One more day to see what we’re really made of.

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So that’s it then, tomorrow, the big one, the one where we can see what we have in the locker, the first real test.

Some may say the bigger tests were the Wigans and the West Broms as they have been our Achilles heels for the last 4 years, and that’s where I am, the Chavs have recently been a thorn in our side but after watching the FA Cup final in 2002 against them, it made me realise that they are just a team that got where they are because they used questionable money to buy their success.

Ashley Cole played for us that day, and he was good then, how nice to see him behind our second choice Keiran Gibbs in the ‘footballability’ stakes, they are an ageing team and we should despatch them easily, even without our two centre backs. I can’t wait to face them and their shit keeper with the crash helmet, I expect they will throw him away in the summer as Roman tires with that expensive toy.

I know a few chavs, let me tell you about them, one was a Brighton fan, one was a Leicester fan, then the chavs started to win a few and they jumped ship, that sums up chavs for me, not real fans.

I am though meeting two today and in fairness to them, they are real chavs, in fact one used to come to Highbury with me every year for our traditional guaranteed 3 points, those guys have seen many years of crap football and tomorrow will be no exception, but having lunch with them is always amusing, a bit like having lunch with Hitler the day before he invaded Russia, crow, crow, crow then oops.

Another chav fan is my bank manager, say no more! One is a barrister, I rest my case and the last one I know sells furniture, well he needs to buy himself a sofa and sit in a dark room for a few weeks, because after Saturday, he’ll be needing help.

A word about yesterday, there has been much debate about Alex Song, I’m not convinced, Pedro rates him, we all have our views on him, but because we don’t always agree we should not start slagging each other off, we’ll leave that to other blogs, this one is friendly and I will make sure it stays that way, so if people get sin binned, it’s their own fault.

If Song was man of the match tomorrow, I would be delighted, not devastated, I support the Arsenal and if any player puts on the shirt, I’m behind him but let’s not forget because Arsene Wenger buys a player he has to be good, he’s bought a few lemons in his time.

I hope Song runs Essien into the ground tomorrow but I also remember what Drogba did to Senderos and what the horse did to Stepanovs. Whatever happens I know he won’t be buying a new midfielder so we have what we have, I do rate Diaby though and the last time he faced the chavs in the cup he played a one two with Walcott for the goal and almost took John Terry’s head off, so maybe it’s an omen.

Have a fun day today Grovers and remember we’re all Arsenal fans, we all have an opinion and I’m always right.

Who else predicted 3 zip against Villarreal? No one did, well except me that is!

P.S. Pedro has two singles for Liverpool away!

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  1. irishgunner

    Stu – That article was stupid. He was basically arguing that Wenger should have foreseen all the defensive injuries and kept all the players.

    That’s like us getting a load of injuries up front and saying we should have kept Aliaderie!!

  2. irishgunner

    Exactly Choy…

    One can make arguments for keeping Senderos for football reasons but not for “we will get 6 injuries in the one week” reasons.

    Not every player is Cudicini or Saviola and happy to rot on a bench.

  3. Rasputin

    irish, I’m not taking the opposing view, but one thing you can do, is steer clear of players who are injury prone. I’m not including Biscoff (he can get lost), but I am worried that Sylvestre may not be able to play out the rest of the season. Having said that, it was very canny to get him in the first place considering the pickle we’d be in now if he hadn’t signed….did I just argue against myself?

  4. Confidentgoner

    Hi everyone, whaaatssss up?

    So its Chelsea for dinner tommorrow? It will be nice to see Essien and Song battle it out in MF and I think Song will get the better of him like he did at the ANC. The key to stopping Chelsea is to mark them very well in the set pieces and snuff out lampard + Essien. We need Song in Midfield. If Gibbs cannot play then get a defender from the reserves.

    My pick will be RVP + Bendner to start, then Ade to come in , as a sub so he’ll be hungry. Might be good to thrown in our most clinical striker -Dudu if he is fit. WE should not play 4-5-1, please noooooooooooo!!

  5. irishgunner

    Rasputin – I agree with you on that. Arsene does seem to like buying injury-prone players.

    Having said that the chances of Sagna, Djourou, Gallas, Clichy and Gibbs all getting injured at the one time must be unprecedented.

    My qualm with the “article” is that the guy wasn’t taking quality into account merely quantity. If Senderos had stayed would Djourou have looked to go out on loan if his chances of first team football were impeded? It is hard to keep players happy.

    I’m not trying to make excuses for Wenger but I’ll personally cut him some slack on this occasion as I think any club would face the same problem.

    Take Ferdinand, Evra, Evans, O’Shea and Rafael out of the United side and they’d have trouble too.

  6. peachesgooner

    rasp – senderos wouldn’t have gone out on loan if we hadn’t got sylvestre – I think that was the way round it happened ?

    kelsey, irish – are you having fun at my expense πŸ˜†

  7. Rasputin

    Sorry ladies, I don’t know the article in question. Song can do a good job at CB, but after that I’m not sure who we’ve got to call upon. Is Gavin Hoyte out on loan?

  8. Stu

    Peaches, i believe it is the other wa around. Silvestre wouldnt have come in on the final day if Milan hadnt asked for Senderos on loan.

  9. Rasputin

    I’m ignorant – sorry! How’s he doing. I rate him a better prospect than Justin. What do you think about us being repeatedly linked to Upson….I thought AW never took a player back?

  10. Stu

    Upson ain’t good enough but could do a job. Probably not a better job that Senderos tho. And Senderos is already ours.

  11. irishgunner

    The Upson one is hard to know. It’ll all depend on either or of Gallas or Toure leaving probably Gallas.

    The pros of Upson is that he is used to the EPL and Arsenal while he is 29 which is a good age for a CB and someone like Djourou can learn off him and over take him in a few seasons.

    Not beyond the bounds of possibility for me.

  12. Stu

    Plus Upson is big, can attack the ball and is a leftie. Would bring a nice balance imo. Same could be said of the midfield also. Aside from our left backs and strikers we have no lefties. That can’t be good for balance.

  13. A

    I’m not a fan of upson stu, really average. Would be a good squad player and sub, but not good enough to play regularly for the first team. He’s shown that he’s not willing to be at a club where he isn’t a first team player either so it would never happen.

  14. peachesgooner

    irish – I’m saving my yellow ribbon for the final πŸ™‚

    You’ve seen me, what size ribbon do you suggest?

  15. patthegooner

    Upson should never have left in the first place. I think he could be a first team regular for us….

    The press reports never seem to go away so who knows, maybe there is some truth in it.

  16. Stu

    The positives of Upson are :
    He’s english
    left footed
    decent in the air
    and… is used to the prem

    Negatives :
    He isnt really that good. But he’s aight..

  17. nishanth

    I don’t think upson is world class.If at all we are going to buy a CB we should buy a top class one.Wenger doesn’t mind spending big on midfielders and strikers(BIG IN ARSENAL TERMS).Since we are loaded as far as attacking options are concerned i suggest we spend our money on buying a quality CB and an experienced DM

  18. irishgunner

    Okey doke I must be off.

    To those going to the game enjoy. A win for the good guys tomorrow.


  19. Mayank

    there’s a real shortage of really good cb especially the ones that can fit into arsenal’s system,that means the ones that aren’t out and out cloggers..thats why i think arsenal should do all they can to hold on to gallas…teams also seem to hoard good defenders, as most teams aren’t good enough attacking so as to play with a depleted defence..even man u really struggled..upson doesn’t quite cut it for me..

  20. Pedro

    Sam Allardyce needs to shut the hell up…

    Humiliated by the gesture? Shouldn’t have called Rafa a moaner.

  21. Pedro

    haha… Fergie was crowing about Rafa talking about him in an unrelated press conference last week… now he is doing the same!

    What a hypercrite!

  22. Ja_Gunner

    I think with the injuries. I would play like this.






    Depending on the game…..

    Vela on for Arsh on 75
    Bent for Walcott on 80

    Possibly Diaby on for RVP

    Have to be ready for Liverpool Tuesday …but this is definitely more important as its a knoskcout game.

  23. Ja_Gunner

    If Gibbs is ok..then






  24. Stu

    Like wiping his hands together is offensive. Peeer-lease. Remember when the chavs beat us at Highbury 2-0. With about 10minutes left or after their second Mourinho shook all his staffs hands. That was so fucking annoying and really offensive imo but fuck all was said about it.

    SAF is just a cunt who is trying to take the focus off his ‘turning to shite at the important time of the season’ team.

  25. goonermichael

    Ferguson is an alcoholic, cheating, corrupt bully who needs a good fucking hiding. The dirty scotch cunt. btw evening everyone is there any news on Gibbs?

  26. goonermichael

    Two months ago neither of these sides was sure the season was going to offer any silverware. Now, though, they are both in place to challenge on a number of fronts, which is a testimony to the strength of their respective squads.

    Unusually of late Chelsea have been conceding goals, whilst Arsenal have defensive concerns of their own.

    Drogba, with the bit between his teeth, and Lampard could be too much for Toure and Silvestre.

    Verdict: 1-2

    Lawrenson = fucking wanker

  27. peachesgooner

    Yep – I’m going, I wish it was at 3 though and not 5.15 if its raining my hair will be rubbish πŸ™‚

  28. goonermichael

    Any news on Gibbs. I can’t find any. I hope he’s ok. I don’t mind Eboue for Sagna but i’m not sure about silvestre at LB. Don’t mind him with Kolo though.

  29. dennisdamenace

    peaches – couldn’t be dealing with all the angst from some peeps who talk at yas, so i thought i’d have a rest, but now i’m back, so watch your back babelicious πŸ˜‰

  30. goonermichael

    I haven’t looked back at the comments and the internet’s banned at work so I just got on. I’ll watch a stream though tomorrow if I can

  31. dennisdamenace

    Pedroso(!) – I have contracted a rather nasty virus, and have been off the booze all week, so i’ve had to pass on my ticket, as i’m still a sweaty lump of moaning man-fluness!!!!

  32. peachesgooner

    The angst and upset has reached feverish levels – imagine the carnage if we weren’t in the two cup competitions

  33. goonermichael

    we seem to be the underdogs in most peoples eyes. We’re outsiders in the betting and most journos have written us off. Martin Samuel (I think) Said we’d be in the final against Barca though on Sunday

  34. dennisdamenace

    As it’s still Friday –

    I went to the cinema in Whitechapel today to see Slum Dog Millionaire. It was awful, violence, poverty, filth, everywhere. So, i thought sod hanging around outside, so i went in and watched the film!!

  35. dennisdamenace

    peaches – It’s even worse when your other half comes home completely twatted, and laughs at you, the munta!

  36. dennisdamenace

    Pedro, Geoff, Steve et al – should anyone of you bunch of irreverent munglers get a chance you should post some YouTube updates as to how the day goes, particularly from the Roundhouse in Covent Garden, which happens to be a favorite haunt of mine…..

  37. dennisdamenace

    Anyhoo, i’m off to take another dose off of the Night Nurse, i only hope this time it’s not fecking scurvy!!

  38. Pedro

    Oh shit… just read your comment… you’ve been hanging out with that dirt bag Sagna… he’s been spreading his germs like nobody’s business!

  39. Pat

    Rooney out of Everton game. Metetarsal bruising is the rumor. Maybe he won’t play against us? I’m hoping. He’s their most influential player at the moment.

  40. ethangunner

    good post and totally agree that this is the 1st real test !

    this test will prove that some on here are justified in there banter that we are a superior force , whilst other skeptics like myself are a little more protective over blowing their own trumpets prematurely .

    also read an interesting article with petit ..


    “Before the start of the 2008-09 season they made some mistakes in terms of transfer policy,” said Petit.
    Emmanuel Petit
    Petit played for both Chelsea and Arsenal

    “I understand the transfer policy at the club, but when you’ve created a team you have to make an effort to keep it.

    “Let’s say I’m an Arsenal player. When I look back on last season I see we were magnificent.

    “In the summer transfer market I see Chelsea, Liverpool and co spending millions to buy new players to build a stronger team, but when I look at my club they are spending almost nothing on new players and letting some key players go.

    “Now the young players are growing very fast, showing great attitude and great character on the pitch, but they are still missing experience.

    “It seems they’ve got back the routine they had last year, but you can’t afford to be very good for six months and then average for three months when you want to win things.

    “You have to be good from the beginning until the end but you can’t learn that without experience. Yet, in turn, experience is very rare and expensive because it’s like a good wine – you have to give it to develop and gain knowledge.”

    But Petit acknowledges that the injuries have played a role in scuppering Arsenal’s Premier League title hopes this season.

    “The key for Arsenal is to avoid injuries because players such as Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott are capable of so much on the pitch, but they are always injured,” said Petit

    i totally agree with petit and his issues on consistency ! its been the main reason holding me back from sounding more positive ..
    and tonight will be the test , can we bring home the bacon ?

    my heart tells me yes but my head says no !

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    “my heart tells me yes but my head says no”

    That is how I feel @ present. Well Song &/or Denilson, todays game can either take them to the next level, with a win, or show that they are not ready or up to it. People can discuss the pro’s & con’s of both these “young” players till manure clear their debt, but no one can dispute what the result of todays game as an indicator of where they are @.

    I bloody hope that if Song & Denilson do play, that they have absolute blinders & take us to the Final. Come on boys, like the saying goes. Just Do It!!!!

  42. ZimPaul

    Hello Grovers,
    I am from ACLF and visiting because there’s been some visits from here to ACLF.

    I think all this LG v ACLF is a bit childish don’t you, I mean the guys on ACLF are 110% Arsenal supporters; have a different style that’s all, mainly because ACLF was defending AW and the young team in January when most LG posters were writing the team off. Remember? All the carping about Denilson, Eboue, Song and Ade doesn’t seem supportive. They’ll all good players in reality, all Arsenal, and that’s why we’re in CL semis.

    Pedro, it was me who complained bitterly about the monkey dance comment, it’s just plain wrong and very un-Arsenal-like. It is a racist jibe.

    Otherwise Kelsey and a few others who visited, ACLF is a good site and decent people, Arsenal PEOPLE- it all gets a bit heated but it means nothing really.

    So I am just visiting you to say hi, and let’s keep it real ARSENAL 4 LIFE.

    Good luck today … keep it red and white!!!

    C’MON GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFRICA LOVES YOU!!!

  43. ethangunner


    aclf are really uptight people. its really hard to have a reasoned debate on there. I am sure it wasn’t like that at first but over time it picked up a critical mass of wankers. then the good people were efectively chased off. there is no banter and you have to tow the party line or you get about 6 of the regulars telling you you are a spud etc and to fuck off to Le Grove. They are the ones who actually remind me of spuds in their attitude.

    welcome to the real world ..
    i called them nazi’s years ago …
    and now you realize it …
    they believe in one dream , one type of fan ,
    and any others who fall into shades of gray are told to fuck off and are ganged up upon .
    and it was like that at first ..

    since day zip any person who’s opinion differs from the norm is persecuted . its stifles debate and it ends in a dick measuring competition of abuse !

  44. ethangunner


    totally agree with what i class as JUDGMENT DAY .
    the chevs has got a very strong midfield ..
    and our defense has some holes in it with so many injured ..

    i think it will be won and lost there !
    JT is back and we have gallas and our 2 star wing backs out .. they also have drogs and anelka .

    on paper they far out weigh us in quality.
    i think with AA – cesc theo nasri in the midfield we have a good chance .. RVP and dudu
    would also be nice as starters , but i fear ade will be included , and he is too wasteful when goal chances count ..

    i hope we see an arsenal that is like the one that played AC milan .. but if you look at the C.L comp currently it isnt no accident that 3 of the 4 top teams in the world are English ..

    and we play one of them 3 tonight ..

  45. ethangunner


    totally agree with what i class as JUDGMENT DAY .
    the chevs has got a very strong midfield ..
    and our defense has some holes in it with so many injured ..

    i think it will be won and lost there !
    JT is back and we have gallas and our 2 star wing backs out .. they also have drogs and anelka .

    on paper they far out weigh us in quality.
    i think with AA – cesc theo nasri in the midfield we have a good chance .. RVP and dudu
    would also be nice as starters , but i fear ade will be included , and he is too wasteful when goal chances count ..and are far and few between .

    i hope we see an Arsenal that is like the one that played AC Milan .. but if you look at the C.L comp currently it isn’t any accident that 3 of the 4 top teams in the world are English ..

    and we play one of them 3 tonight ..

  46. Geoff

    Morning all, Zimpaul welcome to my world, I can assure you Pedro does not have a racist bone in his body.
    Perhaps he should change his dance if he doesn’t want comparisons. We on this site never wrote this team off, we’ve always said we need two to three players and we still need two, we called for Arshavin and we got him, imagine what we’d be like if we got him at the start of the season.

    What we do here is question what the boss does, if we didn’t do that we’d all be reading

    You won’t find me on anyone else’s blog as I like my own too much!

    I’ll be there today Ethan but I’m going ugly early! I’m writing todays post and I’ll try and stir the troops.

  47. ethangunner


    i hope wenger dont let us down on team selections.
    he is probably California dreaming about the C.L
    and i hope is doesn’t start resting players who otherwise should be starting today !

    the chev’s is a fucking good test , and i feel we might fall short , i say that because ive been critical all season of us being light weight , and today will be my measuring stick ..

    i pray im wrong ! i really do !!!

  48. kelsey

    Morning Geoff,
    I asked a question last night about which defensive players would be on the bench today,and no one came up with an answer.Surely AW will not risk Gibbs if he isn’t 100% fit.Do you think diaby might play in a more defensive role.

    We are the underdogs,and that should suit us fine.Chelsea have conceded 7 goals in 2 games,but in Cup games,stats go out of the window.The key players for me will be Arshavin and Walcott to create our chances,and i wouldn’t be surprised to see Nasri on the bench.
    Enjoy your day out,whoever is going and ram the russian money down their throats.

  49. Geoff

    Morning Kelsey, I will be writing about that in the post so will reveal then, I agree that Walcott and Arshavin will be the key players and I also believe they will get the treatment.

  50. kelsey

    how the heavens are you,everyone has either goy a cold a virus or a groin strain.Could have done with your support yesterday against the lefties.By the way i am now an old wanker,poof and liar acoording to them,:) but don’t answer that please.

  51. dennisdamenace

    Unforunately not Geoff, ive had to pass my ticket on as I’ve managed to contract a rather nasty virus which has kept me off of the booze for almost a week, must’ve been when I gave old Bacary a rubdown with sporting life!!

    I did mention late last night that Le Grovers should post attachments on YouTube, like a video diary of how the day progresses….

  52. dennisdamenace

    Wotcha Kelsey, pretty ruff at the mo’

    I’ve been reading Le Grove, but not really up to arguing the toss with those fooking munglers, but today I am on wanker patrol 8)

  53. benno

    G’day all, today has to be the longest day ever!! Been up since 8, its now 3 and have to wait till 12 for kick off, hurry up please!!

  54. benno

    I’m expecting a neither blood boiling, fist pumping battle cry this morning Geoff, the Villareal one ended up getting me in strife at indoor (he deserved the crack tho, dirty bastard)

  55. ethangunner


    i expect


    that would possibly the only options we have as sagna – clichy- gallas and JD is out with gibbs doubtful ..

  56. kelsey

    morning ethan,

    to be sure Terry and co will try and kick us off the park,we just can’t afford any more injuries and furthermore lately Cesc and as before RVP have to be careful not to be carded.Could be a fiesty game.

  57. benno

    Kelsey, i woun’t be suprised if there was a sending off tbh. Of course tho it would be that plank Terry bringing Theo down after Theo’s skinned him to be clear through πŸ˜€

  58. maqitlarge

    Morning all. Today’s they day! Wembley at last!!!

    I’m hoping there has been a bit of possum playing with Gibbs especially. SSN show him in training last night. With him we’ll have that good balance on the left side. With out him it’ll be Silvestre who won’t attack as much as will therefore invite more pressure. Thank God for Arshavin!!!!!

    I’m gutted to have lost so many defenders cos I really fancied us against the Chavs. Now its more in the balance for me.

    Great testament to Gibbs that we’d feel like we’re missing a big player with him out (well, I do anyway). So well done to him. A star in the making.

    Enjoy Wembley to all those going. I can’t wait to finally see Arsenal play there!

  59. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff, Pedro, Bud, Steve, Peaches, Franchise, etc who are from le Grove & going, I wish u all well, & have a fizzy drink for me. Chamoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  60. kelsey

    If it’s on Setanta one will need a translator to under the scottish gits.Are there no english commentators left.

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    kelsy is how the leftists described u as bad as being a spuds fan πŸ™‚


    before u start calling people on here racist, what about that cunt thats dictating zimbabwe. There are about 2 billion people who would like to have a piece of that anti white fucker.

  62. ZimPaul

    Gnarley … that’s cheap, the people suffering in Zimbabwe are black people …

    the reference to ‘monkey dance’ was racist, pure and simple, and un-Arsenal-like … that’s all I said, and as people all tell me at LG you are allowed your opinion … that’s mine


  63. finestcuts

    Pre-Chelsea and we all know that this is the toughest opposition we can face, lets hope we win it, this is a very very very tough game and we know it, butso will they, believe me they’ll know they’re in a game against us.

    I’m glad to see Wenger agrees with me, I said this on le grove a few months ago and have always stood by this view…..we were discussing this when people were talking about the rise of Man City, they have a good few years of work to do……good on you Mr. Wenger….you know!!

    So lets beat the zimmer chavs and get to the final, we started this season with the aim of winning a trophy, the FA cup is always a big trophy.