Tonight is all about belief, 12 years hard work and throwing caution to the wind.

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All season, and in fact since the Invincibles, Wenger has been telling us he has belief in his young squad, tonight we will see if he was right, I believe we should have signed 2 more players plus Arshavin in the summer, does that mean we can’t win this thing? Does it hell! The players that have come in and stepped up have finally come of age, tactics lost the FA cup, I think he has learned from that, tactics and caution equals bollocks, tonight we should show them no respect, tonight they are at home and should show us respect.

I think the Gibbs injury is a smoke screen, the big question for me is who will partner Kolo at the back, some would say Silvestre because he’s going back to the theatre of day dreams, me , I would shove Djourou in there, he is one of Wengers kids and he won’t let us down.

Midfield is the area we need to dominate and that should be an attacking one with some steel in there, for this reason I would play Theo out wide with Cesc and Diaby in the middle, Nasri out wide and Song in the hole between them and the defence, Ade alone up top where Diaby can drop in the hole and play as a second striker, why him? Because I think we need some big boys against Ferdinand and Vidic, that would then pave the way for Eduardo and Bentner to come out in the second half and go 4-4-2 when they get tired.

My team yesterday was to start with Eduardo and Benndtner and use Ade as an impact sub, but he likes playing the Mancs and maybe 4-5-1 will contain their initial onslaught, if in fact there is one, if we keep the ball for the first 20 minutes they will start to leave gaps and then we can hurt them, but we must play like we know we are better than them and not like the preverbial rabbit in front of their horrible headlights.

Go at them like we did when we played Madrid, Milan and Juventus away and we will put them on the back foot, tell Diaby to release the ball or shoot and we take away his problem, tell Song to shut everything down and we will stop them playing, do all that and we’ll win, and win well.

No history today Grovers, this is the biggest match of our season and tonight we will write our own history, tonight we show the world that Arsene Wenger’s red and white experiment is working.

This game reminds me of 1989 when we were given two chances to beat Liverpool, slim and none, we beat the reigning champions Milan last year, we can top that and beat the reigning champions this year, destiny awaits and it’s ours to lose, we always said to be the best, we need to beat the best, tonight we have that chance, take it Arsenal and we can go on and win this thing and remember ‘Concordia something Crescit’ beat the living shit out of the Mancs.

Go forth and multiply, go and win us the European cup, you are the Arsenal and we love you, we do!

Have a great night Grovers, I have a feeling this is one we will remember our whole lives, tonight we come of age, tonight we go into the lions den and tonight we will re-write the history books.

2 nil the Arsenal, yes I mean it, 2 nil!

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  1. nishanth

    It is not beyond us.Definitely not.Eduardo should start against united.We might not get many chances so we need some1 who will finish off whatever chance he gets and the only player we have is eduardo.Wondering who should partner him.RVP OR Bendtner?

  2. BH1

    I will be amazed if we do not have to score 3 at the emirates

    Bendtner for Theo – bizarre. Why not try Theo up front before taking him off.

  3. A

    song had a good game imo, but had a very hard job because he was basically playing centre mid by himself, and when he won the ball back he had about 3 utd players closing him down with often noone around to give him any help. nasri isn’t a dm at all, and we needed a second ball winner alongside song, and nasri pushed out left up with cesc so we had someone who could actually play with him and keep the ball

  4. Paul88

    I’m pleased with the result, they should have put the game to bed. I’m happy to still be in the tie. Can’t see us stopping them from scoring though.

  5. nishanth

    Cesc should tell wenger to play him in CM or he will be off to barca.That is the only way wenger will change.

  6. jraynor

    We can win 2-0 at home but we need to play with a bit more passion. With the support we’ll give them we can do this….it ain’t over yet….

  7. nishanth

    Some might say that ade did not have support.It doesn’t matter whether you are played out of position or u have no support.It should not stop u from working your socks off.Him and his fucking smile

  8. Keyser

    Cesc should be fucking happy he gets another game and try harder, same with all the other loafs, that was us playing poor if we let the team know they’re at home and raise the atmosphere like we know we can we’ve got a chance.

    The defence was left exposed at times and scrambled, they’ve got another game now against Portsmouth to iron out the other cracks.

  9. Big Raddy

    Nik hs been playing in Theo’s position for many games this season. Theo was pants tonight, the timing of his runs was poor, and he didn’t put Evra under any pressure.

    To suggest he switch wings pre-supposes that he can. And in doing so, he leaves a huge hole for Ronaldo to run into because Theo is no defender.

    But …… Tonight we played the World Champions on their home pitch. This is the SF of the CL, not Boro at home. We are going to be under pressure, we are going to have to dig deep and we did.

    Sure, we created nothing, but we are still in the game.And I think we can win this.

  10. A

    i’d go with that mandanda, but toure a 7 as well, and silvestre and sagna a 6, nasri, theo and cesc 5, ade and diaby 3, or maybe go so far as a 2!

  11. ethangunner


    ade had support , he did nothing with possession
    he had the ball a fair bit .. and if he wasnt offside , he scoffed it , lost it or passed off ..

  12. Paulinho

    Last year’s 4-5-1 european team would have carved out umpteen chances.

    We’re no where near as technically good as last season without Arshavin.

  13. Keyser

    Mandanda – Gibbs played well.

    Did anyone see Ronaldo throw a hissy fit for a almost 30 seconds in the first half ?!

    We should recall Lauren for a one off game.

  14. Mandanda

    A, yep u are right there Kolo was good today, his pace saved more times than i would have liked. I think our midfield let us down today as the defence was better in the second half!

  15. nishanth

    Agree ethangunner.It was meant for those cunts who came out defending adebayor.Was watching ray parlour videos 2day.Those days are long gone

  16. Chipo

    Almunia 9

    Sagna 8

    Toure 8

    Gibbs 8

    Nasri 7

    Song 8

    Diaby 5

    Fabregas 5

    Walcott 4 (WHERE WAS HE 2nd HALF:???)


    Well defended gunners but our attack was pretty fucking woeful if we’re honest.

  17. ethangunner

    Id say Song – (yes song) gibbs- toure- big Al
    where our best players tonight .

    all defensively minded and all kept a lid on it being a blow out .. well done to the above …

    however , unless wenger gets some smarts before the next fixture , it will end as predicted ..

  18. Pat

    Some disagreements. All of united’s most dangerous attacks came from Gibbs’ side.

    It will be nearly impossible for us to go through now without an away goal. Huge disappointment.

    Do you really see us keeping a clean sheet at home, even with Clichy back? Then we have to score 3.

    Also, take a look at their goal again. The cross was going nowhere until Silvestre deflected it right to O’Shea. Not his fault, but if he didn’t stick his foot in it wouldn’t have gone to anyone. Just an observation.

  19. Big Raddy

    Nik has just been interviewed on Danish TV, and said he was gutted he didn’t score with his header, but feels they will win at THOF.

    I thought he was pants

  20. Keyser

    Metal Gear – It’s in response to someone saying Cesc will be off in the summer, he’s Captain, he took the armband he can share the responbility and blame like everyone else.

  21. Mandanda

    Hate to say it but a hleb would have been good today in holding on to the ball and bringing other in, even more so than Arsh (pls don’t shoot me)

  22. A

    chipo there is no way cesc was as bad as diaby!! nor theo worse than diaby!! diaby and ade were in a league of their own in terms of woefulness

  23. ethangunner


    for 110k a week , its a joke , it cant go on .
    i hope if he does stay next season they remunerate his worth on performance , if so we should make a tidy profit next season , as he would owe the club money 🙂

  24. Chipo

    Tell me one good thing Theo or Cesc did. all i can remember is Cesc misplacing 2 passes to ronaldo and Theo disappearing 2nd half and trying a stupid chip to Adetossfacewankshaftcuntbagsbayor.

    I can remember Diaby battling, putting tackles in and keeping the ball. not as well as song or nasri did, but he was definitely better than Cesc and Theo

  25. A

    yeah i’d agree with that mandanda, though nasri should have been in that role, it was far too optimistic playing him alongside song and expecting us to dominate possession so much. Also – diaby was never going to successfully do that roll, no idea what he was supposed to offer playing there?!

  26. Arindam@KOL

    Cant really see us getting any of 2-0 or 3-1 to go through.

    A 1-0 is possible tho . A very remote one , that is. Amd then getting fucked in pens.

  27. stonroy

    Probably how we will start next week

    Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs/Clichy

    Cesc Song

    Walcott Nasri

    Adebayor (plays well with RVP) RVP/Eduardo

  28. Paulinho

    Hey Mandanda, I said that the moment he left. It takes the penny longer to drop for some others though.

    His dribbling would have drew United players towards him and created space for others. No one in our team can travel intelligently with the ball.

  29. Keyser

    We could have done with Gallas, or Clichy, or Van Persie, a fit Eduardo, an eligble Arshavin, a fit Rosicky.

  30. A

    “I can remember Diaby battling, putting tackles in and keeping the ball.”

    i think you fell asleep chipo, must’ve been dreaming…..

  31. Chipo

    Hopefully team for next week will be


    Sagna Toure Silvestre Clichy

    Walcott Cesc Song Nasri

    RvP/Bendtner Eduardo

    As far as i’m concerned, i’ll be happy if that was the last time i see Adebayor in an Arsenal shirt. I don’t care that he scored a great goal against Villareal, he’s been utter shit all season and has absolutely no idea that he’s playing badly. wanker.

  32. nishanth

    ADE is a joke for any amount of money.I can’t think of any words to desbribe that clown.Arshavin,cesc nasri eduardo etc deserve better.Us fans deserve better.Not that he should go rip apart vidic and ferdinand but fucking try.Play as if u care and u mean it.That lad jay simpson who is not blessed with a lot of talent would have done a better job 2day

  33. Pat

    A player like Hleb or Arshavin is what we needed today. We don’t have ANY players that like holding onto the ball and taking responsibility. Well, Diaby…but he’s no good.

    RVP could help with that. I really don’t see Nasri ever reaching the level that Hleb reached with us last season. He was our best player, imo. Hate him or not, he is fucking world class. Bring up the Barca argument, but he isn’t given anytime and the PL suits him much more with the dumbass defenders in it. Vidic would suffer in Serie A, trust me. Rio would do fine, I think.

  34. irishgunner

    Adebayor and Diaby = a waste of space

    Song and Gibbs = well done, great effort

    Almunia = Thanks for keeping us in the tie

    Everyone else = what was the point of them??

    Ronaldo is a fucking ponce!!!

  35. Keyser

    Metal Gear – He misplaced a few passes and was nowhere near his best, he kept dropping back to pick up the ball and constricting others, we had 3-4 players at a time wthin a few yards of each other, he did not have a good game.

  36. rtist

    Just don’t understand the tactics..maybe I’m thick..(am an american, after all)..Diaby?..the entire match?..Eduardo for 9 minutes?..Bendtner left?..don’t understand the plan in this match..were we playing for a draw..but got caught out?..Adebayor plays on the left..never in the box?..please assist.cuz this entire match has left me mystified..

  37. ethangunner

    We could have done with Gallas, or Clichy, or Van Persie, a fit Eduardo, an eligble Arshavin, a fit Rosicky.

    holy shit!!!!
    i actually agree with you keyser .
    but the problem lays with strength of our sub bench ..
    we are too light on to compete in all 4 cups ..
    and wenger knows this .. thats why we see diluted sides for the EPL when a C.L game is close ,
    or a diluted side for the C.C and F.A cups when an important EPL game is on the horizon ..

    we need more experienced heads in the game and on the bench ..
    to combat the continual injury woes …
    until that changes , we will always win Feck all ! and end somewhere near 4th spot in the EPL !

    lastly when will wenger realize a 4- 5- 1 especially with ade is a bad fucking idea !
    stupid is , as stupid does !

    goodnight !

  38. A

    no alot chipo, nasri, cesc, theo, diaby, ade were all poor, but ade and diaby just did more bad things than the other three, gave the ball away much more. cesc, nasri, theo didn’t do more good things, diaby and ade did more bad things!!

  39. Paulinho

    RVP can’t do it either Pat. He’s shit at protecting the ball. Has no mobility, no pace, nothing. Defenders can take him where they want.

    Vela has some ability to it but he’s young and inconsistent.

  40. irishgunner

    rtist – Bendtner came on the right. Why not bring on Eddie earlier and put him up top with Adebayor for a knock down – go 4-4-2 FFS

  41. nishanth

    If there is one thing united defense is vulnerable to it is pace.I know theo didn;t have a great game but he is still our best chance of going though.


    choy what have i been saying no one listens to me they think im being to negative im just being real………

  43. A

    yeah i agree pat, there were two issues for me today,

    firstly we lacked a second ball winner alongside song to actually get the ball off utd.

    secondly when we did have it, we lacked anyone with any ball retention around up with cesc, with him being surrounded by diaby, theo, and ade – he had noone to play off or with, and couldn’t do it all on his own

  44. Metal Gear

    Keyser I did not say he had a good game I responded 2 your accusation that he was not trying which is my view 100% fiction. Like Fab said he is still learning the position why Wenger attempt experiements at this crucial time is beyond understandable.

  45. Chipo

    Well i’m just glad i’m gonna be there next Tuesday.

    Whether we can win 1-0/2-0/3-1/4-2 is up for discussion.

  46. Pat

    Hleb is still one of my favorite players of recent times, for Arsenal. Fuck. What a ridiculous CC rule regarding ARshavin.
    Some rating I found:
    Almunia -9.0: At least two world class saves, among countless other stops in the first half, to keep Arsenal in the game. Almunia’s denial of Tevez was miraculous. Man-of-the-match

    Sagna -6.5: Perhaps the best of a shaky Arsenal backline, and did not disgrace himself against Rooney. Made very little headway as an attacking force though.

    Toure -6.5: Positionally all over the shop in the first half, and lost Ronaldo for his headed chance. Improved considerably after the break.

    Silvestre -5.0: Horrible in the first 45 minutes, he was at fault for the goal, and was sleeping on two other opportunities. After nine years at the club, Silvestre gave Manchester United yet more good service tonight.

    Gibbs -4.5: A horror-show by the Arsenal left back. He may be young, but he was exposed time and time again down his left-hand side. What was Sky Sports’ Andy Gray watching when he said the youngster had been “fantastic”?

  47. Paulinho

    We basically had too many players dropping deep and no one with the balls to position themselves in the area between their midfield and defence and hold the ball and create from there.

  48. A

    i disagree about that paulinho re vp, he keeps the ball very well, but just takes too much time on it, doesn’t give it early enough. he would’ve made a big difference today, and hopefully will on tuesday

  49. Pat

    Cesc surrounded by Theo, Ade, Song and Diaby. Compared to Flamini, Rosicky, and Hleb. All of those players were great on the ball and probably the 2nd most intelligent midfield at the time, 2nd to Barca.

    How do you guys think Rio/Vidic/Evans would cope if Theo was used as a striker in the 2nd leg? They would certainly drop deeper, giving us more space. If not, they’d risk a Cesc through ball to Theo. Once it goes through, there isn’t anyone capable of catching him.

  50. Keyser

    Metal gear – Seriously dude I think you’ve misunderstood me here, and made up your own little fiction.

    Instead of making requests to Wenger or threatening to move to Barca Heh, the point is he should look at himself first before he moans about anyone else if he chose to, all the players that underperformaed today should look to improving their own games before they moan at someone else.

  51. reggie57

    We still have not learned any thing have we
    aw talked a good game, them mancs were there for the taking,but no not us 4-5-1 dont work for us only works when you have got a forward whos willing to bust a gut for the team not a lazy over egotistical shite like ade is.

  52. Paulinho

    A, RVP is pretty average player when it comes to bringing flair and skill to a team.

    He’s very efficient, a crisp passer when he has space to turn, good striker of a set-piece, can get a goal.

    But he’s shown zero evidence of ever protecting the ball in tight spaces under pressure. He would have come too deep tonight, just like everyone else, and he would got dispossessed if he tried to take a risk and receive the ball under pressure. Just like he did against Chelsea in the semi-final of the F.A Cup.

  53. irishgunner

    Pat – I think the backline did ok all things considered.

    Gibbs had no cover cos Diaby is just useless

    Silvestre, Toure and Sagna made some crucial tackles

    What do you want them to do when they have no midfield in front of them? Song was the only one out there trying to win anything on a regular basis.

  54. freduardo

    when carrick had about 20 minutes to line up a shot in the second half I nearly had a fit. someone had to charge it down, had to, I dont even think he wanted to shoot, but nobody did. we were lucky he missed that one.

  55. irishgunner

    there goes all my confidence – BBK I think I’m with you for the week. I don’t see us scoring 2 clear goals to go through…

  56. Paulinho

    Oh, I always thought the excuse about the Wembley pitch ruining our football was bollocks. The pitch wasn’t great, but Chelsea still managed to move it around pretty nicely towards the end.

    Well tonight, with a great pitch, we were just as clueless offensively.

    We’re such an overrated offensive team because in certain conditions we seize up and get found out.

  57. nishanth

    We tend to blame our defense for everything.They are hardly given any protection.If we somehow manage to beat united and go through ade’s wages for this month should be given to almunia

  58. David

    Diaby off this summer…Denilson as well…and Ade…Not good enough for Arsenal. They want to win trophies but they dont want to put in the winning performances.

    Why in Gods name did Theo come off???

  59. irishgunner

    Colonel – One would at least expect Adebayor to try no matter the formation instead of wondering around grinning like a twat.

  60. nishanth

    I know booing is terrible thing and i think it is pointless.But if there is ever a player who should be booed to death it is this lazy cunt.I might be overreacting but how uninspiring was that [performence by him.

  61. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, yeah Chelsea worked it well for both of the goals, it was the same sort of intricate passing you saw them play at Old Trafford to great effect.

    Van Persie is good in tight spaces just needs options running off of him because he doesn’t have the same turn of foot.

    I’d say he’s also a lot stronger on the ball than Hleb, expect Hleb was able to dribble hismelf out of those tight spaces with a bit of agility, he got bullied all too often though when someone came in touch tight, unless the ref was in a giving mood.

  62. David

    We are effing woeful….Even if we had Andrey the Giant playing for us…we always take like 30 minutes to pass him the ball.

    I just think Walcott needs to get more selfish from now on…

  63. patthegooner

    Given the first half performance especially, I think we were extremely lucky to get away with a 1-0 there tonight. We could quite easily be out of this tie already.

    I have seen a lot of blame reading above, but despite some shocking performances notably Diaby and Adebayor, I think Wenger is once again to blame for playing 4-5-1 despite not have a striker capable of playing it.

    Everytime we have played it, we have invited the opposition on to us and in return have failed to create opportunities to score

    I could quite easily have watched a rerun of the fa-cup semi there tonight.

    We have to start playing 4-4-2 as if we do play 4-5-1 next week then there will be no gooners booking easy jet flights for the end of may.

    on a positive, I thought song did ok, and gibbs is reminding me of when a young Ashley Cole came in for a few games and ousted Silvinho at LB. I am sure he wont turn into such a cock.

    And well done Almunia, you kept us in the game.

    The big big positive is that we are not out of it, however I do fear we will fall foul of the away goals rule.

  64. irishgunner

    I wouldn’t even call it a “performance” Nish

    Why didn’t Wenger take off Adebayor and Diaby who was doing feck all as well earlier put on Bendtner and Eduardo up front – far rather a 2-1 loss than a 1-0, no away goal…

  65. Big Raddy

    I cannot believe that you have all given up before a ball is kicked at THOF.Did you really expect us to steamroller MU?

    I expect it of BBK , who will be delighted should we go out next week.

    What kind of support is this?

    I am out before your negativity gets me well and truly depressed.

  66. nishanth

    Of all the games he has to experiment in a UCL semifinal.Atleast play diaby behind ade where his trickery wont hurt us.
    Irish u believe it is all over?I think we are still in.It would need something special but very much possible.He has to play cesc deep and nasri left.ADE should feature for the reserves.ACtually fuck that idea.Why ruin a perfect team


    i ask you this b.r what team are you watching,are you watching a complete different team to everyone else

  68. patthegooner

    I think we are still in it,

    But we have to get rid of 4-5-1, if we play it, then we are out.

    If we play to our strengths then I believe we can win by the two clear goals to win the tie.

    I just fear that Stubborness will get the better of Wenger.

  69. nishanth

    Big raddy we can still go through.But it difficult not to feel sad after watching such a performance.We were just awful.No heart no passion in the biggest game of the season.If this occasion doesn’t inspire them what will

  70. patthegooner

    Team for next week


    Sagna, Toure, Djourou, Gibbs
    Theo, Cesc, Song, Nasri
    Ade, Eduardo

    Please no Silvestre, he had a very poor first half, infact it would not have surprised me if he had thrown his shirt into the home fans.

  71. Keyser

    Irishgunner – Probably because we conceded first, United tightened up after that every time we even looked like breaking they got almost everyone back behind the ball and closed us down from the front, even Ronaldo tracked back at some points.

    It’s either go for the away goal, score, or end up losing 2/3 -0.

  72. Paulinho

    Keyser, RVP isn’t in the same league on the ball.

    Hleb forged a move to Barcelona on his specialist abilities like that. He’s two footed and is incredibly balanced and dexterious.

    RVP is the complete opposite of dexterious. He’s an awkward, clumsy horse. A few years ago he had a certain ability to turn a defender, like he versus Blackburn in the semis a few years ago. But that’s long gone.

    RVP never influences any game with his ability on the ball. He’s just efficient. Straight up and down, no special effects.


    wenger has to realize he can’t rely on kids these days to win you things them days are over its only happend once and will only happen once,he needs to be signing more of the arshavins of this world in order to progress……

  74. KM

    ADE was so lazy 2day!!!!!compare his workrate and attitude to rooney/tevez/ronaldo. i was so annoyed jst shouting at him – the guy needed to pressurise their defence, pressurise them to make mistakes. he WAS 1 LAZY MOTHERFUKKER 2nite — we need to sell the cunt.

    Also we need a bigger squad with proven players- tonight was the proof. We are a 4-4-2 side and cant play well with 5 in midfield against top sides.

    ALUMNIA was our saviour 2day and our defence were better than they were against l’pool. We’v got one seriously good left back in GIBBS. i thought for his age and inexperience he done v.well.

    BENDTNER had the hunger which ADE lacked but the dane doesn’t have the oomph/x factor. we seriously need a world class striker – i would swap ADE for DROGBA anyday.

    fairplay to MANU they were awesome 2nite.esp in the 1st half.i thought we were gonna be 4-0 down by the end of the 1st half. v.v.v.v.scary :/

    i think FABREGAS was played too high up. he needs to playing CM.i think nasri should be the AM – he too played well 2day.

    WALCOTT poor lad was ineffective most of the time he was marked out of the game by the mancs.

  75. choy

    paulinho.. you can’t talk about the player of the season like that..

    he has put in his shift this season. he has saved us so many times this season

  76. Big Raddy

    BBK. You know I find your total negativity amusing. But just because I believe that we can win this, does not make me ‘pretty silly’ – an optimist perhaps, but no more silly than you for always thinking the worst,

  77. choy

    adebayor!!! what do you do with this guy.. no hunger no determination….. it is the Semi Final of the Worlds best football competition..

    what motivation do you need?!? at least try!!!!… 🙁

  78. irishgunner

    Nish – Of course we still have a chance but we badly needed an away goal. He has to go 4-4-2, if he goes 4-5-1 I’ll blow a gasket.

    I hope Clichy is back, not cos young Gibbs did too much wrong but then he won’t feel the need to play Diaby to “protect him”.

    Still have hope and I’ll be up for it again on Tuesday but just feel so down after that.

  79. kevin

    No it’s pretty simple, wenger has to play players in there FUCKING posistions.

    A winger playing at LB.

    A sublime central midfielder playing as a second stirker.

    A centrail midfielder(nasri) playing as a defensive midfielder.

    A midfielder playing on the left wing.

  80. Paulinho

    It’s about the type of player Choy.

    We have no one in the squad – who is eligible – that can bring that clever ball retention and mobility in the final third.

    Rosicky, now that’s someone who can do a bit of that.