Arsenal out of the FA cup, thank god, I was right!!!

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That headline was for all the numbnut AKB’s out there that seem to think Le Grove are only happy when we lose. Here are some facts for you morons.


We are Arsenal fans first, whilst we are delighted to have Arsene Wenger as our manager we are fans of the club first and if we feel we need to disagree with the manger, then that’s our right as fans, if we didn’t question him, there would be no balance of the other point of view, we would all be agreeing with him and saying stuff like, who cares about the FA cup? We had a good run didn’t we? And 4-5-1 nearly pulled it off, we only lost 2-1. This team doesn’t get enough credit, loads of money but no credit. Yes I know the day cost me £250 and we lost, but I don’t care, Arsene knows.


But you know what, we’re not, I was so traumatised after my Wembley trip after my initial Saturday evening rant I haven’t read a paper, watched the sports news or entered into conversation with anyone, I didn’t even comment on my own blog yesterday, why? Because we lost? No, it was the manner in which we lost, pathetic and disrespectful to every fan that watched.

The last time we played 4-5-1 in the FA Cup we beat the Mancs, it was the last time we played an FA cup final and it was dreadful, so have we learned from that? No, not a bit.

We have been saying all season that 4-5-1 wins nothing, 4-5-1 is fine if you don’t want to lose, like an away game, but when you want to win, it’s dumb.

Wigan, Villarreal away, I could go on, everytime we play it we’re woeful, everytime we changed to 4-4-2 we are awesome, why do we always wait until the 70 something minute before we change??? Doesn’t he realise that whoever he plays against knows he’ll do that? And are ready?

When will he realise that Ade is just a lazy bastard who is only interested in moving on, running around trying to win the ball doesn’t feature with him anymore, when will he realise that Eboue is just not good enough, just as I’m beginning to see Song is adding something he takes him off, yes I know I said I rated Diaby but after the first 45 he should have seen he wasn’t cutting it and taken him off.

Why is it that our best player, the 6th best in the world, Andre Arshavin was on the bench? Did he think that the Chavs would think he had a brilliant master plan and run away, or did he think they would laugh their bollocks off.

Where is the apology for all the money us poor saps paid to see such an inept performance? Where is the ‘I got it so wrong people and I’m sorry you spent so much’. All he did was blamed the pitch, as did Ferguson, didn’t the chavs and the Toffees have to play on the same pitch? Didn’t he go and look at it beforehand, don’t England win all their games on it???

Yes we may well win the Champions league, but with a formation like that, only if they change the rules and let West Brom in the final. I was disappointed, I so looked forward to the game and he sent out a team that had little or no chance, if there are any fans out there that can defend that garbage, then you are not proper Arsenal fans, you are Arsene sheep.

Me, I know what I am, you should donate your salary to charity boss, at least let someone profit from that shocking display that aren’t Chavs.

So tomorrow we play Liverpool, I can’t get up for that just yet, but by tomorrow I’ll be there, because that’s what Arsenal fans do, they support the team, you know what Arsene, we don’t get enough credit for that, perhaps you ought to say something.

Perhaps if you’d bought Alonso and a decent centre back in the summer we would have played better, perhaps you should start listening.

As far as Fabianski is concerned he’s okay, the rest of the team should not have put him in the position where he had to come charging out, it’s the same for a lot of our young players, they are just too young, we need a few older heads, and I don’t mean as old as Silvestre, I mean a few like Arshavin and Rosicky (Yes he is still employed by Arsenal).

Have a great day Grovers, let’s just hope that we remember how to play football again before we go to Anfield, at least they aren’t as good there as they are away from home.

I wonder how many board members went home as devastated as we all did on Saturday? If any of them gave a rats arse they would have made Wenger buy some quality last summer, I have a feeling there will be some changes very soon. This can’t go on for another year surely???

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  1. kelsey

    I would love to know a logical explanation as to wht AA didn’t startSome say Hiddink knew all about him,I say bollocks.We knew all about Drogba,3 times he has stuffed us,and the fact is we beat ourselves,chelsea didn’t beat us.

  2. Robert Green

    wenger got it very wrong on saturday and he should hold is hands up instead of blaming the pitch etc. Where was nasri and arshavin. I am not a lover of song but on form he should have played in the middle and we should have played 4 4 2. This was our best chance of winning a trophy and we blew it!!

  3. gnarleygeorge9


    I looked @ the clock when it said 80 minutes, @ said to my bro (QPR fan) they have to hold now & take it to extra time. But what happens, the full backs are parked up near the centre of the pitch, then Chelski counter 😉 & the rest is history.

  4. Clacko the gooner

    For the first 20 mins of that game we wee in control without really doing anything and after we scored was it just me or did we not look like we were just trying to hold out for the 1-0!! That stats at the end were shocking, they had more shots on target than we had shots the entire game, in a cup final that is awful!!

  5. Geoff

    We should have started with our best 11, and when we didn’t and saw how shit we were then we should have changed it at half time.

    No excuses.

  6. Faceman

    i just cannot believe drogba done it to us again, scoring the winner for 2-1 again, after going 1-0 up, in the 80 something minute again.

    its fucking groundhog day when we play em in a big game.

    can’t even blame sendross this time.

  7. Helsinki Gooner

    can’t agree more Geoff. Shit selection – what sort of cruel joke was leaving Arshavin on the bench? how many times did Diaby fuck up, including in our own pk area…

    AND, if fish-heads’ display is what experience brings you, i’d rather not have it…i mean, even young CB’s know that if you’re not as fast as the CF ur marking, you should take a couple of steps off him, so when the long ball comes ur in a better position…that was a ROOKIE mistake!!!

  8. John A

    That was such an inept performance, it’s untrue. I agree with you Geoff, I don’t blame Fabianski as much as our centre backs, as if they had been doing their job correctly, he wouldn’t have had to come out at all. I still can’t get over Arsene dropping Song, who has been awesome recently and re-instating Denilson. I’ve never rated Denilson & never will. He is just so average. And as for leaving Arshavin on the bench, words fail me !!!!!

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    @ 32 minutes I looked @ the clock & thought to myself we don’t look to be in too much trouble, seeing this 1-0 to half time, then comeout fresh after, we are a show to go on, then BANG!!! how deflating 🙁

  10. NigerianGunner

    Geoff, there’s a level of pain I have become accustomed to as an avid Arsenal fan but just when i was beginning to believe…. Arsene goes and does this. We didn’t even lose well if there’s such a thing

  11. Faceman

    geoff, its not about personal vendettas or agendas.

    its simply praising when the time is right and criticising when the time is right.

    this is most definitely a time to go over board on the critique.

  12. Pedro

    Morning all… like I said yeseterday, I was amazed that Arshavin was left on the bench… and even more amazed that Song wasn’t given the nod ahead of Denilson.

    I would have thought he’d have gone for Nasri in the middle instead of Diaby as well… the whole selection was a bit baffling.

    Geoff, well played for defending the keeper… he was at fault, but certainly not helped by Silvestre and Eboue (<- Who proved to everyone that he is a shite right back when it boils down to it).

    Great post.

  13. Clacko the gooner

    How diaby finished the game is beyond me. if anyone deserved to be subbed it was him, he just wasn’t there all game!!

  14. Clacko the gooner

    I looked to my mate when Drogba got the other sie of Silvestre and said if i was him i would have ‘tripped’ and pulled Drogba down with me. I know it would probably have been a red but hey at least it would still be 1-1 and teams usually play better when down to 10.

  15. Faceman

    i was thinking he was going to keep it tight and unleash hell in the form of arshavin with 30 mins left and tiring chelski legs.

    i was wrong.

  16. lesterthemolester

    now u see y mr song is really the MAN for the dm job at arsenal..not that fucker denilson nor his cunt friend diaby. song can defend better, pass better, is stronger, has better positioning, better at blocking, better at tackling than both those cunts combined and wengers inability to see that or his desire to ‘give them a chance to develop’ totally and outrightly fucked us yesterday..that and ofcourse leaving our best player on the bence till the last 15 minutes

  17. Clacko the gooner

    Why do you think it was that no interviewer asked him about selection. That would have been the first question i would have asked and when he starts going on about the pitch i would have said that doesn’t really explain leaving one of your best players on the bench though does it!!

  18. Geoff

    By the time he brings the subs on it’s always too late, he doesn’t do it when we need it, if he did how comes it’s always amount 74 minutes, he ridiculously stubborn.

    Like a stubborn girl , not a churchillian type. No offence girls, but you know what I mean.

  19. Pedro

    Faceman, everyone in the stadium was calling for changes at half time… we were hoping that was the game plan.

    It’s not like Arshavin needs a rest… he’s only played half a season… and he is cup tied for the champions league.

    A truly woeful decision.

    Lester, Denilson is just as capable as Song… but he isn’t in the same form… and he’d just been exposed against Wigan. It was a very odd decision. The same with Diaby… he’s been below average most of the year, and he decides to start him in the most important game of the year?


  20. AusGunner

    He didn’t actually blame the pitch, he merely pointed out that the state of the pitch was inadequate, for both Arsenal and Chelsea. Nothing wrong with that.

  21. Geoff

    What will happen though is he will persevere with Denilson and Diaby and one day they will click, like Song did, but waiting 3 years everytime if fucking boring, he should go out and buy a couple that are ready now.

    Fish head has had it, that was a stupid buy.

  22. Pedro

    AusGunner… I was at pitch level, and although people were moaning about it… the pitch was covered in grass… and green.

    Surely when you are a professional, you just adapt?

    The pitch was twice what the rest of us have to play on week in week out… I don’t see it as a valid excuse.

  23. Faceman

    pedro, same, watched it with my uncles and cousins, all mad gooners, and every fucker thought the same at HT

    there was a unilateral, global view on the team selection and what needed to be done, as geoff puts… wenger has always been shit with subs, he has always left em too late and made the wrong ones.

    i can eveb remember him fucking it up with subs in our heydays in the late 90’s early noughties.

    tactically he is not even top 10.

  24. BB

    when did Cesc and Denilson win a game together??
    Weren’t they the main reason for the poor start to our season?
    So if you want to play Cesc, dont play the Brazilian .. simple as that

  25. Faceman

    but i like it that we are now being totally written off against manure in the champs league, that is to our advantage.

  26. JackBauer

    We Lost the game for 3 reasons –

    1) Wenger played it way to cautious with 4-5-1
    2) We never really did anything with the ball, I mean I was more stressed when we scored, because we didn’t really build on it like good teams should!
    3) If you don’t shoot you dont score – how many shots do you remember Ade and RVP having on target?

    All in all it was just a typical arsenal day! Lets hope its a lesson well learnt by Wenger and that we go to manchester to knock out that scum in 2 weeks time!

  27. PDT

    Excellent post, Geoff! You have done a great job of putting into words the grief that we feel.

    The display was, indeed, an insult to all fans, especially the ones who made the trek to Wembley.

  28. Bob N7

    Unbelievable to play VP out of position when there were two players on the bench who are more than comfortable in that position.

    Walcott looked threatening down one side but VP, although he did do some things right, did not possess the threat that Arshavin, in particular, would have offered.

    Wenger obviously had his reasons for this bizarre selection but will we ever find out what they were?

    No doubt he’ll play Nasri and Arshavin tomorrow and we’ll kick the Scousers’ arses.

    Come on you Reds!

    p.s. Glad Song is not getting unreasonably slaughtered any more.

  29. Faceman

    the villareal 2nd leg flattered us, they were a fucking awful team, this was the reality check we needed ahead of the big champs league semi.

    we can win that.

  30. lesterthemolester

    i dnt mean to diss denilson but fuck those guys beat us up all over the pitch and i would have expected wenger to play a STRONG ON-FORM AFRICAN rather than a LIGHTWEIGHT OFF-FORM BRAZILIAN if he was going for the sort of side that was to match chelsea’s physicality. he fucked up big time!!!

  31. Bergy

    1st time on a blog since saterday.i was so mad put my hand right through a our best players on the bench and eduaordo not even in the squad.Chelsea could have been beaten,with the right players. Did anyone catch sylvester handbal in the 2nd half? Can believe crap like him,eboue diaby denilson and even ade can start such an important match.realy shocking. And arsene chelshi,everton and manu played on the pitch.just like alex u got the selection totaly wrong

  32. PDT

    As Beckenbauer said of thee German team at the WC, put them all into a sack and beat them with a stick. It doesn’t matter who you hit, thay all deserve it.

  33. Geoff

    Thanks PDT I ran straight out but the funny thing was, there were more chavs on the train than Arsenal fans, that shows how much they understand football.

  34. Faceman

    eduardo needs a run now, alongside ade or bendy… lets go back to 4-4-2 and some form of fucking goal threat.

    we were toothless on saturday, how embarrassing that we are a goal down in the semi final of the cup with only minutes left, and we could not get one strike at target

    fucking woeful.

  35. khoune

    it was not easy for wenger to put players in the game with chelse,with the substitud such as fabiansky, gibs,eboue and silvestr in defending responsibility.ok! why wenger had a late change the substituds was the first mistake and second is that as the defensive players were not the first choice but the defending was still careless.
    hope the rest games will be better

  36. reggie57

    Its funny how the 2 losing semi finalists are moaning
    about the pitch,no moans from everton/chavs wonder
    why? and as for AW team he might as well have put the
    chavs ribbons on the cup for them.
    ps. good post Geoff

  37. Potter

    I’ts a strange place to be discussing but as we queued for the toilet before the game,( incidentally I thought the lower tier ones at the Emirates were bad until ) the argument going round was about Diaby , Denilson and Song. Don’t let anyone fool you the paying customers knew we were short in an area where Chelsea play strong and narrow. For 20 minutes we used width bringing Theo into the game and then Lampard et al worked us out and we were played out of it from then. At this point we needed to change , we did’nt and went on to lose.

  38. PDT

    Anyway, the good news is we won’t have to hear 65% proof (in Chary’s words) talking about the quituple any more.

    ANd we’ll take care of them in the semis.

  39. PDT

    Arsene does not do any contingency planning. Even assuming there was some logic leaving Arshavin on the bench and even assuming that he thought we would go to extra time (120 minutes), he should have brought Arshavin on after 60 minutes. Surely, Arshavin can last 60 minutes.

  40. Big Dave

    Pissed off that that Everton are in the final as fergie put a crap side, we should had been in that final our best chance ever and we blew it, y o y wenger ?

    Nearly all went off by the tube on way home, looked like the coppers put a weakend force out to

  41. PDT

    Well, I learnt my lesson. The ‘pool game is on at 3 in the morning. I won’t wake up for it, I will record it.

    I will wake up for the Mancs games, though.

  42. N7 Gooner

    I totally agree that AW should have played Arshavin and Song – really not sure of the logic behind that decision.

    That said, he didn’t blame the pitch – if you watch the interview he said that Chelsea had to play on the same pitch so that couldn’t be used as an excuse.

    Let’s just hope that Man U have a slump now after their disappointment and that we can nick a few points at OT before smashing through to the final 442 style.

    Most important thing is to keep our support up for the team – if we want the players to keep their heads up then we should do the same!

  43. PDT

    Geoff, I think Cesc etc. have too much pride to put in another display like the one at Wembley.

    Of course, he might decide that he should not risk Cesc against the Mancs…someone said yesterday that he is saving the team for the game against Stoke 🙂

  44. kelsey

    Anyone else think RVP was carrying the injury before the kick off.I suppose we will double his money and let him turn into another Rosiicky.

    Eduardo,another mystery,not even on the bench.

    Two words and two words only Arsene BE RUTHLESS, but alas it will fall on deaf hears.

  45. kelsey

    He has ruined our season,mark my words,we will get thrashed tomorrow.I am not willing it on,it’s just the same old pattern by wenger.

  46. PDT

    Kelsey, you could be right about tomorrow’s game. This man is now focused on the CL, and he just might send out a weakened team.

  47. Geoff

    I can’t understand how Cesc or anyone else for that matter can play with no pride, Ade was shockingly bad, why would they be any better against the Scousers or the Mancs?

  48. Doublegooner


    Couple of my diehard mates take the piss saying does that site you read want Wenger out again !

    We all sat together watching, yet at the same time they were baffled that Wenger left Song out, they were stunned that he left Arshavin out.

    They slagged off that useless lump up front do nothing.I reckon there were 20,000 who would have liked to fire an air rifle at him, you’d have guaranteed that 90% would have had a direct hit as the lazy cunt hardly moved all afternoon.

    I assess Wenger as being League 1 in the tactics dept compared to a Ferguson ( he had more reason to play a weakened side yesterday)Hiddink & Mourinho.

    There MUST be changes next year, we are so near being there..I together with the majority on here don’t criticise Wenger for the sake of it, but even he has now admitted he made mistakes last summer.

    I’m 49, been going to Highbury since mid 60’s & probably seen well over 1000 live games. I LOVE this club, unlike some newby fans who can’t be bothered to sing, can’t be bothered to be in their seats for the start, piss off 5 or 10 mins before HT & FT, never go to an away game unless it’s Wembley or Paris.

    I won’t be criticised by them for criticising Wenger when he makes disasterous mistakes like on saturday.

  49. Jay20h

    Firstly, Great post.

    Sickens me that arshavin was on th bench. We were totally terrible on saturday and it was on the cards as son as i saw the line up.

    Liverpool is going to be tough. But if he plays that system again, it will be horrible viewing for us lot!

  50. Mark C

    Geoff you are spot on.

    Wenger did not make the right changes.

    I think he might have been forced to rest a few players, which is fine as we have played a lot of games so far this season, and have a number of key players out.

    I think he got the forwards wrong. Walcott looked good, so Arshavin would have complimented him much better. When Ivanovhic got a yellow, Theo should have changed wings, and run at him all day long.

    Our midfield was all wrong, and our defenders are not strong enough to deal with Drogba. Why did we need to play such a high line at the back?

  51. Clacko the gooner

    To be fair Arsene has done a bit of a Rafa! He comes out and says look at me i was right this young team are the dogs fucking bollocks before we had even won anything and at the moment he is being made to eat those words. He has pissed me off for a while now (don’t confuse that for me wanting him out by the way) because he will constantly pick players that are not up to it and buy young players instead of established players purely to prove a point. As Ian wirght wright wright said in the sun the other day, finishing 4th seems to be an achievement for us at the moment.

  52. PDT

    Geoff, at a logical level, there is no reason why they will be better against the mancs or ‘pool.

    But as a fan, it is difficult to give up hope. These are our heroes (well, Cesc is, anyway) and I can’t accept that they have feet of clay.

  53. AusGunner

    Pedro, I think you’re missing what I’m saying, and what he said, it wasn’t an excuse but an observation. One that he was probably asked about by journalists. Even if he wasn’t, he’s still well within his rights to make that observation though. If you misinterpret it as trying to make excuses then that’s really just your problem. As Wenger himself said it was the same for both sides.

  54. leon

    for i dont tink formation has anything do with it its more about perforamnces on the pitch,the fact we did not play that well but evon saying that.the reason for loss was bad goal keeper error nothing else,i i am reading comments that leaving aa and song was huge mistake but to me that insult to rest of the players that the team cannot win a game without aa.i think wenger made the right deceision to rest some players we have huge game tommorow and another game on saturday if chelsea lose there game against everton we can have chance getting third and still have champeans legue game

  55. Faceman

    can’t see liverpool beating us.

    they cannot do their usual shit and sit back for a draw at home, they need the 3 points badly.

    bendy, eddy, arshavin, nasri and song are bound to play having been rested…. they are the bedrock to our real attacking force.

    i fancy us at a decent price tommorow night.

  56. nishanth

    Wenger needs a stronger assistant near him.Assistant plays a big role when it comes to calling substitutions.I don’t think pat rice is strong enough He is more of a YES MAN

  57. Gus J.

    Halleluiah Geoff!

    Speak to me brother! This is what I need and I need it bad.

    Am finding myself being pushed away from my right to support the team I have loved my whole life. This nonsense has to stop. And the least we should be granted by the current Arsenal set-up is the right to have an opinion and dissent with obvious mistakes.

    No, I don’t want Wenger out (yet) – but I can assure you that he’s racking up mistakes and spewing nonsense at a dizzying pace. The one thing becoming apparent is that Wenger will stick to his beliefs regardless of anything anyone says or does. Even when the results are against us and we end up with nothing (!) again.

    At this stage, I am convinced that Wenger’s fetish is not in creating a winning philosophy or even just sneak results and win a cup or two, but just see his children blossom from nobodies to mediocre footballers. And should they actually cut the grade – see them leave for pastures new. Where they may not be the stars – but where they win.

    And while his loyalty to his precious band of pampered footballers is commendable on one level, it is completely ignoring the blood and soul of the club: the fans.

    And as a fan, I take offence to that and am being forced to divide my loyalty between Arsenal football club and the Wenger way. And no one – NO ONE, is bigger or will ever replace my love for the club.

    I feel betrayed and utterly dissapointed in Wenger’s decisions and stubborness, but mostly in his complete lack of anything resembling even modest acceptance that he is not always right. Even when he appears to admit to a shortcoming it is always disguised in a way to defend his policies. The manipulation from Arsenal is becoming quite befitting some of the nations you mentioned Geoff. It is a joke and insults the intelligence of the fans.

    How long can we pretend that this is anything but a patched up kindergarden for African kids and French also rans.

    Either words have a meaning or they don’t. And Wenger’s are making less and less sense to me. What do I care if Song or some other players confidence is affected if someone actually told them when they are underperforming or just playing badly. Are we the feel-good snuggle club for the emotionally fragile. Well if that is the case – then pay me to have to go through the torture of being on the receiving end of this debacle. Surely, if someone paid me 60K a week, my confidence would not need boosting from some grey haired frenchman. I’d be more than pleased knowing someone finds my abilities worth crazy money. And yes, they may be wrong. But so what?

    This is simply wrong. And I am giving Wenger until this summer to change the ways and actually care whether we win or just play neat one touch powder puff play ground footy.

    And if he insists that Arsenal FC’s primary goal is to be a work permit factory for African kids, than I am getting the “Wenger Out!” banner and screaming my lungs out to save the club I love.

    And in case any one was still wondering, it is about winning first and playing “perty” second.

    Sorry for the rant – but needed to get it off my chest. Phew…

    Gus J.

  58. reggie57

    As i said last i would back us against the mancs
    in a one off game, but over two legs they will be too
    strong for us, if they embarras us AW will seriously
    need to think about either resigning or scrap this
    kids experiment once and for all if not the board
    should put his bollocks in a vice and make him
    spend some readies

  59. gazzap

    if wenger wanted to rest players and make changes then he should have changed like for like but kept the formation and how we have been playing in the last couple of months (barring wigan 1st half) the same.
    eg Vela in for Nasri on the wing, or Rambo in for Den, or Nik B in for Ade. (not all of these at the same time mind). that would be acceptable. but to change to 4-5-1 with RVP on the wing and no one supporting Ade was criminal.
    No Arshavin either! how the hell does he get away with that?

    AW should never be allowed to manage arsenal in the FA cup ever again. let Pat rice do it because AW keeps throwing away our best chance of silverware.

  60. nishanth

    Geoff i don’t believe that the performance or the result against chelsea will have any bad effect on our UCL semis. We need to kick out diaby as soon as possible.Usually he turns up atleast against a top opposition.

  61. Geoff

    Just had my first numbnut comment of the day, he said China censors and so do Le Grove, two things there, if you say China censors you must have read the post, so well done.

    Secondly, your stupid comment wasn’t censored, it was binned. It wasn’t clever enough to get censored.

  62. ethangunner

    best post i could have read after that dreadful management display !

    poor line up
    poor formation choice
    poor display in general !

    if this was JUDGMENT DAY – john Conner is definitely terminated !

  63. PDT

    The whole team should apologize to the fans, like the Hull team was forced to.

    Do you remember the Slavia Prague players after their visit to the Grove?

  64. Franchise

    Geoff i dont remember drogba running around like a headless chicken in that game. neither did henry when he was with us. A striker’s role is to score goals, a manager’s role is to set the team up so that the strikers can score goals. Arsene didnt do that. I cant put too much blame on Ade cos Arsene left him up on his own all. it was like 1 against 3 most of the time. he stood no chance. just wanted to point that out.

  65. charybdis1966

    Morning all,
    Well said Geoff, it’s vital that you have said what a majority of Arsenal fans have been feeling since our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw the starting line up on Saturday and we groaned when there were no subs till 16 minutes of the game were left.
    I was suggesting the other day that I fear Arsh may have been a Shevchenko type situation, i.e. a player brought in against the managers wishes as buying in a ready made quality player means that Wenger can’t take the credit for his development into a player who is quality, but more importantly to Wenger higher resale value. As Wenger will feel his youth policy is undermined to leave Arsh out of the biggest match of his Arsenal career to date is Wenger’s way of sticking 2 fingers up at whoever “forced” the purchase of Arsh. This ois only a feeling I have from possibly coincidental things I;’ve notriced in addition to his treatment of Arsh – for example when Nasri was signed Wenger waxed lyrical about his potential, how he will be developed into quality etc. Contrast this to how quiet Wenger was about Arsh and how little he appeared to “big” him up after his arrival. I also feel that Wenger likes to keep his signings away from the fans, perhaps guarding them jealously like a girl does a new item off jewellery, never wearing it in public to avoid other people taking it’s auras way by gazing upon it. Arsh was paraded before the fans and just posed for pictures inside the stadium while the press took pictures.
    Coincidences maybe, but who knows.

  66. Faceman

    there you go geoff/pedro

    the theme for liverpool game le grove post tommorow is sorted.

    for michael thomas… lets have alex song

    for smudger lets have bendy.

  67. Big Dave

    I am not defending Ade, (not his biggest fan) and feel we should had cashed on him last year if it was true a club offered us £25-30 mill, but we all could see he was struggling up against Terry/Alex, he didnt have much support and it should had been changed around much quicker then 75 min. Ade does come across lazy at times, as for Eduardo not in the squad, he is still struggling with a groin injury

  68. Franchise

    whats the point chasing after balls in ur opponets area when your closest team mate is 50 yards away from you in your own area?

  69. Confidentgoner


    good post again. Allows the anger to simmer down. I wonder why nobody in the press asked him questions on his lineup. How convinient! These media boys are even as foolish.

    I see your Songphobia has now hit zero. At last you see the valus he brings to the team, something his last few displays have helped cement in the mind of all grovers.

  70. Geoff

    Could be right Chary, he doesn’t give him much credit does he? But I have to say I doubt it, Wenger does what he wants.

  71. Franchise

    if we wanted to press chelsea we should have pressed as a team. having ur lone striker to press a team on his own is pointless.

  72. Selva Govender

    Last year we put a weakened side against the Mancs and we got thrashed. ( We were trying for 3 cups). It
    was understandable. This year there were no excuses.
    Geniuses sometimes get it wrong

  73. Faceman

    Alan Smith was one fucking underrated gunner.

    Had he of got his hooter sorted out during his playing days he would have got more attention.

  74. PDT

    Chary, I have decided on the real definition of “old git”.

    If the last two digits of your year of birth are less than your age, you qualify as an old git.

  75. nishanth

    I don’t blame wenger for his tactics cos most of our first choice defenders were missing and our first choice goalkeeper was not available.So he decided to be cautious.But his team selection was woeful.Arshavin should have played instead of RVP and song instead of denilson.If he thought players would get tired then he could have rotated for the liverpool game.Atleast he should have made early substitutions.How diaby completed the whole game will remain a mystery.I don’t it is fair to lay the whole blame on wenger.I am not an akb but no matter what formation u play u can always try.Lot of players just didn’t rise to the occasion on saturday

  76. leon


    i agree that wenger should have played maybe nasri or vela on the wing however a big phsycal striker ade is more able to on his own,and say the team cant win a game without aa is an insult to rest of players,the fact delinson diaby. anf fab did play very well either but no one is saying about fabs bad performance

  77. charybdis1966

    The thing is Geoff, I trawled News Now for any mention of why Wenger could have benched Arsh and I only saw his reasoning for benching Song, which while wishy-washy it was at least a response. I can’t believe the hacks didn’t ask him the question – but you know I’m a conspiracy theorist so maybe I’m reading too much into this.
    Still, it hurts like hell, although as I said last night, the dirty manks going out on pennos certainly cheered my sagging spirits.

  78. arsenalised

    I dont see why Drogba is getting all this praise he didnt do jack shit untill Fabianski gifted him a goal.the only chelsea hero on saturday was Fabianski.

  79. Geoff

    Selva we haven’t won a trophy for four years, Saturday was our best chance, he’s no genius, he’s arrogant.

  80. Franchise

    if only 3 players play well in a team of 11 the manager is to blame most times IMO. If Ade was a disgrace in that game then what was Cesc Fabregas???? or Denilson????? or Silvestre???? or Eboue????? or Diaby????? or Fabianski?????

  81. nishanth

    At the end of the season the board should set the priorites straight.Top 4 finish not enough for a club like arsenal.We are just 2 or 3 players away from being a dominant force.We should at least be there challenging for the title.Really really hoping that Gazidis will knock some sense into wenger’s head

  82. reggie57

    AW was biggin up the team on the back of this
    great unbeaten run where we have not beaten a top 8
    team, as soon as we come up against a half decent
    team he bottled it big time and let down every
    arsenal fan.You cant keep on blaming injurys he is
    the man who buys these bargain players hence why
    they are so fuckin cheap,buy some ready made players ffs

  83. Geoff

    Nishanth we have been saying for ever, 4-5-1 doesn’t suit us unless we are playing for a draw.

    That was the problem, that and not playing our best team and using the subs at the right time, other than that his tactics were spot on.

  84. charybdis1966

    Ah PDT, so I’m yet to achieve old gitdom? 🙂

    I think I deserve honorary status at the very least. Perhaps I should call myself “Curmudgeonly1966” – one of my favourite words and apt for me when I’m in this mood.

  85. Rasputin

    Excellent post Geoff,

    Like you all, I was mystified by the team selection.

    Mr stubborn/obtuse broke new boundaries for me on saturday. After playing Song until he eventually developed into a key player (IMO) and he looked like a good defensive midfield partner for cesc – he chose Denilson who has never really worked next to Cesc. He left £30 million of signings on the bench and persisted with Diaby when he continually lost possession. It was like his team selection against Stoke, he picked players to try to negate their strengths rather than a side that plays ‘our football’. Arshavin made a difference immediately when he came on. We had attacking flair and Cesc had someoone to play football with. Even though I can’t stand Lazybayor, I wouldn’t have taken him off for Bendtner – it should have been Diaby. Why has he got such little faith in our ability when it comes to the big games. He’s brilliant at developing players and suspect tactically when the pressure’s on.


    said this yesterday gona say it again today as it really sums it up

    Biggest game of our season

    our best player our freshest player and as said on the post the 6th best player on the planet was sitting on the bench next to Vito Mannone

    Fucking disgracefull

    Song had to start over Denilson, its a no-brainer Song has a presence about him that Denilson will nevr have, Denilson is far to scared to get stuck in and add to that his lack of ability going forward (WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING OUT THERE)

    Formation to negative and Wenger to negative

    and to think its everton in the final

  87. nishanth

    I wasn’t saying it was spot on geoff.I was saying he adopted defensive tactics because we had sooo many players out at the back.Any manager would have adopted a cautious approach.
    But i am furious with him as far as his team selection and substitutions are concerned.When will he learn that denilson is not good enough,that RVP cannot play wide left.Wenger doesn’t seem to be learning from his mistakes.

  88. charybdis1966

    BTW does anyone know exactly which quadrants at the grove are for away fans? I thought it was 23 and 24 but maybe it’s more. I need to know so I know if any tickets come up how far away I’m going to be to goad the oppo (yes, very immature but what the hell).

  89. Franchise

    Ade struggling against John Terry and Alex is no surprise to me the same way Drogba outpowering Silvestre doesnt.

    We were set up to lose that game from the start

  90. gazzap

    but the reason cesc and diaby and denilson had poor games is because the formation was not working for them. wenger couldn’t even see it, and he certainly did not have the bottle or intelligence to make the changes that nearly every fan could see needed to happen. we know cesc is a top player. if it looks like he is treading water its because he is not able to do any better. he had no teammates to pass to. Ade was marked and RVP was neither on the wing or up front. RVP was always in no mans land. walcott was our only out ball all game (and his crossing was poor if we are honest).
    Diaby should not have been on the pitch. I think he was stifling our play. he could never get the ball out of his feet. he always wanted to try something tricky on the ball rather than moving the ball on quickly. he should have been the first player off after 60 mins.

  91. Geoff

    Thanks Rasputin, spot on as are you Mark, he is becoming delusion, he think he can pick anyone and they will perform.

    Arshavin is our best player and to leave him our was madness, but like I said in my first post of the season after the Fulham post, the Emperor has no clothes on, nothing has changed.

  92. Pedro

    Classic line from Wenger…

    “I won’t put too much responsibility on Fabianski. It would be unfair,”

    Followed by…

    “I firmly believe he will be one of the greatest keepers in the world because he has the talent.

    Geoff, I haven’t seen too many of the AKB’s who were smugging it up in the week?

    If you’ve got the guts to come on an crow about how right you were in the week, they should have the guts to come one now and discuss what they think when somehting goes wrong, shouldn’t they?

  93. Geoff

    Tossers all of them, how can they defend Saturday if they support Arsenal? They can’t and that’s why we’ve seen none today Pedro.

  94. Grandizer

    Great post, my thoughts exactly, and I still cant get my head around it all. Why could’nt wenger motivate the players for the biggest game of the season? They wandered around like it was a training session! Did anyone tell them that it was an FA Cup semi final! I was ashamed of their performance and especially players like denilson and diaby. When denlison first came on the scene he looked great, but what happened to him. On saturday he and daiby lost the ball on so many ocassions, there was one moment when denilson tried to dribble it outa defence and the chavs just nipped it off him and nearly scored. Its just brainless, how u can be that laid back and shite in a big game like that. When exactly is denilson gonna step up? I dont see it. As for diaby, wenger himself has said he doesnt know what his best position is, is that why on saturday he played him in a position that involved him getting no where near the ball for the entire game. So fucked off!

    The scariest part of it was that after 30 mins me and my brother both said to each other that this wasnt working and that we couldnt win the game like this. Were not master tacticians but if we can see it, what does it say bout wengers views!

  95. irishgunner

    I’m still angry and I got sunburnt on Saturday and its hurting now so overall I am not a happy camper 😥

  96. nishanth

    Pedro u can’t expect wenger to criticize fabiasnki.With almunia out he is our only choice.I thought it was right of wenger to say that.His confidence is already shot into pieces and the last thing u would need is your manager to come out and criticize you in public

  97. Pedro

    Nishanth… I don’t expect him to… it’s the…

    I don’t want to put pressure on him, he’ll become the greatest in the world line.

    I’d say that is putting pressure on him.

  98. Franchise

    So if we cannot avoid playing these physically built sides how come we never try to sign players with some bottle and brawn?

    we keep signing fragile and brittle players. if danny murphy and etuhu can boss the likes of denilson and co in midfield what do we expect essien, lamps, ballack to do to them?

  99. Geoff

    Nishanth Pedro was being ironic, by saying what he said he was totally deflecting the blame off himself and onto Fabianski!

  100. tomstoned

    Mornin All 🙂

    Good post Geoff,and some very good points,and i would like Wenger to explain the formation 4-5-1..why he’s using it,it seems not to be working..still i wouldnt demand an apology…but an explanation…if there is any ??

    im old enough to know that we cant win em all….and thats fine,but as Geoff pointed out ,we should learn from our mistakes..i still dont think one could blame the players for this one though,it was in my eyes a tactical blunder…and let it be said the pitch didnt help us,it was almost impossible to play Our game on that pitch…not an excuse,just a fact…

    so im over it and im head strong lets go and do the damage to l’pool….but by playing Our strengths ..attacking and playing well…im sure we will do that…secure the fourth and then we will be able to rock in the champions league,im actually suspecting Wenger for concentrating on that one,not beeing able to tell us of course….but…well thats my opinion..

    and for all of you Gooners who was at the match saturday i think that a refund would be appropriate …nothin more nothin less …

    have a great day all Grovers….and lets back Fabianski…he will be a good keeper…..i hope ??


  101. Goonerman

    A few points:
    1. I feel we did not show the country and fans how good we can be.
    2. We don’t play well with 4-5-1 formation.
    3. 4-5-1 inevitably means the sole striker does not play well; particularly Ade as he is a lazy lump
    4. Silvestre has no pace
    5. The midfield, particularly fabregas, were getting caught with the ball as they were unsure of their precise roles.
    6. The team lacked confidence with that line-up
    7. Midfield far too young to compete against experience of Lampard, Ballack and Essien.

  102. gnarleygeorge9

    My bro kept watching the coverage after the game, I’d had enough just as the whistle blew, & he said that there was a shot of the stadium looking empty, with an Arsenal supporting grandfather standing quietly waiting for his grandson who was sitting crying with his head in his hands.


  103. charybdis1966

    Morning Irish – we’re all angry too, but would it be too cringeworthy to offer to put the sun cream on you burnt areas? 😉

  104. leon


    i dont think it has any do with formation and tactics, the fact if these had performed to the same level they have been playing for past 18 games they would won that game and that includes the keeper,the fact you have seen the keeper,delinson diaby and fab play alot better,but lets be honest the worst players were diaby silvestor and the keeper

  105. rico01

    Morning all, spot-on Geoff

    So we all know that the wrong players played, however there does come a time when whoever plays needs to take responsibilty for themselves, this crop are not in the Blue Circle league, they are at Arsenal and every now and again those same players tell us how good they are!!

    Reality check, you are not because if you were you would have all taken your chance on saturday, played your hearts out and won that game. Chelsea, full of big bucks players with oever inflated ego’s were poor and you crop of players gifted them a win..

    Rotation is fine, if you have the depth to enable an almost like for like, but saturday showed that Dinilson will only ever be a poor mans Cesc (who was also poor) Diaby who loves being referred to as the ‘New Paddy’ – trust me, he isnt as good as the ‘Old Man paddy’ and I dont think he ever will be and as I have mentioned over inflated ego’s Ade was up to his usual standard, in fact he surpassed his usual standard – he worse dreadful.

    Silvestre – when did the Chav’s sign him?

    Summer has to be about new players in, and equally it has to be about getting rid of those who time and time again show how they are not good enough for our club..

    And I dont care what the stats say about players, watching them tells something very different.. Rant Over 😛