Tonight is all about belief, 12 years hard work and throwing caution to the wind.

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All season, and in fact since the Invincibles, Wenger has been telling us he has belief in his young squad, tonight we will see if he was right, I believe we should have signed 2 more players plus Arshavin in the summer, does that mean we can’t win this thing? Does it hell! The players that have come in and stepped up have finally come of age, tactics lost the FA cup, I think he has learned from that, tactics and caution equals bollocks, tonight we should show them no respect, tonight they are at home and should show us respect.

I think the Gibbs injury is a smoke screen, the big question for me is who will partner Kolo at the back, some would say Silvestre because he’s going back to the theatre of day dreams, me , I would shove Djourou in there, he is one of Wengers kids and he won’t let us down.

Midfield is the area we need to dominate and that should be an attacking one with some steel in there, for this reason I would play Theo out wide with Cesc and Diaby in the middle, Nasri out wide and Song in the hole between them and the defence, Ade alone up top where Diaby can drop in the hole and play as a second striker, why him? Because I think we need some big boys against Ferdinand and Vidic, that would then pave the way for Eduardo and Bentner to come out in the second half and go 4-4-2 when they get tired.

My team yesterday was to start with Eduardo and Benndtner and use Ade as an impact sub, but he likes playing the Mancs and maybe 4-5-1 will contain their initial onslaught, if in fact there is one, if we keep the ball for the first 20 minutes they will start to leave gaps and then we can hurt them, but we must play like we know we are better than them and not like the preverbial rabbit in front of their horrible headlights.

Go at them like we did when we played Madrid, Milan and Juventus away and we will put them on the back foot, tell Diaby to release the ball or shoot and we take away his problem, tell Song to shut everything down and we will stop them playing, do all that and we’ll win, and win well.

No history today Grovers, this is the biggest match of our season and tonight we will write our own history, tonight we show the world that Arsene Wenger’s red and white experiment is working.

This game reminds me of 1989 when we were given two chances to beat Liverpool, slim and none, we beat the reigning champions Milan last year, we can top that and beat the reigning champions this year, destiny awaits and it’s ours to lose, we always said to be the best, we need to beat the best, tonight we have that chance, take it Arsenal and we can go on and win this thing and remember ‘Concordia something Crescit’ beat the living shit out of the Mancs.

Go forth and multiply, go and win us the European cup, you are the Arsenal and we love you, we do!

Have a great night Grovers, I have a feeling this is one we will remember our whole lives, tonight we come of age, tonight we go into the lions den and tonight we will re-write the history books.

2 nil the Arsenal, yes I mean it, 2 nil!

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  1. Bradys right foot

    The back four and the keeper were excellant and have kept this tie very much alive after a very shaky opening 20 minutes apart from Ronaldos shot and one or two dangerous balls into the box we coped admirably. Uniteds pressing game paid divideneds but as the tired the expected surge from the Gunners didn’t materialise which was disappointing. I actually take a huge amount of encouragement from the last sixty minutes of the game. We know key players simply didn’t perform to the expected level such as Cesc. A word to anyone who doubted Wengers faith in Song – He is the holding player we have been waiting for and was excellant tonight, he is maturing with every minute on the pitch and will be a huge player in the coming years. I cannot think of a better player in his position anywhere at the age of 21.

  2. patthegooner

    Nisanth because RVP is injured and I really doubt that either Bendtner or Vela would have contributed a lot more than Ade tonight.

    He was poor but I do think a lot of that is down to formation. Like all of our strikers, he is not suited to being a lone striker.

    But what Ade does bring is the goal from nothing and I think he might just might earn his wages IF PLAYED in a 4-4-2 next week.

    I think you should all be looking more at our Negative Approach than being too harsh on a Striker that had no service. I am not saying he was not blameless but he did not get anything laid onto him.

  3. Hollywood Hotsauce

    Arsenal players need to do what Chelsea players did to Scolari to get him sacked, keeping playing shit with 4=5=1 until thick head Wenger gets it into his head to stop playing people out of position and stop bottling it.

    Fabregas in the hole? Wanker!

    Nasri in defensive position? Wanker!

    Playing Diaby in the first place and on the left? Wanker!

    Leaving Adeba-cocksucker-yor on the field? Wanker!

    Taking off Theo for Bendnter and still persisting with 4-5-1? Wanker!

    Arsene’s a tactical joke and a fuck up! Get a Number 2 that can talk back and get rid of Pat Rice. Plank!!!!

  4. KM

    BBK i agree with u – this team is not good enough to beat the likes of Chelski, MANU, POOL, BARCA. we need another DM but some1 with lots of energy like… flamini – Song was gr8 2nite but was overwhelmed at times & Denilson is just not there yet. also we were crying out for a left winger at LM.

    FABREGAS wasnt involved enough for me in this game. he needs to grab the game by the scruff of the neck.

    WE WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY 2NITE.we could have been 4/5/6-0 down jst in the 1st half. but i find that quite amusing — is lady luck smiling at us? are we gonna nick it at the emirates? i doubt it but i expect the mancs to win unless we produce something something v.special

  5. choy

    pat.. he wants everything on a plate… he needs to work at time… look at rooney.. that fecker was/ is everywhere…

  6. reggie57

    The thing is PTG he never made any effort at all
    never won 1 fuckin header he was a disgrace to
    the shirt the sooner we get rid the better

  7. Rasputin

    I can’t se us stopping manure scoring at the Emirates with our makeshift defence, in which case we will need to score at least three – highly implausible. We needed an away goal…AW knew it, that’s why he threw on attackers. Too little, too late. Diaby and Ade were truly awful. Diaby continued to give the ball away as he always does and Ade is lazy, talentless and arrogant. He didn’t even run off the pitch when he was subbed when the rest of the team was finally showing some urgency. He was extremely lucky to get 30 goals last season. I pray this will be his last.

  8. Paulinho

    BBK, Fabregas is incredibly limited physically and can’t shoot. He’s very good, but not excellent, passer.

    He needs mobile dribblers around him to give spice to his metronomic, slow, plodding, intelligence.

    He’s terrible defensively as well.

  9. Hollywood Hotsauce

    That plank Wenger if he plays 4-5-1 in the second I swear to God I’ll hire a contract killer to take him out…..

  10. vandejie

    As expected…

    I don’t want to see Diaby playing anymore please.

    And don’t ever think of using f**kin 4-5-1 anymore. It doesn’t work for a lazy striker like Adejubo.

  11. patthegooner

    Then pick your front two next week then Choy as RVP wont be back in time!!!

    Hey I am no fan of Adebayor but he is the best of a injury prone inconsistent bunch that is available.

    Our whole season and in the main, Arsene Wenger’s Reputation rides on next Tuesday as if we do lose then the momentum and renewed belief we will be shot down in flames. Our Season is effectively over if we lose and our achievement despite Wenger’s potentially misguided belief and failure to invest in the squad is a 4th place, then the questions will quite rightly be asked once again, as I tell you now, dont expect a lot of movement INWARDS in the transfer window as he will stick with this bunch.

  12. Keyser

    Paulinho – You need someone to hold up the ball in midfield in front of Cesc and move it on quickly and efficiently, they’re both going to give you that in different measures.

    Van Persie who has a quick mind and is efficient with his passing and would provide the link between himself Adebayor and Walcott with the latter running off of him.

    Give Hleb the ball and he will do the same expect insted of passing he uses his movement to open up the spaces. They both need intelligent runs and the others to be in sync otherwise it breaks down all too easily.

    United offered little space and time, you’re going to need more than just Hleb on his game to break them down. It’s not long gone with Van Persie he just needs the others to step up with him, either they learn and adapt or we’re going to have to wait for Rosicky and Arshavin to be fit and eligible next season.

    Why do you think Hleb gets little match time at Barcelona ?!

  13. patthegooner

    Reggie57, I agree with you on Adebayors future, but he aint going anywhere.

    I still feel he became bored tonight as nothing was happening.

    Again given his performance, maybe you should ask why he played for so long and why when Bendtner came on, did we keep the same shape!!!!.

  14. kevin

    I miss hleb. They way he woul draw 3 or 4 defenders. THen play an eye through the needle pass, unlocking defenders.

  15. Paulinho

    Keyser, you can have a nice little debate with yourself and watch the nice vid Pat has provided.

    I’m not getting involved in your turgid, petty exchanges.


    im telling you wenger is tired he needs removing, he’s done his best and in the end come up short for the past years.

  17. Pat

    Sorry, I meant to post a link but I posted the embedding code accidently. Feel free to delete that post, not sure if we’re allowed to do that.

  18. patthegooner

    Hleb was a good player, but goalscoring was the one key missing attribute to his game.

    But would I put him back in ahead of Theo, Nasri and Arshavin? Would I fuck

    He made his bed and he is now snuggled up in it on the Barca Bench. Stupid Cunt.

  19. Pat

    I’d put him far ahead of Nasri and Theo. Theo is a nobody when facing a good defender. Lennon is twice the player Theo is at the moment. I don’t see what all the hype is about.

  20. KM

    Paulinho agree with u on HLEB. the guy could beat any player 1 on 1. he was jst so good at beating his man. i really Hleb is a special player who will get wasted at Barcelona benchwarming. Hleb was gr8 at assists too – i know he didnt shoot much but we were on our way to winning the league until march when eddy broke his leg and we collapsed mentally. i really believe Hleb would have scooped numerous player awards if he had stayed at Arsenal. he’s a v.rare player and frm our attacking players only Arshavin & sometimes nasri can beat a player with skill not pace like walcott.

    BBK – i also agree with u that Fabregas is maybe a bit overhyped sometimes but he was amazing when he was partnering Flamini. Wenger needs to leave Fabregas in the CM role not AM. I wouldnt mind Gourceuf (pardon the spelling) of Bordeaux cos that guy is v.special & is gonna join the select group of WORLD CLASS players v.soon.

  21. kevin

    I just think we were unlucky and we should not dwell on this performance. It happens. However at the emirates we have to produce a perfromance of the highest calibre.

    I’m off.

  22. patthegooner

    Yeah I do reggie. I think sometimes he is incredibly stubborn and wont change things even though the problem is staring him in the face. I think tonight he was too scared to change it after conceding just in case we conceded another. I guess we find out next tuesday if it was the right call.

    You could quite easily have taken Diaby and Adebayor off the pitch tonight and no one would have noticed. Likewise Cesc who is almost nullified when playing 4-5-1. It is Anti-football.

    We are not Chelsea, We are Arsenal and attacking is our best form of defence.

    What I will say is if we had started 4-4-2 then Ade would have had more chances tonight, and who knows we might have an away goal to start on Tuesday.

  23. patthegooner


    Team is above


    Sagna, Toure, Djourou, Gibbs
    Theo, Cesc, Song, Nasri
    Ade, Eduardo

    I just feel that 4-5-1 nullfies too many of our better players.

  24. southcoastGooner

    Cheers Pat for reminding us of what we miss. Remember though he done the dirty on us and is now a cu*t and we now have arshavin.

  25. Bradys right foot

    Its only 1:0 and in the cold light of day if i’d have been offered it before the game i’d have taken it. At 2:0 the games dead at 1:0 we are very much in this tie and have the players to turn UTD over at the Grove. It’ll take a stunning performance and or a bit of luck but given the last three years of injury hell maybe the footballing gods owe us something. Players like Cesc and Nasri will want to put this performance behind them with a good outing next week. Personally I wouldn’t play Ade his attitude is appalling and for a big man he’s a light weight. Bendtnar would match the United centre halfs physically.

  26. KM

    THEO needs space to run past the defender while HLEB & NASRI can dribble if need be. If Hleb comes on the market i would definately bring him back and play him ahead of FABREGAS & SONG. how many of u would welcome HLEB back? PAULINHIO?

  27. reggie57

    Agree 100% of every thing you said PTG once again AW bottled it, mirror image of the semi against the chavs.

  28. irishgunner

    Thing is I was happy with the team when I saw it but:

    1)A lot of the players didn’t put in the effort

    2) Wenger didn’t change a formation that wasn’t working

    Having said that it could have been much worse if it wasn’t mainly for Almunia so hopefully the rest will have a good look at themselves, Wenger will get the team and formation right, the fans get right behind the team and we give it everything we got on tuesday night

  29. patthegooner

    I would definately have taken it at half time BRF.

    You are right though, with a bit of luck the right formation and some good performances then we can do this.

    Either that or employ the make up artists from Little Britain and get Arshavin to look like the elligble Denilson and play him on the LW.

  30. Bradys right foot

    April 29, 2009 at 23:17

    say the unthinkable happens and they do win,do you really want to get to another final and lose”

    lol of course m8

  31. Paulinho

    Ha ha KM. With open arms!

    Nah, I think we should move on KM. We’ve got Arshavin now. I don’t particularly rate Nasri has a bona fida attacking threat so I think we need another attacking wide playmaker.

    I would love him still to here but he’s gone now and we should look to see if there are other similar, younger talents out there. We definately need another as Wilshere is still a while away yet.

  32. kirby

    first time ive ever heard enger talk no bullshit he as frank and i think he as pissed off but pleased we only conceded one goal!

  33. southcoastGooner

    BBK, yeah it is fukin painful loosing in the final, id rather get knocked out in the semi’s. but then again id rather lose to barca then the fukin mancs i hate them cunts but i also hat barca, and i hate chelsea…fuck i hate everyone.

  34. southcoastGooner

    fuck dignity and pride lets welcome back hleb coz he is a badass player and hopefully he wont do a runner again on us.

  35. Paulinho

    Keyser, the calibre of player keeping him out is super world class, and in general, plenty of players struggle when they move to other big clubs. Quaresma, Ronaldinho at Milan. Van Bommel at Barca.

    Henry struggled at Barca last year.

    I don’t really care what happens with Hleb at Barca, the players are all greedy tossers there anyway and never pass to him.

  36. irishgunner

    Kirby – I think its the first time Wenger has actually said we were “lucky” not to concede more

  37. southcoastGooner

    i care what happens to hleb like to see him play in the final…..against us and fukin lose.

  38. Nicky.




    Not yet!………………..

  39. Nicky.

    “Mentally we are so much stronger than last year”

    “We have learnt so much from the Chelsea game!”



    i think wenger should come out and start criticizing these boneless pricks a bit more often, prehaps they might take a bit of notice…..


    the harsh reality might do them a bit of good instead of wrapping them up in cotton wool all the time

  42. irishgunner

    BBK – A bit, I so desperately wanted an away goal. It seems Ferdinand is pretty fucked though so hopefully he is out on Tuesday – Vidic and Ferdinand struggle if the other isn’t playing.

    There is still hope but I’m not too confident to be honest. Hopefully Boro will kick lumps out of them at the weekend.

  43. Pat

    Some thought to get your hopes up. We absolutely dominated Roma at home, but they absolutely dominated us away.

    Same thing could happen next week, eh?

  44. Pat

    A CR or Rooney injury would do wonders for us, imo. Is Justin Hoyte still at Boro? C’mon son, make us proud!

  45. irishgunner

    He didn’t lay into the team but he didn’t give any of his usual excuses either – I didn’t catch the full interview but he looked pretty pissed off

  46. patthegooner

    Right that is me, BBK your negativity (Some would say reality) is killing my will to live 🙂

    I will maintain the hope we can pull it off next week.

    I am now praying for a 4-4-2 from the Football Gods and a place for Diaby in the stands and not even on the bench. He is like a Defensive Messi but only a lot lot shitter. Diaby you are not fucking zidane, maradonna or Messi so stop acting like a cunt on the edge of your own box.

    Good Night All, and BBK please remove all sharp object and pills from your house before the game next week…..

    It could be worse we could be Spurs Fans

  47. Paulinho

    I fully expect us to play relatively well next week but we need absolutely everything to fall for us and give everything.

    We may as well give it a good lash and see what happens.

  48. Pat

    Doesn’t matter that they’re a different team. Roma were the same team we dominated at home. Roma battered us more than United today, I think.

  49. Bradys right foot

    Good point Pat, but if you look at tonights game ManU didn’t do exactly what we did at the Grove to Roma. We should have ran out 5 or 6. We did half a job tonight defended well but didn’t create when in possession which we all took for granted. If we got one part of it right tonight why can’t we get both right next week.

  50. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, I’m glad, you make these debates all that they are.

    I wouldn’t mind Hleb back but we’re still going to need to give him the time to suss out the players we have now just like at Barca he needs time to adjust.

    Barca wanted the player it took Arsenal 3 years to find a place for to performa from the moment he got there, it’s not surprising he looks lost, either he moves on or he learns quicker than the point at which he starts to lose what makes him soo special.

  51. irishgunner

    Ha ha BBK nah I’ll be back to my positive self again by Tuesday and telling you to stop being so negative 😉

  52. tomstoned

    Evenin All…

    Irish ill keep th champers cool just in case…all in all a dissapointing display Diaby was woeful…Ade ..well..and even though im abit down ,i WAS pleased with the way we gradually took over..and im having a sneaky feeling that tonite was all about result and not winning…there where several factors that points to that cunclusion..the formation played..did you all se what happened when we had chances to break,,no speed at all,and that has to be agreed on before the match..this game we was never gonna go at was all for gettin a result..and well in some way we did…but i myself hate it when we dont go out firing and trying to win every game..Mr Wenger tonight you acted like a less…

    still we could easily beat mancs at Emirates..and my feeling is that we’re gonna do just that….

    the most sad thing tonite is all you Gooners who travelled to old trafford..and really was cheated out of a good game,Mr Wenger made sure that would never happen..

    Final word ..let everybody else be cowards and deadbeats….We Gooners stands firm Always..


  53. Paulinho

    Wenger is frustrated that the team cannot replicate a high level of technical football in any arena or situation.

    We can do a passable job at the Emirates but away from home we get found out time and time again. We were poor at Liverpool as well.

    Last season’s team thrived when the opposition came onto us and forced us to play around the pressure. This team cower in fear and pass backwards. The ability isn’t there, or the mentality. Both are intrinsically linked anyway.

  54. irishgunner

    BBK – Not quite a smile but not a frown either ha ha

    Keep the champers Tom just in case and if not we’ll drown our sorrows

  55. irishgunner


    “They played well, they started very strong,” he told Sky Sports 2. “The good thing is we didn’t concede more than one. We have a good chance to reverse it at home. Man United played at a fast pace and we never got into our stride.

    “They could have scored the second. That kept us in the tie and we want to take advantage of that. We didn’t create enough. But it’s more important to think about what we want to do next Tuesday.

    “We still believe we will do it at home and I believe we will see a different Arsenal next week.”

  56. tomstoned

    we’ll never drown Irish we’re smarter than that…and we’ll never give up..better dead than not believing Irish..We’ll just march on 🙂

    Champers in the cellar Irish ..on hold..:)


  57. Paulinho

    It would be alright Keyser, him and Cesc would put the Batman and Robin suits on and it would all be great and wonderful, skipping along together holding hands.

  58. Colonel Mustard

    I think this experiment will be over next week. we will concede against united so realistcally its game over. at least we got Ardshavin but how long more is Wegner going to keep us in a state of stasis with the Diabys, Bentner and others that are just not good enough and are dragging down a potentially great team.

  59. Paulinho

    Just reading a few of report headlines. I get a knot in my stomach when I keep reading ‘United dominate 1st leg” , especially after being dominated by Liverpool recently, and dominated by Chelsea.

    We prided ourselves on dominating last year. It hurts goddammit!

  60. tomstoned

    i think Wenger must have been drinkin the champers Irish ….started strong..what ?? nope Wenger man this rather poor display was youre plan from the start..what actually surprised me ..was that we actually gradually took control of the match,even though ferguson may say he was happy with the result..he wasnt ..he wanted dearly a second..and that it will be onother matter on emirates yes of course Wenger will allow us to go forward …only question reminds the same ..why not this evening Wenger ?? its shite when someone gets more worried about loosing than winning ?? shape up Wenger..


  61. tomstoned

    well off BKK take care mate….and i somewhat agree,what worries me more mate is the fact that it seems like we’re no allowed to bite…

    laters All

  62. Jay

    Okay – i don’t think its all doom and gloom…

    if we had a 1 nil lead at home, would u feel confident?

    I don’t think United are feeling that good -sure you feel good winning any game, but for all that domination, and real chances, they only have 1 in the goal tally.

    We will see 4-4-2 @ home. VP will play if fit.

    Arshavin – wat a real Midfielder can do for ur team aye !?

  63. Keyser

    I don’t think so anymore Paulinho, Hleb had it made at Arsenal and now Robin’s lost all of what little powers he had it seems, I don’t think he’s going to get the same chance again unless Iniesta gets injured or one of the strikers moves on and he’s not getting any younger.

    Cheep up, it’s a it unfair to pass judgment on this team now, we should see a better representation next season.

  64. The Turk

    I do think Diaby needs to be moved on now though, he has showed flashes of talent, very rarely, but he’s not Arsenal quality. lets get rid.

  65. Ja_Gunner

    Most of the players played poorly..but why is Wenger experimenting at this stage?

    Doesnt he realise that Fab is not good in the hole.

    he scored 2 against low class opposition.

    I mean what the hell wa this?






    Cesc scored a good goal against milan last year..but in general he is a very poor shooter, and he is slow.

    There were many times when Ade received the ball and there was no one there to share the burden with him.Cesc is just too slow to get up and down the pitch like Gerrard.

    And Diaby did absolutely nothing on the left.

    Why not let Daiby support Ade…and Cesc play deep and pick passes to all the attakcing players.

    When he is up front he cant influence the game at all, he doesnt have the physical attributes nor the shooting power.

    The players could have done better but its Wenger to take the blame again just like against Chelsea.


    a can you really see man u not being able to score against this shit defence that wenger has conjured up

  67. simon mcmahon

    tonight has shown what TT is all about ,semi final of champs league,and he dosent brake sweat FUCKING MORONIC LAZY BASTARD ,
    and Diaby quite simply is SHITE..
    fucking 4,5,1 is a joke for us
    we need a miracle next week if wenger goes 4,5,1 we will be out,
    again he got out coached , and some players dont even try , its disgusting that all the gooners who are shoved high at some shitty end of that crap ground have gave more than certian 1 st team players tonight,
    How wasted are nasri and fab 4 . it s a joke.

  68. The Turk

    you played well BBK and deserved more out of the game but we’re still in it and we’ll be better when you come to the Emirates.


    if wenger learned anything from tonight,he would of learnt that you need good players to win things not cunts like this lot who are shit year in year out……..

  70. A

    no bbk i think they’ll score, but we can definitely score against them. I actually want them to get an early goal, or we’re fucked!

    I can see us going one or even 2-0 up, trying to hold it, but utd pushing in the second half and scoring a late goal to kill the tie.

    if utd get an early goal then whatever happens we’ve gotta all out attack, and with utd playing defensively there’s a chance that we could overrun them, do a liverpool and get 3 or 4.

    vp returning would be big though, or if eduardo is back to full fitness.

    if rio is out it would be a massive boost – utd can be woeful defensively when their defence is split up


    wenger has to go all out in the summer and spend big on a quality defence a few add ons to the forward play and we might get some where.

  72. choy

    wenger and his 4-5-1.. it is fucked up.. it does not work… how long does one man have to be so stubborn..

    and the day Ade became plan A… we’ve been fucked

  73. A

    no forwards bbk, but defensively i agree, and i really think he will, the situation we’re currently in is a disaster, and is really damaging the development of the attacking talent we’ve got at the club.

    i don’t think we’ll do it, though not gonna go for a prediction.

    it could be a 1-1 or 2-1 to us if they get a latish goal after we were ahead

    if we go at it from the start they could get 1 or 2 early goals and hammer us,

    or they could get an early goal, then try and play really defensively, whereupon we get completely on top of them, get 3-1 up, and they can’t readapt their game to playing attacking.

    or we could get an early goal, then a second early goal, then we could pick them off on the counter as they try to come at us.

    i’d say the first two are the most probably but we’re still in with a chance. they’re certainly in the driving seat imo though.

  74. Bernard Baines

    Top marks to Gibbsy bosh tonight! A legend in the making. Also thought Song was brilliant, great strength and composure and looks like he’s slotting into that defensive midfield role increasingly well.

    I’m up and down with Diaby. . .I actually thought tonight he showed a lot of the ability Arsene obviously sees in him. He held on the ball too long on a few occasions and lost it as a result, but more often than not he showed his strength and skill to keep the ball. I think his downfall has been his frequent injuries. If he had a long run in the team I think we would probably see his quality really start to shine.

    Almunia fantastic. Trust Andy Gray to say it was a ‘good’ save but the attackers should have done better each time. Even if we got to the final and beat Barcelona 5 nil ANdy Gray still wouldn’t want to to give us any real praise. Andy, you’re not making sense, I think you need to take your mouth of Alex Ferguson’s cock and speak clearly.

    Adebayor was our weakest player tonight. If you’re gonna play ur big lad up front by himself then he needs to show a bit of strength, commitment and hold the ball up a bit. Lost it every time. Was also resposnibke for marking up at the back post when they scored. Don’t want to point the finger, but let’s hope he brings his A game on tuesday.

    I’m not lucky enough to be going on Tuesday but I hope it’s louder than Emirates has ever been. The support is gonna be more important than ever, make it nasty and hostile for united.

  75. Hitman

    We’ve got Utd where we want them. They’re not that good and they wont know whether to STICK or TWIST at the Emirates. They’ll will end up doing neither. We will sneak through.
    However tonight Arsenal were poor. All the problems & weaknesses we have complained about all season were exposed. Wenger’s failures over the last 4 years were exposed.
    This is an unbalanced team , with no pace, no dribblers, no centre forward worthy of the description, one dimensional, no drive or power in midfield, poor ball control, too many individual errors, losing possession, poor passing, poor decision making, inexperience, lack of world class quality, brainless.
    Fergie played all the players I feared he would. Not his best players but spoilers like Anderson, Fletcher, O’Shit and runabouts like Tevez. I would have been msuch happier playing against Berbs, Giggs & Scholes – less pace, less work rate, less in your face. Arsenal players cant handle teams that play at high tempo against them.
    Almunia, Silvestre, Song & Gibbs had good games. Adebayor – shocker


    i do think they need forwards adebayor is shit,theo can’t play wing,van p and eddy will always be injured,who knows whts going on with rosicky the list is endless the main concern is defence that should be priority…..

  77. A

    choy imo today happened because wenger was stupid to play nasri in a defensive mid role, it was never going to work having a creative ball player alongside song.

    the only way we stood a chance (as with chelsea) was to have two ball winners in there. Because we only had song in there doing the ball winning by himself we couldn’t get the ball back and they fucked us. We needed to play two dm’s not one.


    i also forgot about bendtner in that lis he’s complete bollocks so the forward line needs tweeking aswell but mainly defence is the key

  79. A

    ade is shit bbk, but he’s off. a benzema or villa would be nice, but never gonna happen.

    if eduardo is constantly injured it could be troublesome, but we’ve got no idea whether that’s the case, and vp has been fit most of this season. vela is gonna be awesome, theo is gonna move central, and bendtner will be a very good player as well, not to mention arshavin can play up top.

    our future is gonna be playing 4-2-3-1 more and more, so we’ve got enough forwards to do it

  80. choy

    A… wenger is scared.. that is a FACT. He has not won a trophy for 4 years now.. and as soon as a big game approaches he bottles it.

    He wanted us to be audacious today.. only saw almunia doing that.

    We are not a fucking defensive team like chelsea.. we cannot cannot defend well.

    We need two strikers .. we have to attack!

  81. A

    i agree that the defence is the key, as although we’ve played some great football going forward at times, i think we’ll be twice as good with a solid defence.

    the forward players would be much better with the freedom to create, relax, and attack as they want, rather than knowing the defence behind him is shite so being under pressure to score goals.

  82. A

    choy – the mistake he made for me was going for it by playing nasri dm.

    he wanted to score the away goal, so played an extra attacking midfielder at the expense of the second defensive midfielder, and as a result we were completely overrun.


    a- bendtner will not do it,van persie is injured again when it matters most he’s not reliable same as eddy,if ade is off then he’s off might get a few £ for him who knows.vela is far to small so is theo can you imagine theo and vela upfront the rest of the prem league defenders will laugh at them i.m.o santa cruz will be a similar type of player to go for to come in for ade…

  84. A

    what do you mean vela is too small?! imo vela is gonna be a left footed owen, and could be really really prolific for us. out smallest player is currently our best player!!

    vela and theo won’t play as a front 2, wenger is building a team using barca as a template, theo and vela will play on the flanks with someone else through the middle.

    santa cruz has been an embarrassment this season!! he’s missed more open goals than bendtner, and scored less despite playing twice as much! he was a one season wonder, no better than benni mccarthy, or pederson

    we won’t know about eduardo injury wise until he’s had a pre season under his belt

    vp is annoying though, that’s the one way in which we might sign a forward imo, if we get a big offer for vp and wenger decides that his injuries aren’t gonna stop.

    if ade and vp goes we could be after someone, but if just ade goes which is what i expect then we won’t

  85. Bernard Baines

    Also, fuck all the over negative comments. If we are to pull it off on tuesday, I bet you will be singing Arsene’s praises again. Is the Champions League Semi not ‘getting somewhere’? God forbid, we fall out of the top 4 in the prem, you will probably put the names of the top 4 in a hat and pick your new club.

  86. Paulinho

    A, didn’t think we were than overrun. No more than usual anyway. We were overrun versus Chelsea with Denilson, overrun against Liverpool.

    We had plenty of opposition after their first goal but couldn’t do anything with it.

    Nasri was poor offensively rather than defensively if anything, and that’s what was disappointing. I can understand Wenger putting him there because he wanted a bit of creative verve from deep and Nasri has previously shown an ability to do that.

  87. A

    bbk santa cruz is crap, he’s got service this season at blackburn and missed open goal after open goal.

    he’s a one season wonder, and nowhere near good enough to play for arsenal, and never will be. granted i’d like a top striker, but not a shit striker just for the sake of it who’s worse than we’ve already got, and not even young enough to improve!


    fuck all this young enough to improve bollocks that the reason why we got shat on tonight half the cunts ain’t got a clue,if bendtner can play for arsenal so can s.c

  89. goonermichael

    Hopefully Ferdinand has broken some ribs (and punctured a lung maybe)Let those cunts have some defensive headaches

  90. A

    paulinho against chelsea we weren’t overrun, that’s the point. We weren’t overrun in the slightest, we were just equalled, neither team could get hold of the midfield in the slightest, and that was mainly due to denilson sitting there and stopping them playing through the centre.

    today we were completely overrun in the first half, though they did sit back in the second, we were still dominated in terms of possession.

    nasri wasn’t good defensively, he just let anderson walk through the middle and that could’ve cost us, and he just generally wasn’t there, didn’t win the ball back etc. i understand him being picked to play there, for the extra creativity, and he’s shown a tenacious side to him, but he doesn’t have any sort of defensive instinct to intercept or snuff out attacks etc, it’s all very forced when it does happen, and today it meant that song was our only ball winner, and as a result they dominated us completely in the midfield in the first half especially.

  91. Ja_Gunner

    A i dont think we necessarily nedded two dms..we needed Fabregas deeper.When he plays second striker he rarely gets to pick good passes he mostly gets to shoot, and he is does not have a good shot on him at all.

    I remeber there was long ball to Ade he chested and vollyed it…he was there all by himself with 3-4 Manure players around him.

    Now Cesc did not have to pace to get up there and give him an outlet…if there was somoene running up the middle ala gerard it would have given Ade an option to pass.

    I dont know why Wenger feels that Cesc can play in the hole. If Diaby were there maybe with his long stride he could have reached up to Ade to give him an option.

    We had absolutley no left side because Diaby was clueless there……

    We could see from the first half that this was not working…why didnt Wneger change the players around?

    I would have even tried Walcott on the left because he seemed totally lost on the right. I would have switched Nasri to the right(did you see how well he played there against Liverpool?

    I would have put Diaby to support Ade….Then i would have brought on Bendt to replace Diaby.

    Why does Wenger sit there when things are not working.

    Imagine we were behind and Fergy made changes before he did.