Arsenal out of the FA cup, thank god, I was right!!!

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That headline was for all the numbnut AKB’s out there that seem to think Le Grove are only happy when we lose. Here are some facts for you morons.


We are Arsenal fans first, whilst we are delighted to have Arsene Wenger as our manager we are fans of the club first and if we feel we need to disagree with the manger, then that’s our right as fans, if we didn’t question him, there would be no balance of the other point of view, we would all be agreeing with him and saying stuff like, who cares about the FA cup? We had a good run didn’t we? And 4-5-1 nearly pulled it off, we only lost 2-1. This team doesn’t get enough credit, loads of money but no credit. Yes I know the day cost me ยฃ250 and we lost, but I don’t care, Arsene knows.


But you know what, we’re not, I was so traumatised after my Wembley trip after my initial Saturday evening rant I haven’t read a paper, watched the sports news or entered into conversation with anyone, I didn’t even comment on my own blog yesterday, why? Because we lost? No, it was the manner in which we lost, pathetic and disrespectful to every fan that watched.

The last time we played 4-5-1 in the FA Cup we beat the Mancs, it was the last time we played an FA cup final and it was dreadful, so have we learned from that? No, not a bit.

We have been saying all season that 4-5-1 wins nothing, 4-5-1 is fine if you don’t want to lose, like an away game, but when you want to win, it’s dumb.

Wigan, Villarreal away, I could go on, everytime we play it we’re woeful, everytime we changed to 4-4-2 we are awesome, why do we always wait until the 70 something minute before we change??? Doesn’t he realise that whoever he plays against knows he’ll do that? And are ready?

When will he realise that Ade is just a lazy bastard who is only interested in moving on, running around trying to win the ball doesn’t feature with him anymore, when will he realise that Eboue is just not good enough, just as I’m beginning to see Song is adding something he takes him off, yes I know I said I rated Diaby but after the first 45 he should have seen he wasn’t cutting it and taken him off.

Why is it that our best player, the 6th best in the world, Andre Arshavin was on the bench? Did he think that the Chavs would think he had a brilliant master plan and run away, or did he think they would laugh their bollocks off.

Where is the apology for all the money us poor saps paid to see such an inept performance? Where is the ‘I got it so wrong people and I’m sorry you spent so much’. All he did was blamed the pitch, as did Ferguson, didn’t the chavs and the Toffees have to play on the same pitch? Didn’t he go and look at it beforehand, don’t England win all their games on it???

Yes we may well win the Champions league, but with a formation like that, only if they change the rules and let West Brom in the final. I was disappointed, I so looked forward to the game and he sent out a team that had little or no chance, if there are any fans out there that can defend that garbage, then you are not proper Arsenal fans, you are Arsene sheep.

Me, I know what I am, you should donate your salary to charity boss, at least let someone profit from that shocking display that aren’t Chavs.

So tomorrow we play Liverpool, I can’t get up for that just yet, but by tomorrow I’ll be there, because that’s what Arsenal fans do, they support the team, you know what Arsene, we don’t get enough credit for that, perhaps you ought to say something.

Perhaps if you’d bought Alonso and a decent centre back in the summer we would have played better, perhaps you should start listening.

As far as Fabianski is concerned he’s okay, the rest of the team should not have put him in the position where he had to come charging out, it’s the same for a lot of our young players, they are just too young, we need a few older heads, and I don’t mean as old as Silvestre, I mean a few like Arshavin and Rosicky (Yes he is still employed by Arsenal).

Have a great day Grovers, let’s just hope that we remember how to play football again before we go to Anfield, at least they aren’t as good there as they are away from home.

I wonder how many board members went home as devastated as we all did on Saturday? If any of them gave a rats arse they would have made Wenger buy some quality last summer, I have a feeling there will be some changes very soon. This can’t go on for another year surely???

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  1. Mayank

    to boy better know they beat us when we had gallas sagna and almunia injured..and arshavin not playing..surely thats more than essien and drogba or do you rate them so highly

  2. Mayank

    yeah walcott was one positive we got from yesterday’s match..but he always scores against him..sort of like their drogba..

  3. Jay2Oh

    I went to the day where we played madrid (boring game) Hamburg won their game, they played well against Juventus i think it was… Still embarassing losing our own tournament!!

  4. Stu

    In all fairess Ajax never win their tournament either and they usually have worse teams than Juve, Real, Inter etc etc.

  5. Stu

    BBK, i read about that too.. is it confirmed yet because i doubt we would get back 2 teams that we have already had.

  6. Stu

    They are worse than us when it comes to the youngsters but at least they produce most of theirs from the locality. And generally make a massive profit on them somewhere down the line.

  7. Stu

    Rangers i wouldnt mind because we havent played tem yet and are a Uefa cup team. But Inter and PSG have already come.

  8. kelsey

    John Radford to Charlie George winning goal against liverpool in FA Cup Final(seems like yesterday)alex.

  9. leon

    i think arsenal have good chance of winning next match we always do well against topteams, but i feel defence will need a bit of protection but i dont think will such huge phsycal battle like saturday,the team has been on agreat run and i feel arsenal need to it going

  10. Jay2Oh

    Leon, tomorrow will be nail biting stuff. Going to be tough, i hope the boys step up to the challenge, rather than crumble after saturdays shocker. Liverpool will be without gerrard but still have enough power to pose a threat.

  11. Jay2Oh

    When I met Charlie, i found him such a nice bloke. Knows his footy as well. Top fella. I will love him forever for THAT goal.

  12. Stu

    We might get a draw tomorrow night. Liverpool have a good defence and we have a good attack when our best players play.

  13. leon


    i agree but the team has been great run and i think they can keep on going,iwould still play delinson but along side song and let aa,nasri and fab do there thing,i not be suprised to vela and bretna play and edwardo brought on later in the game.i think if song and delinson can keep up the great performaces they for past 17 games we will protect the defence well,how knows we might evon finish 2/3 anything can happen

  14. Jay2Oh

    Vela wont start – Wenger doesnt trust him yet, i feel. Not saying i wouldnt mind it. Depends on the overall match fitness of eduardo really.


    can not see them going to anfield and getting a win after embarrising themselves on the weekend.won’t happen,nuh linga

  16. Franchise

    how about the other gazillion times that u have been wrong with ur predictions BBK? stop acting like u are a medium ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. dk

    great article but that said, arsene is currently still the best manager to lead us. i mean who else do you see can take over from him?

  18. leon


    i think you are wong we have played \alot worse that against man city and have not lost until this chelsea game its all how mentally strong this team is its that simple

  19. Franchise

    hiddink has done nuthin BBK thety are still playing like they did under Mourinho. Mourinho’s legacy is coaching the club Hiddink is getting the pay. Wise man Hiddink is.

  20. A

    mugged wenger off?! lol

    if silvestre and fabianski had been playing for chelsea then we would have won, had nothing whatsoever to do with hiddink!

  21. Jay2Oh

    Hiddink is a top manager, and he has made chelsea resiliant again. They are just an efficient team. They are not exciting. They will never pass a team off the park. They play to their strengths. That is pure power and force.

  22. A

    does anyone know what the deal is with eduardo? websites and ssn seem to say he’s in the squad, but don’t see any mention by wenger?

    maybe he was just rested from the squad on saturday to start tomorrow??

  23. Stu

    Hopefully thats the case A. Eduardo should have been back by now. I dont see why he wont play against Liverpool. Him and Bendtner up front.

  24. A

    yeah i agree with that analysis jay. they’re a very narrow team with limited flair, but they’re very efficient and their power through the middle of the pitch with lampard, essien, and ballack, and drogba in front of them is why they’re so successful

  25. A

    yeah i agree with that stu, it’ll certainly be bendtner, but i guess it’ll depend on eduardo’s fitness as to whether he’ll be able to start. It was a little bit worrying his not being on the bench on saturday, must just be picking up niggle after niggle


    i agree stu having players like fabianski.eboue,denilson,bendtner in your team you know you are in trouble

  27. Jay2Oh

    Arindam, i think alot of people would take a 1-1 right now! As long as they dont score in the last minute. Mellor, Garcia and Heskey!!!!!

  28. Arindam@KOL

    Usual infuriating stuff from AW :
    “I believe we are maturing well. Chelsea’s average age was 29, ours is 21 or 22. And we were a little bit unlucky on Saturday. In extra-time I still think we would have had a good chance. Unfortunately it did not happen.”

  29. Arindam@KOL

    And the knut Fergie upto his ld antics :
    “โ€œI donโ€™t know what Arsene will be thinking about tomorrow but no matter what, Arsenal always try,โ€ said Ferguson. โ€œThat is the mantra of Arsene himself. He is a winner. Providing they try, it is all I can ask for. I am not concerned about Tuesdayโ€™s game. I will concern myself with my own team. That is enough for me to think about.”

  30. Stu

    Agreed Arindam. The whole age excuse is a load of bollocks. Its his fault that the squad is so young so he shouldnt be allowed to cite it as a fault when the team fucks up.

  31. Franchise

    Arindam i think that is why he didnt play arshavin to reduce the average age of the team. he needed an excuse in case

  32. A

    the age thing isn’t an excuse, and granted it’s annoying to hear it all the time.

    the last 3 sentences are spot on though.

  33. Arindam@KOL

    Lets put up banners at the Grove that we want:
    1. Alonso/Toulalan/Barry
    2. Hangeland/Bruno Alves/Albiol


    denilson was getting pushed off the ball like a little kid on saturday,at least diaby can provide some presence.come on know i know who id like to face in midfield out of them two,you just look at denilsons name on the team sheet and piss yourself laughing at the prospect of facing him.nuh linga…..

  35. A

    barry arindam?! i’d have denilson,song,diaby over barry anyday, such an average footballer who shouldn’t be anywhere near our squad!!

    hangeland as well, decent premiership player, but nowhere near good enough to be a regular for us!

  36. Arindam@KOL

    Cmon , BBK – everyone’s allowed a one-off. Liked what I saw of the guy over the 2 legs against ManUre

  37. Arindam@KOL

    A : Barry’s twice the player than any of Diaby/Song/Denilson currently . I am not talking of 3/4/5 yrs. Its about NOW.

  38. A

    although the italian/german papers are saying otherwise i’m starting to think senderos’ return could be much more likely in the summer. before he wasn’t even included as one of our players in the reports of players on loan, now the headlines are things like –

    “Loan Watch: Another 90 minutes for Senderos”

    maybe i’m reading too much into it

  39. Arindam@KOL

    @ A :
    “the last 3 sentences are spot on though.”
    Wenger playing for ET ‘s ok with you ?
    We shld have killed them with a proper team out there well before the 90.

  40. A

    i disagree arindam – denilson had been much better in the prem than barry this season, and song and diaby have the potential to be much better than denilson, and even now i’d rather have any of the three over barry, who’s very average, and playing at the highest level he could manage. If he went to liverpool he’d go from big fish in a small pond to being out of his depth, and wouldn’t be able to cope with it. He’d do a robbie keane and be back at villa or head to newcastle or someone after a season

  41. Franchise

    Lukasz Fabianski——–24
    Emmanuel Eboue———-25
    Kolo Toure————–28
    Mikael Silvestre——–31
    Kieran Gibbs————19
    Theo Walcott————20
    Cesc Fabregas———–21
    Abou Diaby————–22
    Robin Van Persie——–25
    Emmanuel Adebayor——-25

    average age 23.7

  42. Franchise

    Stu just taking the mickey out of facebook. i agreed with one of ur comments and i didnt agree with BBK’s

  43. Arindam@KOL

    A :

    denilson had been much better in the prem than barry this season – at 5 yard passes ? Agreed.

    song and diaby have the potential to be much better than denilson – They already are.

    If he went to liverpool heโ€™d go from big fish in a small pond to being out of his depth, and wouldnโ€™t be able to cope with it – Not too sure about that. Pool isnt exactly the epitome of technical football.
    Can run ? Ye , Sir. Can kick ’em up ? Aye sir. Will do.

  44. Franchise

    Gerrard is no. 9

    actim is trying to tell me that Anelka has been the 2nd best player this season.

    what a load of shit

  45. Arindam@KOL

    Stu i’ll sell Senderos for spare change and buy Albiol / Alves / or if the Boss is as miserly as ever , Hangeland (in that order)

  46. Stu

    Senderos makes mistakes because of BBK! FACT!

    All Phil needs is to be loved and BBKs negativity isnt helping at all..

  47. Stu

    Arindam, Albiol and Hangeland i can understand but not Alves. You have nothing to base you affection for him on…unless you watch ever Porto game.

  48. A

    as would i stu. senderos returning would be better than any average centre backs like bruno alves or hangeland, though i’d still prefer we signed a top quality one.

  49. irishgunner

    bruno alves can take free kicks, he’s a bit chite at defending though which is not what you want from your CB

  50. Arindam@KOL

    Stu , not too many good CBs around these days. Not too many available anyways !
    Alves is aerially great and can pass it forward too – thats what caught my eye from whatever little I saw of the guy.
    Anyways type his name in Youtube and check the other reason why I’m fond of him – wd love him do that to Drogba/Rooney/Berbatov/Torres ๐Ÿ˜›


    bruno alves thought he was on a trial for man united the other week,that pass to rooney was perfect,actim would of been proud of that

  52. Franchise

    who is top quality A? let me guess

    ok u said Vidic isnt one that counts him out

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh!!!!

    Sakho or Lucio

  53. Arindam@KOL

    cmon A :
    “average centre backs like bruno alves or hangeland”
    Name me top ones then that are up from grabs .

  54. Stu

    Arin, save me some time and jus tell me what he does in his youtube clips.
    And we have enough defenders that can pass it forward. We need a massive fucker to just get a clean sheet at all costs.

  55. Stu

    Amazing defenders are rare these days.
    Defending is easy with organisation. Thats what we lack. Brains and organisation at the back.

  56. Arindam@KOL

    Stu , he took out a player with a deliberate full-on kick to the chest. Saw Red. But you know , what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Arindam@KOL

    Stu , far better than what we have at present.
    Him and Kolo with some good pre-season work and we are sorted at the back . I tell you.

  58. Arindam@KOL

    Sure. But imagine the message that wd send out. Dont fuck with the Arsenal or Alves will fuck u. ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Arindam@KOL

    Haha Stu. Not with Arsene in here. Not in a million years.

    Anyways , if Gallas goes , Bassong/Sakho it will be. Back to Arsene’s world , guys !

    Enough of the wet dreams ๐Ÿ˜›

  60. Arindam@KOL

    But I really believe Alves can be a better Vidic for us. Has all the ingredients , imo. Also is a far better footballer than Vidic can ever be.