Arsenal out of the FA cup, thank god, I was right!!!

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That headline was for all the numbnut AKB’s out there that seem to think Le Grove are only happy when we lose. Here are some facts for you morons.


We are Arsenal fans first, whilst we are delighted to have Arsene Wenger as our manager we are fans of the club first and if we feel we need to disagree with the manger, then that’s our right as fans, if we didn’t question him, there would be no balance of the other point of view, we would all be agreeing with him and saying stuff like, who cares about the FA cup? We had a good run didn’t we? And 4-5-1 nearly pulled it off, we only lost 2-1. This team doesn’t get enough credit, loads of money but no credit. Yes I know the day cost me Β£250 and we lost, but I don’t care, Arsene knows.


But you know what, we’re not, I was so traumatised after my Wembley trip after my initial Saturday evening rant I haven’t read a paper, watched the sports news or entered into conversation with anyone, I didn’t even comment on my own blog yesterday, why? Because we lost? No, it was the manner in which we lost, pathetic and disrespectful to every fan that watched.

The last time we played 4-5-1 in the FA Cup we beat the Mancs, it was the last time we played an FA cup final and it was dreadful, so have we learned from that? No, not a bit.

We have been saying all season that 4-5-1 wins nothing, 4-5-1 is fine if you don’t want to lose, like an away game, but when you want to win, it’s dumb.

Wigan, Villarreal away, I could go on, everytime we play it we’re woeful, everytime we changed to 4-4-2 we are awesome, why do we always wait until the 70 something minute before we change??? Doesn’t he realise that whoever he plays against knows he’ll do that? And are ready?

When will he realise that Ade is just a lazy bastard who is only interested in moving on, running around trying to win the ball doesn’t feature with him anymore, when will he realise that Eboue is just not good enough, just as I’m beginning to see Song is adding something he takes him off, yes I know I said I rated Diaby but after the first 45 he should have seen he wasn’t cutting it and taken him off.

Why is it that our best player, the 6th best in the world, Andre Arshavin was on the bench? Did he think that the Chavs would think he had a brilliant master plan and run away, or did he think they would laugh their bollocks off.

Where is the apology for all the money us poor saps paid to see such an inept performance? Where is the ‘I got it so wrong people and I’m sorry you spent so much’. All he did was blamed the pitch, as did Ferguson, didn’t the chavs and the Toffees have to play on the same pitch? Didn’t he go and look at it beforehand, don’t England win all their games on it???

Yes we may well win the Champions league, but with a formation like that, only if they change the rules and let West Brom in the final. I was disappointed, I so looked forward to the game and he sent out a team that had little or no chance, if there are any fans out there that can defend that garbage, then you are not proper Arsenal fans, you are Arsene sheep.

Me, I know what I am, you should donate your salary to charity boss, at least let someone profit from that shocking display that aren’t Chavs.

So tomorrow we play Liverpool, I can’t get up for that just yet, but by tomorrow I’ll be there, because that’s what Arsenal fans do, they support the team, you know what Arsene, we don’t get enough credit for that, perhaps you ought to say something.

Perhaps if you’d bought Alonso and a decent centre back in the summer we would have played better, perhaps you should start listening.

As far as Fabianski is concerned he’s okay, the rest of the team should not have put him in the position where he had to come charging out, it’s the same for a lot of our young players, they are just too young, we need a few older heads, and I don’t mean as old as Silvestre, I mean a few like Arshavin and Rosicky (Yes he is still employed by Arsenal).

Have a great day Grovers, let’s just hope that we remember how to play football again before we go to Anfield, at least they aren’t as good there as they are away from home.

I wonder how many board members went home as devastated as we all did on Saturday? If any of them gave a rats arse they would have made Wenger buy some quality last summer, I have a feeling there will be some changes very soon. This can’t go on for another year surely???

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  1. Clacko the gooner

    by the way if anyone has any spare Boro tickets that they don’t want in light of recent events lol, let me know.

  2. ArsenalKenya

    Arsenal will be without leading scorer Robin van Persie (groin) and Emmanuel Adebayor (hamstring) for Tuesday’s trip to Liverpool.However, full-back Bacary Sagna has recovered from a virus and could feature at Anfield, along with fit-again Croatia forward Eduardo.

    Despite his Wembley nightmare in Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final, Lukasz Fabianski will again deputise in goal for Manuel Almunia (ankle), while defenders Gael Clichy (back), William Gallas (knee) and Johan Djourou (knee) are all sidelined.

    Arsenal (from): Fabianski, Sagna, Toure, Silvestre, Gibbs, Arshavin, Song, Fabregas, Walcott, Bendtner, Eduardo, Mannone, Eboue, Nasri, Diaby, Vela, Denilson, Ramsey.

  3. Clacko the gooner

    Gbenga. We say we won’t win but as a football fans and moreover a fan of Arsenal we can’t help but get excited when we get to semi’s only to be let down by poor selection and no-one seeming to give a shit on the pitch. i don’t think we will win anything that doesn’t mean to say i don’t want us to, those are two completely different things!!

  4. irishgunner

    Gbenga is right guys. The team showed great spirit and mental strength and that’s what matters. If we do that for the next five years then I’ll be happy.

  5. Pedro

    Gbenga… what a pointless comment.

    Fair weather fans? Most of us are here all year round discussing everything to do with Arsenal.

    What is fair weather about that?

    Did you sit on the train with 100 Chav fans on the way back from the match getting sprayed with celebratory chav beer?

    I highly doubt it.

    We’re all extremely disappointed about the result… what part of the post indicated otherwise? Whose comments indicated they were pleased with the weekend?

  6. Gunnersmith

    Arsene pulled an unbelievable joke on saturday threw them the game and our two strikers what a joke that was

  7. zorr0

    Good post Geoff. I felt cheated on Saturday night sitting outside the Preston having a few beers. Mind you, the 5 vans of coppers parked around the pub did not help much!

    He made a major error in leaving out Arshavin and Song, perhaps one day, probably next year, in l’equipe we may get a half arsed apology or admittance in taking a gamble that blew up in our faces! Total Bollocks!

  8. Pedro

    Nick, that is a demonstration of why we moderate.

    He’ll go over to another blog and tell everyone he was barred for making reasonable comments just like the rest of them do…

    ‘I was barred for making a positive comment can you believe it guys?’

    … of course you were.

  9. irishgunner

    You’re so negative Pedro – Saturday was a great loss for the team. Its not the winning its the taking part.

  10. southcoastGooner

    I havnt got my head up wengers arse… if we finish 4th next season with the same team i will be joining some of you on the wengerbashingbandwagon..but i dont think it will appen.

  11. Pedro

    Nick, he’s just come back on moaning that I am being bias to you.

    Gbenga, you’re damn straight I’ve been bias. You’ve come on, made three rude comments. One to Geoff, one to the grovers and one to Nick.

    I’ve got no interest in what you have to say. Take your childish comments to another blog.

  12. David

    Arsene is trying to teach the Arsenal Fans Mental Strength as well…problem is We dont work for him. He WoRKS FOR US!

  13. Pedro

    Irish, I’ve told you before… you’re only and Arsenal supporter if vehemently defend everything Arsenal, even if it doesn’t make sense.

    I love it how people are saying we would have lost regardless of the personnel… like Chavski were unplayable. What a load of crap… and what an insult to the team as a whole.

    We could have turned them over on Saturday… and even if we didn’t, I would have been a lot less annoyed had it been our best team out.

  14. irishgunner

    Pedro – Wenger was totally right I mean Essien is a big small bully and and and the bully on the pitches would have been at him, big meanies are Chelsea.

  15. ArsenalKenya

    Gbenga – I agree and disagree with you.

    I believe as loyal fans we should tell the manager his pros and cons. What if he is using another gimmick with injuries to RVP & Ade just to rest them for the Man U game. he should be told straight forward when he plays shit/off form players and when he does good…


  16. Pedro

    Irish, I reckon Song not only offers us a lot defensively at the moment, but he’s been more effective than Denilson at distributing the ball going forwards.

    Not my favourite player… but he is undoubtedly on form and he would have been the correct choice, especially against the strength of Chavski.

  17. nick

    yes pedro you are right i dont overly like him but form is form and if his he best of a bad bunch he should be played….these tablets taste great to πŸ™‚

  18. irishgunner

    Pedro – yep he is on form. That was Denilson earlier in the season but Song has looked better. Not only that Song and Cesc had formed a good partnership.

    People are yapping that Cesc hadn’t a good game and while that is fair enough comment, 1) he was crowded out in a packed midfield 2)Without Arshavin, Chelsea knew all they really had to watch was Cesc and Theo, Diaby and Denilson were never going to offer much going forward. If Arshavin was on the pitch they’d have to close down Cesc and protect both wings.

  19. A

    so with ade and vp out tomorrow im guessing bendtner and arshavin up top tomorrow? or maybe a shock start for eduardo?!

  20. Franchise

    how about we play 4-6 against liverpool no strikers???? we need to keep alonso, mascherano and lucas quiet and they beat chelsea twice in the league already????

  21. irishgunner

    oooh that Lucas is a world beater have to set out an 8 man midfield to combat him – he’s brazilian you know

  22. Franchise

    just wanted to point out that i have been criticizing wenger for eons the only difference then was when i got very angry i just reflected and said ‘At least we have Thierry Henry’

  23. A

    i was thinking that actually pedro, but can’t see it happening

    i expect if not arshavin up front then something like




  24. Jay

    Hi all – good post mate..
    Irish good article also!
    im kinda sad this happened..just when we looked to have turned a corner (again, the perverbial corner will never come..)
    the loss by manu makes it bearable..
    at laest i can barrack for timmy cahill πŸ˜‰ to beat chelsea…haha

    i just wish le boss wuold come out and explain, u cant blame him when he does that, and explains it. excuses and explainations are two different things..were asking for the latter!

  25. irishgunner

    Arshavin will not be able to deal with the physicality of the Liverpool midfield, have to put Denilson and Diaby in there.

  26. Keyser

    What is Geoff saying he’s right about, I was going to read the most but I know it’s just going to make it worse.

  27. nick

    franchise but we can still “pip” chealsea to third that would be sweet revenge πŸ™‚ …..and your so judgemental πŸ˜‰

  28. Keyser

    Heh, nah this is about 3rd gear.. Just building up momentum, It gets worse when we win.. Phew lucky that didn’t happen.

  29. kelsey

    I thought I would remain positive for tomorrow.We will play 4-5-1 Bedntner up front plus anyone else who isn’t injured or can play on a bumpy pitch and then there is the little problem of Fabianski in goal with the empty Kop behind him..HELP

  30. dennisdamenace

    Do you know what, Arsenal should now take the FA Cup games off of the season ticket price, like they do for CC games, if AW doesn’t want to to take this competition seriously, then why should we pay for his experiments……

  31. irishgunner

    I’m not be sarcastic:

    First the worst, second the best, third the one with the golden vest πŸ˜€

  32. gazzap

    Wenger: “I know, I will play Ade and Cesc every 3 days even though they have just returned from long lay-offs, and drop our 2 most on form players, who are fresh and fit, and only played about 20 games between them all season. I will also play our most deadly striker on the left wing”.

    we should be thankful that cesc is still fit – more by luck than judgement I would say.

  33. charybdis1966

    What we are saying, Gbenga, is that if we had lost with our best starting 11 AND everyone(including especially Diaby and Adebayor) had tried their hardest then we would have accepted it as we all know no one has a divine right to win every game.
    The fact we shot ourselves in the foot with a diabolical team selection and a lackadaisical attitude from some is what really grates with us.

  34. Pedro

    Keyser, you know that’s not what people are saying.

    No one is ever happy to lose… but if you lose and you know the team put out was the best on offer… there would have been little complaint from me.

  35. Keyser

    Pedro – We’ve not played the same team in two consecutive games all year, at least up until recently we had the same defence, Gallas is massive for us, even Djourou would have handled Drogba a bit better, I worried about this game because of the defence, I worry about tmorrow night because we’ll have Torres facing them next and the United games aswell because of who they’ve got up front.

    Heh, even Middlesborough are fighting for their premiership lives and they’ve caught us out before.

  36. walnutoftheday

    Pedro, yeah i see waht your saying but there will always be some doughnut saying he should of protected gibbs with diaby if we still lost with arsh on the left

    he is in a no win situation, i think he lost the game not only by choosing denilson over song. Song was man of the match against Villareal.

    but the pitch was terrible which suited chelsea’s long ball game and we have no long ball game and the goalie made dreadful mistakes.

    you can’t account for that…

  37. A

    you’d have alot of complaints from me though pedro if we’d lost with wenger putting out the side most on here have said!

    i’d have been furious if wenger had gone and played 4-4-2 with small weak players, and a shocking defence,and chelsea had completely overpowered and overran the midfield, and absolutely thrashed us.

  38. dennisdamenace

    If Arsene were a beer, he’d be a Stella, at the beginning of the night they just slip down efortlessly, but the following morning you end up feeling like dog shit!

  39. A

    walnut i disagree – “he” didn’t lose the game

    we lost the game purely because silvestre and fabianski fucked up, which had nothing to do with tactics, and both were enforced selections.

    had they not fucked up we would have been level, with arshavin, bendtner, and nasri coming on against an exhausted chelsea, and they would have torn them to shreds in the last ten minutes/extra time

  40. walnutoftheday

    not to mention injuries to 4 out of 5 first choice defenders/golies

    I was well pissed off after the game, i read threw every comment on hear last night to your previous thread. Wenger made mistakes, every manager does. but we were dreadfully unlucky with many factors

    but i completely agree with the stick he has got about his sybstitues, he can be very weak tactically, especially his subs decisions and the timing of them…

  41. nick

    A thats your opinion and the defence you keep banging on about are as good as most 1st choice teams so that’s crap, your not testing chealseas weaknesses with that formation but playing to there strengths if its a dodgy defence then o.k id still except the defeat better but it was an entire dodge team imo

  42. Clacko the gooner

    Can anyone hand on heart say that before the team was announced they would not have picked AA in the first 11??!!

    If you say yes i can guarantee you are only saying it in hindsight! I am sorry but the excuse of having diaby to cover Gibbs is a piss poor one in my opinion and i have one reason why… I never saw Diaby on the left once, he was always in the middle and RVP even pushed up leaving Gibss exposed yet he dealt with everything (including Aneelka in the first half) very well.

  43. walnutoftheday


    sorry i meant to put the game was lost on a few factors including some of wengers decisons. it wasn’t enitrley wengers fault. defiantely agree with you.

  44. dennisdamenace

    However, if we had won the game “he” would’ve accepted all the acclaim from the ‘you-know-whos’ that Arsene fucking knows, so by the same token “he” should take the blame for the loss, and more pertinantly for the manner in which we lost….

  45. A

    nick – a defence works as a unit, whenever a set unit is broken up it’s much weaker, even if the individual players aren’t much worse.

    look at utd when they just had one or two defenders out, and chelsea.

    we had 4 of our back 5 out, a defence who didn’t know each other, didn’t have a good understanding, and is basically a complete shambles currently!

    imo with the defence we had to play, we played a system which was the only way we could have won, and if it wasn’t for fabianski/silvestre the match would have gone absolutely as planned, and we would have won. in my eyes any other system and we would have been overrun and beaten.

  46. Keyser

    Clacko the gooner – Whats the point in asking the question ?!

    Can anyone hand on heart say if going into a game against Chelsea we had Almunia, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy and Sagna out they would’ve been confident we would have won ?!

  47. walnutoftheday


    i was gob smaked there was not at least one of nasri/arshavin on the team sheet

    but i could understand why he thought that could be the way to play. he probably thought gibbs may choke without proper protection. but diaby didn’t forfill his role and should have been taken off. wneger never makes a sub before the 70 minute give or take a few mins.

    has anyone got an example? obviosly injuries don’t count

  48. nick

    WENGERS selection was risky,but the team never put a shift in which heightened it for me.
    These idiots that think they are the real fans coz they just support aresnal through thick and thin,I still feel sick after the lose and am absolutely gutted still, i expected us to win or even just try to win. so does that mean im a shit fan???

  49. Pedro

    A, I didn’t want a 4-4-2… I wanted a 4-5-1 with the correct personnel. If Wenger was worried about being over powered, he’d have played Song… so that wasn’t the issue.

    I would have played the same back 4, and with played Song + Denilson Cesc, Theo and Arsh… or more than likely I would have played with Nasri sitting in the hole and Arsh out wide.

    For me, Diaby isn’t good enough defensively to be considered as better cover for Gibbs. We should have played to our strengths, not the Chav’s.

  50. A

    yeah i agree keyser, our defensive injuries forced us to play the only system with which we had a chance.

    wenger won’t let this happen again either, he’s as much a football purist as you’ll find, obsessed with playing attractive attacking football, and it will have hurt him being forced to play a system like that to give us a chance of winning

  51. Clacko the gooner

    What i am saying Keyser is that AA is one of our most influential players and yet he was left on the bench! Everyone that is defending the decision keeps saying about Diaby covering Gibbs or AA would get battered by Essien and co. When Barca play the Chavs do you think they will leave Messi out?? He is the exact same mould of player as AA, small, quick and good with the ball at his feet, will they let him sit on the bench for 75 minutes because Essien is a big guy, i doubt that a lot!

  52. walnutoftheday

    completly disagree with DDM about him taking the accolades.


    he also says this way to much in my opinon!! change the record mate!!

    im not a wenger basher though, it definately wasn’t soley his fault we lost. i think things will come together next season IF we keep our players and add 2

  53. Pedro

    Clacko, very true. My brother phoned me to say Diaby was on the left… but it looked more like robin out there during the game.

  54. Keyser

    Clacko the gunner / A – I don’t think it’s the only formation we could have played, but fuck me, a completely new back 5 with Silvestre, two kids who’ve I think never played Chelsea before and Eboue who’s barely played right back for two years, I’m not going to be confident that we can hold them out.

  55. walnutoftheday

    yeah clack

    but arsenal have not got iniesta, xavi and YAYA TOURE THE MAN MONUTAIN.

    we have fabregas, denilson, walcott. all pretty small players.

  56. A

    i could have seen song in rather than diaby pedro, but i can just understand why wenger chose diaby – because with chelsea focussing on cesc he could have found the space to come up with a midfield drive like he did against villa or newcastle.

    wenger wasn’t so worried about being overpowered that he felt the need to play just big players, but he would never have played 3 central midfielders who are all small and weak, we needed some strength and size in there, which meant at least one of diaby and song had to play, and i understand why diaby was chosen.

  57. Pedro

    I don’t know why everyone keeps pointing to the defence on show?

    Silvestre and Toure should have worked ok, Gibbs is a more than able deputy and plenty of people on here have been raving to me all year about what an amazing right back Eboue is.

    Let’s not rip into the defence to badly… it wasn’t anywhere near as make shift as the one from the 2006 cup run. Well, in my opinion anyway.

  58. dennisdamenace

    Does anyone think that if our glorious leader were to chod off to say Real Madrid in the summer, that all those fucking AKB retards will go with him??

    It’s a nice thought, the thought of a simpleton maybe, but a nice thought anyway, ohh well back to me knitting…….

  59. Geoff

    Everytime we’ve played 4-5-1 we’ve played shit, including the first half in the Madregal and 61 minutes at the JJB, everytime we go 4-4-2 we are a different side.

    Getting injuries every fucking year can longer be put down to bad luck, it has to be training methods, if it’s not then, we have to buy better quality back up players and not rely on old boys and young kids to step in.

    Leaving out Arshavin, Nasri and Song was not acceptable to me, he is taking our money and not delivering. He thinks he’s Arsenal and he’s not, he is the manager, there were plenty before him and they’ll be plenty after.

  60. Clacko the gooner

    We don’t Walnut and you have to play with what you have which is my point, why leave one of the best out!

    We don’t have Xavi but we have Cesc (who are almost identical that’s why only one play for Spain at a time), we don’t have Yaya but we have Song (who is on form) and we don’t have Iniest but we have Walcott which imo is more of an attcking threat anyway.

    That is my match up of the players you mentioned, the only one i would differ from is the man mountain Yaya but as i said song has looked very comfortable in previous matches.

  61. Pedro

    Walnut, Song isn’t far off being a man mountain. He might not be as good as Yaya, but he’d has a lot of power.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Barca line up against the Chav’s, I bet they don’t show the same respect with their line up.

  62. gazzap

    he had to play both den and diaby to cover for song. so why not just play Song? yes because he wants him ready for Liverpool. wenger rated the chase for 3rd as being more important than the FA cup. how likely are we to make up 7 points in 6 games on chelsea?

    If we had lost just because we didn’t play well enough, at least we could sit here discussing the details of the goal we conceded like why did Fabi race out of his area. but when the fundamentals are so badly wrong, there’s no point discussing the nitty gritty of the individual mistakes.

  63. Keyser

    Pedro – Come on, I’m not ripping it, but they’ve barely played together, there should be some sort of response tomorrow, as they’ve had time to work on some of the weknesses, and we still went 4-5-1 in that Champions League run and we never faced Chelsea or Drogba.

  64. Clacko the gooner

    Also Barca have injuries to defenders also, i believe Marquez is out as is Abidal and Silvinho has looked dodgy at the back but that won’t stop them, yet we let it hinder us. That is my major gripe with the selection. We are a big club yet when we come against other big clubs in competitions other thean the league we afford them too much respect. Make them play our game, not the other way round!!

  65. walnutoftheday

    yeah i agree song should have played. this was my point earlier about the main mistake wenger made.

    This was a big mistake!!

  66. Pedro

    Keyser, we still faced world class strikers on the way… and fact of the matter is they were weak goals from a keeping perspective.

    Bar that, we weren’t really troubled.

  67. dennisdamenace

    That’s your call walnut, but you play players outta position, bench your inform players etc etc etc then you should reap what you sow matey, Wenger’s efforts on Saturday made Ranieri look like he knows what he’s doing!!!!

    I’m being quite flippant about all of these because deep down there’s my dark side waiting to fucking explode at how this clown treats the fans, and by fans i mean fans of Arsenal Football Club, NOT fans of Arsene Wenger……….Chaaaaaaaaafuckingmon!

  68. gazzap

    he dropped nasri, arsh and song. but can he play all 3 of them at liverpool anyway? surely if he did he’d have to drop Theo. either that or go 4-5-1. I can see one of our big players not making the starting line up at Anfield.

  69. A

    i agree completely walnut

    when it comes down to it wenger’s thinking is easy to understand, even if you don’t agree with it –

    the defence was new/young/disjointed, and just generally very weak, so needed protection from the midfield, so 3 centre mids were necessary.

    cesc, diaby, and denilson all played because of their various attributes.

    there could be an argument to stick song in rather than diaby or denilson, but diaby was in because he’s got the potential to be better going forward, and denilson because he’s our most intelligent defensive reader of the game, and best interceptor.

    there could also have been an argument to stick song next to cesc, and nasri in the hole, but again you’d lose denilson’s intercepting and defensive intelligence, and diaby’s drive and athleticism

    after that it’s just the front three –

    theo played because his pace could scare the life out of anyone and he’s really on form

    vp played because he’s been fantastic in the big games for us this season, and with the game expected to be very tight, his delivery from set pieces could have been invaluable.

    ade played because he’s scored goals whenever he’s played recently

    there could be an argument for arshavin to start over any of those three, but you’d lose something by taking out any of vp, ade, theo, and arshavin coming on fresh at the end of the match with it being very tight, and chelsea being very tired could have ended up being the decisive matchwinner for us

  70. Pedro

    A… the defence had an average age of about 25… hardly young and inexperienced. In fact, the youngest was probably the best on the day.

  71. Maverick

    Wenger’s selection suggests to me that he believes we still have a chance at the Premiership.

    He is putting more emphasis on the Liverpool game than the FA Cup semi-final.

    We will have our best team out at Anfield bar those injured.

  72. Franchise

    Pedro how does Wenger calculate his averages? And did he really make a comment about being in a hurry to win trophies?

  73. walnutoftheday

    all i’m saying wenhger is not toally to blame.

    1.He mad bad decisions

    2.Injuries fucked us

    3.The pitch was dreadful

    4.Fabianski was dreadfiul

    Irish, yeah he did buy them, i suppose he never thought he would have an injury crisis this big at the back. But yes he is partly to blame. it was 2.1 not 5 nil. they scored with 6 minutes to go, it could of happend the other way and it has for us on some occasions.

  74. leon


    non of central midfielders that day had very good game,the fact is delinson has played alot better than that and diaby i feel betterjust behind the striker.i think he should have played vela who could have done with a game, but i still think the players had played the best we should have won without aa but they just did not play well enough

  75. Clacko the gooner

    Irish i agree, Puyol is way overrated for me but that again is my opinion, doubt many will agree but there ya go.

    A, you use that AA could have been the match winner for us, why couldn’t he do that from the start?? We are forgetting that they didn’t have their first or even second choice right back but did we play to use that to our advantage, nope!! If AA had been up against Ivanobitch he would have ruined him. As the game went on he would have got so tired of chasing him he wouldn’t be able to cope as it was, we did fuk all to test him and then when Arsh was introduced Ivanobitch was as fresh as a daisy and stopped AA doing anything.

  76. kenny smith

    afternoon all. Right is reporting ade and van persie to miss the liverpool game… So can someone please inform me if eduardo is fit? he wasnt in the squad for chelsea and he hasnt been mentioned on so where the fuck is he?

  77. Keyser

    Pedro – The Champions League is different though, Senderos coped well throughout that year, he slipped up big time against an English team last year.

    They sat back, congested the midfield, got the niggly tackles in to breka up the play and then hoofed it up field and to their credit it worked.

    We could have played a more attacking team and we could’ve got a scoreline like the Liverpool one, or all the goals could have been just down our end, it’s a toss up.

    Wenger got it wrong because we lost, I don’t see how he got it massively wrong because Chelsea at their best are a very very good team.

  78. nick

    DDM it’s true there are far to many fans from the last few years who are used to winning come on here and have a pop at the real fans that remember its arsenal not arsens-all….bring out the dark side ddm πŸ™‚

  79. kenny smith

    oh and geoff i made that exact same point about the 4-5-1 on here yesterday. im glad someone sees things like i do. and i agree 100% with everything in todays post!

  80. Mark C

    RVP and Ade are out of the Liverpool game.

    So we could have a front 3 of Walcott, Eduardo and Arshavin.

    If we play with those 3 up front and Denilson, Song and Fabregas in the middle we should cause Liverpool plenty of problems on the break.