallas leaves he’d be better than anyone else we have, but he’s miles worse than gallas, and miles worse than what we need. If/when gallas goes we need to get in someone top quality, not just a decent premiership player who would be really overpriced anyways!

  38. Jay

    Hey BBK and i will say this to you:

    david villa – 30mill+
    david silva – 20mill+
    yaya toure – 18mill+
    gourcuff – 15mill+
    ribery – 30mill+
    lescott – wouldn’t pay for him

    113 million for 5 players – are you outta your mind?

    What club can realistically make those purchuses, this isn’t FIFA 09 mate.

  39. A

    we’ve only played one team “when it matters most”, and we’re at half time in the other tie.

    Though it mattered in the league when we beat utd, chelsea, and drew with liverpool despite having ten men all game.

    With a top defence the current side could have the world at it’s feet

  40. A

    jay – to be fair i disagree about yaya, i think he could be available for around 12 mil, though i really don’t think it’s gonna happen now with song’s resurgence


    well jay they are the players to take us to that next level you asked me i also said then would not pay for them

  42. Keyser

    Boy Better Know – Thats pundit bollocks, where they build up the teams to fit the occassion, are you saying that if Chelsea came up against us without Terry, Alex, Bosingwa, Cole and Cech and fuck it throw out a couple of others they’d be overly confident about keeping us out ? What a load of crap.

    Though you’d still be on here telling us that all those players were missing and Chelsea are far better with them, you’d probably have stats and a flow chart.

    Are you saying you were always confident and positive of going away to Old Trafford and Anfield before ?!


    i say it again,the fact of the matter is we have not beaten them when it matters the most,fuck the league we knew were never gong to do anything this season anyway

  44. GoonerGod

    My opinion tonight being a newbie is that it’s all well and good blaming Adebayor, but he’s up front on his own. This isn’t M’boro or any other shit, it’s Man U.He should played Ade with Eduardo and got a goal. A 2-1 defeat is a million times better than a 1-0. Our priority tonight should have been to score.
    I now believe we will struggle. We may win on Tuesday, but in me heart I think we will concede.
    Anyway, come on you Gunners, still in it for now and hoping we will be invading Italy in late May.

  45. A

    so there are only 2 competitions that matter, and we’re out of one of them, and one game away from the final in the other (though at a disadvantage obviously)

  46. Jay

    Okay take 6 mil off A. still $100mil Fix

    It’s ridiculious to assume you can have these players thats my point.

    I dont agree with every player we have, or where they are played, but we have a team we must stick with.

    BBK im not trying to bring you down, but seriously, lay off the bashing till at least the second Leg.

  47. Keyser

    Say it all you want, it’s pundit rubbish, when we beat Chelsea it was because of an offside goal, beat United fucks knows what you said, probably they didn’t take their chances we got lucky, drew with Liverpool ? and now we get to two semi-finals, half way through one and it’s we should win no matter what.

    We didn’t make a final or a semi-final in the champions League before 03-04, let me guess the competition was harder back then, we were unlucky, it’s a cup compeition, unpredicatble. Heh.

  48. freduardo

    it aint all over, they have important league match this weekend, we do not, Rio may miss the next game, I believe we are capable of beating them at the emirates. dont be too down folks, we are just one down at half time.

  49. ramy

    freduardo you are 100% right……….hey everyone wake up, it isnot over, there is another game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Isaac

    hi there!
    A: i was just talking to my Manc friend and when he said the teams are two different class, there was just no come back i could think of. even the injuries we have dont make a good excuse. it seem arsenal, out of the “top 4” (if we can still realistically call ourselves on par with the other 3), overplay the players most. ronaldo have giggs, nani and whatnot to replace when he needs to take a rest. who do we have for fabregas? the fact that our squad lack depth will always lead to injuries towards the end of the season.

    whatever though I really hope we get lucky at emirates and nick it 3-1. let’s get behind the team and then stone diaby and ade postseason

  51. Ja_Gunner

    Freduardo on that note I would start this team at portsmouth.





    Eddy comes on for Bent on 60..he is probably still not fully fit so I would not risk starting him.

    Gibbs, Cesc, Ade, Nasri, Theo..get a rest.

    Song does less work at CB.(partial rest)

    Hopefully these guys will be fresh to come and pull off a miracle. I say 1-0 full time and we score in extra time to get to the CL final.

  52. Jay

    Now –
    what team will we play!
    how will we play!
    who will Rednose play!
    how will they handle us if we come out attacking..

    This is what dreams are made of, and nightmares realised.

    this is what we live for – would u rather be out by now like some ‘superclubs’ ?? Juve, Inter, Liverpool?

    Soak it in lads, the players will be – (and Irish lol)

    these moments write themselves when they happen

    – Arsenal a goal down from the first leg, come back to a thrilling win, outing previous CL holders out of the cup – Milan, and then doing it all over again to Man U!

    See thats a better thought..

    not trying ti imagine buying Villa/Torres/Drogba – every other star player known ffs.

  53. TonyS

    Ade you horrible cunt. How can anyone defend this guy? He has played shit time after time after time after time this season. Only Wenger, Ade’s family and Stevie Wonder can fail to see how shite this guy is.

    He is not fit to clean the toilet of Rooney, Torres, Drogba or Eduardo. Not even playing the same game.

    Mind you if he scores the winner next week I’ll forgive him.

  54. Ja_Gunner

    Return Leg





    We have to go for it.

  55. A

    sorry isaac i just disagree, giggs and nani?! sorry but giggs is past it now and nani is just pants.

    we’ve had eduardo and rosicky not play a game this season, imagine if the same went for rooney and ronaldo?!

    cesc is the one big problem, though maybe now nasri would be capable of playing that roll.

    we’ve not had injuries towards the end of the season, we’ve had 2 of our best players not play a game, and length injuries to our other best players!

    if utd had had rooney and ronaldo not play a game all season, and then tevez, carrick and berbatov out for sustained periods, then ferdinand or vidic missing the business end of the season they would have been completely and utterly fucked! when the defence was broken up for a couple of games they were completely fucked, if it was sustained, say if rio was out for ages now, it would/could make a massive difference.

    and that’s no different from us having eduardo and rosicky not playing a game all season, and lengthy injuries to cesc, theo, and ade, and gallas at the end

    going forwards we’ve got as much if not more strength in depth now than any of the other 3 of the top 4, but defensively we’re very very shallow, and that needs to be sorted in the close season.

  56. A

    ja you put diaby centre mid at the weekend?! we can’t throw the game!!!!

    i agree with your team in the return leg, apart from ade CANNOT start, bendtner and eduardo is one hell of a partnership….

  57. Jay

    Ja – Please Diaby needs to be dropped –
    ——-Song Billongs Here——
    Theo———————-Nasri —CV Sub

    Ade/Bendy to be thrown on.

  58. Isaac

    A i agree with some of what you said, perhaps i shouldve thought more clearly before posting. but i still dont see us realistically able to challenge for honours with just one potent striker in ade, and even him is like not reliable. (same can be said of liverpool i suppose)
    the real issue for me is definitely in the DM department. Even defense, on the book at least, is not that bad. I rate JD & Silvestre higher than Evans and both Gibbs and Eboue are very capable backups. the problem seems more of a lack of leadership than depth. But for DM, Song is the only real option we have and Denilson, although a good player, cannot be put in the same team as Fabregas. Take Man U and Chelsea for example, when we play against strong DMs (Anderson and Essien), Fabregas tend to struggle, esp. against anderson because of his famini-like energy level. We need enforcers to back Fab up so he can concentrate of being in a position to attack.

  59. Ja_Gunner

    I play Diaby there because the game is not as important really. We need Song on top of his game for the return leg.

    Wenger needs to now trust him and put Cesc beside him.

    I dont know why Wenger is caught up in this Cesc in the hole has never worked.

    Also Cesc can take a rest as well, that is why I play Diaby and Denilson against Pompey.

  60. Jay

    Sorry Ja – thought thats for return leg –
    But i’d still play my team ! Ade on bench he can dent his Ego a little.

  61. DeeOzGooner

    Time for a rant!!!…What fkn rubbish!!!

    Wenger has lost the plot and has proved again he doesn’t have the tactical nous in big games…he fukd up team selection in the c.league final against barca, in the semi against chavs and he fukd up again tonight!!

    I just cant understand his love for diaby!…what does he bring, he doesn’t track back and tackle…he doesn’t hold up the ball…he doesn’t pass well…all he does is give the ball away!!…seriously he needs to be sold as he’s holding back players like vela & ramsey…he did not seem to help gibbs out at all in that game

    Wengers formation was farkd tonight!!…why is nasri playing so deep and cesc in roaming role??? Cesc cant bloody shoot and hes too slow! And its well known cesc prefers to drop back and dictate!!!

    And Adebarndoor…what a pile of shite!….did he even get to one header in that game??? And why the fuk are we lobbing the ball up to him anyway, who the fuk is he gona head the ball down to…hes up there on his own!!!

    And then to make the most genius of moves…lets take off Walcott(not diaby!) and put bendtner on…oh and I know lets play bendtner out wide…what a load of RUBBISH!!!

    You know what really pisses me off…at 60mins its clear that we need to change things up, but whose making subs? Not arsene!!!…fergie is bringing on players like berba and giggs, what are we doing…NOTHING!

    Cant believe we had 5 in MF and afforded manure so much space…ridiculous!!!

    Im sooo fkn pissed off man…I really cant see us going thru, we may be able to score two against them…but doubt we’ll keep them out at the emirates

    …ok im over it…

  62. David

    A Says:
    April 30, 2009 at 00:52

    bbk santa cruz is crap, he’s got service this season at blackburn and missed open goal after open goal.


    Dont know where u get ure stats from A,

    Santa Cruz has been injured 80% of the season..and he’s the man that Broke United’s 50 game clean sheet record.

  63. iceman

    I’m trying not to be too down. I really wanted an away goal though. It’s down to us. Keep it tight at the back….play 4-4-2 FFS!!!! and just go with the flow. They won’t have Rio….we need to go at them…it’s still in the balance.

    Oh and after yest, Barndoor has to go. No question.

  64. ethangunner


    you have to understand that have the gimps on here will remind you last season thats where ade scored the bulk of his goals !

    so yes you need to blame him for being offside at every 1st touch , and spilling the ball at every opportunity , as much as i hate the 4-5-1 , i only hate it because our team suffers for it ..

    tactically it should control the midfield ,diaby was just as woeful , yet we chose to attack down the left flank all night , no wonder theo was anonymous .

  65. Jay

    Iceman – i know we will play more to suit our style next game, Chin up. an away goal would’ve been great 🙂

    What i hate is all these teams play attacking football to get to the finals..then lock up and park the bloody bus!

    GO out and play to your strengths!

  66. ethangunner

    for all the shit ive copped about ranting on at ade ..



  67. iceman

    Who’s gonna buy him though?
    Meelan better still want him.
    He’s just not an Arsenal type player.
    He claims Kanu’s his idol and he wants to be more like him….yet he plays nothing like him….

    Jay I know…it’s still open…trying to be positive….Almunia really came through eh….

  68. PDT

    We need someone to knock some sense into the megalomaniac! That we came away just one goal behind is to the credit of the team, not the manager!

  69. PDT

    Why doesn’t the megalomaniac underwstand that our best shot is 4-4-2?

    If he plays 4-5-1 in the 2nd leg, I will start calling for his head. (Not that that will make any difference, but no man can be bigger than the club).

  70. PDT

    The apologists will come on in a few hours time and trot out all the standard excuses – injuries, playing away, not having the right players on the bench, Arshavin being cup tied, etc. etc. etc.

    Whose fault is it?

    Not the fans – we pay top dollar for the privilege of watching the Arsenal.

  71. PDT

    I am trying to enjoy the journey here, but the landscape looks exactly the same as it did last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that.

    And it looks like it will look the same next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.

    So long as the board measures our success by our P&L and not our trophy cabinet, we will stay where we are – fighting for fourth!

  72. PDT

    How many of us will forget yesterday’s pitiful display if we win 2-0 at the Emirates and move on to Rome?

    Most of us will, but we should not. We have let the board and the manager distract us. But our trophy cabinet is still empty.

  73. PDT

    It’s not about the money. How many times have we heard that the money is there? It is this manager! He has sacrificed the club in the interests of his personal experiment and the need to prove to the world that “Arsene Knows”.

  74. PDT

    At one point in time, we had less than a third of possession! Against Fletcher and OShea!!

    How much worse can it get?

  75. PDT

    Arsene Knew, but now needs to reinvent himself! The experiment did not work at Monaco. It is not working now, and Arsene better get over the disappointment.

  76. David

    Cheers PDT

    I hear what uve said….And I agree. I dont think the solution would be to call for Wenger’s head…but its clear the experiment is not working as of yet…we are close though…very close….it seems that going 1-0 down against a fully fit 144 Million dollar united team at Old Trafford is not really the end of the World.

    Take heart…..We always play much better at THOF

  77. David

    The major flaw with the experiment is that young talent see Arsenal as the perfect place to Advertise themselves to feck off to another real team. WE are just their ladder to the next level…Flamoney and Hleb for example…so young and talented they will come…but they go when they are anything close to established players.

  78. David

    We struggle against United…Because the scum like to cross the ball into the box…and those gremlins…know how to head and shoot the ball…cmon…thats all they know how to do…they do it well..and efficiently except ofcoarse the unusual Ronaldo bullets. That being sed…Kolo is useless in the Air…how this man is so hapless with Air balls is shocking…and Silvestre is not as bad…but I think it is fair to say that we need new CB’s.

  79. Jay

    I know alot of ppl were giving him a hard time (HP Baxter from Scooter – check his pic out lol)
    but he came through – i dont doubt fab’s talent – but almunia has steel (excuse the pun)
    hes really come through – i think…all he needs is some confidence (which he should bagloads of) and a proper defence infront of him. he really gave it to them today, even though he was undersiege.

    As for Ade – momments of brilliance, mask a deeper porblem – lazyness… egoness –

  80. gnarleygeorge9

    No doubt there will be a fair amount of negativity on here today, & I told you fucking so type shit.

    Yawn! How boring! I’ve got better things to do than stab The Club/players/Manager in the back, when they are down.

    Go you Rip Roaring Reds.

  81. iceman

    That’s the spirit mate 🙂
    The fat lady just cleared her throat yet. So let’s all keep our pants on.

  82. Geoff

    Morning all, no need to stab them Gnarley, they already shot themselves in the foot.

    Time to drop Diaby and Ade and go 4-4-2

  83. Geoff

    Gunner8 if we had played, we would have won, we were the rabbits I mentioned in the post, at least we came back in the second half, 1 shot on target, fucking hell.

  84. Gunner8

    David are you not forgetting that Silvestre crossed the ball for O’Shea to score?

    Silvestre is Fergie’s spy, he always has been! The worst signing by Wenger in his career. Look how many goals we have conceeded with him on the pitch and then look at when he is off the pitch.

    Ade is a lazy Twunt end of

    The rest of the boys i am proud of, it is going to be tough next week but being 1nil down will create an intense atmosphere at leGrove… …and look at it this way;

    We need to win the game by two clear goals against the in-form side… …Anfield 89′ anyone?

  85. Gunner8

    Geoff, I was just saying!

    It was disapointing but let’s see if we can come back stronger, I like us much better with Franchise in the team and with Ade where he belongs on the bench!

    I am sure Inter will sign him because they love lanky lazy strikers

  86. Gunner8

    I agree Geoff


  87. Geoff

    Gunner8, we should start playing like we’ll lose him, because we will, he went last season in my book anyway.

  88. Gunner8

    Geoff I was hoping he would go last season and bitterly disapointed… …while everyone one was going on about him scoring 30 goals!!!

    I would sit there and say if it were Torres he would have had 50-60 with the service.

    Ade’s problem is that when he thinks or has time he is shocking, but give him the ball in the box with 3 players around he will produce a great goal… …I have never seen a striker who likes to spend so much time on outside the box, who can’t get past a wet piece of bog roll on the pitch!

  89. kelsey

    Good morning all.

    Hats off to mr.Larsen,one of the best referee performances i have seen for a long time.
    now let’s put it into perspective,we were playing the Champions of Europe in their own backyard.Did Wenger forget to tell the players this was the most important game of our season,or are we just also rans,becayuse this season is panning out as last year and the year before that,because we just didn’t buy a couple of decent defenders last summer.Sure we had injuries,but United have looked vunerable in defence,and all we did was fire blanks.Walcott was literally squeezed out of the game,the team for the first 20 minutes looked nervous and shell shocked,and but for Almunia,the tie would have been over by half time.Adebayor had no easy task playing the lone striker against two of the best central defenders in Europe,but the few times he got the ball,he was a complete embarressment.No one played well apart from Almunia,Toure and amuch improved second half from Gibbs.A special word to the 4000 away fans,who sung their hearts out all throughout the match.
    Now we have a big ask,though i am convinced we can win the return leg,but will failure to score away ultimately cost us the tie.

  90. Gunner8

    yeah iceman and he is due a performance, for me he has been one of the worst performers in the side since Christmas

  91. Gunner8

    morning kelsey

    I think Eduardo could really benefit from having RVP and Cesc providing for him… …I really can’t wait for Arshavin and Eddy to hook up!

  92. Gunner8

    i do think failure to score the away goal will cost us the tie, but nothing’s impossible!

    oh I would bring Ade on with 30 to go, damn i wish I could be Wenger for a day… …in one of those dodgy 80’s films kind of a way just to see if my ideas would work, oh yes

  93. Gunner8

    Although everyone would know, because Wenger would be making changes b4 70mins and we all know he does not doo that!

    He would be the worst manager in Yankee Football, seriously if I were an oposing manager Wenger would be the easiest to predict! He is the best talent spotter and trainer, but his tactics have always worried me

  94. kelsey

    Morning gunner8,
    did you see Eduardo’s face when he came on, with only a few minutes me it looked like he was thinking”charming,i have got 8 minutes to save this tie”

    Also after the goal,Kolo was the only player really urging the team on with vocal encouragement.

  95. reggie57

    The most annoying thing is we could have
    signed Torres a few years ago,the guy was
    begging wenger instead he went for ade
    great judgement heh.

  96. gnarleygeorge9


    I take your point. Ade promised pre game, why wouldn’t you think he would @ least have a go. He was terrible I know. But.

    Kelsey The Spanish Waiter saved the tie.

    Wenger has said it will be a different Arsenal next leg. Well he, IMO is the one who has made the present situation, show us you are fair dinkum.

    But I won’t slag off players particularly until the The game is done & dusted. & hey, we could still win out.

  97. reggie57

    If we fail to beat the mancs AW should be bought
    to task by our gutless board and be giving some
    targets to achieve,not just 4th place.

  98. Gunner8

    yes we could, Gnarley

    I am however not very hopefull

    I will sing my heart out at the Grove next week, but I really am not hopefull

  99. iceman

    AW wanted Torres at 16.
    Atletico told him where to stick it.
    Up to the time they sold him they were playing hardball.

  100. nishanth

    I really hope i don’t see that cunt adebayor play for arsenal again.He didn’t give a fuck yesterday.RVP atleast cares.He is one of the few who has some balls in our team.The only one who went into every challenge totally committed against chelsea.He atleast has some pride.I really hope he is back for the second leg.Not sure whether he will score or anything but atleast he will put on a fight

  101. gnarleygeorge9


    You have the power of communicating to those who will attend. Is there any way The Club could get the word that next Tuesday night any restrictions on crowd behaviour should be relaxed.

    If ever The Club needed 55,000 voices in chorus, its then.

  102. reggie57

    One of the guys who went last night never got home
    till 1am(gunner4ever i think)he said the players never even clapped the fans who made the effort to watch
    a half hearted effort shame on them