Honesty day…

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So, I finally caught up with the Wigan game yesterday, I don’t really have too much to add to what Geoff already put… it is truly amazing how one game can cause such a variety of opinion… but that’s what make blogging such a joy I guess!

I was pretty impressed with Song,  I thought Denilson was pretty bad… Nik didn’t really shine up top on his own… and Arshavin’s honeymoon period feels like it’s going to go on for a long long time.

What impressed me about the performance was the desire to score more goals even after the game was buried. I hope that wasn’t a one off, because as a fan… there is nothing more exciting than watching a team hungry to entertain!

There was quality and ingenuity in all of our goals, the innovation in Theo’s goal… Arshavin’s ability to craft out a pass when it would have been easier to give up… Cesc’s hussle for the Silvestre goal… Arshavin’s first time power strike for the third… and Songs fitness to dance through the Wigan defence and cooly finish for the forth.

All goals of quality. You can’t help but worry for Chavski… especially after conceding a few against Bolton!

I’ve also had the chance to read through the Arsene interview with L’quipe. The interview is quite frank and openly honest for once… which was nice! The coach opens up about Adebayor and how is contract wrangle destabilised the club… he also admits that he didn’t ever believe the Flamster would leave… and he talks about how being a prisoner of his own transfer policy… killing kids with adults type stuff again!

I know things are on the up again… and that these kids are starting to look better, but I don’t buy the killing a career thing. Is Arsene sayng that every time an established star leaves, we’ll have to suffer a year or two of average performances while we wait for the next great white hope to reach their potential? Could Song, Denilson and Diaby have learnt their trade off someone like Alonso or Barry? Surely they’d be better players for the experience?

It’s all by the by now… I just don’t think the whole argument is as cut and dry as, ‘The fans said they’d all be crap, but I believed’. We all know that games improve players… we’re just not all comfortable waiting forever to see the benefits. What is good to know… is that the board backed him with money and it was a personal choice not to recruit… not a financial one.

Finally, if you haven’t already read the Arshavin interview, I strongly recommend you do… if not just for this brilliant line.

“I think the quality of life, especially for people with money, is better in Russia than here. Here there are lots of rules and laws. In Russia, if you have money, you can break the law.”

I could have put any MP’s name next to that line and you wouldn’t have flinched! The man’s brutal honesty about all aspects of his life is very refreshing.

Andre Arshavin: Born entertainer, on and off the pitch.

Have a great day Grovers, see you in the comments!

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  1. irishgunner

    I am doing an article on Arshavin and what he has brought to Arsenal. Can I rob your ever so clever line
    “Andre Arshavin: Born entertainer, on and off the pitch” as my headline pretty please?

  2. irishgunner

    Anyone see the interview with AW on Arsenal.com about Fabregas??

    He talks about moving back deeper into the midfield, do ye reckon he’ll turn him into a Alonso type defensive/attacking midfielder??

  3. irishgunner

    Kenny this is what he said:

    “I would still say the deeper role suits him more because he likes to get the ball from the centre back and he has a good long pass. That’s more him than a guy who plays behind the strikers who might have more pace to penetrate.

    “He is very good in the hole too but I believe that is because of the quality of his passing and less for his individual game.”

  4. Jay

    Amen…i think Fabwill be a mixture of himself and alonso.. i mean he works with him nationally..so he would learn off him…why not he is class..

  5. patthegooner

    Predictions Pedro,

    I think we will sneak the CL Tie, but I bet they put us through the motions.

    As for the FA Cup, I think we can win it, but only if we start at 4-4-2.

  6. irishgunner

    Thanks Pedro – will do 🙂 It’ll be a few hours.

    Its about his impact on the pitch, club, fans and how he seems to be a funny guy based on the things he has being coming out with.

  7. Paulinho

    Yes, Wenger is basically saying what I said last week.

    What Fabregas does do well in that role is make direct runs in the final third. He’s not afraid of making runs right into the heart of the opponents defence and he’s got the composure when he gets the ball as well.

    But overall, he can’t play there. His flaws in that position become more pronounced when the other team is full of energy and press us high up the pitch. He hasn’t got the tools resist the pressure he gets from the opponents defensive midfielders and defenders.

  8. Mayank

    developing players is great ..a better and cheaper way to get the required players as they are brought up in the system they are to play in..if one player leaves someone from the academy can step up if required..if 3 or 4 leave then this policy takes too much time to bear fruit..thus we must keep our players this summer otherwise this story will repeat itself again and again..if liverpool can manage it w/o a title in 18 years surely we can..

  9. Stu

    Morning all….or should that be afternoon….

    Why the feck was noone on last night? I was bored out of my mind and everyone just left abruptly(sp).

  10. irishgunner

    he just said the most stupid things, does he get paid by the mirror or whatever rag he writes for to say such things as “If Fabregas and Adebayor play brilliantly Arsenal have a great chance of going through” – well fuckin duh….

  11. irishgunner

    Its sad Stu isn’t it?? Him and Pat Dolan, the guy on Setanta that used to manage in the LOI 🙄

    Oh, I watched the City match on TV3 the other night and it had Danny Mills, Tony Cascarino and Mark Lawerson on it – I nearly slit my wrists, thank god for the mute button

  12. Stu

    Irish, ever watch Apres match on RTE. Its easily the best irish made show ever. They take the piss out of all the setanta and sky “pundits” and even the rte crew. Surely you have seen it..

  13. irishgunner

    love it Stu, its brilliant.

    Did you see the one where they did the “badger, badger, badger, MUSHROOM” song it was brilliant, there version of Brady is so funny.


    hell no yellow card,denilson for blue square premier,denilson for release at the end of the season…waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  15. Stu

    JG is a bit lost if you ask me. Kind of just sits there day dreaming and always talking about the “old days” in football.

  16. irishgunner

    Stu – do you not know the badger song??? There was a link for the actual video on the right hand side. That is a song and in the video everytime they say badger one pops up on the screen and when they say mushroom a mushroom points up – a literal video

  17. irishgunner

    ESPN Pedro – if you type ESPN, Arsenal and stats into google it’ll come up for you. I double checked their stats for a few difference players before and they were spot on so I hope they are right for Arshavin.

    Its meant to be treat not threat 😳 I blame the editor ha ha

  18. Wrighty7

    Afternoon Pedro, Geoff and Le Grovers,

    Man I feel rough. I’ve started drinking Peroni lately and it gives me a banging headache! LOL

    Good post mate.

    I can’t agree with Wenger on killing a players career.

    Alonso has been Liverpool’s best player this season and I can’t believe that Song, Denilson and Diaby wouldn’t have learned something from him had he signed.

    Wenger isn’t an agent. He is a football manager and its his job to do the best for Arsenal.

  19. irishgunner

    You’ve said what everyone is thinking Wrighty. The younger players can learn in the Carling Cup IMO

  20. nishanth

    Nice article irish.I am not sure about the fact that arshavin has made only 5 assists.I am sure its more.

    Agbonlahor out for 3 weeks.It seems villa wont even get the 5th spot

  21. irishgunner

    cheers Nishanth

    I was trying to go through them in my head – I suppose a better idea would be to use the guardian chalkboard

  22. nishanth

    I never thought arshavin would end up making such a big impact.I was sure he was the right signing but thought he will take at least a couple of months to adapt.Arshavin can do no wrong at this point

  23. irishgunner

    Cheers Wrighty 😀 I read your blog on Diarra the other day, funny stuff 🙂

    I just checked somewhere else and it says he has seven assists. Anyone help?

    1. Walcott against Wigan
    2. Kolo against WBA
    3. Did he lay one on for RvP at some stage??

  24. irishgunner

    1. Toure WBA
    2. Vela Burnley
    3. Eboue Blackburn
    4. RvP Hull
    5. Bendtner Newcastle
    6. Walcott Wigan

    That’s according to match reports on Arsenal.com that’s bloody impressive in 9 games

  25. nishanth

    You just cannot help but love arshavin.His attitude is simply great.Whenever he gets fouled he gets without creating any fuss whatsoever.The steven taylor elbow comes to my mind.Any other player would have rolled and screamed and try to get that cunt taylor off.Arshavin just got immediately and got on with the game.Some thing which certain ‘tough’ english players could learn from him

  26. southcoastGooner

    nah just joking… i havnt got a clue how good or bad he played actually coz i havnt been about.. Pedro how did he play???

  27. irishgunner

    I make you right Choy – the only change Wenger may make is put Silvestre in for Song but he looked very dodgy under that long ball against Wigan, I’d not be too comfortable with him at CB

    Is Eduardo fit?

  28. Lovedup Loner


    I think Silvestre will be fine for Wednesday… I effin hope anyways…

    I’d give Denilson the night off and play Cesc & Song in central midfield, with Theo & Nasri out wide and RvP & Ade up top…

  29. irishgunner

    that’s good news, I reckon AW will go with Ade and RvP at the start and then bring Eduardo on if needed

  30. irishgunner

    The almost certain ones are:

    —– Fabianski —–

    Sagna —- Kolo —– ??? ——- ???

    Walcott —- Cesc —– ??? —– Nasri

    ——— RvP ————- Adebayor

    So its between Song, Silvestre, Gibbs and Denilson for the places.

    I’d go Song at CB, Gibbs on the left and Denilson in midfield. Silvestre looked dodgy at times on Saturday mind you so did Gibbs!!

  31. irishgunner

    or where the things Wenger said today his press conference?? Hardly… did he give a press conference today, don’t think he really did?!

  32. IX

    “We have scored that away goal so it could have an importance at the end of the day. I don’t believe that we are a team who can play for 0-0, that’s not our natural way. If there are five minutes to go and it’s 0-0 even goal kicks make you nervous.


  33. irishgunner

    I read that, I swear I cannot go through the torture of the semi in 2006 again, we need some goals to put it to bed for the sake of me and my heart

  34. Lovedup Loner

    Denilson was shite on Saturday. Gibbs, his pull on Valencia apart, looked fine for me, as did Silvestre. I think Silvestre has still got it in him to produce decent performances and he is very experienced. And he has a knack of scoring goals too.

    I was gutted when we signed him, but he’s all we have, Song should play midfield with Cesc, IMO.

  35. irishgunner

    I was only going highlights for Saturday lovedup which is never a good thing to do so I will take your word for it 🙂

    Arsene has to play 4-4-2 at home right?

  36. choy

    fack.. at least you all get to see the game, either on tele or on the net.. or even LIVE for the lucky fuckers!! :mrgreen:

    I have to live and die by text updates!!! 😆

  37. Lovedup Loner

    Irish; I think Fabianski was at fault for 1 of the long balls you mentioned. The 1 where Gibbs, cleared it off the line…

  38. KM

    2 days off!its been amazing been enjoying the sun playing cricket & footy & taking the kids to the park. But i cant wait 4 2moro & wednesdays champions league 2nd legs.i think barca r through.l’pool got a 25% chance.arsenal & mancs game is hanging in the balance. I think woteva happens in the villareal game,we as arsenal fans shud appreciate that we reached this stage.whereas clubs such as madrid & the 2 milan sides didnt even make it this far.i hope we dnt resort to degrading & insulting our players.enjoy ur evening folks.

  39. Stu

    KM, dont think like that. We are favourites to go through. They have lost Senna and Cazolra. Those 2 are their best players and without them they arent the same.

    We may not have Gallas or Clichy but we are still the better team. This is ours to lose, if we go out its because the players messed up.

  40. freduardo

    hey stu. All on your lonesome on here? you’re right enough, without senna and cazorls we should go through, but if we play like we played in the first half in the first leg…
    didn’t malaga beat them at the weekend?
    If we struggle to get past villareal and Roma, it doesn’t bode well for us in the semis and final.

  41. Stu

    Evening Freduardo, yes im all alone on here not for the first time today.

    Anyway, i think we will go through now, especially given their injuries and the contrast of results at the weekend. We won comfortably (eventualy)….and they lost 2-0 against a low team i think.

    And us being at home we should have an even greater advantage. All we need to do is keep a clean sheet and we are through.

  42. Stu

    Saw Felaini swinging his arms. He better stop that….he doesnt have the luxury of playing for United so wont get away with it.

    I hope its 4-4-2 because when Cesc plays in the hole he is very poor. He needs to play deeper so he can see all of the play developing ahead of him.

  43. freduardo

    i think its nice for him to have freedom, but so many of his passes are beautiful 40-45 yarders i think deeper he can be more effective. enjoyed the link up with AA for Sylvestre’s goal though..
    plus if Denilson or Song are dropped, wenger may face a revolution from their admirers

  44. Stu

    I know what you mean but when Cesc and AA combined for Silvestres goal when we had RvP, Ade and Nik all playing. Cesc was basically part of a 5 man attack.

  45. Stu

    Eduardo and RvP both had late fitness tests on friday morning. If VP passed and Eduardo didnt then maybe he just wasnt ready. Hopefully he will be ok even for the bench.

  46. Lovedup Loner


    I see Wenger has come around to my way of thinkin! ;D Cesc playing deeper, more defensive role, so we could see a midfield of;

    Nasri Cesc Rosicky Arshavin

  47. kevin

    Lovedup loner,

    Oh my god what a mouth watering line-up. Im having a fabergasm just thinking about the football that we could witness with that line up.

  48. Paulinho

    That midfield would be good with someone like Song behind them and one striker up front.

    I see no reason why those four can’t play together though.

  49. Stu

    Those 4 couldn play together for 90min in a 4-4-2. The defence is frail enough as it is and would be worse without a DM.

  50. Paulinho

    I think we play better with Bendtner-Vela up front or Bendtner-Eduardo up front, maybe even Eduardo-Ade, but I don’t like our other up front partnerships. For instance, I don’t think Ade and RVP have a great partnrship.

    With those four midfielders roaming around in front of someone like Song we would could outnumber teams in midfield but also have four goal threats as well coming from deep.

    I think teams like United have always struggled against players that drop off the front line and prefer playing against out and out strikers.

  51. Stu

    Surely one of ye knows the beatles songs. Im on lyricsmania just listening to music and im browsing the beatles but they have about 300songs and i dont know where to start. ANy tips?

  52. Lovedup Loner

    I think those 4 would be effin awesome…. create shit loads of chances for a lone striker….

    Tax Man is a top tune there Stu

  53. Stu

    4-1-4-1 would be the best if we had a proper big CF that could do well on his own and a DM holding everything together.

    Like Spain did when Villa was injured. Torres and Senna on either side of 4 roaming midfielders. And Zenit with Pogrebnyak up front alone when AA was behind him and Tymoschuk at DM.

  54. Lovedup Loner

    I also think those 4 would be good enough in certain games in a 4-4-2 though. Tired of this obsession with a proper DEM, United have done OK without one. As long as the players put the graft in, track back, etc…

    And if Ade keeps his head down, works hard, he can be that lone striker for 4-1-4-1 formation too.

    Stu; The beatles aint really my cup o’ char fella, but Rubber Soul’s a good LP.

  55. Paulinho

    Stu, penny lane is a decent song but I’m generally a bit indifferent to the beatles as well so my knowledge doesn’t stretch too far beyond that.

  56. Stu

    Facking hell the bank holiday is really hitting Le Grove hard. Its quiter than the stadium of light on here………

  57. SV

    Stu: I’d rather listen to the entire albums as the Beatles were composing them as a concept, so every next song is part of the whole concept. I like mostly The Sergant Pepper, but all albums after (including) the Hard Days Night are the gem (may be The Beatlse For Sale is a bit weaker). And then there are unkown masterpices such as The Rain.
    I have a feeling that we will fight through tomorrow, but we will lose on Saturday. To many weaknesses which can be exployted by a better opponent.

  58. Stu

    Today players have such a bigger influence that what they once had and what they should have. They can influence their wages, their clubs etc etc

    So why not follow suit and ask players opinions of other players? Coaches, managers chairmen etc can always look at a player using scouts to check out potential targets. Just watching the player doesnt show it all, they could be a great player but a shitty person. So players could tell their club if said player is suited to the club etc etc….

    Anyway…..i say Wenger should ask Arshavin about some of his former teammates.
    Tymoschuk is out of the question because he s off to Bayern but i quite like Denisov and Pogrebnyak. I really would prefer Denisov. From what i’ve seen he is very hardworking, honest and a more than adequate footballer. Even plays for Russia the odd time.

  59. Stu

    Thanks SV, i think im just gonna wait ’till i get an ipod and download them all. Then i can just pick my favourites after a while.

  60. Lovedup Loner

    Seeing as its honesty day…

    Ian Wright is a pathetic, motor mouth, media slag, using his past association with Arsenal to line his pockets.

    In the same week we are preparing for matches to get us into the Champions league semi’s and the FA Cup fianl, this cunt comes out with some lame, lazt shite about everyone at Arsenal being happy about finishing 4th???

    What a twat, this is the cunt who said we’d get beat in the last round, if he really had any affinity for the club he pretends to love, he’s have written a piece about what a massive week it is etc, not brining up lazy ass bullshit.

    Fuck him and that ginger cunt he spouts shite with on Talkshite.

  61. Lovedup Loner


    Oops, sorry, I guess my comment was a bit ambiguous wasnt it!!!

    Just read his latest piece of shit and vented that ol spleen of mine!

  62. Pedro

    Lovedup, it makes you wonder how big his mortgage must be? I mean, he really must have money problems if the only way he get a pay cheque is by being the most anti-arsenal legend there is… I think he is pathetic… I loved him… and it hurts to hear him say things like that… the purposeful destabilisation is awful.

  63. Lovedup Loner

    Yeah, me too mate. He was one of my favourite all time Gooners. makes it even sadder that now, I cannot stand him and that he has turned into a bitter old fool.

    Right, im off fella, seeya!

  64. kevin

    His article is filled with bullshit. He claims that we “haven’t looked close to winning a trophy since 2005” Is he stupid, retarded, or both.

    IN 2006 we we 20 minutes away from champions league glory.

    In 2007 we are once again 20 minutes from a trophy(mickey mouse cup).

    And last but not least, in 07/08 we were so close to winning the championship.

    Also he has fialed to notice, we have a good chance of winning the fa cup, and champions league this season. God he is annoying.

  65. iceman

    Also the whole SWP saga…..
    Seriously Wright. Get your act together.

    How’s it going Jay…yeah it should have been tonight…. 🙁