Tonight is all about belief, 12 years hard work and throwing caution to the wind.

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All season, and in fact since the Invincibles, Wenger has been telling us he has belief in his young squad, tonight we will see if he was right, I believe we should have signed 2 more players plus Arshavin in the summer, does that mean we can’t win this thing? Does it hell! The players that have come in and stepped up have finally come of age, tactics lost the FA cup, I think he has learned from that, tactics and caution equals bollocks, tonight we should show them no respect, tonight they are at home and should show us respect.

I think the Gibbs injury is a smoke screen, the big question for me is who will partner Kolo at the back, some would say Silvestre because he’s going back to the theatre of day dreams, me , I would shove Djourou in there, he is one of Wengers kids and he won’t let us down.

Midfield is the area we need to dominate and that should be an attacking one with some steel in there, for this reason I would play Theo out wide with Cesc and Diaby in the middle, Nasri out wide and Song in the hole between them and the defence, Ade alone up top where Diaby can drop in the hole and play as a second striker, why him? Because I think we need some big boys against Ferdinand and Vidic, that would then pave the way for Eduardo and Bentner to come out in the second half and go 4-4-2 when they get tired.

My team yesterday was to start with Eduardo and Benndtner and use Ade as an impact sub, but he likes playing the Mancs and maybe 4-5-1 will contain their initial onslaught, if in fact there is one, if we keep the ball for the first 20 minutes they will start to leave gaps and then we can hurt them, but we must play like we know we are better than them and not like the preverbial rabbit in front of their horrible headlights.

Go at them like we did when we played Madrid, Milan and Juventus away and we will put them on the back foot, tell Diaby to release the ball or shoot and we take away his problem, tell Song to shut everything down and we will stop them playing, do all that and we’ll win, and win well.

No history today Grovers, this is the biggest match of our season and tonight we will write our own history, tonight we show the world that Arsene Wenger’s red and white experiment is working.

This game reminds me of 1989 when we were given two chances to beat Liverpool, slim and none, we beat the reigning champions Milan last year, we can top that and beat the reigning champions this year, destiny awaits and it’s ours to lose, we always said to be the best, we need to beat the best, tonight we have that chance, take it Arsenal and we can go on and win this thing and remember ‘Concordia something Crescit’ beat the living shit out of the Mancs.

Go forth and multiply, go and win us the European cup, you are the Arsenal and we love you, we do!

Have a great night Grovers, I have a feeling this is one we will remember our whole lives, tonight we come of age, tonight we go into the lions den and tonight we will re-write the history books.

2 nil the Arsenal, yes I mean it, 2 nil!

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  1. iceman

    Before the Meelan game we were huge underdogs.
    Fast forward to now. Same situation. And we all know what happened then. Nuff said.

  2. nishanth

    I have never felt so nervous all my life.Tonites 90 minutes+injury time according to united’s need will be the longest in my life


    shitting it
    so close to reaching the top of club football
    all 11 players give there all 2nite
    weve played in 6 semi finals in europe in our history and won all of them, any score draw is a great result 2nite, WIN and ill be runnng round naked all nite
    Rocket 2nite anyone?

  4. Big Raddy

    Happy the second leg is at home. We have two bites at this cherry, and we can do the Mancshite twice 🙂

  5. Mandanda

    A post well wrtitten, Geoff.

    Just like the chavs copied the way manure played last season to beat barca. we should look at how porto and pool outplayed manure and try replicating it.
    simple really!

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning, morning!

    Great post Geoff! I have a feeling that even after his poor displays lately that Denilson will get the nod over Song. That would be disastrous(cant believe I’m saying that) as Denilson would get battered in the middle of the park.

    I hope Djourou gets the nod tonight, It would be just like him to have a stormer in a crucial match and in this case I would forgive the following shit display against a nobody side!

    I’m shitting myself already and what’s worse is that I’ll have to watch it at work! Fucking nightmare!

  7. arsenalised

    If this game is a draw i’d rather it be 2-2 rather than 0-0.chelsea are a disgrace to the human race by the way,wtf was that.

  8. nishanth

    TAIG song will definitely play.I am sure about that.I am worried whether he will pick denilson or diaby.I hope he goes with diaby and play him behind ade

  9. no.1 goon

    oh god my hearts racing already,im nervous lads. this means so much,come on arsenal do the gooner nation proud!

  10. Jay

    Arsenalised.. i couldnt watch the game in normal speed so loserish! for that alone they deserve not to go through!

  11. tonyadamsisgod

    London mate. But on a late tonight to cover some fucking shit ATP tennis. The tennis is in Rome and the weather there is fucking awful so I’ve got my fingers crossed for the day to be cancelled and I’ll be out the doors like lightning!

  12. Clacko the gooner

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well fired up after your post Geoff. Should have added ‘cometh the man cometh the hour’ at the end 😉

    So excited for the game tonight, give me a few hours and that will have changed to nervousness haha.

    Morning all 😀

  13. Clacko the gooner

    TAIG that is harsh times mate. Pay someone to rob the shop at like 2 and say you need to go home because you are so shaken up and that you will talk to the police tomorrow. Job done 🙂

  14. cartmanknowsbetter

    any1 else getting bored with this arsenal/manu love? anyway we can defeat them at OT, we simply have to believe that’s all! Hey Geoff any news about Eduardo?

  15. Jay

    Geoff -send an email – send some of ur posts, see where it goes – but you might have to be multilingual LOL! French anyone..?

  16. Geoff

    No news still on the team mate, but if he made the bench against Boro, he must be fit, maybe he’ll be the surprise, I can’t remember him playing against them before. Can you?

  17. Jay

    We are actually going to witness some football –
    tbh – i really enjoyed the game earlier in the year – not only because we won (made it sweeeeter) but cos it was good, flowing, skilled football!

  18. Clacko the gooner

    Fair enough Geoff, can’t use the same trick twice haha. Had that going through my head all the way through the end of it.

  19. nishanth

    He did play the last 15 minutes against them at at emirates.Also featured in that 4-0 thrashing.He will be up for it.Even if he is half fit we should at least bring him on in the second half.

  20. Clacko the gooner

    You hear Vela was in quarantine cos he had some friends over from Mexico. He is with the squad now so he is at least gonna be on the bench going by Sky News.


    if denilson starts ahead of song my heart rate would double,

    SONG if your reading this (which im sure your not)
    2nite is your chance to become a hero, if you can do your job and help lead us to victory, then i know for sure not another bad word will be said about you, neither on le-grove on in any pub in north london.
    ONE SONG weve only got one song
    Nasri- i want to see the same battling you did at anfield and run your nuts of in try to help with every attack we do,
    and Ade your record in big game fr us is top class, give your all, try and stay onside and bully that lankey bent lip Rio and that illegal immigrant Vidic.
    and for all gooners making that mamouth journey 2nite, sing your hearts out and be the 12th man

    and its arsenal. ARSENAL FC, were by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen.

  22. nishanth

    Theo should play the whole game.Wenger shouldn’t substitute him if we are leading.They will think twice before attacking as long as theo is there

  23. cliffeh

    Cant bloody wait for tonight lads!

    It’s gonna be a tough un but I really fancy us to get a result up at Trafford this evenin.

    Come on the Arsenal!

  24. arsenalised

    Diaby better turn up today and prove he is a worthy player to keep.did anyone see Hleb’s pitifull 6 minutes ha ha ha wanker.

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    Clacko – good idea but I’m head office, not shops. Although the shops near us get done over quite a lot as East London has a few undesirable characters knocking about!

    Jay – Online betting mate……unfortunately sport doesn’t really follow the 9-5 routine! Damn it! 🙂

  26. rico01


    Top post, put a lump in my throat –

    Tonight is a very very big night and it would be something fantastic to come away from OT with a couple of goals advantage. Ade needs to get under VDS’s nose from the outset and unsettle him. We can do this

  27. Gooner J

    I hope djourou plays tonight ahead of silvestre i just think his athleticism and height could be vital up against vidic and ferdinand in set pieces….also his advantage in speed will be a benefit to us…anyone think silvestre should get the nod???

  28. Rob Green

    No worries Geoff

    I agree Geoff. We should play walcott and nasri on the wings. Fabrgas and song in the middle with song holding and Adebayor upfront with diaby just behind. Sagna djourou toure and gibbs at the back

  29. Teerex

    Stirring post! I’m bricking it though just thinking about the game. I feel so cold all of a sudden and will be absolutely freezing by tonight. Glad I’m not playing, LOL.

    Had a good old laugh at poor Hleb last night. Plonker gave up a guaranteed starting spot with us for the bench at Barca.

  30. willo

    I think a lot will depend on the finishing of Ade. He has a great record against Utd and there is no doubt chances will fall his way. If he has his shooting boots on we could get one or two valuable away goals. Cesc I feel will play deeper and hopefully supply the amunition.
    Djourou will be very important. The longer we keep them out the more R & R will get frustrated and yellow cards might play in our favour. I’m glad Almunia is back. I think United will score, maybe two but I think we have every chance nicking a couple as well. Go the lads.

    I also expect Vela to come on and breath on as many Utd players as possible before being quarantined for a couple of weeks. Ji Siung Pork and Ryan Piggs might be vulnerable.
    Can’t wait.

  31. Geoff

    Gooner J welcome!

    Dave I’d be okay with that too, BBK I got the Villa Real result spot on, so I feel I’m safe to come back on!

  32. Gooner J

    Mark Gooner im here mate

    Love the comments

    We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. cliffeh

    Did anybody catch Denis Lachters comments in the Daily Mail yesterday regarding Andrey being a victim of other players Jealousy in the Arsenal squad and how still now, other clubs are trying to lure him away from the Grove?

    What is this man’s problem?

    Arshavin’s agent has done his job getting him to Arsenal so why on earth still now, is he shit strring trying to unsettle his client (Arsh) and Arsenal Football Club.

  34. Pascal Cygan

    Geoff, you Gooner you.. i had goosebumps reading that one. why don’t they hire you for a prematch pep talk for the lads i don’t know ( of course you’ll have to brush up your French I guess.. )

  35. CHIPPY

    My Tip for Today Nasri 4.30 Ascot and then him to score the first goal tonight a nice little double Come On You Yelloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooows


    agree j
    silvestre and denilson should be watching this game from the bench

    watched fever pitch last nite on Film4 and it has got me right up for 2nite

    the best results in history are games where your not expected to win, just like 2nite

    if we can go a goal up then the mancs will be more desperate in their play and leave spaces for Theo, Cesc and Sami to exploit

    Diaby if starting in a 4-5-1 has a huge role to play, he will be needed to be linking with midfield and ade, he will also have to find himself in goalscoring positions like he did at anfield last year.
    sky sports are showing all previous man utd meetings with us, this game is fucking huge,


  37. xeeez

    me personally I would go with Diaby out left..theo right..Song,Cesc and Samir in the middle..Nasri adds some steel and runs his ass off..Diaby can experiment with his nutters and 5-a-side skills on the left ! 😀

  38. choy

    lol xeez

    i think they will line up like this

    sagna toure silvest gibbs
    walcott diaby nasri

  39. lazer

    Sagna Toure JD Gibbs
    Nasri Song
    Walcott Fab Diaby

    Diaby and Fab to play off each other like Arshavin, Walcott provides the width.

  40. insidealbania

    I soooooooo nervous about tonight and I cant stand this wait, I wish I can just black out from now till the kick off.

    I would be ecstatic with a win but I would take a 1-1 or 2-2, NOT a 0-0.

  41. Teerex

    Cygan – It’s a shame he left but I’d rather have Arshavin than him. Arsh scored as many goals in one game as Hleb did in a season! All tinkle toes but no end result, kinda reminds me of Theo sometimes but he’s still young and will learn. Besides, I think Theo is being played out of position and he prefers the middle to the wings.

  42. Pascal Cygan

    choy, i would change nasri and diaby. nasri’s distribution and ball skills are way better that “now i have the ball now i don’t” Diaby

  43. Mark C

    Hi Guys,

    well up for tonight, shame I need to work today.

    Not sure if I see Diaby as phyiscal, he can create, but he also loses the ball too much for me in silly places.

    Song has to start, and I would play Nasri central, with Eduardo on the left.

  44. arsenalised

    I wish we drew barca,the pain of going out coz of the mancs is painfull but eliminating them is fun fun fun.


    Big Dave Says:
    April 29, 2009 at 09:51
    In truth can Arsenal ever win anything with Man ure/Chavs in front of them ?If arsenal spent the same amount of money as them then id say yeah,but no,not the way wenger goes about things these days

  46. OJ


  47. choy

    yes yes.. but nasri is the better defensive player.

    lol.. good stat that… arshavin scored more goals in one game than all of hleb in one season!


    this team is not good enough to win anything,until wenger starts uying the correct players it will always be this way,i call this lot the nearly men…..

  49. Jay2Oh

    I am so nervous, im sitting at work just hoping and praying we get a decent result. Cant believe chelsea got out of Barcelona with a 0-0.

    Please Arsene, put a forward thinking line up out and lets go for it!!!

    1-0 to the Arsenal – Nasri 52nd minute. You heard it here first.

  50. lazer

    If Helb hadn’t left we probably don’t have either Nasri or Arshavin. I’d rather take either over that ice cream eating b#$%h.

  51. Gooner J

    I agree with you mark that diaby needs to have a huge game for us…we all know that he can dribble and take players out in tight positions but we need him to get beyond the mancs midfield and drag their defenders out of position to allow samir or cesc to make late runs in to the last third, also he must do that himself…i hope he fuels up on some super unleaded tonight or something cos he will be the freshest member of the team and needs to shoulder the attacking responsibility with ade….i hope sagna and gibbs and theo can get some decent crosses into ade cos we know he is dangerous when given the service

  52. Richaldo from the North Bank Highbury

    If we win 2 Nil, i will personally come up there and buy you a pint my friend!!!!

    I’d settle for us scoring tonight, and outsinging those dirty Northen C**ts

    Come on the Arsenal!
    Tonight let’s make history!


  53. arsenalised

    We should score 2 quick goals after 80 minutes and win 2-0.scoring early against the mancs is a big mistake i dont know where they surmone their powers from, when they are trailing and there is time to play they always win.its probably drugs.

  54. Teerex

    Thing about Diaby is, if we can see that he dwells on the ball too long, won’t Rednose tell his boys to put him under pressure all the time?! C’mon Arsene, sort this boy out as he has undoubted talent but needs to stop trying to take on the whole world and their dog!!!

  55. lazer

    Boy Better Know-I feel your pain but us AND the team just have to stay positive the way Wenger always does, and what really has led to our 20 game PL streak. He played negative vs. Chavs and look where that led us.


    Patrice Evra if your reading this then now is your last chance to fake injury to fergie

    cause once you are in the tunnel it will be too late. Theo is gonna rinse you,
    your international career will be over after theo mugs you off for 90 mins.
    Theo is one of the most feared wingers in world football already and games like this will launch him just as his assist in san siro and his assist at anfield did



    i think people need to take a couple of steps back and analyze this one properly.united will score its something that will happend,then there is arsenals defence thats another whole new ball game….

  58. kelsey

    I don’t really care who plays,I just want everyone of them to play as if their life depended on it.Nasri may be the key to our success,it is vital he gets really involved.i suppose we will go 4-5-1 but i would prefer 4-4-2.


    there’s no getting away with it,they will score,how many who knows,arsenal are capable of scoring for sure but it’s the other end that will let us down,so all this arsenal keeping a clean sheet needs to stop.

  60. Pascal Cygan

    btw the chavs were an absolute disgrace yesterday. Roman must have thrown up in disgust to see his 300m squad play like a Kazakhstan B League side ( no offence to that great land 🙂 )

    there was room for at least 4 more yellows and one clear penalty against them. Hiddink certainly is riding his luck.

  61. Big Dave

    I just don’t want to see another cunt taking his top off and throwing it in the air.
    I wouldn’t play Denilson . keep the ball and frustrate them, can see us scoring but also letting in as well. Also depends if Ade is up for this match, he will need to hold the ball up,ooo for Alan Smith to play in a match like this one



    good job your not a football manager because your players wouldnt have a chance with your negative comments time after time your always pesimistic, even with our biggest game for 4 years you cant get up for it


  63. Pascal Cygan

    clean sheet we may not keep, thats for sure. we were always an offensive minded side, wherever we have banked on defending it’s not worked out.

    Manu will get their goal we just need to score more.

    2-1 to the gunners is my shout. Cmon you gunners !

  64. lazer

    Chavs did what they pulled on us. Start kicking and slowing the flow down. That’s all what Ballack seems good for these days. They are dogged and determined and learned how to foul professionally from Mourinho.

    Although I have to admit I was getting sick of Barca’s complaining the whole time. I’d like to see them last a season in the PL.

  65. Mayank

    geoff, great rallying call! post..again i find that i agree with every word of it..btw do you write for a paper or something?

  66. lazer

    1-0 to the Arsenal? I’d take that. Here’s to a glorious day for us all tmrw!!

    I only wish for two things..the ref does not decide the tie and we beat the living crap out of the mancs.

  67. Mayank

    as for the match i seriously don’t care which team goes out tonight..its up to arsene..i believe what he does, he will have winning as his priority..and i think the boys will give it their all..

  68. Geoff

    Mayank I thought you meant you didn’t care if we went out, I had to read it twice LOL!

    Lazer, we should have beaten the chavs, I hope he’s learnt.

  69. Pascal Cygan

    lazer – the ref will have a role to play. Cristiano or Rooney will do spectacular dives and you know how refs get pressured when they do that…don’t think they teach diving at the Arsenal academy.

  70. gnarleygeorge9


    Thanx old fella. I won’t be getting up tomorrow morning now. Why would I you say we are shit so why fuck up a good nights sleep.

  71. Mayank

    BBK should only be allowed here after the man u get us back down to earth after drubbing them..its always nice to be humble

  72. irishgunner

    Morning all – rip roaring post Geoff

    I bet all the millions of people world wide saw “shooooooooooooooot” still can’t score from 2 yards out – donkey!!!

  73. PDT

    If he starts Song Denilson and Eboue together, I’ll have to call for his head.

    Not after what he did in the FA Cup!