George of Cappadocia, Bishop of Alexandria or slayer of Dragons?

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Hans von Aachen "St. George slaying the dragon"

Hans von Aachen "St. George slaying the dragon"

Whatever country you are from, whatever religion you follow and whichever God you support today is our big day, today is our patron saint day, today is St George’s day. There are many stories written about our hero, the greatest of all the saints and the only one that did anything useful, but none of them are true, he rid the world of dragons and no one else did that, if you need proof, go and check out our currency, he’s on the sovereign and there’s no way he’d be on that if he didn’t exist.

If you’re still unsure, look out of your window, do you see Dragons? No you don’t and if that’s not proof, you need help, so go and see a doctor.

So today the English celebrate St George’s day, and it may get quiet on here as many have said they are out on the piss raising a glass or two to the man who made it safe to go for a walk on your own. Thank you George, we owe you.

Onto football, although it looks like the mancs will now win the league, with the chavs dropping points and still to come to the Grove we have a real chance to finish third or better and get the automatic spot in the Champions league, so it’s not over yet and if the boss doesn’t leave out all our best players for that crucial game we have a real chance of winning.

I do fear for us playing the Mancs with our depleted defence, but two things perk me up, one is we should have Clichy and Djourou back by then and secondly, don’t forget the team we smashed 4 past beat them at their gaff 4-1 so maybe they aren’t as good as we all think.

Down side is we won’t have Arshavin, but we should have Eduardo and Robin fit.

The youth team smashed Man City last night to reach the final of the FA Youth cup against Liverpool (probably) many people don’t realise that City were the reigning champions, so 6-2 on aggregate was hugely impressive, Sanchez Watt scored two, Kyle Bartley one and our favourite super boy Jacky Wilshere getting the other, why it wasn’t on live is a disgrace.

So with all these injury problems we have you would think we could do better than to keep rolling out fish head, if Wenger doesn’t think we have better in reserve, then what’s the point in having a reserve team? What’s the point in this production line of talent if it never gets there, Kolo came straight in the team and Djourou, although bought at the same time as Senderos is hardly a regular, and he’s injury prone, we have Nordveit, Bartley and Ayling so I’m wondering if one of those could step up, I don’t know, just a question, but I would sooner shove Wilshere in on the right than keep putting Eboue in there.

I feel that Ramsey and Wilshere are just wasting their time bench warming, Silvestre is a bench warmer, Wilshere and Ramsey should be playing in the reserves if they aren’t featuring in the first team, keep them match fit at least.

Bischoff turned out to be a disappointment didn’t he? I hope we don’t sign any more like him in the summer. At least with the team playing like we are (mostly) we will attract world class stars, let’s just hope he signs some eh?

We are still only 2 signings from being unbeatable in my opinion, we need a world class defender and a world class defensive midfielder, if Song continues to develop great, but history has shown us that we need two players in each position, I mean, look at our defence now!!! I rest my case.

Anyway enjoy today Grovers and blog stalkers alike, it’s St George’s day and had the EPL been about when George was saving his Princess, then he would have been a gooner, how do I know? Trust me, I just know!

P.S. I have tickets available for the Boro’ game, e-mail in if you are interested.

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  1. choy

    we need people like gallas in the team.. he is not here to fuck around.. he is here to win things.. and he’s come into his own after the captaincy was taken off.

    same with arshavin… not here to fuck around… he’s determined..

    we need to not let players like these leave.

  2. A

    it depends on the extent to which he’s a dick choy. if he destroys team spirit and there’s a tension in the camp because of him then he’d do much more harm than good

  3. Keyser

    A. – You sound like one of the Custis brothers reporting for The Sun, they’ve all implied it ? I’ve never heard a single player say he hates Gallas and thinks he’s a bit of a dick, all you’ve got is one off interviews saying we’re not the best of friends outside of the club, but that could just aswell mean they don’t do sleep overs or go round their mates houses for Tea.

    If you were at Arsenal, how would you imagine it ? Would you seriously let something like tat affect how you play ? Everyone has fights and arguments, but how long would you last at a club if you couldn’t get over them, if they felt as strongly as you think they do they wouldn’t be playing together, simples.

  4. choy

    I just think he was a bad captain but he is the best defender that we have and a bit vocal as well.. good for the young defenders you know.. like dj and gibbs.

  5. A

    for a few months everytime a player was interviewed he asked if there were problems and divisions between gallas and everyone else and the answer was always that it didn’t matter if there were etc, noone ever responded saying that gallas wasn’t disliked by everyone else.

    It isn’t a case of you letting it affect how you played, as a team you play better if everyone gets on, there’s a feeling of unity, team spirit, everyone’s relaxed with each other etc.

    It isn’t so bad that they’re not willing to play together, but something like that affects team spirit, and that’s unavoidable, and team spirit is important

  6. gooner4ever

    im gonna ask one more time for luck- would someone ANYONE please say what wenger said in his press conference about not playing arshavin against chelsea on saturday- please would you post it on here if you know would be very interesting to know and clear my mind of anger towards him- ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gooner4ever

    im gonna ask one more time for luck- would someone ANYONE please say what wenger said in his press conference about not playing arshavin against chelsea on saturday- please would you post it on here if you know would be very interesting to know and clear my mind of anger towards him- ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Keyser

    A. – What interviews ? In general I’d say the response has been there are no problems and even if there were it wouldn’t matter anyway. Van Persie came out after the Chelsea game and said there wasn’t a problem.

    You’re making it out as if Gallas has been segragated and is despised by everyone else in the team, all because no-one’s come out and said they like to go fishing with him and sit and while away the hours chatting the breeze.

    Gallas is older than most of the team and just like Lehman, because he wasn’t able to relate and go out and about with the younger players it doesn’t mean it has to affect team spirit.

    If it isn’t bad enough to affect the way they play together, I’d say you’re making a massive mountain out of a molehill, just like the press did. If Van Persie came out and was asked if he and Gallas met up outside of work and he said no, it wouldn’t mean they hated each other, they might just share other interests.

  9. Franchise

    the interview is only out tomorrow


    Arsenal TV Online subscribers can see the full video interview on Friday when the manager talks about:

    * the 4-4 draw at Liverpool
    * his favourite of Arshavin’s four strikes
    * why he left him out on Saturday
    * Fabianski’s contrasting week
    * why he is eyeing third spot even more
    * the important effect of the midweek results
    * Middlesbrough’s problems this season
    * the nightmare the North-East has had
    * the huge cost of going down

  10. Ja_Gunner

    It seems both Djuru and Almunia will be back, I feel more comfortable going into the united game now.

    Boro Game





    Manure game






    I think 4-2-3-1 can work….but not with Cesc in the hole.

    It has to be RVP/Diaby/Arsh/Nasri/Bent in the hole.


    i got offered a ticket for the game maciek,but i turned down the offer, fuck going up there for another embarrisment

  12. Queen of Suburbia

    Still slung? Nevermind.

    Please stop posting about me now, its getting boring. I’ve read the name calling from some quarters and it does you no credit, Bud in particular is guilty of deformation of character.

    For the record, I’ve not always agreed with you guys, but i’ve never once been rude to you or got personal about you. Gently mocked once, true, and for that I apologise but to be called some of the things you have called me or allowed others to call me? I can hold my head up high.

    All the best,

    Hope the blog continues to be a success.



    how anyone think this current lot will win something is beyond me,i reckon there watching a complete different team…….

  14. Ja_Gunner

    We can beat manure.

    Manure has not been playing all that well lately.
    If we play with the same defence we had against Liverpool then I would be very worried….but with Al and djouru back I feel more confident because that means Silvest will be dropped.

    Boro Game





    Manure game






    I think 4-2-3-1 can work….but not with Cesc in the hole.

    It has to be RVP/Diaby/Arsh/Nasri/Bent in the hole.

  15. gazzap

    I was laughing at that poor guy. must be horrible to lose half a million that you never had.

    the only players that can play behind Ade are Diaby and Nasri.
    Given Nasri will almost certainly have to play on the wing that means only Diaby can do that. Will wenger do what he has to do?? I bloody hope so.

    team must be:

    sag Toure JD Gibbs
    Theo Cesc Song Nasri

    Bench: Silv, Eboue, Vela/Rambo, Eduardo, Denilson, Bendtner, Fabi

    There can be no other way. Denilson must not play in midfield with Cesc behind Ade. that just simply must not happen becayuse if it does, we are dead. I cannot beleive the starting line-ups wenger used at Wembley and Anfield. I really am losing trust in wenger. he needs to redeem against Man U.


    dj and silvest are like for like,if you think dj is better then silvest your in trouble.silvest is the better out of a bad two

  17. Maciek

    BBK- it’s all his fault. With 2 proper big strong defenders and cdm’s and Arsh signed in July we would have a chance to win something.We are a joke. We have won against weak Newcastle, Brom, Wigan and Villareal and we are a world best?Come on.

  18. Ja_Gunner

    IN the Boro lineup I have Silvest at left back. I then drop him against Manure..he is a liability.

    Based on Gibbs performances, I trust him alot more. And once Djoru is fit he will play ahead of Silvest.

    For the Boro game I rest he will be ready for Manure. I would start Cesc but if we have acomfortable lead by 60 mins..I would sub him and let Diaby/Denilson finish the game.

    Also Nasri would replace Walcott and Eddy could start or come on for he will would have “warmed” up for United.

  19. Ja_Gunner

    Hell no BBK ….JD is much better than Silvest.

    Silvest is was obvious against Liverpool.

    JD lacks experience but at least he would have the pace to close down ppl and plus more height to win headers.

  20. Ja_Gunner

    We can beat manure.

    Manure has not been playing all that well lately.
    If we play with the same defence we had against Liverpool then I would be very worried….but with Al and djouru back I feel more confident because that means Silvest will be dropped.

    Boro Game





    Manure game






    I think 4-2-3-1 can work….but not with Cesc in the hole.

    It has to be RVP/Diaby/Arsh/Nasri/Bent in the hole.

  21. gazzap

    I heard chelsea are going to rest a lot of players at west ham on saturday. WH need to win that game so I reckon if we can win our games then we have a really good chance of 3rd place.
    now I dont mean we need to go all out to beat Boro and knacker all our players in. But we need to approach the Boro game with the right attitude.

    But yes a few key players probably need a rest – or to either be subbed on or off on sunday.

  22. Maciek

    He earns 5 milion for finishing 4th.Arsene doesn’t f***ng know. He was lucky to have Adams and Keown and David Dain who persuede him to sign Sol.And as a player he used to be a cdm and cd?


    It is for everyone to see what is quite glaringly obvious that wenger’s main fault is his eye for a defender.Your main point of success comes from a solid foundation at the back,wenger built his success of the original back 4,had that foundation not been in place i reckon we would not of had the same amount of trophy’s as we have today

  24. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah Gazzap, Hiddink has said he has totally given up on the title. So he will be 100% focused on the CL and FA Cup

  25. Maciek

    Spot on BBK


    Sagna Gallas/Toure Hangeland Clichy

    Arshavin Cana Fab Nasri

    Eddie/ RVP

    With this starting 11 and strong backbone You can win something. We have got many quality players and many average ones.


    your front two are constantly going to be injured m,not eduardo’s fault but you know he won’t be right again,v.p has not had an injury free career at arsenal and never will i.m.o so when them 2 are injured who will be the strength in depth to step up and score the goals we need.


    but you have to ask this question would benzema come to arsenal in this current situation of looking in on a club that is not winning nothing year in year out.


    for the past years a big player has left from them not recognising the team personell are capable of achieving great things wenger is to blame and so is the stadium.

  29. KM

    dnt think benzema is coming to arsenal – no way! he’s already said he wants to move to real madrid and with zidane heavily involved there nowadays i can see him going there but he’d be very expensive and not sure we’d be willing to pay more than £20. when it comes to buying the SUPERSTAR players, arsenal cannot match the bigger clubs, hence why we will for the near future be looking for cheaper players.


    and that is the exact reason why players will leave and trophy’s won’t be won simple as that.

  31. KM

    agree with BBK – we need to be winning the league & the champions league consistently for a chance to attract the ‘world class’ stars. Those stars are attracted by what titles the club has won. At present i think those clubs would be barca & madrid, man utd, l’pool & AC Milan & then Chelsea & us as the outsiders.


    the day we became outsiders to chelsea,that is the day arsenal died,plus leaving highbury was the biggest mistake ever.

  33. KM

    a lot of rumours abt edin dzenko etc but theres other clubs after him….man utd & AC milan – if u were a player who would you go for – arsenal or MANU/Milan?

    however i would LOVEEE to get a world class striker and this guy dzenko could be it. but he’s said he’s gonna stay for another year and do something in the champions league nxt year. he’s playing with a gr8 striking partner and a midfielder called misimovic who’s supplying them with gr8 assists – 17 so far. so he’s obviously enjoying himself but the dude is clinical and he does not need many chances to score.

  34. KM

    I jst hope that wenger realises that you cant take on world class teams such as the top3 with ‘potential’ talent like denilson & bendtner. they can reach their potential on loan not in a side fighting for the title/champs league.

  35. KM

    dzenko is 23….but unlike bendtner who is still to realise his potential ….dzenko has realised his potential & hence why all the leading clubs are after him.

  36. Maciek

    Arshavin-16 milion
    Nasri- 15
    Walcott 9 milion
    Sagna 6 milion
    Diaby- 3
    Denilson- 3,5
    You get what You oay for!


    Arshavin-16 milion
    Nasri- 15
    Walcott 9 milion
    Sagna 6 milion
    Diaby- 3
    Denilson- 3,5————-this guy needs to fuck off im sick of him
    You get what You oay for!

  38. KM

    maciek good point. i think we need to stop buying mediocre young players & capture the best of the best. we cant afford to give players like Den/Diaby/Bendtner a ‘learning’ experience in the first team. if we want them to learn then they should be sent on loan to a team which plays a similar style of football to us in the epl- e.g. middlesborough

  39. KM

    guyz wots ur thoughts on zaki of wigan? i thought in the 1st half of the season he was on fire…but then he just tailed off a bit.

    also i hope gazidis helps wenger realise the fact that we need some older players who know how to handle the heat.

  40. Maciek

    It’s funny when people saying that we will end up the same as Newcastle or Tiny Totts. We are a big Club, with huge supporters base and shiny new stadium and we deserve better. Hiddink would be better as well as Laudrup, Rijkard, even Mourhinio is a winner even though I hate dislike him.

  41. David

    lol BBK

    I swear ive been saying that Denilson boy running our midfield…never needs to where an Arsenal shirt again. I still think Arsene has lost the plot.

  42. Maciek

    KM- we don’t stand a chance. With Gibbs and this clown Silvestre. Without Arsh-no chance. I won’t even watch this game even though it’s in Polish television.

  43. KM

    hmmm i like wenger but he doesnt seem to possess that winning mentality which fergie/mourinhio/hiddink posses. if he had that he’d b brilliant. but i really admire hiddink and would love to see him at our club when wenger leaves.


    also coquelin he’s got crazy energy maybe he might be able to step up, come to think of it…..

  45. David

    I rate JET alot…i think and do believe he can be class…but he needs a finishing coach or something…because the amount of chances he creates for himself are ridiculous but he scuffs them from time to time .

  46. KM

    thats not gonna happen david 🙂 if it did happen it would create a lot of instability at the club. this global scouting network which we have now is wenger’s brainchild. but i think hiddink would continue that as he himself described us as a model for football clubs.

  47. David

    No JET is much smarter…releases the ball when he should.

    Diaby loves the ball so much he doesnt like playing 2 touch soccer that Wenger likes to play.

    I was really very dissapointed in Diaby’s performance against the Chavs….I was hurt because i actually believe he can be a good Second Striker behind the forward in a 4-5-1 and he proved me wrong. But then he proves everyone wrong wherever you play him.

    JET is class though. He’s got everything Jay Simpson has but is bigger more power and dominant in the air.

  48. David

    I also think that Traoe boy can do a good job on the right as a back up. He’s supposed to be the fastest in the club.

  49. David

    We dont need to be going out buying attacking players imo.

    We seem to be linked to quite a few of them the new CSKA moscow kid that is 17…the brazillian kid that is also 17….some french players in lille…all attacking midfielders…..we need defenders…great defenders.

  50. David

    Our counter attacking is laughable…Nasri and Cesc are not quick…its only Walcott and Arshavin….i was suprised to see our Russian bursting for that 4th goal….thank God for Fizman…or else We wouldve been embarrassed with this Wengers shite youth policy.

  51. David

    I actually think it would be a good thing if we dont make it to the finals in a way.

    it will prove without a doubt that Wengers youth policy is FAIL!

  52. David

    fucked in the leauge, Carling cup, FA cup….and impending the Champions League?

    I hope not. but…even if we get past the Mancs…there is still barca to play

  53. Stu

    I would go for that DG.

    Plus Silvestre and Senderos/JD for Marchena or Albiol. I’d go for that aswell.

    And Diaby and Denilson for Silva.

    Swap 6 plus cash for 3 of theirs. Job done. 😉

  54. Doublegooner

    As talented as RVP is, he’s spasmatic, too left footed, too injury prone & is a scorer of good goals & not a goalscorer.

    He’s in not Arshavin’s league. Eddy with Villa supported by AA & Cesc with Theo or Nasri is far more exciting.

  55. David

    Seems like our new boy Wellington just injured his right ankle. Now that he’s injured…he’s definitely coming to Arsenal.

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    G’Day everyone. Now I know its late for u all, but I just thought I’d leave this comment for u to wake up to.

    April 29th is the most important date/fixture of the season. All the talk/discussion/angst about signings/etc. is about to come to the sharp end. This is it people, this is our Big Kahoona, the one we have been wanting all season. At times we have thought maybe nothing good is going to come of this season; or maybe we have thought we’d really love to give manure a real big kicking in some way. Well my fellow Grovers, our destiny is in our hands. When the team takes the pitch, we all take to the pitch. We are all in it together, & when we triumph we will all share in the spoils of victory coz we are Arsenal.

    “Ye may we walk through the valley of death known as Old Cow Paddock, we will fear not Ferguson, coz we are Arsenal”.

  57. David

    Well done gnarley

    I tell you what people…i dont know how Arsene missed out on Phillipe Coutinho….but this boy is the real deal.

    Clearly the star of his generation.

  58. ethangunner


    there’s also another saying …

    be afraid .. be very afraid .

    if we go into the game with the same planning
    that we did in the chev’s game WE WILL come out 2nd best. you have to realize that wenger and red nose have the same priorities this season .

    the champions league and the EPL …
    it all boils down to who has better personnel
    and the better options ..
    we are still in ‘ injury mode ‘ and have been all season , the squad isnt deep enough and at this time of the season , it always comes down to whats left in the tank , and we are always suffering for it ..

  59. iceman


    The stage couldn’t be set up better for AW and the players.

    AW putting one over his oldest foe in English football and Arsenal putting one over manure and the holders.

    This is it…we’ve done them before at home this season. Let’s have a repeat. 1-1 on Wed should set it up nicely.

    Eduardo could be our wildcard…..

    I say bring it on….

    Chamoooooooooooonnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee Arsenal!!!!!!

  60. ethangunner


    id love to share your enthusiasm , but im sticking with my start of the year prediction of we will win nothing and barely stay in the top 4 .

    i know miracles can happen in football Portsmouth winning the FA cup and the spuds the Carling cup, but we always have to many key injuries , and the boss is always quick on the excuses currently ..

    i might agree with you if AA wasn’t cup tied .
    but i think like the author of this site , our best chance of silverware just flew south on Saturday ..

    if it was any other teams other than barca and man U i would rate us ..

    our strikers have been woeful just like the same time last year .. our most senior defender is out , and whilst it will be close i cant ignore our form when AA isnt included in the team ..

  61. ArsenalKenya

    Goalkeeper Manuel Almunia, defender Johan Djourou and frontman Emmanuel Adebayor are all expected to return for Arsenal’s league tie with Middlesbrough this Sunday.

    All three have been out of some important fixtures in the Gunners’ fixture list, but have been pencilled in to start Sunday’s fixture at the Emirates.

    Spaniard Almunia and Swiss rock Djourou both returned to training earlier this afternoon with Togolese forward Adebayor looks likely to face a late fitness test before the game.

    Robin van Persie and Gael Clichy have definitely been ruled out of the Manchester United Champions League semi-final first leg next week, as well as the Boro game.

    Long-term injured William Gallas as well as Tomas Rosicky will almost certainly miss the rest of the season. The Emirates stars can look forward to having a restful summer before a rigorous pre-season workout.

  62. ethangunner

    morning Geoff…

    sorry to be so negative recently lad .. but everything is unfolding like i predicted pre- season , and its pretty hard to keep hearing fans
    keep banging on like weve turned the corner ..
    when we are sitting in the same (if not worse)
    position as last term .. & still holding no silverware ..

    or they offer up as many excuses the le boss does
    as to reason why we constantly seem to just fall short …

    once i see something to crow about , then ill start to crow ! and maybe AA’s performance was
    worth shouting about , sure he turned a loss into a draw … but i still don’t classify that
    as spectacular as the rest of the team were nothing to write home about ..

  63. Geoff

    I agree Ethan, but had he bought Arshavin last summer and Hangerland or Chelleinii and Alonso or Barry we’d be romping it, that’s what pisses me off, and he wants credit for everything he does, all the time.

  64. dennisdamenace

    Ethan/Geoff – I totally agree with you, apart from finances, what has Wenger’s four/five years of youth policy actually done for Arsenal Football Club??

  65. ethangunner

    the only thing to come out of it DDM is it was slightly lucrative ..

    but what he’s doing to jack – ramsey and vela
    is designed to make them eventually fail !

    i think jack has more about him than cesc at the same point in their careers ..
    shame jack wasnt given more chances ..
    i also dont believe what was said yesterday about jack only being 17 and not being able to handle the training rigors.. it was more like disillusioned and underused …

    fuck when i was 16 i was running all day and night ..

  66. kelsey

    I agree he should have bought AA last summer,and i am not looking forward to play at OT without our 2 most clinical match winning strikers,but i still think he waited endlessly for rosicky to finally overcome his injuries and only bought AA at the last minute to replace mozart.Our medical team fuck up all the time,how often players come back when not fully fit,play a couple of games and are out again.happens far too often for my liking.

  67. Geoff

    I said yesterday the only products in his tenure to come out of his academy are Gibbs and Wilshere, given that Gibbs was bought, that leaves Wilshere, given he’s not in the team that leaves no one, no one in 12 years isn’t really impressive is it?

  68. ethangunner

    well i still think arshavin used on the wing is a waste of his talents .
    he should be the 2nd striker .. all we have is over hyped nobodies as strikers since TH14’s departure ..

    i personally am happy to see theo – nasri and sicky take the wing positions … play arshavin in his natural position …
    2nd striker … i think his last game proved that
    and me correct …

  69. ethangunner

    also who really cares if jack by 22 is burned out ?
    or cesc for that matter ?

    wenger buys them so young , we will never see the best from these players .
    its like the old days, you got married and stuck with the bitch weather she was any cop or not .
    thru think and thin , you made a go of it .. but like todays divorce rate .. players never stay at 1 club there hole life either … so i dont accept the reason to not bring on these players because there too young and can screw up their careers prematurely …

    if we pay their wages and they are good enough they should be used accordingly ..

    the real problem is wenger in his youth scheme has a priority to activate the next cab off the rank
    ,meaning activate denilson – song – diaby even if talented youngsters below them are better ..
    he wants the production line to flow ..

    and his choices in the past RE: song – denilson etc where not as talented as the likes of vela – jack etc.(the current crop) but they are made to wait it out in wengers pecking order !

    pure bollocks