Oi, it’s your ball so keep it Arsenal, they had it last week.

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Let’s start by saying that Marcos Senna was right to say we can dominate Europe for years to come, astute, very astute for a middle aged footballer with a hamstring problem.

He really did say that though, he said we weren’t quite there yet as we lack experience, but next season we will be better and the season after better still, well providing we don’t lose key players as we have done every year for the past five, starting with Patrick Vieira, he could well be right.

Forget who and what we need to do that and let’s just think about this week, we need a scoreless draw or a win against Villarreal and I believe if we attack them from the off we can do that, sit back and contain and we could easily concede early doors like we did last week in the Madrigal.

If Wenger has learned anything from our run it should be that 5 in midfield allows teams to get in our face, and when that happens, we panic a bit. Like we did against Wigan, the minute we went 4-4-2 the game changed and there was only ever going to be one winner.

You see 4-5-1 is like putting defenders on and taking attackers off when we are 4-2 up against spurs with 5 minutes to go, it serves no purpose other than letting them attack us, do that and up goes their confidence, it took us 61 minutes to have a shot on target against Wigan for Christ’s sake!

So we should go at them from the off and do the same to the chavs on Saturday, Arsenal always play better in the second half because we re-arrange, so if we started from the off with an attacking formation we can get comfortable early on.

Alex Song, often the butt of my unhappiness always starts badly, but then plays better in the second half, is that because Wenger tells him to? No! It’s because even he has more options when we play attacking free flowing football, he even scored against Wigan so that shows what freedom can do.

I would consider giving him the centre back role against Villarreal and if that works do the same against the chavs, I know he’s not a first choice centre back but then nor is Silvestre, at least Song knows the team, but I would only do that if we play with 4 at the back.

The second option would be to play a midfield of Nasri Cesc Song and Walcott, if possible sneak Arshavin on, but then we may get into trouble, so maybe not!

I may even opt for this as a starting line up, different and even radical but what say you? This is my preferred formation and the subject of todays post.


Sagna Kolo Gibbs

Robin Cesc Nasri Theo

Bendtner Ade Eduardo

Yes I know with 3-4-3 we can’t afford mistakes in defence so why not play with what we know is solid and attack from the middle, Real would be to frightened to attack us, and if they did we would skin them alive.

Years ago teams played 3 -5-2 with the five all being midfield players or wingers, the old way was to only play one centre back and look how many world cups were won deploying those formations, Real Madrid won most of their European cups that way too.

At least the football would be exciting and if we went out, we would go out fighting. I would prefer if Arsenal played to their strengths, than to put a player in somewhere that Villarreal could attack as the weak link, pack the midfield and the attack and then help out the defence by keeping the ball.

All the great Wenger sides have been successful because the opposing teams could never get the ball. Remember Wengerball!

To sum up then, Arsenal, you’re at home, it’s your ball so keep it, and you’ll be in a semi on Wednesday and a final on Saturday, listen to me Arsene, you know I’m right.

Have a great day Grovers, it’s going to be our best ever week, well so far this season anyway!

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  1. el tel

    That game earlier was a disgrace to technical football. It was like two punch drunk boxers slugging it out with each other. Good value to the TV and the British public who love this type of non stop kick bollock and bite stuff.

    Hiddink out thought Rafa with the anelka substitution and dropping Essien in the sweeper position. I thought Hiddink would have started with Anelka and reeled them in from the start but he went for the innefective Drogshit (1st half).

    Anelka stretched the right side and brought Malouda and Drogshit into the game (2nd half).

    Drogshit won’t have it so easy on saturday as his plaything Big Phil isn’t playing but I do worry about Essien. We must go for it and attack attack attack.

  2. The Turk

    El tel is bang on with that. It was like the end of Rocky 9. Did you hear the commentators as well? I thought they were going to start jerking themselves off, making out it was the game of the century when it was more like two retards fighting, entertaining at the time but makes you feel like shit afterwards.

  3. The Turk

    There was a top moment in the game when Fat Fwank scored the fourth goal and he pointed at the sky to his old woman, one of the stewards looked up to see what he was pointing at.

  4. Marwan Sayed

    I am a big fan of your website…but i’m hating the 3-4-3 formation. For starters, bendtner should never get a start for arsenal until he can walk without falling over. Best IX


  5. Jay

    TT – too true….
    that steward cracked me up !!!!!
    defensively both teams were rubbish one must admit..? hope for us. Chelsea is a shambles without JT…

  6. Will


    i am over in oz. does anyone know where i will be able to watch the game on the internet tonight? need to see it.. plese help!!

  7. benno

    Jay, they’ve conceded 7 goals in 2 games, we should take him to the cleaners with our little russian maestro πŸ˜€

  8. Jay

    Haha Syd mate Syd..
    yea i wrote that to my mate..7 in 2…hoping he wouldnt write and you have how many defenders left..? lol..

    but the good thing is were scoring..
    how i wish Arsh wasnt cup tied. and by some miracle if rosicky was ready for the CL final to tkae his place against barca/chavs.

  9. benno

    Jay, 4-5-1 against Villareal and 4-4-2 against the chavs





    If Eduardo ain’t fit play Nasri on the left and Arshavin just off Ade.

  10. A

    For me i’d have






    Though it depends on the fitness of cesc and vp, if they were both 100% I’d stick vp in for cesc and drop cesc back alongside denilson

    for chelsea i’d go





  11. weg

    I’d go for 4-5-1. Attack Villareal with a defence of Sagna, Toure and Gibbs? That’s crazy talk. You might as well take out Gibbs as well and play 2-5-3 with Song as the anchoring midfielder. That’ll be nutty enough to work.

  12. Jay

    all good formations/teams…



    Theo— —Nasri


    Bench -Benddy – Dudu – Vela -denilson – Eboue – (do we have any defenders left!!! LOL)

    & for Chelsea



    —Ade— —VP—-

    Bench – Bendy – dudu – Eboue – Denilson – Nasri

  13. Jay

    Omg that came out so wrong against the chavs.







  14. Jay

    Sup GG. its eat, gym, sleep for me early. then wake up @ 4:30 to watch hopefully a not so nerve racking game..

  15. Jay

    Hahah how sucky… at least u can update me on that GG9. ill do me best to updte u guys..
    Ill be enjoying it in High Def!

  16. gooner-pak

    morning every one…
    was it a good game yesterday at bridge…just saw score lione and some comment from scousers crying over spilt milk……tht chavs are divers adn refd favored them most

  17. gooner-pak

    hopefully i’ll be able to watch it on tv thanks to south african supersports channel….caz tensports is showing loser of SF game

  18. Jay

    The Telly is showing the Invincibles on haha i love where i sit at work, 50 inch plasma with all sports channels (its good my General Manager is sports mad…haha)

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    sounds more like sour milk. Wasn’t it a dive 12 months ago that saw them over us. Either scousers have short memories, or are just plain dumb.

  20. gnarleygeorge9


    I went & saw Billy Elliot the stage show over easter, & the thing that stuck out was the paranoia of the miners to “outsiders”. I sort of get that feeling from ACLF. They knew I was from Le Grove, so they must all read it. They don’t have an ounce of time for this site, which is sad really coz we are all Arsenal, & I actually logged on from Blogroll.

  21. rico01

    george – its crazy isnt it, LG has their site promoted here and the author then took the pee out of ‘the grovers’ that day, and all that was going on was arsenal chit chat – their loss in the end, but yes, its very sad.

    Billy Elliot – saw the film and loved it, cracking story and great music – would loved to have seen the musical, but sadly never did πŸ™ Bet you had a great time?

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Music was great in the film, sort of brought back memories for me coz I was over there @ the time ’81 ’83, Was a big fan of The Jam. I have every picture sleave they released. I wonder if they are worth anything. Big Raddy where r u?

  23. gooner-pak

    plus gg9 now they are saying barca will thrash chav out of cl well same was the case if scouser would have qualified i dont expect them beating barca

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    pak, the team is always bigger than the individual, & that IMO is why Arsenal would/will beat barca in the final, if u know what I mean. In saying that I hope Pires doesn’t come out & score the winner in this leg.

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning, morning. There is one massive plus to come out of Chelsea knocking Liverpool out last night……seeing that cock Thompson on Sky Sports slumped in his chair after beeing so cockey towards Jimmy Floyd! Bell end!

  26. rico01

    Raddy is definately the man to know about that george, i think he is on holibobs in Italy still, lucky man πŸ˜›

  27. Geoff

    Morning all, Rico and Gnarley, the reason that those morons don’t like the Grovers is because most of them are banned from our site, we know they read it though, but you know what? I don’t read their’s.

    It’s good to see they come on here for a read, then go back there to comment, that’s the equivalent of sitting in your car spying on your ex’s house to see who visits her!


  28. Geoff

    We also had 9 new people in moderation so sorry for the delay if you are still reading.

    Welcome though, you are now free to blog.

  29. rico01

    Morning Geoff, you are spot-on, it is sad, especially as we all have such a huge thing in common, and thats the love of our club and the desire for success – and that I pray will start tonight πŸ˜›

  30. Mandanda

    Good morning le grove,

    My team for today,


    Eboue Toure Song Sagna

    Theo Fab Denilson Nasri

    Ade RvP/Dudu

  31. peachesgooner

    Morning Grovers

    How are we all…….unfortunately some bloggers lose the spirit of being an Arsenal supporter when faced with a chat-room πŸ™‚

  32. tonyadamsisgod

    Mandanda – Thats some very sharp thinking about our full backs! I never thought to switch Sagna to left and play Eboue! I like it! I’d opt for Silvestre ahead of Song though I think as an average CB could be better than an in form DCM when it comes to the crunch.