It’s time for our big guns to sink the yellow submarine.

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Arsene mate you need to stop telling us Denilson doesn’t get enough credit and that he is one of the best midfielders in the premiership, because he isn’t, and because he was shit against Wigan, but he does have promise and I think he will do a Flamini, eventually.

Secondly you need to stop telling us we were all wrong about this team because – 1) We have won nothing yet, – 2) Many people on this blog have argued with me about two players in particular, so many, many people also believe in this team just like you do – 3) Think how good this team would have been had you signed a world class defensive midfielder a world class centre back and Andre Arshavin in the summer.

You are beginning to sound like a bird that got dumped, you need to start winning things before you can start telling us good this team is and you can start tonight, by sinking the submarine.

The other thing that bothers me is, if by saying that you didn’t sign those players because you would be killing Denilson, Diaby and Song, does that mean we’re stuck with them and you won’t be buying any better players? Because that is a worry,  regardless of what we may win this season. Even the Mancs, scousers and Barca strengthen every year, in fact we seem to be the only team that doesn’t.

Still, enough on that subject, but you did bring it up boss, and I felt I had to address it, now onto tonight and the game that we have all been waiting for, the road to Jerusalem. The Champions league quarter final, the yellow submarines, the anti Christ’s, Villa Real.

If we learned anything from our time in Europe and last night, it is 1-1 away from home is rarely enough, we need to go at them from the off, don’t give them time to settle, we know what they can do and in fact have done in the past, as have Wigan and Hull,  (going 1 up) we know we are better, we know we can win and this week will be the toughest in our history, we need to play tonight like there is no Saturday, win this one and Saturday will take care of itself, at least if we win tonight we will be in the semis and hopefully against Porto.

When we are in full flow we can beat anyone, play like we mean it, we know that they can hurt us if we let them come at us, we wanted Villa Real, we got them, now let’s show the world we are the Arsenal and prove to the manager he was right to have faith in the youngsters. we can win the double this year but we know that we have to do it the hard way, there are no easy games left in this tournament or in the FA Cup.

I think we have the worlds best manager, I don’t agree with his team selections always, but I do believe in the players he has at his disposal, play the right ones and the game is ours, play the wrong ones and we’re in trouble. It’s ours to win and it’s ours to lose, for all of you that are there tonight let’s raise the roof and show them that they are at fortress ‘The Grove’, stewards let us stand and sing and we will get the team over the line.

Play one of Song, Eboue and Denilson not all 3, let the wingers rip them apart, width will terrify them and stop them attacking us, the best form of defence is attack, if you need any proof of that go back to the battle of Issus in 333bc (my lucky number), when Alexander faced an army 4  times his size, his men said, let’s leave this one boss and have a lie in, he said bollocks, let’s throw the kitchen sink at them, his companion cavalry hit the flanks and Darius was so surprised he couldn’t get out of his own penalty area, it was an away victory not seen again until Nelson turned the French and the Spanish over at Trafalgar, get in there Arsenal and show us the spirit of Issus and my personal Hero Alexander the Great, Mr Song, he’s your namesake, so show them what you have, you did against Wigan!

Arsenal to trounce them, 3 nil for me if I was going to predict, but I’m not, so fear not.

We love you Arsenal, we do, we love you Arsenal, we do, we love you Arsenal, we do, oh Arsenal we love you.

Have a great Day Grovers, this week has our name written on it.

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  1. PDT

    THer’s the beauty of our team this year, Jay. Essien can focus on either Cesc or Arshavin. Can’t shut them both down!

    Essien on Cesc is a different ballgame from Essien on Gerrard. Gerrard is more of a direct player, a driver who controls and runs with the ball. Cesc can release the ball early and is relishing doing that now. In the first 15 minutes yesterday, he was almost exclusively 1 touch (not even 2 or three touch). The ball will be gone before Essies reacts.

  2. PDT

    Hiddink iwll put Kalou on Arshavin, methinks. Kalou just doesn’t have the versatility of Essien to be effective.

    If I were Hiddink, I’d probably put Essien on Arshavin. Which would probably have a bigger effect than putting Essien on Cesc.

    But if you see how the team is coming together, shutting down one part of the team will not let the chavs get away. We have matchwinners all over the pitch!

  3. PDT

    The big question is whether Hiddink will retain Cech or not.

    Any which way, the Chav defence will be shaky. Ade better be on his game.

  4. Geoff

    Great game, great result, boy what an end to the season, apart from Boro, Pompey and Stoke every game is a massive one!

  5. Jay

    I know we have arsh and fab…

    btw – who will play the mid..? 😐 theo – cesc – song – arsh?

    Nasri bench.. VP and Ade up? then if VP tires move arsh behind and put nasri LM?

  6. PDT

    Boro, Portsomuth and Stoke are also big games from a CL qualification perspective. If we can make 3rd, we automatically qualify.

  7. PDT

    I think Arsene will learn from yesterday and put his best team out. Theo-Cesc-Arsh-Nasri with Ade and RvP up front.

    No more mickey mouse for the Arsenal.

  8. Jay

    Everytime I’ve been walking outside to my car or to have some lunch (cashew beef with rice flat noodles arrgh yum) im humming our chants… ahh life is peachy when we play good..


  9. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening Geoff

    You’d have to have had a goodie there last night. What did you think of Billabong Song 🙂

  10. PDT

    Le Boss better but defenders in the summer. Even if we win the CL and the FA Cup and finish 2nd in the league.

  11. Steve

    Geoff, could you hear me on the phone??? I caught the ball and missed Eboue’s head with it by an inch. First time in 25 years of going to Arsenal that i’ve caught the fucking ball.

    I was like a 5 y.o. Ask your mate that sits near me. No bullshit.

  12. nishanth

    Hiddink won’t play the likes of kalou against us.He will play a really direct team. He will play both drogba and anelka upfront. And play lampard ballack essien and malouda on the wings.I am just worried about the set pieces.That is one aspect where chelsea can really hurt us.

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    Very good point u make nishanth about the set pieces. But they have to get the ball off us to earn a set piece 😆

  14. Wardo

    Morning all,

    what a game last night. The atmos was brilliant…..on of the best games I’ve been to at the grove!

    I recorded the game on Sky + so, watched it when I got home also……Theo looked much better in the flesh than he did on TV…….can’t understand Tony Adams saying he thought RVP was fairly quiet tho….

  15. PDT

    There was one moment which encapsulated Theo’s development perfectly for me yesterday.

    One of the yellow defenders (Capdevila) caught Ade’s arm and hurled Ade down just as Ade knocked the ball to Theo. Then he went to Theo and tried to take him down. Theo effortlessly knocked him over, skipped over him and took the ball.

    Ade might be powerful, but in that moment, Theo looked stronger and faster!

  16. maqitlarge

    Just so you know what this guy thinks of people on this site. As if we were somehow not happy with last night’s win!

    Faceman Says:

    April 15, 2009 at 21:11

  17. gnarleygeorge9


    I just feel that a bloke like Silvestre knows that he won’t be getting too much exposure, @ this stage, to game time, so he will be able to especially play @ full rat power in Cup Ties like what remains. His experience might just be one factor that we reflect on as he stands on top of the open deck bus as they travel down to Islington Town Hall.

  18. Wardo

    regarding SONG…..I have been a big critic of his but he gave the ball away twice in the first half and was fcuking brilliant…..I found myself asking if he has managed to find away round the lack of pace to be a real credit to our team…….dont get me wrong, I dont think he is the best DM in the world nor in the top 3 but, he was bloody good last night. Rating of 8 in the sun….up there with RVP.

    Well done Song….you have proved me wrong totally.

  19. Jay

    I thought you could see how much VP wanted it yesterday! yes he hogs the ball but he plays good positions – and good balls when he fianlly does pass!

  20. nishanth

    Gibbs must be living in wonderland right now.At the beginning of the season he would have expected to feature in the CC and maybe a few pointless games.And now all of a sudden he is starting in the UCL quarterfinal and giving clichy one hell of a competetion.Clichy will have to raise his game big time

  21. Franchise

    No one was wrong to doubt Song. He was pretty woeful earlier in the season for long stretches. Since his blinder in the FA Cup when he gave Eduardo an assist his game has really stepped up. He seems to have a good engine on him. he never tires….. was almost everywhere

  22. Franchise

    Its good to know that in the FA cup we could bring on subs like Eduardo, Nasri, Diaby, Vela, Bendtner, Denilson as subs

  23. nishanth

    I don’t like the fact that wenger takes theo out when we are leading.Yesterday was okay becasue villareal were down and out.But in a tight game when we are leading by a goal or two theo should always be there.His presence stops the opposition from attakcing and always helps us is counter attacking.

  24. PDT

    Maybe today is not a good day to rant, but nevertheless…

    Why does everyone talk about the age of our team and not the age of the mancs? They have Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani, etc. etc. They also have a young team.

    Because the red nosed one buys big players also. Like Vidic and Tevez. (Also players he thinks are big like Berba).

    We can’t let this success go to our head. We must strengthen our defence in the summer.

  25. Wardo

    Franchise……yeah Song has put a few good performances in……is he in danger of becoming consistant. I hope so……i actually only remember him giving the ball away once in the first half last night. I added the second in case I missed one but, dont think he did……

    Question….who would you prefer in midfield? Song or Denilson?

  26. nishanth

    PDT those youngster of united cost them a fortune.Our back 4 yesterday that kept a clean sheet in the UCL qf cost us less than 2 million

  27. nishanth

    I liked how song got out of tricky situations yesterday using fair bit of skill.Song should definitely start against chelsea

  28. gnarleygeorge9

    20 years ago to the day, I was standing on the North Bank watching The Arsenal scramble a 1-0 win over the Geordies, then proceded to catch the tube & train home listening to the sad statitical information being relayed on various peoples radios as I went, about the carnage @ Hillsborough.

    Lest We Forget

  29. PDT

    Nish, we have sacrificed the beautiful game for Mammon over the last few years. Arsene talks about being a selling club. He gets a bonus when he sells players, not when he buys them.

    Or wins trophies, for that matter!

  30. nishanth

    My choice is daniel agger. There is no risk factor involved regarding his adaptability to the premier league

  31. PDT

    The crowd grows restive! They expect a paean that will not be out of place amongst the tomes of the National Library.

  32. Wardo

    Franchise, I do too….think he can do a good job.

    PDT, need a DM (not all the time)….Nasri hasn’t been great away from home. He will be a v.good player tho

  33. Wardo

    where is the new post……

    I am training some complete diiiiiiiiick in work so, can’t blog during the day. Pls don’t take away my morning le grove reading also…….

  34. benno

    Evening all. Fucking get in!! Utter domination! The boys did us proud last night.

    No post yet? Pedro got a hangover from last night? 😛

    Just wondering from the view of people at the game, what was the atmosphere like? thought it sounded cracking on the tv, and we’re the stewards more lenient last night coz whenever the camera flashed to the Villareal fans they were standing up.

  35. charybdis1966

    Benno, the stewards have always let the away fans stand – it’s only the home fans that get told off for standing.