Tonight is all about belief, 12 years hard work and throwing caution to the wind.

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All season, and in fact since the Invincibles, Wenger has been telling us he has belief in his young squad, tonight we will see if he was right, I believe we should have signed 2 more players plus Arshavin in the summer, does that mean we can’t win this thing? Does it hell! The players that have come in and stepped up have finally come of age, tactics lost the FA cup, I think he has learned from that, tactics and caution equals bollocks, tonight we should show them no respect, tonight they are at home and should show us respect.

I think the Gibbs injury is a smoke screen, the big question for me is who will partner Kolo at the back, some would say Silvestre because he’s going back to the theatre of day dreams, me , I would shove Djourou in there, he is one of Wengers kids and he won’t let us down.

Midfield is the area we need to dominate and that should be an attacking one with some steel in there, for this reason I would play Theo out wide with Cesc and Diaby in the middle, Nasri out wide and Song in the hole between them and the defence, Ade alone up top where Diaby can drop in the hole and play as a second striker, why him? Because I think we need some big boys against Ferdinand and Vidic, that would then pave the way for Eduardo and Bentner to come out in the second half and go 4-4-2 when they get tired.

My team yesterday was to start with Eduardo and Benndtner and use Ade as an impact sub, but he likes playing the Mancs and maybe 4-5-1 will contain their initial onslaught, if in fact there is one, if we keep the ball for the first 20 minutes they will start to leave gaps and then we can hurt them, but we must play like we know we are better than them and not like the preverbial rabbit in front of their horrible headlights.

Go at them like we did when we played Madrid, Milan and Juventus away and we will put them on the back foot, tell Diaby to release the ball or shoot and we take away his problem, tell Song to shut everything down and we will stop them playing, do all that and we’ll win, and win well.

No history today Grovers, this is the biggest match of our season and tonight we will write our own history, tonight we show the world that Arsene Wenger’s red and white experiment is working.

This game reminds me of 1989 when we were given two chances to beat Liverpool, slim and none, we beat the reigning champions Milan last year, we can top that and beat the reigning champions this year, destiny awaits and it’s ours to lose, we always said to be the best, we need to beat the best, tonight we have that chance, take it Arsenal and we can go on and win this thing and remember ‘Concordia something Crescit’ beat the living shit out of the Mancs.

Go forth and multiply, go and win us the European cup, you are the Arsenal and we love you, we do!

Have a great night Grovers, I have a feeling this is one we will remember our whole lives, tonight we come of age, tonight we go into the lions den and tonight we will re-write the history books.

2 nil the Arsenal, yes I mean it, 2 nil!

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  1. Gunner8

    nishanth probably that he picked the wrong team!

    We are in need of a summer clearout, the plan has not worked!

    Aplayer of high standard should be brought every year, we have had 5 years of selling world class talent every year!

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Thats the spirit Geoff. Le Grove could call a truce with the other blogs & rally the troops. Give those travelling manure fools a welcome they will never forget 😈

  3. reggie57

    The bit that really wound me up was them manc bastards
    singing “same old arsenal always cheating”
    pot,kettle,black come to mind!!

  4. Big Raddy

    Morning All

    Still trying to recover from the downer that was Le Grove last night.

    Sure we didn’t play Wengerball, but it is only half-time. So many of the players will reflect upon their performances and come back stronger.

    Believe ….

  5. Gunner8

    I wish we could smoosh Clichy and Gibbs together into one player called Clibbs, who could defend like clichy and attack like gibbs

  6. Wonderboy

    I thought Gibbs was the only player to show bollocks last night, everyone else was afraid of the box, it was like a team of Hlebs.

  7. nishanth

    Gunner8 i don’t there is a need for major change.Removing adebayor and diaby will solve half the problem.For all bendtner haters out there.I don’t think he is an awesome talent.At times it is incredibly frustrating to watch him.But atleast he tries.He gets played in right wing yesterday.He still tried something.He was useless but then he did not stand there and laugh like a clown.Ramsey,vela wilshere etc are excellent players who can do a better job than these player and who can do a better job and wenger still gives eboue,diaby etc more chances.There is this feeling that players think they can get away with bad games time and time again.

  8. Mayank

    summer clearouts..?we lost 1-0 at OT..against a team that didn’t want to attack after the first goal..against a team that is brimming with confidence after that 5-2..i dont think its time to throw in the towel as of yet..

  9. Mayank

    i just hope we play 4-4-2 at emirates with bentdner and edu..ade doesn’t desreve the first team if he can’t get himself up for the biggest game of the season..

  10. nishanth

    Wenger has his set of ‘favourites’ and he keeps playing them.On what basis did diaby play the whole match yesterday.Wenger needs an assistant with balls

  11. nishanth

    We can still go through.Fabregas,nasri,theo,eduardo,RVP are very much capable of producing the goods.With the right team seletion it is very much possible.An early goal can rattle them.

  12. Mayank

    i don’t get it isn’t this the team everyone silvestre..i think there was nothing worng with the team..players had an off day..and man u were happy to sit back after the goal..we were short of ideas..and also we didn’t want to concede the 2nd which would kill the tie..

  13. nishanth

    Mayank the team selection was right.The system used was terrible.Just cos nasri could play in CM he made cesc and diaby play out of position.And even when they were dominating us he didn’t bother changing the system.Ade played 81mins and diaby played the whole game.No excuse for that.I hope he gets it right in the second leg.At least he knows we have to score and put a proper attacking lineup

  14. The Goon

    Ask Abdewhore to get lost and take diaby with him.
    NikkiB has the balls to work,may be the talent too but he lacks confidence.If he was given as many chances or as many minutes on the field as Diaby or the Whore are given he will develop.

    At least he wil try to i reckon

  15. Gunner8

    Mayank erm i am basing that on the whole season!

    If Wenger wants to play kids, but won’t play the Vela’s Coquelin’s, Ramsey’s etc. but persists with the Eboue’s, Diaby’s and Adebayor’s… …i don’t get it, give some of the youngster’s half the chances of these no-hopers and you never know they might do a Song!

    The most important thing for us is that we sign some experience, watching Arshavin shows what a difference a player of that skill brings… …United are successfull because they blood their talent next to Lions.

    Foster learns from EVDS
    The Da Silva’s from Neville
    Evans from Ferdingnand and Vidic
    Anderson from Scholes (who learnt from Keane)
    Nani and Tosic from Ronaldo and Giggs
    Wellbeck and Macheda from Rooney, Berbatov and Tevez

    In our squad with the exception of Fabregas
    Fabianski from Almunia
    Gibbs from Clichy (a kid himself)
    Walcott was supposed to learn from Henry
    Song from Denilson
    Nasri from Cesc
    Bendtner from Adebayor??? On how to be offside

    This is where the problem lies

    With the arrival of Arshavin, Nasri can learn as can Vela… …we need more of this quality!

    Seriously how
    Djourou and Senderos could have learnt from Campbell
    Song from Viera
    Denilson from Gilberto
    Nasri and Walcott from Pires

    but Wenger sells this experience because they are over 30, then he buys Silvestre the spy???

    That is why we need to get some major talent in

  16. Mayank

    we wanted 4-4-2 but who’d be the second striker..bendtner? back from injury straight into the cl semi..the system wasn’t that bad but wenger should have seen its not working and changed it..players switching around like the arsenal of old would have given their midfield a headache..advantage man u, but we’re not out of it yet!

  17. Franchise

    im not gonna rant about last night cos i think we did ok for a team with injuries, less quality and offensive fire power.

    my only complain is that as a team we weren’t set up to score a goal. we had good possession at times but no player was willing to run behind the manu defence.

    how about player initiative? walcott was scared of taking on their full back evra why didnt he switch him to the left to take on john o’shea.

    walcott for bendtner is one of the worse subs u wld ever see it wasnt like we were trying to defend a lead.

    the simple truth is that if we fail is cos we have been sticking square pegs in round holes.

    wenger doesnt do tactics

  18. iceman

    I really think AW will ship Diaby out this summer.
    Ade only if they’re takers for the asking price.
    But this should be the end of the road for Diaby.

  19. Mayank

    gunner8 you are right i’ve said it on many blogs myself that letting guys with red blood go was a mistake..henry learnt what it means to play for arsenal from tony very important to have someone to look up to..and not just in football in any profession..

  20. Franchise

    united would be biting themselves for not killing the tie. 2 or more goals and we would be out fo sheezy

  21. nishanth

    Yesterdays game was the type where we expect song to be miserable.But to his credit he held his own against the likes of ronaldo and rooney.Gibbs too can hold his head high.He did everthing he could have.Maldini at his peak would have struggled yesterday with diaby ahead of him(i knw i am exaggerating but i am that pissed with diaby)

  22. nishanth

    It wasn’t the quality or rather lack of it that bothered me yesterday.The lack of desire and passion was there for everyone to see

  23. Mayank

    but if there are any positives from the match i think gael is going to find it very hard to come back in the team..the way gibbs controlled ronaldo and rooney was phenomenal..and im not taking his age into if we could find a striker plaaying with that much heart and talent..

  24. Franchise

    a striker is having a mare who do we have on the bench as subs? bendtner and eduardo. that didnt fill me with too much optimism. both wouldnt have fancied themselves against the united CBs.

    our standards have seriously dropped. hyping players internally isnt the answer. united have more than 5 players in the calibre of arshavin. we only have 1 IMO the ineligible man himself

  25. Jay20h

    Well last night showed how 4-5 FUCKING -1 doesnt work for us. Ade had nothing to go on, didnt work hard enough and his touch was shocking at times. Diaby – Well i officially hate him right now. Not progresed in the slightest in 3 years.

    I think the tactics were all off. Man utd’s line of midfield and defence was just too good, made us look an embarrasment.

  26. Franchise

    nishant i agree re passion but it wouldnt have prevented the loss. the movement of united’s front 3 was awesome. toure and silvestre kept giving their forward tevez space to get balls in front of the 18yard and he was very pivotal to their counter attacks whilst vidic n ferdinand closed on Ade like glue.

    we really need new CBs we give teams to much room to play

  27. Geoff

    But what will happen is we’ll sell Ade, promote Bendtner and bring in Simpson to take over Bendtners old position and maybe promote Jay Thomas from the reserves and bring back Senderos. No signings.

    So much to look forward to. Oh and new post.

  28. ethangunner

    Our strike options have always been the problem .
    ever since TH14 left .. AA has gone some way to healing that wound , but we need a david villa or torres style character to play along side either dudu or RVP .. Both are still injury prone and what the Hell is RVP out for now ?

    will he ever have an uninterrupted season ?
    can dudu shake this long term injury ?
    will nik and vela step up ?
    one question ive known for a LONNNNNG time is ade wont get any better !

    everyone was crowing on about defense , and i think we had the personnel all along , they just needed to work together .

    i think we should sell RVP – ADE get some cash for there assess whilst we can …

  29. Mandanda

    To be fair based on the flat performance yesterday, Ade was not the only one that needed substituting in fact everyone in front of our defence except Song may have been substituted. I must admit they played well and we couldn’t leave with teh movement of their playeers not just their front 3 but their midfield 3 too!

    I firmly believe we can score 3 next week (but I fear we might concede 2). We would definitely get a different arsenal next week. As fans we should believe we still can get through I certainly do.
    Come on the arsenal!!!