Arsenal out of the FA cup, thank god, I was right!!!

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That headline was for all the numbnut AKB’s out there that seem to think Le Grove are only happy when we lose. Here are some facts for you morons.


We are Arsenal fans first, whilst we are delighted to have Arsene Wenger as our manager we are fans of the club first and if we feel we need to disagree with the manger, then that’s our right as fans, if we didn’t question him, there would be no balance of the other point of view, we would all be agreeing with him and saying stuff like, who cares about the FA cup? We had a good run didn’t we? And 4-5-1 nearly pulled it off, we only lost 2-1. This team doesn’t get enough credit, loads of money but no credit. Yes I know the day cost me Β£250 and we lost, but I don’t care, Arsene knows.


But you know what, we’re not, I was so traumatised after my Wembley trip after my initial Saturday evening rant I haven’t read a paper, watched the sports news or entered into conversation with anyone, I didn’t even comment on my own blog yesterday, why? Because we lost? No, it was the manner in which we lost, pathetic and disrespectful to every fan that watched.

The last time we played 4-5-1 in the FA Cup we beat the Mancs, it was the last time we played an FA cup final and it was dreadful, so have we learned from that? No, not a bit.

We have been saying all season that 4-5-1 wins nothing, 4-5-1 is fine if you don’t want to lose, like an away game, but when you want to win, it’s dumb.

Wigan, Villarreal away, I could go on, everytime we play it we’re woeful, everytime we changed to 4-4-2 we are awesome, why do we always wait until the 70 something minute before we change??? Doesn’t he realise that whoever he plays against knows he’ll do that? And are ready?

When will he realise that Ade is just a lazy bastard who is only interested in moving on, running around trying to win the ball doesn’t feature with him anymore, when will he realise that Eboue is just not good enough, just as I’m beginning to see Song is adding something he takes him off, yes I know I said I rated Diaby but after the first 45 he should have seen he wasn’t cutting it and taken him off.

Why is it that our best player, the 6th best in the world, Andre Arshavin was on the bench? Did he think that the Chavs would think he had a brilliant master plan and run away, or did he think they would laugh their bollocks off.

Where is the apology for all the money us poor saps paid to see such an inept performance? Where is the ‘I got it so wrong people and I’m sorry you spent so much’. All he did was blamed the pitch, as did Ferguson, didn’t the chavs and the Toffees have to play on the same pitch? Didn’t he go and look at it beforehand, don’t England win all their games on it???

Yes we may well win the Champions league, but with a formation like that, only if they change the rules and let West Brom in the final. I was disappointed, I so looked forward to the game and he sent out a team that had little or no chance, if there are any fans out there that can defend that garbage, then you are not proper Arsenal fans, you are Arsene sheep.

Me, I know what I am, you should donate your salary to charity boss, at least let someone profit from that shocking display that aren’t Chavs.

So tomorrow we play Liverpool, I can’t get up for that just yet, but by tomorrow I’ll be there, because that’s what Arsenal fans do, they support the team, you know what Arsene, we don’t get enough credit for that, perhaps you ought to say something.

Perhaps if you’d bought Alonso and a decent centre back in the summer we would have played better, perhaps you should start listening.

As far as Fabianski is concerned he’s okay, the rest of the team should not have put him in the position where he had to come charging out, it’s the same for a lot of our young players, they are just too young, we need a few older heads, and I don’t mean as old as Silvestre, I mean a few like Arshavin and Rosicky (Yes he is still employed by Arsenal).

Have a great day Grovers, let’s just hope that we remember how to play football again before we go to Anfield, at least they aren’t as good there as they are away from home.

I wonder how many board members went home as devastated as we all did on Saturday? If any of them gave a rats arse they would have made Wenger buy some quality last summer, I have a feeling there will be some changes very soon. This can’t go on for another year surely???

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  1. Mandanda

    I doubt if barca would change their way of playing. They only know one way to play and that way is pretty good. Infact they have done so for decades, just like Real…I hate when I hear ppl spout the same mindless cliche that arsenal can only one way that is why they lose matches, absolute stupid comment!!!
    I would back us agaisnt any team being a fan but c’mmon lets not equate our 1st 11 to Barca’s first 11. In a year or two we might be ahead! Their attacking play is better than anyone else’s but in a cup competition we’ve got a chance.

  2. Pedro

    Keyser, Chelsea were average…

    I think you’re slagging the defence off too much. For a make shift line up, I thought they did ok… bar Fabianski.

    It was the rest of the team that were poor.

  3. A

    yeah that could have happened clacko, but it would have had to be at the expense of vp, and in what would be a tight game a set piece could have decided it. there are pros and cons to a few players, both nasri/arshavin rather than any of the others and song rather than either of diaby and denilson

    there are things that would be added and lost from the team with any of the selections, the contrast is ridiculous between our strength in depth offensively and our complete lack of any depth at the back

  4. Franchise

    Pedro i read somewhere about wenger saying the average age of the team was 23 years and we or they shouldnt be in a hurry to win things

  5. A

    i disagree completely pedro – the defence did ok because they were completely protected by the midfield, on the occasions that the midfield was bypassed, the defence capitulated and conceded twice very poorly, and that’s what cost us the game.

    more or less every player on the pitch was poor for both teams, but the deciding factor was that our defence/keeper fucked up more than theirs. in the rest of the game both teams just cancelled each other out

  6. A

    yeah ddm, it’s fucked up this year, top 3 qualify for groups, 4th plays qualifier but unseeded, so could get 4th place in italy or spain!

  7. Keyser

    Pedro – Or we made them look average because we went like for like, how would you judge one way or another.

    You’ve just said it yourself for a make shift line-up they did pretty well which is what I mean, I wasn’t half as confident as I would’ve been with the first choice defense there, it’s a toss up, portect the defense – try and score a goal with the options you have, go with a more attacking line-up and leave the defence to get mullered.

  8. Franchise

    everyone has a blog

    im starting mine tomorrow


    the title of my first post would be ‘Wenger is a fanny’

  9. walnutoftheday

    shit sorry pedro!!

    im to used to calling it walnut, i thought every one would know!! sorry.

    enjoy. see you 2moro πŸ™‚

  10. Pedro

    Keyser, of course I’d be more confident with our normal defence… but on the train I was more concerned about how Denilson and Song would play… that was the key battle for me on Sunday.

  11. gazzap

    chelsea were poor. we were worse. they were there for the taking. had they been any good we would have lost 4-0. if we had been any good we would have won 4-0. it was a mediocre match won by a long punt over the top.

  12. dennisdamenace

    Goddamnit Keyser, i didn’t think of that, maybe i should soil the pants and thereby have them ready earthed……………….ha ha ha ha!!

  13. Franchise

    Walnut u r a character. im loving u already ha ha ha ha

    Walnut of the day.

    so u trawl the web looking for unique walnuts? πŸ˜€

  14. gazzap

    walnut’s site is not a football blog. its views from behind of naked ladies bending over. you have been warned.
    I think I got away with it. I hope IT dont monitor my PC.

    Bloody class though.

  15. Keyser

    Heh, I saw Pedro’s comment and thought what could it be..

    In hindsight I’m surprised I didn’t work it out, seems soo obvious.

  16. dennisdamenace

    A – Jesus! So, that plum on ANR was right then, so if we finish 4th we could get someone like Bayern Munich??

  17. kelsey

    I am with Geoff (again) on this one.Wenger sounds like Del Boy with his “next year we will be millionaires”

    I don’t think the idea that AA was benched has anything to do that one or two thought that Gazidis made Wenger buy him,cause if that was the case,Wenger would have walked.He basically cocked up on team selection in a vital match,and not for the first time.

  18. walnutoftheday


    not always views from behind,

    theres many different views of all sorts of walnut. Sometimes even double walnut or a walnuts gotta do what a walnuts gotta do…

    you wil see.

    Really have to go now!!

    Nice to meet you fanchise – lets hope theo stays away from walnut tonight so he has more energy 2moro

  19. charybdis1966

    Pedro, you racist.

    No relevance to the present topic but I thought I’d throw that in as it hasn’t been mentioned lately. πŸ™‚

  20. Mark C

    Just got Wengers mail from arsenal dot com.

    he says Song was tired, and Nasri sick.

    OK, well I was not bothered by Nasri, he prefers the left as does Arshavin, and so I would have wanted Arshavin there instead. Nasri seems a bit of a homer.

    Without Song we are weak in the middle. Are Diaby and Denilson more like Fabregas, and is that why he did not play well.

    Lets be honest he had a bad game, but at times there were 40 yards between the midfield and Adebayor, how could he do anything.

    Theo is the key man to our success in the CL.

    I would play him on the left, as they dont have a recognised full back for the right.

  21. dennisdamenace

    Franchise – I’m thinking of doing my own thang, in a blog styleeee, and i’m thinking of calling my “Lamb Shanks, Shabba Ranks”

  22. walnutoftheday

    Thanks wonder boy,

    Ive been reading this blog for a while but never made a post.

    Nothing better than being an arsenal fan with an opinion in my opinion.

    Im gonna dedicate a walnut to le grove tonight.

    Thanks Le Grove

  23. Franchise

    why is it that when people say they are going they come back and have a sneak if any1 said goodbye? πŸ˜‰

  24. dennisdamenace

    You know you’ve got a herd of elephants, a pride of lions etc etc, but what a bout poontang???

    I’d like to propose that from now on any grouping of fanny should have the collective noun ‘flange’……..a flange of fanny!

  25. dennisdamenace

    And on that note i shall be trotting up the road to Blackfriars Station, upon which i shall check your learned responses upon my iPhone.

    Chamon Munglers 8)

  26. kevin

    hi guys, i no this may have just been said but do you guys know that RVP and ade are unavalible for the liverpool game.

  27. Jay2Oh

    Yeah kevin, looks like eduardo and bendy will be up front. Or arshavin up top..After saturday, i dont think i will ever predict a line up again!

  28. kelsey


    thanks again for the other day.No one left to argue with,so they now argue amongst themselves.Charming couple Maria and Frank πŸ˜‰

  29. nick

    πŸ˜† franchise see ya mate

    Kelsey no probs they are morons all of em,they went for you for no reason.Read it all day today and their pathetic wont bother again.

  30. kevin

    If we play 4-5-1 i want nasri in there somewhere alongside cesc, with song behind him. Theo on the wing. And bentner up top.

  31. kevin

    agreed Jay. We all know denilson will make his way in, to dazzle us with 5 yard passes. Nasri is probably the 4th best technically gifted player at our club, when i’ve have seen him play in the middle he has looked sublime.

  32. Jay2Oh

    Nasri does get involved alot more when he is played centrally- He sometimes goes walkies, esspecially on away games. In the middle he can really influence things.

    On denilson, he does my head in with his short passes and no creativity or goal threat. Gerrard is out, hopefully cesc will shine.

  33. Stu

    Denilson is basically a nothing player. He has great stats for passing but we all know why. He has no attacking threat and can defend that well. Basically he is just a bod in midfield….and a weak one at that.

  34. Stu

    Yeah he probably will. Even tho we have an abundance and variety of talented forwards.

    Its odd that we have great strikers and shite midfielders but Wenger wants to play as little talent as possible in attack.

  35. Jay2Oh

    Denilson is a passenger in this team. He hasnt got better since joining in 2006. Although he aint only one with that tag though!

  36. Jay2Oh

    Well stu, ade and van persie are out now so its all set up for a 4-5-1 plan. I hop eduardo is fit, however i feel he will be on the bench at best. Bendy up front, with nasri tucking in behind, or arshavin.

  37. Big Raddy

    I have only this to say.

    During the pre-season Mr Wenger said that we were susceptible to the ball over the top, and that he would address the issue during the summer.

    Didn’t do too good a job did you Arsene ?

    It is same old, same old. Long ball from midfield to Malouda, EE not close enough – goal. Drogba gets on the old fella’s shoulder, long ball – goal.

    Perhaps this summer, you will buy us the DM we need.

  38. kevin

    Does anyone else think denilson can’t actually defend. i say let ramsey lose, or the ripper. If denilson is alloud to be in the Arsenal side to make 5 yard passes, then i demand Arsenal to sign me immediately.

  39. Stu

    Raddy, and the goals against Stoke, Shovel Face at the Grove and probably many many more. Plus our defenders seem either too shy or to thick to take comand of the defensive lin, push back a little and stop the threat of the ball over the top.

  40. Stu

    No Kevin, if they sign me they will get all Denilson does, height, effort and the odd tackle if they want. πŸ˜‰

  41. Jay2Oh

    Big raddy, I just hope to god there isnt another mass exodus of good players. Thats first for me – keep what we have. Sort out theo’s new deal. RvP as well.

    We need a monster centre back and a Centre midfielder still, but will we get one?!?!?

  42. Rob


    What do you see in Bendy???

    I love his work rate, but surely it doesn’t make a difference if he’s bollocks at everything a striker should be good at.

    The other thing is, a striker is measured by goals to games. He’s only 21-22 so I can understand his ratio not being amazing, but his goals aren’t quality goals.

    For me, 1 way to tell how good a striker is are the quality of his goals. How many stunners has Nik scored compared to someone like Vela???

    I’m not saying I hate him, but I don’t think he’s quite good enough to make it at arsenal.

    Do any of u agree???

  43. kevin

    Stu lol same here. If i was playing against chelsea and when drogba was through on goal i would of dragged him down for THE ARSENAL. And you never no i could of got a yellow as you could claim toure was the last man πŸ˜‰

  44. Rob

    We need a great CB

    Watching Everton yesterday made me look back to the times of Keown, Adams, Dixon, Bould….

    They have 2 great cbs in Jagielka and Lescott.

  45. Pedro

    Rob, he has vision, a team ethic, hard work and the ability to get in the right positions.

    He lacks composure in front of goal at the moment… that will come though.

  46. Stu

    lol Kevin, im the same. If Drogba was running through i wouldnt have thought twice about hacking him down.
    And if i was anywhere near Cashley or Terry they would get a kick too. Bunch of cunts!

  47. Rob

    Fair enough.I hope he surprises me

    I don’t understand the point of playing Vela in the FA and Carling Cup where he was awesome, but then not giving him a chance anywhere else.

    Where are Coquelin, Ramsey, Jack and Vela???
    Do they have any idea where the hell Rosicky is???

  48. Jay2Oh

    I dont hink rosicky will be back until next season, unless he is sold. It will take him 2 months maybe to get back to his best..He is fuckin quality though when he is on form.

    I have no idea where Vela has been. I rate him so highly. Wilshire has dissapeared as well.

  49. Stu

    Rob, off the top of my head i can think of:
    1: Header vs Everton at home last season
    2: Kiev this season
    3: Bolton home and away
    4: header against newcastle in the CC early last season.

    All difficult chances and he score them. Not to bad for such an inexperienced player imo.

  50. Pedro

    No idea Nick, he was on his way over the weekend… fuck me his mates drink quick… or maybe I just drink slowly whatever group I’m in?

    Pretty gay GM… I don’t like his haircut either!

  51. Rob


    None of them are really the sorts of goals that can compare to someone like Anelka when he was the same age.

    None of them are really that memorable.

  52. Stu

    Rosicky has a groin injury.
    Wilshere’s form has dropped so has been told to play reserves for the rest of the season. Understandable considering his age tho.
    ANd i dont knw whats up with Vela.

  53. zorr0

    Raddy, how would a DM have stopped those 2 goals????

    We needed Sagna and Gallas and it could have been 0, 1 or 2 goals, with 2 of those an improvement on the nonsense we saw! A DM would have had no effect on the shite defending. That’s without even mentioning the keeper!

  54. kevin


    Oh how i would break terry’s leg. And i loved the way walcott was hassling cashley when he had the ball.

  55. Stu

    It’s a tad unfair to compare any young player with Anelka. After Le Sulk left us he has really just floated around different clubs and won nothing. Early peak but he still has a bit of class left.

  56. nick

    pedro them broker types are just paid to be beer monsters there on it all day everyday and they drink fucking quick…….but im sure you drink really slow as well πŸ™‚

  57. Stu

    I dont think he is the best but if he fulfills his potential or becomes half as god as expected then he will be a top top player.

  58. Jay2Oh

    Bendtner will be a decent player, but nothing special. Cant see him being a 20 goals a year striker.

    Just 1 tomorrow night will be fine for now!

  59. Rob

    Yeh definitley.

    Tomorrow we are screwed.

    I’m screwed. Some scouse m8s are taking me up for the game, but I have to watch from the home standss….


  60. Rob

    He has shown glimpses of class to be fair

    I’ll reserve judgement for another year, but I don’t want him holding up better, more talented youngsters.

  61. Rob

    I will be.

    You know how them scousers are…

    But watching what they did they other day for hillsborough was fantastic

    Proper football fans.

    They let fans from any club lay scarves down as well. Know someone who put an arsenal scarf, and they were glad that he was there to pay respects and thought nothing of it

    Proper fans. Why can’t half the bloody emirates sing???

    Why would you pay as much money as we do, to spectate but not support your team

    We have too many specators, not enough supporters

  62. Rob

    Having said that, for the first time ever, we were great the other day vs Villareal

    Support plays such a big part in how the team play. We gave them the boost to score early, then after the cheering died down a bit, so did the performance (for a while)

  63. patthegooner

    Just got in from work and read the post. Great Post Geoff and it sums up my feelings.

    I still have not got to the gutted stage, I am still absolutely fuming and angry with what went on. I had to double take the team sheet when it first came up.

    To pick that starting 11 was disgraceful, to not change the formation was and would be unnaceptable even in non league football.

    Le Boss lost a lot of respect and faith that I have in him on Saturday, not that neither he or the Club care.

    I just wonder how many people would have paid out for the Wembley day out if they had known what was coming.

  64. Rob

    On a lighter note, my son let me play on his football manager game a couple of months back.

    He hasn’t played it for a couple of months


  65. Big Raddy

    NB has 12 already this season. I reckon he will finish with 14. Not bad for a developing player.

    Sure he misses a hatfull, but at least he is there to screw up!! Unlike our first choice lump.I like him

    Zorro. A top quality DM would close down the passer. Essien closed Cesc out of the game, he didn’t have the time or opportunity to be effective.

  66. Rob

    Vela will probs get 6 or 7.

    Not bad for a developing striker, in his 1st season in English football, getting a third as many chances as Nik

    I’ve never seen so much debate over an Arsenal player


    bendtner is shit as are alot of players who wear the shirt thus not winning anything in 4 years and counting.nah linga

  68. alex

    I have a question lads..
    anyone know the last time an English player assisted and Scored for Arsenal? Gibbs crossed for Walcott but before that I think you would have to go back quite a while for an all English assist and goal.

  69. alex

    BBK, as far as im concerned, it was a goal either way. Anyways Cole isnt even good enough to score an own goal hahaha.

  70. trindle

    Well, it’s the first time I’ve laughed since I saw Saturday’s team sheet (although there might have been a wry smile when the last Everton penalty went in).

  71. Richaldo from the North Bank

    Well… finally plucked up the courage to write about Saturday…..

    So gutted, really thought we were going to do the Chavs this time round… especially after our performance at the Bridge early in the season : (

    Can’t believe the list of injuries… one out of our first choice back line fit… Song apparently ‘tired’…
    But we had some good play, and before they scored I genuinely thought we were on top.

    Gutted. But know we can recover from this one! Think he will start with Eduardo at Anfield, so he’s bound to score – he always scores!

    So i’m wiping away the … tears… and dreaming we can beat the scousers and make it 20 years for them without a league title!

    Come on The Arsenal!

  72. TonyS

    Wenger’s on a loser tomorrow. Win, and people will say “Why didnt he play that team on Sat?!” Lose and they’ll say “We have lost our momentum!” draw and they’ll say “Get these bees off me!!!!!!!!”

    OK I made the bees bit up.

  73. Mayank

    i was so confident about the FA cup game i wanted us to throw the pool game to stick it to i don’t think it’s an option…btw we can still get the quadruple over united..since they like to talk in this language..