Honesty day…

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So, I finally caught up with the Wigan game yesterday, I don’t really have too much to add to what Geoff already put… it is truly amazing how one game can cause such a variety of opinion… but that’s what make blogging such a joy I guess!

I was pretty impressed with Song,  I thought Denilson was pretty bad… Nik didn’t really shine up top on his own… and Arshavin’s honeymoon period feels like it’s going to go on for a long long time.

What impressed me about the performance was the desire to score more goals even after the game was buried. I hope that wasn’t a one off, because as a fan… there is nothing more exciting than watching a team hungry to entertain!

There was quality and ingenuity in all of our goals, the innovation in Theo’s goal… Arshavin’s ability to craft out a pass when it would have been easier to give up… Cesc’s hussle for the Silvestre goal… Arshavin’s first time power strike for the third… and Songs fitness to dance through the Wigan defence and cooly finish for the forth.

All goals of quality. You can’t help but worry for Chavski… especially after conceding a few against Bolton!

I’ve also had the chance to read through the Arsene interview with L’quipe. The interview is quite frank and openly honest for once… which was nice! The coach opens up about Adebayor and how is contract wrangle destabilised the club… he also admits that he didn’t ever believe the Flamster would leave… and he talks about how being a prisoner of his own transfer policy… killing kids with adults type stuff again!

I know things are on the up again… and that these kids are starting to look better, but I don’t buy the killing a career thing. Is Arsene sayng that every time an established star leaves, we’ll have to suffer a year or two of average performances while we wait for the next great white hope to reach their potential? Could Song, Denilson and Diaby have learnt their trade off someone like Alonso or Barry? Surely they’d be better players for the experience?

It’s all by the by now… I just don’t think the whole argument is as cut and dry as, ‘The fans said they’d all be crap, but I believed’. We all know that games improve players… we’re just not all comfortable waiting forever to see the benefits. What is good to know… is that the board backed him with money and it was a personal choice not to recruit… not a financial one.

Finally, if you haven’t already read the Arshavin interview, I strongly recommend you do… if not just for this brilliant line.

“I think the quality of life, especially for people with money, is better in Russia than here. Here there are lots of rules and laws. In Russia, if you have money, you can break the law.”

I could have put any MP’s name next to that line and you wouldn’t have flinched! The man’s brutal honesty about all aspects of his life is very refreshing.

Andre Arshavin: Born entertainer, on and off the pitch.

Have a great day Grovers, see you in the comments!

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  1. Jay

    I hope it goes to 28 penalties. and their all emotionally drained. then well hammer em!!

    Iceman – im loosing it. im tempted to wake up early to watch the chavs etc…but then i remembered there not my beloved Arsenal so i couldnt care less lol.

  2. PDT

    Terry should get worse, but not so bad that he doesn’t play on the weekend. Just bad enough so that he hobbles through the game against us.

  3. Goonerman

    Is there news that Terry has back problems or are we wishing it on him?

    My old mates JT, Stevie G and Lamps are playing tonight – McLaren.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning, morning.

    Kartman – DDM had a conversation with himself on Le Grove a couple of weeks ago……we’re talking hundreds of posts, not tens. You have to be slightly unstable like DDM to make a record attempt…..

  5. karthik

    ragarding to the match btw porto n manu!!were manu geting there ass riped by a brilliant porto side who gave manu a bit of gud luck but gifting 2 goals…if arsenal win todays match we have a gud chance of playing the finals……i hope arsenal dont play for the draw!!!tat is the most important thing..